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#george weasley x reader
packmentalityx · an hour ago
So I’ve been itching to write again! Specifically, Harry Potter even though this blog was my Twilight outlet. I haven’t written anything in forever though. I’m not sure where to start at this point. So, if there’s anything you guys want to see send me a message. Even if it’s something small I’ll try and build around it. I guess I just need some inspiration to run with.
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boxofbadaddiction · an hour ago
Massage Therapy
George Weasley x Fem!Reader
Warnings: [SFW] Sexually Suggestive. Mentions of Friends with Benefits Arrangement. Crack Fic.
Summary: While everyone else goes for a run to the shop George gives Y/n a massage to help ease some of the pain in her back. But things go pear-shaped when Molly returns home.
Tumblr media
Y/n had been an honorary Weasley for many years. She'd just about grown up alongside them since her parents moved to the same town when she was 9.
Overtime she grew especially close to one Weasley in particular.
Their personalities complimented one another perfectly and so naturally it wasn't long before their feelings of friendship and familial love escalated to something more, and everyone could see it.
Honestly, their family and friends were just waiting for the inevitable moment when the pair finally admit their feelings for one another and get together. It was silly, they thought, for them to remain so oblivious to one anothers affections and prolong it any longer.
At least that's what everyone thought.
Truthfully, Y/n and George had been secretly exploring the limits of their relationship for a few months now. Cautiously dancing the fine line between friends and something more.
The late night rendezvous would beg the latter were true of course but regardless, labels weren't important. They wanted to take their own time to learn whether they were right for each other before letting in the pressure of everyone else's opinions by going public. For the meantime they were happy and that's all that mattered.
Tumblr media
Y/n slowly trudged her way downstairs, fresh from a good, hot shower where she desperately tried to loosen the stiffness in her shoulders and lower little avail. The knots and aches in her muscles were still very much there unfortunately.
"Hey" came the low voice of George from the lounge room. He got up quickly from the couch and moved to meet her at the base of the stairs; a dopey smile tugging on his lips as he took in her cosy appearance.
"Hey" Y/n smiled back to the boy as he wrapped his arms around her waist.
"You look refreshed" he commented mockingly, playing on her earlier turn of phrase when she'd excused herself to the bathroom to 'freshen up'.
Her hands grazed across his biceps as she leant into his body further, tilting everso upwards in an inviting way, "Mmm, I am" Y/n mumbled in reply sighing against her lover in comfort. George leant down capturing her lips in a slow and sensual kiss.
"Mmp, wait-" Y/n spoke against his lips and tried to pull away from his arms. Her eyes frantically scanned the Kitchen and other rooms in view, "Where's-"
"No one's back yet." George assured her, seemingly having read her mind. The other occupants of the household had gone to the store to get some groceries for lunch and dinner unintentionally leaving the lovesick pair alone in a completely empty house.
With a harsh tug to her lower back George pulled Yn back flush against himself and kissed her with heightened passion. A single hand coming to caress the back of her head: fingers tangled in her damp locks of hair all the while his tongue danced across her own in perfect synchrony.
Y/n so wished she could enjoy the moment to it's fullest, however with the way he'd, unknowingly, agrivated her tender back muscles she was finding it hard to focus on anything other than the stinging pain nagging at her lower back and so she reluctantly pulled away once more.
With a steady hand to his chest she hung her head as she drew several long breaths with tightly shut eyes.
"What's wrong? Did I do something?" George asked with concern, seeing the way Y/n's features scrunched in a displeasing way. "I had brushed my teeth earlier, but while you were in the shower I found Ron's Bertie Botts stash and haven't gotten a nice one yet-" George rambled only to be cut off by Y/n.
"It's not you, Georgie. Don't worry you've done nothing wrong...although I did notice the Bean flavour and I'll admit it's not a girl's first wish when snogging her- uhm well, you get it."
"Then what's happened? You look like you're in pain." George stated looking her body over concernidly.
"A little" Y/n added honestly, "it's just these knots I have in my back. They're a right nuisance." She chuckled trying to make light of her current situation.
"Oh...did the shower not help?"
"It did a little but as much as I stretched I couldn't quite reach to work them out myself."
George's face wore a sympathetic kind of frown for the most of the conversation as it played out, until that final word left Y/ns lips and an idea sprung to mind. Now he was looking between her and the staircase with fixed contemplation. A small grin began working it's way out the more assured he became in his decision.
"Give me your hand for a second."
George grabbed Y/ns right arm and held it high, stepping in closely he dipped his knees slightly and placed it over his shoulders. His left arm gently wrapped around her upper back as his right scooped in behind her knees and he hoist her into his arms; carrying her bridal style.
A surprised yelp came from Y/n as her feet left the ground, her other arm grabbing George's shoulder with frantic haste.
"George! What are you doing?"
"Come on, let's get those pesky knots out." He spoke as he began the ascension to his and Fred's bedroom.
"Just how do you figure we'll do that?"
"I'm giving you a massage." he smiled. Although Y/n was sure his intentions were pure that small mischievous glimmer behind his eyes had her suspicious.
Walking towards the room George kicked the door open and stepped carefully past the threshold. As he were but 3 steps from his bed he turned sharply in place and fell back onto the mattress. Another surprised yell, followed by an amused laugh, being elicit from Y/n who he watched closely with the utmost adoration and held her tightly to his chest.
Carefully he rolled over so her back was against the bed, legs left dangling from the knees off the edge and he hovered above her with a fond smile.
"Get comfortable...I'll go see if we have any oils I can use." His voice was quiet as he spoke, finishing the sentence with a tap to her nose with the pad of his forefinger before disappearing back out of the room.
Upon his return from the bathroom George had nudged the door to a near-close and drawn the curtains to block out a lot of the afternoon sun's abrasive light. Replaced instead by the calming flicker of a small scented candle he knicked from his Mother's collection; along side some of Ginnys cinnamon and green apple moisturiser.
Y/n was now laid face down on George's bed: her chest, neck and head supported by a pillow tucked tightly beneath her folded arms.
Her shorts had been pulled ever so slightly down, exposing the tops of her hips, whilst her shirt was pulled over her head; still covering her chest and the top most point of her arms.
George wasted little time getting to work. He applied a generous amount of the moisturiser to his hands and delicately placed his palms to her lower back causing Y/n to jolt at the sudden chill that came with the coldness of the cream meeting her warm skin.
George was straddling her thighs as his hands worked diligently to relieve the pent up tension in his lovers body.
The early set of small hisses of breath and painful chuckles at the tenderess had long since been replaced by soft moans and long sensual sighs as she melts completely beneath his touch.
Y/n was fighting the call of sleep which her body begged her to answer. The relief brought on from George's ministrations coupled with the delicate aroma of apple and cinnamon as it mingled with the candles fragrance was heavenly.
Tumblr media
Meanwhile, downstairs, the Burrows other occupants were arriving home. Walking through the old homes back door alive with light chatter and many hands full of groceries.
"We're home, love birds!" Fred called as he disconnected from his small bicker with Ron turning to the lounge where he expected the pair to be. Disappointed to see they in fact weren't.
Molly followed in closely behind all the children instructing everyone where to put the various items they'd bought.
As she packed away her own bag of goods she turned with a flustered sigh to over look the kitchen and lounge mentally running through a check list of everyone present.
Ginny was packing away the dishes, Ron and Fred were unloading the remaining bags and Harry was cleaning up any rubbish that lay around. Leaving two individuals amiss.
"Yeah, Ma?"
"Where's George and Y/n/n?"
"Mum, I've been home as long as you have." He spoke in an obvious and sarcastic tone. A confused kind of grimace came across her face at their absence. "Relax, they're probably just upstairs." Said Ron noticing his Mothers conflicted expression. Molly hummed absently in response running a tea towel through her fingers as she wondered.
"I might just go look for them, make sure everything's alright." She thought aloud, it were out of the ordinary behaviour for the pair not to be around when everyone else was. 'Perhaps they just didn't hear us come home.' She thought.
As Molly began to ascend the rickety staircase her ears were met with the familiar squeak of each floorboard but also the rather immodest and provocative moans of a young woman.
Her eyes went wide the more noise reached her ears.
Gentle gasps and snippets of muffled dialogue were emitting from the shared bedroom of her Twins. The door only just ajar allowing their voices to carry down the steps:
"How's that?" Her son's voice questioned.
"Mmm, harder." Y/ns voice replied. "Oh, Merlin-" she moaned.
"Hang on, let me try another angle. That feels better, doesn't it?" There's a low moan and hiss of pain from Y/n in reply. "I know it hurts right now Y/n/n but I'm nearly there just need to get a little deeper."
"AH! Shit- George!"
"Sorry, you're doing so well, Darling. Just a little more."
As shock subsided in Molly a new fear began to thrum in her chest. Without thinking her legs began to carry her as fast as they could towards the room, arms flailing as she began to shout. Various calls of half finished sentences being made in her charge.
"NO! NO! Enough!! IT IS TOO EARLY FOR ME TO BE A GRANDMOTHER!!" She bellowed, keeping her eyes trained to the ground as she barged in the room. "GEORGE! Off! Off! Stop it the BOTH OF YOU!" She continued, smacking at her son with her tea towel.
"OW!..MUM? What the bloody hell is wrong with you, Woman?"
"Don't you take that tone with me boy! You ought to be ashamed. There'll be none of that going on under my roof so long as I'm around, I can assure you!" She turned to the small candle flickering on the bedside table and blew it out quite aggressively.
"Mum, we weren't doing anything?" George speaks with an exasperated and frustrated tone.
"Oh weren't you? I've been on this earth a lot longer than you George Weasley I think I can tell when someone's having-" Mollys eyes finally meet with the pair and she takes in the sight.
George is fully clothed while Y/n is sat pulling her shirt on properly and her pants are, in fact, still on. However, there's tissues and moisturiser over the bed as well as the night stand and the scent of smoke from the extinguished candle reaches her nose, all of which confuses the older woman.
"Having what, Mum, a massage?" George snaps sarcastically.
The air between everyone becomes very awkward very quickly. Y/n is unable to speak from the shock and unease in her chest, rather hoping for the mattress to simply swallow her whole. The girl buries her face in the pillow she'd had placed under herself hugging it tightly to her chest.
"Uhh-" Molly grimaces as embarrassment begins to rise inside her.
"Y/n said she had a lot of pain in her shoulders so I offered to try work out the knots in her muscles. Turns out her back was a right mess, so I was helping her. Nearly had the last knot too until you came barrelling in like a maniac."
Molly's mouth were opening and closing at a loss for words. "...oh." she spoke simply.
"Well, lunch will be ready in 15 minutes I expect you both down there shortly...after you clean up this- right. I'll leave you to it." Molly spoke quickly, turning in place and walking from the room.
As she took fast steps from the room she bumped into Fred who was looking to his Mother with shock and amusement before walking into his room with a wide grin and a chuckle forming in his chest.
Y/n looked up from the pillow as she heard Molly's steps leave the room however groans, dropping her face into her hands, as Fred enters.
"What the bloody hell was all that about?" He laughs, having overhead his Mothers earlier shouts.
George can't help himself and starts laughing so hard he falls back onto his bed causing Fred to join in as he looks between the pair.
Y/n grabs the pillow and hits George with it. "It's. Not. Funny!" She speaks, each word emphasised by a smack with the pillow which George poorly deflects during his fit of laughter.
"I-I beg to differ." The younger twin struggles to speak through his laughter which just makes Y/n groan more.
"Right, well since this was your idea you can clean up." The girl snaps throwing the pillow in his face which he catches and smoothly moves to prop his head up watching her with a happy smile, "I'm going to brave the kitchen and help your Mother prepare lunch...hopefully she'll be able to look at me again after this."
"Goodluck with that, Y/n/n." Fred chuckles as she walks past him and out the room with a grumble of curses under her breath. The eldest twin peers from the doorway as she leaves to watch until she is out of earshot for him to speak to his brother.
George lets out a long sigh from where he's laid comfortably on the bed, one knee raised and swaying casually as his opposite arm supports his head, other rested across his stomach.
A dopey smile overcomes his features at the thought of his day. It were unfortunate of course that his Mother had to barge in and spoil his intimate moment with the woman he loves but really, he wouldn't change a moment of the day.
'Right,' He thinks 'we had probably go down too.'
With a heave of effort George throws himself up from the bed and stretches to wake up the parts of his body which had fallen asleep during his time with Y/n.
Fred walks over to George and nudges his shoulder playfully with a closed fist, "You know, had me excited for a second there. Thought you must have finally made your move on her and gotten somewhere while we were gone." He winks smiling to himself.
"Why do you think she's so sore?" George speaks with a deadpan expression.
He looks to his brother with a poker face and raises an eyebrow, watching as Freds smile fades; his eyes lose that teasing glint and his lips part in shock. George leaves without another word following Y/n to the kitchen.
When he reaches the stairs he lets a small, cocky grin break across his lips at the look left on Fred's face. His smile grows wider when he hears Freds voice call after him:
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rhen-chan · 7 hours ago
Fred Weasley Fluff Alphabet
A/N: Seen a lot of these so I decided to do one of my own. And yes I do know there are different versions of the fluff alphabet but I chose this one, hope it’s ok. 
Warnings: Swearing
A = Admiration (what do they absolutely adore about you?)
Fred adores your laugh and smile. Making people laugh was always his forte, so seeing that beautiful smile of yours makes it 10x better. If you’re lucky you might catch him blushing at your reaction, but he’ll never admit it.
B = Body (what is their favorite part of your body?)
This sounds weird but your head/face lol. 1. He likes to rest his chin on top of your head, or lean on yours at least. 2. Going back to A he loves your smile and 3. He loves it when you rest your head on him, whether it be his chest or shoulder, he’ll also kiss your temple. 
C = Cuddling (how do they like to cuddle?)
Would rather be the big spoon with his arms cradling your waist, bringing you closer to his body. Gives head pats, and whispers sweet nothings to lull you to sleep. Lowkey though, likes being the little spoon. You can only catch him like that if he’s too exhausted to think, and ends up just collapsing into your arms to sleep. Oh yeah, George is probably tired of seeing this.
D = Dates (what does their ideal date with you look like?)
Definitely tries to bring you somewhere or experience something new each time. But generally, if there was a place that made you significantly happier, he would take a mental note of that place and bring you there again sometime. I can picture trips to the beach, amusement parks/fairs, and maybe some sport like skiing or snowboarding, or maybe even just tobogganing (if you have snow).
E = Emotions (how do they express emotion around you?)
I don’t think Fred’s one to hide his emotions in the first place. I think most of the time he’d just be open and honest with himself. If he was feeling upset, though he might shut others out, he knows he’s calm when he’s with you. So once he feels like his head is clear again, he’ll talk it out with you.
F = Family (do they want one? If they do, when?)
Definitely wants a family in my opinion. The idea of mini you and/or mini him is something he’s always wanted. Probably wants kids once you guys are married. After that, he cannot wait to have a family with you.
G = Gifts (how do they feel about gift giving? What are their habits when it comes to this?)
I don’t see Fred as going all out with gifts, but occasionally will spoil you (like on your birthday for example). He likes giving and receiving gifts, though most likely isn’t his primary love language. 
H = Holding Hands (when/how do they like to hold hands?)
Holds hands whenever you’re walking together- yes I’m sorry, you’ve become that annoying couple that occupies half the hallway and has a walking speed slower than a turtle. But other than that, likes holding your hands out of reassurance, whether it’s him ensuring you’re going to be okay or vice versa. 
I = Injury (how would they act if you got hurt?)
Small injury? Asks if you’re okay and stuff like that for the first three seconds, then it’s right back to teasing about how clumsy you are. Big injury? Definitely tries to stay by your side as much as he can, might make light jokes to make you laugh.
J = Jokes (do they like to joke around with or prank you? how?)
Yes of course, who do you think he is. We all know he does all jokes of the sort, but more common ones for you that I can picture are things like scaring you in the hallways, and a lot of teasing to make you flustered. Might’ve pranked you once or twice with his WWW products- never again by how much you looked like you were gonna beat his ass (unless you like being pranked then you do you). 
K = Kisses (how do they like to kiss you?)
I feel like he likes longer kisses more. If you have alone time together, you bet your butt he will not stand for a simple peck. Once again- yeah you’re the annoying couple. Only gives small kisses if you’re saying bye to depart to different classes? Stuff like that.
L = Love (how do they show you they love you?)
He shows love through his loyalty. He’d never fight or abandon you if you weren’t at your best. He knows that leaving or ignoring a situation isn’t going to fix it, so he’d rather stay with you and figure it out together.
M = Memory (favorite memory together?)
His favourite memory was when you jumped into his arms when you went to his shop for the first time. You both had been apart, sending letters as much as you could, and now you finally are able to see each other again. He loved the look on your face when you saw the shop and when you said how proud you were of him.
N = Nicknames (what do they call their s/o?)
Love, darling, princess, doll. Will also call you those really ridiculous ones.
O = On cloud 9 (what are the like when they’re in love? Is it obvious? How do they express their feelings?)
I’d say he’s obvious when he’s in love. At first it might be the fact he’s more touchy with you, as in things like bumping your shoulder or patting your head. He expresses his feelings just by showing you any signs of affection. 
P = PDA (Are they upfront about their relationship? Do they brag with their s/o in front of others? Or do they get shy when others are watching?)
Yep, pretty upfront about your relationship, I can’t see him having those secret ones. There is rarely a time where people won’t see him latched onto you unless you’re in separate classes, at work, etc. Brags from time to time, mostly to 1. make you flustered and 2. as a comeback when Ron keeps asking why you would choose Fred. Does not get shy, unless George teases him about him being clingy. 
Q = Quality Time (how do they like to spend time with you?)
He just likes talking with you. He likes hearing your voice. You don’t have to be up and running about to have a good time with Fred. He likes talking, and your reactions to his stories. He also likes listening to whatever funny moment happened to you- he wants to feel included and laugh at the joke too.
R = Rhythm (what song reminds you of them?)
Errrr the songs I listen to don’t really correspond to Fred’s personality, so sorry if it might not be the songs you like or you think match him. But the one that comes to mind is Talk Too Much by COIN.
S = Secrets (how open are they with you?)
I’d say 90% open with you.. He doesn’t really see anything he has to hide from you, and again he likes telling you things. Burped loudly in charms class? He’ll tell you. As for the 10%, comes from his own insecurities. Sometimes there are things he feels iffy about, but as long as you’re willing to, you can talk it out and comfort him.
T = Time (how long did it take you to get together?)
Really depends who you are to him at first. If you’re already friends, maybe a month at most of teasing and matchmaking from your friends and his friends will make you get together. 
U = Upset (how do they act when you’re upset?)
He’ll do anything to get you smiling again. Sometimes he may act a little clueless, so he’ll just come over to you and hold you tight to his chest. Fred will let you vent, cry, whatever you need without judgement. He prefers if you communicate with him to discuss what’s upsetting you, but if you need time he’ll wait however long.
V = Vaunt (what are they proud of? Do they like to show you off?)
As a joke he always says he’s proud of the fact you’re able to keep up with his energy. But in reality he’s proud of your ability to stand up for yourself, and not take anyone else’s bull. Of course he likes to show you off- would definitely love those moments that you both get in the groove and bounce jokes off each other and make everyone laugh.
W = Warrior (how do they feel about you fighting? Would they fight for you, beside you, etc?)
Would rather you not fight, but shamelessly finds it hot when you roast some dude who’s being an asshole. If it was for a serious reason then he wouldn’t want you to fight, and would rather he take care of it instead.
X = X-Ray (how well are they able to read you?)
Pretty well I’d say. Overall your relationship is easy going, and you two fit like puzzle pieces so there’s little to no problems. However, there might be specific times when it takes a while for him to realize you’ve not been feeling well. For example, hiding your feelings. He’d rather you two communicate.
Y = Yes (how would they propose to you?)
Even though Fred can be boisterous, I can’t see him proposing in front of people. Would definitely go overboard with wherever location he chooses though. And yeah, thousands of hugs and kisses right after so no need to worry.
Z = Zen (what makes them feel calm?)
He’s calm when he can tell you’re happy, and also if you start to feel less insecure about yourself (not forcing obviously). Also feels calm when you’re with him, or at least near him. Is the most at ease when you’re in his arms, snuggled up to him in bed, and him stroking your cheeks.
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leydileyla · 10 hours ago
congrats on 900 followers love!! could you do hcs of george weasley and slytherin reader being in love and having their first time together, george finally being able to see her ✨secret✨ tattoos ;)
Hey there lovely anon! Thank you for this lovely request xx This actually turned out longer than I expected 👀👀
Warnings: +18 Content, Minors dni, oral, kissing, alcohol, George saying "cunt".
Tumblr media
It actually still baffles you as to how you started to get close with George.
You were at a bar, in Muggle London, and you'd seen him from afar.
He was with Oliver, Ron, Ginny, Hermione and Harry.
You weren't surprised that they were there really, after all, it was a popular location amongst young witches and wizards.
What did surprise you however, was that you kept making eye contact with him.
It was like he was watching you the whole evening.
George Weasley, eyeing a Slytherin. That was definitely unheard of.
The night went on like that, with no communication whatsoever, but then as you're about to leave, walking towards the door, you see him get up.
He stops you outside on the sidewalk, "Hey!"
He smiles. You smile.
And that's how you met George Weasley.
You tend to meet up after work, for a drink, sometimes you visit him at the joke shop.
He's so funny and charming, he blows your mind.
But what surprises you is that he never attempts to get close to you intimately.
And it confuses you. Are you merely friends forming an inner house relationship? Or are you dating? You don't know and you never find the courage to ask.
After all, he's the Gryffindor and you're the Slytherin.
One day, he invites you over to his flat. And you think, "Finally, finally I get to see his dick." Yes, you're getting quite impatient.
Turns out he's cooked for you, and it makes you so happy, you almost cry.
You share a lovely meal, accompanied by wine, and when it's time for dessert, you notice he's grinning wildly.
"What?" "I haven't made dessert." "Oh, that's fine, really." "No Princess, you're the dessert."
And you almost melt into the table.
He vanishes the remains of dinner with a flick of his wand and approaches you.
Next thing you know, he's kissing you fervently and pushing you towards the table.
He picks you up from your waist with his strong arms, and sits you onto it, placing himself between your legs.
You moan when you feel him pressing his cock against you, wanting more of him, after waiting for the right moment.
He understands, and starts undressing you. Your fingers can barely unbutton the shirt he's wearing as his hands start roaming across your naked flesh.
"So perfect, so beautiful." He keeps murmuring, placing kisses across your body.
He starts to lower down, and you have to refrain yourself from screaming when he finally reaches your cunt.
He looks up from where he is, his eyebrow cocked up, eyes full of mischief.
"Never told me you had a tattoo on your cunt."
And hearing him talk like that makes your insides flutter, and you're sure you're already soaking on the dinner table.
Your fingers find their way into his silky soft hair as his tongue works on you.
Your definition of heaven has forever changed.
"George, oh my gosh, I'm gonna come!"
You expect him to stop for a second after you've came, but he holds you up, and starts to carry you into his bedroom.
"I'm going to treat you so well, Princess."
He lays you down onto the bed carefully, his cock looking painfully hard.
And it makes you want him more than you ever had before.
"Please." You say, and that's all he needs to carefully enter you.
You quickly find a pace, and you're both muttering praises, moaning and breathing heavily as pleasure takes over.
The way he grunts is out of this world.
The way he grunts when he comes inside you is undescribable.
You fall asleep in each other's arms, all questions disappearing from your mind.
𝓵𝓮𝔂𝓭𝓲𝓵𝓮𝔂𝓵𝒶'𝓼 𝓼𝓾𝓶𝓶𝓮𝓻 𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓷𝓽 𝓶𝓪𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓵𝓲𝓼𝓽
• leydileyla's Harry Potter Masterlist •
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blushiinghoney · 10 hours ago
"don't give up" | ●.●
summary: you gave up on liking him.
content: angst, gender neutral, house neutral, so neutral i don’t even mention who this is about, character pov, no specific character, part 2 of "giving up".
warnings: nothing but my english.
a/n: i'm not really satisfied with this one since it was done in a rush, but i wanted to post it anyway, but someone asked for a part 2 and that's all it takes for me, and since it's kind of just a draft i'll probably change it so beware! also a pt2 wasn't in my plans so I do apologise for the shortness. anyways, let me know what you think!
m a s t e r l i s t
[do not repost or copy my works to other sites]
part 1
Tumblr media
"How many times do I have to tell you that I don't like you?"
Why couldn't you understand it? I didn't even know you before that day. To me, you were just another face, another person. I didn't care for you.
You'd follow me around like you didn't have anything better to do. It was annoying, I couldn't even get time for myself without feeling your eyes on me. And then the presents, I never wanted them. Why would you give me presents?
You never meant anything to me. It was funny, really, how you'd get happy when I walked in the room or spoke to you. Even if all I said was hurtful words.
Why does my heart hurt?
Why did I hurt your heart?
Why weren't you begging for my attention? Why is the seat next to me empty now? How could you stop liking me? I never wanted it to be like this, you were a constant in my life, how could I let you go?
All the small talk, all the little notes, all the "you did well today", "I hope you're having a nice day", how could you let me live without it? You turned your back on me, but it's my fault.
I never wanted it to be like this, one day I couldn't stand you and the next I wanted to smile at you while you talked. But I didn't. I let you face my cold eyes and hear harsh words as if your heart wasn't something precious.
And now you're laughing with your friends, making plans for the future. While I sit here waiting for the moment you'll look back at me. You never did, you never looked at me again.
Why does it hurt now?
Why did you give up?
Why didn't I tell you I liked you?
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eatingcloudsxx · 11 hours ago
be my girlfriend, please? (Fred Weasley x Reader)
a/n: did i write this while listening to 'wanna be yours' by the arctic monkeys ??? maybe. also this was just a drabble, i wrote this rlly quick cus i thought it was cute lol, lmk if u guys want more stuff like this <33
warning(s): none ! just smoochin :P
“you look absolutely stunning in this light, love.” fred whispered, his hand squeezing yours ever so slightly.
sneaking off to the astronomy tower was easy with fred, he seemed to know exactly where everyone was at any given time of the day.
(it’s because he literally did.)
his comment made you blush, shifting your legs, not knowing how to take such a blunt compliment. you instead exhaled and turned your attention to the view before you both, it was beautiful, almost breathtaking.
“y/n,” fred placed his fingers under your chin and turned your face to meet his, the cold wind seemed to paint your arms with goosebumps, subconsciously pushing yourself towards the heat that was radiating off the tall boy.
“be my girlfriend, please.” he questioned, causing your stomach to erupt with butterflies and though you tried to swallow the words to not seem too eager, you kissed him in agreement instead.
both of your lips moving in sync, somehow equally feeling like you’ve done this times and times before.
the years of pining and chasing each other around were finally put to a halt, wrapping your arms around fred's neck to pull his body closer to yours, you knew this was just the beginning of the best memories of your life.
pulling apart to breathe, you slowly reopened your eyes to find fred staring back into yours.
faint smiles grew on both of your faces,
“was that a yes?” fred teased you.
you nudged his shoulder and let out a laugh.
“yes. i’ll be your girlfriend.” you beamed, happier than ever.
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hazelquartz · 12 hours ago
Rhapsody of a Veela part 64
Alas, it is time for the joyous union of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour. To the days leading up to it Y/n had been quite shaken up by the events of the ambush Fred and the rest of the order had faced in their mission of transporting Harry Potter. As for one horrible moment, Y/n had really had to face the possibility of not seeing Fred again. The wedding is a good distraction though, as Y/n can`t remember the last time she had celebrated anything for that matter. After her heart-to-heart with Mrs.Weasley, Y/n finally makes the decision and let`s Fred know that she would marry him by the end of next summer, no matter if the Wizarding World is still at large or not. 
Pairings: Fred Weasley x Reader, Cedric Diggory x Reader, Draco Malfoy x Reader / Yes I know, so many ships but still, this takes place over a few years so I think it`s fair.
Warnings: Angst, blood, death, allusions to sex, But also wedding fluff.
Word Count: 2.1k
Wattpad Link
The song playing in this part is an obscure one by Blue Gene Tyranny, called “Next time might be your time” from 1977.
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Tumblr media
Part. 64 – Next time might be your time
Tumblr media
                                             1.August 1997
You had hardly seen Fred all morning, given how busy you were helping Fleur prepare for her wedding. Braiding her long golden white hair, helping her into the most deliciously beautiful white gown you had ever come to lay eyes on. Even though she had been offered the role of a bridesmaid, Ginny was not of much help, but Fleur`s little sister Gabrielle was there diligently running back and forth with jewelry, hair pins and most important of all the ancient looking goblin-made Tiara which Fleur had been allowed to wear for the grand occasion.
You had not given much thought as to what you would wear to the wedding yourself, as Fleur had promised you she would take care of it all. When time arrived for you to get ready as well, you were surprised that Fleur had no plans of making the bridesmaids to wear anything lesser than herself. It was a simple yet romantic dress, which fell just a little above your knees. It`s fabric a light blue, perfectly complementary to the yellow sun dried fields outside and with the rest of the wedding decorations. As guests were soon to arrive, you went outside to see if you could be of any help.
The weather was perfect, a light gust of wind rustled through the hem of your dress, making it so that the temperature seemed perfect. Not too warm, not too cold. Fred and George were helping Arthur set up a grand marquee tent, with magic of course. However when Fred turned around and spotted you, he accidentally lowered his wand and the tent collapsed over his twin brother.
“Merlin`s Saggy left-“you heard George shout, before his voice got muffled beneath the tent.
Fred did not even seem to notice as he came over to greet you, lifting you into the air and swinging you around before placing a gentle kiss on your lips.
“You look beautiful” he said, as he looked at you closer.
“You`re looking quite dashing yourself, my love” you replied, before you eyed the chaos he had unleashed behind him.
“Fred, you`ll have more than enough time to dance around later. A little help?” Arthur called out from across the yard, and yet Fred could hardly break his eyes away from you.
“Sorry, I have to” he whispered, kissing you one more time before he ran to help.
So you went inside instead to see if you could Help out Molly in the kitchen. When the grand marquee had finally been placed, and decorated inside, everything looked perfect, and so it was clear that all of Fleurs intricate planning had payed well off. There were rows and rows of golden chairs set on either side of a long purple carpet, on every available surface there were white and golden flowers, balloons and fairy-lights. Looking at it, you found yourself falling into a daydream you had for a long time thought forbidden, the dream of a wedding of your own. You and Fred, promising to stay together forever in front of his ridiculously large family. For a moment it seemed so real, and that was when you decided to take Molly`s advice to heart. Not even a moment later, he was there by your side with his hand on your shoulder as he proudly looked at the scene he had helped create.
“So, what do you think?” he asked, not even alluding to anything.
“It`s beautiful” you whispered, before you turned to him glassy-eyed.
“Fred, I know I said we should would wait until after I left Hogwarts but, I changed my mind”
For a moment he looked quite surprised, then rather smug.
“I knew this would convince you, somehow” he grinned, as he pulled you closer.
“Oh don`t flatter yourself, I have far greater plans than this, just don`t tell Fleur I said that” you joked,
“Anyway, Fred, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were married by the end of next summer?”
Fred`s grin vanished, only to be replaced by an even greater one.
“Really? I-I thought with the war and everything, you`d want to wait”
“I said, I changed my mind” you repeated, while bumping your elbow into his side,
“Don`t tell me you`re getting cold feet now Freddie?” you teased.
Fred had to laugh, the mere thought of it was ridiculous. From the moment he had first seen you, spoken to you he had known for certain he`d do anything to spend his life by your side. Your initial power, went far beyond simple Veela charm`s. It was something else, something like destiny.
“Of course I think it`s a splendid idea, it`s just.. you keep surprising me everyday, love”
Guests were starting to arrive, apparating into the fields around the house and so the rest of the Weasley`s came outside to greet them, along with Fleur and Hermione.
“Ah, there you are lovebirds” George grinned as he approached you, with a mischievous look on his face.
“Listen, so I-“
“I`m all ears” Fred interrupted him, and you just had to sigh. Could those two ever possibly just have a heart to heart without making a joke out of it all? George just looked at him, shaking his head at the terrible pun his brother had just pulled.
“It`s too soon Fred” you stated, after all George still had his head wrapped in a bloody bandage for Merlin`s sake.
“What? I was just going to h-eear him out” Fred continued, cracking up at his own terrible jokes even though George did not look even half impressed.
“Oh shut up, git. I was just coming to tell you that, once you two tie the knot will you please move out of our flat, you know, find a place of your own?”
As clumsy as it sounded, it was actually rather sweet coming from George. It had been troubling you for a while, how you were seeming to become that one thing that would separate the twins at last. Sometimes you had even wondered if George was resenting you for it, even just a little. But now, by saying this he was actually announcing that he was all right with it, that he was okay with Fred growing up.
“I see, does our sweet love really sicken you that much, Georgie?” Fred laughed, and George made a grimace.
“Yeah, actually having one less of an ear, really turned out to be a great benefit now that you bring it up”
You had to chuckle at their bantering, but it was quite agreeable that their flat above their shop in 93. Diagon Alley were not quite big enough for the three of you.
Tumblr media
The wedding reception was beautiful, and with Fleur by his side, Bill`s scars somehow seemed less noticeable. This was also the first time you had seen so many witches and wizards gathered in one place, apart from at Hogwarts or Diagon Alley. They really were a colourful bunch, and upon introducing you to his extended family Fred really struggled to keep a straight face upon the question of when it was the turn of the pair of you to tie the knot. If only they knew. There were also a lot of other interesting guests, people from all over the wizarding world had arrived it seemed, even Victor Krum. Music was in the air, and you had been dancing so much you had not even noticed that the sun had gone down.
A tipsy Arthur had brought out a muggle record-player from his shed, along with a few dusty old obscure records he was showing off to some old wizard who was glad to discuss the differences of muggle and wizard music with him. Meanwhile, to rest your tired legs, you sat down next to a rounded table, waiting for Fred who was brining you drinks.
“ ♪ Hey baby - Hey maybe I'm forgetting to say, That I stayed with you - Because I wanted to, And you were so very fine. You listened to my troubling mind, Said "Leave all that history behind, And deal with life as it's offered to you ♫ ♬ ”
The evening breeze were calmly rustling through the curtains of the marquee tent, and you sat there with a big smile as you gazed at those who still remained arm in arm at the dance floor. You felt blissful, hopeful even, for the first time in a long time. Once Fred returned with two glasses of champagne, you rested your head against his shoulder while sighing contently.
“ ♪ You know the next time might be your time - To love and honor, to take the bother just to see this thing through - Is that what friends are here for? ♫ ♬ ”
“Have you been enjoying yourself tonight, darling?” Fred asked, fairly content himself, before taking a sip of the cold champagne. And you nodded intently,
“Can`t you see I do?” you whispered, looking into his eyes which reflected the lights of the true-fairy-lights wrapped around each supporting pole of the tent.
“♫ ♬ Dear companion – We could be in Arizona or France, What will the world be like, when we see each other clear of all circumstance? What difference does it make? Why don't you take a break - From whatever puts the pressure on you? ♪ “
“Oh, I was just asking in case you wanted to get somewhere else, somewhere a little more private” Fred grinned, wiggling his eyebrow, causing you to laugh.
“Freddie, may I remind you this is your brothers wedding, and we don`t want to be rude now do we?” you said, positioning your head back against his shoulder.
“Well if you ask me, it seems those two lovebirds, can`t even wait to leave the party themselves”
You were just about to clap his knee, when something happened. A strange blue light flashed into the middle of the tent, startling everyone. It seemed to be a patronus, but you were too far away to make out it`s shape.
“The Ministry has fallen. The Minister of magic is dead.” A voice spoke out from the source of the blue light, and it took you a moment to realise it was the voice of Kingsley Shacklebolt. You got goosebumps, everyone in the tent seemed to be speechless by his warning.
“They`re coming, they`re coming”
Only then did all panic break loose, people started running in every direction to either hide or apparate to somewhere safe, if anywhere could be safe at all. Fred immediately grabbed your hand tightly, but before any of you could think or say anything dark shadows shot through the curtains of the marquee, causing fires to break loose. The Death-eaters, they were already there. Just a table across from you, an old wizard you had greeted earlier was blasted with the killing curse. The green and red lights seemed to come from every direction, and all you could do was to get down on the ground and try to make your ways out of the crowded tent.
The tent started collapsing, and in the midst of the chaos you realised you had lost Fred. You started shouting his name, running in between the fleeing wizards and witches, ducking away from spells. Fact was, you did not even have your own wand on you. It laid in Ginny`s room hidden underneath your pillow.
“Fred!” you finally ran into him, his face pale by the destruction taking place.
“We need to get you out of here!” he shouted back, and that was the moment you realised they might be looking for you. He had just grabbed your hand, when he fell to the ground dragging you down along with him.
Fred was convulsing on the grass before you in pain, his eyes falling to the back of his skull while he shrieked in agony.
“No!” you screamed, and waved your hand towards the death-eater, causing him to be thrown several feet into the air.
While you were desperately shaking Fred, trying to get him back on his feet so you could escape to somewhere safe, someone grabbed you and dragged you a little further away. You were fighting back as best as you could, but before you knew it the world warped around you, and it felt like your body was being torn in every direction. You were apparating, unwillingly to someplace else.
When you and whoever had taken you, finally fell to the ground somewhere, you were so disoriented and panicked that you could hardly make out where it was. The world still felt like it was spinning violently, but the dark polished wooden floor in front of you seemed familiar. You were standing on all four, trying to get back up without falling when you saw a pair of two feet walk in front of you, in pointed black high-heels.
A woman’s hand, with red painted nails reached down to help you up, and you reluctantly grabbed it. As soon as you were levelled to her eyes you saw who it was, meeting your gaze worriedly, fearfully. Narcissa Malfoy.
“Are you unhurt?” she asked, her voice almost shaking.
Tumblr media
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cupids-crystals · 13 hours ago
The Diggorys (Cedric Diggory)
Word Count: 0.4k
Summary: Reader’s friends tease them about their friendship with Cedric
A/N: Request by anon. No warnings, just fluff! No reader pronouns used. My requests are open!!
It started as a joke. Pure banter, really. 
Everyone knew that you and Cedric were best friends. You practically finished each other’s sentences, and you always knew exactly what the other was thinking. Not a day went by where the two of you weren’t joined at the hip. You were kindred spirits, as some would say. 
You cheered Cedric on at every quidditch game and he was with you in the library every day leading up to big tests. He would fix your tea at breakfast, and you would prepare his plate when quidditch practice ran over and would cause Cedric to miss the first half of dinner. 
The first time the Weasley twins saw you wearing Cedric’s quidditch sweater, they knew they had an obligation to tease you. That was when the twins and Lee started calling you ‘the Diggorys’.
“How’s the missus?” Fred would ask when he saw Cedric returning your books to the library because you had forgotten about their due date.
“Where’s your other half?” Lee would question when he spotted you in Hogsmeade wearing Cedric’s Hufflepuff scarf. 
After a while, the twins’ siblings had joined in – Ginny because she knew that you really cared for each other, and Ron because he genuinely thought that you were dating and that everyone else was a little too interested in your relationship.
The playful remarks had little effect on your displays of affection. You would still read together in the courtyard on sunny days. Cedric would still use sickeningly sweet terms of endearment to watch you scrunch your nose and giggle at the obnoxious names. The twins’ sense of humor also seemed to reveal your underlying affection. You kept it to yourself, though, fearing that you would ruin your camaraderie by confessing your true adoration for your best friend.
You knew it was just teasing. That’s why you were stunned when Cedric sat next down at breakfast this morning, cupped your cheek in his hand, and kissed you sweetly in the middle of the crowded Great Hall. 
After he pulled away, you sat in shock for a moment, wondering if you were still in bed, dreaming of the brown-haired Hufflepuff. You looked around at the others sitting at your table who were staring between the two of you with looks of disbelief. George spoke up after a few seconds, breaking the silence that had settled around your small group of friends.
“Not a joke anymore, is it then?”
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loving-daisy · 15 hours ago
Cry For Me | George Weasley x Reader
Masterlist | Cry For Me Masterlist 
Tumblr media
Chapter 7 - Make Your Rain Fall 
Words: 6.8k
Warnings: none
As if I don’t know anything, I will stay by your side then at the end, break your heart 
Hours passed after supper at the Great Hall, Y/N Icestone alongside her best friend, Daphne, was seated at the leather couch in front of the fireplace inside the Slytherin Common Room. The common room was colder than usual, thus the reason for getting close to the fire. Y/N had her head leaned on the raven-haired girl’s shoulder who was reading gossip from a certain wizard magazine. A white fleece blanket was wrapped around her body as she stared at the window glass that separated the room from the species in the Black Lake. 
Despite all the hints the Slytherin gave to her Gryffindor, it seems like not a single one was taken. He’s more stupid that I thought, Y/N contemplated. 
Daphne scoffed, closing the magazine before looking down at her best friend. “Can you believe this rubbish? This quidditch star just dumped his girlfriend because he became famous. Turns out, he didn’t need the money anymore, seeing that he has landed a good paying job. What a git.” She muttered, shaking her head from left to right. 
“Parallel situations going on in here, don’t you think?” said Pansy Parkinson, a 4th year Slytherin who was also in Draco’s year, said, absentmindedly revealing that she was eavesdropping and that she knew about the Icestone-Weasley relationship going on. 
Y/N rolled her eyes on the comment, deciding to still remain quiet and let Daphne handle the young Slytherin. “Didn’t your father ever tell you that it’s rude to butt into a conversation?” Daphne sneered, obviously irritated. 
Pansy just gave a small shrug before proceeding on replying “I mean, it’s kind of obvious isn’t it? Weasley is poor, Icestone is not.” 
This caused Icestone to snap out of Daphne’s shoulder and face the girl. “What the hell did you just say?” She said in a threatening voice, a scowl in her features being displayed. Once again, Pansy gave another shrug, this time, a smug one. “Just stating the obvious. I mean, a fact is a fact right?” 
“The fact that you put your nose in somebody else’s business speaks a lot about you.” Daphne commented. “Well...I guess you can say the same to most of the people here in Hogwarts.” replied Pansy. 
Y/N stood up from the couch she was sitting on, brushing her uniform before blankly looking at Daphne. “Come, Daph. I don’t want to be out here any longer.” She called before briefly walking towards their shared dorm room.
Y/N sat in front of her big vanity mirror, brushing her lustrous hair after she washed up and changed into her satin nightgown. 
There was one thing her eyes were focused on, and no, it wasn’t her hair nor her appearance. It was on the single diamond that was seated simply yet classically on her chest, the Icestone jewel. 
She abruptly stopped with her actions, narrowing her eyes on the glowing stone before turning around to her best friend who just came out of the bathroom. 
“Daphne.” She called. 
“Yes?” the raven-haired girl answered, stopping in front of Y/N as she dried her hair. 
Icestone only gave the girl a smirk, hundreds and millions of thoughts running wild inside her mind. Daphne stopped in her tracks and placed both her hands on her hips, an eyebrow raised towards Y/N. “You have a plan, don’t you?” She suggested. 
Y/N’s smirked converted into a mischievous smile. She turned her back towards Daphne, facing the vanity mirror again as she grabbed on her night cream. “Oh you must be mad if you think that I’m just gonna let go of it easily. I won’t. And that’s that.” She hinted, making the raven-haired girl get closer to stand behind her. 
Through the reflection of the mirror, Y/N saw the confused yet excited look on her best friend’s face. “I’m not exactly sure what you mean by that...” Daphne trailed off as she placed a hand on Icestone’s shoulder.  
Y/N placed a hand on top of Daphne’s. “You must know me, Daphne. I always finish what I started.” She proclaimed, dropping her hand to her lap. “I’m gonna continue.” She stated. 
“Continue...what exactly?” Daphne questioned, slightly still confused yet a glint of sparkle was in her eyes. “You’re going to continue what I’m currently thinking of right now, aren’t you?” She tried to confirm. 
The seated girl merely nodded, her grin bigger than ever. “I’m gonna continue what I started last year. My plan. Didn’t I tell you before?” 
Excitedly, Daphne nodded before pulling the seated girl to a big embrace from behind, jumping up and down from joy. “Finally! Weasley’s gonna get so-” 
“Y/N?” A small voice interrupted, the figure flying past Daphne and landing on top of the vanity. “Yes? What is it, Mira?”
Looking closer at the small winged-fairy, Mira had an uncomfortable look on her face, unsure whether to deliver the news to Y/N. She hummed, getting down on her knees as she sat on her heels and placed her small hands above her thighs. “Tell me, Mira.” Y/N encouraged, a concerned look enveloping her face. 
“Outside...uhm...someone’s looking for you.” Mira manages to blurt out, nervous of her action’s outcome. Y/N gave a nod, still waiting for her fairy to give her more details about the outsider. After a few seconds of waiting, she asked. “Who is it?”
“George Weasley.” Mira muttered, earning a small gasp from Daphne who was now seated on the small powder-blue couch situated inside their shared dorm room, flipping through the letters both of them received. 
“Are you going to meet him?!” The raven-haired girl asked, dropping the letters on the tea table. Calmly, Icestone gave her a nod, her lips turning up to give a small smile. With a flick of her wand, black sweatpants and a matching black jacket was placed on top of her baby pink nightgown. 
“Yes, of course. How will I go with the plan if I don’t execute it? A plan can’t always be a plan, Daphne. You have to take action. I guess mine goes back on track right at this moment. See you later.” 
Y/N managed to spot the ginger a few walks away from the common room, effortlessly hiding behind a small statue. Though her heart was beating like it wanted to come out, she managed to walk towards her boyfriend in a calm, quick yet quiet way. 
“George?” She quietly called out as she tapped the tall boy’s shoulder. When he turned to face her, he gave her a wide smile causing Y/N’s heart to beat even faster. If that was possible. 
Trying not to break her façade, she crossed her arms above her chest as she raised a brow towards the Gryffindor. “What are you doing here?” She questioned, the tone of her voice showing how she was unamused. 
“Well, I got hungry so I snuck into the kitchens to steal some cookies.” George confessed, scratching the back of his neck. 
Before Y/N was able to nag, the ginger quickly added “I figured you would have wanted some. I am aware of your love for chocolate afterall and it turns out, the cookies were chocolate chips!” He exclaimed, showing the bag of cookies that was hidden inside his robe pockets. 
Icestone felt like melting on the spot. 
Forcefully grabbing the pack inside the ginger’s robes, Y/N joined George in ducking behind the small statue as she impatiently opened the bag and grabbed a bite. 
“Woah- Woah! Calm down, Y/N! What if these cookies were products of Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes? Merlin! You really trust me like that, don’t you?” George teased, concerned yet relaxed for the Slytherin’s behavior. Only, it lasted for a few seconds as the girl froze in front of him, her eyes focused on the cookie that she was clutching with her hand. 
Her eyes immediately found the boy’s, in which she gave her stone cold glare. “George!” She complained, huffing as she shoved the ginger’s shoulder. 
“What?” George asked, a concerned look all around his features. “Is something wrong? I was only joking about these being our product! These aren’t it, I swear to Godric! Are you-”
“These are raisins!” The girl cried, giving another shove. George replied with a sheepish smile. 
One thing for sure was that even if the ginger failed to distinguish raisins from chocolate chips, the Slytherin still finished everything that was in the bag. And in the course of forcing the sweets down her throat, she had one thing, 2 meanings, on her mind: This is going to be harder than I thought.
“Aisu ston!” A deep voice called out, causing Y/N Icestone to stop in her tracks to find the owner. She knew who it was from and she was happy that they remained friends even if they barely saw each other. 
“Krum.” She greeted him with a charming smile. The Bulgarian gave a small smile, eyes traveling their surroundings before giving his full attention towards the girl in front of him. He clasped his hands together behind his back before slightly bending down to be in level with the Slytherin. “Or you bizzy?” He asked with a quiet tone. 
Y/N raised a brow due to Krum’s peculiar behavior. She could see how the boy was nervous and uneasy and it wasn’t like him at all. At least that’s what she knows over the course of years that she has known him. “Busy? Not at all. I was just headed to the dungeons to take a nap. Why?”
The Bulgarian gave another small smile, eyes darting around their surroundings before continuing to seek his intentions towards the Slytherin. “So...yor fwend…” He trailed off, unsure how to ask. 
“Daphne?” Y/N suggested. Krum shook his head in response. “No, not Dap knee. Da won ol waze in da lie burary.”
Y/N furrowed her brows in confusion, thinking hard on who in her circle of friends like to spend their time in the library. All she could think about was Theodore Nott, a Slytherin who was in the same year as Draco, someone that she knew because of the pureblood gatherings her parents attend. But they weren’t really friends and she didn’t think that he was the one Viktor was pertaining to either. “I don’t think I have friends who are always in the library…”
“But you do! I zaw you wit her in da won reading book.”
The Slytherin smirked, her mind visualizing the only witch she knew who would have carried a book with her always. “Curly hair?” 
Viktor thought for a while, visualizing the girl from his memories before nodding. “Yes.”
“Hmm…” Granger. “I guess you can say that we’re...acquaintances. Why?” The girl inquired, a teasing look on her face causing the boy to flush pink on the cheeks. 
“Wot iz er name?” He asked. 
Y/N displayed a wide smile on her face, happy for Viktor to finally get interested in a girl. When they were young, he would always suggest that romance is cheesy and that he never sees himself being in love with anyone at all. I guess the tables have turned. “Hermione Granger. She’s from Gryffindor.” Replied Y/N. 
The Bulgarian nodded, trying to pronounce the Gryffindor’s name in his head a couple of times to remember. “Thanks.” He muttered, offering a small smile.
Y/N crossed her arms, raising a brow towards Viktor to give him a small interrogation. “Why are you asking?” 
The boy shrugged in response. “Nothing.” He denied but the pink on his cheeks gave his denial off. 
“You think she’s pretty, do you?” The girl suggested, poking the boy in his sides to tease him. Krum coughed in response before displaying a fond smile. “Beautiful.” He admitted, his eyes lighting up as he said so. 
George Weasley, who was hiding at the next corner of the hallway, scoffed before walking away.
The next morning, as Y/N headed to the Great Hall for the day’s first feast, the second she stepped foot up above the Slytherin dungeons, she felt a pair of hands drag her arm to a secluded corner. 
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” She demanded, huffing. The girl pulled herself away from the man, annoyed as she attempted to straighten her Slytherin robes to look put together like she usually is. When she looked up to spit some spiteful words towards the man, it was as if her tongue held itself back after her eyes landed on a familiar tall ginger. 
Like the Slytherin, George Weasley wasn’t so friendly at this moment. He had a scowl on his face, clearly bothered by something Y/N is yet to know. 
The Gryffindor crossed his arms. “Care to tell me how you know Krum?” He asked calmly, the tone of his voice being in contrast to the annoyed look that he had on his face. 
Immediately, something clicked in the girl’s mind that made her display a smirk, mirroring the boy’s crossed arms. “He’s a family friend.” She admitted. “Now, if you would excuse me, I don’t really want to deal with your foul behavior so early in the morning. I should head to breakfast.” She said, escaping the boy’s blocking figure to continue her route towards the Great hall. 
The boy groaned, following the girl by walking side by side. “How?” He inquired, still greatly annoyed. 
Y/N gave another shrug. “I don’t know. I don’t remember. My father has a lot of friends.” 
In response, George groaned, not getting the answer he expected. “Okay.” He muttered. 
Silence fell in their atmosphere as they walked. And it was awkward because George was never this quiet when he was with Y/N. Y/N also wanted to push further, seeing that the annoyed look on the boy’s face as well as his inquiry about the Bulgarian Quidditch player gave the information of how he saw their encounter and got jealous of the boy. “What’s wrong?” She questioned, her tone soft. 
The boy huffed in response. “I just think that he doesn’t see you as a friend.”
“Me?” The girl seeked clarification, the boy answering with a single nod. Y/N let out a laugh. “Why do you think so?” She asked. 
Again, George huffed as a response, the laugh Y/N let out provoking his annoyance even further. “Don’t be daft. I saw you flirting with him in the hallways yesterday. Rather, he was flirting with YOU!” He accused. “Calling you beautiful and stuff…” He muttered, his eyes landing on the floor to avoid the piercing eyes of the girl. 
The Slytherin let out another amused laugh. “Friends can’t compliment each other?” 
“I think he intended on something more than just a compliment.” The Gryffindor pointed out.
“If I didn’t know better, but I do, I do know better, I wouldn’t think that you’re jealous over Viktor Krum.” She suggested, trying to get the boy to admit his true feelings. 
George let out a scoff. “Me? Jealous? As if! He might be a professional Quidditch player but I’m the best beater around this era of the Gryffindor team! Scratch that, I’m the best beater in Hogwarts today. So no, I am not at all jealous of Viktor Krum.” 
The Slytherin faked a cough in disbelief. “But it seemed like that to me.”
“Not everything you see is true.” George pointed out.
“Exactly, George. Not everything is what it seems! He wasn’t complimenting me, he was complimenting your friend.” Y/N informed. George, still not taking any of it, continued to rage. “And who is this ‘friend’? You?”
Y/N leaned closer to the tall ginger to whisper. “No. Granger.” 
“Granger?!” He clarified, shock written all over his face. Y/N nodded in response. “Yeah.”
“You’re kidding.” The Gryffindor accused, still not believing the Slytherin. The girl raised a brow in annoyance. “Do I look like I am?” 
The shocked look on the boy’s face was replaced with amusement. “Merlin! Ron is gonna flip!” He howled, now smiling from ear to ear after he got closure that the Bulgarian didn’t fancy his girlfriend. Also because of the fact that things just got interesting for his younger brother but that’s another story. 
“What do you mean?” The Slytherin asked, confused. 
George let out a giggle. “Git is too scared to admit his feelings for the girl and now he’s gonna compete with bloody Viktor Krum.” 
“Woah.” Y/N managed to react as her mind was flying elsewhere after they turned to the hall where the doors of the Great hall is placed. Her eyes travelled to find her raven-haired best friend, who was waiting outside with crossed arms. “Things just got so interesting.” She muttered.
This time, it was the Gryffindor's turn to get confused. “What do you mean?” 
The girl shrugged in response. “Nothing. You know, just the love triangle.” She said nonchalantly. “Gotta go. See you later!” She announced, walking faster. 
“No kiss?” In response, Y/N sent him a small flying kiss before turning away and secretly making a face towards Daphne, who was now sneering. 
George groaned. “I was expecting something more than that.” He muttered. 
Later that day, as Y/N headed back to the dungeons to fetch her extra ink bottle, she was bothered once again by a certain ginger.
“Psst! Icestone!” He whispered-yelled. Y/N stopped in her tracks to turn to look towards the voice that called her, raising a questioning brow before crossing her arms above her chest. “Care to tell me why you’re down here in the dungeons?” 
“It’s George.” Fred said, a feigned worried look plastered all over her face. Y/N mirrored his facial expression, although faux like Fred’s, seeing that the boy was lying to her. “What about him?” She inquired. 
A smirk spread all over the ginger’s face. “You see, that I can’t tell.” He teased, causing Y/N to display an annoyed look. “Why start a conversation about him then?” 
“You are too stubborn for your own good.” Fred pointed out. “But-“
Before Y/N was able to spite, she got interrupted by Fred. “As I was saying, before I got rudely interrupted by a certain someone-“ 
This time, it was Fred who got interrupted. “Rudely interrupted? Me?” Y/N asked, pointing to herself as she gave a displeased look towards the boy. 
“George wanted me to give you this.” Said the ginger, ignoring Y/N’s glare. 
Y/N took the small rolled parchment, examining it. “What’s this?” She asked, earning a groan. 
“Quite obvious, isn’t it?” Fred pointed out. 
The Slytherin sneered. “Geez I didn’t know you worked part-time as an owl Freddie. Where’s your wings though?” She teased. 
The boy scoffed. “Owl? Me? If I were to be compared to a thing with wings, it definitely wouldn’t be an owl. You see, I’m an angel-“ 
“Angel?!” The girl said, unamused. “Well, you don’t look like one.” 
“Why? Do I have to be naked to look like one?” Fred suggested, raising a brow. “Oh, Icestone. I don’t think my brother would be pleased to know that-“ 
Y/N scoffed in response, holding her hand out, motioning for the boy to stop. “Oh please. You’d probably look like hell.” 
“Because I’m hot?”
“Because you look like a dump.” She teased before finally entering the dungeons and making her way towards her space. As she entered her room, she immediately laid with her stomach on her soft mattress to take the red ribbon off and open the piece of parchment. 
I love you. - G.W
The Icestone scoffed, failing to hide the grin forming in her face. “That’s it?” She muttered in disbelief, shaking her head from left to right. 
“That’s what?” 
Startled by the voice, Y/N looked up to see Daphne. She shook her head in response. “Nothing. I didn’t notice you came in.” 
The dark haired girl displayed a smirk. “Probably because you were too busy ogling over that note you got there. It’s probably from Weasley, isn’t it?” 
Y/N nodded as a response, sitting up to properly face the girl. “Correct.” 
“Huh” Daphne let out, shaking her head afterwards before pointing her finger towards the hand that held the note. “Whatever that is, don’t you think don’t have to wait any longer to conclude your plan?” She suggested. 
“Why not?” Icestone asked. 
Daphne shrugged, making her way towards their shared vanity mirror to fix her hair. “I mean, he’s practically in love with you! Everyone in the school knows that! You even told me that he said it multiple times now. Breaking his heart now wouldn’t make much difference if you break his heart tomorrow.” 
“Oh but Daphne...that’s the thing. It makes much more difference because it's going to make it linger. That way, he won’t get up easily. He won’t forget what he did to me.” Y/N explained, her reply causing Daphne to turn towards her with a serious expression. 
“You’re lying.” Daphne pointed out. Y/N shot an offended look. “What’s that supposed to mean?” 
“I’m not stupid. I know you. I know you’re fueled with hatred, thus, the reason for your revenge plan going on don’t want to end it now because you love him, don’t you?” 
The Icestone heir scoffed, looking away. “I don’t love him-”
Daphne waved a hand, not believing any of her best friend’s excuses. “I guess you…” She trailed off. “I guess you want to have this thing going on for a while before...hmm.” The raven-haired girl suggested, stopping midway to not bring up the topic Y/N was pushing away for quite a while now.  
Y/N sighed, her shoulders slumping before fully laying on her bed to face the ceiling. “Daphne, once again, you are right.” She admitted. “I just...wanna feel loved you know? I mean, for once in my life I want to experience what it feels like to be loved and to be in love with someone that overlooks...well, all of me. I don’t think I’ll experience this feeling after I finish my time in Hogwarts.” 
Daphne laid beside the Icestone heir, mirroring her position. ”I get what you’re trying to say but don’t you think it will be less painful for you if you end this now? I mean, I’m sure this ‘linger’ thing that you’re trying to imply won’t only affect the Gryff. It will linger for you too.” 
Y/N sneaked herself out of the Slytherin common room after finding out from her fairy, Mira, that a certain Weasley twin was waiting for her outside. The happenings felt like Deja vu. Only this time, she had a different feeling. She was troubled. 
“Cookie?” George offered, showcasing the bag of cookies he got from the Kitchens. Y/N groaned, crossing her arms over her chest. “I swear in Salazar’s name that if your cookies are raisins, I’m gonna feed you to the species outside the Slytherin common room.” She threatened, grabbing the bag. 
The Gryffindor shivered. “Isn’t the Slytherin common room under the black lake? What if the giant squid eats me?!” 
The girl merely shrugged, not paying attention to the boy as she struggled to open the bag. As she reached into her pocket to grab her wand, to no avail, she remembered not grabbing it from her nightstand before going out to meet George. So, she looked up at him, handing him the bag. “Can you open this?” 
George grinned, picking it up from her hands to open it before placing it back on the girl’s hands. “I promise, I double-triple checked it this time! Those are chocolate chips, not raisins!” He reasoned, now unsure of his analysis. 
In response, the Slytherin raised a brow, grabbing a piece of cookie from the bag to place it in her mouth. The second the flavor spread, she displayed a furrowed brow, glaring at the Gryffindor. 
George let out a nervous laugh. “Well, I got you your cookies so I think I’m gonna go-” 
“I’m just kidding! It is a chocolate chip. Thank you, Georgie!” Y/N beamed, grabbing another sweet. In response, the boy smiled from ear to ear, both his hands placing itself on the girl’s cheeks to pinch it. 
“Hey! Get your hands off me, please. I am eating.” The girl complained, swatting the boy’s hands away. George let out a small laugh, fondly looking at his Slytherin. 
The playful atmosphere suddenly became serious after Y/N pierced her cold-but-warm-like eyes towards the boy’s. “I hope I never found out that you’re someone else, George. Because I love you, just as you are.” She admitted. 
The heart of the ginger leaped out in joy. “You do?”
Y/N gave him a nod. “I do.” 
Saturday evening, the Icestone heir was found at the leather couch in front of the fireplace in the Slytherin dungeons. 
“Y/N.” A familiar voice softly called. 
“Draco.” Y/N acknowledged, briefly glancing up to look at the 4th year. 
“May I?” The boy asked, his eyes landing on the vacant spot beside the Icestone. The girl simply nodded in response before turning her attention back to the transfiguration homework in front of her. The boy awkwardly sat at the leather couch, hands clasped together on his lap as he turned his attention towards the girl who barely acknowledged his presence. 
After a few minutes of silence, Draco awkwardly coughed, earning the attention of the Icestone, who raised a brow in anticipation. The blonde Slytherin ran his fingers through his hair, thoughts running everywhere in his head. Something was off with the Malfoy heir today. First he kindly approaches Y/N Icestone in the common room then asks to sit with her and now he goes and initiates a conversation to which he doesn’t seem like his usual confident and cheeky self.   
“Look, about last summer…” He trailed off, grey eyes piercing Y/N’s. 
Icestone closed her eyes for a few seconds before letting out a frustrated sigh. “Save it, Draco. I don’t really want to talk about it.” She muttered before shaking her head to shake off her thoughts. 
“Are you...still with Weasley?” The blonde boy carefully asked. 
Y/N’s face contorted into a sneer before finally closing her transfiguration book to fully turn her attention towards the Slytherin boy. “What’s it to you, anyways? We still have a couple of years.” She stated, slightly getting annoyed as she has to go through this conversation once again. That is, with a different person this time. Not to mention the Malfoy heir. 
“I get it but are you aware?” He asked. 
The sneer on the Icestone’s face was replaced by a look of confusion. “Aware of what?” She inquired. 
“What he’s been doing to you.” Draco replied, his reply causing the girl to scoff and cross her arms. “Don’t tell me you know about that too.” She muttered, the thoughts she shook off earlier coming back now. 
“I do. I heard them once.” Draco informed. “I’m sorry.” 
What? Icestone looked at Malfoy with disbelief. Why is he suddenly acting so nice towards me? “Why are you acting weird?” She asked, half joking, half serious. 
“I’m not acting weird.” Draco denied. “I just care for you.” He reasoned. 
“All of a sudden?” Y/N seeked, still not convinced. 
Draco gave a small nod, making eye contact with the girl to show that he was being sincere. “I’ve always cared about you. I knew longer than you think. That was why…” He paused for a moment to carefully think of his words. “That was why I kept on bothering you.” 
“Oh...I didn’t notice. I thought that you just had fun annoying other people with your arrogant presence.” The girl teased, bumping her shoulder to the boy’s to lighten up the mood. Draco’s face contorted into a small sneer. 
“But why?” Y/N asked. “Why not do something about it?” 
“I don’t think I have a choice, do I?” He answered. Y/N hummed in response, nodding in agreement.  
Malfoy broke the brief silence. “I guess...we should work it out as early as now, don’t you think? I’m kinda tired of always quarrelling with you.” 
Y/N beamed in surprise, her eyes shrinking due to her lips curling. “Woah...who are you and what in Merlin's name did you do to Draco Malfoy?” She further teased, poking the arms of the blonde boy before bursting into laughter. Draco laughed with her. 
The other Slytherins in the common room were surprised to hear Draco Malfoy laugh genuinely. It wasn’t like the evil annoying laugh that they heard when he went on to tease Harry Potter. What made them even more surprised was to see Y/N Icestone and Draco Malfoy finally getting along. Took them long enough. 
But then again, a few of them, or rather those who were in Draco and Y/N’s circle of friends like the Greengrass sisters, Zabini, Parkinson, and Crabbe and Goyle, knew the reason why. At least they’d both be on good terms before Draco finishes school. Blaise, seated at one of the couches with Pansy, thought. 
“So...friends?” Draco offered his hand in front of Y/N, his grey eyes hopeful. The girl’s soft hand met his, shaking it. Y/N nodded with a small friendly smile plastered around her face. “Friends.”
“How long did you know? About Weasley.” The boy inquired, curious as to why Y/N wasn’t doing anything about it when she could’ve hexed him or given the ginger a piece of her mind like she usually does when someone crosses her. 
“Last year, a few days after Gryffindor beat your ass in the quidditch finals.” She replied with another teasing directed towards the blonde. “Hey!” 
Icestone laughed at the boy’s offended look. “I mean, it’s not my fault you failed to catch the snitch right before Potter.” She added, once again poking Draco’s shoulders to tease him. 
After she calmed down, her face displayed a small smile. Innocent but mischievous. “Hey, but don’t worry. I have a plan and I think you’ll love it.” Y/N announced with confidence.   
Draco mirrored the look on her face. Well, not innocent but still, it was a mischievous look. “Well, in case you need any help. You know who to owl. Afterall, I am Draco Malfoy.” 
“Oh please. Your name is just as powerful as mine.” 
Upon hearing the sound of light footsteps that belonged to a certain Slytherin, George stood up from the space that he was seated on, greeting his girlfriend with a wide grin as he held his arms open for a hug. “Y/N. You’re here.” 
The Slytherin landed inside the Gryffindor's warm embrace, her cheeks planted on top of the ginger’s chest, where his heart was placed. “Well, you did tell me to meet you here.” Y/N said.
George nodded, looking down to face the girl. “Correct.” He muttered before breaking away their interconnected bodies to properly face her. Y/N had a blank expression plastered around her face but she was waiting in anticipation on what the Gryffindor would do next. Normally, there would be a picnic blanket under a basket of snacks on their usual spot where the stars are perfectly seen but the girl noticed that neither was present. There was no picnic blanket, no basket of snacks, and no stars. The sky was filled with grey clouds as if rain would be pouring soon. 
Additionally, George looked more serious than he usually was. Something was up and Y/N had mixed feelings about it. 
After a few more seconds of silence, the girl decided to speak. “Well...why?” She asked, doe-like eyes looking at the boy’s warm ones. But even the familiar warmth in the boy’s eyes was not in attendance. It was cloudy too. Clouded with trouble. 
George sighed. “Because I have a confession to make.” He admitted. 
The Icestone heir absentmindedly raised a brow because of the statement. She crossed her arms above her chest, resting her weight on one foot as she waited for the boy to continue. Her anticipation got stronger and stronger as time passed by. 
George let out another sigh. “I love you.” He unsurely uttered, resulting in Y/N replying with a snort. “You told me that a thousand of times already-”
“But I lied.” The Gryffindor butted in. 
The statement caused the Slytherin to stop in her tracks, her heart dropping to her stomach as nervousness consumed her. “What?” She inquired, now feeling very insecure and vulnerable. 
“I said ‘I love you’ but I lied.” The ginger admitted. “I don’t love you. In fact, I don’t even like you.” He announced, nose scrunching up with a face of disgust as he examined the girl from her head to her toes. In response, the girl pushed the boy’s shoulders as hard as she could, backing away from his tall presence. 
Y/N Icestone felt foreign and she didn’t like any of it. This was the first time that something like this ever happened to her because not once did she ever expect that some day in her life, the reason for her hurt would be from a Gryffindor boy. 
“What are you saying?!” She demanded. She was furious, enraged, and heart broken. She thought that George loved her. She thought her plan was fool-proof. She thought she implemented her plan really well. How can George Weasley not fall in love with her, Y/N Icestone? 
The ginger’s face contorted into a mischievous smirk, crossing his arms over his chest. “Fred? If you will.” 
Suddenly, the other half of the Weasley twins came into the light, standing side by side with his brother as he mirrored his crossed arms position. The girl felt even more furious. She was being humiliated in front of two Gryffindors! Not only are they Gryffindors, but they’re the Weasley twins! News would spread so fast. What would people think of her now? 
“What is he doing in here?!” She bellowed, both her fists clenching in anger. 
The older twin scoffed before displaying a sneer. “You see, Icestone. You just got pranked.” He informed. 
Tears started to gather in Y/N Icestone’s eyes. If it was possible, her heart sank deeper. She was feeling a lot of emotions and not one was a great feeling to experience. One thing for sure, right now, she was facing one of her greatest fears. Losing, failing, and disappointing herself. 
“What?” She asked in disbelief, her voice hoarse from trying to keep the tears falling. 
“You got pranked!” Fred happily howled before displaying a fake frown on his face. “You’re not deaf, aren’t you?” 
The girl shocked her head, backing further away until her back hit one of the walls in the Astronomy tower. Her right hand reached the diamond that she wore around her neck, fidgeting with it to calm herself down. She avoided the twin’s eyes, blinking once, twice, thrice, four times, five times, to evaporate the tears away. She was struggling to accept the events that had been unfolding in front of her. “I don’t get what you’re-” 
Y/N was cut off by Fred and George’s maniac laugh. “For an Icestone, you’re pretty stupid for your own good.” Fred pointed out. George nodded in agreement before giving the same examining look of disgust towards the Slytherin. “Shame. You do have a pretty face though.” He said.
Outside the Astronomy tower, thunder started growling. This can’t be happening. Y/N thought to herself. She still couldn’t believe that her initial plan to get George Weasley fall in love with her backfired and now she was the one heartbroken. But George. He told me he loved me. He showed me he loved me. How was that all just a lie? 
With all the courage the Slytherin has left, she gathered her strength to pierce her eyes towards the taller ginger’s. “George-” She called out before getting cut-off once again.  
“G-George-” The younger ginger mocked, laughing with his brother. “Can you believe this Fred? We really got the Y/N Icestone wrapped around my finger.” 
George walked closer towards Y/N, the girl feeling smaller and smaller as the boy got closer and closer. The ginger stopped in front of her, looking down at her with fake sympathy. “Honestly, Icestone. Who could love you? You’re nothing but a girl walking around this school like you built this bloody castle all by yourself. You’re not like the queen that you think you are, Y/N Icestone. You’re the ice queen and nobody even likes you! Also, let’s be honest. If you didn’t carry your Icestone name, you’d be a nobody.” 
Rain started pouring hard. “The only people who you can expect to love you are your parents! Oh wait, do they even pay attention to you? I heard pureblood fools like your parents go off and marry their daughters to some other pureblood bloke to get you off their hair!” Fred mocked, the twins cracking another manic laugh. 
“How dare you! I thought- I thought you were different!” The girl cried out. Hot tears freeing themselves, free falling down the apples of her cheeks like the rain falling as the storm commences.
“Y/N? Y/N!” Daphne, who had a worried look on her face, looked down at the girl as she laid on her bed, tears all over her face. The Icestone heir sat up, shock spreading all over her body as she realized that none of the events were true and that all was just a bad dream. A very bad dream.
The back of Daphne’s hand found its way to Y/N’s forehead, checking her temperature. When her diagnosis told her that the girl wasn’t sick, she sat beside Y/N before wiping the fallen tears of her best friend using her thumbs. “Are you okay? I heard you screaming.” Daphne asked, her eyes glossy as it is still full of sleep.  
“It was a dream…” Y/N muttered to herself, shaking her head before running her hands through her disheveled hair. The raven-haired girl merely nodded, grabbing to hold Y/N’s hand. “A bad one, it seems. Do you want to talk about it?” 
Y/N shook her head in response. “Maybe tomorrow. Sorry for the disturbance. You can go back to sleep, Daph. I promise, I’m okay.” She convinced both herself and her best friend. Daphne gave her a hug before heading back to her own bed, sleep immediately consuming her back. 
“You’re getting a taste of your own medicine, Weasley. I’m gonna make your rain fall.” Y/N thought to herself.
Monday evening came and a certain ginger was found moping as if he was a toddler whose privilege of eating candy was taken away. George didn’t see his Slytherin the whole day. They didn’t share classes so the chances of seeing her was slim but the fact that he didn’t see her in the Great hall for breakfast, lunch, nor dinner was worrying him to the point that he attempted to visit the Slytherin dungeons. If it weren’t for the Potions master talking to Gryffindor’s head of the house, he would have been able to sneak himself around that area. But he had no luck.  
Midnight almost came and he waited at the astronomy tower for hours, expecting the girl to show up to make it up to him. But then again, he had no luck. There was no sign of Y/N Icestone anywhere. He tried to count the stars, count his freckles, count the trees of the forbidden forest, and count whatever he could count just to make time pass as he continued to wait for Y/N. However, he gave up when he saw that the sky was getting clearer and clearer as the sun was about to rise.
When sleep-deprived George came back to the Gryffindor tower to get ready for the day’s breakfast, he noticed a deep red withered rose sitting on top of his bed. If it weren’t for the familiar black envelope with silver writings, he would’ve thought that someone was threatening him. But no, he knew it was from the girl he was dying to see all day. Everyday.
She must have sent it last night to give notice that she wouldn’t meet me at the tower. Too bad that the rose is withered already. He thought. 
With anticipation, George examined the withered rose, frowning for letting it wither before putting it down to grab the black envelope. Slowly and carefully, he opened the expensive paper, reading the note.  
Roses are red, violets are blue; 
When I said I loved you, none of it was true. 
Guess what, player? You have been played, too. 
A second after George read the little poem written, he felt the familiar sticky white cream thrown all over his face. 
End of Chapter 7
Author’s note: I’m back! I apologize for being M.I.A. I got caught up with life but I’m back now! 
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Tumblr media
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peepeepotter · a day ago
Late Night Encounters Part 2
Pairing: George Weasley x fem!reader -> Fred Weasley x fem!reader
Warnings: sexual undertones, cursing, sexual tension ??
Word Count: 5.5 k (I got carried away lol!!)
Part 1
Tumblr media
“Okay, so here. We’ve got like twenty new options every day. Here are the Daily Prophets from the past week, let’s find someone.” She had seven papers laid out in front of them on the coffee table as they sat on the couch together. She had already gone through and circled all of the ads for girls, and some attractive men in case he was keeping secrets.
“I like being single, I don’t see the issue.” Fred sighed, picking up one of the sheets. He appreciated the way Y/N seemed to color code the girls. He saw one man circled in the group with a question mark over it, causing his brows to furrow. What?
“It was George’s idea. Although, I don’t think I’d complain about you settling down. Maybe we’ll have fewer of our encounters.” She elbowed his side, giggling. “Here, what about her? She’s cute.” She pointed at a french girl who had recently moved to the area. She remembered how much all of the boys her age gawked at the Beauxbaton girls in her fourth year, the twins sixth year. He shrugged.
“Meh. She’s pretty, but look. Her interests are so boring.” Y/N read her interests, which included things such as dragon taming. Her eyes widened.
“You’re joking, right? She’s well travelled and she tames dragons. She’s infinitely more interesting than you’ll ever be.” He attempted to not smile as she glared in confusion. He can’t be serious, right?
“I mean, but look. She likes to read.” He pointed back at the paper, which had been highlighted for people who liked to read. Y/N had color coded all of the paper’s, including highlighting interests and hobbies people had that were similar to Fred’s.
“You like to read.” She furrowed her eyebrows, looking at the paper. She started to worry that she had gotten his interests and hobbies wrong. How could she have? She’s known him for just as long as she’d known George. She might not have liked Fred, but she knew him like the back of her hand.
“Yeah, but only one person in a relationship can be the reader.” Fred stifled his laughter, looking at Y/N with a grin, waiting for her to notice he was fucking with her. He was somewhat impressed by the amount of work she had put into this project George set up. George had made Fred take some time off from the shop to force him and Y/N to spend time together.
“What?” She whipped her head back over to look at him, where he continued grinning at her, waiting for her to realize. “Okay, so you are just fucking with me. Thank Godric, I was really worried for your sanity there for a second. I’ll set you two up.” This allowed him to finally burst into laughter. She rolled her eyes, a small smile on her face. She called the girl, telling her all about Fred and setting up a date for him that night.
“You really think I wouldn’t like her?” He tsked. “She’s marriage material.” He said, reading the other personal ads with a big smirk on his face.
“Woah! What happened to enjoying your single life?” She taunted.
“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll bring her home tonight and shag her and never see her again.” He didn’t once look up when he said this.
“Frederick Gideon Weasley, you will not.” At this, he looked up, eyes wide.
“Woah, government names, alright. I won’t.” He furrowed his brow.
“The only way you’ll ever love someone is if you establish some sort of relationship with them before you have sex.” Y/N ranted, huffing. She found herself frustrated, thinking of old drama in her own life. You can’t just love someone you barely know.
“I just said I won’t.” Fred put the paper down, resting his chin in his hand while he watched Y/N pace around the room.
“I mean I’m a sucker for some of those tropes but-- wait what? You really won’t?” She quickly looked over at him, stunned. She really thought he would put up a fight. He always put up some sort of fight whenever she asked him to simply keep the sex quieter.
“Yeah, believe it or not I actually do know how to control myself.” He rolled his eyes again.
“Well, good. You just slept with so many girls to piss me off, then.”
“Wait, really?”
“You asshole! My sleep schedule is forever fucked because of you!” Fred was nearly bent over from laughing, meanwhile Y/N had her face in her hands.
“Maybe sometimes I just wanted to see your face.” He said through leftover giggles. She rolled her eyes at this.
“Whatever, you hate me, remember?”
“Only occasionally. Whenever you’re telling me what to do,”
“Or sleeping,”
“Or reading,”
“Or minding my own damn business,”
“Or breathing,”
“HEY! Too far, you don’t like me but you don’t want me dead.” She finalized. She and him both knew that. They didn’t like each other, but they didn’t entirely hate each other. They had passing moments like the one they were having at this moment.
“I’m just teasing you, maybe that’s all it’s ever been.” He raised his brows at her, but she once again rolled her eyes.
“Don’t lie to me, I don’t particularly love you, either.” Fred gasped loudly at this comment.
“How could you?” He grabbed his chest where his heart would be and fell over off the couch onto the floor.
“How am I always seen as the drama queen in our...whatever you would call it. Mutual hateship?”
“Too friendly.”
“Mutually-disliking relationship?”
“Eh. A little wordy, but good enough.” She shrugged. “The last girl you dated was like...Angelina Johnson at Hogwarts. Should I be looking for girls like her?”
“You mean gorgeous girls that play quidditch and are smarter than me? No, no, never that.” Fred inspected his nails in his sarcastic voice.
“Alright, noted.” She rolled her eyes, going through papers and circling more girls, color coating them.
“And what do you look for in men? Tall gingers?” He peaked over his newspaper, giggling softly.
“You mean the only man I’ve ever dated? Yes, I suppose.” She laughed too, not looking up from her paper. “Okay pick a few more and we’ll set you up on some dates.” Y/N said, pushing the paper back into his hand as she circled more girls in the paper. Later that night, she made herself dinner as he got ready. He had a bunch of questions, having only ever looked for something casual for a long time. She told him what girls like to hear, what they want to know about a guy before they go on a second date.
“How would you know? You’ve only ever dated one guy.” Fred half-joked.
“I’m still a girl.” She shrugged, knowing what she would want out of a first date. He walked further into the kitchen, leaning onto the counter next to the stove where she boiled herself mac and cheese. She glanced over, remembering the dream she had a few nights previous. She also noticed his crooked tie. “Your tie is crooked.” She looked back down at her mac and cheese as he tried to fix it.
“I haven’t worn one of these in like, eight years?” He asked, looking up for help. She rolled her eyes and straightened out the tie for him. Her stomach hurt, and she hoped she was just hungry. Fred’s stomach hurt, he blamed it on his belt being too tight. “How do I look?”
“Sufficient.” She gave a smirk as she shrugged, he punched her arm lightly. “You look great, you’ll do great. Considering how many girls you bring home each night, you can handle this.” She punched his shoulder lightly back. Now let’s hope he doesn’t fuck it up, she thought.
Except, of course, he did. The first date, Fred came back home with a different girl than he went on a date with. Y/N had been waiting in the living room for him to come home. She turned the light on next to her, making Fred jump about three feet in the air.
“Fucking-- what are you doing up?” Fred said with wide eyes, glancing between the girl he had brought home and Y/N.
“We had a deal!” She stood up from her spot on the couch, pointing a finger at him.
“I said I wouldn’t bring home the girl I was on a date with! I never said anything about a different girl.” He quipped with his hands raised in surrender.
“What date?” The blonde next to him glared at him with furrowed brows. Y/N admired her dress and legs. If she and Fred weren't supposed to be doing something, she’d approve.
“Oh, it was just a first date.” He brushed off.
“That you could’ve potentially married!” Y/N accused. It was her mission, after all.
“What?! I’m going home.” The blonde turned around, slamming the door behind her.
“You--you cockblock!” He turned on Y/N, glaring.
“And I’ll continue until we find someone for you to settle down with. Now what happened to the dragon tamer?”
“She thought I was a ‘silly, big, weird baby man,’” He said, using finger quotes around the name she called him. Y/N, trying to keep a straight face, responded with a noise, meaning “keep going.”
“And she outwardly told me this list of quidditch players and other famous wizards she had slept with. I don’t know, I felt compared.” Fred wrinkled his face.
“Oh, buddy,” She frowned, gesturing for him to sit down on the couch next to her. “We can’t all be professional quidditch players.” She pat his back, grinning ear to ear.
“I hate you,” He went to get up, trying to hide his own smile.
“No!” She pulled him by the arm of his suit jacket, having him sit on the couch next to her again. “Let’s just make sure it doesn’t happen again. What didn’t you like about her?” Y/N seemed to conjure a notepad out of nowhere and stared at him, waiting to take notes.
“Godric, you’re such a fucking nerd about this.” He rolled his eyes, she elbowed him in the ribs. “Okay, well I didn’t like being compared to way cooler, better guys than me.” At this, she wrote down ‘lower standards.’ “Also, she travelled a lot. I’m all for travelling, but I do have the shop, so I can’t be doing long distance with anyone.” He shrugged. She nodded, adding it to the list. “Also, she wasn’t from here. Like, that’s not awful, but we just fought a war. I’d appreciate someone who’s a little sympathetic about that.” Y/N nodded, understanding that wholly. It would take more than both hands to count how many times people had been rather intrusive or rude about her moments of PTSD.
“Okay, I’ll fix our list and call the next best girl.” She nodded, walking off into the kitchen while looking at her newspaper. Fred got up and followed her. She was already sitting at the table with two teas and a plate of cookies, eyes narrowed at the papers in front of her. If he didn’t know any better it would look like he had just walked in on an auror looking into an investigation.
“Alright Auror Potter, whaddya got for us?” He put his hands on his knees, squatting slightly to look at the small girl sitting in a chair as though she were a child.
“If you talk to me like I’m a kid, nothing.” She looked up, glaring at him. He giggled, pulling out the chair across from her and drinking the tea.
“Where’s George?” He asked, taking a sip from his dainty, floral mug.
“He got home and crashed like fifteen minutes before you got home.” Y/N wouldn’t look up from her newspaper.
“Seriously? It’s like midnight.” Fred actually checked his watch to make sure he was correct. In actuality, it was 12:06.
“He says he had a lot of stuff to do at the shop.” She shrugged. Her heart hurt. It felt familiar. Fred’s chest tightened, not wanting to push the subject. “Anyway, how are the cookies?”
“Why? Are they the same ones you make that come from the grocery store?” She gasped, looking around as if he had just let everyone in on her big secret.
“How’d you know?!” She asked, suspicious that he had spent too much time in the muggle world.
“I’ve been inside the fridge before.” He laughed, eyebrows furrowed. “Also, believe it or not, I am literate.” He grabbed one of the papers, crossing girls off he had circled previously. He was feeling pickier after his date.
“Well, no, these ones are homemade. For real this time. Try one.” She pushed the cookies towards him, grabbing one for herself. She was quite happy with herself, the cookies had turned out great. They were strawberry meringue, with bits of actual strawberry and mini chocolate chips in them. Their cookies crunched when they took a bite at the same time, tiny pieces of pink meringue scattering across the table top.
“This is delicious.” Said Fred, spraying more pieces of strawberry meringue over the counter top as he hadn’t swallowed before he spoke.
“I know.” Y/N giggled, having swallowed the piece she took a bite of. Fred ate almost the rest of the plate, leaving only one cookie for George. They continued talking about cookies, girls, and Fred’s newfound celibacy.
The next night, Fred came home with no girls. However, he wasn’t smiling, either. This time, when Y/N flicked on the light, and Fred jumped, she knew he was just unhappy. Not sad, not angry. Just unhappy.
“Motherfucker-- do you have to keep doing that?” “What happened to the Wizengamot girl?” Y/N asked, frowning. She thought this might’ve been a good match. The girl was a bit serious on the phone, but she thought maybe it would compliment Fred well.
“She was kind of boring. A little stuck up, too. She didn’t like the place we went to and sent her food back. Y/N do you know what she ordered?” Y/N raised her eyebrows, as if to ask ‘what?’ “Tomato soup! Who sends back tomato soup? Who even orders just tomato soup?” He asked, pacing in front of the couch, as if he was genuinely torn up about this. “And all she wanted to do was talk about the war. I don’t want to talk about that! I was in it, I’ve heard enough about it.” He sighed, plopping down in the arm chair across from Y/N.
“Do you want some cookies and tea?” She asked sheepishly. He nodded, they both stood up and went to the kitchen. She already had the tea and cookies ready once again. Fred appreciated that it was a different cookie this time, and that his tea was exactly how he liked it. Tonight’s cookie was a pumpkin snickerdoodle. “There’s some cream cheese frosting, I saw you at the window before I could frost them and I wanted to sneak up on you again.” She admitted, not looking up from her paper as she was too focused. Fred felt the tips of his ears turn pink.
“Why didn’t you just use a spell?”
“I like doing it the muggle way. It’s a good way to relieve stress.” She shrugged, crossing some girls out and circling other girls in the personal ads.
“Why are you stressed?” He asked mindlessly, drinking his tea. She tensed up, he noticed.
“I--uh. I don’t know. Who knows, right? I’m always stressed.” She joked, fake-laughing. He noticed again.
“You know, I hate to cross any boundaries we have here, but you can tell me. Even if it’s about him.” He used his head to gesture towards the ceiling, where George laid asleep. She sighed, shrugging. She stared at the ring on her left ring finger. “Do you think--”
“I don’t think I want to talk about it, yet.” Y/N said, twisting the ring around on her finger. Fred understood, needing time to think about it. “Anyway,” She quickly and casually wiped the corner of her right eye. “She was boring and stuck up? Anything else?”
“She reminded me of Percy.” He wrinkled his nose. Y/N giggled, making a note on her notepad to exclude girls like that. “I’m just...tired of it already. I get why people don’t like dating. This is exhausting. What am I supposed to do with all these stupid facts about girls favorite films and music? Drop it all?”
“Yeah, just forget it all. Think about what kind of films and music the girl you would marry would like.” She shrugged, quill in hand and notepad ready to write. He sighed, not finding it an easy task.
“Something we can watch together. Sometimes things I’ve seen a million times, sometimes new stuff I’ve never heard of. Someone who might know their way around a muggle movie theater.” He listed off. “Romantic comedies; horror movies, but like the really bad ones we could laugh about together but still make you jump sometimes.” They both reminisced to summer nights at the Burrow, where they had had other late-night encounters from being night owls. She smiled softly, wondering if he was remembering those nights, the small nights of peace from when they were young. “Old music, none of that Ke$ha shit I just heard on the muggle radio. I like my grunge bands and--”
“Your dad music.” She laughed, writing it down.
“It’s just that your music taste is totally something middle aged muggle dads listen to.” She shrugged, thinking of her own family briefly. He laughed.
“I guess so.”
“Hey Fred?” He made a small noise that meant ‘go on.’ “Why did you start hating me so much? You know,” She wrung her hands, not wanting to admit that his hate for her bothered her. She didn’t like not being liked, especially considering they had been silent friends for a long time before Fred started hating her.
“After the war?” He asked, she nodded. “You just seemed to take everything so well. You seemed so resilient, like we hadn’t almost died together. I had those awful night terrors every night, and you and George kept helping and I-- I don’t know. I guess I wanted to feel resilient, too. I resented you for it.”
“The shower.”
“What?” His eyes bulged immediately.
“The shower. I always cried and screamed in the shower. I didn’t ever want anyone to comfort me, and it made my PTSD a lot worse. Now I feel like all I do is bake. God, I’m turning into--”
“My mum.” He smirked.
“Shut up, yes. It’s how I cope now. It--” She hesitated, looking up from her hands, which she had taken a peculiar interest in. “It just feels like I’m getting through each day. I feel like we lived through this huge thing, and now I can’t even live my life.”
“Why do you think I haven’t settled down?” He mumbled.
“Really?” She furrowed her eyebrows, curious.
“Sometimes it just feels like...what’s the point? What if we end up in another war?” He was staring off into the corner of the kitchen, likely remembering the wall that fell on both of them.
“You know, I go to therapy.” She shrugged. “Maybe you should, too.” He nodded, wondering if there were wizard therapists. “Yes there are wizard therapists.” She sighed, smiling.
“Did I say it out loud?”
“No, I just know you.” She shrugged. “I hope you resent me a little less, now.” She smiled at him.
“Well, why didn’t you like me?”
“Because George tells you everything, and he trusts you so much. He didn’t tell me know...until way after it happened. Sometimes I still get upset when I remember that you knew for so long.”
“What are you talking about? I found out like, maybe a day before you.” He furrowed his eyebrows.
“Wh-why would George tell me you knew?” She furrowed her brow too. They stared at each other in confusion.
“Maybe we have two missions.” Fred smirked, holding his hand out. “Let’s make a deal. You get me a date to the wedding and we find out what George is hiding.” She shook his hand, avoiding the thought that what they find out could potentially call off the wedding.
The following night, Fred came home, looking somewhat blue once again. Y/N flicked the light on, and he turned on her quickly.
“I expected it this time, fucker!” He laughed, somewhat manically. She giggled.
“And how was the bank girl?” She asked kindly, standing up and following Fred to the kitchen. Tonight she had made cream horns. They were long, thin cookies that served as a wrapper around a creamy filling. Fred loved it, it reminded him of a butter cookie his mom made when they were kids, but had stopped making over time as they were ‘a pain in the ass’ to make.
“She was fine, I guess.” He said with a cookie in his mouth, she laughed. It seemed like it would be a nightly occurrence that he would talk with food in his mouth. “I’m pretty sure she stopped listening to you after you said Weasley, because she definitely thought this was going to be a blind date with Bill.” He scrunched up his face in disgust at the thought.
“Oh, but I told her a bunch about you.” Y/N furrowed her eyebrows, upset.
“Well, it’s not your fault she was obsessed with him. I’m pretty sure she only works at Gringotts on the off chance she’ll meet him one day.”
“Doesn’t he work in Egypt?”
“Not anymore, ever since Victoire was born. Still,” He paused having to think hard of what his sibling was doing. “I don’t even know if he still works for Gringotts, honestly.” He furrowed his eyebrows. He was starting to realize he didn’t know a whole lot about his siblings that were far away. He knew literally everything about George, he even had a hunch about what suspicious thing George was up to.
“Maybe you should spend some time with your other siblings.” She chuckled, sipping her tea. Tonight, she wasn’t looking at the paper. She decided she would set up the date in the morning, and that she could spend this time with Fred. He propped his head up on his left hand, watching Y/N. His chest felt tight.
“Maybe.” He shrugged, ignoring the feeling arising in his stomach. “I grew up with them, so you know, I don’t really need to.”
“Well you went to school with me,” She giggled, rolling her eyes. “And it feels like we spend every waking moment together.” She drank from her floral tea cup. It had been a gift from Hermione when she moved in with the boys. Something to remind you of yourself.
“Because we have! It’s already been three days! And we haven’t fought in so long.” He grinned, reaching across the table to punch her on her shoulder with his right hand.
“So long! Three days! It’s almost like that last summer before the war.” She rested her head on her right hand to mirror Fred. She remembered watching John Hughes movies, laughing and making fun of awful jokes and bad scares in horror movies, feeling tired but not wanting to sleep. Feeling afraid she would wake up the next day and have no one, not even her quiet bordering-on-friendship with Fred, because she’d wake up and everyone would be dead.
“You mean when we would stay up all night and sleep all day while George ran the shop.” Fred fluttered his eyelids closed, thinking about that summer. They switched who would pick the movie each night. Halfway through the night they’d get hungry and Y/N would make them something to eat. It was when he realized he actually really liked Y/N. During the war, things got bad, because he remembered that even though they had their sweet late-night moments, she wasn’t his. It hurt him, back then.
“And we never argued. Not until the war started.” She smiled softly. “But then again, everyone fought when the war started.” She shrugged, thinking about the stories Hermione had told her about the arguments she and Harry and Ron had had out in their tent in the middle of nowhere. Fred didn’t want to tell her that he only fought with her to push her away. What he said about hating her after the war was true. He didn’t really hate her until after they nearly died together. Even then, he just resented her.
“I’m sorry.” He said. He didn’t whisper it. He didn’t look down. He just spoke evenly, and apologized. Y/N was surprised, because Fred had never really apologized to her before. She was also used to the way George apologized. Head hung, no eye contact. She rarely could ever even hear his apology. She smiled at Fred.
“I’m sorry, too.” She thought she might tear up, but it was out of joy. For once Fred had her crying out of joy.
“Oh, fuck, did I do something?” He asked, seeing her glossy eyes. She rubbed her eyes, shaking her head.
“No, you idiot. I’m just glad we’re good now.” She sniffled. He attempted to hold back his grin, but couldn’t.
“I guess I am too.” He sighed as if it was a chore to share his feelings. She laughed and reached across the table to punch his shoulder lightly. “Anyway...where’s George tonight?” He whispered, almost as if raising his voice any higher could break her.
“Upstairs, asleep. He got home earlier than last night. Like 8:30.” She shrugged. “But he went to bed pretty soon after he got home.”
“And how are you?”
“I don’t know.” She shrugged truthfully. “I’m just tired of eating dinner alone.” She sighed, crossing her arms on the table and setting her head on top. Fred didn’t know what to say. He’d felt that way before he had started sleeping with women every night. He understood, but this was a different situation.
“Well, at least you never have to eat dessert alone.” He smiled warmly. She lifted her head just enough so she could see him. She smiled into her arms, but her eyes gave her away to Fred.
“Yeah, at least I’ve got my late night encounter buddy.” She lifted her head fully off of her arms.
“I have a secret,” Fred whispered. Y/N cupped her hand behind her ear to show she was listening. “I can bug his phone.” Her eyes widened. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to invade George’s privacy like that. The second she started shaking her head he waved her off. “I already did, I just wanted to see your reaction.” She gasped.
“Frederick Gideon Weasley!!” She wacked his arm across the table
The next night, Y/N had the light on when Fred came home. She felt bad scaring him so much the nights before. That night Fred came home in a good mood, and then she realized he was drunk! He was just a happy drunk!
“Frederick!” She furrowed her eyebrows, standing up.
“Shhh, Y/N will hear!” He rushed over giggling, putting his hands over her mouth, she smiled against the palm of his hand. She pried one of his hands away from her mouth, grabbing it and dragging him into the kitchen.
“Sit down, drink your tea, and eat your cookies.” She pointed a stern finger at him. She had made double chocolate and mint chip cookies. Fred thought he could die at how good they tasted, he decided these definitely had to be his favorite, but he was afraid of getting in trouble for making noise.
“Pssttt…” He whispered, not so quietly, she looked up, trying not to grin at his behavior. “These are really good. Like really good. These are my favorites, you should bring these to Christmas dinner.” He whispered loudly, eyes wide like a childs. Y/N had a strange warm feeling in her chest she hadn’t felt in a long time. George wasn’t like this when he drank, he just got tired and passed out on any flat surface.
“Thank you, Fred.” She smiled softly at him, he smiled at her with a cookie in his mouth, making her laugh as she handed him his tea. “Now, can you tell me what you liked and disliked about the girl this time? How was the date?”
“Uhhh, she was fine. She was, like, really into quidditch. I’m into quidditch, but like...but like she was, like, really into it. You know? Like she reminded me of some losers in your class.” She knew he was referencing Ron, and she rolled her eyes.
“You mean your brother?”
“How dare you correctly assume that! That’s my brother, only I can call him a loser.” He grinned, sipping his tea. She liked drunk Fred, because it was just normal Fred with a couple less brain cells.
“Alright, alright, I’ll just leave you in here on your own to bully your siblings by yourself.”
“No!!” He pulled on her sleeve as she tried to exit the kitchen, she was laughing, and came to sit down across from him again. “Anyway, I couldn’t focus very well on her. So maybe she was just trying to fill the silence.” He shrugged. “And I got drunk, so there’s that.” He put a hand on his chin in thought.
“Why couldn’t you focus?”
“I think George is cheating on you.” He said bluntly. She raised her eyebrows in surprise.
“Y/N, I don’t understand you at this point,” He sighed heavily, slamming his head on the table. You cringed, knowing it would hurt in the morning. “You stay with him, but he’s done it before. I bet it’s with her again--”
“Fred, I don’t think I want to talk about it.” Y/N wrung her hands out.
“You want to know why I resent you? You treat yourself terribly.” He was entirely too calm. “You should’ve left the last time.”
“Don’t tell me what to do with my relationship!”
“I care about you! I’m telling you what your friends didn’t! Everyone said save the relationship because they all married the people they dated in school, but there’s no rule that says you have to do that! Look at me!”
“Yeah, look at you, completely heartbroken over the fact that your brother is fucking the girl you dated in school.”
“I don’t care about that anymore! You’re so stupid sometimes!” He yelled drunkenly, with tears in his eyes. “You’re like no one I’ve ever met before. How do you do that? How are you so different?”
“Don’t pull one of those ‘you’re not like other girls’ things.” She laughed, trying to distract herself.
“No, you’re like every other girl, but you’re you. And you have your experiences, and you might do everything all those other girls do, but you do it for different reasons, just like all of those girls do. Nobody’s the same.” He furrowed his eyebrows, a little confused at his own wording.
“Fred Weasley, did you just...respect women in front of me?”
“I respect the hell out of women!”
“Okay, okay! Sorry!” She giggled, putting her hands up in defense.
“I just...why don’t you respect yourself?” He asked calmly again. Y/N stared off into the corner of the kitchen.
“What if my whole life falls apart without you guys in it? What if I don’t know who I am apart from George?”
“Merlin, Y/N I know who you are apart from George and I’ve only spent a couple days with you. Well...and a couple years, I guess.” He shrugged. “You’re this gorgeous, intelligent, little tiny nerd.”
“I get it, I’m small.”
“Shh! You’re a small little baby nerd. And you’re good at art and you’re so poetic. You stress bake, and you cook when you’re happy and stressed. You make the best cookies in the world. You’re considerate, because you’re nice to me when I’m mean to you and you memorized the way I take my tea and I had no idea. You love those stupid cliche romantic comedies but you get so embarrassed any time anyone makes one of those big gestures in a crowd. You’re disappointed that George proposed to you, you’re disappointed in the way he did it, and you’re disappointed that he did it just to get away with cheating on you. And you know he did, and you’ve known for a lot longer than I have, because you’re smarter than everyone in this house.”
“Fred, there’s only two people in this house.”
“Well, I’m pretty smart, so it’s still a feat.” He grinned, grabbing her hand from across the table. He took the ring off, and set it on the table next to the window. “Just think about confronting him. I’m not saying you have to. Just...consider it.”
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Hi! Congratulations on 1.5k followers! 🎉 You deserve each one of them and many more! Can I ask for a 🍑 for pranking with Fred and George Weasley, please? ❤️
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Tumblr media
pranking with the twins
sleepover is over!
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Rhapsody of a Veela part 63
Summer begins, and after attending Dumbledore`s funeral it is time to prepare for Bill & Fleurs wedding. Y/n does her best to avoid even reading the headlines of the daily prophet, as her father continues to terrorize the wizarding world. When Fred and the others are going to transport Harry Potter from his home in Little Whinging to the Burrow, Y/n awaits Fred along with Molly, terrified. Molly tells Y/n the story of how she and Arthur married young, the last time the wizarding war was at large – reminding Y/n that even if she believes she has all the time in the world, at times like this it is never certain.
Pairings: Fred Weasley x Reader, Cedric Diggory x Reader, Draco Malfoy x Reader / Yes I know, so many ships but still, this takes place over a few years so I think it`s fair.
Warnings: Angst, blood. 
Word Count: 2.1k
Wattpad Link
Part.1 / Part.2 / Part.3 / Part.4 / Part.5 / Part.6 / Part.7 / Part.8 / Part.9 / Part.10 / Part.11 / Part.12 / Part.13 / Part.14 / Part.15 / Part.16 / Part.17 / Part.18 / Part.19 / Part.20 / Part.21 / Part.22 / Part.23 / Part.24 / Part.25 / Part.26 / Part.27 / Part.28 / Part.29 / Part.30 / Part.31 / Part.32 / Part.33 / Part.34 / Part.35 / Part.36 / Part.37 / part.38 / part.39 / part.40 / part.41 / part.42 / part.43 / part.44 / part.45 / part.46 / part.47 / part.48 / part.49 / part.50 / part.51 / part.52 / part.53 / part.54 / part.55 / part.56 / part.57 / part.58 / part.59 / part.60 / part.61 / part.62 /
Tumblr media
Part.63 – Holy
Tumblr media
The funeral of Dumbledore, brought back a lot of memories from when you had lost Cedric several years ago. Of when the world had first began falling apart, despite how much you had tried to latch onto the remaining pieces of stagnant normality. The beginning of summer had seemed unpleasant ever since, always with a premonition of death in the air.
But now you had no more tears left it seemed, as you were constantly floating somewhere between dissociation and daydreams, the days passing by as if by the blink of an eye. Everywhere around you was in the process of cleaning and decorating, for the upcoming joyous union of Bill & Fleur. A part of you wished the preparations would last eternally, so you could remain blissfully awaiting of something good, something happy.
But there were dark clouds threatening the blue skies, and soon the house would be emptied only leaving you, Ginny and Mrs. Weasley behind. While Arthur, Bill, Fleur, George, Ron and Fred travelled to Little Whinging along with the last remaining members of the order, to safely transport Harry Potter back to the new headquarters, namely the Burrow.
It was selfish, seeing as everyone of age were going, a part of you had been wanting to ask Fred to stay. When you did not however, you had been quite determined to be coming along yourself, until not only Fred, but his father too had shut you down.
They would not say why out loud, but the fact was, that you were the daughter and sole heir of the dark lord and thus a target as well. Your very presence could potentially increase the risks of the mission failing.
The risks of death it seemed, were already more than high enough and when you had first heard of their plan you had assumed it was a joke. A bad Weasley joke to be exact. Once you realized, they were serious, panic struck you like a lightning bolt from clear skies.
“Wait, just so I got this right… you are all going to be Harry?” you muttered flabbergasted, turning to Molly to see her look equally as astonished as you.
“Well yeah, not all of us though, only seven” George grinned, delighted by how he left your mouth agape.
“Fred this is ridiculous, please tell me this is a joke so I can laugh and get over it”
“It`ll be all right darling, I promise I won`t end up looking like that scrawny git forever” Fred nonchalantly promised, kissing your cheek before he turned to join the others who had already positioned themselves on their brooms.
“Fred W-“
“Don`t worry Fred, even if you don`t I`m sure she`d love you still” George laughed, before he kicked of the ground, seemingly impatient for the journey into the dark night skies.
“I`d still be better looking than you” Fred spat back at George, as he kicked off too.
“See you in a bit, love!” he shouted after you as they disappeared into the darkness.
After standing out there in the yard for a moment in silence, Molly clenched your shoulder.
“Let`s get inside dear, I`ll make a cup of tea while we wait”
“Might as well bring out the firewhisky” Ginny asserted, still angry she could not join the others on their mission to transport Harry. It would be a long night, and so if it had not been for Molly demanding she would do no such thing, you would`ve found it to be a good idea.
Tumblr media
You perched yourself on the kitchen chair closest to the window, gazing out into the night as you awaited their return. Molly sat in silence, alternating between preparing tea and pouring it restlessly. The kitchen smelled like chamomile, and yet it did not even have the slightest calming effect on you. It was long past midnight, and likewise there were no trace of sleep in any of you.
“Shouldn’t they be back by now?” you found yourself asking without thinking, immediately regretting it was you saw Molly`s gravely serious face.
“Don`t you worry dear, it`s a long journey” she stated unconvincingly, but you could tell her hand would increasingly shake for every cup of tea she poured. Her eyes constantly shifting to the magical clock on the wall, in which nine golden hands – each representing a Weasley, pointed to their current whereabouts. Normally, it would`ve stated they were “travelling” but ever since the Dark Lord had returned, they had all pointed to “Mortal Peril”. Rendering it not very useful, but nevertheless an ominous reminder of the state of the world. You looked at Molly, wondering if she looked at it, expecting it to change or if she simply had grown a habit of it after all these years.
“I wish I had gone with them” you mumbled, as your gaze returned to the window. Desperately wishing they safely would emerge out of the darkness. As ridiculous as it sounded, seeing seven Harry`s would be better than just one.
“I understand that sentiment quite well” Molly sighed, “More tea, dear?”
You nodded, even if you though you were to nervous to drink any more of it.
“I`m quite happy my Freddie has found himself such a caring young woman” Molly suddenly said,
“I have to admit, when I first heard of you`re engagement I became quite worried as Mothers do, but then I remembered myself and Arthur when we were you`re age…”
You did not even have to look at her face to know her eyes had dampened at that point,
“…I just became so thankful, so utterly thankful that there is still love at times like these”
Molly reached out her hand to yours from across the table, eyeing the black opal engagement ring her son had given you.
“Under any normal circumstance dear, I might have encouraged the two of you to wait. But then I look back, and it`s just as it was last time. With all this uncertainty, you never know what could happen…who might be dead tomorrow” Molly sniffled tearfully but sincere.
“Just as last time you-know-who was at large, people eloped left at right. I assume it`s all the same with the Muggles under difficult times, and that`s why Arthur and I married so early”
Tears started spoiling from your own eyes by the words of your future mother in law, and in fact the first woman who had been motherly to you at all.
“I`m so happy for the two of you, you have been so good to my Freddie, without you he would not have been the man he is today” Molly continued in between sniffles, patting your hand gently.
“You are too kind Mrs. Weasley” you smiled, biting your lip together so you would not start wailing too. Perhaps it was good that Ginny did not bring out the Firewhisky, otherwise the heart-to-heart would`ve been even more messily emotional.
Just that moment, you both jumped in your seats by a startling sound from outside in the yard, it sounded like something large had just crashed.
“They`re back!?” you gasped, as you both ran outside. Ginny seemingly flying down the stairs to join you outside to greet them. You could tell she had been longing to see Harry again, counting down the days till his birthday more and more impatiently.
Outside in the yard, you saw an enormous and a small figure emerge from the dark wheat-fields towards you.
“Harry?.. Hagrid?” Molly asked franticly, “What happened, where are the others?”
Your heart immediately sank in your chest the moment you realised they were the only ones who had safely returned, something had gone wrong.
“I-Is no one else back?” Harry stuttered, as slowly the realization struck him too.
“They were on us right from the start Molly, W`didn`t even stand a chance” Hagrid began regretfully.
“Oh, thank goodness you two are all right” Molly panted, trying to keep herself calm as all her worst nightmares turned true.
“The death-eaters we`re waiting for us, it was an ambush” Hagrid continued, and where you stood you did not know what to do other than to pull your hair.
“I should`ve.. I-I should`ve gone with them” you started muttering, feeling your heart rise through your throat.
Suddenly a bright light flashed, as two figures apparated into the field before you. You all immediately rushed towards it, equally as relieved and frightful until you saw the state of the pair. It was Lupin, struggling to hold up someone who still remained under Harry`s guise of the Polyjuice potion.
“Here! Quick! Let`s get him in the house!” Lupin commanded, and you all rushed to help. Your knees weakened as the persons hair started slowly turning red however, along with the sight of all the blood.
“Is that-“ you began, unable to even be of any help as the panic froze you completely. Stumbling after them as they entered the living room.
“Oh my boy” Molly began, as they carefully carried him over to the closest sofa. The fear was intense before his face finally came into view, and you got somehow selfishly relieved it was George laying there unconscious rather than Fred. That there was still a faint possibility that Fred was all right, somewhere on his way back from the ambush that had ensued.
You did not even flinch as Lupin grabbed and pushed Harry to the wall, questioning if it really was him. They had been betrayed, he claimed.
“Voldemort knew you were being moved, I had to make sure you weren`t being an impostor” Lupin claimed in relief when Harry answered his odd question right.
Suddenly another noise could be heard from outside, you immediately rushed to look. Praying that this time it was Fred, and that he was somehow miraculously unharmed. You would not even know how to live otherwise, Molly`s heartful confession still playing in your head. It was true that at this point, anyone could turn up dead before you`d even know it. Outside Lupin began his question again, this time at Kingsley Shacklebolt and Hermione. Yet another wave of selfish disappointment hit you, even though Hermione was one of your greatest friends. She rushed to hug you and Harry, immediately asking if Ron and the others had come back.
“What gave you away?” Shacklebolt questioned Harry,
“Hedwig..I think.. she was trying to protect me”
Another flash of apparition lit up the field, and you jumped startled.
“Please” you whispered to yourself, trying to control the shaking as you moved towards the source.
A large winged thestral sprung forth from the darkness, carrying both Bill and Fleur on it`s skeleton-y back, not a moment sooner Tonks and a half-transformed Harry-to-Ron emerged as well, greeted by a highly relieved Hermione. At this point you could not become any more desperate, freaking out for every second that passed.
“Where`s Fred?” you cried, but neither Tonks nor Ron could answer.
However just when you had nearly given up, there was another bright flash before you. It was Arthur and Fred, seemingly as unharmed as one could be.
“Fred!” you cried as you ran straight into him, holding on as if he would disappear if you didn’t. He held you tightly, it was clear that for a moment he too had come to worry that he might not get to hold you again. He removed his glasses before he kissed you hard, the sort of kiss that made you heave for air as he pulled back.
“Are we the last back?” Arthur then asked, and when a pained expression turned to your face, Fred went pale as a ghost.
“Where`s George?”
When no one answered right away he ran straight inside, and you followed after him wordlessly. The moment he entered the living room and saw his twin brother lay bloodied and barely conscious there on the couch before him, he fell to his knees.
“H-How you feeling Georgie?” Fred asked, unsure if his brother would even make it through.
After a moment, George weakly answered him,
“Come again?” Fred asked, his brown eyes still wide in worry.
“Saint-like… I`m holy, I`m holey Fred” George pointed to his ear, which seemed to be missing completely.
“Get it?” George grinned palely, and Fred`s frown turned to a smile you had briefly not been sure if you`d ever see again.
“In the whole wide world of ear related humour, and you go for I`m holy.. it`s pathetic” he laughed, and slowly but surely the deadly-serious tension left it`s grasp of the room.
“Reckon I`m still better looking than you” George huffed playfully.
Part.64 - Next time might be your time
Tumblr media
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thatdumbbrunette · a day ago
Tongue Tied (G.W.)
 A/N: This has been in the drafts for awhile. It was something short I wrote while on a train. 
Warnings: A little bit of swearing. 
Summary: George wants you to drop everything to be with him, and you don’t understand why.
Tumblr media
“Come with me.” George asks while holding out a hand to you. You stare in shock and look around to the neighboring students; they all watch the sky with awe swimming on their faces, fireworks spinning around them. 
“George, are you fucking serious?” Your arms push your books closer to your chest. He shakes his head with a small laugh, and he maneuvers his broom closer to you. 
“Come on! What’s holding you here? You said that you couldn’t even see yourself becoming a damn Auror or anything. Come with me.” He’s calm. He scoots up on the broom a bit to accommodate for you, but you stop to think about the outcomes. 
Yes, you saw your education here useless. 
You wanted to travel the world. 
Okay, you didn’t have a plan, but you knew you didn’t want a regular job holding you down. 
You didn’t want to throw away that fall back plan either. 
You’re decision is made for you when Umbridge came pushing through the crowd. George notices you put your head down and back into the waves of people, a look of hurt covering his face. 
He and his brother, Fred, take off. Students laugh and wave at them, but you turn away to return to your dorm room. You pass by some talking about the incident, and they rave about how amazing it was. Envious students, upset that they missed it, exchange their view of how Fred and George’s plan would turn out. 
You know that they’d become bigger than they thought.
George and you were not together, though. However, everyone believed that you two had something going on in the shadows; the way that he would push your hair behind your ear while he walked beside you so “he could see you better,” or when he would pick you flowers, some of which were weeds, growing up around the castle. 
When he asked you to the Yule ball, you thought he was going to ask you to be his, but the night was filled with jokes about the upcoming tournament or talks about Harry.  
Over the next few days, you came to realize how boring life was without the twin. Breakfast is nowhere near boisterous, and it takes everything in you to turn around and skip Potions. George always drew you small pictures and slid them under your arms. You keep them in a small pouch in your bag, and you catch yourself flipping through them before Snape’s voice begins to drone on. 
Ron is very, and oddly, sweet to you these days, too. He walks you to class, offers to carry your books, and even asks if you need help studying (you doubt he would help). Despite the lack of mail from George, you could say that you felt better. You still miss the feeling George gave you when he walked beside you or sat near you. How it felt to have his arms brush against yours in class. 
One day during Quidditch, you went to go watch him play, but you were late due to the fact that you had lost your favorite sweater, and you didn’t want to be cold. When you finally go to the field, you missed the entirety of the game, but you didn’t miss Harry letting go of Fred who rushed Draco. George, however, was barely being held back by three female players. 
“Are you alright?” Hermione asks you while snapping her fingers in front of your face. You look at her and then down at the piles of book surrounding the both of you; it’s then you remember that you asked her to help you with an essay you did not understand, and yet you were zoning out for the past hour. 
“Yeah, just thinking.” You dismiss, picking your quill back up. She looks at you, not convinced, but pushes over a piece of parchment. 
“You’ll want to expand on the idea you mentioned in paragraph three. It will get you more words to meet the count.” She jots down small notes down the sides, and you sigh. 
You don’t want to do this anymore. 
You push yourself up from your chair, and walk towards the door of the library. 
“Where do you think you’re going?” Hermione calls out. You adjust your jacket and look back at her. 
“Anywhere but this shit hole.” You shove through the doors and head to the first place you think of. 
Ron and Harry’s dorm. 
You don’t have to go too far, actually. Harry and Ron sit in the Gryffindor common room, candy laying out on the table. 
“Oh, hey. What’s up?” Ron asks while grabbing a chocolate frog. Harry gives you a smile while scooting farther into the couch. You adjust the strap of your bag to soothe the pain from it digging into your shoulder. 
“This weekend, at Hogsmeade, can I accompany you to Fred and George’s store?” Ron drops the candy wrapper from his hand, and Harry clears his throat, adjusting his glasses. 
“Are you sure? It might be pretty busy, and well.” He stumbles over his words, trying to find some way to talk you out of it. His hands move wildly in the air while also motioning to his friend who is trying to ignore the tension. 
“I don’t mind.” You push your bag to the side and slide to sit next to Ron. He shifts awkwardly and looks to Harry with a look of panic on his face. 
“Really, there will be people everywhere and-” 
“Harry, Ron, I don’t mind. I just want to see George.” You admit. They both fall silent, focusing on the floor. Harry begins to speak, but it seems as though the words fade from his mind. 
“Can’t you just mail him like a normal person?” Ron quips, trying to lift the awkward feeling, but it only makes everything worse. 
“He hasn’t sent me mail since then, so I figured he wouldn’t answer if I did. I mean, your his brother, has he said anything to you? Is he mad?” You lean your neck to the side, trying to look at his face. He avoids the glance, though. 
“He hasn’t mentioned you, no. I doubt he’s mad at you. Even if he was, he doesn’t stay mad at anyone for long.” He’s stuttering, and it’s not comforting. He was right, however. George and you have gotten into arguments before, but he was usually better by the next class. Why hasn’t he mentioned you?
“Fine, but if you feel uncomfortable, don’t complain to me.” He laughs. You know he didn’t mean it. As you sat with the boys, and Hermione who joined later, you start to dwell on how you got here. 
Don’t run away with your best friend, become friends with his younger brother and friends, then hate yourself for not running away with your best friend. 
How the fuck does that make any sense?
“Hey, we’re heading to bed. Are you going to stay up?” Hermione jabs your shoulder with her finger. You notice Ron and Harry head up the stairs, so you stand up. 
“I’ll head to bed. I’ve got a long weekend.” 
Through the night, you continue to toss and turn in your sleep. The rustling of the sheets disturb the soft snores in the room. For hours, you keep falling in and out of sleep until the sun starts to warm up the room. You can hear the rustling of other students getting ready for the weekly trip, but your eyes remain closed. 
You wanted this.
You needed this. 
Why is it so hard to get out of bed?
Slowly, you pull yourself up and dress in more casual clothing. You stick to some simple, baggy jeans, a shirt Neville and Luna had made for Herbology, and a cardigan in case the wind picks up later. 
As you make your way through the castle, shoulder bag bouncing and hitting against the side of your chest, you wonder what you’re going to say to George. 
What’s up?
Hey, sorry I basically abandoned you in front of everyone after being your best friend for the past three years. 
Do you have any taffy?
“Hey! Took you long enough. We’re about to leave.” Hermione complains as she pulls Harry and Ron towards the other students, leaving you to catch up. Your hands wrap around the straps of your bag as you join your friends in the journey to the new shop, but the thoughts just keep piling up in your mind. Would he even forgive you? Does he still want you? Would he still be your bestfriend?
As Ron and Harry race into the store, you and Hermione look at each other and laugh. They’re like kids in a candy store. You two enter the door almost cautiously, scared that a firework would blow up in your face at any minute. Roaring laughter bounces through the crowded store, and other students run around holding gag gifts. Eventually, Hermione runs away to another section of the store with Ginny, leaving you alone. 
You walk around for awhile, looking at all of the interesting potions on the shelves. Everything reminded you of the pranks you and George would pull on others. The brightly colored paint mixed with the amusement park-like fan fair made the whole store feel as if nothing could ruin the fun, unlike Umbridge. But as you see a small tuff of orange hair standing on the stairs, your stomach drops. You’re legs carry you to the boys without a second thought. 
“But I’m your brother.” You over hear Ron say, holding something in his hand. 
“Ten Galleons.” The twins say simultaneously. You can feel yourself begin to sweat, your arms shaking, and your head feels like a bowling ball on your shoulders. 
He stops on his way back up the staircase, and you can see his hand tighten around the railing. He doesn’t turn around. 
“George, can we talk?” You ask slowly making your way up the steps as well. He slightly turns his head towards you. 
“We can in the office.” Is all he says before stomping up the steps. You glance back at Ron, but all he does is gives you a pity smile and walk off. 
When you walk into the office space, George is sat on a chair near his desk of papers with new potions and candies written out. His leg is shaking, but when he notices you stepping, he forces it to stop. 
“What do you want to talk about?”
“You know what, George.” You take a seat on the ledge of the desk where there were no papers. He continues to stare down at them, though.
“Yes, but why? Why now? You let me leave without a reason.”
“You asked me to give up my life.”
“To be with me! What? Was that too much to ask?” He pushes himself out of his chair angrily, chest heaving. 
“In the middle of the most important test, yes! Yes it was! It was totally inappropriate, and you know that!” You also left your seat on the desk and got closer to him. How could he even pin this all on you? You were in the right here. 
“It was supposed to be this romantic, impulsive gesture. I wanted you to be here while we made this. I knew you would love it as much as we did,”
“And I do, George, but you couldn’t have asked me on like a Sunday or something? You know, a less important day?” You let out a laugh which seemed to calm him a bit. He runs a hand through his hair and sits back down, tired. 
“What if I asked you now?” He takes a moment before looking up at you. You shift in place and mirror his actions by sitting back down on the desk. 
“I would ask when could I start.” 
Two stories in one day yesss <3 
Also, I know I mentioned writing for other stories/shows/movies on here, but since I have already accumulated such a large amount of Harry Potter stories here, I might make another account that is more open to others. 
I will still write on here, but just to let you guys know that I am working on that!
Drink water, 
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stiffsockz · a day ago
“Small” crush (pt. 2)
Fred Weasley x Reader
angst 💔
As the yule ball approached you and George had decided to go together, simply as friends.
He had always thought you were cute, but he would never tell you since you were head over heels for his twin. He thought your laugh was angelic and loved how your eyes sparkled. Yes, it was cliche, liking the girl who’s in love with your brother but he couldn’t help it.
“Can you zip me up?” It was Angelina, she was gorgeous, the dress complimented her skin tone and her hair fell so naturally, it was beautiful, you wanted to hate her, for being everything you used to want to be, but you could never bring yourself to, it wasn’t worth it.
“Of course.” You zipped up her dress, smiling at her as she turned around
“You look amazing, Fred is gonna love it.”
“You are the greatest friend I can ask for, thank you.” She linked her arm with yours, smiling at you.
You both walked down the stairs, arm in arm, at the bottom of the staircase stood George and Fred, their eyes twinkling in amazement.
George smiled up at you, you looked angelic, you were glowing, but George wasn’t the only one staring.
Right beside him stood the older twin, who was practically drooling, but boy over Angelina. He watched you walk down the stairs with grace and he couldn’t help but feel a pang in his heart of something he has never felt before, regret.
He watched as you ran into George’s arms, smiling, laughing, he had never wanted to be George more.
You were doing fine without him, actually, you were doing great without him.
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stiffsockz · a day ago
“Small” crush
Fred Weasley x Reader
angst 💔
You would never consider yourself “in love”, it was a simple school girl crush. Everyone could see you have fallen for him.
You simply could not go without him, he was the air you breathed, he was like a rainbow after a thunderstorm, he was everything you needed, but you still refused to believe it, thinking you could get over it.
But he was your best friend, your gorgeous best friend, with the prettiest eyes and the smile that can’t compare to the sun. Oh, and there’s George too.
“Hey babes,” the ginger you considered perfect said, smiling as he slung his arms over your shoulder.
“What do you want Fred?” You tried not to stare up at the handsome man for too much, trying to make your small crush seem as hidden as possible, but he knew, how couldn’t he, and he saw he could use this to his advantage. He knew you could never say no him, it would all work out.
George sent you a smile as he sat on your other side.
“So, you know how the yule ball is coming up-“ He started, leaning closer into your side.
“Of course, it’s the only thing anyone ever talks about now.”
“Well I was wondering if-“ You smiled, maybe he’d ask you, it’s all you’ve ever wanted, you’d be fine even if you went as friends.
“Go on, please,”
“Well I was wondering if you could ask Angelina if she wanted to go with me, since you and her are such close friends.” And there it is, your smile dropped, you knew it was too good to be true. You say up, not showing how hurt you were.
“I’m sure she would love to go with you, anyone would be lucky to.”
Fred thanked you, telling you he didn’t know where he’s be without you.
George saw right through your act, he has watched for years as you’ve let Fred cheat off of your homework (or doing it for him), how you always wait it okay after he blew off your plans, you never had the heart to say no to him.
Later, George had to listen to Fred go on about how obvious your crush was.
“I mean look at it George, it’s so easy to get what I want from her, cause she’s practically in love with me.”
George spoke up, “Why don’t you try talking to her about this instead of play around like this, and I don’t know, be mature.” Fred looked at him and laughed
“Oh, you don’t think I could actually like her because there is no way, she’s like your best friends awkward younger sister, I could never like her like that-“
“Fred?” his laughing stopped as he turned to you, he got up and rushed towards you.
“Hey, what’s up, are you oka-“
“Angelina said yes by the way, have fun with her I guess.” He watched as you walked off, not knowing how much he hurt you.
He was your lifeline, even having him as a friend kept you here, you’d bleed out for him, you would travel to the moon if it made him happy.
You have him everything, and he didn’t see that.
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Second person p.o.v Warnings: talks about burns? + soft charlie iwgvf9b I love soft charlie This is also super short, a charlie blurb
Tumblr media
"No- darling just stay still." You muttered, putting your wand down. Charlie whimpered, moving his face away. You bent over to press a soft kiss on his forehead, brushing his curly ginger hair back. He shut his eyes tightly, groaning softly when you touched his face again.
"(Y/N) I-" "I know it hurts. It's a nasty burn, I can tell, but if you don't let me fix what I can of it, it's going to be there for much longer than I can assume you'd want." You took his sigh as a sign to continue, your grip on your wand tensing when Charlie winced, trying to be as careful with your boyfriend as possible.
You stood up from your place on the sink next to him, taking as much caution as you could while wrapping a bandage around the side of his neck and shoulder. You stepped back when you were done, placing a hand on Charlie's knee in reassurance.
This was definitely the worst burn he'd gotten while training dragons yet and you were sure that his mum was going to make a great deal about it when he goes home in a couple of weeks.
You leaned towards him, placing a kiss on each of his cheeks, his forehead, and his nose before finally kissing him on the lips. One of his hands meekly held you in place as he returned his well-deserved kiss.
"Your mum's not going to like that." You whispered to him, even though you fully knew that the both of you were alone in your apartment. "But you'll be there to tell her that it's nothing, right." He retorted, a smile starting to form on his tired face.
You chuckled, shaking your head slowly. "You know I've got things to take care of." "What about me though? Tired and beaten up Charlie is no good without you." He said, digging his head in the crook of your neck as your hands connected behind his back, holding him close.
"Are you trying to guilt trip me Weasley?" You scolded him jokingly. "Is it working?" He asked, his words forming into a yawn. You tugged him closer to the edge of the countertop, telling him "You need to go get some sleep, come on." Charlie pulled a face when he hopped down, trying not to make a pained noise, and let you lead him out of the bathroom. "We'll talk about it tomorrow?" He urged as he laid down on the bed, and reluctantly, you nodded.
He weakly yanked you onto the bed next to him and grinned languidly at you. You looked at him with empathy, running a hand down his arm.
"Yeah, I guess we'll talk about it tomorrow."
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iwritesiriusly · a day ago
A Perfect Match // G.W
Paring: George Weasley x Fem!Muggleborn!Reader
Summary: (Y/n), a discreet supplier of muggle products at Hogwarts makes an unavoidable deal with the Weasely twins who promise to spice up her products and grant her a better profit. Read the one shot as (y/n) catches feelings for one of them through their meetings and deals, hoping for his reciprocal of the same.
W.C: 2517
Warnings: implied short reader, pranking Filch, Fred as wingman, mutual pinning.
A.N: okay a fic after two months, how are we feeling? I’m honestly surprised I managed to write this given my terrible writer’s block but it’s here and I hope you guys like it! Also, shout out to my bestie for proof reading this fic and writing it’s summary!
Taglist: @much-love-tay @writing-your-heart-out @buttercup-beeee @dragoneyedruby @hufflepuff5972 @ezmayzworld @aboutpotter @princess-jules47 @amourtentiaa @stuckysdaughter @adrienpuceyishot @Ceanna @nuttytani @potters-heart @pixiedustsupplyco @lazarlol @willowbleedsonpaper @zaidlyn @pmissuluger @limestea @fairyy27 @baconmuffins1216 @lunacurlclaw
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George Weasley Masterlist General Masterlist
Tumblr media
“That will be fifteen Sickles.” You pulled down your hood furthermore to hide your face.
“Any discount?” The fourth year Ravenclaw asked you hopefully; whilst his eyes curiously focused on your head trying to figure out who you were.
“No bargains. No discounts.”
“That’s too expensive!” He whined.
“Not my problem. Fifteen Sickles if you want it.” You said curtly. “And stop trying to look at my face.”
“Right, sorry.” He was a little ashamed after being caught.
After you handed him the pen, you carefully walked to your dorm room, making sure there was no one around.
Hogwarts’ famous muggle products supplier was you. But no one knew about it. You always made sure to keep your identity a secret. Being a muggleborn, it was easier for you to sell things in secrecy without getting judged by prejudiced purebloods.
It all started when one of your roommates questioned where you had bought your pen from. It was much more efficient and easier to use than a quill and ink. Her friend had asked her about it and soon, everybody wanted them.
Along with pens, you also sold other stuff. Things that were way complicated in the wizarding world.
You double checked the hallway before casually slipping the hood off your head and walking like nothing happened. Your ears perked up when you heard a few shuffling noises. You turned your head sharply and saw the two redheads who were trying to sneak around. Rolling your eyes at them, you ignored whatever is that they were doing and walked towards your common room.
The Weasley Twins were famous for their jokes, pranks and quirky products. Students at Hogwarts massively enjoyed them and were always curious about what they were up to. At one point, someone had started to ship the smuggler of muggle products, you, and one of the twins. It was an unsaid competition of who’d sell more of their products.
Though, you thought that it was an unfair contest since their products were made solely by them whilst you simply resold the stationary.
Either way, you didn’t want to cross them.
Those two screamed trouble and you liked your anonymity.
The twins currently sat in the Gryffindor common room, devising their newest prank. The room bustled with tired students who were done with their classes for the day and couldn’t wait to spend some time relaxing with their friends. The twins dropped all the products they could possibly use for the prank and rummaged through, approving or disapproving every item.
“Dung bombs?”
“Too old. Portable swamp?”
“Let’s save it for someone else. Fanged frisbee?”
Both of them looked at each other before shouting. “Yes!” Their moment of enthusiasm was interrupted by a second year old who walked into the common room with her friend in tow, looking all cheerless and droopy.
“I wish these pens were a little colourful!” She whined to her friend. “I’m tired of using boring black coloured colour pens but these are much easier to use than my quills, however pretty they may be.”
The twins’ eyes met for a brief moment and they knew exactly what they had to do.
The next morning began the Weasley twin’s search for the infamous girl in a hood who supplied muggle products to the whole of Hogwarts. Their mind thought of every person that possibly fit in the criteria but they ended up being unsure of all them. To their luck, they had overheard a couple of Hufflepuffs saying that you were going to sell them a few products this evening near the west tower.
The evening came and the twins eagerly followed the above mentioned people. They knew following someone was terribly wrong but it was their only way. They waited until you were done selling the things and hid behind a wall. And as soon as you started walking back to where you came from, the twins surrounded you.
A loud gasp left your mouth when you realised what was happening. The redheads stood in front of you, huge grins plastered on their faces.
“Hello,” They both said at the same time.
“What are you two doing here?” You questioned them.
“We wanted to meet you, of course.” You heard one of them, who you thought was Fred, say.
“What do you mean?”
“C’mon, we know you’re the one who sells muggle products.” The other twin, George, said.
“I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about.” You uselessly denied. You knew there was no point in lying as you saw them give you a bored look. “Alright,” You sighed, “What do you two need?”
“We have a proposal,” Said George.
“And why would I ever accept it?”
“At least hear us out!”
“You have two minutes,”
“We, the incredible Weasley twins,”
“Want you, (y/n),”
“To join us.” The twins took turns talking.
“Join what?”
“Our amazing business where we sell the most wicked products.” Said Fred in a ‘duh’ tone.
“Look, your muggle products are efficient but they are boring and dull. We only want to make them more fun.”
You were starting to get this ‘proposal’ that they were talking about and so far didn’t fully oppose it. “Fun? Like what sorts?”
“Like for starters, we can make the pens look a bit more colourful and maybe have confetti thrown from the other side of it?”
You thought of the idea and actually liked it but there were still other complications. “Does this proposal affect my anonymity?”
“No, not at all.”
“We promise to keep your identity hidden.”
“Cross our hearts.”
“And do I get to have an equal share of whatever we make?”
“Of course.”
“Alright, I need to think about this a little more.” Satisfaction filled the twins as they knew you were considering the offer.
“Take all the time you need.” They gave you a heads up and walked away.
After much thought, you decided you were gonna roll with it. You knew, of course, that working with the redheads would be chaotic but for once, you actually wanted to do something different. “Alright, I agree.” You told them one day after your classes;
And thus began a legendary partnership.
To say keeping up with the twins and their enthusiasm was tough would be an understatement. They were always popping out of nowhere, suggesting new ideas constantly and you were enjoying it for most part- they were honest with the profits when it came to sharing, treated you as an equal and generally fun to be with but things started taking a toll when you began catching feelings for one of them.
You couldn’t remember the exact time or moment when you realised you liked George. A random day, during a completely normal conversation, the twins cracked their jokes and you felt him stare at you for a little longer and the next thing you knew, your heart sped faster.
The Weasley twins, for most, weren’t difficult. Not many people tried to get to know them individually. They were always known as FredandGeorge; so when you became a prominent part of the twins' lives, they noticed how you tried to get to know them better. You knew how George was the quieter twin and it was Fred who usually did the promotion when it came to selling their products.
George knew this, he knew you paid attention to what the twins liked individually and that made you stand out to him. He was more observant when you were around, always making sure you were comfortable. And despite all this attentiveness, neither of you were aware of your feelings for each other. The light-headed feelings and racing hearts continued and the only person to pick up on this was none other than Fred Weasley.
The older twin was quite fast to understand that his brother had finally found a girl he liked. He often saw him throw not-so-discreet looks at you and a dazed smile always danced on his lips every night when he went to bed and Fred knew exactly who he was thinking about.
“So, when are you planning on telling her?” He told George as they lay on bed, rested for the night.
A sigh escaped George’s lips as he closed his eyes that were gazing at the ceiling moments ago. “Never.” He mumbled sadly.
“Mate, did you hit your head? ‘Never’? Why?”
He sat up, his eyes still closed as the pads on his fingers slightly massaged his temples. “Because she doesn’t like me that way.” He could feel his heart slightly break as he uttered those words, his tone was dejected- something quite uncommon for George Weasley.
“You two are equally delusional. A perfect match!” Fred bellowed incredulously.
“What do you mean?”
“Nah, I’d like to see both of you act oblivious around each other for a little longer. Good night.” He gave his twin a Cheshire cat grin, throwing the blanket over his face but not before winking at his brother. “Dream about (y/n).”
“Fred, what is it? Tell me!” George pressed, annoyed whatever Fred was hinting at but it was too late as he had already fallen asleep.
It was a chilly Wednesday evening when you were walking to the secret spot where the twins and you usually held your meeting to discuss the products. Though, you certainly thought it was odd that a meeting was called so suddenly; you had received a random note an hour ago and despite it being a little suspicious, you decided to go, only hoping that this wasn’t any kind of prank.
You had almost reached the place when a swift hand took hold of yours in a strong grip, pulling you along with it and before you register what was going on, you were getting dragged along with someone. “What-“ You opened your mouth to question them but they beat you to it.
“No questions. Run.” George. It was him who was currently pulling you by your wrist. You could recognise his voice even half-asleep, his voice was like music to the ears; your heart beat faster every time you listened to him.
Of course, you obliged and carried your feet as fast as possible while he pulled you along with him. The chase finally came to a halt when he pulled you into a tiny room which you presumed was the storage closet. Since there wasn’t exactly a lot of space, your chest was touching his abdomen as he towered over your physique; you could feel his breath fall on your face as you two tried to catch up with it from all the running.
“What did you do that made Filch so mad that he chased us all around the castle?” You throw him a questioning look.
“Nothing!” He defended himself and when you looked like you didn’t believe him, he proceeded, “All I know is that I received a note from you, asking me to meet at our usual spot.” He shrugged. You raise a single eyebrow, questioning the unfamiliar event but chose to let him continue. “Merlin knows what happened, I see Filch on my way, looking furious with his face covered in all colours of paint. Though, I must admit, it was quite hilarious; it’s a pity I didn’t get enough time to laugh since that old prat started chasing me.” He grunted at the last part causing you to roll your eyes at him.
“I don’t know whose note it is that you received, but it certainly wasn’t mine. In fact, it was you who sent me one, asking to meet at the usual spot.” George gaped at you.
“It wasn’t me.”
“Clearly. Who was it then?” He thought for a second at who could have possibly done it until he leaned his head on the wall behind him as he let out a frustrated groan, realising who it actually was.
“For Godric’s sake,” he cursed under his breath. “It's Fred.”
“But why would Fred do it?”
“Filch was mad at me,” he pointed at his face, “and the only other person that looks like me is my twin.”
“Yeah, I get that. You lot are always causing trouble, but why did he send us those notes?”
“Uh,” George instantly turned speechless and light pink started to tint his cheeks which, not too long ago, were red from all the running.
“What is it?”
He gave up, letting out a sigh as he realised that he had run out of all the ideas to cover up. “I fancy you, alright? A lot. Fred probably got tired of me pinning over you and set up this whole thing. It’s okay if you don’t feel the same way.” He looked away, unable to meet your eyes as he felt slightly dejected.
“Georgie,” You whispered, “I like you, too.”
Surprise took over him as you uttered those words, his eyes instantly holding your gaze. The warmth he felt was enough to tell him that it was real and he never questioned it again. The little to no space between you two was never forgotten but it was more prominent now; making you realise that you were here, right at this time, sharing this moment with the boy you absolutely adored. As much as you wanted this moment to freeze, you knew it wasn’t possible and hence, you were going to make the most out of it.
You give him a smile before you leaned over and planted a small kiss on his lips. George was a little taken back but it didn’t take him long to act back. Butterflies filled your stomach and you felt one of his hands went around your waist and the other gently rested on your cheek, your own hands were around his neck; his lips met yours again but this time, it lasted longer.
It was late and hence, your night together had to come to an end. You felt sad leaving his side but you knew it was just the start. You’d have many moments with him that you’d cherish with all your heart and the thought made you feel giddy.
Filch was gone making the coast clear, you slowly slipped out of the closet with George, your hand in his and you two sported the brightest smiles.
“So, what do you wanna do on our first date?”
“Hmm,” You thought, “oh, I know, let’s prank Fred!” You said enthusiastically, making George’s look at you with a gaze that screamed ‘that’s my girl'.
“I’m always up for a payback. Should we use sticky trainers on him?” He suggested.
“Yes, and let’s prank Filch, too. But unlike this time, he’ll think it’s Fred who did it.”
“I’m so proud of you." George leaned down to peck your lips.
Unknown to the two of you, Fred had been standing behind a wall all along, wanting to make sure that everything had gone according to plan but was now throwing glares at the back of his traitorous twin as he shook his head and let out a sigh.
“So much for being the best wingman.”
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