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#fred weasley x reader
zaidlynsblog · 27 minutes ago
You are now officially Mrs.Weasley. You kept the promise you made with Fred. You couldn't be happier. I mean your married and you're also pregnant.
"so what are we going to name the baby hun?" your husband asks as he leans over and rubs your growing stomach
"Fred let's name him Fred. Georgie " you answered George question which causes George to smile sweetly at you
"that would be a lovely name y/n"
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packmentalityx · 29 minutes ago
Late Morning Lattes
pairing • fred weasley x reader
prompts • coffee shop, “I missed something, didn’t I?”
warnings • it mostly just fluff
word count • 1k
a/n • just let me lead you on for a moment. I could have made it longer but I think it’s sweet this way.
Tumblr media
The summer months had been much kinder to Y/n than she thought they would be. She spent most of her days exploring. Enjoying the fleeting moments of freedom before she’d have to start a career. Her parents were kind enough to pay her way as she did so. In return she often found herself keeping an eye on her younger brother when she was home.
He was starting his second year at Hogwarts, still soaking in the magical place. Umbridge had put a damper on his first impression but he was determined to make the second one worthwhile. Because of this, he never failed to drag his sister to the Weasley’s shop almost every chance he got. Y/n would be lying if she said she hated it though. Afterall, the place was impressive to say the least. That and she got to see Fred.
When they walked in Fred was always quick to approach, ready to gush about any new products. As soon as her brother would wander off Weasley would flirt shamelessly just to catch her blushing. It never failed. Despite his confidence, it took him a while to work up the nerve to ask her out. Fred almost pinched himself when she said yes, sure it was a dream. The pair had been friends throughout the years but nothing had ever happened. Fred always knew she was serious about academics which he admired. Yet that was exactly why he never pursued her, sure that she’d brush him off.
The following morning Y/n rushed to the tiny coffee shop in Diagon Alley. She couldn’t seem to wipe the grin off her face as she walked through the crowded street. The tiny bell above the door gave her away as she stepped inside.
Fred stood from his spot almost instantly, nearly knocking his chair over. The commotion drew a few pairs of eyes but he failed to notice. “Good morning!” He beamed, straightening out the fabric of his button up as she joined him.
“Morning!” Y/n mused, slipping into his arms for a brief hug. Her skin tingling from such a simple touch.
A thousand thoughts seemed to railroad their way through his mind as he soaked her in. Like the way her hair fell so effortlessly on her shoulders. Or how innocent her pastel sundress seemed yet, it clung to her body in all the right places.
“Go ahead and sit, I’ll go order. What’s your pick?” Fred asked, pulling her chair out for her.
She tucked her dress as she sat, a small hum leaving her lips. “A small chai latte, and uh- a blueberry muffin.” She answered, flashing him a thankful smile. He offered her a small nod and left her.
Y/n watched as he stood in line with his hands tucked in the pockets of his slacks. She pondered to herself if he knew how good he looked even when he wasn’t trying, surely he had to. His sleeves were rolled carefully to reveal his muscular forearms. Even his hair was quaffed in a perfect mess. Every bit of him fit together to make such a beautiful man before her.
A blush rushed across her face as he glanced over at her with a wink. She quickly looked down at her hands, squirming in her seat. After a few moments he sauntered back to her with their drinks. As he sat them down he noticed a pause in her reaction. “I missed something, didn’t I?” He asked with a chuckle.
“Muffin.” They both spoke in unison as realization hit him. The two laughed at the jinx and he rushed back to get it. In a matter of seconds he was back, sitting it carefully in front of her. “Thank you, Freddie.” Y/n said sheepishly, earning a classic grin from the twin in response.
It was a name many had used for him yet it felt even more special hearing it fall from her lips. “Of course, Love. How is it?” Fred asked. He watched her with genuine interest as she took a bite.
“Delicious.” She noted. Y/n broke a piece from the opposite side for him which he gladly accepted. A small moan left him as he tasted it. Again, messing with her sanity without even noticing. She simply chuckled and shook her head.
Fred sat back in his chair with an exaggerated look of confusion. “What!? What did I do?” He exclaimed, with a chuckle.
Y/n sat up straight in response to the question. She dragged her cup to her lips and sipped slowly through a smile. “Nothing.” She settled, not ready to reveal the truth.
He raised his brows and waited, knowing she’d break. She squinted her eyes challengingly at him before giggling. “I don’t know. You just.. you make me nervous.” She admitted with a soft sigh.
“Good.” Fred grinned, leaning forward onto his elbows. “That means we’re even then.” He continued.
Y/n knitted her brows together. “Wait, you mean I make The Fred Weasley nervous?” She asked. A feeling of pride washed over her and apparently it was fairly noticeable.
Fred chucked a crumb at her playfully. “Don’t go around telling people. I have a reputation to protect.” He warned jokingingly.
From then on out the conversation seemed to roll effortlessly. Y/n spoke about her travels which seemed to enamor Fred. He gushed about the likelihood of opening a new store soon. They bonded over their sibling’s quirks and the oddities of their respective families. Even a few competitive arguments about the changes on the quidditch teams.
Hours had passed without their knowledge, smiles never leaving each other’s faces. Once the pair resurfaced in reality, a wave of sadness washed over Y/n. There wasn’t enough time in the day to spend with someone like him. He was everything she had hoped.
Fred was quick to ask for a second date, their first one barely over. He was convinced she was gonna be a love worth fighting for. Nothing excited him more.
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Okay but having morning sex with fred under the covers where you both lay on your sides and someone comes in and bc it looks casual like you guys are just cuddling the bastard doesn't pull out and act like nothing happens and has normal conversation with the other person
Alright, no because I've literally thought about this so many times 😩🥵
He'd be so teasing about it too because he thinks you looked cute when you're flustered.
He'd actively engage the person in conversation just to make you squirm and have to try act like everything's totally fine.
He'll shift occasionally just to "make himself more comfortable" when really it's all just to keep teasing you with his cock.
Just as you think you're getting used to the position of him inside you he switches it up and you have to lay there trying desperately not to moan or gasp or let on that anything's wrong.
Can't help but imagine him fully inviting this person to sit down while they talk to keep the conversation going. He's smiling to himself because this whole thing is just hilarious to him.
He thrusts into you a little pointedly at one moment and a gasp involuntarily rips from your throat drawing attention to you.
"You okay, Y/n?" The person asks.
You're unable to speak without fear of moaning or letting on that something's happening below the covers. Fred meanwhile is totally nonchalant. He brushes some hair out of your face with feigned sincerity.
You're nodding and biting your lip in a discontent way. "You don't look okay..."
"Oh, they're alright...just woke up a bit sore today, didn't you sweetheart." Fred speaks, kissing your temple and running comforting hands up and down your sides, to the other person in the room the guesture is endearing but you know he's mocking you.
You decide to give him a taste of his own medicine. Pushing back against him to "get comfortable." Intentionally clenching around him.
Earning low groans that are just loud enough for you to hear. Watching as his jaw tenses and he pushes his head back against the headboard/pillow. Whispering "Stop." In your ear warningly.
When the other person finally leaves I guarantee he bursts out laughing. Looking at you with pure mischievous in his eyes.
If you'd been teasing him he is absolutely about to teach you a lesson. But if you sat through it he'd definitely reward you with soft [probably a little goofy] sex with extra praise; telling you how good you were for him.
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X marks the spot, where we fell apart {F.W.} Pairing: Fred Weasley x reader genre: this fic doesn't really have a genre but maybe humour word count: 1.1k Trope: friends to enemies (implied) warnings: none, mentions of paralysing, one or two swear words, written in 3rd person Summary: This is a sort of spy au where the reader interuppts Fred's mission.
submitted by @rippahwrites
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sapphirepixiesworld · 5 hours ago
if you don't want minors reading your smut that is completely fine and totally understandable and i respect that.
however if you don't want minors to read your smut, don't write smut about minors. don't have it set at hogwarts. age them up. make it after hogwarts.
don't tag your smuts as 18+ if the characters arent even 18. because the reality is if youre writing about minors, minors will read it.
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So there was this fanfic where one of the weasleys(can’t remember which either Charlie or Fred or George) i believe it’s George and it’s Christmas at the burrow and molly knits a baby sweater for bills wife and it ends up in the readers hands and she opens and goes how did u know and then everyone goes in shock and they let reader keep it because it has dragons on it. Can someone let me know what it is
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thestarssalign · 6 hours ago
request and rules
Tumblr media
here are my rules before you make a request, i'm very open to most but there are some things i have some conditions for, happy requesting!
requests: open
NO pedophilia, rape, incest, pet play, urophilia (piss kink), dub-con, yandere, scat
i have other projects outside of requests, so there may be times I won't be able to fulfill yours. there is no timeline on when the request will be fulfilled
only accept character x reader, and with that no OCs, it's hard to squeeze in all the fine details
will write in poly relationships (ex. poly!stucky, poly!marauders, poly!wolfstar)
please state your character(s), the readers referred pronouns, and your idea explained as best as possible, if you want an NSFW/SFW
if you do request smut, I'm very open to BDSM and kinks (must be 18+ to request smut)
please don't repeatedly comment 'part 2', I will state if I want to continue that fic
if you become a frequent anon, if you want, you can sign with an emoji
will accept headcannons, blurbs, fics, some series, AUs
character list:
pietro maximoff
steve rogers
bucky barnes
peter parker
loki laufeyson
golden trio:
fred weasley
george weasley
draco malfoy
lorenzo berkshire
mattheo riddle
theodore nott
james potter
remus lupin
sirius black
regulus black
timothée chalamet
chris evans
sebastian stan
harry styles
dew starkey
outer banks:
jj maybank
rafe cameron
peaky blinders:
finn shelby
tommy shelby
arthur shelby
john shelby
michael gray
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onlyfreds · 7 hours ago
Pretend | F.W.
Tumblr media
Title: Pretend
Requested: Yes/No
Summary: When Cormac won’t stop bothering Y/N, Fred comes to her rescue.
A/N: This is for “Day 3” of @theweasleyslut’s 2k writing challenge with the trope: fake dating and the prompt: “did you know that you talk in your sleep?”
“Cormac! How many times have I told you to leave me alone?!” I said, walking away as fast as I could from the boisterous and obnoxious Gryffindor.
“Come on L/N!” He said, standing in front of me, trying to block my path, “I know you find me irresistible.”
I rolled my eyes as I tried to swerve away from him, “No. I don’t. I actually find you very resistible.”
He suddenly grabbed my wrist, “We both know that’s not true. So, stop playing hard to get.”
I tried to pry my wrist from his grasp, but it was too strong, “Cormac! I’m not interested so can you just please let me go!”
A force suddenly pushed Cormac back, causing him to let go of my wrist as a voice said, “Didn’t you hear her mate? She told you to let go!”
I turned to see my best friend (and long time crush), Fred Weasley, my savior.
His jaw was clenched, his hands were balling into fists. His glare shot fire at Cormac. Fred looked like he was ready to take him down in a fight.
Cormac shot a glare at Fred, which looked quite funny since he was a lot shorter than Fred, “What do you think you’re playing at? This is none of your business!”
Fred towered over him, “This is exactly my business!” He said as he rested his arm around my shoulders, “Especially if you’re harassing my girl.”
Cormac’s eyes widened in shock as he slowly backed away, “S-sorry mate. I didn’t know.”
Once Cormac was gone, Fred and I started to make our way to the common room.
“Thank you.” I said, “For coming to my rescue.”
He chuckled, keeping his arm around me, “Of course. Anything for the princess.”
I smiled, “So, my girl huh?”
He shrugged, “Just thought that if that git thinks you had a boyfriend, then he’d stop. How long has he been doing that anyway?”
“About a couple of weeks.” I said.
“Blimey Y/N!” He said, “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”
I gave him a small smile, “I thought that I could handle it. Didn’t know that he’d get that bad.”
I saw his eyes sparkle at an idea, “I’m listening.”
He started to explain, “So, if Cormac thinks that I’m your boyfriend, then he’ll stop bothering you. We just have to keep up the act long enough until he completely forgets about you and finds someone new to bother.”
I nodded, “That sounds like a great idea. So, when do we start?”
Fred pressed a kiss to my cheek, “Why don’t we start now?” He said, nodding towards the direction where Cormac was glaring daggers at Fred and I.
“Good morning guys!” I greeted as I sat down in between the twins.
It had been two months ever since Fred and I first made arrangements to fake date. And things were running as smoothly as they can be.
“Good morning sweetheart.” Fred greeted with a kiss before handing me a small bouquet of y/f/f.
“Freddie,” I said with a small smile, “Thank you. But, you didn’t need to do this.”
He grinned, “But, I wanted to. Don’t worry about it.”
We had agreed not to tell anyone about the fact that we were fake dating because news and gossip traveled around Hogwarts faster than the Firebolt. So, everyone thought that we were genuinely dating. They had said, and I quote, “It was about time.”
Truth be told, I never want this “arrangement” to end. Because, I know in my heart that I’ll never be able to have Fred as my boyfriend. Fake dating him was the closest thing I could get to that.
“Something going on in that pretty head of yours love?” Fred asked, keeping his arm around me as we walked along the courtyard.
“Nothing important.” I reassured him.
“Do you think Cormac has already gotten over me?” I asked.
He hesitantly nodded, “Yeah. He barely even looks at you anymore.”
“So, should we-“
“But.” He cut me off, “We should keep this up for a week or two. Just to make sure.”
Both of us were hanging out in the common room, it was half past 12. I was finishing up an essay for Transfiguration. And Fred was, well, soundly sleeping beside me.
I was on my closing paragraph when Fred started to talk in his sleep.
“Y/N, sweetheart.” He seemed to be pleading, “Please don’t leave me. I love you. I really do. I’ve loved you ever since we were kids. Please, I’m begging you. I’d do anything for you. I’d do everything for you. I don’t want to keep pretending anymore. I want what we have right now to be real. Please don’t leave me.”
I shook his shoulder gently, “Freddie. Freddie. Wake up! You’re having a nightmare.”
Fred’s eyes opened as he shot up from his relaxed position, his breathing quite fast.
“You were having a nightmare.” I said, “Are you okay?”
He nodded, catching his breath, “Yeah. I’m fine.”
“Oh, and did you know that you talk in your sleep?” I added.
He suddenly turned pale, “W-what did I say?”
I shrugged, “That you loved me ever since we were kids and you didn’t want me to leave you. But, I’m pretty sure that’s not true and you may be talking about someone else and-“
I was suddenly interrupted when he crashed our lips together, causing the parchment in my lap to fall onto the floor, forgotten.
Fred cupped my face in his hands, “All of it was true. I never loved someone as much as I loved you. So, can we stop fake dating and date for real?” He asked.
I smiled, “I would love that.”
@lumosandnoxwriting @gostupid-godumb @famdomhideout @nova-darling @gaycatlord-stuff @pandaxnienke @escapingrealitybyreading @catching-the-train-to-hogwarts ​ @lunylovelovegood @thefallengodesse (Send a Message/Ask or fill out my taglist form if you want to be added!)
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comfortwriting · 9 hours ago
hey! So I'm a big fan of your writing style, could you tag me in your Fred Weasley fictions? Thank youuuuu
Thank you so much🥺💕 of course! You’re added! Thank you for supporting my work, it means the world to me.
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I have the worst writers block at the moment ugh
But for anyone wondering about the Mafia!James one shot (this one)
I’ll probably write 1-2 more parts and I plan on making it a series so
And the golden trio era too :)
All of them will probably be arranged marriage aus too
Let me know if you like this idea and if you have any specific requests I hope I’ll get through this block soon and post the other parts in the next days sorry for the inconvenience my loves 💗
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queen-asteria04 · 11 hours ago
I Just Wanted to Live a Little
Pairing: George Weasley x fem!reader, Fred Weasley x Sister-in-law!fem!reader
Summary: The war was ruthless, death doesn't care. It takes, and it takes, and it takes. George didn’t know if he would be okay ever again.
Trigger Warnings: Major character death, mentions of being married, mentions of being pregnant, this is a real tear-jerker.
A/N: Hello loves, this was such a hard, but amazing write. :) thank you @untowardflower for revising! And also thank you @simpology for letting me write this!! Please go check out my besties page!!
Your love was replaceable. Though that thought hurt, it was completely true. So when you saw Fred staring wide-eyed at the rubble about to fall and kill him, there wasn’t a second thought. You turned from your current duel with some death eater and pushed Fred out of the way. However Fred was horrified, because he knew you wouldn’t make it. There was no way. He could only stand and watch as it fell upon you. Your pained face. He was losing a sister, and George was losing a fiancé. 
George could live without you. You were simply an addition to his life, but Fred? He couldn’t live without Fred, there in fact was never a day where they were not around each other. Sure sometimes they would fight with each other, or they just couldn’t stand each other. But at the end of the day they loved each other, there was almost nothing that could sever that bond. But you and George, well he had lived a life before you. And you were sure he could again.
Finishing off the death eater that was eyeing you and him he saddled up to your side as the tears began to build up in his eyes.
“Y/N! Why would you do that…. You are so stupid.” he whimpered out over your already weakening figure.
“Because he can’t live without you Freddie.” you looked into his eyes.
“He can’t live without you, I mean he asked you to marry him for Merlin’s sake!”
“We both know that’s not true.” you reach out your unpinned hand weakly latching on to his. “Fred, I need you to tell George something for-”
“No you are gonna do it yourself, I am gonna get you out of this.” he said with a panicked face beginning to pull rocks off of you, some too big or heavy to move.
“I will” his voice came out barely there, he almost sounded like you. 
“Fred.” He turned back to you. “Fred, I need you to tell Georgie that I am not afraid to die, just wish I could live a little first. And your gonna tell him that he should move on, I don’t want him to stay stuck on me forever alright?” He sits there taking in your words. “Answer me Fredrick, I have to know you are gonna do this.”
“Y/N?” George had asked you in the library one evening. You had been studying and he wanted to start a conversation, though he knew who you were. He played dumb.
Knowing you held on long enough to get your message across, you let yourself let go. Simply smiling at the boy you were happy to call your brother.
“I love you Fred, take care of him for me.” 
“George she’s gone.” George rushed over grabbing Fred by his collar holding him up. 
“Yes?” You answered him quietly.
“Y/N?” George had now asked 5 years later, this time to his brother. Fred had come up to the one eared boy staring at him with so much pain in his eyes.
“Yes,” he replied quietly.
“No, no you must have got it wrong. She can’t be gone, I was going to marry her. She isn’t gone.”
“YOU’RE LYING! SHE ISN’T GONE!! DON’T LIE TO MY FRED THIS-” choking back a sob he let go and fell to the ground. Fred slides down in front of him holding him together. He then let out a scream so excruciating that the kindest sweetest hearts shattered. And even the coldest of hearts broke. 
His only love, the single person he didn’t want to live without was gone. And he couldn’t undo it. There was no way to bring you back, he couldn’t say I love you one last time. All the chances were taken from him, you would never bear his kid, you and him would never officially get married. There was no way for you to grow old together, you were so young. Now your story would be told, but not together.  Molly came waddling over holding onto Ginny. Soon enough George was enveloped in a Weasley cave. No one knew what it felt like. There were no words, simply the reassurance that no matter what they would be there.
**** **** **** **** **** ****
“Because when I open my eyes this will all turn out to be a dream and I'll lose you again.” 
There you were sitting on the porch stairs watching the sun rise while holding a steaming cup of coffee. Something George never understood. He thought you looked gorgeous all wrapped up in his old Quidditch sweater with the slightest bit of sunlight shining over your face and bare legs. He was never one to shy away from telling you how gorgeous you are. But right now he didn’t think he could form words, you looked absolutely ethereal.
“You look stunning.” his deep gruffly voice interrupted your thoughts. Simply smiling at him you extend a hand. Taking it he comes to sit next to you and kisses your knuckles lightly. Resting your head on his shoulder, you take in life.
“I never thought I could have this. There is something so… surreal about this life I have with you.” He pressed his lips to the top of your head.
“I wish we had this.” you sighed, smiling. He shook his head agreeing, but then he picked up what you said fully.
“What do you mean ‘I wish’? We do have this. Right here right now.” He said placing his hand over your swollen stomach.
“Georgie, you know that’s not true.” You smiled at him sweetly “I’m not here anymore, remember?”
He let his mind run in circles thinking for possible explanations, until his mind landed on one. But he didn’t want it to be true, so it wasn’t and it never happened. Ignoring your comment he pulled you up walking back in the house.
“Get dressed my love, I want to take you somewhere.” He smiled before pulling you into a sweet kiss. You and George had lived in a small cottage not far from the burrow, but still far enough. George was dressed in a pair of some linen pants you had bought him and a loose button up shirt. While you were dressed in a flowy yellow sundress that hugged you in the most perfect ways, showing off your stomach.
“Let's go darling.” He had led you out to a beautiful lake not far from your home. Laying out the blanket under a big beautiful tree he set out your brunch. He had spent a good amount of the time reading from The Tales of Beedle and Bard while you laid against his chest.
“Oh Georgie, can we go over there to the gazebo?”
Helping you up, you both walked over and pulled out the muggle invention Hermione gave him a while back. A cell phone, which he hadn’t figured out much, and put on some slower music. Turning back to you with a smirk he wrapped you in his arms and began dancing slowly, taking in every minute.
“I love you Georgie.” you whisper, kissing his chest before pulling back slightly. “But it’s time to go darling.”
“No I don’t want to.” he huffed defiantly. His stubbornness was something you loved so deeply about him.
“Honey please, they all need you. Why won’t you go back?” he looked down at you with a pained face. 
And that’s how he wakes up, with his hand over his heart and tears in his eyes.
“Oh honey, I know. I’m so sorry but you have to go. I know it’ll hurt but with time it will get better. Okay?” You said trying to pull away but he held on tighter.
“Can we- can we just stay here for a bit longer? Please?” His voice was coming out shattered and hurt, the tears fell upon your face.
“A moment longer my love.” you resumed laying your head on his chest
“I love you Y/N, and I wish I had the chance to tell you that one last time. I wish I could tell you everything and I just.. I don’t know how to live without you.”
Taglist: @el-imaskingforyourlefthand  @aspensworlds 
“You don’t really have to. I will always be right here.” You put your hand over his heart. 
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kuroosmikasavolleyball · 14 hours ago
Like A Disney Movie But Awkward
(n) the color of the sky when the sun is setting; a certain afterglow.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Tumblr media
| previous | masterlist |
a/n: there have been so many delays(I’m so sorry), but this is the final part! I hope you enjoyed this series. It’s kinda wonky because it’s my first one but in the future, it’ll def get better. Let me know what pairing you want to see next!
Part 5 summary: (Y/N) can’t get the sunset or Cedric out of her head, so she asks him to go watch the sunset with her. Totally just like friends, right? After falling(literally) in love and a bit of advice from the twins, (Y/N) has everything she needs to confess. But will she? (I mean no shit it’s a happy ending)
pairing: cedric x fem!reader (in ravenclaw)
genre: fluff
warnings: none
word count: 1.1k
The excitement that was brought along with the weekend and the quidditch games was gone when Monday struck through. Most teachers were understanding enough on Friday to lessen the workload, but Snape still assigned a 6-inch paragraph on Golpallot’s Third Law. The twins laughed at (Y/N) when they heard what homework Snape gave since they weren’t in Potions class anymore.
Cedric announced, well actually, scratch that. Cedric told the twins and (Y/N) that he was going to enter the Triwizard Tournament; Fred and George announced it to basically the entirety of Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.
“Maybe I should’ve kept it a secret until I actually entered.”
Cedric whispered to (Y/N), who was currently by the pond with the three boys.
“I think I would’ve been offended if you didn’t tell me.”
“Duly noted. Now, what are we supposed to do for Charms again?”
Chuckles rose and (Y/N) leaned over to check Cedric’s textbook.
“Since it’s water we’re handling, we need to research and take notes on a way to breathe in water.”
Fred’s head suddenly popped up from the draft advertisement for Weasley’s Wizardly Wheezes(3W), “That sounds cool, no? Breathing under water. I reckon we’ll have sprouted tails and gills if I try that spell. Do tell though; how do you cast the spell?”
Cedric laughed, “It sounds like you’re going to test that spell no matter what the consequences. I think there’s one about some sort of weed you have to eat, and maybe you can do transfiguration on yourself, or..”
The rest of the afternoon was spent on doing work and lazing around. (Y/N) had an idea about seeing the sunset again now that she fell in love with it. It was addicting.
(Y/N) tiptoed behind Cedric after spotting him outside near the courtyard. She quietly reached for his arms and suddenly shook him in hopes of scaring him. It worked, sort of..he turned around and jumped simultaneously, tripping over (Y/N) and landing on the floor, grasping her to prevent too much damage.
They both groaned as the pain shot through their backs, Cedric quickly scrambling off of (Y/N) to avoid her seeing his blush getting crushed by him.
“Ugh..remind me to never scare you again.”
They both laid on the grass, no energy to get up from the slightly too close situation they were in.
“Anyways..are you free tonight?”
Cedric cocked his head, turning to look at (Y/N) to see her already gazing at him.
“Um..except the fact that we have classes tomorrow and should probably sleep early, yeah I’m free. What do you have in mind?”
“I was wondering if you wanted to see the sunset… with me. I saw a glimpse yesterday during the game and I think I have a good spot to see the view. You up for it?”
“..Definitely. The sunsets near the quidditch pitch are one of a kind.”
“I know right?! Bring your broomstick.”
After finishing all her work and rushing out the Ravenclaw room when Kimball told her to use protection, she bumped into George and Fred.
“Woah, where are you going so quick?”
George dramatically pretended to faint. “Are you..sneaking out? Freddie, catch me. We’ve finally turned little Ms. Follow The Rules; I couldn’t be more proud.”
(Y/N) rolled her eyes playfully. “I might be..what’s it to you?”
“Ok defensive queen. We can’t find Diggory anywhere and we were about to ask you, but I think I know why he’s missing now. You guys finally confessed??”
Why is it so easy for her face to heat up?
“Oh, god no. We’re just going to see the sunset.”
“Then I guess you wouldn’t mind if we joined you both, right?” Fred snickered.
“No! ..I mean.. ugh fine, you guys win. I want to tell him...”
“Aw look, she’s in love. Don’t worry, pretty boy is hooked on you.”
“Shush..I have to go…thanks.”
She zoomed past, thankful to get away from the boys towering over her intimidatingly. After a quick stop to the quidditch locker room, she met Cedric and they snuck out of the exit near the gardens.
“Where are we going?”
“Just follow me.”
Out of instinct, (Y/N) grabbed Cedric’s hand and pulled him towards the field. She mounted her broom and told Cedric to do the same. They flew to a hilltop not too far from the quidditch stands and heard chuckles behind her when Cedric found out what she was planning.
“Here’s the lucky spot; I think it’s high enough to see the sunset clearly.”
The sky had already become a mixture of the most compassionate shades of orange and blue. Cedric produced a blanket that was magically folded in his pocket and they sat, conscious of the closeness.
“It’s so ethereal… and weirdly calming.”
Cedric wanted to say that (Y/N) is way more ethereal and calming, but he kept it to himself.
The sun touched the horizon and started sinking into a sea of warm tones. Cedric glanced towards (Y/N), seeing the beauty in front of them as a reflection in her eyes. He wanted to tell her, so badly. But the fear of messing up everything held him back until his thoughts vanished when she turned her head towards him too.
“I’m cold.” (Y/N) grumped with a slight smile.
Cedric’s arms had an irreplaceable feeling to them and (Y/N) wished time would stop. She did have feelings for him anyways…
“Hey I have to tell you something.”
“Go ahead.”
“(Y/N)..I’ve wanted to tell you..but I don’t really know how to.”
“Can I say it first?”
“Wait what??”
“Wait, were you not going to say..oh my god did I misunderstand..shoot I- “
Frantic speeches were then cut off by a soft touch of lips. A simple warmth spread through both their bodies immediately into a rapid fire of feelings.
Cedric pulled away.
“So you were thinking the same thing as me.”
They both laughed as their cheeks heated up and they looked at the sky again. The sun has now almost completely disappeared into the dark abyss of mountains.
(Y/N) broke the silence. “You know, I thought of you during the game..and a lot of other times. *chuckles* Because the sunset kept coming up in my mind, and I remembered when you told me a word for this..view.”
“Is that why you wanted to come up here? I just thought you wanted a bigger gesture to say something..I’m just glad I had the same words in mind.”
“I like you. A lot. Sorry, I just wanted to say it.”
“I like you too. Way more than I thought earlier because I was scared, but now..yeah.”
(Y/N) grinned and a mutual understanding passed through their eyes; before wasting another second, they kissed again. Slowly and gently, as the sky turned darker.
Cedric whispered against her lips. “You’re my abendrot.”
| previous | masterlist |
extra a/n: lol this was so much like a disney movie ending pls- I’m going to start writing angst,,,
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frecklesandfirecrackers · 21 hours ago
In Dreams I Hold You
a/n: this is... a drabble? I guess? I wrote this as a sirius piece but its completely neutral. angsty ig, the concept is that he is watching y/n as she sleeps after they hooked up because he knows it’s just a one time thing but (gasp!) they are secretly in love with her
Tumblr media
fem! reader, <1k words
He watches the gentle rise and fall of her chest, admiring the blooming purple marks perched upon her collarbone. Her pillowy lips are slightly parted, soft breaths escaping every now and then. They are still slightly swollen, tinted a gentle cherry red from the feverish kisses they had shared mere hours before. He represses the urge to reach out and trace the curve of her nose, to caress her cheek. Wishes he could kiss up her jaw, trace the curve of it with his tongue. Instead, he focuses his attention on the way her dark eyelashes rest upon her cheekbones, fluttering every so often as she stirs gently in her sleep. shes got makeup smudged around her eyes, and it makes him smile briefly, before the dull aching thud of his chest returns as he remembers that she will no longer be here when he wakes up. That he will likely never wake up to her at all. She isn’t his, not really - she had been for a night, and the night was passed, and he was once more empty handed. He grips the sheets to repress his urger, hand curling into the sheets, knuckles turning white. He sighs, forcing his eyes away from her to look up at the ceiling. Squeezes his eyes shut, hoping it will relieve some of the pain, the dread, the regret. But it doesn’t.
He is angry, inwardly, for letting himself get in this position, for actively hurting himself like this. But when she looked so pretty, and was so willing, and all his dreams were at the brink of coming true, ha hadn’t the willpower to stop it. He had gotten to kiss her, hold her, touch her, watch as she came undone beneath him, completely at his mercy. For a second, he let himself imagine forever with her, how shed look in the morning, and the way her giggles echo in the late night. He should’ve kicked her out, told her it would be better to go. But he couldn’t bring himself to. Not when all he had wanted for the better part of two years was to have her in his bed. At his side. As his.
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rainydayathogwarts · a day ago
Second person p.o.v Warnings: Um well I think the title kind of gives it away Characters are: Harry, Ron, Oliver, Cedric, James, Percy and Seamus. The wattpad world hasn't seen the seamus one and it's probably the best one. Tell me if you want other characters, or one with the girls😌
Tumblr media
Harry: You hadn't realised that you had done anything wrong. Everyone was sat having dinner in the Great Hall when you made eye contact with Harry. You winked at him, and turned back to face your friends.
You smirked, remembering how things got a little bit heated in an empty classroom before your last class. You bit your lip and shook the thought out of your head. You risked another glance at Harry's seat only to find him rushing out of it and speed-walking out of the Hall. Your eyes widened and you stood up to follow your boyfriend, worry bubbling in your chest.
"Harry!" You called out, breaking into a run when you spotted him. He abruptly stopped in his tracks, turning around to face you. He visibly sighed in relief. "Are you-" You cut yourself off when you saw an evident tent in your boyfriend's trousers.
He tugged at his trousers uncomfortably, taking one of your hands and dragging you down the hallways. "I sure hope Ron didn't cause that." You joked. "Ha ha, very funny. Somehow, it was actually you who caused this, and now since you're here, might as well fix it, don't you think?"
You gulped and nodded quickly, gasping when Harry pushed you into the nearest broom closet and ordered "On your knees, princess."
Ron: Staying at the Burrow with Ron and his family at the end of the summers became a normal thing. You all were going into your sixth year now and you and Ron had been together for just over a year. You both had done some stuff but never actually gone all the way and done the deed. Of course, with your horny excuse of a boyfriend, you assumed that it wouldn't be long until you did.
The lot of you had just finished dinner. Bill and Fleur had joined you and were currently helping helping Mrs. Weasley tidy up the tables from the garden. You walked into the Burrow, grinning when you saw Ron sprawled out on one of the armchairs with his eyes closed.
You pranced over to him, plopping down on his laps. He opened his eyes, lazily smiling at you. You wiggled a little bit to make yourself comfortable but were stopped by one of his strong arms. "Baby, no." You furrowed your eyebrows, turning to look a his face properly and give him a confused glance but he put his hands on your hips, stopping you from doing so.
"Ron wh-" You gasped, unable to finish your sentence when you felt what was most definitely a growing hard-on in between your thighs.
Right at that moment, the twins, Bill and Fleur joined the two of you in the living room.  Ron was only becoming harder under you and you adjusted yourself once more, making him suck in a sharp breath. Ginny stepped out of the kitchen with Hermione by her side, both of them heading back outside. "You coming (Y/N)?"
"I-" "No!" Ron interrupted. That earned him weird looks from his family members. "He's just jealous that I've been spending much time with you guys is all." You lied swiftly. You felt Ron stiffly nodding his head from behind you. You could only imagine how red his face was.
You looked down at your hands, a blush creeping onto your own cheeks. Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Bill smirking. You scratched the back of your neck nervously, hoping to change the topic of conversation but alas.
You heard  loud wolf-whistle coming from George as Fred let out a yell. "Boner! Ronniekins has a boner!" You felt all the blood rushing to your head as Ron dug his face in between your shoulder blades. Bill finally broke, letting out a loud laugh that he failed miserably at hiding. "In my defense-" You squeaked as Harry came into view and Fleur tried hiding a smile "I-I didn't mean to?"
Oliver: You stood in the Gryffindor changing rooms with your arms crossed on your chest. You leaned on the wall with a small smile on your face as you listened to Oliver give his team a motivational speech.
Usually you'd also be needed on the pitch, but because of a shoulder injury, your healer told you not to play Quidditch for the school year. It was unfortunate, it really was, especially since it was your last year at Hogwarts and you wanted to win the Cup for your House team.
As Oliver brought his speech down to a close, you pushed yourself off the wall and walked over to him. His team cheered, excitedly rushing out of the room to get ready for the game with a little warm-up.
You grinned, pulling Oliver closer to you by the belt hoops in his pants and placing a soft kiss on his lips.  Before he could deepen the kiss, you pulled away, peppering his neck with light kisses as you spoke. "You're going to play well today Oli?" He nodded, his eyes fluttering close.
"I always play good." He whispered. You hummed against his neck, telling him "Well I'll tell you what; if you win the game by a lot, you might get a little surprise after the match."
His eyebrows shot up and his eyes widened. He visibly swallowed and you took one of his hands in yours and slipped it under your pants for him to feel your lace underwear. He slowly brought his hand back to his side and he rearranged his red Quidditch robes around him as he walked out of the changing rooms.
"I'll see you on the stands?" He asked, stopping in the doorway. "'Course you will." You chuckled, smirking when you heard him mutter to himself "Now's not the time Oliver."
Cedric: "Oh come on Ced, what's the worst that could happen? Whoever she is, I'm sure she likes you back." You spoke, taking a left. You saw him shake his head out of the corner of your eye and groaned. You halted in your step, turning towards your best friend.
"Cedric Diggory, you look at me in the eyes." Reluctantly, he did as you told him to, "You could get any girl, guy or non-binary person in this castle! For fuck's sake you could probably get Professor Dumbledore if you wanted to, so go get the girl you're crushing on! Lord knows it's about time you've moved on from Cho!"
A small smile formed on his face, "Well what about you?" he asked. "What about me?" You repeated his previous words. "Could I get you if I wanted to?" Your entire face flushed red but you nodded nonetheless. "Oh yeah you could totally get me if you wanted to."
Cedric's head shot up in shock and he grinned widely. "Really?" You mumbled a bunch of incoherent words and took bigger steps to the prefects' meeting room. He grabbed your arm, tugging you back and pressing his soft lips to yours roughly.
One of his hands cupped your cheeks and you sighed in the kiss, your small hands gripping his Hufflepuff robes. He pulled away and you bashfully smiled up at him. "We can't be late to a prefects' meeting Ced, come on."
His hands gripped your waist from behind and he pulled you in closer to him. He pecked your forehead, saying, "We're early, there's still 20 minutes before the meeting." "What do you suggest we do, then?" You asked, looking him up and down with a cheeky grin.
Cedric's eyes widened as he zoned out for a moment, and you saw the blood rush to his ears as he shifted uncomfortably on his two feet. "Fuck you (Y/N)." He muttered, turning around and heading in the direction of the men's bathrooms. You laughed loudly, shouting after him "Don't be late!"
James (marauders era): James smiled at you lazily from where he laid on the bed. One hand went behind him as he blindly searched for his glasses on his bedside table. "I've got the best parents in the world." He whispered when he found them, placing them on his face. You laughed, sitting up and stretching your back slightly.
"I mean I'm not going to complain that I get to sleep in the same bed as you." You managed to say mid-yawn. "Nor that I can peacefully get a morning kiss from you." James beamed, his muscled arms opening wide to expose his bare chest as he welcomed you in his arms.
You snuggled in his warm hold, placing a small kiss on his chest. "For a chaser on the (H/H) team, your aim is terrible." He joked and puckered his lips slightly. You leaned up, giving him a proper kiss. "Mhm, yes please." He muttered against your lips, pulling you closer to him by the hips.
Your crotch accidentally grinded against his as he deepened the kiss and he gasped, though he didn't pull away. He bucked his hips into yours for some more friction and you let out a quiet moan into his mouth. You could feel him smirk into the kiss as one of his hands made its way past your hips and down your lower back.
You broke away from James's kiss when you felt his hard-on poking the inside of the thigh. You moved your lips to his neck, pressing little kisses all over it, occasionally sucking, but not hard enough to leave any marks. His eyes fluttered shut and his grips tightened on your hip and backside.
"James, (Y/N)! Sirius is here, get out of bed!" Euphemia yelled from down the stairs. James let out an almost inaudible gasp and you shot up, your eyes immediately going to the door. "No, no, no!" James whined quietly, reaching out to you.
In mere seconds, the door to the room burst open and Sirius Black stood with a wide smirk on his face. It only widened when his eyes scanned the situation. Swollen lips, messy hair, panicked faces, and more importantly, James's hard bulge fighting against the thin fabric of his boxers.
"I'll let you guys finish," he said, slowly leaving the room, "EUPHEMIA!" he then shouted, his fast footsteps heard through the closed wooden door.
Percy: "Perce, hey Perce." you whispered, running a hand through his red hair to try waking him up. He moaned, turning to his other side. You giggled, leaning over to press short kisses on the side of his face. "Baby, wake up." "Noo" he whined, dragging the word out.
"We're needed down in the Great Hall, c'mon." "But I don't wanna." He continued, still half asleep. Sleepy Percy was the cutest Percy. "My love, there's been a Sirius Black situation. They're saying he attacked your brother." At that, he shot up.
"What? Which one? Is he okay? Did anyone check if he's okay?" He rushed in, his eyes taking in all the details in your face to make sure nothing too bad happened. "Don't worry about it my love, I checked up on him already, but they need us in the Great Hall, Head student duties."
He took your face in his hands, kissing you passionately. "Thank you, thank you, thank you." He hugged you tightly, and you could hear him taking deep breaths. You moved one of your hands to gently rub his thigh, but you misplaced it, instead accidentally putting his right over his crotch.
He lifted his head off your shoulder, giving you a look of shock and you pulled your hand away, a blush blooming on your face. "Perce I'm-" "It's fine!" he squeaked, also turning red. You took a glimpse down at the problem you caused, your eyes widening when you noticed how hard you actually made him. Damn teenage hormones.
"I think I just-wait outside." He nodded frantically and you got up, leaving outside to let him deal with his, uh, problem.
Seamus: Seamus had a bad habit of not being able to stay away from you for more than a half hour  when you didn't have classes and was always immediately on the search for you after those minutes passed. It was rare that you both had free periods at the same time and Seamus would be sure to use those to his advantage.
That's how you both ended up in his dormitory, you on top of him, peppering kisses all over his neck, and occasionally sucking on the soft skin. Seamus used his strength to flip the both of you, breathing heavily. "Already having trouble breathing?" You teased, "We haven't even gotten to the good part." And you knew that he'd make you pay for that. He grinded his very prominent hard-on into your fully clothed heat, making you let out a moan.
He smirked, leaning down to capture your lips in a rough, passionate kiss. Your hand trailed down to open his fly and unzip his zipper. You took your time undoing his button and pulling his trousers down, even as he rushed to remove yours. The tent in his white boxers was evident and just before you went to pull them down, you went back up to take his shirt off. Seamus growled, hurriedly unclasping your bra, having taken your button-up shirt off long before.
"Seamus mate!?" Came from the dormitory door, accompanied by loud knocking. "Professor McGonagall is seriously going to get mad if we're late again!" "Fuck." Seamus muttered, dropping his head in the crook of your neck, his hips bucking into your teasing hand. "Is (Y/N) in with you as well?" Dean continued, "I really don't want to go in there right now mate, come on, we're all going to be incredibly late!"
"Seamus?" You asked him, when he didn't respond or move. "Darling." He breathed out. "Yeah, give us a second and we'll be out mate!" He got off the bed, leaning down to help you clasp your bra and put the rest of your clothes on before putting on his own, struggling to button his pants. He groaned at the discomfort and tugged at his trousers to try and give himself space to breathe.
He give you one last kiss before running a hand through his hair and picking up both your bags, holding yours out of reach so you wouldn't try to take it from him and carry it yourself. You took his hand in yours, tugging him back for a moment as he went to open the door. "I'll make it up to you, I promise." You whispered to him, giving him a  look of reassurance and he let out a noise that resembled a whine, tugging at his trousers once more.
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larussos-left-sock · a day ago
Harry Potter Characters: Ways of Seduction—> boys edition
Harry Potter: gentle
Tumblr media
Ron Weasley: Makes fun of you
Tumblr media
Draco Malfoy: mind games
Tumblr media
Neville Longbottom: schoolboy
Tumblr media
Fred Weasley: humorous
George Weasley: charming
Tumblr media
Severus Snape: sultry
Tumblr media
Lucius Malfoy: classy
Tumblr media
Tom riddle: spontaneous
Tumblr media
Sirius Black: sexy
Tumblr media
Remus Lupin: affectionate
Tumblr media
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lupinsworld · a day ago
Tumblr media
➶ 𝒔𝒎𝒖𝒕
➵ 𝒇𝒍𝒖𝒇𝒇
➴ 𝒂𝒏𝒈𝒔𝒕
➵ Words Are Useless
➵ I Hate Green
➶ Wand Fun
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boxofbadaddiction · a day ago
A Habit of Mine
| Don't Touch Me | Chapter Two |
| Series Masterlist |
Fred Weasley x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Confrontation. Mentions of Insecurity. Haphephobia (The Fear of Physical Touch). Mentions of Nausea. Brief Swearing.
Series Summary: What happens when Fred Weasley, the man with a love language of physical touch and the inability to keep his hands to himself, falls for the girl with an aversion to just that: touch.
Chapter Summary: Fred Weasley is a man with a plan for anything, so, after his conversation with George regarding his rejection by Y/n Y/L/n he's rested and ready to put his new plan into action...but has he only made matters worse?
Tumblr media
Early the next morning Fred was up and out of bed before any of his dorm mates and headed straight to the Great Hall for breakfast.
Y/n, along with the rest of her room full of early risers, were already sat down with their friends making polite conversation.
That's when an unexpected Fred Weasley slid into the space beside her, the side of his body pressing against her own and sending Y/n into a recoil, which Fred mistook for surprise.
"Morning all!" he greeted cheerily with a focused gaze on Y/n and a bright smile.
Y/n pulls her body away from the sudden visitor, trying desperately to rid her mind from the thought of how his body had intruded upon hers, a nauseous feeling settling in the pit of her stomach she couldn't fight back so simply.
"Fred?" Y/n questions with an irritated kind of tone, pushing her plate of breakfast away now that her appetite was disturbed.
"Morning lovely, how are you?" the redhead asks, pouring himself a glass of orange juice.
'Sickly, now.' She thinks but bites her tongue, it wasn't really his fault.
"Fine...what are you doing here?" "Oh, I'm great, thanks for asking!" Fred speaks sarcastically, making light of her poor attempt in conversation. "I slept like a Niffler in Gringotts."
"That's not what I-" "So, what's on the agenda for today?"
"Fred." Y/n whispers harshly, losing her patience with the ginger. "Y/n?" He mocks in a similar whispered shout, though he was smiling: she was not.
"What? Can't I simply choose to enjoy breakfast with a beautiful Gryffindor and her delightful friends?" he questioned noting the glare she held, his statement causing a round of giggles from her friends at her predicament.
For the second time this weekend Fred's feigned attempt at innocence was being met with Y/n's; 'you're-full-of-shit' stare.
"Alright, here it is," he turned in place to better face her, his knee resting against hers accidentally causing her to fold one leg over the other to separate them.
The skin on her leg where he touched takes on an irritating feeling, like an itch that's been ignored desperately needed to be scratched, making it hard for Y/n to focus on anything else. She digs her nails into the skin scratching harshly to try satiate the urge.
Fred meanwhile is oblivious to the issues he has caused to the girl he cares for and so carries on as normal.
"I was thinking last night about what you said and I want you to know that I agree. It's not a good idea to just start dating when we know so little about one another."
"Well, I'm glad you agre-" "So...I've decided to get to know you." Fred smiles triumphantly.
"What? No!"
"Yes! The way I see it it's a win-win situation. Either, you fall madly in love with me and we have a wonderful life together: we'll move out into the country with our three dogs, two cats and maybe a handful of babies. Or it doesn't work out and we each gain a new friend from the whole experience. Win-win." He shrugs simply after having revealed his master plan.
"Can't you just leave me alone instead?" Y/n snaps with a sneering fake smile. "'Fraid not." he denys with a pitying look. "So I ask again: what's on the agenda for today?"
"She's free today." Y/n's friend chimes. "Excellent!" the boy smirks.
Y/n's mouth is hung open in disbelief, the giggles of her friends around the table prompting a death glare from the girl as Fred joins in the laughter slinging an arm across Y/n's shoulders which she shakes off quickly as possible while screwing her eyes shut in discomfort.
Y/n was aware of just how handsy Fred could get, she'd noticed long ago how he habitually slung an arm over his friends or family in comfortable familiarity. It's one of the reasons she kept their friendship at a distance. She was sure otherwise, if not for her touch phobia, that they'd be great friends, she would just never risk it.
So how could she avoid his touch now that she were his sole focus?
Tumblr media
True to his word Fred had been spending near everyday of the following two weeks with Y/n, determined to get to know her better.
He were relentlessly asking questions.
About her family, friends, favourite subjects, her likes and dislikes. Everything he could think to ask: he did.
He got on well with Y/n's small group of friends and knew she'd get along great with his if she'd open up a little more to spend some time with them as a whole, so far only having allowed him to invite her along if the additional company were George and Lee.
For all his efforts Fred couldn't help but feel like he wasn't getting anywhere. Romantically or otherwise.
He wasn't sure if she'd always done it or not but he began noticing the way she'd flinch away from him. How she never truly looked comfortable around him, always tucked up into herself so tightly. The way she often grimaced in anguish. Noticed in general the air of of malaise which frequently breathed between them.
The weeks of insecurity and hurt began to weigh on him no matter how hard he tried to push away the bitterness which came with this observation.
Was he really that difficult for her to get along with?
Eventually, however, the voluntary neglect of these emotions met their inevitable peak, bursting free from his chest in a hot rage.
Down by the Lake one afternoon it were just Fred and Y/n together for the day, a fact of which Fred relished in: the ability to spend quality time with the person his heart was beating for.
He'd been ankle deep in the shallows of the Black Lake for sometime now, pant legs rolled calf high skimming rocks across the waters surface whilst the pair made comfortable conversation. They always had gotten along in classes when sat by the other after all. Fred couldn't understand why they hadn't been closer over the years as friendship blossomed easily between them.
Y/n meanwhile, was sat on a low hanging branch, supported just high enough from the ground to sway her leg absently, mind lost within the pages of some Muggle fantasy novel she'd been gifted.
As his arm grew tired from the constant throwing and his feet he were sure turned purple with cold, Fred decided to join Y/n under the tree, casting a quick dry spell and slipping his school shoes back on after stepping from the icy water.
He leant against the giant oaks trunk whilst he read silently over her shoulder.
He didn't fail to notice the way her shoulder dipped, pulling away from him, as she sensed his presence. But he tried to brush the insult off as he usually would.
"How's the story so far?" he queried.
"Good, I'm really enjoying it, surprisingly. I hadn't expected to because these types of books were never really my thing." "Yeah, I imagine a written fantasy world isn't quite as thrilling when you literally attend a school of magic." Fred joked, eliciting a fit of giggles from his crush. Y/n's body shook in joy, slightly folding in a way, the movement causing a few stray hairs to fall forward.
Fred watched her in complete adoration. The way her eyes squeezed shut and how her hand would come to her mouth as she tried to compose herself.
The moment was perfect and he'd expected it to stay that way. But everything turned sour the second he reached to fix those few loose hairs.
The pad of his forefinger had just barely grazed her temple and she immediately recoiled from the contact. The action not at all subtle.
It was the last straw to Fred's patience.
"Fucking Hell." Fred grumbled lowly, taking a few steps away from Y/n with a frustrated shake of his head, his heart pleading for him not to lose his temper however his mind just wasn't in it.
"What is it Y/n/n, hmm?" his tone is laced with poorly restrained anger as he turns back to face her. Y/n looks to him in shock.  "What is it about me that is just so...repulsive to you? To the point you can't stand to be close to me. Let alone grant me even a chance of being with you."
"I don't find you repulsive?" Y/n voices rhetorically, blind-sided by his sudden outburst. The angry teen scoffs at her words. "Could've fooled me."
"You always shy away from me. I can barely sit beside you without you flinching like I have some infection so don't tell me there isn't something about me that you don't find revolting. Because I can see it. So what. What is it?" Fred's chest is heaving with anger driven breaths no longer concerned about trying to conceal his hurt.
Y/n's staring to him with nervous eyes. Rejecting him the first time was easy. They barely knew one another and she knew she didn't need him in her life.
But now things have changed.
Fred's become a constant in her life that she doesn't want to lose. She enjoys his company immensely and to lie to him now would be the end of it all. Her mind is telling her to trust him, let her guard down and let him in, even if only a little. But her heart has been hurt too many times, it's telling her to push him away; to pick her sword back up and defend herself.
Was she ready to let another person in? To know all of her: the good, the bad and ugly too?
Very few people knew about her 'condition', a handful of her friends knew the reason behind it all, but even then: not all of them did.
They didn't know why she avoided large crowds like the plague, arriving either far too early or dangerously late to classes and meals. Knew why she only ever sat at the very end of the tables. Why she always stood with her body so tightly packed, as if caught in a the midst of a cold winters storm without a jacket. If she revealed to Fred her secret she couldn't be sure he would understand. She feared he would laugh, taunt her for such a ridiculous 'fear' like many others had before. She wasn't ready to have him see her so differently, yet wasn't prepared to let him go either.
Her lips parted in attempt to speak but no words came out, the interal conflict she's facing rendering her speechless.
A scoff sounds from the back of Fred's throat, his patience worn less than thin. As he turns walking away the crunch of fallen leaves beneath his shoes causes panic to prang through her and the truth slips out involuntarily.
"It's your touch." she calls after him and he stops in his tracks. His head turns to look at her in confusion, "Touch in general really, not just yours but...everyone's." Y/n adds sadly, deciding she'd rather face rejection than the regret of never knowing if he'd have accepted her. The confession prompts Fred's slow movement back toward her.
"I can't bare to have anyone hold me. Lean against me. Touch in any way, no matter how small, is...painful. Sickening. It's not you, Fred, its me."
The anger Fred felt had subsided, replaced instead by understanding and concern.
"I- I'm sorry, I didn't realise..." "Don't worry about it. You couldn't have."
"You know, you could have told me earlier. Had I known what I was doing was causing you discomfort, let alone pain, I would have given you all the space you needed. It's a habit of mine; to touch. I'm sorry you've had to compromise so much of your self comfort because of me. I'll be better." His head bows as he speaks, hating the idea she'd been suffering for so long because of him. Y/n meanwhile is astonished by his words.
He hadn't judged her or made fun of her. Hadn't told her to 'get over it' or left her there alone. Instead he apologised and...he made her a promise?
"You're- you're not giving up on me?"
"You kidding!?" Fred looks to her, his usual self beginning to shine through once again. "Why would I ever do that?" "Well because..." she gestures to herself in an obvious way, "I'm weird."
"You've always been weird. Knowing what I do now, it doesn't change anything." Fred jokes and the pair laugh together.
"If anything my efforts have just increased ten-fold." "...why?" the girl questions confusedly.
"Because," Fred takes some small steps forward, a playful expression on his face as he leans toward her, resting his hands on the branch by her either side and whispering, "you're letting me in."
His eyes go dark and lips convey that familiar, charming smirk that could melt even the coldest of hearts as he allows his gaze to roam across her features, focusing perhaps a moment too long on her lips.
Y/n blushes from the look he's giving her squirming in place but not from discomfort, she has to look away, biting her lip to try contain a giddy smile brought on by the sheer intensity of his stare. This only causes Freds grin to grow.
"I'm getting somewhere with you!" Fred cheers, wagging a teasing finger before her.
A true sense of victory rushes through his body that he's overcome with. With his raised finger he goes to tap her on the nose, half way to her before a little voice in his head interjects: 'Don't touch!'
He stops himself, quickly pulling his hand away and clears his throat in awkwardness.
Y/n is looking to him with a light of surprise behind her eyes.
'Maybe' she thinks.
'Maybe Fred is different from the rest.'
Tumblr media
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Chapter 18: No mercy for snakes
Tumblr media
Chapter 18 of Different light
A/N- I hope you guys like it :)
Warning- Angst! Fluff, swearing and talks of blood.
Pairing- Harry Potter x Malfoy!reader
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The moment you walked into the shop you were instantly welcomed with the chaotic overwhelming joy that the Weasley’s joke shop was filled with, from the start of the shop, to the farthest corner.
Different types of bright objects flew over your head, and past your body, making you swerve and duck as you walked inside and once again admired the store, and the twins ' dedication. You didn’t catch the smile on your face until Draco’s whiny voice broke you from your stupor and made that smile turn upside down. “Can we hurry, all this madness is making my head hurt.”
You roll your eyes and sigh out deeply before you just lazily wave him off. “Sure, sure.”
Draco scoffs and parts his lips to argue, but you walk off beforehand, unknowingly catching the attention of the Weasley twins this time, unlike the last time you visited.
“Well, well,” George smugly said as he suddenly appariated next to you, the sudden sound of two loud pops going off at your aides making you jump and flinch. “Could it be?”
“Our favorite Malfoy?” Fred teased as he leaned forward and tilted his head to meet your terrified gaze. “Are you back from the dead now?” He smirked. “Well I mean since you haven’t visited not once.”
You let out a nervous laugh and step back as you shrug awkwardly, seeing them both turn to keep facing you. “Well, I know, I’m sorry.” You sigh, “I’ve been busy. Y’know,” you rub your wrist and feel a heavy weight set over your heart. “It’s my last year of school, my father is in prison, and well school has been kicking my ass.”
“We’re only teasing you, Malfoy,” George assures you with a half grin. “You don’t need to apologize.”
Your eyes drift to Fred and instantly at the sight of his face you feel a wave of guilt wash over you, feel memories of the last time you talked to him flood your mind. Your shoulders dropped and you could feel your heart race, whilst the words you had been wanting to say to apologize stung your throat. You tried parting your lips as you managed to work up the courage to share what you needed to say, but Fred raised his finger and shook his head to cut you off. “I know what you’re going to say. And don’t. It’s alright. It hurt, I have to admit, but I’m over it now. You’re fine darling.”
A relieved breath of air escapes your lips and you show off a small relieved smile as well. “Really? But the way we—”
“It’s alright,” Fred interjects before he and George grab your shoulders and turn you around to begin walking you through the shop. “Promise.” He smiles widely and rapidly changes the subject. “What has been irking our minds though,”
“Is if you passed your apparition test?” George finished for Fred.
You grin smugly and nod, “aced it!”
They both smile and pat your back before George continues. “Well you did have great teachers.”
“Oh?” You question as you turn around to walk backwards and face them. “Is that so? I don’t recall.”
“We taught you everything you know, Malfoy,” Fred points at you almost offendedly. “Don’t be getting cocky now.”
You chuckle softly and shake your head. “I think neither of you should be getting cocky,” you smirk, “there's a lot of things I taught you both. Without me some of those pranks wouldn’t have happened.” You turn and walk a bit ahead of the boys as you begin to look at the items on shelves, pausing for seconds as you decide if you want to buy them. “For example that prank on Snape, where I fixed your spell and turned his hair into different colors without him knowing. Or,” you add as you put an object down, “when we pranked those Ravenclaw assholes?”
Fred and George snicker and grin proudly at the memory of what the three of you had done. They reminisce on past pranks and then get the idea to offer you something. “Y’know what Malfoy?” George begins. “We could use you here in the joke shop, it’d be loads of fun having you manage the shop with us.”
At the sound of their offer you stop in front of a small pink table in the shop. Not taking long to notice that you had stopped in front of the love potion table until Fred picked up a small flask of the potion, and twisted it in between in his fingers. “You’re meant for a lot of great things, being here could be one of those great things.”
You breathe slowly for a few seconds before you inhale deeply and shakily. Somewhere in your clustered mind the offer tempted you, pulled you this sense of light within your dark mind. But….you couldn’t accept their offer and see the light that called for you.
“I’d love to,” you share quietly as you let out a deep breath, “but I can’t.”
Not only because of what you were tied down to, but because you wanted other things in life. You had other dreams. Being here would be fun. But you couldn’t have it.
“Y/N, are you about done?” Draco’s sudden appearance behind you and the twins cuts you off. “If I stay any longer I’ll puke.”
A groan escapes you, and with clenched fists you slowly turn around alongside the twins to face your beloved brother. “Yes,” you nod stiffly. “I’m done.” Your eyes shift to an object in his hands and you ease a bit out of curiosity. “Are you?”
“I would if I could pay,” he sneers as he hands the Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder to you. “But it seems they’re busy drooling over you, so why don’t you take care of it and meet me outside,” he huffs out. “And make it fast, we have other things to do before we head back to school.”
“Sure,” you brush him off as he’s quick to turn on his heels to storm off.
“He’s delightful as ever,” George remarks sarcastically with a scowl decorating his face, and Freds as well.
You sigh and shrug, “he’s….just being Draco. I’m sorry.” You look at the twins and force a smile. “I’ll just take this I guess.”
Fred and George don’t question the item in your hand and guide you to go ring you up, looking over their shoulders to pick up their previous topic.
“Consider our offer.” George shares with a happier look.
“Yeah,” Fred nods, “we’d love having you here.”
Your eyes fall onto the object in your hand and you smile sadly, knowing it couldn’t ever happen. “I’ll consider it.”
“So why is it you need this for anyway?” You ask Draco as you lift the darkness powder to view it under the light.
“Obviously I have it for emergencies, idiot,” Draco’s snaps bitterly as he turns the hall and aims for the door that began to slowly appear as you made your way to it. “Why else would I have gone into that terrible shop.”
You shrug as you put your hand down, “for fun maybe? I don’t know. If you know what that’s about, anyway.” You snicker, earning a brief warning glare.
“Pfft,” he spits, “as if.” He looks at you over shoulder as you both stop and wait for the doors to open. “You seemed to be enjoying yourself with those blood-traitors though?” Draco smirks, “one holiday without your boyfriend and you’re already talking to other boys.”
Your gaze instantly narrows as he walks forward through the room filled with lost objects, you rush forward and shove him, causing him to giggle softly. “They’re my friends Draco. I can have other friends,” you shove past him and turn one some corner, swerving past stacks of books and seeing Draco walk around and cut you off. “Maybe if you had them, you’d actually know what it’s like.”
Draco fixes his suit jacket and scoffs. “I do have them. Ones that are better than your band of traitors, half-bloods and mud-bloods. Except for Clementine of course.”
You sigh, and look at the passing beams of light casted on the floor that reflected through the windows on the ceiling. “Not like any would be friends for long….” you trail off and come to a mindless stop as you instinctively already know where the cabinet is. “After we….” you swallow thickly and roll your head upward to look away from the floor. “....kill Dumbledore, I doubt I’ll have any friends left.”
Draco’s eyes slide to you and his gaze stays on you for a brief moment as he takes in what you say, the realization of what your actions would cause. It stabbed his heart and left him wounded and hurt. He could see the same thing go through your head, but he made no effort to comfort what could possibly be true. Instead he looked away from you and pulled the cloak off the cabinet, stepping back to look at the enormous and irritating cabinet. “I forgot to tell you, but I told Madam Rosmerta about the Bungbarrel spiced mead.”
You clench your fists and mutter out. “So she’ll deliver it?”
“Yes,” he nods stiffly, opening his clenched fist and offering his hand to you. “Ready?”
Your eyes fall to his hand before you move your hand to wrap it around his, continuing to look up at him and nod in agreement. “Not like we have a choice right?” You don’t expect a response from him, so instead you both look at the cabinet and lift your other hands just a bit to get ready to cast a spell that could mend the cabinet.
“Let’s hope the old man knows what he's talking about,” Draco complained bitterly.
“Right,” you whispered in agreement, proceeding to draw in a deep breath that you held in for a couple seconds, before you released it as both Draco, and you mumble the spell that was given to you by Borgin, that would combine the strength of Draco’s magic and yours to make a powerful spell that could mend the cabinet.
Since the spell didn’t spew out any light, nor smoke, or anything visible, you had to go off by the sight of the Cabinet rattling to know that the spell was working. Or at least that’s what you wanted to think. Neither of you would know until you tested out. But neither of you tried the cabinet after you were done with the spell, you both studied it and noticed that nothing changed visibly.
Instead you both came to a quiet agreement that you’d try later, no matter what Snape had to say about hurrying up. You just both didn’t want to get this over with, unknowingly you both were dragging it out as best as you could. Because after all, the longer you took to fix it, the longer you had to avoid your task, the longer Dumbledore lived. So instead of trying out the cabinet after your spell, you both quietly returned to your common room that at this time of year was as depressing as the rest of the school was.
Unlike the time you spent the holidays here two years ago, this time the school wasn’t filled with festivities or hosting a school dance. School was emptied out as mostly everyone was with their tamiles in their own homes for the holidays. Unlike you and your brother.
But as sad as you were for being here for the holidays, you had to assure yourself that at least you weren’t facing...The Dark Lord, or any of his minions, that at least you didn’t have to be a part of their mission to antagonize Harry and the Weasley family. At least you wouldn't have to carry that guilt….even if you did carry the guilt of knowing.
It was messed up.
You exhale deeply and just as the door opens to your common room, two familiar siblings walk out and cause Draco and you to stop in a brief stunned state.
“Clementine? Blaise?” You gasp as your eyes bounce from both Zabini siblings. “What are you two doing here? Why aren’t you home?”
Blaise sighs and rolls his eyes to avoid looking at either of you. “Clementine made us miss the train.”
Said girl grins smugly and places festive hats on your and Draco’s heads. “Yeah, and now we’re spending Christmas with the both of you. Isn’t that fourtunate?”
Draco and you both turn your heads to share knowing look over the fact that the Zabini's “accidentally” missed their train. But you don’t part your lips to complain, neither of you shared it, but you both appreciated that they had stayed behind to spend the holidays with you.
It was a blissful moment that your brother and you both wished would have lasted longer, instead of having to continue with the life you were living under Voldemort; instead of having to continue with your plan that each day got closer and closer to completion. You wished that you didn’t have to live with a guilt that with each passing day got heavier and weighed you down further into darkness, and made you much more distant.
“Is this seat taken?” You hear Harry Potter's voice ask.
You look from your books and then glance at the seat in front of you, continuing to nod and point. “Well it is now, isn’t it,” you say with a small smile.
Harry let out a small huff of air and took his seat, watching as you continued to do your schoolwork after he sat down. “I haven’t,” he interrupts the library’s silence, “I haven’t seen you all day, are you alright?”
“Mhm,” you hum, as you try not to look into his eyes so as to not give away the guilt ridden look that was spilled all over your face after you heard that...Ron almost died by a poisoned mead bottle. “Since it’s my last year here, I just have been busy trying to get everything done.” Your eyes flicker over to him, but you’re quick to look away from his blue eyes to pretend to concentrate back on your book, before you just bring the topic up without causing suspicion. “I heard about Ron from Hermione, how is he doing?”
“Well beside the matter that he almost died,” Harry remarked bitterly, the anger in his voice for the incident showing quickly. “He’s alright. It was just a scare.”
This time you meet his gaze and smile, “that’s good.” Your eyes shift back to your book and you mentally slap yourself for being so awkward after weeks of pretending that everything was alright. Harry of course, even if he was the chosen one, a special wizard, was oblivious to your emotions and dilemmas; thankfully.
Instead though he leads with something unexpected. “Can I ask you something?” Harry says as he leans forward.
You keep your eyes on your paper and nod, “sure.”
“Who's your mother?”
You freeze and feel your eyes widen a bit, you shift in your seat and slowly drag your eyes up to Harry, who looks at you curiously. Your mind instantly comes up with an answer to his question, ‘Narcissa’ of course, but you knew that’s not what he was looking for. Yet you also wished you had an answer to his question—“I don’t know,” you shrug as you drop your gaze to your arm resting on the table. “My father doesn’t like me bringing her up.”
You sigh and place your quill down to tilt your head and keep looking at Harry. “One time I asked about her, but he got angry that I did, he said that I was disrespecting Narcissa because she raised me since I was young. So I never asked again out of fear.” You look at the snake ring on your finger and scoff. “The only thing that he said was that she wasn’t worth it,” you shake your head and exhale deeply, noticing the guilt in Harry’s eyes and the way he kept shifting uncomfortably. “Narcissa’s sister, Bellatrix, though has a lot to say about her. She never mentions her name, or has anything kind to say, she just glares at me and says, “they were weak. Defector’s. She was a traitorous bitch.” And then she throws “discreet” comments at me when Narcissa isn’t around like, “the apple doesn’t fall from the tree.” Or here’s a good one,” you add a strained chuckle. “Be careful of snakes, just because you feed them doesn’t mean they won’t bite and spread their venom at the first chance they get.”
You sit up straight and just offer Harry an assuring smile as you see the complexity expressed in his face. He tries to part his lips to what you assume is apologize for creating such a thick tension and awkwardness due to the situation, but you just brush him off. “It’s alright though, I don’t let her get to me. I just listen.” You lean forward and knit your eyebrows together to ask, “why so curious though, Hmm?”
“Well,” Harry says nervously as he scratches the back of his head, “when Sirius was alive, he showed me this Family tree of the house of Black and…” Harry trails off and he inhales deeply, flickering his eyes to your hand on the table and back to you, creating an even thicker tension over your heads. He then proceeds to let out his breath shaky and slow, averting your gaze and muttering out what he was hesitating to reveal. “Your name was on the tree…” his eyes slowly slid to you to watch your face drop and lose all color within it. “I-I didn’t see who your mother might be though, I'm sorry. Unlike the others there wasn’t a portrait and it was secluded with just your name, and the branch your name was on was uh broken.”
You blink and sit back in your chair, maintaining your gaze on him even if your attention was miles away. His words raced in your head like an infinite loop, whilst other thoughts began to invade the perimeters of your head, but nothing was coherent, you didn’t know what to think. Your eyes clouded with tears, but not a single drop rolled down your cheek, you didn’t have the need to cry in fact, it was just the impact the news had within you. Which was also confusing.
All you did know to do was sit in silence with the dark cloud of confusion floating overhead.
“I’m sorry,” Harry repeated as he reached for your hand, pulling back slightly as your hand flinched at the unexpected touch. “I shouldn’t have—”
“No,” you cut him off as you manage to focus your eyes on him. “It’s alright, you’ve said more about her than my father ever has.” You offer him a sweet smile and try to reach for this hand, but guilt thriddles you unable to do so. “Thank you, Harry, I appreciate it.” You pull your hands away and hide them inside your sleeves, pulling yourself back to sit slightly slouched as you interrogate him. “Why did you tell me now though? you’ve known for a year now.”
“Well because,” Harry sighs nervously, “it slipped my mind before...and during the holidays, Bellatrix attacked the Weasley house,” his gaze narrowed to expect you to be overly surprised and worried about the shared news, but you gave no such reaction. “And what I saw last year returned to me, and I couldn’t forget what I saw….I had to finally tell you.”
“Hmm,” you nod as you twist your ring around your finger. “Well...thank you, I suppose.” You stand from your chair abruptly with the intention to just wish him a good rest of the day. But you don’t get the chance as he jumps to his feet and stops you.
“Y/N wait.” He grabs your arm and you stay averting his saddened gaze. “I’m sorry, I should’ve told you before, I know.” He pulls you closer to him and keeps trying to meet your gaze. “But let me make it up to you. Let me ask Dumbledore, I’m sure he’ll know about your mother.”
You swallow thickly and blink away from looking at the carpet beneath your feet to slowly look up at him and show him a faint and forced smile. “Alright.” You try to pull your arm away to leave, but as you try, Harry pulls your arm to keep you close to him at the same time, the action you both did simultaneously causes your sleeve to tug back and show off the dark mark that was branded on your skin.
“I,” you stammer in horror as you yank your arm away and slowly step back from his stunned demeanor. “I, I’m sorry.” You whimper before you spin around to storm away hastily, striding down the halls and not daring to look back out of fear you’d see him, or someone else you couldn’t deal with at the moment.
The thoughts in your head raced faster, something that didn’t allow you to focus on anything whilst your heart also pounded within your chest to the point it felt like it hurt. Tears clouded your eyesight again, and this time they rolled down your cheeks. You had intended to run up to the bell tower, however, Harry found a way to cut you off before you could turn the corner to the bell tower stairs.
“Wait y/n, please.” He pleaded.
“No,” you snapped, “you found out, I didn’t want you to. Not like this, but you did and now,” you cry with no tears streaming down your face. “Now it’s all over.”
“It doesn’t have to be,” Harry argued as he stepped towards you and caused you to step back towards a brick wall. “Come with me,” he offered you softly, “I can help. You can fight Voldemort alongside me, you don’t have to be scared anymore, you don’t have to hide.”
“Harry,” you plead in a cracked whisper. “Don’t,”
Harry steps towards you again, and again you step back to this time hit the wall with your back. “You’re a kind person, you’re brave and strong, far stronger than any of them.” He continues with his hand reaching yours, “I know you’ll be able to fight because you want to do what’s good.” Harry exhales slowly and tilts his head slightly to meet your watery gaze. “I’ll protect you too, just be with me.”
You let him grab your hand and get closer to you so you could muster the strength to question him. “Even if I’m a Death Eater? Even if I’m a monster who deserves to die?”
“You’re not a monster,” he assures you as he grabs both of your hands and slowly begins to slide his hand up to your cheeks. “And I don’t care if you're a death eater because I...I love you.”
Once again there's the beam of light within the cluster of darkness. You feel yourself running towards the light, the good and warmth. But the eerie and malicious darkness clawed at you, hooked onto your legs and dragged you back further down into the depths of the darkness. You tried to scream, but your mouth was slapped shut by hands covered in a thick and dark liquid. You tried to pull yourself back up, tried to fight, but more hands clawed at you, grabbing every part of your body and dragging you further and further back until the light was nothing but a gleam.
And just when you thought you were going to drown in the darkness, a faint light glowed in the corner.
An answer.
You break from your stupor, meeting his blue eyes and smiling softly as you cup his hands that were on your cheeks. “Let me think about your offer, okay? I wish it was easy to just say yes and run away, but it isn’t, you understand that?”
“Of course,” Harry nods, “of course I do. Think about it, I’ll wait.”
“Thank you,” you whisper as you gently press your forehead against his. “And will you ask Dumbledore about my mother?”
“I will,” Harry reassured you, “I promise.”
You smile, genuinely smile and thank him one last time.
As flattered, and happy as you were to hear those three words, the ease and blissfulness of hearing those words was short lived. Now Harry had your mind scrambled and divided between two choices; Joining Harry and leaving your family to live a life of more fear after being Voldemort’s runaway, or staying loyal to your family and not causing their deaths.
The choice should be easy. How could someone choose their family's lives over being selfish?
It shouldn’t be a choice.
Yet you treated it as one. And if you were going to choose running away, it had to happen fast now that Draco and you fixed the cabinet the day before. But—
“Y/N,” Clementine nudged your elbow, breaking you from your train of thought to look at where she was pointing at in the middle of the main hall. “Look,” she continues, “Katie Bell. Seems she’s finally better.”
Your jaw drops and your eyes widen as you feel your heart skip a beat as you watch the girl you had accidentally cursed, on her two feet and with a beating heart. You didn’t know whether to be relieved or terrified that she was awake. Does she know who cursed her?
Going off the fact that you were still here, eating in the main hall alongside your classmates, you had to say no. But damn, It’s like you were living in a crazy dream, you had to blink a few times to make sure that she wasn’t some illusion your mind had created.
Katie Bell was in fact alive, parting ways from Harry’s side to join her friends at the end of the table.
“She’s lucky she’s alive,” Blaise comments, whilst your eyes remain on Katie Bell for a few seconds longer.
“I’m surprised she’s alive,” Clementine interjects. “Now all there is to wonder is who did it?”
Your eyes instantly snap to Clementine, at the sound of her comment before they bounce to Blaise as he scoffs and remarks the comment. “No one cursed her. She was just too nosy for her own good. Next time she shouldn’t be opening things that aren’t hers.” Blaise hissed, causing Clementine to just roll her eyes and argue something you didn’t catch as you barely caught Harry, chasing after Draco out of the hall.
Now you wouldn't have thought much of it, perhaps they were just walking out at the same time. But there was a way Harry looked with that scowl on his face and his wand in hand that led you to believe that as you brother stormed out in hurry, and Harry was not so far behind, that there was much more than met eye, a feeling that churned your stomach and made you stand from your seat with the intention to follow.
“Clementine,” you muttered as you began to step away from the table with your eyes still glued to the doors , “get Snape.”
Without waiting for a response you hurried out of the main hall, followed the echoes of hurried footsteps in a quick and desperate pace while you tried to ignore the sound of your pounding heart, and racing thoughts. You tried not to think of the worst and tried to remain calm. Yet you knew both boys, their dislike for one another and your mind couldn’t help but let the worst thoughts control your fear. You continued to hastily turn the halls, only to stop as you heard nothing and were left completely lost on where they could be. Of course you could take a swift guess, but that would be a waste of time if they weren’t there. However, you also couldn’t just stay behind...fuck. Fuck.
You rub your temple with your fingers and take out your wand to perform a spell that would find your brother and your boyfriend. Albeit as you did, as you parted your lips and raised your hand, the sound of nearby crashing pulled your attention to a location you were quick to run over to. Feeling more anxious than ever as your breathing got heavy with the panic coursing through your veins.
Those feelings only heightened as you turned the hall into the bathrooms, noticing the fog, and water that ran out of the room. You even hesitated inside a narrowed hall as an eerie silence had now taken over, you thought; maybe there isn't anything here, but as you slowly walked out of the hall, there he was, Harry, with his wand pointed at something you couldn’t see yet.
As you stepped further into the room, Harry turned his head your way as he heard your footsteps crash on the pool of water on the floor, and through the screen of fog, you noticed him drawn in a deep breath that he held in as you fell to his side and finally saw what he was pointing at.
“Draco?” You mumble in horror as you see him on the floor with blood leaking from parts of his body, and hear him sobbing quietly to himself.
“Draco!” You call again, this time your voice sounding more of a broken cry before you run forward to fall on his side. “I-oh-no, no, please,” you plead in a soft sob as your eyes rapidly scan his body as your mind tries to think of a solution. “Please Draco, please just stay awake.”
Said boy lifts his hand to reach for yours, his tears mixing with the water below him as they fell onto the surface. “Please, don’t leave,” he muttered with a quiver. “It hurts. It hurts.”
Tears stream down your cheeks and you drop your wand to the floor as you grab his cold and pale hand with your both hands, leaning closer to him to assure him. “I won’t, I won’t, I’m going to help,” you assure him as you try not to sob in front of him. “I,” you swallow thickly and flicker your eyes to look at Harry slowly approaching you with a friehngnred look on his face.
“Y/N,” he stammered out as he tried to reach for you. “I’m—”
“No,” you seeth as you glare up at him and pull your shoulder away from his hand. “Stay away.”
“But—” he tries before you sharply cut him off.
“I said leave,” you bellow, “I don’t need your help. You’ve done enough.” You shoot Harry one last raging glare before you return your attention to Draco, to once again think of a solution that didn’t come to mind to whatever Harry had done to him. “It’s okay,” you continue to assure Draco as you brush his hair back, “It’s okay,”
“It hurts,” he repeats quietly.
You bite the inside of your cheek and just as you were going to get angry at yourself for not being able to think of a single spell, more heavy and hurried footsteps sounded on the water. When you look up you see that it’s Professor Snape approaching, you instantly fill with relief.
He takes a moment to stare at Harry, who had remained inside the bathroom for a moment longer. Before he left, you could feel his stare on you, but you didn’t dare to look up at him, instead you stayed by your brother with your hand around his and tried to fight the urge not to cry and yell at Harry for what he did.
Instead you turn to Snape. “Can you help him?”
Said man's dark eyes turn to you and he nods stiffly, “of course.”
Snape doesn’t hesitate to start a spell that begins to heal Draco’s wounds and return the blood that had spilled out of his body.
You watch the red liquid slowly return to Draco, and feel calmer now that he wasn’t in danger, but find yourself looking at the spot where Harry had once stood.
It hurt to think, to know that Harry had hurt Draco, your own boyfriend had hurt your brother. No matter how much you knew they didn’t get along, you never thought Harry was capable of this. You knew that no matter how much Draco talked a big game, he wouldn't hurt Harry this way. And perhaps Harry’s stunned and terrified expression told a different story mere moments ago, but he still did it. He still hurt Draco, and that’s the worst thing he could possibly do.
It made your answer to his question from last night clear.
You couldn’t and weren’t going to run away with him. No matter how much that had tempted you before.
Now you clearly knew as you returned your gaze to Draco still shaken up with fear and pain.
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