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booksandstarwars · 53 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Hey everyone! 
I know I haven’t been posting recently, but I made this painting of Fred and George the other day that I wanted to share with you!  I am really happy with how it turned out, and I hope you like it :). 
Please stay tuned for another HP painting tomorrow of the Golden Trio! 
I would just like to give a quick update of what to expect of my blog in the coming weeks.
Kylo Ren x Reader series: not sure if I am going to continue with this one. I have plenty of ideas of what I want to do, but I just don’t have the time or energy to write right now. I still love Star Wars, but my blog will probably be filled with HP for the next few weeks. 
Also stay tuned for the Ron Weasly headcanon that I promised like a month ago... oops.    I will write it sometime this week and get it up as soon as possible. 
I’m hoping to continue with this art style for a while [Fred and George/ Obi Wan], so if there is any HP or Star Wars characters that you would like to see painted on glass, please let me now, and I will be happy to try and paint them! 
That should be all for now! 
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emilylikesfakeboys · 14 hours ago
Post War Battles
Part Two
Ron’s chair squeaked as it slid across the floor. His hands slammed down onto the table. Arthur walked in looking very tired.
“Everything okay,” he asked.
“Mum’s trying to abandon Harry! Tell her she can’t! You can’t let her,” Ron yelled back. Tears were forming in his eyes.
Molly practically spun around, but before she could even open her mouth, Arthur cut her off.
“Yelling won’t solve anything. Sit down, take a breath, and we can work this out.” He gave everyone a pat on the head, including Harry, as he made his way to Molly, who he then gave a kiss on the cheek. He poured himself a cup of coffee and sat at the table across from Ron, who was now sitting.
“Now, tell me what happened, Ron. Everything,” he said slowly.
“Mum invited Harry over just to tell him that he can’t come anymore. Not even to holidays. And she said he can’t talk to any of us. That’s not fair. He’s family. She can’t just disown him.” Ron subconsciously wrapped an arm around Harry. It was a habit he’d picked up during the horcrux hunt. It was his way of keeping his family safe.
“Thank you, Ron. Molly, why did you choose to do that?” Arthur sounded more exhausted than ever and, really, he probably was.
“All he has done to this family is tear it apart. He’s gotten my kids hurt numerous times. We don’t need him around. He’s a waste of space,” Molly spat out.
Harry suddenly pulled out of Ron’s arm and stood. His face showed that he was doing all he could not to cry.
“I’ll just go. I wouldn’t have stayed so long if I knew I wasn’t welcome. I’m sorry. Thank you for everything,” he half whispered before hastily beginning to walk out.
Ron stood up right after him. “If he can’t stay, then neither can I. I’m not losing another brother. I won’t.”
“Ronald Weasley! You may not leave this house,” said Molly. “Arthur, tell him he can’t leave.”
Arthur said nothing. Ron walked out after Harry and just barely caught him before he was going to apparate.
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yesfoxcato · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Fred and George forcing Percy's sweater on him. I've always wished we'd seen more of the twins antics throughout the books.
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xxnonbinary-bunnyxx · 20 hours ago
Fred as a Husband
Fem Y/n
Warnings: Drunk Fred, mentions of boobs and thighs, and cursing (tell me if I missed any.)
Y/n: *fixing their side of the bed as he's sleepily laying next to her*
Fred: Can you please hurry?
Y/n: I'm almost done you twit.
Fred: I'm Fred up with you not laying down. Cuddle me.
Y/n: *Drops pillow looking at him smiling* Fred up?
Fred: *Start to chuckle nodding*
Y/n: You are insane.
Fred: Oh you love me.
Y/n: Oh yeah? How do you know that?
Fred: *grabs their hand showing them the ring* I don't remember forcing you to say yes to this.
Y/n: Your mother threatened me.
Fred: *stumbles into bed drunking-ly*
Y/n: *reading as they rub his head* Hello Freddie.
Fred: *crying* Am I a bad person?
Y/n: *worried putting book down* What do you mean?
Fred: Am I shallow because I like your boobs?
Y/n: *laughing at this dumbass* What do you mean?
Fred: I like your boobs- Like I love your boobs. Am I bad person?
Y/n: I- Fredrick Gideon if you didn't I'd be fairly upset with you.
Fred: So its ok I like your boobs?
Y/n: *pulling him in rubbing his head* Darling... Its ok you like my boobs
Fred: Ok... *hand slips to your thighs and starts crying again* what about your thighs?!
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thedigitalnativee · a day ago
i trusted you. (fred weasley x fem!oc)
Tumblr media
summary: vespyr trusted him despite being warned of his ways.
warnings: unedited and not proof-read, ANGST, mentions of sex, mentions of nude photos, fred being a dick, me hurting my oc as a way to cope (lol...)
update: vespyr’s name is pronounced ve-spur
Vespyr face claim:
Tumblr media
Vespyr was stunned by what she was seeing. It was as if she could feel her heart breaking in half. She didn’t want to believe it, but how could she not when it was so clear?
Two weeks ago, Vespyr slept with Fred Weasley. She’d always had a crush on him. She was in awe of his ambition and confidence, and not to mention that he was rather dashing as well.
But she knew nothing would ever come of it. After all, she was just one of Ron’s dumb little friends to him.
So when Fred kissed her at a quidditch afterparty, she was shocked. But not shocked enough to tell him no. She had wanted him since she was eleven years old. For years, her dreams and fantasies had been of him loving her unconditionally. So when he said he wanted her, she let him have her. And when he said he wanted a piece of her with him, she didn’t protest.
Maybe she should have pushed him off. Maybe she should have said no. Maybe she should have done anything to keep her from being in the position she was in now.
Now here she sat, tears welling up in her eyes. Next to her, Lavender and Parvati showed her the copies of the intimate photos she shared with Fred that had been circulating around the school. Photos of her in her underwear, posing promiscuously. Enchanted pictures of his fingers running over her breasts and stomach. Laying completely nude on his bed as they made love—or so she thought.
“I’m sorry, Vespyr.” Parvati said.
Vespyr felt like her breath had been stolen away. Her chest was red hot with a feeling she’d never felt before. It was like heartbreak elevated to a higher plane.
“We tried to collect all of them, but I think Fay said she saw more in one of the corridors. We told McGonagall and she’s looking into it.” Lavender added gently.
Fred couldn’t have done this. He would never have shown those photos to anyone. But how else would they have gotten out to the school? Maybe someone found them in his dorm. He wouldn’t hurt her like this.
Vespyr walked down to the common room where she knew Fred was. She had to speak with him immediately. Surely he’d know how the photos had gotten around.
When she got to the common room, she saw Fred sitting around the card table with his friends. She stood in the frame of the stairway with her arms crossed over her chest, feeling everyone’s eyes on her. She saw the dirty look Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley gave to her. She also noticed the way Alicia, Angelina, and Katie laughed at her.
Trying her best to ignore them, she made her way across the room to Fred. As she approached, Lee and Cormac’s eyes landed on her. She felt unease rise in her as smirks grew on their faces.
She realized that everyone in that room had probably seen her photos. The photos that were only meant for Fred to see. They’d all seen her in her most vulnerable and intimate state. And even though she was completely clothed, she’d never felt more exposed.
Vespyr stood behind Fred’s chair, his broad back to her. She cleared her throat as she shifted uncomfortably. Fred continued playing cards, however, as if he hadn’t heard her.
George now looked up at Vespyr. He got a worried look which quickly changed into an apologetic expression. Vespyr couldn’t smile or do anything other than stare blankly at him, too consumed with the thought that he too had probably seen her naked.
Vespyr cleared her throat again but still got no response from Fred. Finally George kicked his brother under the table. Fred winced slightly as George motioned to where Vespyr stood behind them.
She already felt humiliated. She needed to see Fred’s face. She knew once she saw his warm, chocolate eyes and dimples that she’d feel safe again. But when Fred turned to look at her, she felt the opposite of safe. He looked at her like she was an embarrassment, like she was a burden. A nagging duck that had imprinted on him, a pimple that just won’t go away.
Vespyr looked down at her loafers, a hurt feeling coming over her. “Can I please talk to you?” She asked Fred.
Fred glanced back at the other boys at the table. Vespyr wanted to sob when she saw the way they chuckled. Then Fred turned back to her, “Yeah. Sure.” He shrugged, smacking his hand of cards onto the table.
Vespyr practically sprinted out of the common room and into the corridor. Fred followed behind her with his hands tucked into his pockets.
They stood in the corridor, Fred barely able to meet her eyes. The fact that he couldn’t even look at her was enough to tell her that he had done something. She didn’t even have to ask because she already knew. But still, she wanted to hear him say what he had done. And she wanted to know why.
“Please tell me that you didn’t do this, Fred. Please tell me that I’m crazy for even thinking you had something to do with this. T-Tell me that someone stole these,” She threw three of the photos at him, “from your drawer and you didn’t know. Just tell me you didn’t do this.” She said as tears welled up in her eyes.
Fred finally looked at Vespyr. Her nose was bright red and the crystal tears in her eyes made them look unreal. He let out a sigh and Vespyr prepared herself for whatever he was about to say.
“It was so stupid how it started out, Vess. Okay, we were all just fucking around after quidditch practice.” He started.
Vespyr felt a chill run down her spin, “Alright,” She said in a tone that encouraged him to continue.
Fred let his body lean against the wall next to him. “I don’t know who brought it up but we started talking about that stupid fucking list-”
She knew what list he was referring to. She’d seen far too many girls shed tears after finding out they were on it. And she’d also seen girls cry because they didn’t make the list. It was a topic of many conversations for the upper-classmen, and a source of frustration for the school’s staff. Vespyr recalled one time when Lavender gushed about how she desired to be on the list.
The list of Hogwarts most desirable—better known by the quidditch boys as “Hogwarts’ Most Fuckable”.
Vespyr never thought that she would be on the list. It had never even crossed her mind. But the thought of being on it made her feel sick.
“-We were all laughing and then Cormac brought up Ginny’s name, and he said that he was gonna put her on the list unless someone else put another girl on there. And I just got pissed and I didn’t want Ginny on it, so I brought you up.” Fred explained frantically.
Vespyr’s heart began to race. And even still, she felt for him. She still felt a sweet tug in her heart as she looked at him. Even though he was breaking her heart.
“I didn’t know that they were gonna plaster the picture all over the school, Vess, I swear.” He reached for her hands.
Vespyr blinked, gently pulling her hands away. Her stomach started to flip in a horrible way. She felt like she was going to faint. “Y-You showed them those pictures? Why would you- why would you do that?” She asked him.
“They were gonna put Ginny on the list, alright? She’s only in fourth year, I- I panicked. What should I have done?” He tried to make her understand, taking her hands in his again.
This time she snatched her hands away, “You could have told McGonagall, o-or you could have stopped it. I don’t know, Fred, you just could have done something.” She breathed out now.
Fred scoffed, “Yeah, tell McGonagall and have the entire quidditch league think I’m some git.” He defends.
“So you decided that I should suffer the consequences?” She snapped at him.
Fred couldn’t say anything back to her. He had no defense for what he had done. It was a horrible thing to do to someone, especially someone you claim to care about. “It’s just a stupid list, Vespyr.”
Her eyes widened with anger, red clouding her vision. “If it’s just a stupid list, then Ginny could have been on it, right?” She snapped.
“Vess-” He shook his head.
She couldn’t describe what she was feeling. It was a rage and anger that she had never felt in all her life. The betrayal coupled with the dismissal of it all made her livid.
“That’s because it’s not just a stupid list!” She pushed his chest angrily.
Fred pinched the bridge of his nose. The last thing he wanted was to hurt Vespyr. But when Cormac brought Ginny up, he felt like his hands were tied.
Fred tried pulling Vespyr into his embrace but she pushed against him. “Don’t.” She said sternly.
He sighed, “What do you want me to do?” He asked finally.
She looked up at him as if he’d gone mad, “I want you to stop this. I want you to defend me from all the shit people are saying.” Vespyr told him.
He gave her a confused look. “How am I supposed to defend you, Vespyr? Okay, this isn’t all my fault.” He said.
He knew it sounded wrong coming out of his mouth. He just wanted to feel less guilty about what he had done. He didn’t want to hurt her any further, but that was exactly what he was doing.
“I’m sorry, do you mean to imply that this is my fault?” She asked him.
He shrugged slightly, “I mean, you gave me the pictures, Vess.” He said.
“Because you asked for them!” She yelled back, her finger pressing into his chest.
She picked up the photos that were strewn on the ground. “These pictures, these pictures that you asked me for, were private. These pictures weren’t for your ‘stupid list’.” She ripped them up and threw them at his face.
Fred continued to try to calm her down, but she wasn’t going to calm down. There were no words that he could say to make her any less angry than she felt in that moment. He tried to grab her arms, he tried to hug her even. But there was nothing that was going to make this better.
Tears streamed down her face. Her throat was closing up, causing her voice to be thick. She felt like she might explode from the pressure mounting in her head. “You know I never did anything like that for anyone else before you? I never even thought to give a guy something like that until you. And now- now you do this?” She cried.
Fred’s jaw clenched as he looked at the space between them. “Yeah, well, I didn’t force you.”
Vespyr couldn’t believe him. How could he not see the error in his words? And why was he being so hurtful towards? She thought he cared about her. He said he would always protect her and he would never let anything happen to her. She trusted him and now he was doing the very opposite of protecting her. He was deliberately putting her in harm’s way.
She scoffed and pushed past him, not wanting to hear any more. She was so unimaginably angry at him, at all of them. For doing this to her and then having the nerve to think less of her.
Vespyr paused and turned around to look at him. Fred’s tall frame came into view again. “You’re a sad sack of a man and you will never touch me again.” She said as strongly as she could, but the crack in her voice made her fall short.
Fred hadn’t meant to put any blame onto Vespyr. He wanted to be there for her. God knows that he didn’t want to lose her. But it was like every time he spoke, the wrong words kept coming out. His mouth seemed to have a mind of its own.
Now she had confirmed it, though she had already known the answer somewhat. Vespyr was alone in this. The pictures were out and the damage was done. Everyone around her was silently, and not so silently, judging her. And Fred was too much of a coward to stand by her through it all.
It had been three very long weeks. Vespyr had only spoken to Lavender and Parvati due to the fact that they were the only people who would talk to her. Then there was Neville, who was always nice. And of course Luna, the kindest soul anyone had ever met. And despite some forlorn stares from across the room on Fred’s part, she hadn’t spoken to him either.
She wondered if anyone had empathy for her. If anyone could stop calling her names long enough to actually put themselves in her place and try to understand. If any of them could bestow a little grace upon her.
It seemed like those pictures just wouldn’t go away. She thought it would blow over after a week or so, but it just wasn’t. Every time she thought it might be over, someone would leave a picture in one of her notebooks or her owl would deliver an envelope full of them, or whatever cruel way the student body decided to remind her.
At lunch, Draco Malfoy and his friends came up to her. Draco tapped her on her shoulder and she turned around. When she saw who it was, she knew it couldn’t be good.
Vespyr sighed, “Yes?”
Theodore Nott and Blaise Zabini snickered next to him as Pansy Parkinson sneered at Vespyr.
“Sorry, we just wanted to know your price.” Draco smirked, elbowing Blaise playfully.
Lavender glared at him and Vespyr sat there with a confused. She wasn’t sure what he meant by her ‘price’, but knowing Malfoy, it probably wasn’t something nice.
“What?” Vespyr asked in an annoyed tone.
Theodore chuckled, “You know, your price for pictures.” He explained.
Vespyr rolled her eyes, putting down her fork and standing up to leave. The group of them started to laugh as Lavender followed her out.
“Don’t worry, boys. I hear she’s pretty cheap anyway.” Pansy remarked, her words being the last thing Vespyr heard before she left the hall.
About two days after that, Dumbledore called Vespyr into his office. He’d told her that he’d been made aware of her predicament and was concerned for her.
To say that Vespyr was embarrassed was an understatement. She was appalled and ashamed. She felt humiliated.
Her mentor, her headmaster, had seen those god awful photos of her. The fact that he was aware made it clear that other members of the staff had to know also. Vespyr found herself examining her teachers for any signs that they had. A slight stutter when they spoke to her, a quick aversion of the eyes, lips pressed in a firm line. They all made her wonder irrationally.
Have they seen my photos? Have they seen my body?
It made her feel sick.
“Well, Miss Morgan, I can assure you I will be looking into this and I will get down to the bottom of who is responsible. Until then, I’ll be tasking Professor McGonagall with deciding your punishment.”
Vespyr’s head shot up at his words, “My punishment?”
Dumbledore nodded authoritatively at the young girl. Vespyr was dumbfounded that she was to be punished also. He should have been consoling her, not scolding.
“I’m sorry, Professor,” She shook her head as she fiddled with her fingers, “I can’t imagine why I’m being punished.” She said truthfully.
“It’s you in the photos, is it not?” He tilted his head forward, his old eyes widening slightly.
Vespyr chuckled almost, “Well yes, but— Professor, I-I’m a victim. I’ve done nothing wrong. My only crime is caving to pressure.” She explained.
Dumbledore sighed and stood up. He went to the bookshelf in the corner of the room. Vespyr turned in her chair to follow him. He placed a hand on his hip and looked back at her.
“Miss Morgan, let’s not be deluded. You have a mind of your own and you’ve used it very keenly in the past. You used that independent mind of yours to decide to take those photos of yourself and give them to whomever you did. Does that diminish the seriousness of what has been done to you? No, it does not. But you are responsible for it in a sense. No one can make you do anything against your will.” Dumbledore said.
Vespyr felt a lump rising in her throat. She didn’t care what anyone thought. She didn’t care if she had decided on her own to give those photos to Fred. The fact of the matter was that they were meant for only him. They were given to him, someone she trusted, during a time when she thought they were in love. Yes, she had given him the photos on her own accord, but it didn’t mean the world got to see them as well.
She grabbed her bag and darted for the door. Dumbledore stepped in her way before she could leave. “Now just wait a minute, Miss Morgan.”
“No. You know what? You have no idea what it’s like to be a young girl in a cruel world like this. A world that shames you for showing too little, as well as shaming you for showing too much. A world that tells you that you must give yourself to a man or else you’re a prude, but also tells you that it makes you some kind of whore if you do decide to have sex. You and people like you wanna place the blame on us girls because you know deep down that you enabled this.” She spit at him.
Dumbledore had stepped back from her, his firm expression faltering at her bold language.
“You, Headmaster, have turned a blind eye to the barbaric environment in this school. You’ve allowed the quidditch teams to harass and torment the female population at Hogwarts by your continued dismissal of that list. And now, to feel less guilty about it all, you intend to place blame onto me.” She continued.
Her hands were balled into fists so tight that her fingernails broke the skin on her palm. She could feel the tears brimming her eyes.
Doesn’t anyone have any sympathy for me?
“Miss Morgan, are you trying to tell me that someone on one of the quidditch teams is responsible for this?” He asked her.
She calmed down very fast, Fred’s dimpled smile coming into her mind. Her anger subsided suddenly as she realized that incriminating the quidditch team meant incriminating Fred. And as angry as she was with him, she didn’t want him to get in trouble. She hated that she still loved him enough not to make him pay.
The pounding in her heart stopped and sped up all at the same time. Her fists unclenched, blood trickling down her palm. She wiped away the tears that formed in her eyes. Some of the blood on her hands smeared on her cheek.
“That’s not my point.” She said firmly. Vespyr sighed as she looked at Dumbledore’s minimally concerned face. “Punish me if you must. It’s not like it’s any worse than anything else that’s happened to me.”
Luckily, someone in the world did have sympathy for Vespyr.
Professor McGonagall only gave her an extra study hall as her punishment. But honestly, the extra study hall spared Vespyr from seeing her vicious peers, so it wasn’t much of a punishment. It actually was a reward.
“The world is unkind, Vespyr. Someday I hope you’ll remember what I’ve done for you and make it kinder.” McGonagall had said to her.
Vespyr walked into the common room after her study hall at the end of the day. When she did, all eyes were on her. She’d grown used to the stares, the whispers. But she still got a chill when she felt them.
As she walked past Harry, Ron, and Hermione, she heard Hermione whisper something. “Careful, I hear libertinism is catching these days.” She said and Ron snickered.
Vespyr stopped walking. She closed her eyes and sucked in a sharp breath.
She couldn’t let it go on any longer. If she couldn’t defend herself then she had nothing. From the beginning, she resided to ignoring the comments being made about her. But seeing the way Hermione, a girl so intelligent and remarkable, talked about her made her unimaginably angry.
Vespyr turned, “You know, you talk a lot of shit.” She snapped at the other Gryffindor girl.
Hermione wavered slightly. Ron and Harry fell silent along with rest of the room.
Vespyr’s eyes glanced over to Fred, who sat in the corner with George and Lee. His eyes looked sadly upon her, as if he were pleading with her.
Please don’t do this to yourself. His eyes said. Please.
But Vespyr wouldn’t stop.
“Excuse me?” Hermione scoffed.
Vespyr stood her ground, “You heard me, Hermione.” She crossed her arms over her chest.
Hermione’s lips curled into an uncomfortable smirk. Angelina, Alicia, and Katie all quietly laughed as they watched the exchange. And then Ginny stood up.
“Just who do you think you are?” Ginny asked.
“I’m a fucking human being, that’s what I think! And you know what? Yeah, I took those pictures of myself and they got out. You all have made it your job not to let me forget. I’ve been called every name and been the butt of every joke under the sun this past month. And all the time, I’ve had no one but Lavender and Parvati by my side.” She said as she tried not to cry.
She looked at Fred and he looked away from her. He felt guilt course through him as he saw the pain in her expression.
“You all are angry with me but you aren’t at all angry with the person who did this.” Vespyr could feel her emotions coming undone.
Fred could hear it in her voice. It was like he was connected to her. He could feel the ache in her heart as if it were his own. He hated that he was the cause of that ache. He’d rationalized what he did to Vespyr by saying it was to protect Ginny, because it was, but that thought just wasn’t enough anymore as Vespyr stood in front of him broken to bits.
He stood up and walked to Vespyr, “That’s enough, let’s get you upstairs-”
“The person that deceived me with flowery language. That gained my trust only to betray it!” She pushed against his chest harshly and he stumbled backwards.
She turned and faced the other side of the room where the rest of the boys were. “Why is it always us that has to be held responsible for your wrongdoings? How come we’re ridiculed and called whores while you all suffer no consequences. Why does no one every get angry at you for victimizing us?” She sobbed at the empty expressions of Cormac McLaggen and others.
When she turned back, she saw that Hermione was red-faced and had a guilty look in her eyes. Everyone else was eerily silent and stared at Vespyr in shock. The only sound audible was Vespyr’s heavy breathing.
“Vespyr, I-” Hermione tried to speak, but Vespyr’s eyes found Ginny again.
Vespyr charged at the fiery-haired girl, “It would have been you. Had Fred not been there, it would have been you on that stupid list and not me. You should thank me!” She screamed at her and Ginny flinched.
Fred forcefully intervened, grabbing Vespyr by the shoulders and pulling her away from his sister. “Enough.” He said firmly. “I’m taking you back to your dorm.”
Vespyr felt anger and sadness boiling deep within her. She couldn’t decide between the two emotions because both were so strong. As Fred guided her up the steps to her dorm, she felt him pulling him into her chest. She couldn’t resist burying her face in his shirt, and she hated herself for it.
Fred sat her down on the bed and Vespyr couldn’t meet his eyes. “Your pajamas,” He said.
Vespyr shook her head, “What?”
“Um... I forgot where you keep them.” He said softly.
Vespyr felt like vomiting. She couldn’t believe that she had presented herself that way in the common room. She wasn’t the kind of person who told people how she felt so openly. She certainly wasn’t one to hysterically scream and cry in front of people. As if she wasn’t humiliated enough, now she had done this.
She crossed her arms over her chest, “Second drawer down on the left side.” She said softly.
Fred hurriedly went to her drawer and fished out a pair of blue pinstripe pajama pants and a blush pink sweater. He remembered that combination after the first night he made love to her.
He placed the neatly folded pajamas next to her. He noticed how she still looked away from him and he felt his heart sink. Her silky hair shined in the dim light of the dorm room. Dainty fingers fidgeted in her lap nervously as her knee bounced up and down.
Fred could feel the urge to brush her hair away so he could see her. He ached you run his fingers through it like he had done so many times before.
Vespyr could feel his attention on her. She should have wanted him to leave, but she felt comforted by him just being there. Instead of wanting to push him out of the room, she wanted to pull him down in the bed with her.
Finally Fred spoke, “Look, Vess-”
“I know, you’re sorry. You’ve told me.” Vespyr interrupted.
Fred sighed, slightly aggravated that she hadn’t let him speak. He sat down next to her and it took Vespyr by surprise. But she was even more shocked when he took her hands in his.
Oh, how she missed the feeling of his skin on hers.
“No, just listen.” He looked at her but she wouldn’t look at him. His thumb ran across her soft skin, rubbing in the crystal tears that fell onto her hands.
“From the moment I met you all those years ago, I vowed to myself that you would be the only girl I ever loved. And even though I’ve had other lovers and girlfriends before you, I always knew that in the end I would only be with you. Because you’re the only person I ever want for the rest of my life. That night that we first made love, I promised to myself I would never hurt you, and if I did I would work everyday to make it up to you.” He squeezed her hands gently.
Vespyr felt her throat closing up. She never knew that he had loved her all that time. For almost a decade, the two of them had loved each other and didn’t know it. She wished that he had given her a sign that he felt the same way.
“So, that’s what I want to propose to you now. I want to know if you’ll let me make it up to you. Because I love you, Vespyr Morgan. And I’m completely and totally uninterested in living a life without you. And I know that I’m a bloke for what I did, and I’d bet on the fact that I’ll fuck up countless times over. But I promise, if you give me a chance, I will do my best to make sure that it’s me that gets hurt and not you.” He placed a hand on her cheek.
Vespyr felt herself rest into his touch. Her tears pooled in his hand. She tried to resist kissing his palm, but her lips were on his calloused skin before she even realized it.
In all honesty, she wasn’t sure what to say. She didn’t know whether to forgive him and kiss him tenderly, or tell him to sod off and slap him. Obviously he wasn’t deserving of her forgiveness. What he did to her was vile and careless. But goodness, she was so in love with him. And when he looked at her with those puppy dog eyes, she felt like she’d been hypnotized.
Her mind was foggy and her heart had found it’s way to her throat. So when she said what she did next, she almost didn’t hear the words fall from her lips.
“I forgive you.” She said.
Fred settled for a moment before she spoke again.
“I forgive you,” She swallowed, “but I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.” She finished.
Fred’s heart dropped yet again. What had he expected? For her to just easily fall back into his arms after what he’d done? She could never trust him again, obviously. How could she be with someone she didn’t trust?
“I do want you to make it up to me, Fred. I may not forget it, but I’m willing to put behind me. Because I love you too, and as angry as I’ve been with you, being away from you has been agony.” She rested her hand on his neck.
Tears pricked Fred’s eyes. He wasted no time pulling the younger Gryffindor into a kiss. He’d missed the way her lips melded to his and the way she warmed under his touch.
He knew as he kissed her that he would rather die than ever hurt his darling again. She was the most prized thing in the world to him, and he’d be damned if she ever suffered at his hand again.
They pulled away and Vespyr rested her head on his shoulder in a hug. Fred gently rubbed her bag, nestling his nose in her candy-scented hair. The two magical beings relished in the moment.
“I love you, Vespyr. More than anything. And I promise that I’m yours as long as you’d like me to be.” Fred spoke.
Vespyr held him tighter as he spoke, squeezing her eyes shut. “I love you, Fred. I will love you for as long as I live.”
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weasleysandwheezes · a day ago
I really knew I had a problem when I could tell the Weasley twins apart with ease, like damn.
really simping there, huh?😳
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horrorxweasley · a day ago
Cam Girl George Weasley x Fem! Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: Smut, Swearing!, recorded/streamed sex, Daddy Kink, Dom/Sub Dynamic, Choking, Slight breeding Kink?
Word Count: 2.1K
Prompt(s) used: Trope Cam Girl!
Summary: Y/N has had an only fans for quite some time and often streamed herself pleasuring herself while her boyfriend was in the room. But she decides to ask George if he would like to join her. 
This is for @babyjordy ‘s 4K writing challenge 
Y/N has had an only fans since before she and her boyfriend George Weasley started dating, she was low on money at the time she made it, and it had been recommended to her by other girls that it was an easy way to make quite some bit of money. So she thought she would give it a go. In barely any time Y/N gained lots of followers on the platform and then the money started flowing in. 
The first time she told George when they had been dating for 6 months at the time, she was nervous, nervous at what his reaction might be. It wasn’t every day your girlfriend told you that she was sending photos of herself and sometimes even videos to a platform where strangers could see. But George was more than ok with it, he was extremely supportive, and to be honest he found it so HOT that the men behind the screen only being able to look at the photos and videos could only do that, look. George was able to touch you, pleasure you because you were his. 
Whenever it came to Y/N doing live stream videos, George was sat just behind the camera. Watching as his girlfriend stripped and pleasured herself. George found it extremely hard not to groan at the sight of his girlfriend fucking herself with a dildo, or her fingers, as he jacked off to her. 
The number of men viewing Y/N’s live streams had increased significantly, more and more money was being put into her bank account as more men became thirsty for sexual content from her. 
Y/N had been contemplating on asking George if he would join her in one of her lives for a while now. Being in front of the camera as they had sex wouldn’t be such an unusual thing for the couple, only this time it would be in front of a live audience instead of being solely for their private pleasure. And since Y/N would normally wear some form of mask when she went live, she also had a spare for George to keep their identities somewhat hidden form those watching. 
One night as the two were sitting, snuggled up on the couch watching television, the clock ticked just past 10 indicating the usual time for Y/N to go and start one of her streams. She turned to George, who was still focusing on the telly and kissed his neck lightly, gaining his attention. 
“Georgie, I was wondering- seeing as I’m going to be starting my stream soon, if you- if you would like to join me?”
“Of course princess, I always join you, you know that” he replied kissing her temple, not understanding what his girlfriend was asking.
“No George- I mean, do you want to have sex with me while I’m live?” 
George’s eyes widened, his eyes darkening at the idea of fucking her senseless in front of hundreds if not thousands of men. Being able to sort of brag to them that he was the one who got to touch her. 
“Fuck yes, I do” he practically growled as Y/N took him by the hand dragging him to the room where it all happened. 
Y/N never used her and George’s own bedroom for her streams, she always used the spare room in order to keep as anonymous as possible. The room was painted white but there was a section of the room that had red drapes on the wall and a small double bed, which had cameras and lights set up.
Y/N walked over to the wardrobe where she kept all of her lingerie and masks. Picking up two masks handing one to George. She then turned back to the wardrobe pulling out George’s favourite set of black lace bra and panties, that had garters attaching the panties to black translucent stockings which complimented her thighs perfectly. 
George had rid himself of his clothes leaving him only in his boxers. He stared at his girlfriend, his mouth agape slightly as he soaked in how she looked. A tent forming in his boxers as he imagined all he was going to do to her while hundreds if not thousands watched as he and only he got to fuck her brains out. 
“Ready Georgie?” She asked in a high pitched voice tying the mask behind her head, starting up the sight on her laptop and turning on the camera. 
“It’s so hot that you want me to fuck you in front of people, princess” he almost growled once again imagining how jealous some of the guys watching might get that they couldn’t touch her like he could. 
George sat down on the soft mattress as Y/N pressed “Start stream”, in no time at all more and more people started to join in the matter of minutes, clearly some had been waiting for her to start a stream. 
“Hello everyone, tonight instead of having to make myself cum, I have someone here is going to help me, and with no doubt fuck me senseless” She cooed into the microphone.
George chuckled to himself at the last part, he was indeed going to fuck her senseless. Y/N had moved herself back onto the bed and leaned forward capturing George’s lips in a heated kiss. Slipping her tongue in his mouth, but his quickly taking dominance over hers. Y/N moaned into her boyfriends mouth as he grabbed her sides roughly. 
George broke away from the kiss and began trailing open mouthed kisses down her neck until he reached her sweet spot where he began to suck, leaving a mark. Moans falling from Y/N’s lips, comments flowing into the chat as people watched on as George gave her multiple hickeys. 
“You going to be Daddy’s good girl princess? Hmm? Gonna need you to suck my cock”
“Yes Daddy, m’gonna be so good for you”
Y/N laid on her stomach, ass in the air, giving the camera a perfect view as she pulled George’s boxers down his thighs, releasing his rock hard cock, causing it to spring up and slap his lower stomach. She took George into her hand, stroking him slowly, earning a low groan to come from his lips, before she began to lick and suck on the tip of his cock, teasing him looking directly into the camera before taking as much of him as she could, choking slightly as the tip hit the back of her throat. 
“F-uck, that’s it, such a good girl, Daddy’s good girl, isn’t she a good girl?” George asked the chat. Some agreeing some saying she looked like a needy whore. 
Y/N bobbed her head up and down, faster as George continued to groan and moan at the feeling of her mouth wrapped round him, hollowing her cheeks as she sucked. 
One of George’s hands made it’s way to into Y/N’s hair, grabbing a first full creating a make-shift pony tail as he guided her head up and down. 
“Doing so well princess, sucking Daddy’s cock, gonna make him cum, so close” he moaned out, his head falling backwards as pleasure took over his body. George’s cum releasing down the back of Y/N’s throat, his hand holding her head down on him, forcing her to deep throat him making her nose touch his pubic bone. The sound of people donating more and more money floating through the room as well as George’s moans and Y/N’s gags.
Y/N finally lifted herself off of George, gasping for air, showing the camera her tongue indicating she had swallowed all of George’s release. 
“My good girl princess, done such a good job” he took her mouth in a more loving kiss, tasting himself on her tongue. 
“Thank you Daddy” 
“Now I think you deserve a reward for being such a good little girl” 
George pushes Y/N down onto the bed so she is lying on her back and grabbed her legs pulling her towards him and in centre view of the camera. He began kissing down her chest, removing her bra and taking one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking and biting the sensitive bud causing a load moan to fall from Y/N’s lips. He then kissed all the way down her stomach, til her reached just above her heat. He wrapped his fingers round her panties before ripping them off her legs, along with the stockings and garters. 
George groans at the sight of her dripping wet pussy, angling her legs slightly so that the guys at home can see. 
“Look at her, soaking already for Daddy hmm?”
Y/N could only nod as George began placing kissing up her inner thighs, his mouth now hovering over her core, his breath fanning onto her arousal. Her hips bucking up in desperation of George’s mouth. His hand however, comes up and pushes them back down. 
“Ah ah princess, gotta be Daddy’s good girl” 
“M’sorry Daddy jus’ want it so bad” she moaned
“Don’t worry darling, Daddy’s gonna give you what you want”
With that, George attached his mouth onto Y/N’s clit sucking lightly before kitten licking it, eliciting a waterfall of pornographic moans from Y/N. George drove his tongue deep into her entrance while using his fingers to rub fast circles on her clit. The chat filling with people saying how well she was for taking George’s tongue. 
“You gonna cum princess? Cum all over Daddy’s face hmm?”
“Please Daddy” she almost screamed. 
“Go on princess, let Daddy taste you”
Barely even a few seconds went by and Y/N found her legs shaking and her eyes rolling to the back of her head as she reached her high. Moaning loudly as the lewd sounds of George licking and sucking up every drop of her release filled the room. 
“That’s it, that’s my good girl, Daddy’s good girl”
George said licking his lips moaning at the sweet and salty taste. 
“What do you think, you think you deserve Daddy’s cock?” 
“P-please Daddy need it so bad” she cried out
“What do you lot think?” George asked now taking over the stream going into full Dom mode.  “Do you think my little girl deserves my cock?” He leaned forward to read all the comments that came flooding in all practically begging for him to give Y/N his cock. 
“Looks like fortune is on your side tonight princess”
George lined himself up at Y/N’s entrance before slowly sheathing himself into her with moans coming from both of them as he did so. 
“Fuck princess so tight, taking me so well”
“Yes D-addy so big” she moaned as George began to thrust in and out of her, the tip of his cock hitting her g-spot with every thrust. 
“Take it, take my cock baby” he groaned quickening his pace. George brought his hand up to Y/N’s neck squeezing the sides of it causing her eyes to roll to the back of her head in complete pleasure as she became slightly light-headed.
Y/N let out a strangled moan that echoed off the walls, her hips bucking in time with every thrust. 
“F-u-ck Daddy, so good, m’so close” 
“Yeah? You gonna cum all over my cock hmm? Go on then been such a good girl cum all over my cock” he growled, biting on her shoulder. 
Y/N reached her second release of the night, and it was more intense than the first. The mix of her orgasm and the feeling of George’s hand wrapped round her throat strengthened her release. She screamed out a moan, something the neighbours definitely would have heard as her legs shook and her walls tightened round George, her release spilling onto him. 
The very feeling drove George over the edge, he felt his release. 
“Fuck, look so pretty when you cum princess, n’feel so good squeezing my cock, gonna make me cum, fuck m’so close. Gonna fill your pussy with my cum yeah? Want Daddy to fill you up with his babies?”
“Yes- fuck- yes Daddy, please fill me up” she whined her cunt becoming quickly sensitive
George’s thrusts got sloppy as he came deep inside her, groaning into her neck. He lifted his head up after his release kissing Y/N hungrily and passionately. They both pulled away catching their breaths wincing as George pulled out. 
“Done so well princess” 
“Thank you Daddy” she smiled “And thanks to everyone who joined to stream tonight” she said to the camera before clicking end stream and shutting off the camera. 
Y/N laid back into George’s arms, snuggling into him as he kissed her temple lovingly, wrapping his arms around her waist. 
“So, did you like that?” Y/N asked 
“Very much so, love showing people how good I make you feel” 
Y/N sighed in content picking up her phone and checking her account to see how much they had made. Hey eyes went wide as she showed George the phone screen. 
“Look like people liked watching it too”
Taglist: @amourtentiaa @sunrisefairy @pens-and-roses-deactivated20210 @rosietoesy @comfortwriting @famdomhideout @dracofknmalfoy @pandaxnienke @writing-wh0re @onlyfreds @whipped-for-the-weasley-twins @fairielovegood @gaycatlord-stuff @0x0spunky-monkey0x0 @georgeweasleysbabe @skarlettmikaelson (MESSAGE/ASK IF YOU WANT TO BE ADDED)
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spookys-diary · a day ago
Can you imagine modern day muggle born Hogwarts students teaching the wizard borns all the memes they know
•The gryffindors all fucking love the memes but keep misusing them. The people that actually know how to use them keep their mouth shut.
•Ravenclaws pretend to hate them but cant help but laugh whenever someone quotes one. Some also “collect” memes and track how they progress. There are entire timelines and timelines within timelines of where the memes are going and when they die.
•Hufflepuffs really like the sanrio memes. They get really excited during valentines day and try to make valentines day card memes but some dont really understand that they have to make a joke and not just make a valentines day card. Some of them get REALLY good at making valentines day cards. The other houses are really surprised at how dirty some of them can get.
•The slytherins make edgy jokes but theyre actually funny. Some go too far and dont realize it. But most are good jokes.
•The pureblood students keep saying that the other wizard borns shouldnt be participating in this and dont understand the memes. The other students have taken it upon themselves to joke with them like tumblr running some random celebrity off the site.
•Some of the class clown students write them down so they dont forget to mention any.
•Some students even print out pictures so they can show them to the wizard borns (since technology doesnt work in Hogwarts).
•The Hogwarts students also expand upon the memes and make them their own.
•When school is over all the muggle borns are able to access the internet again and see that all the memes are like months old but they dont care because they had fun and they know the wizard borns will still want to meme on stuff thats like years old.
•The petting cat meme is a favorite amongst everyone. We know because there was a poll done by the ravenclaws.
•*One of the teachers yelling at a student that got in trouble* the entire class: “SHEEEEEEEEEESH”
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slytherweasley · a day ago
Misplaced feelings (George Weasley x reader)
Warnings: none
Summary/request: Hey babes! I was wondering if you could do a request for George Weasley? Like the the reader and him and best friends and it’s a slow burn relationship through the Yule ball? If not no problem :) have a nice dayyyy
Tumblr media
It’s the best time of the year, Christmas. Everyone is in the best mood the common room is buzzing. The snow falls outside while you’re inside and cuddled up by the fire while your best friend paces around the room.
“How about Alicia Spinnet?” You ask “I guess I could go with her” the yule ball is next week and George still doesn’t have a date so as his best friend it’s your obligation to talk him through asking girls for him.
“What should I say?” “The same thing as the last few girls, get her flowers and compliment her, she will love that” “Thanks Y/n you’re the best” He walks off. You let out a deep breath and cover your face with your hands. “What’s wrong?” Fred sits beside you “What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be asking Angelina” “Already did and she said yes” “Of course she did.”
“What’s wrong?” He repeats “Nothing just helping George try to find a date, it’s so late all the girls have got dates” “You two should have gone together” “We could have hit Adrian asked me and George told me to go with him.”
Alicia said yes a week before the Yule Ball, you heard a lot about Alicia in that one week. You started to hang out with Adrian and his Slytherin friends for a bit. Adrian’s family insisted on paying for your dress so you went shopping with Adrian for a dress, you matched your dress and his tie.
“Why are you spending so much time with Pucey?” George asks trying not to sound mad or jealous but you could hear it in his voice. “Don’t be jealous, you’re still my best friend but we were just hanging out before the yule ball” “I’m not jealous I’m just wondering.”
Christmas Day is exciting as it is but on top of that the yule ball is tonight. “Happy Christmas” George hands you a badly wrapped present “You got me a present?” “It’s not big” “Thank you!” You wrap your arms around him tightly he reciprocates pulling you in, you were enjoying the hug, he smells so nice, his smell feels like home, it’s comforting. You feel the hug go on for a bit too long and pull away opening up your present.
It’s a box of your favourite chocolates from honeydukes “Thank you George! I’m sorry but I didn’t get you anything” “Don’t worry I don’t need anything.”
You spend most of the day with the twins until it’s time to get ready for the yule ball. You wanted to make sure that you looked perfect, you were starting to develop feelings for Adrian Pucey.
Fred and George knock on your dorm door for Angelina and Alicia. Your heart skips a beat when you see George, no one could deny he was hot, not even you but the way your heart felt in the moment when Alicia kissed his cheek and pulled him into a hug couldn’t feel worse. “You coming?” Fred asks “Uh yeah” I walk out the door behind the four of them.
You planned on meeting on Adrian outside the Great Hall. He was waiting patiently for you, a big smile appeared on his face when he saw you. Not too long ago you would’ve been so happy to see him but all you can think about is Alicia and George. You put on a brave face and a smile. “You look so beautiful” he says “Thank you, you look very handsome, Adrian.”
He takes my hand and we walk in together. Adrian was a great date, he danced with you, made sure you had enough to eat and drink and stayed by your side the whole night. But you’re starting to realise you misplaced your feelings for Adrian, you never really liked him you forced yourself to.
“Are you ready to go?” He asks as people start to clear out “I’m going to stay here with George for a while but thank you for a great night” “Thank you for being my date” he gives you a hug and exits.
George walks over to you “Where is Alicia?” you ask “She was tired and told me to come see you” “I didn’t get to dance with you tonight” “The nights not over” he puts his hand out for you to take and leads you to the dance floor. There wasn’t many people on the dance floor which was kind of nice.
“I haven’t told you but you look gorgeous” “Thanks but it kind of caught me off guard when I first saw you, you clean up very well.” After a couple songs you decide to take a walk before going back into your dorm.
The two of you walk in the cold winter air outside, George sees you start to shiver and takes off his jacket giving it to you “Thanks” you put it on, it hangs off your body. “Did Pucey treat you right?” “He was great” “Good.”
There wasn’t much conversation, we just walked around together. “Do you fancy Pucey?” I chuckle “No, not really, I thought I did for a while” “What changed?” “I don’t know, just don’t think I’m into him.” He stops and you turn around to face him “What?” He grabs your waist swiftly and presses his lips to yours. You were left breathless when he let go of the kiss.
“So” you say looking at the ground “Umm I like you Y/n, I fancy you and I guess I just now figured that out” “I do too” “I had a feeling you did, you’re not good at hiding your emotions.” “So now what?” “Now I ask you to be my girlfriend, what’d you say?” “Yes” he kisses you again. “That’s going to take some getting used to, it’s still kind of awkward” “Yeah I think we should just ease into this until I fully see you as my girlfriend.”
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gracekrizek · a day ago
In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Remus Lupin tells the students that no witch or wizard has ever seen a boggart’s true form. However, in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Mrs. Weasley asks Moody to check if the cabinet upstairs contained a boggart, reason being that he has a magical eye that can see through walls. That means that the boggart couldn’t see him, so it couldn’t transform into his worst fear, which means that Mad-Eye Moody is the only wizard we know of in all of time that knows what a boggart actually looks like. It’s never mentioned by anyone ever again.
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Pre War Black family headcanons, Sirius and Bellatrix edition
Bellatrix and Sirius were always really close as cousins
They planned pranks together in this big old leather sketch book Bellatrix had
Bellatrix said she burned it but kept it in a secret box locked away from prying eyes. Narcissa found it after her death
If you could see them with their heads together, they were planning something. If there was laughter coming from somewhere in the house and they were no where to be found, they had already done it
One time Sirius convinced the Marauders to team up with Bellatrix, Andy and Cissy and they pulled the biggest prank ever utilizing Peeves, a loaf of bread and several used candlesticks
Sirius called her Trixie which annoyed the heck out of her so in return Bellatrix called him Sneerius which pissed him off to no end
Slowly those terms came to be affectionate
Andromeda occasionally joined them on a pranking quest, but could hardly keep up with their mad ideas
After graduation, Sirius joined the order and Bellatrix the Death Eaters
When Sirius was forced to fight Bellatrix he was gravely wounded
After that incident, Sirius asked James to obliviate him and remove the good memories of Bellatrix 
           It was for the greater good after all
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queenginnyweasley · a day ago
Kidnaper: We have your daughter, sir
Bill: i dont have a daughter?
Kidnaper: she says her name Gertrudis Waslaby
Ron: poor guys, they dont know who they are messing with
Kidnaper: we want the money!!
George: just when i thought this couldnt get any funnier, they ask us for money hahahah
Ginny:* in the background laughing*
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perfectlyprongs · a day ago
After Fred died, everyone was, of course, heartbroken. And, obviously, George was most.
For the first time in his life he was alone. This was something that he had never experienced before. No matter where he was, Fred was with him, they did everything together.
They said their first word together.
They learnt to tie their laces together.
They were sorted into the same house together.
They were in all the same classes together.
They took (and passed) the same OWLs - with only five points difference on their results together.
They were always in detention together.
They always shared a room together.
They started a business together.
TOGETHER. Always together.
But one night George was thinking about all this, and he realised that that hadn’t changed. No matter where he went he would always have Fred with him. In his heart.
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xxnonbinary-bunnyxx · 2 days ago
Study Buddy (Part 2 I guess)
Fred Weasley x Fem Reader
Warnings: Smut, NSFW, fingering, oral (female receiving), unprotected sex, exposition, and cursing.
Y/N= Your Name L/N= Your Last Name Y/H= Your House
You walk into where you and Fred usually meet, his dorm taking off your jacket still stressed from Hermione’s interrogation. You get shoved against the wall lightly, feeling his warm lips on yours. “Hi Freddie...” You giggle when he finally lets you go. “Hello darling...” He says while playing with your blouse buttons. “Woah woah woah… Where’s the work?” You ask, smiling goofily matching his smile and he moves over to show you his desk. You look at his papers which have close to chicken scratch writing all over it. He massages your hips standing behind you with his chin placed on your shoulder humming as he fights the urge to leave hickeys all over your neck.
“This problem is wrong.” You point out a few and he sighs. “Just the tie then? Or like halfway unbuttoned? Or cuddles?” He asks and you laugh nodding. “Fix the problems and we can cuddle.” You tell him and he nods turning faster than light to his papers. You watch as he bites his lip as he tries to correct them. He finally finishes and you nod smiling. “Perfect.” You tell him, kissing him quickly as you take off your shirt beneath his view. “What’s that for?” He asks, smiling. “You did finish your work. Just rewarding you.” You mumble going in for another kiss as you both lay down. As he wrapped his arms around you falling asleep quickly from his insane day of Quidditch you couldn’t help but remember how it all started.
I sit eating my favorite meal at the Gryffindor table laughing with my friends, Hermione, Ron, Harry, Lee, and Angelina. I’m in Lee and Angelina’s year but I never really made friends with anyone else in my year. Lee keeps trying to introduce me to the Weasley Twins every now and then but I either choke up last minute or get busy. The Weasley twins are the hottest people, and sadly the most troublesome, in our year. I can tell the two apart from a scar on Fred’s eyebrow but we’ve never truly met. I have classes with both but we haven’t talked. I’m the top of my year and I was always on time for class so me and them never really ran in the same circle. They rather prank and be wild. I love a good prank but I rather study.
I head to potions and the twins have already created havoc. The room was filled with a smoke and I realized it from the smell right away. I cover the bottom of my face with my sleeve running over to the cauldron which has a lot of already sleeping students next to it. I throw a lid on it and use a vacuuming spell to get rid of the leftover smoke quickly. I make a batch of the counter potion and put it in a spray bottle. I walk over to the first few students spraying it on them. I get to the end finally spraying the potion on Professor Snape. Everyone is awake and coughing. I go over to the culprits checking if they're ok. “Hi?” Fred says and I shush him checking for any lung harm. “That was dangerous.” I mumble and he nods rubbing his eyes. “George. George, wake up.” I say shaking the other twin. He pops his head up and looks at me quizzically. “H-How did you know who was who?” He asks, still groggy. “It's fairly obvious.” I mumble still in Healer Mode. “And who are you?” He asks as I move on to the next student. “Y/N L/N” I spit out and they nod. “I can handle this Y/N” Professor Snape instructs and I move so he can handle them.
“Now...” I say turning to the two boys. I slap their heads and they groan, rubbing their heads. “That was an idiotic thing to do. You are lucky I got here in time. If I didn’t that sleeping potion would make your lungs stop working and numbing your body. Let alone the others in the room. You better apologize and I will be writing to your mother.” I start to ramble but get cut off by Fred smirking. “You’re cute when you’re angry.” He says smiling and George nods. “Very kissable.” He agrees and I blush against my will. “Listen flattery won’t get you anywhere. Your mother Molly will be hearing of this.” I say and they whip their heads to see me. “Y-you know our mother?” George says now nervous. “Yes. I visit a lot you two are just too insane to notice.” I spit and they look at each other then me with their eyes squinted. “Oh my god- Y/N?! The no-boobs Y/N?! Well you certainly- Grew.” Fred says and I give him a death stare. “Sorry.” He mumbles and I nod.
I walk over to Snape and check his pulse and everything since he cannot do it himself. I nod curtly stepping away and he fixes his collar. “Good job Y/N/ 150 points to Y/H, 115 points from Gryffindor.” He reports and I nod going to my desk. Instead of my usual partner I get greeted by Fred who is smiling wildly. “Yes?” I ask and he shrugs. “I like this seat.” He explains and I nod.
We finish our class and Professor Snape calls me up. I walk over and he points at Fred. “He and George are falling behind. They have potential but waste their time doing pranks and jokes. Could you help Fred do work? I will give you extra credit. Me and his teachers think you and another girl are the best for the two. Top of your years of course.” He explains and I nod. “Yes sir. I will definitely get on that, no extra credit needed.” I say making him raise an eyebrow. “The joy of teaching of course.” I mumble and he nods questionably.
A few hours later I’m banging on Freds door. He opens the door only wearing sweats and I cover my face with papers. “Sorry. Thought you were my roommates.” He explains shyly grabbing a shirt off of the ground out of the millions of piles. I look around with my nose scrunched at the mess. “I always love getting that reaction. Helps the ego.” He says looking at the mess before him.
“Anyways...” I say and turn, giving him the books. “Read these. I have noticed your usual reading rate is around 160 pages per minute. But when you like the book it's 300. Try to meet me in the middle. I also noticed you dog ear pages. When you do that its bad for the book. Bookmark. Now what I think we will start off studying potions and finishing that workload. When you finish that we do transfiguration. Then some DADA homework. And-” I stop myself seeing him walk over to his bed reading a pranking magazine. “What are you doing?” I ask and he looks up at me. “Zonkos.” He points out showing me the magazine. “I know that… Why are you reading it?” I ask sitting down moving his legs. “Work.” I point out the books and he nods. “Read em all.” He explains. “What do you mean?” I ask and he laughs. “I read 'em. How do you think me and George make those potions? We know our shit, it's just the work we don’t bother doing.” He explains. I nod grabbing the magazine earning an upset groan. “How bout each workload you finish you get to read an article.” I propose and he groans getting up.
A few minutes later he’s finished and snatches the magazine from me grumpily. I smile reading the work. It's perfect. Some mistakes but it was only the hard stuff. I smile hugging him lightly and I back away quickly realizing I just hugged Fred Weasley. “Sorry.” We both say and chuckle. “Ok. Next piece of work.” I say and he groans, giving me the magazine. “This counts as slavery” He points out and I shake my head laughing. “I did want to say, your laugh is my favorite.” He says and I look at him confused. “Just because I didn’t remember you doesn’t mean I don’t notice you. You aren’t stuck up like most of the smart kids. I always liked that.” He tells me and I blush. “Just do your work you flirt.” I say blushing and he winks grabbing his quill. “Only flirt with the pretty ones.” He says and I blush more.
He finishes all his work after about two hours the whole time we joked around and laughed. I get up to leave but he stops me smiling. “Want to stay a little longer?” He asks and I kiss his cheek sweetly. “Gotta study myself.” I say and see he’s now blushing. “You studied this entire time.” He tells me and I laugh. “I have advanced classes, always gotta study.” I explain and he nods his smile only dropping a tiny bit. “Maybe later.” He says with a wink. I walk out blushing and sit next to Hermione who laughs at my state.
***Fred POV***
I walk over to Ron with George. We grab his collar from behind lifting him up and bringing him into a nearby storage closet as he yells. “WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!” He yells at us and we look at him annoyed. “OH GODRIC- MIONEEEE- L/N- SOMEONE BLOODY HELP ME THESE TWO ARE GOING TO HURT ME I KNOW THE LOOK!” He yells banging on the door. We grab his collar again earning a shriek. “CALM DOWN I JUST HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT Y/N YOU TWIT!” I yell over his screams and he looks at me confused. “Y/N? What about her? She came over last christmas.” He explains and we look at each other slapping each other’s arm. “Why the hell do we not remember?!” We ask each other and he shrugs. “Fred was snogging some girl and George was drunk and high.” He explains and we look at each other annoyed.
“So what are your questions?” He asks and we nod. “We need the insider information. The pretty girl that he’s been drooling over is actually Y/N. She’s tutoring Freddie Boy and he’s got a crush.” George explains and I blush hitting his arm. “Do not.” I say and he scoffs.
“Do too.”
“Do not!”
“Do too!”
We start shoving each other and Ron stops us. “What the hell do you want to know?!” He asks and I nod. “Stuff like her favorite flower, favorite food, favorite everything.” He asks and I nod. “Well- She likes Blue Irises, but she’s allergic. Her second favorite is roses, she loves when guys know the meaning behind them too. I remember you read up on them so go with that. She doesn’t have a favorite food but if you want to be alone with her she’s always in the library after dinner. Tell her you wanted some extra study time or something.” He explains and we look at him skeptically. “Why are you telling us this?” I ask and he opens the door a little and points at a table in the Great Hall. “Malfoy’s making moves on her. I much rather Fred than him.” He explains. I watch as she giggles with Malfoy smiling besides her. “He’s probably just trying to use her. She’s hot as hell and smart too.” Ron admits and we nod.
“Well that isn’t happening.” I say and conjure a bouquet of light pink, peach, and coral roses. I walk over to her table and hold them up for her. She looks at them putting a hand to her chest. “Oh my god Fred what are these?” She asks, smiling and I smile back warmly. “I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my school work.” I explain and she smells them smiling. “So the pink is for how sweet you are for helping me. Then the orange means appreciation because I really do appreciate it. And finally coral means friendship.” I say lying on the last part. She chuckles taking the coral one and smelling it. “Coral actually means desire but this was so sweet!” She says hugging me tightly. I smile at the short girl trying her best to wrap her arms around me and look at Malfoy as he sneers at me. “So Draco… As I said I’m now tutoring Fred, and have been for bout a week, so sadly I can’t tutor you. But maybe when his grades get up I’ll help with yours.” She explains and quickly kisses his cheek. I feel as if I just got a bludger to the chest and I keep my composure.
***Y/N’s POV**
I’m studying inside the library when I hear scuffling at the doors. I walk over to see Fred fighting Ron and George as they shove him into the library. I laugh quietly watching as they shove him inside. I can’t make out what they’re saying but they finally get him inside. They talk for a few seconds and Ron grabs his shoulders then slaps him a few times. He stands up nodding and they leave. He tries running out but they shove him back inside and I laugh a little louder. It gets his attention and he fights them harder making me feel a little upset. I walk over as he fights them and tap his shoulder. “If you’re afraid of me you can just say that.” I tell him and he looks down at me blushing. “N-no no no. I just don’t want to be studying but they’re forcing me.” He explains and I nod.
“Want to study with me? The library’s a little stuffy so I was just about to head to my dorm. If you’d like I would love it if you’d join me.” I ask shyly and he looks down at me smiling. “Well… Don’t want you to be lonely...” He says and I laugh holding my hand out. I drag him to my dorm sitting on my bed.
After some time of studying I catch myself looking up at him even though his back is turned to me he’s hypnotizing. I watch his strong arms move from one book to another or how he would lean his head back all the way. I rub my thighs together lightly as I try to take my mind off of it but I soon realize I have a mirror right in front of him. He spins around in his chair looking at me with a smirk. “Watcha doin?” He asks and I shrug acting innocent. He nods turning around chuckling.
A few days later I’m tutoring him in a classroom as he sits at the desk and he finally gets annoyed. He pushes all of his books on the ground getting my attention. I turn and see him walking up to me smiling flirtatiously. “I have been staring at your ass for way too long for that to be allowed.” He says and I blush furiously. “What?” I stutter and he grabs the side of my face kissing me. I give in to the kiss holding the back of his head and he slips his tongue past my lips. I moan lightly at this as he picks me up massaging my ass. He sets me on the desk when he finally retracts his head, placing his forehead to mine. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He whispers out of breath. I kiss him again and feel his hands start to undo my polo. I place my hand on his chest and he looks at me worried. “W-we shouldn’t be doing this...” I mumble and he kisses me lightly. “We don’t have to, but I do think we totally should.” He says and I chuckle. I kiss him again and pull away stopping myself. “Godric why do you have to be so hot?” I ask and he shrugs smiling.
“What if...” He starts. He walks over to his desk and taps it. “Each piece of work done. One article of clothing. Then you're still doing your job and we still get to have fun.” He proposes and I chuckle shyly. He picks me up from the front desk placing me on his with my legs on either side. “Well?” He asks again and I bite my lip. “We would be breaking the rules...” I mumble and he laughs as if I said the funniest joke ever. “Like I care. Now. One piece for one piece of clothing?” He asks and I finally give in nodding. He kisses my thigh and I feel it go all the way to my core.
He rubs my thigh absent-mindedly as he works on the paper. He finally gets the first one done and hands it to me as he unbuttons the polo I have on. I check it and place it behind me. “First one done.” I say as if my shirt wasn’t off and he wasn’t eyeing my chest. “One kiss?” He asks and I laugh kissing him. He starts kissing down my neck and I finally stop him, handing him the next piece of work. He gets that done quicker than ever and tries taking off my bra but I stop him. “Underwear last.” I tell him and he nods, kissing my thigh again sending shivers through my entire body. He helps me shimmy off my skirt and throws it on the ground. “Godric you are beautiful.” He mumbles looking at me with a hunger I’ve never seen before.
He finishes another assignment at record speed. “Are you sure darling?” He asks before taking off my bra. “Please.” I mumble and he nods taking it off. He keeps his eyes on my chest making my cheeks turn pink. “Darling… You are gorgeous.” He tells me, kissing me roughly. He massages my chest making me moan. He drags my hips to fall into his lap as I feel contact with my aching clit and his trousers I moan louder into his mouth. “I know darling..” He mumbles as he moves to my chest sucking on my nipple and massaging the other. “Freddie...” I moan as he leaves hickeys on my chest. I remember the work and almost don’t care but making him wait would add so much more fun.
I give it to him sitting back in my place and he groans hitting his head on the desk lightly. “You are murdering me here.” He mumbles and I chuckle massaging his head lightly. He picks it up, moving his work back on the desk. Every now and then he’d glance at my chest smirking and working harder. He finishes the homework, giving it to me and I read it over slowly. He finally grabs it viciously and slamming it behind me, making me jump. “Darling please take off those horrible panties before I cut them off.” He tells me and I nod quickly. I shuffle them off and he flicks his wand to silence and lock the room.
He tugs my hips to the edge of the desk kissing my inner thigh. He moves to right above where I want him to be kissing it and I whine lightly. “Aw darling… Would you like me to lick your pretty cunt clean?” He asks and I nod furiously as he finally licks all the way from my entrance to my clit and lightly swirls his tongue around it making me moan. He starts eating me out (is it obvious I don’t know how to word it-) and rubbing my clit as I moan his name over and over again. He pulled away right before I was about to come, leaving me to let out a whiney moan. He kisses me lighty and pulls away chuckling. “Sorry I just can’t take the trousers right now.” He mumbles softly. He gets up taking his clothes off and I watch biting my nails lightly.
He kisses me finally and I stop him before he sits down. “I-I’ve never. Ya know...” I mumble and he kisses me. “We don’t have to if you don’t want to.” He tells me and I shake my head. “No I just want to warn you...” I explain and he kisses me softly. “You sure?” He asks and I nod, biting my lip. He sits down and moves me slowly on him. It hurts at first but Fred’s kisses helped me and the pain turned quickly into pleasure. I nod and start moving when he gives me the go-ahead. I feel his hands guide my waist as I go up and down against his dick. He chuckles, kissing me, moving one of my hands that are clutched to his shoulder to my stomach, smirking. “Feel that? I shouldn’t even fit” He chuckles and I nod kissing him roughly. I feel him massage my ass with one hand still guiding me with the other. He moans my name, moving his head back. I feel myself get close as he keeps moving me sucking on my chest. “Freddie ‘m gonna come.” I mumble and he nods kissing my shoulder. “Go on. I want to see your cum spill on my lap.” He mumbles and I nod, continuously going up and down.
I moan out his name loudly when I finally come all over his dick and he lightly praises me. I keep going until I feel him cum inside me and I fall into his arms exhausted. “So… Do I get out of tutoring now?” He jokes and I laugh lightly. “I will not succumb to your seduction.” I mumble and he laughs. I feel his chest rise and fall violently from laughter and I just hum in ecstasy.
We get dressed and he stops me blushing lightly. “Is this… an only one time thing?” He asks and I laugh. “If you think you will take my virginity and it being a one time thing I will hex your cute ass.” I tell him and he smiles pulling me in for a long kiss. We sit down facing each other and I grab my notebook. “Whatcha doin?” He asks and I click my pen. “We need rules” I tell him and he nods.
“Ok so You follow the school rules, I follow yours. You don't, you don't fuck me for a week per rule broken got it?” I ask caressing his cheek as he melts into it smiling goofily. “Yes ma’am...” He mumbles and I write it down. “Let's also make the clothing=work. Not all the time, just when I’m tutoring you.” I tell him and he nods happily. We continue making rules while he rubs my wrist lovingly.
I get snapped back to reality as Fred is giving me a light backrub to soothe the tension from Hermione’s questioning. “Right there darling...” I mumble and he moves a little to go to where I was pointing. “What were you thinking about?” He asks and I nod as he tries his best to massage my back. I smile at the question and rub his hand. “When we got together four months ago.” I mumble and he chuckles. “That was a many blow and hand jobs ago.” He jokes and I slap his hand laughing. “Can’t believe they still haven’t found out! Like should we tell them already?!” I ask and he laughs shaking his head. “It's funny watching them prod and wonder.” He tells me. I hear the door rattle and George mumble a spell. I jump to the floor and roll underneath his bed quickly. Should I make a part 3 where they get caught? So sorry if its bad
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rhen-chan · 2 days ago
💝 Can I request hcs for George receiving a secret love letter from the reader?? Tyyyy <3
Yes, no problem!
💝George Receiving a Love Letter from the Reader💝
- Okay so basically it was Valentine’s day at Hogwarts
- You had written a nice letter for George expressing your feelings
- It was embarrassing for you, and made you very very nervous
- You have talked to him before and you would consider yourself friends, but not like that would make it any better
- So you’re standing awkwardly by the stairs of the boys dorm clutching the letter in your hands
- Fred comes over and goes “A love letter, oh ho, and who is this special someone?”
- You freak out a little and shush him
- But Fred already knows about your little crush on his twin, so he jauntily takes the letter from your hands and promises to deliver it ;)
- Fluffy ending: George reads it over and blushes under the words you’ve written
- Fred obviously gives him a confidence boost and nudges at him to confess himself
- George meets with you at the astronomy tower and asks if the letter was from you, which it obviously was
- You probably share a smooch or two <3
- As per usual: Fred popping out of nowhere going like “Took you long enough! ):0″
My event is closed now!
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rhen-chan · 2 days ago
Hey i'm new here and i just saw your account and i love it! So can have a headcannon where one or both of the Weasley twins are dating a black girl? I rarley see any represtation for us black girls. Thx!
Hi, and welcome thanks for liking my account! I feel like they’d have more or less the same experience so this could be whichever twin you’d like to imagine <3
💝Weasley Twin(s) Dating a Black Girl💝
- This goes for both twins: they don’t care what the colour of your skin is, they love you the same <3
- If someone dares to be racist/mean because of your skin- considered them pranked and *gone*
- Yes, it will probably land Fred/George in detention, but it’s worth it, and you don’t deserve to be treated like that
- If you’re insecure about what they think or what others think about you...- CONSTANT reassurance
- I can definitely see them enjoying playing with your hair (if you’re comfortable) 
- Head pats, or running their fingers along braids (if you decide to do braids), resting their head on top or in your hair while hugging you from behind
- I feel like during the holidays or in the summertime when you have time to hangout you’ll have like a huge cookout or feast with each other’s families
- Like once you invited him over to your house with your family and he had a taste of your family’s cooking (or yours if you make the food) and he was just blown away
- And then you went to the burrow and Mrs. Weasley made amazing food too
- So that gave the idea of a combined family dinner
- They’re happy to indulge in any specific aspects of your culture, they like experiencing new things!
- Fred and George are both curious beings so they are eager to learn whatever
- But overall, it’s just the best between both worlds uk? :)
My event is closed now!
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Y/n and Fred flirting-
Warning: Cursing and sexual innuendos (also still writing the part two just thought this was funny)
Fred: Go fuck yourself
Y/n: Fuck me yourself coward.
Fred: Big bet
Y/n: W-who taught you that
Fred: *picking Y/n up* Don't ruin the moment
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𝙰𝚗𝚍 𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚔𝚒𝚍𝚜 𝚌𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚍 𝚘𝚞𝚝…
All rights go to @forever_in_hp_fandom on TikTok
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