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#weasley twins
cedricslover · 2 hours ago
can you write a oneshot with wolfstars daughter dating george
Here you go bestie<33 thank u for requesting!!
As a wolfstar shipper and a George girl myself😌, I hope you like this bestie<33
Pairings: Sirius x Remus, George x Fem! Reader
Warnings: some homophobia at the beginning, teasing Sirius Black lmaooo
Word Count: 2.4k
“You want a future with me?”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Hello dear” you turned around and saw one of your fathers, “Dad!” you jumped and hugged him, you just got off the Hogwarts express, this would be your last summer break since you’re going to be seventh year the next time you step at Hogwarts. 
“How’s my baby girl?” He looked at you as you broke the hug, you smiled at the sight of him “Doing great, where’s dad?” you looked around while he picked up your trunk, “Here!” you heard the voice of your other father and your heart jumped out of joy when you saw him, you ran to him and hugged him too. 
“Here’s a chocolate for our princess” he handed you a bar of chocolate, “Remus! You ruined my moment with her, you should show up at the exit, not here, you’re ruining my quality time with our daughter!” suddenly Sirius was having a tantrum, not likely a tantrum actually, he was just whining. 
“No” Remus answered and looked away while he bit into his own chocolate bar. You laughed at them, “Stop acting like kids” you said and linked your arms to theirs. 
“Excuse us?” They both said in unison and looked at you, their forehead creasing that made you laugh even more. 
“You may” you nodded while closing your eyes and your parents just looked at each other, and it seemed like they were blaming the other one as to why you are so sarcastic.
“Let’s just go home” you dragged them by the arms since theirs are still linked to yours. You giggled as you saw Sirius not even struggling while carrying your trunk and at the same time being dragged by his daughter, and giggled even more when you saw your other dad who was just eating his chocolate quietly while observing the surroundings. 
You three were just like a happy family, parents picking up their child that came from a boarding school, if it weren’t just the ugly looks the people gave you.
It seems like Sirius was also bothered by how people looked at the three of you, seriously? Can’t they just manage their own business. 
Remus on the other hand was like used to it, he didn’t show any bothered expression, he didn't want to feed their satisfaction. That is something you got from him, that’s why you just let the people be, but of course, Sirius being Sirius.
He removed his arms from your link and grabbed Remus' face and took a bite from the chocolate that was centimeters away from his lips-being that he was eating it, your eyes widened registering how did that happen so fast, your jaw dropped, and a smile slowly formed in your lips as you saw Remus turning scarlet. 
 “Gross” you removed your arm that was around Remus’ and walked past them, your smile didn’t left your lips as you see mixed reactions from the crowd at the station, some were smiling, some were confused, some were probably uncomfortable, and of course, the people who were obvious to be insulted or disgusted. 
Needless to say, Sirius is your father, so you flicked those people who looked openly disgusted by them, they were sneering, frowning, and rolling their eyes.
“Fuck off git” you mouthed as you walk, turning to them while your middle fingers were greeting them. 
“Good job princess” Sirius laughed and high fived you as you three arrived at the front of number 12 Grimmauld Place, you weren’t sure what was the good job for, is it for flicking those people off or for successfully apparating, you decided to shrug it off and just viewed the house, it was your father’s ancestral home, it was filled by terrible memories of his childhood but with you three living there, it was all buried deep down. 
You unconsciously stared at the beautiful house that was concealed in the muggles eyes. You felt nostalgic seeing your dads walking towards the door, memories from your childhood appeared in front of you.
A girl in a yellow flowy dress, around the age of four, was running towards two men with their arms open wide, expecting that the little girl would run to them instead of the other, but what they didn’t expect was the little girl would run straight to the space between them and both hug them from the necks. 
The little girl was giggling while her dads were teary eyed, that’s when they realized, she never had favorites, if she had the choice to not choose, she wouldn’t. 
“Y/N?” Remus called you from the doorstep, his head was cocking from the door. “Oh!” you ran to the door “call me before dinner yeah?” you told Remus as you removed your shoes. You raised your gaze to him with flashing eyes and maintained eye contact, waiting for his answer. 
“Alright” he replied to you, you felt sudden joy not even sure why but it did make you kiss him on the cheek. “Thanks!, Love you dad!” you shouted as you ran towards the stairs, 
“HOW ABOUT ME?!” you heard Sirius who was probably at the kitchen doing Merlin knows what, “I LOVE YOU TOO!” you yelled while you ran the stairway. 
“YOU BETTER BE NOT PREGNANT WITH THAT WEASLEY BOY’S CHILD Y/N!” Remus’ voice echoed and you laughed and stopped from entering your room and peeked down while holding at the stair rails.
“DON’T WORRY, I’M NOT PREGNANT!” you shouted back and you heard his sigh of relief, “YET!” you added and sprinted to your room and closed the door. 
You heard both of their voices shouting your name. You cackle while heading to your study table, your room was cozy, it was filled with different drawings you made when you were a child, there was your very first black leather jacket that Sirius gave you before he bought you a bicycle, it was hanging from a corner, properly displayed, he was expecting you to like motorbikes like he did, and you did, you like riding motorbikes. 
There was also your very first hair accessories that Remus bought for you, hair pins, hair clips, headbands, and many more. He was the one who likes to tidy you up, even before you make yourself dirty by running and riding the bike. Of course Remus struggled but thankfully, Lily did teach him a few hairstyles when they were teenagers, and the rest of his knowledge came from going to different hair salons just to ask how to style his daughter’s hair. 
An owl bumped on your window that made your brows raise and shift your head to that direction. 
“Errol?” you said the name of the owl and he dropped a letter to your hand before he headed to your table and lay down, acting very exhausted, of course to your utter panic you immediately got water and placed it in front of him. You sighed as he drank through the container, enough for him to drink. 
While he relaxed you opened the letter. 
Hello beautiful, 
                   I’ll arrive there at six, see you. 
Your husband, 
You bit your lower lip and smiled, then you forgot, you haven’t told your dads yet. Without wasting any time, you apparated to the kitchen. 
“Hey” you voice lingered behind their backs and they jumped, they turned their heads to you with wide eyes, “You don’t do that here” Sirius said while holding his chest, “I almost had a heart attack” he glared at you while you just tried to not laugh,
“You’re just getting old dad” you stated that made him glare at you more, Remus smiled very very sweetly at you, trying to bribe you to not say it “and you too” you smiled back, looking at their sour faces. 
“Enough” Remus raised both of his hands and shaked it, trying to shoo you. “I was about to say that George’s arriving at si-” you didn’t have the chance to finish your sentence when someone knocked at the door. 
“I’ll get it” you announced, you three were quite tensed as to who might be at the door, you weren’t expecting visitors this early, it wasn't 6 o'clock yet. 
You opened the door, ready to run back to the kitchen if something goes wrong, but what greeted who was something-or someone, who had a mischievous smile, his red hair shining because of the sun, and his brown eyes gleaming at you. 
“Hello dove” his smile became wider as he caught the perfect view of his girlfriend, her Y/H/C hair complimenting her skin, the eyes that were obviously shocked to see him, and the smile that slowly formed on her soft lips. 
“George!” you mentioned his name when you processed who was standing in front of you, he gave you a peck on the lips before he grabbed your waist and pushed you carefully to the side so he can walk, “hello Sirs” he cleared his throat and rubbed both of his hand on his pants before giving your fathers a hand shake. 
This would probably be their very first ‘formal’ meeting, they already met each other at Hogwarts, during the Triwizard tournament, but that wasn’t formal enough, unlike now. 
George was scratching the back of his neck and was being really nervous, you just surveyed them, and when you noticed something it was too late because your mouth opened before you can even think twice
“Dad, you’re the smallest” you told Sirius that made the three of them look at you, firstly George was shaking his head slightly, trying to tell you that it was not the right time, then Remus was also looking at you, he was trying his best to cross his brows but you can see the ghost of smile that was in his face, on the other hand, Sirius was there shooting daggers at you with his eyes like you’re not his child, then he slowly looked at Remus and George. 
George was obviously the tallest, but only an inch taller than Remus, while Sirius, he’s just not a six footer. 
“I-uh come George let’s prepare the table” even though it was still early, you reached for George’s hand, still feeling the stares of your father, you wanted to laugh, so hard, but he might not buy you your favorite cereal, so you chose to suck it up.
“Why’d you do that?” George started talking as you fetched his wand and used it to prepare the table using magic, “it was my mouth’s fault, anyway, you told me you're arriving at six, it's not six yet” you answered and watched the floating plates and utensils. 
“I was trying my best not to laugh dove, please don’t do that again in front of your parents, I might lose goodie points, and I meant six minutes not six o'clock” he chuckled as he hugged you from the back, wrapping his arms around your waist and laying his chin on the top of your head. 
“Even if you lose goodie points, I’ll still love you don’t worry” you faced him and cupped his face, his face that was always as perfect, those freckles that can make a constellation, his eyes that you would prefer to look at rather than the stars, and his hair that would always stand out. 
It was like a magnetic pull, your faces was slowly getting nearer and nearer, almost there, the finish line, his lips onto yours, inches turned to an inch, heartbeats getting fast, and you can feel his breath, then his soft lips was supposed to be next 
Not until someone cleared their throat that made you push George out of reflex. 
“No snogging in this house, you understand that angel?” Sirius crossed his arms and raised his eyebrows, “Yes dad” you replied, slightly embarrassed so you chose to continue to prepare the table while George can’t maintain eye contact with you or anyone in the room. 
“Sorry dad” you walked to Sirius who was still in the entrance of the kitchen, surprisingly he smiled at you, “Yeah that’s for bullying me” he wrapped his arms over your shoulder “But about that almost kiss? I’m not mad don’t worry, we all kiss someone at some time” he added like it was just common sense for him to not get mad.
“I love you” you said out of the blue while you two watched Remus and George laughing at the dinner table, you rested your head on his chest, “I love you more princess” you felt him kiss the top of your head. 
“Just walk with the boy outside while we clean here alright?” Remus looked at you and George, he tapped George’s shoulder before he turned his back to the both of you and be with Sirius who was still drinking wine at the table. 
“Come on” George called you and touched your back to guide you, your eyes were still looking at your parents, mesmerized by their strong bond. 
“Georgie?” you tried to get his attention while you two walked the dim lighted streets, only the flickering lamp posts and the moon were the sources of light. 
“Hmm?” he was busy playing your hand, touching every bit of it, and even comparing it to his. “You think we would be like them?” you stopped on your tracks, feeling the night summer breeze brushing your skin, "Like who love?" He stared at you, now holding your hand firmly, "Sirius and Remus" you answered and tucked the few strands of hair that was bothering your face because of the wind,  you looked at his eyes and saw amusement and adoration all over it.
“You’re asking me that?” a lopsided smile appeared on his face, you nodded slightly as an answer, “You’re thinking of marrying me?” he asked you again, now giving a full smile, you nodded again, “You," he pointed to you "want a future with me?” he pointed to himself, his eyes smiling the same as his lips, you nodded again, oblivious of how that made George’s inner monologues that was doubting what would happen with the both of you disappear, because who wouldn’t, you’re Y/N, raised by two amazing people, you’re beautiful, intelligent, bold, and many more that he would even consider you as perfect. 
And you’re here, saying that you wanted a future with him. 
Now, with the moon smiling at the both of you, the stars being your cheerleaders, your lips met, you hooked your arms around his neck while he cups your face with one hand and the other holding your waist. 
At this night, two teenagers shared a kiss under a lamp post, during the summer of 1995. 
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gii-heylittleangel · 5 hours ago
Store Worker: Would a Ms. Hermione please come to the front desk?
Hermione, arriving at the desk: Hello, is there a problem?
Store Worker, pointing at Fred and George: I believe they belong to you?
Fred and George, simultaneously: We got lost :(
Hermione: I didn't even bring you guys here with me.
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comfortwriting · 6 hours ago
Bad Timing Part 1 - F.W
Masterlist, Writing Prompt Masterlist, Requesting Rules, Taglist
Part 1 of my mini series: Bad Timing. Want to be tagged? Let me know!
Fred Weasley x Fem Reader
Prompt 128: Pulling the covers over you, you curled up into the foetal position and cried your eyes out silently as everyone slept.
Requested/About: Y/N has fallen for Fred, she sees stars in his eyes and the love birds flying around him. When she finally decides to tell him who she feels, she comes to find that it's too late.
Warnings: Swearing, tears, mention of food and eating.
"Why don't you just tell him?" George muttered, then swearing under his breath at his homework.
You pulled the parchment away from him and started to correct his answers "because," you replied, "I don't know for sure if he likes me that way."
George pulled a face "He doesn't flirt with you for nothing, Y/N."
"Has he told you he fancies me?" you asked, sliding George his improved homework.
He sighed "No, but that doesn't mean-"
You made jazz hands and frowned "and that's why I can't unless he makes it obvious there's no way I'll know."
"Know what?" Fred butted in, sitting next to his twin, pulling out his parchment and copying George's answers.
"That I'll pass my N.E.W.Ts." you lied, trying to avoid eye contact, your heart already throbbing at the sound of his voice.
Fred waved his hand in dismiss "You'll be fine, don't worry about that nonsense, if you fail, you'll have a job at our joke shop anyway."
George wiggled his eyebrows at you, breaking out into a smirk, you glared at him.
"I know," you sighed "it just doesn't stop me from worrying."
Your crush on Fred started within the first few weeks of your friendship, at first it was small and controllable, you still admired other good-looking students, and then over the years, it spread like wildfire. All you ever thought about was him, no one compared to him, you wrote your name and his in little hearts all over the blank pages in your books, you were head over feels for him, falling at a great, unstoppable speed.
Everything about him, everything he did made you gush and beet red like a wild rose. His eyes, his laugh, his cheeky mischievous grin, the way he spoke, his walk, how he performed in Quidditch, you couldn't find a single flaw with him - maybe that was the problem.
"Well it should," Fred said cooly "you'll always have me and George."
But I want you to be much more than my boss, my co-worker, my best friend, I want you to be mine, unconditionally.
Angelina, your classmate Fred often hung out with from time to time walked over to the three of you, her long hair swaying and a small smile on her face, wearing her Quidditch kit.
"Fred," she called out "I'll need you and George on the pitch in an hour, you better turn up."
You watched Fred's eyes light up when she came over, the corners of his lips curling up, he shook his head and chuckled.
"Wouldn't want to be late for my captain now, would I?"
Is he flirting with her? No, he's just being playful, he's just fond of her because of Quidditch, I have far more in common with him than she does!
"No," Angelina smirked, "you wouldn't."
You brushed their interaction off and swallowed hard, holding your head high in the air, George could tell you were jealous - he was too - the girl he fancied was giving his brother more attention than him, why? he didn't know, he was hoping it was because Fred performed better in the previous match.
"Well," Fred sighed "Guess I'll go and get myself ready for practice." he stood up and shoved the crumpled parchment into his bag, George slowly stood up and followed.
"You don't need to come and watch if you don't want to," Fred said "Revising hard for your N.E.W.T.s will be more important." he winked.
You contemplated whether or not you would go and watch, you usually did, although you weren't interested in quidditch, watching Fred practice and play made the butterflies take flight in your tummy, making you giddy, and with Ron as the new addition to the team, there was always a laugh to be had when Draco and his cronies weren't hanging about, taunting him.
Finally giving in, you abandoned your work and fled to watch him practice. Sitting high up in the stands, your eyes were glued onto him, taking in his gorgeous hair, his lean body and how he held onto his broom, his voice spearing through the air when he made fun of his little brother or cheered with George.  Every now and then he turned to look at you, as he often did when you watched, sending a wink or smile your way.
What have I got to lose? It's obvious he's interested, I mean he's not winking at Angelina now, is he?
Where this newfound confidence came from, you didn't know. Maybe it was Fred winking at you, or George believing that his brother felt the same way. What you did know is that you didn't want to waste any more time - pondering over the what-ifs and when you were going to ask him as soon as practice finished, you were going to take things - whatever you have with Fred - to the next level.
George was the last to leave the changing rooms aside from Fred and Angelina who were discussing how badly Ron performed, right now, you weren't threatened by her, and you wouldn't let her get in the way of your moment.
Stepping one foot and into the doorway, you opened your mouth to speak but you were cut off by Fred, who had his back turned to you, standing next to Angelina whose back was also turned, you started to feel a strange sinking feeling in your tummy, you couldn't explain how or why, but you suddenly felt your confidence burn out.
"All jokes and complaints about Ron aside," Fred sighed puffing out his chest, pausing for a moment "I was wondering if you wanted to go out on a date with me, I was thinking maybe this weekend, somewhere in Hogsmeade?"
Your heart dropped, falling into your tummy, a lump formed in your throat and you felt as if you had been knocked off your broom.
You were wrong, terribly wrong. He is interested in her, she is so much more than his quidditch captain.
Angelina blushed, pushing the hair out of her face and over her shoulder "Yeah, sure" she sounded flattered "I'm up for that."
Covering your mouth with your hand, you turned away and ran for it. How could he do this? Did he string you along on purpose? Did George know about Angelina's feelings for his brother and not him? Did you see Fred's kindness and friendship in a way that he thought nothing of?
You didn't know, you didn't want to think about it or ask yourself why, but as usual, your thoughts were moving too fast for your own good.
You didn't know what to do, or where to go whilst everyone was still awake, so you pondered the many halls and stairs until you needed to call it a night, getting into Mr Filch or getting sight of Mrs Norris would only make you feel worse.
You didn't bother changing into your pyjamas, in fact, you didn't care for much other than the love of your life backstabbing you. Pulling the covers over you, you curled up into the foetal position and cried your eyes out silently as everyone slept.
The dark circles around your eyes didn't go unnoticed, George pulled you aside after finally catching up to you - you were ignoring his calls, you didn't want him to know about Angelina and Fred.
"Where were you?" he asked, "you weren't at breakfast."
"I didn't feel like eating."
"Y/N, what's wrong? You're never like this." George frowned, studying your features.
You couldn't hide it, even if you tried you would do a terrible job.
"You were wrong," you croaked, trying to swallow the forming lump "Fred doesn't like me like that."
George sighed "Look if you're that worried I'll ask him for you-"
"I was going to yesterday until he asked Angelina out on a date!" you wailed, feeling frustrated and embarrassed.
George's face dropped, but at least you weren't alone in the broken heart and looking like a fool department.
He couldn't say anything, he tried but the words didn't come out, instead, he wrapped his arms around you and pulling you in for a warm and comforting hug. Fred noticed the two of you in the distance, his heart paining him slightly.
Why is he holding her like that? He didn't tell me he was into her, he denied it.
Fred grudgingly walked over, his head taunting him with the idea that the two of you had become lovers overnight.
"What's up with you both?" he asked, sounding more nosy than concerned.
"Funny you ask," You hiss, pulling away from George's arms and glaring at him "we could ask you the same bloody thing!"
Taglist: @amourtentiaa @horrorxweasley @alwaysnforeverfangirl @reeophidian @sebby-staan @euphorictraveler @inglourious-imagines @escapingrealitybyreading @onlyfreds @xmalfoyweasleyx
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adoringprongs-on-ig · 8 hours ago
The fact that the Weasley twins were born on April Fools honestly gives me life.
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mendesxruel · 8 hours ago
Mardy Bum
George Weasley x reader
this is part 2 of Might Be Too Kind, so I recommend you read it first:)
summary: you argued with George and you're shocked by how he reacted 2 days later
warnings: mentions of arguing, rain, food, fluff
author's note: thank you so much for the support on part 1 !! <3 also, this was inspired by, ofc, the song Mardy Bum by Arctic Monkeys
(gif source)
Tumblr media
After two days of intense rain, thunder, and feelings of sadness and regret that took over your entire house, it was finally sunny outside. Birds were singing softly and you could smell the scent of wet grass.
You still felt exhausted from arguing with George two days ago, and this whole time you two decided to not share a single word or look, and just pretend that the other didn’t exist.
You left your bed and got ready to start your Sunday morning. You went to the kitchen to prepare your breakfast. You grabbed your favourite beverage and some pancakes. You finally sat down to eat, when the sound of a single word hit your ears, and made you flinch, like thunder.
"Morning," George said, as he walked down the stairs and into the kitchen.
Morning. After all that yelling and accusing, the first thing he decided to say to you was morning.
"Morning," you muttered, meaninglessly.
"Enjoying your breakfast?" he asked, while preparing his tea.
Was he serious? Pretending that nothing happened was not the way to handle this situation.
"Yeah," you answered, without any excitement or emotion in your words.
He sat down beside you, now drinking his tea, and staring at you.
You felt uncomfortable, and it was odd because you'd never feel like this when he'd stare at you. Usually, you felt your cheeks get hot and your stomach get filled with butterflies.
He noticed you weren't matching his energy, so he tried cracking one of your favourite jokes.
Didn't work. Was he too immature to apologize to you?
"Hey, can't we just laugh and joke around?" he asked.
"I prefer to talk about it first," you, at last, spoke up.
As he saw the look on your face, which was a pained and broken expression, he knew how much he had messed up.
"I'm sorry," he started, "I truly am. I shouldn't have yelled at you, I shouldn't have accused you of that and it was ridiculous of me to do it, y/n." He grabbed your hand slowly, with the intention to reconcile through one of your treasured ways of affection: touch.
"I am so sorry, y/n. I am deeply regretting what I did two days ago. Truly," he told you, trying his best to convince you that he was telling you the truth.
The way he smiled at you and rubbed his thumb on the back of your hand made you want to believe him, so you did. You grinned back, showing you had accepted his apology, and it made him smile even wider.
"Wanna go outside to enjoy the Sun a bit?" he proposed.
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dracofknmalfoy · 16 hours ago
okay i’m gonna get through my requests today i have three hours before i go out hwg
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yesfoxcato · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Fred and George forcing Percy's sweater on him. I've always wished we'd seen more of the twins antics throughout the books.
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fandommastermind · 19 hours ago
Snape: Good, I see you incompetent, reckless, idiotic, whining children finally learned your lesson?
Fred, George and Tom stay quiet while you lay on the ground, tired from defeating the mutated giant in the dungeons.
Snape: Nothing to say? No excuses, no ridiculous jokes? Surprising, I expected more from you two. (He'd glance at the Twins.)
You were too exhausted and irritated with your professor's unnecessary rude comments. Without opening your eyes, you started to say something.
Y/N: Sss...
Snape: ...Yess?
Y/N: Ssshut up, you oily-haired bastard...
Fred and George started to snicker, George biting down on his lip while Tom slapped his arm with a fixed glare.
Snape turns and walks away, muttering to himself. You were surprised he didn't take away house points.
Fred: I can't believe you cursed at Snape! Anyone with Merlin's balls can pull that off!
Tom: A foolish thing to do, he's already pissed as it is.
George: Oh, shush, Tommy! Let Y/N have their fun!
Tom: You three are asking for death curses.
Fred: Sod off, Riddle. Learn to be more like Y/N, take no shiet from anyone!
Y/N: Quiet, you idiots. You're not helping my headache.
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shadowfrey88 · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
In the Harry Potter I really like Oliver wood and Weasley Twins so much <3
So I decided to draw some fanart for my favorite character!
Hope you like it<3
you can go and follow me at
DeviantArt : ShadowFrey
YouTube : Shadow Freya
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thedigitalnativee · a day ago
i trusted you. (fred weasley x fem!oc)
Tumblr media
summary: vespyr trusted him despite being warned of his ways.
warnings: unedited and not proof-read, ANGST, mentions of sex, mentions of nude photos, fred being a dick, me hurting my oc as a way to cope (lol...)
update: vespyr’s name is pronounced ve-spur
Vespyr face claim:
Tumblr media
Vespyr was stunned by what she was seeing. It was as if she could feel her heart breaking in half. She didn’t want to believe it, but how could she not when it was so clear?
Two weeks ago, Vespyr slept with Fred Weasley. She’d always had a crush on him. She was in awe of his ambition and confidence, and not to mention that he was rather dashing as well.
But she knew nothing would ever come of it. After all, she was just one of Ron’s dumb little friends to him.
So when Fred kissed her at a quidditch afterparty, she was shocked. But not shocked enough to tell him no. She had wanted him since she was eleven years old. For years, her dreams and fantasies had been of him loving her unconditionally. So when he said he wanted her, she let him have her. And when he said he wanted a piece of her with him, she didn’t protest.
Maybe she should have pushed him off. Maybe she should have said no. Maybe she should have done anything to keep her from being in the position she was in now.
Now here she sat, tears welling up in her eyes. Next to her, Lavender and Parvati showed her the copies of the intimate photos she shared with Fred that had been circulating around the school. Photos of her in her underwear, posing promiscuously. Enchanted pictures of his fingers running over her breasts and stomach. Laying completely nude on his bed as they made love—or so she thought.
“I’m sorry, Vespyr.” Parvati said.
Vespyr felt like her breath had been stolen away. Her chest was red hot with a feeling she’d never felt before. It was like heartbreak elevated to a higher plane.
“We tried to collect all of them, but I think Fay said she saw more in one of the corridors. We told McGonagall and she’s looking into it.” Lavender added gently.
Fred couldn’t have done this. He would never have shown those photos to anyone. But how else would they have gotten out to the school? Maybe someone found them in his dorm. He wouldn’t hurt her like this.
Vespyr walked down to the common room where she knew Fred was. She had to speak with him immediately. Surely he’d know how the photos had gotten around.
When she got to the common room, she saw Fred sitting around the card table with his friends. She stood in the frame of the stairway with her arms crossed over her chest, feeling everyone’s eyes on her. She saw the dirty look Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley gave to her. She also noticed the way Alicia, Angelina, and Katie laughed at her.
Trying her best to ignore them, she made her way across the room to Fred. As she approached, Lee and Cormac’s eyes landed on her. She felt unease rise in her as smirks grew on their faces.
She realized that everyone in that room had probably seen her photos. The photos that were only meant for Fred to see. They’d all seen her in her most vulnerable and intimate state. And even though she was completely clothed, she’d never felt more exposed.
Vespyr stood behind Fred’s chair, his broad back to her. She cleared her throat as she shifted uncomfortably. Fred continued playing cards, however, as if he hadn’t heard her.
George now looked up at Vespyr. He got a worried look which quickly changed into an apologetic expression. Vespyr couldn’t smile or do anything other than stare blankly at him, too consumed with the thought that he too had probably seen her naked.
Vespyr cleared her throat again but still got no response from Fred. Finally George kicked his brother under the table. Fred winced slightly as George motioned to where Vespyr stood behind them.
She already felt humiliated. She needed to see Fred’s face. She knew once she saw his warm, chocolate eyes and dimples that she’d feel safe again. But when Fred turned to look at her, she felt the opposite of safe. He looked at her like she was an embarrassment, like she was a burden. A nagging duck that had imprinted on him, a pimple that just won’t go away.
Vespyr looked down at her loafers, a hurt feeling coming over her. “Can I please talk to you?” She asked Fred.
Fred glanced back at the other boys at the table. Vespyr wanted to sob when she saw the way they chuckled. Then Fred turned back to her, “Yeah. Sure.” He shrugged, smacking his hand of cards onto the table.
Vespyr practically sprinted out of the common room and into the corridor. Fred followed behind her with his hands tucked into his pockets.
They stood in the corridor, Fred barely able to meet her eyes. The fact that he couldn’t even look at her was enough to tell her that he had done something. She didn’t even have to ask because she already knew. But still, she wanted to hear him say what he had done. And she wanted to know why.
“Please tell me that you didn’t do this, Fred. Please tell me that I’m crazy for even thinking you had something to do with this. T-Tell me that someone stole these,” She threw three of the photos at him, “from your drawer and you didn’t know. Just tell me you didn’t do this.” She said as tears welled up in her eyes.
Fred finally looked at Vespyr. Her nose was bright red and the crystal tears in her eyes made them look unreal. He let out a sigh and Vespyr prepared herself for whatever he was about to say.
“It was so stupid how it started out, Vess. Okay, we were all just fucking around after quidditch practice.” He started.
Vespyr felt a chill run down her spin, “Alright,” She said in a tone that encouraged him to continue.
Fred let his body lean against the wall next to him. “I don’t know who brought it up but we started talking about that stupid fucking list-”
She knew what list he was referring to. She’d seen far too many girls shed tears after finding out they were on it. And she’d also seen girls cry because they didn’t make the list. It was a topic of many conversations for the upper-classmen, and a source of frustration for the school’s staff. Vespyr recalled one time when Lavender gushed about how she desired to be on the list.
The list of Hogwarts most desirable—better known by the quidditch boys as “Hogwarts’ Most Fuckable”.
Vespyr never thought that she would be on the list. It had never even crossed her mind. But the thought of being on it made her feel sick.
“-We were all laughing and then Cormac brought up Ginny’s name, and he said that he was gonna put her on the list unless someone else put another girl on there. And I just got pissed and I didn’t want Ginny on it, so I brought you up.” Fred explained frantically.
Vespyr’s heart began to race. And even still, she felt for him. She still felt a sweet tug in her heart as she looked at him. Even though he was breaking her heart.
“I didn’t know that they were gonna plaster the picture all over the school, Vess, I swear.” He reached for her hands.
Vespyr blinked, gently pulling her hands away. Her stomach started to flip in a horrible way. She felt like she was going to faint. “Y-You showed them those pictures? Why would you- why would you do that?” She asked him.
“They were gonna put Ginny on the list, alright? She’s only in fourth year, I- I panicked. What should I have done?” He tried to make her understand, taking her hands in his again.
This time she snatched her hands away, “You could have told McGonagall, o-or you could have stopped it. I don’t know, Fred, you just could have done something.” She breathed out now.
Fred scoffed, “Yeah, tell McGonagall and have the entire quidditch league think I’m some git.” He defends.
“So you decided that I should suffer the consequences?” She snapped at him.
Fred couldn’t say anything back to her. He had no defense for what he had done. It was a horrible thing to do to someone, especially someone you claim to care about. “It’s just a stupid list, Vespyr.”
Her eyes widened with anger, red clouding her vision. “If it’s just a stupid list, then Ginny could have been on it, right?” She snapped.
“Vess-” He shook his head.
She couldn’t describe what she was feeling. It was a rage and anger that she had never felt in all her life. The betrayal coupled with the dismissal of it all made her livid.
“That’s because it’s not just a stupid list!” She pushed his chest angrily.
Fred pinched the bridge of his nose. The last thing he wanted was to hurt Vespyr. But when Cormac brought Ginny up, he felt like his hands were tied.
Fred tried pulling Vespyr into his embrace but she pushed against him. “Don’t.” She said sternly.
He sighed, “What do you want me to do?” He asked finally.
She looked up at him as if he’d gone mad, “I want you to stop this. I want you to defend me from all the shit people are saying.” Vespyr told him.
He gave her a confused look. “How am I supposed to defend you, Vespyr? Okay, this isn’t all my fault.” He said.
He knew it sounded wrong coming out of his mouth. He just wanted to feel less guilty about what he had done. He didn’t want to hurt her any further, but that was exactly what he was doing.
“I’m sorry, do you mean to imply that this is my fault?” She asked him.
He shrugged slightly, “I mean, you gave me the pictures, Vess.” He said.
“Because you asked for them!” She yelled back, her finger pressing into his chest.
She picked up the photos that were strewn on the ground. “These pictures, these pictures that you asked me for, were private. These pictures weren’t for your ‘stupid list’.” She ripped them up and threw them at his face.
Fred continued to try to calm her down, but she wasn’t going to calm down. There were no words that he could say to make her any less angry than she felt in that moment. He tried to grab her arms, he tried to hug her even. But there was nothing that was going to make this better.
Tears streamed down her face. Her throat was closing up, causing her voice to be thick. She felt like she might explode from the pressure mounting in her head. “You know I never did anything like that for anyone else before you? I never even thought to give a guy something like that until you. And now- now you do this?” She cried.
Fred’s jaw clenched as he looked at the space between them. “Yeah, well, I didn’t force you.”
Vespyr couldn’t believe him. How could he not see the error in his words? And why was he being so hurtful towards? She thought he cared about her. He said he would always protect her and he would never let anything happen to her. She trusted him and now he was doing the very opposite of protecting her. He was deliberately putting her in harm’s way.
She scoffed and pushed past him, not wanting to hear any more. She was so unimaginably angry at him, at all of them. For doing this to her and then having the nerve to think less of her.
Vespyr paused and turned around to look at him. Fred’s tall frame came into view again. “You’re a sad sack of a man and you will never touch me again.” She said as strongly as she could, but the crack in her voice made her fall short.
Fred hadn’t meant to put any blame onto Vespyr. He wanted to be there for her. God knows that he didn’t want to lose her. But it was like every time he spoke, the wrong words kept coming out. His mouth seemed to have a mind of its own.
Now she had confirmed it, though she had already known the answer somewhat. Vespyr was alone in this. The pictures were out and the damage was done. Everyone around her was silently, and not so silently, judging her. And Fred was too much of a coward to stand by her through it all.
It had been three very long weeks. Vespyr had only spoken to Lavender and Parvati due to the fact that they were the only people who would talk to her. Then there was Neville, who was always nice. And of course Luna, the kindest soul anyone had ever met. And despite some forlorn stares from across the room on Fred’s part, she hadn’t spoken to him either.
She wondered if anyone had empathy for her. If anyone could stop calling her names long enough to actually put themselves in her place and try to understand. If any of them could bestow a little grace upon her.
It seemed like those pictures just wouldn’t go away. She thought it would blow over after a week or so, but it just wasn’t. Every time she thought it might be over, someone would leave a picture in one of her notebooks or her owl would deliver an envelope full of them, or whatever cruel way the student body decided to remind her.
At lunch, Draco Malfoy and his friends came up to her. Draco tapped her on her shoulder and she turned around. When she saw who it was, she knew it couldn’t be good.
Vespyr sighed, “Yes?”
Theodore Nott and Blaise Zabini snickered next to him as Pansy Parkinson sneered at Vespyr.
“Sorry, we just wanted to know your price.” Draco smirked, elbowing Blaise playfully.
Lavender glared at him and Vespyr sat there with a confused. She wasn’t sure what he meant by her ‘price’, but knowing Malfoy, it probably wasn’t something nice.
“What?” Vespyr asked in an annoyed tone.
Theodore chuckled, “You know, your price for pictures.” He explained.
Vespyr rolled her eyes, putting down her fork and standing up to leave. The group of them started to laugh as Lavender followed her out.
“Don’t worry, boys. I hear she’s pretty cheap anyway.” Pansy remarked, her words being the last thing Vespyr heard before she left the hall.
About two days after that, Dumbledore called Vespyr into his office. He’d told her that he’d been made aware of her predicament and was concerned for her.
To say that Vespyr was embarrassed was an understatement. She was appalled and ashamed. She felt humiliated.
Her mentor, her headmaster, had seen those god awful photos of her. The fact that he was aware made it clear that other members of the staff had to know also. Vespyr found herself examining her teachers for any signs that they had. A slight stutter when they spoke to her, a quick aversion of the eyes, lips pressed in a firm line. They all made her wonder irrationally.
Have they seen my photos? Have they seen my body?
It made her feel sick.
“Well, Miss Morgan, I can assure you I will be looking into this and I will get down to the bottom of who is responsible. Until then, I’ll be tasking Professor McGonagall with deciding your punishment.”
Vespyr’s head shot up at his words, “My punishment?”
Dumbledore nodded authoritatively at the young girl. Vespyr was dumbfounded that she was to be punished also. He should have been consoling her, not scolding.
“I’m sorry, Professor,” She shook her head as she fiddled with her fingers, “I can’t imagine why I’m being punished.” She said truthfully.
“It’s you in the photos, is it not?” He tilted his head forward, his old eyes widening slightly.
Vespyr chuckled almost, “Well yes, but— Professor, I-I’m a victim. I’ve done nothing wrong. My only crime is caving to pressure.” She explained.
Dumbledore sighed and stood up. He went to the bookshelf in the corner of the room. Vespyr turned in her chair to follow him. He placed a hand on his hip and looked back at her.
“Miss Morgan, let’s not be deluded. You have a mind of your own and you’ve used it very keenly in the past. You used that independent mind of yours to decide to take those photos of yourself and give them to whomever you did. Does that diminish the seriousness of what has been done to you? No, it does not. But you are responsible for it in a sense. No one can make you do anything against your will.” Dumbledore said.
Vespyr felt a lump rising in her throat. She didn’t care what anyone thought. She didn’t care if she had decided on her own to give those photos to Fred. The fact of the matter was that they were meant for only him. They were given to him, someone she trusted, during a time when she thought they were in love. Yes, she had given him the photos on her own accord, but it didn’t mean the world got to see them as well.
She grabbed her bag and darted for the door. Dumbledore stepped in her way before she could leave. “Now just wait a minute, Miss Morgan.”
“No. You know what? You have no idea what it’s like to be a young girl in a cruel world like this. A world that shames you for showing too little, as well as shaming you for showing too much. A world that tells you that you must give yourself to a man or else you’re a prude, but also tells you that it makes you some kind of whore if you do decide to have sex. You and people like you wanna place the blame on us girls because you know deep down that you enabled this.” She spit at him.
Dumbledore had stepped back from her, his firm expression faltering at her bold language.
“You, Headmaster, have turned a blind eye to the barbaric environment in this school. You’ve allowed the quidditch teams to harass and torment the female population at Hogwarts by your continued dismissal of that list. And now, to feel less guilty about it all, you intend to place blame onto me.” She continued.
Her hands were balled into fists so tight that her fingernails broke the skin on her palm. She could feel the tears brimming her eyes.
Doesn’t anyone have any sympathy for me?
“Miss Morgan, are you trying to tell me that someone on one of the quidditch teams is responsible for this?” He asked her.
She calmed down very fast, Fred’s dimpled smile coming into her mind. Her anger subsided suddenly as she realized that incriminating the quidditch team meant incriminating Fred. And as angry as she was with him, she didn’t want him to get in trouble. She hated that she still loved him enough not to make him pay.
The pounding in her heart stopped and sped up all at the same time. Her fists unclenched, blood trickling down her palm. She wiped away the tears that formed in her eyes. Some of the blood on her hands smeared on her cheek.
“That’s not my point.” She said firmly. Vespyr sighed as she looked at Dumbledore’s minimally concerned face. “Punish me if you must. It’s not like it’s any worse than anything else that’s happened to me.”
Luckily, someone in the world did have sympathy for Vespyr.
Professor McGonagall only gave her an extra study hall as her punishment. But honestly, the extra study hall spared Vespyr from seeing her vicious peers, so it wasn’t much of a punishment. It actually was a reward.
“The world is unkind, Vespyr. Someday I hope you’ll remember what I’ve done for you and make it kinder.” McGonagall had said to her.
Vespyr walked into the common room after her study hall at the end of the day. When she did, all eyes were on her. She’d grown used to the stares, the whispers. But she still got a chill when she felt them.
As she walked past Harry, Ron, and Hermione, she heard Hermione whisper something. “Careful, I hear libertinism is catching these days.” She said and Ron snickered.
Vespyr stopped walking. She closed her eyes and sucked in a sharp breath.
She couldn’t let it go on any longer. If she couldn’t defend herself then she had nothing. From the beginning, she resided to ignoring the comments being made about her. But seeing the way Hermione, a girl so intelligent and remarkable, talked about her made her unimaginably angry.
Vespyr turned, “You know, you talk a lot of shit.” She snapped at the other Gryffindor girl.
Hermione wavered slightly. Ron and Harry fell silent along with rest of the room.
Vespyr’s eyes glanced over to Fred, who sat in the corner with George and Lee. His eyes looked sadly upon her, as if he were pleading with her.
Please don’t do this to yourself. His eyes said. Please.
But Vespyr wouldn’t stop.
“Excuse me?” Hermione scoffed.
Vespyr stood her ground, “You heard me, Hermione.” She crossed her arms over her chest.
Hermione’s lips curled into an uncomfortable smirk. Angelina, Alicia, and Katie all quietly laughed as they watched the exchange. And then Ginny stood up.
“Just who do you think you are?” Ginny asked.
“I’m a fucking human being, that’s what I think! And you know what? Yeah, I took those pictures of myself and they got out. You all have made it your job not to let me forget. I’ve been called every name and been the butt of every joke under the sun this past month. And all the time, I’ve had no one but Lavender and Parvati by my side.” She said as she tried not to cry.
She looked at Fred and he looked away from her. He felt guilt course through him as he saw the pain in her expression.
“You all are angry with me but you aren’t at all angry with the person who did this.” Vespyr could feel her emotions coming undone.
Fred could hear it in her voice. It was like he was connected to her. He could feel the ache in her heart as if it were his own. He hated that he was the cause of that ache. He’d rationalized what he did to Vespyr by saying it was to protect Ginny, because it was, but that thought just wasn’t enough anymore as Vespyr stood in front of him broken to bits.
He stood up and walked to Vespyr, “That’s enough, let’s get you upstairs-”
“The person that deceived me with flowery language. That gained my trust only to betray it!” She pushed against his chest harshly and he stumbled backwards.
She turned and faced the other side of the room where the rest of the boys were. “Why is it always us that has to be held responsible for your wrongdoings? How come we’re ridiculed and called whores while you all suffer no consequences. Why does no one every get angry at you for victimizing us?” She sobbed at the empty expressions of Cormac McLaggen and others.
When she turned back, she saw that Hermione was red-faced and had a guilty look in her eyes. Everyone else was eerily silent and stared at Vespyr in shock. The only sound audible was Vespyr’s heavy breathing.
“Vespyr, I-” Hermione tried to speak, but Vespyr’s eyes found Ginny again.
Vespyr charged at the fiery-haired girl, “It would have been you. Had Fred not been there, it would have been you on that stupid list and not me. You should thank me!” She screamed at her and Ginny flinched.
Fred forcefully intervened, grabbing Vespyr by the shoulders and pulling her away from his sister. “Enough.” He said firmly. “I’m taking you back to your dorm.”
Vespyr felt anger and sadness boiling deep within her. She couldn’t decide between the two emotions because both were so strong. As Fred guided her up the steps to her dorm, she felt him pulling him into her chest. She couldn’t resist burying her face in his shirt, and she hated herself for it.
Fred sat her down on the bed and Vespyr couldn’t meet his eyes. “Your pajamas,” He said.
Vespyr shook her head, “What?”
“Um... I forgot where you keep them.” He said softly.
Vespyr felt like vomiting. She couldn’t believe that she had presented herself that way in the common room. She wasn’t the kind of person who told people how she felt so openly. She certainly wasn’t one to hysterically scream and cry in front of people. As if she wasn’t humiliated enough, now she had done this.
She crossed her arms over her chest, “Second drawer down on the left side.” She said softly.
Fred hurriedly went to her drawer and fished out a pair of blue pinstripe pajama pants and a blush pink sweater. He remembered that combination after the first night he made love to her.
He placed the neatly folded pajamas next to her. He noticed how she still looked away from him and he felt his heart sink. Her silky hair shined in the dim light of the dorm room. Dainty fingers fidgeted in her lap nervously as her knee bounced up and down.
Fred could feel the urge to brush her hair away so he could see her. He ached you run his fingers through it like he had done so many times before.
Vespyr could feel his attention on her. She should have wanted him to leave, but she felt comforted by him just being there. Instead of wanting to push him out of the room, she wanted to pull him down in the bed with her.
Finally Fred spoke, “Look, Vess-”
“I know, you’re sorry. You’ve told me.” Vespyr interrupted.
Fred sighed, slightly aggravated that she hadn’t let him speak. He sat down next to her and it took Vespyr by surprise. But she was even more shocked when he took her hands in his.
Oh, how she missed the feeling of his skin on hers.
“No, just listen.” He looked at her but she wouldn’t look at him. His thumb ran across her soft skin, rubbing in the crystal tears that fell onto her hands.
“From the moment I met you all those years ago, I vowed to myself that you would be the only girl I ever loved. And even though I’ve had other lovers and girlfriends before you, I always knew that in the end I would only be with you. Because you’re the only person I ever want for the rest of my life. That night that we first made love, I promised to myself I would never hurt you, and if I did I would work everyday to make it up to you.” He squeezed her hands gently.
Vespyr felt her throat closing up. She never knew that he had loved her all that time. For almost a decade, the two of them had loved each other and didn’t know it. She wished that he had given her a sign that he felt the same way.
“So, that’s what I want to propose to you now. I want to know if you’ll let me make it up to you. Because I love you, Vespyr Morgan. And I’m completely and totally uninterested in living a life without you. And I know that I’m a bloke for what I did, and I’d bet on the fact that I’ll fuck up countless times over. But I promise, if you give me a chance, I will do my best to make sure that it’s me that gets hurt and not you.” He placed a hand on her cheek.
Vespyr felt herself rest into his touch. Her tears pooled in his hand. She tried to resist kissing his palm, but her lips were on his calloused skin before she even realized it.
In all honesty, she wasn’t sure what to say. She didn’t know whether to forgive him and kiss him tenderly, or tell him to sod off and slap him. Obviously he wasn’t deserving of her forgiveness. What he did to her was vile and careless. But goodness, she was so in love with him. And when he looked at her with those puppy dog eyes, she felt like she’d been hypnotized.
Her mind was foggy and her heart had found it’s way to her throat. So when she said what she did next, she almost didn’t hear the words fall from her lips.
“I forgive you.” She said.
Fred settled for a moment before she spoke again.
“I forgive you,” She swallowed, “but I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.” She finished.
Fred’s heart dropped yet again. What had he expected? For her to just easily fall back into his arms after what he’d done? She could never trust him again, obviously. How could she be with someone she didn’t trust?
“I do want you to make it up to me, Fred. I may not forget it, but I’m willing to put behind me. Because I love you too, and as angry as I’ve been with you, being away from you has been agony.” She rested her hand on his neck.
Tears pricked Fred’s eyes. He wasted no time pulling the younger Gryffindor into a kiss. He’d missed the way her lips melded to his and the way she warmed under his touch.
He knew as he kissed her that he would rather die than ever hurt his darling again. She was the most prized thing in the world to him, and he’d be damned if she ever suffered at his hand again.
They pulled away and Vespyr rested her head on his shoulder in a hug. Fred gently rubbed her bag, nestling his nose in her candy-scented hair. The two magical beings relished in the moment.
“I love you, Vespyr. More than anything. And I promise that I’m yours as long as you’d like me to be.” Fred spoke.
Vespyr held him tighter as he spoke, squeezing her eyes shut. “I love you, Fred. I will love you for as long as I live.”
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Tumblr media
A little pencil practice while watching an interview with James Phelps ✨
Drawing a moving model was fun 😁
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weasleysandwheezes · a day ago
I really knew I had a problem when I could tell the Weasley twins apart with ease, like damn.
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Cam Girl George Weasley x Fem! Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: Smut, Swearing!, recorded/streamed sex, Daddy Kink, Dom/Sub Dynamic, Choking, Slight breeding Kink?
Word Count: 2.1K
Prompt(s) used: Trope Cam Girl!
Summary: Y/N has had an only fans for quite some time and often streamed herself pleasuring herself while her boyfriend was in the room. But she decides to ask George if he would like to join her. 
This is for @babyjordy ‘s 4K writing challenge 
Y/N has had an only fans since before she and her boyfriend George Weasley started dating, she was low on money at the time she made it, and it had been recommended to her by other girls that it was an easy way to make quite some bit of money. So she thought she would give it a go. In barely any time Y/N gained lots of followers on the platform and then the money started flowing in. 
The first time she told George when they had been dating for 6 months at the time, she was nervous, nervous at what his reaction might be. It wasn’t every day your girlfriend told you that she was sending photos of herself and sometimes even videos to a platform where strangers could see. But George was more than ok with it, he was extremely supportive, and to be honest he found it so HOT that the men behind the screen only being able to look at the photos and videos could only do that, look. George was able to touch you, pleasure you because you were his. 
Whenever it came to Y/N doing live stream videos, George was sat just behind the camera. Watching as his girlfriend stripped and pleasured herself. George found it extremely hard not to groan at the sight of his girlfriend fucking herself with a dildo, or her fingers, as he jacked off to her. 
The number of men viewing Y/N’s live streams had increased significantly, more and more money was being put into her bank account as more men became thirsty for sexual content from her. 
Y/N had been contemplating on asking George if he would join her in one of her lives for a while now. Being in front of the camera as they had sex wouldn’t be such an unusual thing for the couple, only this time it would be in front of a live audience instead of being solely for their private pleasure. And since Y/N would normally wear some form of mask when she went live, she also had a spare for George to keep their identities somewhat hidden form those watching. 
One night as the two were sitting, snuggled up on the couch watching television, the clock ticked just past 10 indicating the usual time for Y/N to go and start one of her streams. She turned to George, who was still focusing on the telly and kissed his neck lightly, gaining his attention. 
“Georgie, I was wondering- seeing as I’m going to be starting my stream soon, if you- if you would like to join me?”
“Of course princess, I always join you, you know that” he replied kissing her temple, not understanding what his girlfriend was asking.
“No George- I mean, do you want to have sex with me while I’m live?” 
George’s eyes widened, his eyes darkening at the idea of fucking her senseless in front of hundreds if not thousands of men. Being able to sort of brag to them that he was the one who got to touch her. 
“Fuck yes, I do” he practically growled as Y/N took him by the hand dragging him to the room where it all happened. 
Y/N never used her and George’s own bedroom for her streams, she always used the spare room in order to keep as anonymous as possible. The room was painted white but there was a section of the room that had red drapes on the wall and a small double bed, which had cameras and lights set up.
Y/N walked over to the wardrobe where she kept all of her lingerie and masks. Picking up two masks handing one to George. She then turned back to the wardrobe pulling out George’s favourite set of black lace bra and panties, that had garters attaching the panties to black translucent stockings which complimented her thighs perfectly. 
George had rid himself of his clothes leaving him only in his boxers. He stared at his girlfriend, his mouth agape slightly as he soaked in how she looked. A tent forming in his boxers as he imagined all he was going to do to her while hundreds if not thousands watched as he and only he got to fuck her brains out. 
“Ready Georgie?” She asked in a high pitched voice tying the mask behind her head, starting up the sight on her laptop and turning on the camera. 
“It’s so hot that you want me to fuck you in front of people, princess” he almost growled once again imagining how jealous some of the guys watching might get that they couldn’t touch her like he could. 
George sat down on the soft mattress as Y/N pressed “Start stream”, in no time at all more and more people started to join in the matter of minutes, clearly some had been waiting for her to start a stream. 
“Hello everyone, tonight instead of having to make myself cum, I have someone here is going to help me, and with no doubt fuck me senseless” She cooed into the microphone.
George chuckled to himself at the last part, he was indeed going to fuck her senseless. Y/N had moved herself back onto the bed and leaned forward capturing George’s lips in a heated kiss. Slipping her tongue in his mouth, but his quickly taking dominance over hers. Y/N moaned into her boyfriends mouth as he grabbed her sides roughly. 
George broke away from the kiss and began trailing open mouthed kisses down her neck until he reached her sweet spot where he began to suck, leaving a mark. Moans falling from Y/N’s lips, comments flowing into the chat as people watched on as George gave her multiple hickeys. 
“You going to be Daddy’s good girl princess? Hmm? Gonna need you to suck my cock”
“Yes Daddy, m’gonna be so good for you”
Y/N laid on her stomach, ass in the air, giving the camera a perfect view as she pulled George’s boxers down his thighs, releasing his rock hard cock, causing it to spring up and slap his lower stomach. She took George into her hand, stroking him slowly, earning a low groan to come from his lips, before she began to lick and suck on the tip of his cock, teasing him looking directly into the camera before taking as much of him as she could, choking slightly as the tip hit the back of her throat. 
“F-uck, that’s it, such a good girl, Daddy’s good girl, isn’t she a good girl?” George asked the chat. Some agreeing some saying she looked like a needy whore. 
Y/N bobbed her head up and down, faster as George continued to groan and moan at the feeling of her mouth wrapped round him, hollowing her cheeks as she sucked. 
One of George’s hands made it’s way to into Y/N’s hair, grabbing a first full creating a make-shift pony tail as he guided her head up and down. 
“Doing so well princess, sucking Daddy’s cock, gonna make him cum, so close” he moaned out, his head falling backwards as pleasure took over his body. George’s cum releasing down the back of Y/N’s throat, his hand holding her head down on him, forcing her to deep throat him making her nose touch his pubic bone. The sound of people donating more and more money floating through the room as well as George’s moans and Y/N’s gags.
Y/N finally lifted herself off of George, gasping for air, showing the camera her tongue indicating she had swallowed all of George’s release. 
“My good girl princess, done such a good job” he took her mouth in a more loving kiss, tasting himself on her tongue. 
“Thank you Daddy” 
“Now I think you deserve a reward for being such a good little girl” 
George pushes Y/N down onto the bed so she is lying on her back and grabbed her legs pulling her towards him and in centre view of the camera. He began kissing down her chest, removing her bra and taking one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking and biting the sensitive bud causing a load moan to fall from Y/N’s lips. He then kissed all the way down her stomach, til her reached just above her heat. He wrapped his fingers round her panties before ripping them off her legs, along with the stockings and garters. 
George groans at the sight of her dripping wet pussy, angling her legs slightly so that the guys at home can see. 
“Look at her, soaking already for Daddy hmm?”
Y/N could only nod as George began placing kissing up her inner thighs, his mouth now hovering over her core, his breath fanning onto her arousal. Her hips bucking up in desperation of George’s mouth. His hand however, comes up and pushes them back down. 
“Ah ah princess, gotta be Daddy’s good girl” 
“M’sorry Daddy jus’ want it so bad” she moaned
“Don’t worry darling, Daddy’s gonna give you what you want”
With that, George attached his mouth onto Y/N’s clit sucking lightly before kitten licking it, eliciting a waterfall of pornographic moans from Y/N. George drove his tongue deep into her entrance while using his fingers to rub fast circles on her clit. The chat filling with people saying how well she was for taking George’s tongue. 
“You gonna cum princess? Cum all over Daddy’s face hmm?”
“Please Daddy” she almost screamed. 
“Go on princess, let Daddy taste you”
Barely even a few seconds went by and Y/N found her legs shaking and her eyes rolling to the back of her head as she reached her high. Moaning loudly as the lewd sounds of George licking and sucking up every drop of her release filled the room. 
“That’s it, that’s my good girl, Daddy’s good girl”
George said licking his lips moaning at the sweet and salty taste. 
“What do you think, you think you deserve Daddy’s cock?” 
“P-please Daddy need it so bad” she cried out
“What do you lot think?” George asked now taking over the stream going into full Dom mode.  “Do you think my little girl deserves my cock?” He leaned forward to read all the comments that came flooding in all practically begging for him to give Y/N his cock. 
“Looks like fortune is on your side tonight princess”
George lined himself up at Y/N’s entrance before slowly sheathing himself into her with moans coming from both of them as he did so. 
“Fuck princess so tight, taking me so well”
“Yes D-addy so big” she moaned as George began to thrust in and out of her, the tip of his cock hitting her g-spot with every thrust. 
“Take it, take my cock baby” he groaned quickening his pace. George brought his hand up to Y/N’s neck squeezing the sides of it causing her eyes to roll to the back of her head in complete pleasure as she became slightly light-headed.
Y/N let out a strangled moan that echoed off the walls, her hips bucking in time with every thrust. 
“F-u-ck Daddy, so good, m’so close” 
“Yeah? You gonna cum all over my cock hmm? Go on then been such a good girl cum all over my cock” he growled, biting on her shoulder. 
Y/N reached her second release of the night, and it was more intense than the first. The mix of her orgasm and the feeling of George’s hand wrapped round her throat strengthened her release. She screamed out a moan, something the neighbours definitely would have heard as her legs shook and her walls tightened round George, her release spilling onto him. 
The very feeling drove George over the edge, he felt his release. 
“Fuck, look so pretty when you cum princess, n’feel so good squeezing my cock, gonna make me cum, fuck m’so close. Gonna fill your pussy with my cum yeah? Want Daddy to fill you up with his babies?”
“Yes- fuck- yes Daddy, please fill me up” she whined her cunt becoming quickly sensitive
George’s thrusts got sloppy as he came deep inside her, groaning into her neck. He lifted his head up after his release kissing Y/N hungrily and passionately. They both pulled away catching their breaths wincing as George pulled out. 
“Done so well princess” 
“Thank you Daddy” she smiled “And thanks to everyone who joined to stream tonight” she said to the camera before clicking end stream and shutting off the camera. 
Y/N laid back into George’s arms, snuggling into him as he kissed her temple lovingly, wrapping his arms around her waist. 
“So, did you like that?” Y/N asked 
“Very much so, love showing people how good I make you feel” 
Y/N sighed in content picking up her phone and checking her account to see how much they had made. Hey eyes went wide as she showed George the phone screen. 
“Look like people liked watching it too”
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A Triwizard Baby Part 4 - F.W
Masterlist, Requesting Rules, Writing Prompt Masterlist
Fred Weasley x Fem Reader
Part 4 of my ‘Triwizard Baby’ mini-series, please read Parts 1, 2, and 3 if you haven’t already. Want to be tagged? Let me know!
Warnings: Swearing, Mention vomiting, and food/eating.
"Girls" you sighed, watching them finally stop jumping on their beds and dropping their pillows "There's something I need to tell you."
You and Angelina shared a glance, she knew and so did you - you were finally ready, to tell the truth. Hiding this - hiding the truth about you and Fred had caused you enough pain, and the longer you decided to hide this, the worse the pain would get.
"What is it?" Katie asked, already concerned, no longer giggly or excitable.
Staring and picking at your fingernails, you finally looked each of your friends in the eyes, your heart thumping in your chest with each breath.
"I'm ready to tell you" you sighed again "who the father is."
They all stayed silent except Matt's little sister, "who is it?" she asked quietly.
"Fred," you blurted out, unable to hide his name for much longer "Fred Weasley is the father."
"I've told you" Fred hissed "don't bloody speak to me!" he stormed in front of George, stamping his feet, furious his backstabbing brother would dare to even speak to him.
Fred was exhausted from sleeping in the room of requirement alone and no one to talk to, he was pissed off with his brother, frustrated that you weren't his and that everyone around him avoided him as if he had a curse. For the first time in his life, he left as if he had run out of luck.
George grabbed him by the arm "Freddie, please-"
"No!" Fred shoved George's grip off him "You're jealous, you always have been."
George opened his mouth to speak, but couldn't get a word in.
"You always have been, every girl I've been with, you've chased after when I'm done with them. You can't stand the fact I fucked her, and you've rubbed it in my face that you've knocked her up!" Fred's voice cracked "And I told you, I loved her!"
"Fred, I-"
"Do me a favour, Georgie, don't speak a word to me at the baby shower, unless you want a crib smashed against your stupid head!"
"Keep those eyes closed!" Angelina grinned, her hands covering your eyes as she walked you through the rented restaurant covered in banners, balloons, a buffet table and presents.
"I am!" you smirked, feeling slightly nervous, smelling the mouth-watering fruit juices and pies.
"Okay," Angelina smiled, removing her hands "open in three, two, one!"
Opening your eyes you looked across the huge room, your friends were all huddled together with party poppers, yelling "Surprise!" and pulling the string, confetti shooting across the room, Fred sat alone across the room, trying his hardest to show support and be happy for you, but his heartbreak was breaking through his persona better than he thought.
You were bombarded with presents for you and the baby: the new crib, clothes, socks, bottles, nappies, monitors, teddy bears, and blankets - you unwrapped everything which brought the biggest smile to your face and tears of happiness to your eyes.
Everyone made bets on whether you would have a girl or a boy, what time and day they would be born on, and how long the labour would be. Even you had to admit, you were having a good time and for the first time in a while, the smile on your face was genuine, not forced.
After hours of present opening, games, bets, and food, you and the girls cleaned up the confetti, empty plates and scrunched up wrapping paper. Fred slowly approached you and tapped you on the shoulder, turning around to look at him, your heart pained.
Tell him, everyone knows but him, just tell him!
"Y/N, can I have a moment?" he murmured.
The girls looked at the two of you standing in the middle of the room, they exchanged looks and nodded, leaving to give you both some privacy.
"I wanted to give this to you in private," Fred said softly, handing you a large faux dragon scale photo album "I ran out of time to wrap it, was up all night finishing it."
You stared down at the photo album and opened it, your heartbreaking with each turn of the page. Pictures of you and Fred throughout the years, followed by his little notes of when and where the picture was taken until you flicked to the empty pages, you stared up at him.
Tell him, now is a perfect time-
"Fred, please-"
"The blank pages are to fill with pictures of us and the baby," he said softly "that's if the father won't mind."
George entered the room again, not knowing his brother was still there.
"Y/N, I was thinking-" he stopped in his tracks, looking at his brother's face dropping.
"Congratulations, again." Fred walked away, pushing past his brother and out the door.
"They are Braxton Hicks, my dear." Madame Pomfrey waved her hand, helping you to your feet in the hospital wing.
Your hand rested on your bump "I'm sorry, what?"
After your little moment with Fred, your womb contracted and relaxed, disturbing your baby, causing it to lash out and kick against your tummy in discomfort from the contractions. You were frightened and sure you were going into labour and George rushed you to the hospital wing.
"Is she going to be okay?" George asked nervously.
"False labour pains" she replied "and if you go to the tournament tonight you'll be experiencing more of them!" she stressed.
"I can assure you I won't be doing backflips," you grumbled, "surely it will be safer for me if I sit down."
Madame Pomfrey held her nose up in the air, feeling slightly defeated "I can't stop you from going, but as long as you're sitting down and surrounded by a responsible group of friends, I don't see why you can't go."
"I'll take good care of her, I swear."
"Your brother couldn't!" Madame Pomfrey hissed "she's in this mess because of him, and I better not see you two back in here until that baby is ready!"
The loud band played along as everyone got seated high up in the stands, the girls on your left, and George on your right, you held onto his hand, still on edge from the sudden Braxton Hicks. You rested your head against his shoulder, Fred stared at the back of your head, his hands bunched into fists, regretting his decision to sit towards the back.
Everyone was on the edge of their seats, Fleur had failed, Krum evidently had too - now - it was between Cedric and Harry, the champion being a Hogwarts student was certain, but still, undecided whether that champion would belong to Hufflepuff or Gryffindor, like many others in the stands, your fingers and toes were crossed for Harry taking the win.
Out of nowhere, Cedric came stumbling out of the maze, covered in dirt, sweat, and blood, his shirt sticking to him and his hair ruffled, scratches across his delicate face. He crouched down, clearly out of breath, but so startled and shaken up that he was shaking and green in the face.
The crowd jumped to their feet, cheering for Harry and Gryffindor, holding their red banners and waving their flags in the air whilst Syltherin scowled and hid their faces in their hands.
"We need to go and see if he's alright!" Angelina panicked hearing Cho shriek, the girls got on their feet and hurried down the stairs, running out to Cedric who was now on his hands and knees on the grass, throwing up.
"Well, are you coming!?" Angelina asked George, holding out her hand.
George looked at you, he didn't want to leave you on your own and you knew it.
"Go," you reassured him "I'll be okay."
You watched Cedric gain the courage to speak, you tried to lip read but he was too far away for you to even make out a single word, but whatever he had said panicked the cheering girls and proud lads because now they were muttering, whispering and all appeared to be frightened and anxious, no longer in the mood to celebrate Harry's win.
Katie who didn't leave you behind shot a scowl at Fred who continued to stare at you, she moved closer to you whilst Angelina and George hurried back, horror across their faces.
"What's happened?" you panicked.
"It's Harry" George frowned "The cup, it was a portkey and he's gone, Cedric said-"
Angelina nudged George with her elbow, glaring at him and shaking her head "not now, George."
"No, what is it?" you demanded.
Just as George announced the news that the dark lord had returned, you felt major discomfort and a dull ache in your back and lower abdomen, along with the pressure that increased in your pelvic, you gripped onto your bump and winced.
"George!" you panicked "It's happening!"
The father of your baby watched as you went into labour, Katie and Angelina helped you to your feet as George hurried over to Madame Pomfrey, everyone around you started to panic and gave you all the room you needed to evacuate safely back into the hospital wing - the one place you didn't want to end up twice in one day.
Leaving you behind, George stared up at Fred who was sat as still as a statute, if you weren't going to tell him, George had to, he wouldn't allow his brother to miss the birth of his child.
George stumbled over to his brother and shook him angrily "I don't want to bloody argue but listen to me!"
"George, I told you-"
"You're the dad, alright!" George yelled, "She's having your baby, you need to get to the hospital wing now!"
"What are you on about?" Fred argued, not believing the word "are you seriously-"
"Think back to the party when you played truth or dare! Think for Merlin's sake!"
Fred shut his mouth and suddenly, his world began to spin so fast his heart could've stopped.
“I want you.” you breathed, pulling away from the kiss “I want you to fuck me like you do everyone else.”
“I want you too” Fred replied, taking your hand and fleeing from the party.
“Are you ready, Y/N?” Fred asked, pulling away from your breasts.
“Yes,” you breathed out, slurring slightly “I’m ready Freddie.”
The memories suddenly flashed before his eyes, the sight of your naked body beneath his, the two of you climaxing, Fred pulling out and falling into your arms, only to wake up the next morning in an empty bed that smelled of your hair and perfume. It reminded Fred that he had forgotten to put a condom on, George wasn't lying, he is the father of your child.
Fred's eye widened and he bolted from his brother, shoving everyone aside and sprinting for his life to the hospital wing, no one and nothing could stop him now.
The doors of the hospital wing swung open, laying in your bed, tears rolled down your face as the contractions worsened, Madame Pomfrey urging you to keep pushing. Fred pulls out a chair and sits beside you, holding your hand, comforting you, kissing your forehead and encouraging you.
You opened your mouth to speak: you wanted to say sorry, to tell him you loved him, you wanted to explain everything all at once, but you were unable to - the pain increasing, causing you to scream out, tears rolling down your face.
"Almost there Y/N, you're crowning!" Madame Pomfrey announced.
Fred planted another kiss on your sweaty forehead "keep pushing sweetheart," he said softly "you're doing so bloody well!"
Within a few moments, the sound of your babies cries rang out through the hospital wing, Madame Pomfrey placed the baby in your arms, encouraging you to sit back and relax - but you couldn't you still had the urge to push.
"I need to push again, "you cried, gritting your teeth "I'm not done!"
Madame Pomfrey's mouth dropped, causing her to take the baby from your arms and handing the newborn to Fred.
"What's going on?" Fred panicked, gripping onto his child, already feeling the protectiveness kick in.
"There's another baby..."
"She's having twins?!"
Fred held the elder newborn in his arms whilst the younger and smaller newborn rested in yours, both of them just like their father; a full head of ginger hair.
"They're yours." you croaked, your. throat sore from all the screaming and crying.
Fred smiled, tears forming in his eyes as he rocked the baby in his arms "I know, they look just like me... their hairs..."
"I'm so sorry, Freddie, I didn't tell you because... because I didn't know what to do, you're my best friend and I've had feelings for you since the beginning and I felt as if you didn't feel the same, I thought that me forcing a child upon you would... would ruin what we had."
"Of course I feel the same," Fred replied "I just didn't know if you did."
The two of you went silent for a moment, the twins sleeping -  they were exhausted from being brought into the world earlier than expected.
"Do you still feel the same?" you asked Fred, staring into his pride-filled brown eyes.
He nodded "Yeah, do you?"
Everything you had ever wanted finally arrived, the children you were carrying - so eager and excited to meet, and the man of your dreams, finally on the same page as you - who had been in love with you for all this time.
You looked down at the baby in your arms and then back up at Fred, "I do too."
"Shall we have a fresh start?" Fred smiled "As parents and that."
You broke out into a light laugh and smiled "I'd like that, Freddie. I'd like that a lot."
There was another silence, it felt as if the world was sleeping.
"So, when can we make another one?" Fred winked.
"When we graduate from Hogwarts!-"
"Next year?" he raised an eyebrow.
"You didn't let me finish! We need to graduate, get stable jobs and have a house with enough room!"
"So next year then?" Fred smirked, still cradling the baby.
Your furrowed your brows, unsure whether or not he was bluffing.
"Okay then, since you're all confident, let's make a bet." You smirked back.
"If I win, we make another baby, if you win... we get married," Fred said softly as the baby opened his eyes and let out a cry.
"Alright," you agreed, taking your baby from Fred, trying to breastfeed "but what is your obsession with making another one?" you asked, "we've just had twins!"
Mr and Mrs Weasley were slowly approaching the hospital wing, George following not far behind.
"Yeah, which I've only just found out are mine!"
The hospital wing doors opened, Molly and Arthur standing in the doorway, staring at you, their son, and their grandchildren.
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why did I just connect the fucking dots when I finished atyd last night that molly weasley is the sister of the prewett twins (fabian and gideon, who died abt halfway thru the first war) and that’S FUCKING WHY GEORGE AND FRED ARE GEORGE FABIAN WEASLEY AND FRED GIDEON WEASLEY also it’s occurring to me I may or may not have posted abt this last night when I finished atyd around 2:30 in the morning but I’m in no fit state to check or give a fuck. deal with my brain dump
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theeslytherinslut · a day ago
Hi love! I’m really enjoying your Grimmauld Place fic… do you have plans to continue it? 💛
Hello!! Thank you so much!! I am going to continue and finish it, I’ve just been busy with finals and starting work back up again. However, tomorrow I’ll be uploading a new chapter! Thanks again for reading love ❤️❤️
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smile - f.w
i am so sorry i only write for fred but i just love him so much
warnings: none. fluff. lower cases on purpose.
after years of dating, fred was sure that his favourite thing about you was your smile.
since hogwarts, he and his brother were known as the pranksters of the school, maybe from time to time taking pranks too far, but over all, making everyone have a good laugh in the darkest times.
on your first year - fred was on his third year - he couldn't help but notice how pretty you were when you smiled. the first time you smiled in his presence being when you were sorted into gryffindor, and he just had to high five you, congratulating you.
on your second year you were more used to the twins pranks and overall personality. in your opinion, they were the happy pill of the gryffindor house. you became close friends with both of them, and also with harry, hermione and ron; being in the same year made you really close friends. fred just found absolutely marvelous that his stupid jokes would make you crack up, or how you smiled tenderly when he would bicker with his brother or with lee jordan. he noticed it, and once again, he thought that you were the prettiest when you smiled.
these thoughts were there till he left hogwarts. your friendship with fred bloomed in his fifth year, and after a few dates, in which he was sure of his feelings as you were sure of yours, he asked you to be officially his, to what you happily - and almost crying but smiling - you said yes. again, fred thought, but didn't voice it out, that your smile was his favourite thing.
the war was over, the dark lord had been defeated, and even if you had suffered because fred almost died, harry was supposedly dead for a while - you gave him a beating because he scared the shit out of you, to later hug him because he was alive -, life had been good to everyone around you. fred and george had their shop open, you were working at the ministry.
fred looked at you in your shared home - he moved out of his shared flat with his brother to go live with you - working with tons of papers on your side. yes, he had a big amount of work too, but he just couldn't help it- he loved looking at you smile. after years, he never actually told you that he loved seeing you smile. he remembered once hearing you say that, at hogwarts, he and george were whom kept the mood up at school; but for him, you were the one who always pushed him to do better, to be better. he only needed to see you smile and his day was immediately better.
you looked up, feeling someone looking at you, which was no other one than fred, and smiled at him "everything okay, freddie?"
he nodded "everything's fantastic, love" you could feel the sincerity in his voice, and see the love in his eyes, love that was only for you. your smile grew bigger, and he felt that his love for you was growing even bigger if possible.
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Kidnaper: We have your daughter, sir
Bill: i dont have a daughter?
Kidnaper: she says her name Gertrudis Waslaby
Ron: poor guys, they dont know who they are messing with
Kidnaper: we want the money!!
George: just when i thought this couldnt get any funnier, they ask us for money hahahah
Ginny:* in the background laughing*
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