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#ron weasley
Mudbloods & Half-Breeds || The Philosopher's Stone
A Hermione Granger x Fem!Reader Series
─•❥┆CHAPTER TEN: Feathers and Frustrating Flutters
Tumblr media
-> [not my gif]
𝐁𝐄𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐄 𝐘𝐎𝐔 𝐊𝐍𝐄𝐖 it, your first week at Hogwarts was over. Tea with your father hadn't lasted as long as you would have liked, but it was nice to visit him and Fang all the same. Even Harry and Ron had tagged along. As for Hermione, she was nowhere to be found. Every chance you got to speak with her since your study-date-gone-wrong, she had managed to slip through your fingers with nothing more than a quick shy smile, and rosy cheeks before making a beeline for the exit. Her hot and cold behavior really left you scratching your head. But not nearly as much as the Fluffy situation.
You, Harry, and Ron had made attempts at tea on Friday, each of you subtly prodding at him for information about the three-headed pet you encountered the previous night. But any mention of Fluffy had your father standing on hot coals, jumping to avoid the subject.
You thought, only for a moment, you might be able to pull something from him.
"It's not gettin' too big 'round here, is it? Not too quiet?" You had asked.
Fang had been hanging off you all night, his large, blubbery body melted into your side, tucked under your arm as you mindlessly stroke his head and neck. Your eyes fall to the Mastiff, smiling down at him in sleep. His snores could shake the hut, but you were used to them. You felt the eyes of your father on you, smiling at you sweetly.
"Ah," he said, sitting up a bit in his seat. "Not too bad. This one here and I 'ave been finding ways to pass the time. When he isn't hiding from birds, that is,"
You laugh to yourself, noticing the lick of confusion flickering across your friend's faces. Fang always had been like this, ever since he was a pup. He preferred... caution and safety as opposed to other things.
"Not teh say we don't miss yeh here, Sprout," he continued. "Why dya ask?"
You shrugged, glancing briefly at the boys before back up at your father.
"I only worry is all," you say. Thankfully he hadn't noticed the involuntarily side-eye. "I mean, first Fluffy, then me. Wouldn't want you to get lonely,"
He shifted in his seat again, his eyes flying around the hut. His throat cleared and he proposed another round of tea. And it was all the answer you and your friends needed.
He was lying to you about Fluffy, and he certainly knew whatever it was Fluffy was guarding.
The scene played over and over in your head. After that, you, Harry, and Ron had made further attempts to dig for information, but your father was careful. This time.
"One of a wizard's most rudimentary skills is levitation," You picked your head up from your palm and looked back up to the front of the classroom where your head of house, Professor Flitwick was currently teaching. "Or, the ability to make objects fly!"
You sat up a little in your seat next to Susan Bones, knowing where your professor was going. You had been anxious to try the levitation spell again ever since the wand shop. At least, you knew you'd have a little more luck with the right wand.
"Uh, do you have your feathers?"
You and Susan nod, as you suspect others are doing and your eyes fly anxiously to the table where your feather sat. Across the room, you caught sight of Hermione eagerly showing Professor Flitwick the feather she and Ron shared, and he hummed. Harry and Seamus sat on their right, just below the charms professor. You watch intently as he pulls out his wand for demonstration.
"Now, don't forget the nice wrist movement we've been practicing, hmm?" You and Susan pull out your wands, and you began thumbing the details of yours as you listened intently. "The swish and flick. Everyone?"
"Swish and flick," You as well as the rest of your classmates complied in sync. "Good! Oh, and enunciate! Wingardiam Leviosa, off you go then,"
The classroom came alive in a heartbeat, the mutterings of the incantation filling the room. But you didn't let that distract you. For the most part.
"Wingardium leviosa," you heard Ron across the room. When you looked over, you nearly cackled.
He was jabbing his wand around in the air, nowhere close to the swish and flick movement. Hermione had quickly thrown out a hand.
"Stop, stop, stop, stop," she said until he finally did. "You're going to take someone's eye out," she says.
Turning back to your feather, you refocused on your task. The feather, at least, hadn't caught fire this time but it also barely moved. You were so sure you were ready for this, why hasn't it been working?
"Besides, you're saying it wrong," Hermione says, and you realize why it's so hard to concentrate. "It's levi-o-sa, not levio-sar,"
"You do it then if you're so clever," Ron sneers. "Go on, go on,"
Hermione clears her throat, shifting in her seat as she picks up her wand. Carefully, she gives it a sure swish and flick.
"Wingardium leviosa,"
The feather rises into the air, far above their heads and capturing a few eyes.
"Oh, well done!" Cried Professor Flitwick. Hermione shot Ron a knowing look as he huffed, Turing to rest on his book with an impressive pout. "See here everyone, Ms. Hagrid's done it!"
Hermione's eyes snap to the Professor across the room, and that's when she finally notices you across the way. Your wand was drawn and tracing the feather through the air, already on its way back down.
"Oh," Professor Flitwick laughs merrily, his eyes finally catching Hermione's feather. "Ms. Granger, too! Splendid work, girls, simply splendid!"
Hermione's eyes locked with yours, and you smiled. She didn't know why she felt so upset, she should be relieved to have at least one competent classmate, she thought. One she could challenge herself with. But she didn't. She was frustrated. Hermione had been finding herself frustrated and confused about what to feel ever since she met you on the train. Hermione knew she liked being around you, she could talk to you about literature and she admired your wit, and the two of you more often than not, got each other laughing. But something else was there, something that always found a reason to distance herself from you, to feel resentful.
Hermione fought the urge even now to huff and look away, but logically she knew she had no reason. Making friends at Hogwarts was difficult for her, and yet she realized, you hadn't seemed to be driven away. So why was she trying so hard to drive you away?
So instead, she forced a smile. The thought was still bouncing around her head when you turned back to your feather, and Hermione reluctantly returned to hers.
Harry was still gawking at the flying feathers, impressed and completely unaware of your and Hermione's darting eyes when Seamus, beside him resumed. His lone voice echoed out among the silent classroom, and anyone could tell he was giving it his all.
"Wingardium leviosa,"
"Well done dears," Professor Flitwick smiled between the two of you. "Well-"
The entire classroom lit up in a flash of light, and a thunderous boom echoed off the walls making everyone jump. Professor Flitwick nearly toppled off his stack of books at the sudden explosion to his left.
Seamus Finnigan sat beside Harry in stunned silence, his face and clothes dirtied with smoke and his hair singed as badly as his feather. Smoke filled the room, and Harry could hear a slight rising in his ears.
"I think we're going to need another feather over here, professor,"
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Ron: at least, I can reach high notes
Y/N: at least, I can reach high standards, Ron
Ron: at least, I can reach high shelves, Y/N
Y/N: fight me, bitch
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sapphirepixiesworld · 6 hours ago
if you don't want minors reading your smut that is completely fine and totally understandable and i respect that.
however if you don't want minors to read your smut, don't write smut about minors. don't have it set at hogwarts. age them up. make it after hogwarts.
don't tag your smuts as 18+ if the characters arent even 18. because the reality is if youre writing about minors, minors will read it.
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missbeckysshoppe · 6 hours ago
Rebecca Reviewed It: Loot Crate | Nobody's Perfect
Rebecca Reviewed It: Loot Crate | Nobody’s Perfect
The subscription box up for review today is Loot Crate’s Nobody’s Perfect. All items in this crate were made exclusively for Loot Crate. If you have not opened or received this box, please stop reading. Spoilers ahead! I love the stickers that seal these crates. I put them in my scrapbook. (Yes, I am that much of a geek). Nobody’s Perfect I admit I love the theme, Nobody’s Perfect for this…
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kbuggg3 · 6 hours ago
~H a r r y   P o t t e r~ Ron WeasleyxReader: “Mud Blood”
Tumblr media
"I don't know what to do!" Ron said as he paced back and forth. Harry sat and thought  for a minute. "Have you tried talking to her?"
Ron stopped and looked at Harry with disbelief. "You think I haven't tried that? Every time I do try to talk to her I freeze up or I stutter or do something to totally embarrass myself!"
"Well what if you-" Harry was cut off by someone busting through the doors to their room. "Hey you guys coming? Me and Hermione have been waiting in the library for the past 20 minutes."
It was her. (Y/N last name). The girl Ron has been crushing on since their first year of Hogwarts.
"Uhh... Um y-ya I- well me and Harry w-we were just-" "What Ron is trying to say," Harry cut in, "is we were just about to leave."
(Y/N) looked to Ron and he nodded his head quickly. She looked back and forth between the two boys suspiciously, then remembered it wasn't unusual for them to act so odd. "Ok." She shrugged and began to walk out but stopped when Ron called her name.
"Hey (Y/N)?" "Ya?" "Uh... We'll walk with you?" He said in more of a question. (Y/N) giggled and nodded her head. "Ya that'd be great. Thanks Ron."
As they were walking out the door Harry patted Ron on the back as a praise and Ron held up a thumbs up as they ran to catch up with her.
When they reached the library and met up with Hermione, (Y/N) grabbed all the books the two girls had checked out for research on the Chamber of Secrets and they made their way to Hagrids house.
As they were walking they passed Draco Malfoy, who slapped (Y/N)'s books out of her hand. Him and his two friends, Crabbe and Goyle, laughed and continued walking.
"God, Draco, why do you have to be so immature?" (Y/N) said, her hands balled in a tight fist. Draco stopped immediately in his tracks and slowly turned around.
"Bloody hell." Ron mumbled. "Maybe we should just-" Hermione tried to stop them from fighting but (Y/n) and Draco refused to break the intense stare that they held on each other.
"Excuse me?" "You heard me."
Draco scoffed and shook his head while he walked up to the slightly terrified girl.
"Listen here (last name). You don't get to talk to me like that. I'll let my father know what you've done and he'll have you expelled with the snap of his fingers. You wouldn't want that now would you?"
"I am so fed up with all this 'my father will here about this' bull shit! Just leave me and my friends alone."
Ron, Harry, and Hermione watched with slight fear but at the same time they were also very impressed. No one has ever stuck up to Draco like this before. Not even Harry.
Draco walked closer to her, there faces only a inches apart. "You don't scare me (last name). Your nothing but a little girl."
Draco leaned down and whispered in her ear. "Filthy mud blood ." (Y/N)'s eyes pricked with tears and her mind replayed the words over and over again.
When Draco saw her reaction he smirked victoriously and walked away laughing with his little posse.
(Y/N) swallowed hard and without turning around she stuttered, "I-I'll just catch up with you guys later."
Her friends watched sadly as she walked away quickly and disappeared around the corner.
"(Y/N) wait!" Ron called out. He took a step forward as he tried to go after the girl but Harry put an arm out in front of him causing him to stop.
He looked at Harry with a confused face as Harry and Hermione continued to stand still, not really knowing what to do. "Just leave her be. She needs some space." Hermione said sadly as she began to walk away with Harry following closely behind.
Ron sighed and slowly trudged behind them.
~   ~   ~      
(Y/N)'s pov
As much as I hate looking like a coward, I hated crying in front of people more. My dad would always tell me that both are a sign of weakness and submission, so my emotions got the best of me and I panicked. I felt like the only thing I could do was run. So I did.
The moment I was out of sight from my friends I ran as fast as I could and I didn't stop. I had no plans of going anywhere specific and no intention of going back anytime soon. I just needed to get out of there. Eventually I stop running and realized I ended up somewhere in the woods by Hagrids house. I walked around for a little bit with my arms crossed and kicking any rocks or twigs in my way.
I soon found a tree that I sat under, pulled my knees up to my chest, and allowed all the built up tears flow out freely. If I'm being honest with myself, it felt good to cry. It almost felt like all the weight of trying to please my father, balance my time for studies and my time for friends, and becoming the best wizard I could possibly be was slowly coming off of me with each tear that dropped from my cheeks and onto my knees.
After a few good minutes of continuous sobbing, my crying came to a stop and my breathing pattern returned to its normal, calm rhythm as I fell into a peaceful state of sleep. Fast forward 45 minutes and i'm still asleep, until I hear a sudden noise. I heard a branch snapping somewhere in the distance causing me to jolt awake. My eyes were wide as I slowly and cautiously scanned my surroundings, terrified of what harmful things could be out there.
My eyes landed on a shadowy figure lurking behind a large tree only a few feet in front of me causing my breath to hitch and my chest to heave up and down heavily. I pressed my back to the back of the trunk and hugged my knees as tight as I could to my chest as if it would help me fend of the terrifying figure. Suddenly, it began to slowly move toward me.
I took a deep breath as I prepared to scream for help until the shadowy figure stepped into the sunlight that peaked in between the abnormally large trees and I was met with a familiar ginger. I immediately wiped my damp eyes as I stared at him in disbelief.
"H-Hey (y/n)," he stuttered awkwardly scratching the back of his neck.
I relaxed my body, lazily leaned back on the base of the tree, and crossed my arms. refusing to make eye contact with him. It might sound stupid but i'm embarrassed. I really REALLY like Ron, and now that he saw what a coward and a crybaby I am he's probably never gonna wanna be my friend. Who would?
"What are you doing here."
Ron was slightly taken aback by my response, seeing as I always been considered the sweet kind hearted girl, but shook it off as he remembered I've been through a lot.
"I-I came to check and see if you were okay."
I just scoffed and rolled my eyes as a response and continued to stare  at a random bush in front of me.
"I mean- no. That's not-" Ron paused for a moment, taking a deep breath, and starting over.
"(y/n), what i'm trying to say is I know you aren't okay. I know your insecure about people thinking they can walk all over you. I know you hate the whole sympathy bull shit so i'm not gonna even bother. Just know that I- WE we *ahem* love you and we could never and would never think of you as weak or pathetic or a crybaby or anything along those lines. I know this is gonna sound mental but..."
(y/n), already touched by his words, sat up in attention even more now as she waited to hear what he was going to say next.
"Bloody hell. (y/n), I really like you. A lot. And I have for awhile. And you don't even recognize how much you influence us. Take Harry for example. You taught him to never back down from a fight. And Hermione. You taught her about perseverance. And as for me, you've taught me how to be more confident in myself and everything I do. Hell, without you I probably wouldn't be in these creepy woods."
I was speechless. No one has ever said anything like that to me before. When I stood up from my position without a response, I could tell Ron was growing even more nervous by the second judging by the way he began to fiddle with the end of his gray sweater. I suddenly ran up to him and wrapped my arms tightly around his neck, catching him with surprise. Ron was stunned to say the least. At first he was unsure of what to do, but then he finally slowly wrapped his arms around my waist and squeezed me tight.
"Thank you, Ron. And I really like you too by the way. I have for a long time now," I whispered in his ear. A smile spread across the gingers face as we pulled away from the hug and laced our hands together. "Not to ruin the moment or anything but were late for charms class and I don't like the fact that were in the middle of the damn woods."
I giggled and kissed his cheek while saying, "You're cute," making Ron blush harder than he ever has before. The two ran as fast as they could out of the dark creepy woods and later busting through the door of their charms class, causing everyone, including Harry and Hermione, to turn around. After noticing the new couples' intertwined hands they shared a look then smiled at the two. They couldn't have been happier for their best friends.
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moony-bugs · 7 hours ago
what ron would do when it's 'that time of the month'
・he would find you curled up in a blanket on the floor of his dorm.
・he would ask you what's wrong with a slight chuckle.
・"Oh ok, wait here." runs out after placing you on his bed.
・comes back with loads of treats and variety of foods in his arms.
・eats food in bed with you.
・doesn't know what to do when you're in pain.
・brings you tea. (and drinks it with you)
・cuddling in the blanket after you ask him with puppy eyes. that he could never resist
・skips studying and falls asleep with you.
if you want to be on my taglist or have a request, click here.
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gryffidnorgranger · 9 hours ago
After Hermione disappears into the jungle (bcuz this would obviously happen)
Harry: cries bcuz she left him to take care of five kids including himself
Ron: cries bcuz she’ll get to play with monkeys and he can’t
Luna: cries bcuz Hermione’s all alone
Ginny: cries bcuz Harry’s in charge and they’ll all probably die
Draco: cries bcuz he can’t go to sleep bcuz of all the crying
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bigbunchofdunderheads · 9 hours ago
Snape: I don't believe you.
Harry: Ron saw it too!
Snape: Weasley's easily led.
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whenihaveyouromione · 9 hours ago
When I Have You - Chapter 31
Read on or ao3 if you’d prefer!
Posting early due to me travelling :)
A/N: The 400 Galleons mentioned in this chapter equates to about $2000 US, for reference.
Chapter 31
When Ron woke the following morning, the feeling of giddiness that had consumed him for the remainder of the party returned immediately. He had a plan now, and as he’d drifted off to sleep in the early hours of the morning, the plan had taken hold in his mind. 
He could almost see every detail clearly. He could see the type of place he’d like to take her so that he could ask her. It would be romantic, and just the two of them. They’d be alone. He could see the type of ring he was going to get her. He had always had a vague idea, but it had taken a clearer shape right before he fell asleep. 
Diamonds. Lots of diamonds. And he was going to get it engraved with something. What, he didn’t know yet, but he hoped it would come to him soon. 
But the most important part was that he didn’t even feel nervous. Just excited, happy… he’d promised her months ago that he would ask her, and she’d promised him that when he did, she would say yes. 
He knew what her answer was going to be, so all he needed to do was make sure he asked her in a way that she wouldn’t forget. 
Rolling onto his back, he stared up at the ceiling and chuckled. Had someone told him even five years ago that he would one day be lying in a bed that he shared with Hermione, in a flat that he also shared with her, happy, relaxed, more than halfway through Auror training and planning the moment he’d ask her to marry him, he would have laughed at them. Not only was Voldemort causing destruction everywhere, he’d been utterly convinced that he and Hermione were never going to happen. Hadn’t they had many chances to get there, and something always went wrong? Lavender Brown, his own lack of confidence, wars, timing…
He laughed again, just as Hermione came into the room, still in her pyjamas, and raised an eyebrow at him. 
“Something funny?” she asked.
Ron propped himself up against a pillow, watching her as she got herself ready for a shower. “You’re up early considering we had a late night last night.”
“You’re up late considering you insisted you have a lot of work to catch up on today.”
Was it just him, or was there something in her tone that suggested she didn’t believe his story about having work to finish? Harry — the idiot — hadn’t helped much when he had stated he thought Ron had completed everything. 
“I need to be refreshed so I can concentrate,” Ron told her. He thought for a moment. “Let’s have dinner next Saturday.”
“What?” Hermione stopped rummaging through the wardrobe in search of something to wear and turned to face him.
“You and me, next Saturday,” Ron said cheerfully. “I’ll organise it.”
For a moment, Hermione didn’t answer. Then, she said, “Why are you trying to organise dinner for next week now?”
“Just agree, would you?” Ron said.
Hermione sighed. “Okay. Next Saturday.” She turned back to face her wardrobe, but Ron didn’t miss the smile that fell across her lips as she did so.
This was exactly why he needed to surprise her with a very nice ring. 
When Hermione took herself to the bathroom, Ron pulled himself out of bed, groaning as he did so. He'd rather enjoyed the Muggle wine offered last night in the end, and it had all been free. 
But he couldn't let that stop him from his plans today. He had three hours at best, based on previous lunches with Hermione's parents. Maybe four if his dad decided to ask ridiculous questions about kettles or refrigerators. 
He had never shopped for a ring before, and he didn't know of any places that might sell one. Engagement rings weren't common in wizarding society, though he did know they existed. But where, he would have to find out.
He didn't recall any in Diagon Alley, but perhaps Hogsmeade had a shop. He hadn't really paid attention to what else was there when he'd been at school. Jewellery hadn't exactly been at the top of his list when he'd visited with the school, nor had he contemplated one day proposing when he was thirteen years old. 
But he'd check Diagon Alley first, and if that failed, then he'd Disapparate to Hogsmeade and see what they had to offer.
A short while later, Hermione emerged from the shower and returned to the kitchen where Ron was dressed and making himself breakfast.
"Is there anything you want to do before you have to do your work stuff?" Hermione asked.
Hermione raised an eyebrow, looking amused rather than annoyed. "It's lunch, Ron, so I'm not seeing my parents until midday." She paused, suddenly frowning. "Should I have given your parents more detailed instructions about arriving at Mum and Dad's?"
"What do you mean?" Ron asked, Summoning toast to his plate.
"Well… I mean, I told them to Apparate to the garden, but I forgot to mention it had to be precisely behind the hedge so as not to be seen…"
"They're not idiots, Hermione," Ron said. "They've been Apparating for longer than you or I have."
"I know that, but they aren't familiar with my parent's place. They won't know there's a hedge."
Ron looked at her for a moment and then shrugged. "I'm sure they'll figure it out. If not… well, what are the chances of someone watching the front garden at that precise moment?"
"There's always a chance!" Hermione said. 
Ron shrugged again, biting into his toast. "Maybe you could go and get them right before?"
Hermione was thoughtful for another moment and then nodded. "I think I will."
"So that means you'll be leaving a little earlier?" Ron asked.
Hermione's eyes snapped to him, then narrowed. "It sounds like you want to get rid of me. Are you planning on inviting your secret girlfriend over?"
"What? No, I don't have —" He paused, now noticing the smile that had crossed her face. "Ha, ha." 
“Well, you seem very keen to get me out of the house. I’ve never seen you more excited to kick me out. Normally, you beg me to stay.”
Ron stared at her for a moment, wondering if he’d been a bit over the top. Then, he said, “I just have a lot of work to do and want to get a head start on it. That way I’m all yours in the afternoon.”
“Well, I’ll leave by eleven-thirty and try to be home no earlier than two o’clock. Is that enough time?”
“Yes!” Ron said. I hope.
Hermione smiled. “Good. Now, back to my question: is there anything you want to do before I go?”
Ron returned her smile. “Just be here,” he said. “I love you.”
Ron had never been keener for Hermione to leave the house. Considering she’d already questioned him about practically being kicked from the flat, he didn’t say anything for the remainder of the morning. But he couldn’t help clock watching as the seconds ticked by much slower than usual. He tried to steal quick glances at the time when he thought she wasn’t watching, but she caught him on more than one occasion.
But finally, eleven-thirty came, and Hermione was ready to leave. 
“Enjoy your… work,” she said, kissing him goodbye. “I can’t wait to hear all about it when I get back.”
“Won’t be anything exciting,” Ron assured her. “Have fun! Say hi to Mum and Dad for me. Love you.” He returned her kiss and all but pushed her out the door. 
He hurried to the window to make sure she was on the street and he could see her Disapparate. When she was gone, Ron also left the flat. 
He hurried down the stairs and into Diagon Alley himself. He had absolutely no idea where to start looking, but decided to turn left. He could at least come back and go the other way if he came up short. 
Diagon Alley was very crowded, which was to be expected for Sunday at midday. People from all over Britain chose the weekend to do their shopping, and they all seemed to like to come here. Ron and Hermione found other things to do — most of the time visiting her parents, doing something with Harry and Ginny or visiting the Burrow, which then led to staying for dinner. It was a downside to living so close to the main shopping place for witches and wizards in London — they got sick of seeing too many people.
Ron ignored them today, however. In fact, he didn’t even feel irritated by them. What was there to feel irritated by? Nothing. He was deliriously happy that even bumping into George, who emerged from the joke shop, didn’t bother him too much.
George waved Ron over, who pushed through the eager children lining up to get through. 
“Good business today?” Ron said.
“Always,” George replied, smiling. “May I ask where you’re off to?” he then asked. “If I remember correctly, last night you told Hermione you had work to catch up on.” He raised an eyebrow. It was as if he knew. Did they all know?
“Just having a break,” Ron said, as casual as he could. 
“Before you’ve started?” 
Ron looked away.
“You’re not sneaking off behind Hermione’s back, are you?” George’s eyes narrowed ever so slightly.
“What? Why do people keep… no, I’m not.” He turned his eyes back to his brother. George’s eyebrows were raised in a way that suggested he’d been joking, but there was still an element of genuine curiosity in his expression. 
Ron sighed. “You don’t know anywhere around here that sells…” 
“Sells what?” George asked. 
Ron hesitated. He’d really had no intention to tell anyone about this — not even Harry. 
“Engagement rings,” Ron said, lowering his voice as if the passersby actually cared what he was doing. Well, he reasoned, it actually was a possibility these days. 
George’s eyes widened in surprise as Ron felt his face go red. Then, George grinned. “Well, that’s exciting!” he said.
“Is there a place around here?” Ron pressed. 
George thought for a moment, and then nodded. “Yeah, I think so. Right near the entrance to Knockturn Alley. I don’t know what they sell exactly, but I’ve seen some things in the windows at times. The old wizard who runs it has been there for years. I sometimes hear my customers talking about it. He offers reasonable prices.”
“Alright,” Ron said. “Thanks.” He made to continue on his way towards Knockturn Alley, then paused, turning back to George. “And don’t mention this to anyone, alright?”
“My lips are sealed,” George said, grinning. “Good luck!”
“Thanks,” Ron muttered, suddenly not feeling anywhere near as confident as he was a few moments ago. What if this place didn’t have what he was after? What if the owner tried to sell him something dodgy, yet charge him a fortune? Ron wouldn’t have a clue whether or not he was being robbed of his money. But he was sure Hermione would be able to tell. 
He reached the entrance of Knockturn Alley and looked at the shops surrounding it. There was a small apothecary reeking of unusual smells, a secondhand spellbook shop, and to the right, he found what he was after. 
It was a dingy little place, right on the divide of Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley, and as he entered, he knew immediately that he’d not find what he was after in here. 
Nonetheless, a smiling old wizard greeted him.
“What can I do for you today, Sir?” he said. He barely reached Ron’s shoulders and craned his neck to peer up at Ron.
“Er…” Ron looked around the tiny shop, his eyes scanning for any sign of rings. The only thing he saw was a gold one with a giant red ruby in the centre. He didn’t want ruby. “Just looking, thanks,” he said, and hurried away to a corner to peer at some bracelets. 
They were nice enough, but he definitely didn’t want them.
He stayed as long as he thought possible so as not to appear rude, and then left. Once back out on the street, Ron wasted no time in Disapparating to Hogsmeade. It had been in his plans, and he had such little time. 
Hogsmeade was also bustling with witches and wizards, many emerging from The Three Broomsticks a little drunk. 
As it was a relatively warm day, many were stripped of their wizarding cloaks and lounging on seats or steps. 
Ron wandered past them quickly, keeping his eyes peeled for any sign of rings in shop windows. There had to be something somewhere. Whilst not a necessity, many wizarding folk still had engagement rings. Someone had to sell some somewhere. 
After a little while of searching, he finally located a spot up a side alley behind Honeydukes. It was so discreet that he almost walked past it entirely had it not been for the diamond necklace that sat in the window. 
His nerves were bubbling as he entered the shop, knowing that this was the exact place he was looking for. The Sparkly Stone had so much jewellery he simply stood there, entirely lost.
“May I help you?”
Ron jumped at the voice, turning to find a middle-aged witch with greying blonde hair standing behind him. She wore deep purple robes and a kind smile that told Ron she really did want to help him.
“Er, yes,” he said, now feeling extremely nervous. “I’m looking for an… engagement ring.” He flushed red, and he didn’t know why. There was something very real about saying it out loud in the shop that would give him the ring. 
“Oh, I have many to choose from!” the witch said cheerfully, and she beckoned Ron to follow her over to a cabinet. 
Ron immediately saw a large selection of rings, all different colours, shapes and sizes. Some sparkled, some even changed colour. Some were clearly enchanted, while others looked like plain old rings he’d seen Hermione’s parents wear. 
He tried not to gape.
“Are you after anything in particular, Mr Weasley?” the witch asked. It really didn’t come as a shock to him that she knew his name; Ron had long gotten used to random people knowing it over the years.
“Um,” Ron said, staring at the cabinet. “Diamonds.”
The witch nodded and withdrew her wand from within her robes. She tapped the cabinet with it and all the rings that contained diamonds appeared on top of it. 
“This is what I currently have. Does anything catch your eye?”
Now that Ron had far less to choose from, there were two that drew his attention. One contained three small diamonds, while the other was one large diamond. 
“Those two,” he said, pointing them out.
The witch used her wand again and the others went back into the cabinet. 
Ron studied them, but he already knew which one Hermione would prefer. The one with the single diamond was too big and too clunky and he knew she would hate wearing it (even if she never said so to him). But the other one with the three smaller diamonds was absolutely perfect. 
He was about to tell the shopkeeper this when a thought occurred to him. This felt too easy. He’d been in the shop for all of five minutes. He’d only really looked at two rings.
“Can I see the other ones, too?” he asked. 
The witch happily obliged, taking out each ring containing diamonds for him to look closely at. The others were nice, but he kept coming back to the three diamonds. That was the perfect one for Hermione; he knew it. 
He swallowed. “That one,” he said pointing to it. “How much is it?” He’d have to go back to Diagon Alley to get money from the account. Hermione would notice, he knew, but again, his plan wasn’t to surprise her with a proposal. He’d surprise her with the ring. “And can you engrave it with words?”
“That one is four hundred Galleons. To engrave, it’s an additional fifty.”
Ron’s mouth fell open. That was an awful amount of money, and it was something he didn’t think he’d be able to afford. Not right now and probably not with Hermione coming at him with her wand for taking out so much money at once. 
His heart sank. That one had been perfect for Hermione. Well, everything except for the price. 
“This one is one hundred Galleons,” the witch said, taking out a much uglier ring, with much smaller diamonds. He’d passed on that one immediately. “Perhaps much more in your price range?”
Ron flushed. “What about that one?” He pointed to the one with the large diamond. 
“Six hundred Galleons.”
Ron stared at her. 
“We do offer the opportunity to pay off our items,” the witch continued, and Ron could tell she was taking pity on his dilemma. “Gradual, smaller payments over the course of an agreed amount of time.”
As quickly as they’d sunk, Ron’s spirits lifted again. “I can do that!” he said. 
The witch nodded. “I can offer a repayment of eight Galleons a week for a year.”
Ron nodded. Eight Galleons a week was doable. “I’ll take it,” he said, beaming.
“I do have just one condition,” the witch continued. “Whilst I allow gradual repayments, I’ll not part with the item until it is fully paid off. I simply put it aside for no one else to buy.”
“What?” Ron said. “But I need it for next week!”
“You may pay for it upfront,” the witch said. “But I’ve had far too many people take off with items in the past having not paid for them, so unless you want to sign a magically binding contract — which does not make me look good as a business owner, forcing my customers into magical agreements — I will keep the item until it is paid off.”
No, he couldn’t pay for it upfront. He simply did not have four hundred (four hundred and fifty if he wanted it engraved) to part with. But he couldn’t wait for a year to get it. He was going to ask Hermione next Saturday. He’d already told her he had plans. 
He looked back at the other rings. They were all hideous now. Uglier than they had been when he’d first laid eyes on them. Nothing compared to the one he’d chosen. It was the perfect one. He’d simply be disappointed with giving her any other one.
“Mr Weasley?” the witch asked. 
Ron looked up at her. He so wanted to marry Hermione, he wanted to ask her. He wanted to call her his fiance. But the ring was important to him. He wanted her to like it. 
He sighed. 
“I’ll do the eight Galleons a week.”
The witch smiled. “Wonderful. I’ll require a ten Galleon deposit initially, and then eight from next week. You may send the money via owl post or directly from Gringotts.”
Ron nodded, all his excitement diminished. He’d have to cancel his plans for next week. He’d have to delay it for a whole year. He’d thought he’d be married to Hermione in a year, not just getting engaged to her. 
As the witch hurried to the back of the shop with the ring in her hand, Ron couldn’t help but think bitterly about how Harry wouldn’t have had to worry about this. He would have just handed over four hundred Galleons like it was nothing. 
Why couldn’t that be Ron? He was better off than he ever had been growing up, now with a great job, but not four hundred Galleons better off. 
While he waited, he stared at the other rings again. He couldn’t bring himself to change his mind. They just weren’t right. This one was — even if it was costing him more than just money to get it. 
When Hermione returned later that afternoon, Ron was sitting on the small bench Hermione had placed by the window, looking down at Diagon Alley below. He felt completely miserable. He had the ring, but he didn’t have it. And it was all because he couldn’t afford to pay four hundred Galleons straight up. 
Why were the rings so expensive anyway? At least the good ones?
“Did you get all your work done?” Hermione asked, coming over to kiss him. She paused, seeming to notice his expression. “Everything alright?”
Ron looked at her, unable to even pretend to be happy. They were supposed to be less than a week away from becoming engaged. She probably knew that was where he went today and was expecting it. Instead, they’d have to wait another whole year. Because Ron was an idiot. And he couldn’t afford to get her a ring that she would like. Maybe he should have just gone with the cheaper one. It would have looked awful, and Hermione probably would have hated it, but at least they could get married. 
“Ron?” Hermione said after Ron didn’t respond. “What happened?”
“Nothing,” he said, and he sighed. “It’s just… I love you. You know that, right?”
“Of course I do,” Hermione said, kneeling in front of him. “Ron, what’s happened?” She sounded worried. 
“Nothing,” Ron said again, and he looked away from her. “I just… things didn’t really go according to plan today. We can’t do dinner next Saturday anymore.”
Hermione watched him for a moment. Even though Ron couldn’t see her, he could tell she was trying to figure out what exactly was going on.
“That’s alright,” she said after a while. “We can change it to the weekend after. I don’t mind.” She rested her hand on his back. Her touch was gentle, soft… loving. It warmed him, and when he looked back at her, he couldn’t help but smile just a little bit. 
He’d marry her one day, at least. And in the meantime, did it really make much difference? A ring wasn’t going to change anything except perhaps stressing them out with trying to plan a wedding. It wasn’t going to change the fact that he loved her more than life itself, and that he would continue to love her, ring or no ring, married or not married. And she didn’t know for sure what he had done today, so when he didn’t ask her to marry him, she’d just assume she was wrong. 
No harm done, except he felt like a complete buffoon over the whole thing. 
“I love you,” he said. “And one day soon… we can have that dinner, alright?”
Hermione smiled back and nodded. “Whenever you’re ready,” she replied softly.  
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loopycottagewhore · 10 hours ago
I recently joined and then left a Harry Potter chat which was full of Ron bashers, Sirius haters, and homophobes who didn’t know that Sirius and Remus are married and raising a baby Harry. Never again.
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comfortwriting · 10 hours ago
Summer At The Burrow - F.W
Masterlist, Requesting Rules, Writing Prompt Masterlist
Fred Weasley x Fem Reader
Requested/About: Ron's friend, Y/N visits the burrow over the summer and gets to know more about Fred than the prankster within him.
Warnings: Mention of food, mention of eating, mention of periods.
"Hurry up, Y/N," Ron complained, pulling his trunk off the train, accidentally bumping it off the step.
"I'm trying!" you huffed, feeling flustered, your arms hurting from lifting your own heavy trunk.
"Calm down, Ron" Fred butted in from behind you, being kind enough to carry your trunk for you, only for you to realise he didn't have one of his own.
"Oi! you're taking her trunk but not mine?" Ron scrunched up his face, glaring.
"Give over, Ron," George smirked, sneakily opening Ron's trunk, his robes and books spilling out.
"Do you bloody mind!" Ron scowled and crouched on the cold floor, picking up his belongings, trying to stuff them back in his trunk quickly, you and his brothers continued to walk forward.
"So, you looking forward to spending the summer with us then?" Fred chirped up, puffing out his chest.
You couldn't help but blush, the sound of Fred's voice, the sight of him, the fact he was talking to you just made you want to squeal in excitement and burst with joy.
Nodding your head you blushed bright shades of pink "Yeah, I've been looking forward to it."
Molly and Arthur were standing at the exit, waving their kids over with huge smiles on their faces, Percy stood behind them, trying his best to look happy his troublemaking brothers were back for the summer to annoy and torment him.
"Good," Fred smiled, handing your trunk to Molly "Because we're all happy to have you!"
Fred is happy to have me...
"Hello dear," Molly smiled brightly, "We're so delighted to have you stay for the summer!"
"Especially me," Arthur interrupted, "Ron told me your dad is a plumber!"
You broke out into a chuckle, already excited to finally be at The Burrow, your thoughts and hopes racing before you.
"He is, yes!" You replied, "He knows everything of the sort!"
Once entering the burrow you were lost for words, the warmth engulfed you, all worries stripped from your chest, and the smell of fresh-baked bread, honey, chocolate, and cinnamon lifted your spirits.
"Sorry if it's small..." Ron said nervously, going slightly red at the sight of your eyes wandering around the room.
"No," you shook your head, fascinated by the moving knives on the chopping boards and the pans washing in the sink "it's perfect."
Fred kindly enough took your trunk into Ginny's room, everyone thought he was up to something - especially Ron - being kind to you out of nowhere - but the truth is, Fred has always been kind to you, he's always gone out of his way for you - when you needed it and when you didn't.
You hunched over on the bench, clutching your stomach and scrunching your eyes shut as tears streamed down your face.
That time of the month dawned on you - it was never kind - always painful - always long, draining you of energy.
You didn't want to eat, move, drink, or speak, you didn't have enough energy to make yourself feel better, no matter how bad the cramps got.
"Bloody hell, Y/N." a voice called out, the person approaching and crouching down in front of you "Are you alright?"
Opening your eyes, you met Fred's large and endearing brown ones, full of concern and love.
You shook your head "No... but I'll be okay," you insisted, not wanting to gross him out.
You didn't need to explain, because Fred already knew, reaching into his pockets he pulled out some pastel orange fudge protected in a shiny, gold wrapper with purple stripes.
"Ginny's the same," he said quietly "George and I hated seeing her in pain... so we made these," he handed you the fudge.
You accepted and stared at the wrapping, smiling at how elegant it looked, you appreciated the fact that it didn't have 'MENSTRUAL PAIN RELIEF' written all over it.
"It's quite strong, stronger than whatever those muggles came up with," he looked into your eyes again, those eyes... "You won't need another one for twenty-four hours, here,"
Fred pulled more out of his pocket, handing them to you "if you need any more, just ask." He smiled, standing up, rubbing your shoulder, and walking away.
"Thanks, Fred," you smiled, watching him bounce down the many flights of stairs.
Fred smiled, wiggly his eyebrows before waltzing over to George, both of them speaking quietly, most likely coming up with a plan to prank Percy.
Over the dinner table, Arthur was keen to find out more about your dad and his work, his eyes lit up at the most simple parts of your dad's job and he even got excited when you mentioned the same tools that he had in his toolshed - to Molly's horror.
Whilst you and Arthur continued to talk all things muggle, Fred watched you, his heart-melting and skipping beats at how excited you got, how eager you were, and how easily you made his father break out into a smile, or laugh.
Your eyes, your nose, your lips, your smile, your voice, your laugh... everything that made you... you was enough to make Fred fall for you.
Catching Fred's eyes, you blushed and smiled, quickly looking down at your plate, hoping Ron or anyone else didn't notice; the last thing this family needed was drama because you and Fred fancy each other.
You couldn't deny that the food was better than the feasts you longed for in the great hall, each dish stood out - rich in flavour, the perfect balance of herbs and spices, nothing undercooked or overcooked, and each dish had the perfect ingredient of home added; it made you realise why Ron often spoke about missing home - and missing the food.
After dinner, you got dressed into your pyjamas and went back downstairs, Fred waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs whilst everyone went outside to sit around the bonfire.
Fred couldn't help but chuckle at your nighty, covered in yellow polka dots against the purple fabric.
"Real cute," he chuckled, holding out a mug of hot chocolate "Everyone is already outside, want to join them?"
You took the mug from him, it instantly warming up your hands, the smell of the marshmallows and the chocolate making your mouth water, nodding your head, Fred leads you outside, everyone laughing and joking around the fire.
Stepping out into the cold evening air, Fred pulled out a chair next to you and sat down, you sat down and pulled your knees into your chest, the crackling of the fire and floating embers looking like fireflies in the night sky.
Ron and George teased Percy, Ginny and Harry watched and laughed whilst Molly and Arthur stared lovingly into each other's eyes, proud of the children they raised.
"I could get used to being here," you said quietly, your hand by your side.
Fred's hand reached out and held yours, "why don't you?" he smiled, blushing into the flames.
taglist: @alwaysnforeverfangirl @horrorxweasley @xmalfoyweasleyx @onlyfreds @inglourious-imagines @holyheadharpies99 @livvysnaps @supermassiveblackhope @youralternantpersonality @potters-heart @xgoodbyexinnocencex 
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awesomemagical-witch · 11 hours ago
Ron: Don’t worry Harry, you’re not completely useless
Hermione: Yup, he can be used as a bad example
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jellyraindrops · 12 hours ago
If I went to Hogwarts
Me, visits Hagrids hut for the first time:
Hagrid: It ain't much, but its home ya know?
Me: omg I love it! Hagrid, your house is literally so cottage core!
Trio: ?
Me, in potions: Ok but like what's Snape's problem? He's always so cranky
Draco: I heard-
Me: I think he just needs to get laid.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thicc Thighs Save Lives Part 2/3
Continuing to celebrate big bodies! Fleur is a nod to @bubblytonks's design sweeping instagram. I absolutely love this trend of Fleur with vitiligo.
Millicent is strongly based on the design from Master Mine, which is the fic that made me fall in love with Millie.
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hufflepuffneville2 · 12 hours ago
ron weasley
The options:
Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY
I think he's adorable, cute, and pretty <3
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accio-broom · 13 hours ago
hiiii okay I love your writing!! I'd love to see the "he liked watching her in her element" one but like make it she's the drummer for Taylor Swift or something and is an insanely talented musician hehe
Hi lovely Anon,
I'm so sorry but I haven't been able to write this ask the way you wanted it. But as soon as I associated this prompt with Romione, then this little OotP missing moment would not get out of my head so I had to write it, and then it ended up super long, because I just cannot write a short story anymore.
I hope you enjoy it anyway!
My ask box is open. Here are the prompts I am looking to fill. So please send me your requests.
Tumblr media
In the Library
Ron is losing the will to live. Rocking onto the back legs of his chair, he stares up at the ceiling, willing for a time-turner or something so he can get out of the library and do something better with his free time. Has anyone ever died of boredom? Probably. He’d rather sit through triple Divination than spend any more time looking at books.
They’ve been here for three hours already, much to his chagrin, and his loose grip on consciousness has been inching out of Ron’s grasp for at least two and a half of them. Unless something exciting happens soon, he’s going to fall fast asleep.
It was Hermione’s choice to come here, of course. When in doubt, go to the library. It was also her idea for Harry to start up a very illegal secret Defence Against the Dark Arts club, so Ron isn’t sure why they’re even still listening to her. Without the DA, he could be snuggled up on a cosy sofa next to the fire, playing Wizard Chess or Exploding Snap already.
“What about Expecto Patronum?” Harry asks with a sigh. “If I have to keep the likes of Ernie MacMillan entertained, then I should at least make the first spell I teach them a good one.”
Hermione scoffs. “Oh, come on. Like Ernie could perform such an advanced spell. I haven’t even attempted it yet,” she argues.
Although impressed by her scathing review of their classmate, Ron’s momentary alertness seeps away as the pair continue to bicker. Just as his eyes close again, he is once again woken up by an abrupt movement. Hermione is now on her feet, her anger punctuated by the slap of her shoes on the stone floor.
Swinging his chair back onto all four legs, Ron swivels his head and tries to work out where she’s gone. Eventually, his gaze settles on a slim frame pulling books out of the defensive charm shelves haphazardly. A mutter floats up the aisle, and he can’t help but laugh. She looks deranged as she goes about her mission to prove Harry (and, by default, Ron) wrong, one of her favourite things to do.
“She’s bloody mental.” Ron keeps his voice low, not wanting it to carry towards the witch. “Why’d you have to poke the Hippogriff?”
Ron loves a good argument with Hermione, but he knows Harry doesn’t feel the same way. Harry prefers a quiet life, which is ironic when You-Know-Who attempts to kill the young wizard every year. He’d rather let Hermione believe she’s right than bring up a counter-point to her beliefs.
“The first spell we learn must be a good one. I feel it’s important to start with a bang.”
Harry’s words disappear as Ron’s attention drifts back to Hermione. A massive pile of books now float behind her as she flicks through a different tome, repeating words to herself. Her already frizzy hair has grown with her anger, and her usually warm-brown eyes are sharp.
Usually, Ron would be afraid of this look. It means danger and that she is concocting a brilliant but scary plan in her mind.
But not today.
An unfamiliar warm sickly feeling floods through Ron’s heart, and a smile involuntarily spreads over his face. It’s like Hagrid has emptied a giant bag of flobberworms into Ron’s belly, and the vile creatures are twisting and turning in a merry dance. It feels like the moment he received his Prefect badge and when he got named Keeper for the Gryffindor Quidditch team all in one go. It’s almost too much to bear.
Recently, Ron has suspected that there might be some different feelings growing inside his heart for Hermione. They began around the same time as the Yule Ball and have exploded exponentially since then.
And it’s moments like this that cause the biggest sensations.
Sure, there are times when he finds himself staring at the buttons on her shirt that shields Ron from what he knows hides under the material or when her skirt rides up just a little too high, giving him a glimpse of her firm olive thigh. But they’re filed in the back of his mind for when he’s alone at night with the curtains drawn tight around his bed.
He likes watching her in her element the most. Eyebrows frowning, chewing on her lower lip in concentration, tutting and sighing to herself as she crosses words out, then rewrites them furiously with her quill. It's those movements that make him wonder if he might even be in love.
Shaking his head, he tunes back into the books now emptied onto the table, just in time to catch Harry throwing him a confused look. How much of the conversation has Ron missed?
“S-sorry, what was that, mate?” he stutters, leaning forward and hoping that his ears aren’t as pink as they feel.
“I said, do you think that Expelliarmus is the right charm to start with?”
“Oh, I mean, it is your favourite spell, so at least you won’t have difficulty showing people what to do,” Hermione snarks in return.
Ron catches Hermione’s gaze across the table. Their eyes linger on each other for a moment before shooting away.
In his peripheral, he can see Hermione covering her face with a book as she tries hard to stop the giggles fighting to escape. The moment is ridiculous. Her face turns redder with each passing second, and it’s infectious enough to cause a knot of humour in Ron’s chest. Soon enough, he lets out a loud chortle and Hermione explodes.
Harry watches on, confused, as the pair rock back and forth in laughter. “What the—?” He gives up as Hermione snorts, resigned to not understanding the in-joke. “Forget it. I’m sticking with the Disarming Charm since you two are no longer any help.”
Harry storms off, and Ron flashes his lop-sided grin to Hermione, feeling a flutter of joy as she returns it. The flobberworms dance again as the pair fight to catch their breath. The shared moment over, she shrugs and continues to pack up their books.
Once they’ve put everything back in its rightful place, Ron and Hermione leave the library, following in Harry’s angry footsteps. Ron is painfully aware of how close she’s walking to him. If he could just summon enough courage to stretch out his fingers and take her hand…
They catch up with Harry, and the moment is over. Ron is disappointed, but maybe it’s for the best. Perhaps he needs a little longer to examine these new feelings for Hermione before he does something about them.
If he even does anything about them.
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larussos-left-sock · 13 hours ago
Harry Potter Character’s Kissing Style:
Harry Potter: starry-eyed and lasting
Tumblr media
Ron Weasley: quick and passionate
Tumblr media
Hermione Granger: demanding and loving
Tumblr media
Draco Malfoy: deep and slow
Tumblr media
Fred Weasley: spontaneous and flirty
Tumblr media
George Weasley: often and entertaining
Tumblr media
Neville Longbottom: shy and sincere
Tumblr media
Ginny Weasley: with ardent passion
Tumblr media
Luna Lovegood: interrupted by giggles and smiles
Tumblr media
Pansy Parkinson: crammed with emotion
Tumblr media
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