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wangxianforever000 · an hour ago
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Happy Mother’s Day!💙😊🌸
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You’re a child
Tumblr media
I’m not just a child, mum
Tumblr media
Call me “Madame”
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Tumblr media
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praetoring · an hour ago
👪 + Graeme? Gush about whichever family member you want. - that-scouse-wizard
OKIES Graeme & his grandparents then!
His grandparents are Kathleen & Kenneth Forsythe.
So I've kinda briefly mentioned it, but for the early part of his life, Graeme was raised by his grandparents. His mum was unfit to raise a kid, so Graeme went to his next closest relatives. It helps that they had a stable life with their young son Jacob who was six years older than newborn Graeme.
His memories from this time are fuzzy but Graeme remembers them as Good. Theres a warmth to them. The comfort of Nana's knit quilts. Sitting on Grampy's lap as he told old stories. The sun on summer picnics. Home cooked meals. Kathleen and Kenneth were worn and weary but full of love. They're both the kind sort of people who help others without being asked. It's something that left a deep impact on Graeme and is ingrained in him still.
They were the unconditionally loving sort of parents any child should have. Stern but not strict, and never seemed to get angry or upset at the random accidents - later learned to be accidental magic - whenever they happened. Graemes happy memory for his patronus is of his Nana singing on a family holiday to Loch Lomond.
I think what hurts Graeme a lot about them the most is that he has little to remember them by. When they both passed, his mother sold off most of their belongings - like the fine china set, furniture, clothes - to pay her bills. It really unsettled Graeme, since it felt like this whole part of his life was just thrown away. He has his cross, and while he isn't religious, it's his most important possession because it was handed down to him by his grandfather.
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stupendousbookworm · an hour ago
Tumblr media
This is my brother's AI homework. I was reading it and I saw "Tallbot" and I immediately thought of this post by @hannahsecretchamber and I started laughing like a mad person ahahahaha
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her-blazing-look · 2 hours ago
reminder that before harry went to hogwarts, slytherin won the house cup SIX TIMES IN A ROW. are you still gonna say dumbledore did not give points to slytherin?
also dont tell me he gave too many extra points to the golden trio after they saved the whole freaking school. what would you expect if you had saved the whole school? a candy?
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thebirdhivemind · 3 hours ago
the houses at the beach (the bonfire)
(It is a dark and crisp night at the beach. The ocean gently crawls up and down the sand and a bonfire roars. Asides from the houses, the beach is empty. Huff, Puff and Gryff are all dancing to Sh-Boom. Gryff hops and jumps, more to their own beat than to the beat of the song. Puff twirls Huff around in a circle, they happily sway together. Raven and Sly are away from their friends and the fire. They sit in the sand with a newspaper bag of fish and chips between them.)
(Sly watches Huff and Puff as they mumble and sheepishly smile to one another.)
Sly: That's it. I've decided. I hate them.
Raven: You hate everyone.
Sly: Yeah, but particularly those two.
(Raven sighs and flops backwards into the sand. They gaze up at the sky, bathing in the salty night air.)
Raven: You think it's just you.
Sly: What do you mean?
Raven: You think you're the only one that gets... hurt when you see them together.
Sly, glancing up at the dancing Hufflepuffs: Puff?
Sly: Ah.
Raven: Heartbreak feels like bumping your funny bone - just over and over again, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Sly: Elaborate.
Raven, sighing: Every time you see them, bump. Every time they laugh, bump. Every time you see someone else hold their hand, double bump. Both a sharp stab and a deep ache. Just at the same time.
Sly: Yeah. Yeah I can't argue with that one Rave.
Sly: Is it wrong to hope that they die? Quick and painless obviously but you know. I spend a lot time thinking of ways Puff could just drop dead. I mean don't get me wrong I want Huff around forever, but if they're gonna stay together-
Raven: An anvil might as well fall from the sky and squish them.
Sly: Exactly. No more Puff.
Raven: No more Huff.
Sly & Raven: No more funny bone heart break.
Sly & Raven:
Sly: Are we the worst?
Raven: Maybe, but if we are it's only because they're the best.
Sly: Let's just hate them until we can stop loving them. It's their fault anyway - losers.
Raven: Oh it's definitely their fault - total losers.
(Huff waves at Sly and Raven - gesturing for them to join them around the fire.)
Huff: Are you going to come join us or are you just going to stay over there like a pair of wet mops? The fire won't be warm forever!
(Sly and Raven both sigh.)
Raven: We'll start hating them tomorrow.
(Raven stands and offers Sly a tired hand up. Sly takes it.)
Sly: Oh for sure. Mortal enemies by dawn.
Raven: *laughs*
(And so they all dance. They jump, skip, sway and laugh themselves long into the night.)
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citrusdarling7 · 3 hours ago
summary- you and Tom enjoy a shower together after watching a Quidditch game
warnings-smut, swearing, teasing, dirty talk, praise kink, (sort of) and cheating
“Can I borrow your green sweater for the Quidditch match tomorrow?” my friend Lola asked me. I looked up from the intense game of Wizard’s chess that I was playing with Rosier to respond to her.
“Lola, I probably own ten green sweaters. Be more specific. Knight to G6.” Rosier groaned, realizing that I had just put his queen piece in danger.
“The one that’s a dark emerald shade, with a v-neck collar.”
“Right. Yeah, of course you can wear it. My room is unlocked, you can just go grab it.” Lola grinned and dashed out of the common room towards my dorm.
“You know, it’s not very wise to leave your room unlocked. Hogwarts is filled with thieves and low-lifes,” a deep voice from across the room spoke. I rolled my eyes and turned my body to face Tom. He was sitting alone in a chair, reading some big book about Herpo the Foul. He hadn’t spoken to anyone all evening, which was pretty normal for him.
“Thanks for the heads-up Riddle. I’ll make sure to lock all the doors next time you’re in a bad mood.” He scoffed at me before turning his attention back to the book.
“Pawn to G6,” Rosier said with confidence. I bit back a grin, knowing that he had fallen into my trap. Olivia, who had been sitting beside me for the past hour in silence, finally spoke up.
“Are you coming to the match with us Tom?”
“He isn’t. Riddle thinks that he’s too cool for Quidditch,” I answered for him. He shrugged, not glancing up from his book.
“I don’t have time for childish games,” he said coolly. Rosier laughed and pushed back a curl that had fallen in front of his eyes.
“You’re missing out, Riddle. We’re playing against Hufflepuff, we’re gonna slaughter them.” I rolled my eyes at Rosier before instructing a bishop to take one of his rooks.
“I remember last game your boyfriend nearly got his head taken off,” Olivia reminded me. I could feel Tom grimace at the mention of Abraxas, even from across the room.
“Yeah, but that was against Gryffindor. They actually have decent Beaters. But speaking of your boyfriend, has anyone seen Malfoy? ” Rosier piped in.
Abraxas and I had a complicated relationship. Although we did fool around occasionally, everything between us was mostly platonic. We presented ourselves as a couple to our peers, but that was merely for show. I knew that he fancied a half-blooded Ravenclaw girl with auburn hair and he knew about me and Tom. Putting on the front that we were going steady just made things easier for us. Besides, we did look very good together.
“He’s talking with Professor Binns. Trying to convince him to give his essay a better grade. Checkmate,” I told my opponent. He glanced down at the chessboard, baffled at how I had suddenly surrounded his king piece without him noticing.
“I don’t know how you always beat me. You’re too damn clever to not be in Ravenclaw” he said with a sigh. I shrugged and leaned back in my seat, a smirk decorating my face.
“Natural talent, I suppose.”
I saw Tom hide a smirk, knowing that he was the one who taught me that particular strategy late one night in his room.
The next morning was a dull and rainy day. I stood in the stands shivering as I watched the players fly above us. The thing about Quidditch, is that most of the time it happened too fast for me to really understand what was going on. We were about twenty minutes into the game, and Slytherin already had a forty point lead. I was standing with Avery, (who was currently on quidditch probation) and Lola. Avery screamed out towards the pitch every few minutes, hoping that one of his teammates would be able to hear him. Neither me nor his girlfriend had the heart to tell him that they probably couldn’t.
“Lestrange! That was the worst dive I’ve ever seen!” Lola gave me a quick glance before tugging on his arm.
“I’m freezing, my love. Can I wear your coat?” He shrugged and peeled off his fur coat. I was incredibly jealous, since I was soaked to the bone. I was wearing one of Abraxas’ Slytherin sweaters, which was comfy, but didn’t do much against the rain.
“Hey! Watch it!” I heard a first year mutter as there was a sudden push in the crowds. Seconds later, Tom Riddle was standing on my right, a complacent look on his face.
“Morning ladies; Avery. You look dreadful,” he said to me after addressing his friend. I rolled my eyes and turned to look at him. He was wearing grey slacks and a white button-up, with his sleeves rolled up a bit. The weird thing about Tom, was that he never seemed to get cold like a normal person.
“I thought you weren’t coming,” I said to him as I watched Hufflepuff drop the quaffle.
“I finished what I had to do. Figured I might as well drop by. House pride and all.”
Lola and Avery had started kissing feverishly, which meant I had to at least try to make conversation with Tom.
“What were you working on?”
“Transcribed a Latin curse that’ll make your opponent's head swell up until their brain matter starts to leak out of their ears,” he said nonchalantly. I decided that I didn’t want to know if he was joking or not.
“You smell like cigarettes,” I told him. He scoffed and leaned closer to me.
“And you smell like Malfoy. Have you been whoring around with him again?”
“He’s my boyfriend. It’s not really ‘whoring around’ if him and I are going steady,” I said, purposefully only half-answering his question.
“Hmm. Tell me, do you ever accidently moan my name when he’s fucking you?” I held back a blush so I could glare at him.
“Don’t flatter yourself, Riddle.” He shrugged and shoved his hands back into his pockets.
“Sorry, darling. Just curious. Someone needs to sterilize those two,” he stated, glancing towards Lola and Avery who were still going at it. I smiled and nodded in agreement.
The game ended up being over very quickly. Within fifteen minutes of Tom’s arrival, Abraxas caught the Snitch, securing the win for Slytherin. I started to make my way off of the stands to go congratulate him, when Tom grabbed my wrist.
“Where are you going?” I shook him off of me and smirked.
“To go see my boyfriend. Duh.” Tom glared at me, but let me walk away with lola. By the time we got out to the pitch the boys were all on the ground. I quickly found Abraxas and made my way over to him. His hair spread out in waves across his head, clearly the rain had messed up his gel. I gave him a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek.
“Great flying today,” I said with a grin. He smiled back and tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear.
“I’m glad you think that. Damn Hufflepuff beater almost knocked me off my broom twice. Did you see Stella in the stands? What team was she cheering for?” I gave him a playful shove and an eye roll. Stella was the Ravenclaw girl he had a crush on.
“Sorry Brax, I was too busy trying to keep Lola and Avery off of each other. But I think I saw her sitting with that one Gryffindor she went to Hogsmeade with,” I admitted. He sighed and pushed some hair off of his forehead.
“Oh well, maybe one of these days it’ll happen. Huh. I didn’t know Riddle was coming.”
I quickly spun my head around to see that Tom was also on the pitch, talking to lestrange. I groaned and grabbed Abraxas’ hand.
“Neither did I. Let’s go talk to him,” I said before dragging him over in Tom’s direction.
“Hey! I like your sweater,” Lestrange teased me. I rolled my eyes and pulled Abraxas closer to me, keeping my gaze away from Tom.
“Thank you, Lestrange. Are you and the team coming back to the common room? I heard someone mention a party at breakfast.” He shrugged and started to fiddle with the handle of his broomstick.
“In a bit, yeah. I nicked some firewhisky last weekend, and I think Avery still has a bit of vodka.” I grinned and turned to Abraxas.
“Walk back with me?”
My ‘boyfriend’ knew me very well. He knew that by the tone of my voice, and the slight twitch in my hand that I was trying to make Tom jealous. Being the amazing ‘boyfriend’ that he is, he played along.
“I have to shower, darling. How about you just wait for me in my room?” I could see Tom glaring at me from the corner of my eye. I turned towards Abraxas and playuflly rubbed his shoulders.
“Why don’t I just join you?” I suggested. I could tell that Abraxas was biting back a laugh. Before he had a chance to respond, Tom quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me away.
“I think you forgot that you needed help with the potions assignment,” he spat out. He started to drag me off of the pitch, not caring that everyone was watching us in shock. I turned my head for half a second to see that Abraxas was grinning and giving me a thumbs-up.
Merlin, I love him.
Tom was walking incredibly fast and I was struggling to keep up. His hand still clenched my wrist, but I didn’t really mind.
“Tom, slow down,” I whined. He stopped dead in his tracks to speak to me.
“You’re awfully pathetic today, aren’t you? Dangling Malfoy in front of me, trying to make me jealous. Now you can’t even keep up,” he said with a snarl. I shrugged and stared into his eyes.
“I’m pretty sure I did make you jealous.” He let his brow furrow as he scrutinized me.
“You might have. Come now, darling, let’s get back to my room before the rest of Slytherin does.” He grabbed my hand instead of my wrist and continued to lead me towards the castle.
The thing about Tom is that he’s incredibly unpredictable. He had occasional moments where he was a little kind to me, and then seconds later he was calling me a whore. I kept quiet the rest of the way back, happy that he was holding my hand. His hand was freezing cold and his ring was indenting into my palm.
A few minutes later, we were walking up the stairs to his room and I felt my stomach flip. He quickly opened the door and dragged me inside. As soon as the door was shut he pushed me up against a wall and started kissing me. Tom was a bit less of an asshole with me now, and he let me run my hands through his curls as we kissed. His breath was hot against my cold skin as he kissed down my neck. He started to pull down my skirt, before hesitating and pulling it back up.
“You wanted to take a shower right?” he whispered into my ear. I nodded as I gazed into his eyes. He slowly backed off of me and started to unbutton his shirt. I watched in awe as he continued to undress until he was in nothing but his boxers. Tom raised an eyebrow at me, noticing my stare.
“What are you waiting for, sweetheart?” See, I had no problem being naked in front of him. He had seen me naked multiple times now. I just wasn’t very good at taking clothes off of myself. I guess Tom didn’t want to wait for me, so he shrugged and stepped into his bathroom, shutting the door behind him. I let out a sigh of relief as I started to pull off my sweater. I kicked off my shoes and pushed down my skirt and tights. I quickly undid my bra and slipped off my panties, so that I was completely naked. It was at that moment when I realized how cold I was. I went to join Tom in the bathroom, but he had locked the door.
“You can’t come in until you take your clothes off, love.” I could basically hear his smirk through the door.
“They are off. They’re all over your floor,” I told him. With that, he unlocked the door and I heard him turn on the water. I gave him a few seconds before I came inside. He had turned one of the lamps on so we had a bit of light, but mostly the room was just shadows.
I felt his hands on my waist, and within seconds I was being pinned against the shower wall. Tom latched his mouth against mine as he ran his hands down my body. I tangled my fingers in his hair and bit my lip as he started to suck on my neck. The combination of the steam from the shower and his aggressive touch got rid of the chill that had coated my skin. Tom stopped kissing me for a second and grabbed my chin, tilting it up towards him.
“I wonder what Malfoy is doing right now,” he said while running a finger down my jawline. I knew that he was trying to get under my skin, so I just shrugged and continued to tug on his curls.
“I don’t really care. I’m more focused on you right now,” I told him as I started to lightly kiss his neck. Satisfied with my response, he let me kiss him for a minute or two, until I started to get more aggressive.
“Darling, you should know by now that I’m the one who gets to mark you,” he said in a mocking tone. He attacked my neck with his mouth, obviously giving me a hickey. I frowned at his choice of placement so high up on my neck.
“Don’t complain. I want your boyfriend to see this next time he goes to kiss you. I want to watch you struggle to cover it up before class. I want everyone to know that you're mine. Do you understand?” he muttered into my ear. I nodded as I felt him pin my legs against the wall with his knee.
“Use your words, my darling”
“I understand,” I murmured.
“Good girl. Now, I think I’m going to make you scream my name.”
He lifted me up slightly before thrusting himself into me. I buried my head in his shoulder, my body overwhelmed with the sudden feelings of pain and pleasure. No matter how often we did this, Tom always hurt a little at the beginning. I winced as I felt his fingertips dig into my hips. He rocked into me over-and-over again.
“I’ve noticed that the only time you shut-up is when I’m inside of you,” he said with a mocking laugh. I frowned and turned my head away from him slightly. He laughed at me again and stroked my jawline.
“See? You can’t even properly ignore me. Such a slut,” he muttered against my neck. He rocked his body against mine, continuing to press me against the cold shower wall. I shivered as he traced my waistline with his fingers. I tried to rub my clit against his length, desperate for some friction. Tom gave me a cold laugh before snaking his hand around my throat.
“So desperate for me. What a pathetic little girl you are.” His grip on my throat tightened, restricting my air supply.
That only turned me on even more.
“You like it rough, don’t you?” Tom asked as he loosened the hand around my neck. I nodded and pressed my head against his shoulder, biting my lip to stop from screaming. My legs were shaking uncontrollably, as I was nearing my high. I dug my fingernails into his back as I loudly moaned his name along with a few profanities as I clenched around him.
“That’s right, take it like a good girl,” he muttered while pounding into me.
Having sex with Tom always took forever. I didn’t mind or anything, but it always took him at least a half hour to finish. So, I spent the next twenty-five minutes being repeatedly slammed into the wall. I could tell he was close when he started muttering my name under his breath. I was completely over-stimulated and practically crying. He finished himself off using slow strokes, which drove me absolutely insane. Tom pressed his forehead to mine and gently stroked my cheek as I felt his hot cum dripping down my leg.
“Do you want to stay and have a smoke, maybe play a game of chess?” he asked softly. I smiled and nodded, knowing that was his way of saying he didn’t hate my company. I had planned to go straight to Abraxas’ room straight afterwards and tell him every little detail, but I figured he could wait a little longer.
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judediangelo75 · 4 hours ago
Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!
In honor of Mother’s Day, I decided to write a fluff, cavity inducing story featuring the Winger family!
As those of you who got to know my MC, Judith Harris, she’s, in a sense, like a background character. She loves her friends and someone who would do just about anything for someone she cares about but in a sense fades in the background.
Once she moved to Britain, her mother took it upon herself to “raise” her. Which was through abuse: physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Judith truly believes she doesn’t deserve anything nice. For many years, a lot of her friends never knew when was her birthday. For several reasons:
-Her preexisting mentality about not deserving anything, gifts included.
-Her birthday is just a month after school starts, so a new curse would already be wrecking havoc throughout the school. And she practicing for the Quidditch matches that are in November.
So when she found out she was going to be an expecting mother, she flashed back to one of her mother’s last words to her. Which was basically she’ll be just like her.
While she was anxious about being a mom, she was determined to be the best mother she can be for her children, Bakari and Kendrick.
Who, in turn, want to show their appreciation for their mama.
Enough rambling, on with the story!
It was Sunday, March 26. In the early hours of the morning, two boys can be found sleeping peacefully in their beds.
It wasn’t until the early morning rays began to filter through the room when the eldest awoke. Red eyes slowly blinked open, lazily taking in his surroundings until they landed on the calendar on the wall. 
The young boy shot up from his bed, scrambling off his bed to get a closer look at the date. A giddy smile formed on his face before he rushed to his little brother’s bed side.
“Kendrick... Kendrick... wake up,” he whispered, poking at the lump hiding underneath the blankets. He heard a grunt and the head of his little brother poked out of the blanket cocoon.
“Too early,” the younger boy grumbled. Bakari chuckled at his 5 year old brother’s obvious disdain. Pale gold eyes glared back at him.
“Kendrick, it’s Mother’s Day, remember,” the eldest reminded. It took a few moments for Bakari’s words to fully settle in Kendrick’s sleep ridden mind, but when they did, the younger boy perked up.
“Oh! Do you think Dad is up,” he asked, remembering their plans. Bakari looked thoughtful for a moment before replying,
“Maybe, maybe not. Let’s get ready though, just in case he is.” Kendrick nodded, eager to surprise their mama...
Not even ten minutes later, another pair of red eyes opened. 
Talbott was naturally an early riser. He always liked the peace and quiet of the mornings, as well as getting a head start of his day.
But today, he made sure to wake up early for a particular special reason. 
And that reason was still sleeping soundly in his arms.
He smiled and pressed a chaste kiss to his sleeping wife’s cheek.
He and Judith have been married for over a decade. He remembered proposing to her just a year and a half after they graduated on New Year’s Eve in their apartment flat at the time. He remembered seeing her walk down the aisle alongside her older brother. He remembered the shy happiness in her beautiful eyes when the priest gave him permission to kiss his new wife. He remembered the nervous breakdown she had when she found out she was pregnant.
There were a few times that Talbott witnessed her in the midst of an anxiety attack. He knew it was thanks to the emotional scars left by her mother. While Judith has gotten better mentally, she did had her down periods. 
That was a drastic down period.
Talbott never felt more heartbroken when he heard his little bird’s cries and sobs through the bathroom door. Her broken words that she wouldn’t be a good mother.
It killed him on the inside since Judith locked him out and he couldn’t hold her and give her the comfort that he knew that she needed.
He spoke to her gently from his side of the door, reassuring her that she wasn’t anything like the woman who gave birth to her. He seen her heart.
Despite her semi cold exterior... she had the warmest personality.
She was always there for someone in need.
She would do almost anything to get a person to smile. To open up. 
She’s been there for her friends for years.
She’s been there for him for years. 
He could trust in the fact that she would do the same for their child.
After his speech, silence fell between the two before the tell tale sound of the door unlocking hit Talbott’s ears. Talbott only had a few seconds to brace himself before the door swung open and his wife basically leapt into his arms.
She didn’t say much but Talbott knew she was appreciative by the way she was hugging him.
Fast forward to now, they had two beautiful boys and he couldn’t be more grateful.
Bakari and Kendrick simply adored their mother and all that she does for them, so they had asked him to help make a mother’s day breakfast for her. Along with a few other things.
Lucky for him, his wife was a rather heavy sleeper. Making slipping away much easier. Carefully, he slipped his arms from around her and quietly crept out of bed. 
Judith grunted softly in her sleep, rolling over to Talbott’s side before settling there. Talbott stifled a chuckle at his little wife’s adorable behavior before heading into their bathroom to freshen up.
Within the next hour, Talbott and his two sons were in the kitchen making breakfast for the sleeping woman. Thankfully after Judith’s lesson on how to make pancakes, there was less of a mess and no fire.
Bakari was helping their father cook since he was a bit older. Kendrick was happy to help fetch any ingredients they needed as well as organizing their gifts. 
After an hour and a half, everything was prepared...
Judith was still sound asleep when her three loves quietly crept into the bedroom. Her nose twitched at the smell of food, causing her eyes to flutter open slightly.
Though she hid underneath the blanket when sunlight assaulted her eyelids.
“Whyyyyyy,” she groaned. Bakari chuckled, glancing at his little brother who had the decency to blush. Talbott ran a hand along the visible curve of his little bird’s body.
“Wake up, darling... we have a surprise for you...” Judith let out a curious grunt. 
‘We?’ she thought. Sitting up, she pulled the blanket from her head.
“Happy Mother’s Day!” Judith stared wide eyed at her two beaming sons, who looked up at her with the most adorable hopeful expressions on their faces. 
Bakari held a breakfast tray with a plate with heart shaped pancakes, eggs, bacon, sliced mangos and melon and a tall glass of passion fruit juice.
Kendrick held a bouquet of dwarf sunflowers, yellow tulips, and dark purple roses in one hand and a card in his other hand.
Judith slowly turned to her husband, who had a smile tugging his lips and a box in his hand.
“I-I... what?” Bakari and Kendrick sported the twin frowns, red and pale gold eyes staring up at their mother with worry reflecting in them.
“We wanted to surprise you for Mother’s Day... don’t you like it, Mama,” Kendrick asked quietly. Judith felt tears building in her eyes, her chest filled with emotion.
“I-I do, my love... you guys didn’t need to go through this trouble for me,” their mother said softly.
“But we wanted to, Mama! We really wanted to show that we love and appreciate you,” Bakari said. Tears were now running down Judith’s cheeks, worrying the two boys.
“Oh... come here you two...”  Bakari and Kendrick set the items on the bedside before crawling into bed. They were quickly engulfed in a tight embrace by their mother.
“Thank you my two little princes, you two have no idea how much this means to me...” they heard their mother whisper. They nuzzled against her, taking in her comforting scent they grew accustom to from they were babies.
Talbott silently observed the scene with a small smile. He knew this was something Judith needed. She was a lovely mother, and needed to be reminded of that from their two sons.
Leaning over, he placed a kiss on her temple.
“Why don’t you read the card we got you, darling,” he offered. Judith perked up a bit, releasing her boys so she can sit up straighter. Talbott handed her the card. Bakari and Kendrick remained on either side of their mother, eager to see their mama’s reaction.
Judith opened the card and silently read.
“Dear Mama,
We wanted to wish you the best Mother’s Day. We can’t express how much we love and appreciate you. You’re always there for both of us. When we’re learning. When we’re sick. When we’re scared. When we’re sad. When we’re mad. We always know that you’ll be there. With your bright smile that’s like sunshine. With your pretty voice, especially when you sing. Your warm hugs and loving kisses. Your pretty gold eyes.
We’ll always be your princes, just like you’ll always be our queen.
Love, Bakari and Kendrick”
Kendrick smiled when he saw the soft look in his mother’s eyes.
“Dad wrote something too,” the youngest pointed out. Judith spared a shy glance at her husband before reading the other side of the card.
“Dear Judith,
Happy Mother’s Day, my beautiful little bird. Words can’t describe how much I love you. You gave me a life I never thought I could have. A family. For that, I’m forever grateful for you. Forever indebted to you. You deserve all the love in the world. And our sons believe so as well, this was their idea after all. You are a Queen and you deserve to be treated as such.
Thank you for all that you do, my darling.
Love, Talbott”
‘I’ve gone soft, I can feel the waterworks coming again...’ Judith thought. Bakari and Kendrick leaned in to place a kiss on their mother’s cheeks.
“We love you, Mama,” they said. Judith let out a chuckle, kissing their heads.
“And I love you...” Judith looked up at her husband with a shy smile.
“All of you,” she whispered. Talbott chuckled, placing a peck on her lips.
“There’s still one more thing before you eat,” he said. He handed her the box with a smile. Judith opened it to find a gold necklace. Two gold feather charms with the engravings ‘B’ and ‘K’ were found on it. 
“Birds of a feather flock together,” Bakari chirped. Judith let out a laugh, allowing her husband to put on the necklace for her.
“What’s so funny, Mama,” Kendrick asked.
“Many years ago, your father was someone who flew solo,” Judith chuckled, smirking at Talbott who in turn playfully rolled his eyes.
“That was before I found my mate for life, little bird. Now hush and eat, we all know how you get when you’re hungry.” As if on cue, Judith’s stomach rumbled, causing the males around her to laugh. Judith blushed, grumbling underneath her breath before smiling.
The rest of the morning, the family laid in bed happily chatting. 
The males gladly showing their love for the woman they were grateful to call “Wife” and “Mother”.
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strangerontheinternt · 4 hours ago
My mc's name in the game is called Darling Love, I know this might not seem like anything right now but lemme show you some screenshot :3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That's it :/ I just found it funny and would like to show it to you guys <3
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adellovesrowan · 4 hours ago
🕯️ rowan khanna 🕯️
🕯️ not dead 🕯️
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adellovesrowan · 4 hours ago
So Thinking about The reasons Rowan and Fede would Work for R... So I have The Idea Federico Works with R because She wants Control Of her own Life, always Is “Jacob this” “Jacob blabla” nobody ever talks about her.
And also hating The condescending Of Dumbledore he say “Well, fuck You. I Wash my hand from This shit” so Then There's when R enter offering a way She was finally a Leader, a “Star” even If They have to be a Nightmare for that, They Will be. Rowan Discovered him, but he started to fill their Head with “You're not tired Of being a side Character, that everyone forget You. Come with me! And You'll Never Will be treated as a sidekick. We Will be Partners and This tragedy we Made Will be remembered” and Like Obviously Rowan just go along with it, She Knows What Is like to be The “Loser” She Should prove What Is Like to not be The loser.
BROOOOOOO THIS IS SO COOL they wanna be recognized and if they have to join a cabal then they will
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adellovesrowan · 4 hours ago
Rowan be like "ma, pa, bro, dis my girlfriend Adel.".
Mama Khanna be like "Awww she looks so pretty come one dear we have some lunch for you come on"
Papa Khanna is like "Yeah OK. She looks nice. Can she help us around the tree farm?"
Ashok Khanna is all : *pops out behind couch* "yo" and continues eating lunch aksjsjwkk
HEHDHDJSJDJJSJDJDK OMG I LOVE THEM😭😭 if this aint every meet the family situation ever
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carmilla-the-bird · 4 hours ago
Its neat that the book Merula tried to give Draco in that one side quest is the same one that apparently has Macbeth level bad luck in wizard theatre
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the-laughing-snowdrop · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Been thinking about wizard fashion~ My take on wizard robes.
Will post more of Harry in different versions and other outfits ☆彡
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adellovesrowan · 5 hours ago
I love seeing your Rowan posts, the way u draw Rowan and also the way u write it its amazing! Also your mc is adorable 💛💛
Tumblr media
this made me very happyy HDJSJJSSN !!! i LOVE YOUR MC CEREZA GOMEZ TOOO ( or should i say ,, cereza winger😩😩 ) SHES SO ADORABLE AND SWEET !! ✨💛💛 and your art ,, your artstyle is to die for i really do adore it ,,, 🥺🥺
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autisticarachnid · 5 hours ago
Just a curious question, are your MCs open to interactions with other MCs and what ways do you prefer for discussing them?
i would say i’m open to them interacting with other mcs outside of my friends and i’s au, though it would be kinda complicated skfjskfj
in terms of discussing them, idk ? salem def gets along with just about anybody, thalia gets along with anyone as long as they don’t willingly hurt people, samara gets along with most ppl (as long as they aren’t too flashy or loud), same with codi, and isla and vera get along with just about everyone- so for them, i’m fine with ppl having my mcs interact with theirs ! whether that’s by sending me an ask or drawing my mc with theirs, i don’t really mind ^^
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brightwell-central · 5 hours ago
I want to work on the pson Hogwarts au soon 🤔 I think I'll make the Edrisa and JT mood boards at least
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