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#lily evans
enby-pads · 4 minutes ago
Lily: buy me nice underwear and maybe I’ll let you see me wear it
James: *flustered*
Sirius: if I buy you nothing can I see you wearing that?
Lily: smooth Black, smooth
Remus and James: we’re right here you know
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tumbledfreckles · 11 minutes ago
If you feel like it - Jily with a dramatic apology :)
Part two V!!!! Love you my darling.
Part One is here
"I'm sorry."
The words were a balm, a soothe to the ache of anxiety that still hummed in her soul.
"I'm sorry for being an idiot."
Lips on her pulse point imprinted the apology into her skin. Hands in her hair angled her head to give him better access to the spots he knew produced an emotion she couldn’t name. 
"I'm sorry for being an extremely stupid,  thoughtless idiot."
Mouth moving against hers, with softness, with confidence,  kiss after kiss. Body pressed against hers, heat flooding lower, an ache of a different kind. 
"I'm sorry for getting involved."
Teeth on her bottom lip, dragging it down, allowing his tongue to ask, to invite, hers to play. Hands slipping under clothes, sliding across skin, flesh searing against flesh.  
"I'm sorry for using my fists, instead of my words, or at least, my wand."
Knee between her thighs, dragging them apart. Fingers cupping her bottom, lifting and propping until she was trapped between the wall, and him, feet off the ground now, legs around his waist. Trapped, yet she didn't want to leave. 
"I'm sorry I worried you."
Lips again. Mouth again. Teeth again. Kiss, suck, bite. Endless repeats. Hands. Fingers. Gripping, clenching. Her head swam. Her body tingled. He was everywhere.
"Let me make it up to you." 
"I think," Lily gasped as his hips thrust against hers in the most exquisite way, "you already are." 
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thesassymarauder · an hour ago
lily to baby harry: go wash your hands before dinner, honey
sirius: you know, you don’t actually wash your own hands
sirius: they wash each other while you just stand there and watch
lily to james: if my child will be like him it’s your fault
james: it’s true tho
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thesassymarauder · an hour ago
james: how do i get lily to like me
sirius: just tell her ‘you’re beautiful’
james: good idea, thanks
james to lily: i’m beautiful
lily: wtf
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maraudersrule · 2 hours ago
James: *drawing a pentagon on the floor*
Lily: what are you doing?
James: you told me to satanize the house
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maraudersrule · 2 hours ago
James: I can't mansplain, manipute, manwhore my way out of this situation boys
Sirius: better girlboss, gatekeep and gaslight then
Remus: *visibly going through the five stages of grief*
[IG: marauders.rule]
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sunflowerim · 3 hours ago
me : I'm a sucker for happy endings
also me : *gets sucked into tragically sad fandoms where my favourite characters/otps don't get their happily ever afters*
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m2lily · 4 hours ago
Lets start a debate. Was young peter good? Or just ill intentioned from the beginning? I wanna hear your thoughts
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dapperskeletonbird · 5 hours ago
Summary:  Lily and Remus have been on the run ever since their families fell apart. Now, for the first time in over six years, they are receiving help.
Word count: 5881
Chapters: 1/1
You can find the fic here
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mcwolfstarry · 5 hours ago
you cannot tell me that james potter didn't serenade lily evans all the time
it started in third year, when james and lily had a big argument about who's the best in transfiguration
james always thought lily was better even if he always had the best grades
lily was mad, very mad, at james
so jamesie went to the marauders and told them that he needed help
because lily was mad at him
even if their argument started with a joke from james
remus was like "james, eventually, she won't be mad anymore, just let her be"
meanwhile peter and sirius were like "don't listen to remus, james, you need to make her something that will woo her and she will forget about this whole thing"
and james was like "yeah, but what do i exactly need to do?"
"nothing," said remus exasperated, at the same time with sirius who yelled "SERENADE HER"
and that was the moment when operation Lily-Evans-Will-Fall-In-Love-With-James-Potter began.
sirius didn't really think about the idea that much, but when he tried to teach james a song
let's say it didn't go well
james doesn't know how to sing, okay?
anyways sirius encouraged him
fact that resulted in remus almost punching sirius
"so why can't you sleep moony?"
"well it's not our fault you're sensitive"
"do you want to see how sensitive you can be?"
and sirius is lowkey turned on ngl
when james learned the whole song, he decides it's best to sing it that morning in the great hall
sirius and peter are helping him with the instrumental
they transfigure a lamp into a guitar and it still lights up
so james starts singing when lily enters the great hall
and that results in mcgonagall giving him a detention for "those vocals that unfortunately blessed our ears"
lily thinks that james embarrassing himself like that would be a one-time thing
it isn't.
the next serenade takes place in their fourth year, when james wants to invite lily to the yule ball
it results in james being bat-bogey hexed by lily
because we all know she was a queen at that hex
just like ginny
however the serenades stop in fifth year
james doesn't go after lily anymore
the marauders seem to argue a lot more this year
and lily lowkey misses them
until one day when the armors start singing a james-potter-themed song
but not for her
for regulus
so they're all very surprised when regulus wants to go to the charms classroom with the other slytherins
and the armors starts singing loudly and all the students want to see if james still sings for lily
meanwhile marlene and alice see how jealous lily can be
even if she doesn't admit it
and after the fight with snape she has an awful summer
so when the serenades for her come back in sixth year
she's kind of glad
he's singing little serenades for her between classes
and his voice isn't that annoying anymore
lily starts to love these serenades
but she won't tell anyone that ever
the hogwarts students are already used to james potter singing everywhere
and they aren't mad when one day james wakes the whole castle when singing for lily
the only ones angry are the slytherins, marlene and remus
he's singing from the grounds, and lily wakes up to an angry marlene who's yelling out the window
but lily goes to the window and realizes she absolutely loves him
so when james shouts at the top of his voice
james breaks into a run until he gets to the common room and lily comes down and they're kissing and they're bloody happy
in seventh year the serenades didn't stop, they were just a little bit simpler now
he was singing her between classes, he was charming little singing notes to fly to her dorm when she was upset, he was singing her good morning every day in the great hall
it became their thing
he didn't give up singing when they moved on together either
he was singing her good night, he was singing her every freaking time
when harry was born, lily started to sing to him too, so they had little songs that put harry to sleep
the night before they died was the last night the two of them sang to each other and to their child
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xreaderbooks · 5 hours ago
Sirius Black Masterlist
by xreaderbooks 
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist
- The wrong girl 
Word Count: 1.2k
Warnings: Mentions of sex
Summary: James’ little sister and Sirius have a moment one night that makes her feelings of friendship towards him to something more. One thing led to another leads her to believe he’s the same playboy he’s always been, until they confess the secret feelings they’ve always had for each other. 
- Summer Nights 
Word Count: 718
Warnings: None
Summary: Based off the song ‘summer nights’ from Grease Sirius and Y/N recount their summer together to their friends. 
- Together 
Word count: 1.6k
Warnings: None
Summary: Y/N remembers her relationship with Sirius before he’s thrown in Azkaban and gets an unexpected visit from an old friend.
- Part of us
Word count: 4.2k
Warnings: Language
Summary: *request* 
Could I request a Sirius x reader where the reader is maybe a year younger and his or regulus childhood best friend and she gets sorted to gryffindor so she becomes a target for bullies so Sirius and the marauders takes her under their wing….a few years later she gets hurt and Sirius gets super protective and confess his feelings….angst and fluff??
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mppmaraudergirl · 6 hours ago
Marigold Mornings (4)
chapter 4 on AO3
5 minutes late on TPT oops @petalstosarah 😬
 Presently though, they have ten more days at the beach house and James is avoiding the subject at all costs. He wakes up as usual and is about to extract himself from bed when Lily speaks.
 “Where do you think you’re going at this early hour?” 
 Before he replies, her hands are braced on his shoulders and suddenly she is pressed into his back. Her bare skin sets his aflame, breasts pushed against him as she starts kissing his neck. He shivers slightly from the sensation, eyes closing, a strange mixture of contentment and arousal within him. Her hands massage his shoulders as she works on his neck, and for a moment he wonders if she is aiming to remove the tension in his shoulders or create more. But then her hands trail down his body and land on his thighs.
 “You’re insatiable, Lily,” he tells her roughly.
 He feels her laugh. “Not true. I am certainly satiable. I simply like to be satiated often. By you.”
 “Is that right?” He hopes she can’t feel how fast his heart is now beating at her words, or at the very least hopes she attributes it to her running her hands over his thighs. “And is that what you’re looking for now? To be satiated?”
Read on AO3
Start at the beginning
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considerthespy · 9 hours ago
I can't get the image out of my head of Snape falling repeatedly from high places over the course of many many years as he learns to fly. Just crash, bam, slam, thunk. After trying for many hours he'll just lay on the ground for a little while before getting back up and doing it again. Inching closer and closer to his goal.
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annabellelupin · 9 hours ago
Daily reminder that all of the Marauders are dead and that we are all living in denial
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annabellelupin · 9 hours ago
Person: Oh so you're a Marauders fan right?
Me: Yep
Person: So you're either gay or mentally unstable
Me: Uh rude, you don't just assume things like that about a person because of what they like
Me: But yes
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annabellelupin · 9 hours ago
No Marauders fan has all three
1. A social life
2. Mental stability
3. A real, not fictional, partner
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