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astrababyy · 40 minutes ago
Unpopular Opinion: In Order of the Phoenix, Harry and his friends gave everyone else zero reason to believe him after the Daily Prophet and the Ministry brought out claims that he was lying. He did nothing to try and earn their trust, nothing to try and convince them he was right. All he did was help the people that already believed his pretty outrageous claim. The rest of the school didn’t really have much reason to believe him when he never even did anything to show for it besides a dead body that nobody believed the cause of death of.
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lucyweasleyw · an hour ago
Lucy nos dice que es en serio que está esperando un hijo, su primer hijo. Ese hecho me llena de amor, me llena de ternura, y ante todo de ganas de ponerle cara a ese pequeño Weasley.
Fred Weasley
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lucyweasleyw · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- ¿Por qué no descansáis un rato con nosotras? Seguro que aparecen si creen que os habéis ido. -Propongo a tío y sobrina.- Así os cuento una cosa importante a los tres.
- Vaya... ¿Una cosa importante? -bromeo.
- ¿Te casas? -Pregunto después de que mi hermana hable, antes de coger la mano de Frida y tirar suavemente de tu brazo para ir hasta donde estáis. Me siento en el suelo y siento a la niña sobre mis muslos rodeando su cintura-. Cuenta que me tienes en ascuas.
- ¿Qué? Aún no, me estoy haciendo de rogar. -Bromeo, aunque lo cierto es que ni Archie y yo hemos sacado el tema de casarnos.- Pero no vas muy desencaminado, tiene que ver con Archie lo que tengo que contaros.
- ¡Eso no se lo hace un Weasley a otro! ¡Simio no mata simio! -bromeo, abriendo mucho la boca cuando dices que no va desencaminado en eso.- ¡Cuenta, cuenta!
- Y bien que haces... -Digo a mi prima, antes de reír por lo que dice Rox sobre que simio no mata a simio. Estoy deseando enterarme de lo que nos va a contar Lucy, sobre todo cuando dice que tiene que ver con Archie. No me imagino qué pueda ser, ya que vive con Archie y todo. Cuando mi hermana pide que cuente, yo cojo las manos de mi sobrina levantándolas y haciéndole reír-. ¡Cuenta, cuenta! -Repito provocando que Frida diga lo mismo que yo.
- Es que estoy esperando que se ponga de rodillas, pero a lo mejor acabo haciéndolo yo. -Comento completamente en serio, porque nada me gustaría más que casarme con él. Sonrío y miro a mis primos y también a la bonita de mi sobrina. - Pues que, aunque no tengamos anillo aún, vamos a dejar de ser cuatro en casa para ser cinco. -Digo metiendo en mi mismo saco y en el de Archie a Squishy y a Morgana.- Vamos a ser papás.
Lucy, Roxanne & Fred
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ladyvesuvia · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you for supporting me and my works! To thank you all, I have started a camping-themed celebration with multiple activities. But that’s not all. I’m also starting a two-month writing challenge! It ends on August 15, 2021.
No need to be following me to participate, but would be nice if you did mwah
Reblog this post!
open for all Harry Potter characters as long as it’s a reader insert! (Ex: character x reader, character x reader x character + love triangles are okay too)
oneshot, blurb, and drabbles are welcome!
implied smut is okay, but no visual scenes and graphic depictions.
NO PEDOPHILIA, INCEST, AND NON-CON/RAPE. Please. Not only are you disqualified, but you will also be blocked and reported.
it’s okay to cancel! just let me know via asks so i can remove you from the list <3
maximum of three users under the same prompt.
you can write angst, fluff, comfort, and whump! but angst is recommended hehe *convulses*
send me an ask and tell me which of the following prompt(s) you will be doing + the character(s).
make sure to mention me in your story and tag your post with #vesuvia400wc
Tumblr media
1. Evergreen Tree by Cliff Richard
2. How to Fight Loneliness by Wilco
3. Let Her Go by Passenger
[Sirius Black x Reader] - @mais-e
4. Someone Like You by Adele
5. This Time I’ll Be Sweeter by Angela Bofill
6. Till I Met You by Odette Quesada
7. Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo
8. Two Slow Dancers by Mitski
[Hermione Granger x Reader] - @simpology
9. Turning Page by Sleeping at Last
10. When We Were Young by Adele
Tumblr media
11. “You were the one who walked out, not me.”
12. “I’m not (her/him/them/you).”
13. “I’m happy I met (you/her/him/them). I’m sorry (you/she/he/they) met me.”
14. “We were doomed right from the start.”
15. “Are you still waiting for me to fall in love with you?”
16. “How much have you had?”
17. “Get out. Get out of this house and get out of my life!”
18. “Are you tired? Do you want out?”
19. “You know this means nothing, right?”
20. “Look me in the eyes and tell me what you just said.”
21. “I didn’t think it was possible to love someone this much.”
22. “Can you please just hold me?”
23. “You made me a better person. Thank you.” 
24. “This reminded me of you.”
25. “I’m never going to leave you. I promise.”
26. “You’re the only thing that matters.”
27. “Can I borrow your jacket, please?”
28. “Kiss me.”
28. “I told you to take care of yourself!”
29. “Your sweater smells AND feels like you.”
30. “Any time without you is far too long.”
Tumblr media
31. Person A wakes up after a late night out to find that Person B, who doesn’t drink, has made them a feast of hangover foods.
32. Person A writing Person B's name in a heart/under the love umbrella/etc. in their notebook together with their own name.
33. Person B helping Person A with simple tasks, like brushing their hair, or putting on jewelry, where it’s obviously an excuse to be close to each other, but neither are complaining.
[Sirius Black x Reader] - @cupids-crystals
34. Imagine Person A returning the engagement ring they got for Person B to the jeweller. Not because said no, but because Person B had worked up the courage to propose before Person A did.
35. Person A and Person B going on the Haunted Mansion/a haunted house. Person A isn’t scared, but they pretend to be so they can cling to Person B’s arms.
Tumblr media
36. Enemies to Lovers
37. Friends to Lovers
38. Fake Dating
39. Arranged Marriage
40. Stuck in detention together
Tumblr media
41. Soulmate AU where your soulmate’s name appears on your skin only after they fall in love with you.
42. “I write a bad pick-up line on your cup every time I’m your barista” AU
43. “Our siblings are in an arranged marriage and so we see each other at awkward social gatherings between our two kingdoms” AU
44. Royalty AU in general
45. CEO AU in general
Tumblr media
tagging my moots!: @holden-caulfield @maybanksslut @mendesxruel @mrzweasley @shadesofvelma @slutforsalvatore @sfdlm @justadreamyhufflepuff @cupids-crystals @ronsbadidea @lovegoodsgf @prettygirlkay @hellounicorn @ronsonlywhore @simpology @angstology @railmeharrypotter @angeloniaa @gxtitobxby @gxldenrxsess @hey-there-angels @potters-heart @pansyslut @amourtentiaa @fredsghost @leydileyla @miss-starkov @mistress-riddle
Tumblr media
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lucyweasleyw · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Somos cuatro de las mejores personas del mundo.
— Fred Weasley
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lucyweasleyw · an hour ago
En la casa de los abuelos siempre se está como en casa, es una forma de volver a la infancia, una especie de regresión al pasado.
Fred Weasley
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lucyweasleyw · an hour ago
La tarde del domingo, Lucy va a La Madriguera para visitar a su abuela y se encuentra con la sorpresa de que Roxanne, Fred y Frida están allí. Después de intentar capturar un gnomo sin éxito, Lucy les acaba contando que Archie y ella van a ser padres.
|| @roxweasleyj @wizard-fredweasleyii
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greekgodwannabe · an hour ago
And So It Goes- 2 [Marauders/Regulus Black x fem OC]
A/N: First chapter here! Please let me know what you think! Thank you! ❤
Word Count: 2.1k
Warnings: corny (I wrote this a while back so I deeply apologise for the corny dialogues. I promise it gets better. Please indulge me :’)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Agatha had just woken up. She was reading a book on her bed as it was about five in the morning and breakfast would not be served till eight and all her dorm mates were sleeping soundly.
A month had passed. It was a Sunday, so there would be no classes.
She loved reading books. Her bedside table was always filled with books which would all topple over if one was moved slightly, even by an inch. Her dorm mates would always complain about books lying on the floor, their beds, study tables even the bathroom cabinets.
There were three more Slytherin girls in her dorm.
Daphne, Anastasia and Ivy.
Agatha was especially close with Anastasia whom she called Annie.
Agatha was a pureblood and she was a half blood.
They bonded very easily for their love of music. Agatha did not have much exposure to music except wizard musicians, but after meeting Anastasia, she learned about many great classical musicians and composers like Mozart, Bach and Beethoven and also many muggle bands. Her favourites were The Beatles, Queen and Pink Floyd. Anastasia even bought her tickets to a Beatles concert once on Agatha's birthday.
It is said that Agatha was never the same after that again. That she had lost her mind with excitement.
So, Agatha sat there. Turning the pages of her book, smelling the pages occasionally for she loved the scent. The old, musty, dusty smell of books always made her happy.
She was reading a section about the beauty of night, when it struck her.
"OH MERLIN, IT'S TIME!," she shouted at the top of her lungs as she threw her book away which hit Ivy's head.
Ivy woke up with a jerk and started swearing as she threw a pillow at Agatha.
"Keep it down can't you!?" shouted Daphne but Agatha was already out of the door which was left wide open.
Daphne groaned and got up to close the door.
"Merlin, what am I going to do with that girl", she muttered as she went back to her bed.
The whole time, Anastasia was sound asleep, half of her body hanging from her bed. It is a miracle how she slept through all this.
In the mean time, Agatha was running at top speed to the Gryffindor tower. James had given her a list of all the passwords for the whole week so she could get through anytime she wanted.
She quickly told the fat lady the password and stormed into the boys' dormitory.
She slammed the door behind her and screamed at the top of her lungs,
They all woke up at once and their expressions on their face made them look as if they went through some serious trauma.
James had fallen out of his bed and hit his foot on the bed post and was swearing loudly.
Sirius normally slept like a rock and nothing could ever wake him up. Even if there were a zombie apocalypse, he would sleep through it all. Absolutely nothing could wake him up. Nothing except Agatha's insanely loud screeches. 
Right now, he looked as if he had a heart attack and was breathing heavily with a horrified expression on his face, clutching his heart.
Remus, who was rarely ever surprised, woke up with a scream.
Peter screamed very loudly and hid underneath his covers whimpering.
Agatha of course was laughing very loudly at all of this which caught the attention of everyone.
Peter was still  underneath his covers, shaking uncontrollably.
Agatha was still laughing hysterically.
She barely managed to squeeze in some words as she gasped for air and held on to a desk for support.
"Your - faces!" she  pointed at them while laughing, "you - should - oh merlin! - have - seen - your-"
"Yes we get it!  Move on! I swear if you don't have a good excuse for this interruption I'll-"
"It's time idiot," Agatha cut off Sirius who had a manic expression on his face.
"What do you mean it's time?!"
"Why have we not been able to eat breakfast properly for the past month?"
"Because of this stupid mandrake leaf of course!"
"And so.... which implies...."
"What the hell is she talking about?! James! What is she talking about?"
"No idea mate"
"Ughh. I can't believe you two forgot," said Remus slapping his forehead as he understood what Agatha meant.
"What is it Remus?!" 
"Oh merlin!" said Peter.
"Oh,"  James and Sirius mumbled together.
"Now, where are the vials?"
"They're in the bathroom," replied Remus.
Agatha quickly went to the bathroom, took out the vials and added a dew drop and some leaves she got from herbology in each of the vials.
She gave a vial to everyone but Remus.
Remus sat in his bed reading.
"Alright now, spit the mandrake out," she said.
They all turned around and spit the leaf out giving a satisfied sigh.
"Now, I want you all to take a hair from your head and drop it in the vial."
They all obliged except Sirius.
"Aren't you going to add your hair Sirius?" asked James.
"It's just that, I don't think I can," he said.
"Here we go again," muttered Remus under his breath.
"You see, every single hair on my head is placed perfectly. Even if a single hair is pulled out, it would destroy the balan- OWW!"
Agatha had creeped up behind him and plucked out a hair from his head without him noticing.
"You can't but I can," she said as she dropped the hair in his vial. 
"I hate you," Sirius growled.
"Now everyone, take out your wands, point it to your heart and say, Anima Amato Animato Animagus, then drink the potion"
Everyone pointed their wand to their hearts and muttered the spell. Then they all drank it.
A moment of silence.
"Did it work?" said Peter.
"It won't work immediately. You'll have to really concentrate to make it work."
"Concentrate on what exactly?" asked James.
"Uhhh, well, the book said that you need to try imagining your bones changing shape and clear your thoughts."
"Well that's very helpful," said James with a huff.
"Come on, we still have about three and a half hours left before breakfast," said Peter.
So they all sat there. Concentrating and clearing their thoughts.
James and Sirius had never been so quiet in their entire life. Not a single word. You could not even hear them breathing.
Peter was muttering to himself and was still under the covers.
Agatha was sitting on the chair in a corner, her face scrunched up as she was deep in concentration.
Remus felt rather bored and decided to perk things up a bit.
He grabbed two pillows and threw them at Peter.
Peter shrieked loudly but then after about five seconds he started to look different.
His nose became longer, his eyes and head became shorter, his nails became long and pointed and his whole body shrank. After about three seconds, there was no Peter left. Just his covers.
"Is he dead?"
"Oh no"
"This is all your fault Agatha!"
"What?! It was your idea!"
Agatha and Sirius kept on arguing when they suddenly heard a squeak. They stopped and everyone looked at each other.
"Did you hear that?"
"We're not deaf James, of course we did"
Another squeak.
The room had a really tense atmosphere and everyone was completely silent.
Suddenly, they all saw a rat come out from underneath Peter's covers. It scurried around squeaking.
"Peter, is that you?", said Remus.
"Oh Godric"
The room was still silent.
Everyone just stared at Peter the rat.
"Can you change back?" asked Remus.
Peter did something which looked like a rat version of a shrug.
After a few seconds, the rat started to change back.
Peter stood there with a huge grin on his face.
"Peter you did it!" said Agatha as she jumped up and down. "How did you do it?"
"I dunno, well, I got really scared when Remus threw the pillows at me and I just sort of... I think it was the shock."
"That was brilliant!"
"Well done mate!"
"Great job!"
They all patted a now slightly deeply blushing Peter.
Everyone but Sirius because he was not there.
No one had noticed him shrinking in a corner.
No one noticed him creeping up behind James till it was too late.
Sirius pounced on James as he screamed.
But then James started to change as well! 
He was growing bigger and bigger.
After a while there was a huge stag and a black dog who was holding on to the stag's antlers for dear life.
Peter seeing all this, decided to change into a rat and scurried towards the stag and dog.
"Is that Sirius?" said Agatha. Her voices barely more than a whisper.
Sirius barked and wagged his tail.
"James mate, is that you", asked Remus, pointing towards the stag.
The stag nodded.
"oh my goodness".
Agatha sat down, defeated.
She thought she'd be the first. She sat there, brainstorming and muttering the spell continuously while the others examined each other. Remus told everyone what animal they were.
After about ten more minutes, she cracked it.
She was now shrinking, her face getting longer, brown hair covering her body.
She stood there on four feet.
She examined herself as best as she could.
Her hands and feet were now paws but with long claws. She had brown fur all over her body.
She felt very much like a dog but stronger and bigger.
Sirius barked and came running up to her, wagging his tail.
They circled each other and played around for a bit.
James the stag and Peter the rat came up to her.
James was huge and his antlers made him look even bigger and more majestic.
Peter was a tiny grey-ish rat who was squeaking frantically.
Sirius was a black dog but a very big one. He was about the same size as Agatha.
They all decided to change back and Agatha looked around at everyone.
"Well? What am I?" she asked with a wide eyes and an eager face.
"You're a wolf," said Remus as he stood there shocked,  "A brown wolf".
"That was awesome!"
"You looked brilliant"
"You too!"
"Did you see James?"
"Oh, and Sirius, you were amazing!"
"That was probably the best experience I've ever had!"
"Can you believe it?! We're animals!"
"Sirius I'm going to kill you!"
"What? Why? What did I do now"
"How dare you pounce on me like that?"
"What I -"
"Control your temptations"
"But -"
"Anyway thanks mate"
"Umm alright I guess?"
Remus stood there as they kept chatting excitedly. He felt so warm and happy and loved. He was so lucky to have these friends.
"So Moony, when's the next full moon?" said James.
"Yeah, I can't wait!" said Sirius.
"Wow umm, after four days," he said.
Agatha noticed that Remus looked a bit upset.
"Why the long face Remus? We're finally animagi and now we can help you! What's wrong Moony?" asked Agatha a bit concerned.
"It's just that, I don't know if this is a good idea. I mean what if you all get hurt? What if - I - hurt you," he whispered.
"Listen mate, we didn't brush for a whole month because of this stupid god forsaken leaf in our god forsaken mouths to hear you say that you've changed your god forsaken mind of us trying to help you," said James who was definitely a bit annoyed.
"But -"
"No buts"
"Aww come here," and they all hugged Remus till he could not breath and started gasping for air.
The five friends laughed and went to the Great Hall together where they could finally eat a big breakfast after a month.
"FINALLY!" I can eat a sausage now!" exclaimed Agatha as she skipped across the corridors beside her friends.
chapter 3
Tumblr media
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cursestothemoon · 5 hours ago
Werewolves Of London ( I )
Multiple Part Series
Part I
When Their Eyes Locked 
Word Count: 2016
Fred Weasley x Fem!Werewolf!Reader
Summary: Fred can’t seem to stop himself from staring at you. What happens when your eyes lock? 
Warnings: raunchy banter, description of turning into a werewolf (description of pain and screaming), being in pain, Y/n has a very prominent scar on her face idk if this is a warning (personally i don’t think it is but you can never be too careful😌)
A/N: Alrighttttt chapter one guys, pretty exciting😗. It’s kinda slow, really just introducing characters, background, and existing relationships. AH I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE ITTTT, also best friend Lily makes a comeback (not Lily Evans)
“Come on! We’re gonna miss it!”
“We’re not gonna miss shit, either it happens here or it happens there.”
“I’d prefer the latter.”
Cedric let out a snort as he looked back at you, his scarf flapping in the wind and nearly hitting him in the face.
The wind was harsh this Saturday evening, overcast and gloomy, as three students were making their way to the Whomping Willow. The trek was meant to be a quiet one, a sneaky departure from the castle, but of course that was never the case. Not when Cedric Diggory seemed to ooze happiness and joy with each step, his smile warming the crisp, cool air around him; not when Lily Mclaggen (older sister of Cormac) had just as much snap as her brother had confidence and especially not when Y/n L/n, a sarcastic lycanthrope, was about seven minutes away from being in the midst of the full moon.
A sickeningly loud cracking started to sound from behind Cedric, making him turn to see you doubled over.
“Calm down!”
You groaned, “I’m fine, let’s just go.”
Lily hooked her arm around your waist, shoving you toward the Whomping Willow that Cedric had fortunately petrified. You were able to just catch the familiar badger disappear into the hole under the tree. The pain was excruciating, making your knees give way and your body hit the ground as you felt what seemed to be your bones breaking, muscles tearing, skin stretching to accommodate the form of a beastly form. Groans and screams were pulled from your throat as you transformed, your hands scratching at your neck- or any exposed skin really- to somehow try and claw the pain away.
One last blood curdling scream turned into a strangled howl at the bright moon.
The werewolf stood up, shaking off the dirt from the ground, before snapping at whatever was nipping at its tail. A bone-chilling laugh sounded in the dim tunnel before the hyena gestured toward the badger to start making their way to the shrieking shack through the dark tunnel- the werewolf followed, it didn’t like being alone for long.
“Let’s go Fred, before Filch catches up.” George huffed out, his chest heaving from the vigorous running his lungs had to endure just moments prior.
His twin stood still, faint breaths passing from his lips the only thing being heard, his honey brown eyes taking in the vastness of the dark navy sky before him.
Fred had always loved the moon.
If he thought about it hard enough, George could still feel the harsh swats to his rear from when their mother found them out in the field behind the Burrow after Fred had insisted on sneaking out to look at the moon.
George groaned, “It’s just the moon, it’ll be there tomorrow, the day after that and I’m willing to bet my left ear that the moon will be there everyday after that.”
“Yeah but,” Fred grumbled, dramatically gesturing toward the sky with his hand. “It’s a full moon tonight, won’t be full tomorrow now will it?”
The attitude was clear in his tone, even more so in his raised eyebrows and pointed look. George conceded with a laugh, muttering out an ‘alright, Freddie’.
A piercing howl ripped through the silence making the brothers jump and look toward where it had come from- somewhere down near Hogsmeade they’d guess.
Fred slowly turned to his brother, speaking just barely above a whisper, “You think it was a werewolf?”
He had the same glint of mischief in his eyes that he’d get when he was younger and itching to tell a scary story.
George only shook his head, “In Hogsmeade?” He questioned. “Surely, you’re daft Freddie, what would a werewolf be doing in Hogsmeade?”
A shrug was his only response, before he added, “Wouldn’t be too surprising now would it? We’ve got a pink toad in Hogwarts.”
Your steps were slow and calculated as you made your way to the Great Hall. Cedric had his arm around your shoulder, no doubt trying to subtly check and see if the bandages he wrapped had held up when you changed into fresh clothes, and Lily had a habit of walking one or two steps behind you just after a full moon- you had a habit of stumbling or even losing balance completely during the few days following.
“You’re looking a lot better than last time, walking around and not stuck in the hospital wing.” Lily commented quietly.
Cedric nodded in agreement, “Yeah, it’s rather boring without your company.”
The comment was meant to rile up Lily, which it did beautifully.
“Right git you are, Diggory, you’re the boring one. You prefects, I swear-”
Lily continued on to grumble about all prefects being the same as you three made it through the doors and to your usual seats- the farthest table to the right, near the large window, and in between a few Hufflepuffs and a couple scattered Gryffindors.
Heat seemed to trail up your shoulder and to your face, the feeling of eyes on you had you inwardly wincing. You never felt too confident the morning after a full moon and it was most mornings that you could feel the heated weight of Fred Weasley’s eyes on you. Amazingly enough, you resisted the urge to turn and meet his gaze instead opting for taking a seat on the bench in between Cedric and Lily and placing your head on Lily’s shoulder lethargically.
On the other side of the room, Lee was slowly chewing on his bite of sugary cereal as he studied the eldest twin.
“You know, mate, you could just talk to her.” He offered up, making Fred rapidly blink as he was brought back to reality.
He frowned, “We’ve been in the same house for seven years, if she wanted to talk to me… she would’ve.”
His eyes seemed to naturally shift back to your form. You were half asleep, head resting on your friend’s shoulder as prettyboy Diggory couldn’t seem to wipe the bright smile off his face so early in the morning.
Fred had always noticed you. In your first year you had offered him your seat in potions next to George because it ‘didn’t feel right’ splitting him and George up on the first day of school- or so you had said before you went to sit next to another first year, Lily.
Second year was when he started to really pay attention to the rather heartwarming- or so Angelina had called it- closeness of your relationship with Lily. You were a sickly child, it seemed almost every month you had come down with something. Fred could remember seeing little twelve year old you sitting near the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room, head on Lily’s shoulder just as it was now and your face incredibly pale yet a warm smile still gracing your lips.
It was the third year when Fred started to realize his curious looks and sweaty palms were not something that just happened. He liked you. The quiet remarks you made under your breath and comedically uncontrollable reactions had him swooning. Third year was also the year that the infamous duo of Y/n and Lily had turned into a trio, prettyboy Diggory finding a cozy spot attached to your hip. It seemed everywhere you went, Cedric was there too.
It was during third year Fred learned about jealousy.
“How do you suppose she got her scar?” Lee asked in a hushed voice not wanting to be overheard.
Fred thought back to when he had first seen you with the gash trailing down from the arch of your left eyebrow to the apple of your right cheek, passing over the bridge of your nose. Sure he had seen you roughed up before, mundane bruises and scratches he imagines you received from being clumsy or maybe roughhousing with siblings he didn’t know you had (Merlin knows Fred himself had enough marks from his brothers roughing him up, all in good fun of course). This was different- violent, it seemed- nothing friendly could’ve made such an angry infliction.
“Does it matter?” Fred mumbled rather defensively. “She’s still...angelic.” He muttered with little regard as to what he was actually saying- his attention was stolen by the grimace that darkened your face as you shifted in your seat to reach for a box of chocolatey cereal.
George faked a dramatic gag, “Sods been a right sap for that girl for years now, still hasn't done a single thing.”
“Give him time,” Lee laughed, moving to shove Fred’s arm teasingly. “Fred’ll man up eventually.”
The seemingly lovestruck boy rolled his eyes at the two, “Fuck off, both of you wankers.”
The full moon and weekend had come and gone, the bitter taste of the start of a new school week was on everyone’s tongue as they made their way to their last class Monday afternoon.
You trudged into the dimly lit potions room, the brooding figure of Severus Snape doing nothing to lighten the atmosphere.
“Afternoon, Professor.” You quietly greeted as you slid into your seat.
The man seemed to only grumble out a response, not deeming a proper return of greeting worthy of his time- though you preferred this, rather not wanting to strike up a conversation with the potions Professor.
Lily clambered into the seat beside you, her usual seat, just a few seconds before class started. Her hair was frazzled and her tie a tad askew, silently you handed her a compact mirror from your book bag- though the smirk on your lips was loud.
“Don’t look so smug.” She teased, hand combing down her hair. “You’ve seen the thighs on Natasha Ravenforth, was I just supposed to deny myself the pleasure?”
Her tone was filled with incredulity, eyes wide and questioning almost as if she really couldn’t fathom the thought of not snogging the curvy Hufflepuff just before class. You kept silent, though your smile grew as you felt Lily’s eyes trained on you before she huffed and looked toward Professor Snape who was now beginning his lesson.
The class seemed to drone on, a long lecture from the monotone Severus Snape the only thing filling the agenda had the pace of the lesson slowed to an aching crawl. As your ears started to tune out his painful drawl you noticed it. Like an itch you couldn’t scratch or a twitch you just couldn’t shake, you could feel someone’s eyes on you. You turned to meet the person’s gaze, curiosity indeed killed the cat, and you were met with the honey-brown irises of none other than Fred Weasley. He seemed to be looking at you, or just passed you, with his chin resting on his folded forearms. His lack of reaction to you catching him staring led you to believe he was far too zoned out to know what he was doing, that is until he blinked a few times and his eyes snapped up to meet yours.
You didn’t really know him. Fred Weasley seemed to be everywhere and nowhere all at once, he was elusive and loud and if you weren’t careful you’d definitely find yourself falling for his toothy grin or boyish charm.
Your eyes seem to lock and you couldn’t help but furrow your eyebrows at the feeling fluttering deep within your chest at the way his facial expression seemed to soften and his head tilt ever so gently as his eyes swam with what you could only describe as- for lack of better words- wonder.
A nudge to your ribs brought you back to reality, Lily’s elbow still prodding at your torso until you turned to face the front of the class again just as Professor Snape was turning away from the board he had stuck his nose to whilst writing notes.
With one glance at Lily you could see the irritatingly smug smirk stretching across her face, her eyes still looking forward.
“Don’t look so smug.” You grumbled, roughly picking up your quill to take down notes.
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gurtysworld · 5 hours ago
Decided to post series here so they don’t get lost
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hxneybgb · 8 hours ago
Hear me out… an AU of y/n being in a band with Draco , Pansy and Blaise. Y/n was dating Fred but he cheated on them and so to get back at him and to let everyone know what he did they sing “Good 4 u” by Olivia Rodrigo. Or some other song that basically lets everyone know that Fred was the one at fault. 😭
I don’t know if that makes sense but like I constantly just think of that scenario in my head.
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endlessymphony · 10 hours ago
It’s You.
pairing - fred weasley x reader
summary - best-friends to lovers <3 fred finally recognizes his feelings for his closest friend. wc - 1.4k
based on some of these -
a/n - this is cute, but barely has a plot :,) i’m sorry !
That’s how people would describe you and Fred since the two of you became practically attached at the hip by the age of five. Your parents had gone to school with Molly and Arthur, therefore resulting in your families being quite close- intertwined almost at certain points, hell, your families even vacationed with each other. It was surprising when one was seen without the other, since everyone started to act like you guys were some sort of package deal.
Well, it did seem that way- You guys did everything together and shared a lot of things as well; having a lot of the same classes, the same friends, you were even both on the Quidditch team since Fred didn’t want to go to the try-outs alone, and you guys were even able to understand each other without speaking.
The feelings remained strictly platonic up until sixth year when Fred went home for the winter break. Molly combed through his hair as your family was coming to visit the Weasley’s for dinner and a gift-exchange. She attempted to make small-talk with him, “So Fred, has anyone caught your eye this year?” she hummed, smiling sweetly as he turned to face her. He pursed his lips. “No.” was the easy answer.
“I heard from Y/N’s mum that Y/N is interested in a boy named Cedric,” Molly started, “but you didn’t hear that from me.” His stomach churned, unknown feelings bubbling up into his chest as he felt his heart start to crumble. A small “oh” was the only thing he could muster, turning away to look down at his lap, fiddling with his hands. “He’s handsome, and good at everything. I can see why Y/N would like him.” He tried to contribute to the conversation.
Fred didn’t know why he was taking that information like this, ‘I don’t even like them!’ he practically screamed inside his head.
Molly pulled the comb away and set it down on the dresser, patting his shoulder before smoothing out some of the wrinkles on his shirt. “They’ll be here soon. Come help me set the table, yeah?”
“Yeah.” The feeling in the pit of his stomach was only growing by that point, consuming him.
maybe he did like you after all...
You were sitting in the great-hall, picking at your food as you half-listened to all the chatter around you. You looked up and caught Fred’s gaze, the two of you sharing a small smile. ‘You okay?’ he mouthed and you nodded, ‘not hungry.’ You both went back to what you were doing previously. Dinner eventually came to an end, and you managed to sneak out early. He walked out of the Great Hall with Lee and George, the same sickening feeling returning as he spotted you and Cedric chatting away in the hall; you were giggling over something Cedric said. It made him feel defeated.
You noticed your friends, starting to walk towards them. “I’ll see you in class tomorrow!” you called out to Cedric as you hurried to catch-up with Fred and the others. You began to walk alongside them, looking up at Fred and frowning slightly when you noticed that he had his brows furrowed. “You always do that with your eyebrows when you're sad,” you commented, he looked down at you and released the tension that had unknowingly gathered in his face. You continued, tilting your head slightly. “I hate to see you sad. What’s wrong?”
“Just got a shitty mark on a research paper, no big deal.” he shrugged your question off, forcing himself to smile so that you would stop asking questions. “Do you want a cookie? I managed to snag some.” Fred offered, pulling out the napkin-wrapped sweets from the pocket of his robe. You struggled to hide the smile spreading across your face as you nodded, reaching out to take one from him. “You always know my weaknesses, Weasley.”
He couldn’t help but notice how your eyes always seemed to glimmer when you smiled, and the way your cheeks flushed slightly, and your lips…
“this is why we’re best-friends.” that comment snapped him out of his daze. He nodded, “yeah, best-friends.”
He finished walking you to your dorm, cracking a few jokes along the way just to catch sight of that breath-taking smile a few times more.
“Goodnight, Y/N.”
“Goodnight Fred.”
He ruffled your hair slightly, pulling away to watch the door shut behind you; a small sigh escaping his lips as he turned to walk down the stairs, preparing to spend another night staring at the ceiling- wishing that the pillow next to him was you.
‘How do you tell someone you love them? Especially when it could ruin everything you’ve ever known. There’s safety in the comfort of knowing that at least you’ll always be their best-friend, at the very most. The uncertainty of reciprocated feelings twists your stomach, and could alter everything forever.’
A week had passed since then. Classes were out for the day and Fred was sitting on your bed watching you hold up a million different outfit combinations. “C’mon, I need more than an ‘okay’ or a ‘sure’” you whined, stressing yourself out. “what else are best-friends for if not to be each-others fashion advisors?”
“I never signed up for this.” He rolled onto his back, letting out a small huff, “So, you’re really going out with Diggory?”
You turned away from the mirror to raise an eyebrow, “Do you have a problem with that?”
“Nah.” Fred faked a smile, “Why would I have a problem with him? He’s a golden-boy, there's no one better for you.” ‘other than me.’ he thought, biting his tongue.
You smiled, turning back to pick up the two outfits you were torn between. “Ripped jeans and the green top, or…” you held-on to the ‘or’ as you picked up the other option. “The jean shorts and white graphic tee?” Fred pretended to be deep in thought, tapping at his chin with his index finger. “What shoes?” he asks. “My Converse, probably.” You look down at your socked feet briefly before looking back up at him. “Then go with the shorts, it’s hot, and… why don’t you wear the green top with them? The colour works with your skin.” He smiles for real this time, imagining how nice you would look in the outfit.
“Thanks Freddy, now look away, I’m changing.”
“Oh c’mon, it's not like I haven’t seen you change before.” He teases.
“Shut up, it’s different now. Cover your eyes!” you laugh and toss the white top at his face.
“Fine, fine. Eyes are covered.” Fred grumbles as he puts his hands in front of his eyes, waiting for the ‘all good’ from you to look again.
You hurry to get changed, eventually telling Fred he can look again. He hurriedly uncovered his eyes, a smile growing as he looks you up and down. “What are you looking at?” you shoot, playfully. “You look stupid.” he replies as he maneuvers himself so he’s sitting at the edge of your bed, watching you start to struggle with the clasp of a necklace. Fred shakes his head and stands up, standing behind you and taking the clasp from your hands. “Let me help.” His voice was low and gentle. You smile to yourself, face flushing slightly as you feel his cool hands against your warm skin. He finishes with the necklace and you turn to look in the mirror, Fred looking in it with you.
“You look gorgeous.” he places a hand on your shoulder, eyes softening as he looks at you. “Oh, shut up.” you muse back at him, turning to face him. “No, I seriously mean it.” Fred looks at you, looking genuinely sincere. “You look amazing, breathtaking even.” He pretends to brush a strand of hair from your face, just looking for an excuse to touch you, hand eventually resting against your cheek. “Diggory is really lucky.”
For a second, you forgot about Cedric- the outside world seemed to fall away. It was just you and Fred, like it had always been, but this time something was different. The atmosphere had changed, and he was looking at you in a way that you had never seen before. You felt your stomach flip as you locked gazes, his thumb brushing against your cheekbone. Something took over him.
“Kiss me, Y/N.” he mumbled, leaning down slightly to press his forehead against yours. And you did; It was sweet, and short, definitely not what you would expect from someone like Fred.
“I’ve waited so long to do that.” Fred chuckles, a bit breathless. His heart was going what felt like 300 mph, and his face was feeling red-hot. “No one ever compared to you. I mean, how could anyone compare to you?”
“Forget Diggory.” you said, tone breathy. “Kiss me again.” A smile spread across both of your faces.
Fred had no issue doing exactly what you had asked for.
🏷- @miss-starkov @wizardwheezes @i-love-scott-mccall @hogwarts-1d-drarry-stan @angstology
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