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#fic recs
tteokdoroki · 52 minutes ago
Heyyy I have a quick question cuz I am I love with all of your works and especially your hcs, do you know any good poly bakusquad (the boys) or even kiribaku fics/hcs? Ofc you don’t have to answer this I just wanted to let you know that I also adore you and everything(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ have a beautiful day/night I love you <3333
aaa thank you baby!! that means so much 🥺🥺 lemme kith you
without you by @/cyancherub on ao3 is one of my favourite kiribaku fics at the moment !! cassie also has a bakusquad boys smut too. @/doinmybesthere also has some great kiribaku fics on her master list <3
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drarryspecificrecsdaily · 54 minutes ago
Complete fics posted on AO3 this day
1. Ivy Through the Cracks by @glitteringvoids [T, 39k]
►Draco is the best journalist this dreadful post-war world has to offer, ask anyone. (If they tell you anything else, they are lying.) Draco being the best, passionate, and smart, it's only logical that he should be the one to publish the first interview with Harry Potter, Saviour and Hero. Draco is the one who found Potter after all, hidden away in his own little shop. Now, if only Potter would see reason and agree to answer a few questions for Draco!
2. Stay Golden by @calypsotempete [E, 2k]
►Harry can't take back the scars he created, but he can take away their power.
3. suburbia by @iero0 [M, 3k]
►[...] Draco's ability, the Sight, is the worst in areas like that, where what’s on display is so disgustingly different from what’s hidden behind closed doors and minds.
4. we're still forgetting by @ashes-and-ashes [T, 1k]
►Draco falls in love from above the clouds. [...]
1. Behind Your Walls by PaigebyQuill [E, 1k]
►Harry is so sick of listening to Draco shagging other blokes on the other side of their bedroom wall every Saturday night. ★ Exploding Snap: A Drarry Game/Fest | @gameofdrarry
2. The Bystander by @rei382 [T, 1k]
►Harry recognized everyone who returned to Hogwarts after the war to complete their education. Everyone... except the handsome, dark-haired boy. ★ Exploding Snap: A Drarry Game/Fest | @gameofdrarry
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doritosandbluethings · an hour ago
Fanfic Master List
But a multifandom one (get ready for a long ass list under the cut loll)
The Lost Hero Rewrite by lizard_bitch (Complete | Gen | 107,290)
Exactly what it says on the tin. I rewrite Heroes of Olympus but gayer and (hopefully) less problematic things. This includes Valgrace and lesbian Piper. Grover also replaces Coach Hedge because I want him to be there.
The Sum Of Our Choices series by @thetimetraveler24 (Complete except for two fics | Teen | 827,081)
Maybe it's not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it's about starting over and creating something better.
A special group of individuals are drawn together for a reason. They might not see it yet, but they are the only ones who have the power to change their destiny. They'll face opposition from the gods along the way and sometimes things won't work out the way they want. But this group is special. Their choices just might be the key to everything.
cHiLdReN oF gOd by writerbitch_letsgooo (Complete | Not Rated | 48,056)
4:37 PM, Thursday
Leo Valdez has created a group chat
Leo Valdez has named the chat cHiLdReN oF gOd
Leo Valdez: sup bitches Leo Valdez: wait Leo Valdez: these usernames wont do
Leo Valdez has changed their name to Badboisupreme
Badboisupreme: sup
Five Times Percy Jackson Cheated At School by lammermoorian (Complete | Teen | 12,620)
...And One Time Someone Cheated Him
The story of how Percy chooses a major, gets a family, and accidentally becomes a superstar in the world of classical studies. Turns out, being able to read ancient Greek and instinctively knowing how to sail every ship ever invented is actually pretty useful in some fields.
Green Day, Aerosmith, Vitamin C (and other cliches): Stories from Senior Year by @no2ticonderoga (Complete | Mature | 200,198)
Percy and Annabeth navigate the second half of their senior year, sweating out their grades, avoiding hallway hoodlums and the occasional monster. And there's that constant worry that something's gone wrong out west, since nobody seems to be able to communicate with them from out there.
But it's not all bad. They finally get to do some normal high school-ly things. Like prom! And graduation!
Still, they've got a lot on their minds. And nosy parents. Of both the mortal and the godly variety.
Percy Did What? by TheImaginitiveBabbler (Complete | Teen | 74,779)
Percy Jackson has touched a lot of lives. The Fates have watched his thread interweave into all of them. Now it's time them to bring them together to discover why the demigod is so special. Magnus Chase and his friends, the Kanes and the House of life and favorites from Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter are pulled together to watch scenes from Percy's life.
Almost a reading a books with elaboration on other scenes mention and several head canons. In character and lots of interaction.
kids turned out fine by r1ptides (Incomplete | Gen | 16,188)
While digging through the big house attic, piper, leo and jason find some tapes.
"look, I didn't want to be a half-blood."
(reading the books with a twist, title from kids turned out fine by a$ap rocky)
The Song Of Achilles
The Lament Of Patroclus by @feministlarxene (Complete | Mature | 63,221)
Take my heart and i'll lay down my weapon / break my shackles to set me free
A complete retelling of The Song of Achilles from Achilles' point of view.
Begged and Borrowed by @glimmerofgold (Complete | Mature | 34,851)
Stuck in the middle of a war that he cannot understand, the last thing Patroclus expects to find is a love even stronger than the one that started it.
Teen Wolf
i fell into the moon by lscar123 (Complete | Mature | 234,122)
Laura Hale is arrested hours after returning to Beacon Hills. Derek Hale returns to town to bring his sister back home and together they are drawn into the mystery of a rogue wolf on their family land. They also can't seem to stop bumping into the Sheriff's son, Stiles.
Laura is determined to make Stiles her new best friend and Derek just wants everyone to survive so he can get the hell out of the town that took everything from him. Stiles just wants everyone to be happy.
I Ran (So Far) by @thepsychicclam (Complete | Explicit | 33,794)
“But, you don’t run,” Derek pointed out, confused.
“People can get new hobbies,” Stiles snapped. “Geez, if I’d known it was going to be this big of a deal, I’d have called you first. Want me to give you my workout schedule? That way you can coordinate your nose accordingly?”
In which Stiles' summer starts off so badly he starts running, gets pelted by paint balls, and decides he is, in fact, going crazy if he willingly wants to hang out with Derek Hale.
Andi Mack
Lost Boy by CaithyCat (Complete | Teen | 49, 903)
When his family moves from San Francisco to the town of Shadyside, T.J. thought his life would change. And it did. He just didn’t think it would come in the form of the ghost of a boy who haunted his new bedroom.
Cyrus Goodman Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Tutselutse (Complete | Teen | 37,824)
He looked around at his fellow students, feeling a strange flutter in his stomach. One of these random boys could be him. He could have met him already. They could have spoken in class without knowing it. It was wild to think about. Cyrus liked that they were anonymous, it made him relax and crack more jokes. He didn't worry about seeming weird, because they weren't going to hang out.
A Love, Simon AU
A Story Worth Telling by RJW (Complete | Teen | 81,747)
This is a story about me, my friends, and a mysterious boy that moved to our town a while ago. It has to do with basketball, dinosaurs, muffins, and really deep feelings. But I must not get ahead of myself. If you want to know the story, just read it :-).
Cyrus’ Dictionary by you_get_to_exhale_now_cyrus (Complete | Gen | 67,197)
Cyrus has always been good with words; there’s a reason English is his favorite subject. But with TJ, he seems to be at a loss for words. When they get paired up for a summer assignment, Cyrus slowly starts to build a new dictionary. One that involves TJ and everything they do together. Along the way, maybe he’ll find the words to tell him how he feels.
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mrs-n-uzumaki · an hour ago
Back with my fic recommendations; Dasey edition!
(Keep in mind I'm still reading through everything, more to be added)
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goopeculiar · an hour ago
Angel, Indeed yifan/yixing, R, 7236 words. “At this rate, you’re going to end up feeding from him.” No—no. He can’t. He could, but he can’t. And yet—her words ring perilously true. His desire may become craving. Until he has sated himself one way or the other, he will want for no one else. “I don’t want to hurt him.” Victoria sniffs primly. “Then starve.”
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drarryspecificrecs · an hour ago
i was reading this fic the other day when my safari suddenly reset and i lost all my tabs and now i can’t remember the name of it i’m going crazy! i swear i found it on this blog too but when i combed through for a good fifteen minutes i couldn’t find it so maybe it was an ask that was deleted or maybe i just missed it somehow (sorry for bothering if that’s the case) anyways it’s 8th year, all the 8th years are pooled together and draco and harry sometimes kiss and draco loves it but then harry is dating ginny and the last bit i remember reading about was draco was walking back to the common room and caught harry and ginny shagging in the corridor and sort of ignores him for a bit then the next day or days later the whole group goes out to a bar and harry drank a lot, draco days he always smells of whiskey or alcohol in general and while at the bar pansy orders a whole bottle of jack daniels because that’s what harry likes and the whole group wants shots. sorry it’s just snippets but if someone can help please do! please and thank you:-)
Yes it might be deleted if the same fic was searched before. Anyway, I haven’t read this fic so I hope my lovely followers can help you :)
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fanfic-corner · an hour ago
Peter Parker & Tony Stark fic recs
I have no idea where this came from, but I've ended up reading way too many of these over the last few days and they are all so wholesome, so I thought I may as well make a rec list!
a little white lie by LethalBookshelves (2,599 words).
this series is so cute, I don't even have words for it. I mean, it's the definition of found family. Peter literally calls everyone his aunts and uncles what more do you want-
5 Times Peter Sleepwalked And The 1 Time He Pretended He Did by losingmymindtonight (8,765 words).
oh god, sleepwalking Peter is so sweet! and the way Tony stresses about him is so wholesome.
in an empty moral space by blueh (5,403 words).
this fic is maybe the funniest fic I have ever read. I mean, whoever wrote this, your mind... kidnapping Peter to get to Spiderman? comedy gold.
Occupational Hazard by aloneintherain (10,454 words).
you all know I'm a sucker for hurt/comfort and oh boy did this fic deliver.
5 Times Peter Parker Saved an Avenger by petreparkour (21,956 words).
the Avengers in this fic... *chef's kiss*. everyone is written so well and... well, I think the tag "precious Peter Parker" sums this fic up.
The Five Times Peter Got Help With Schoolwork and The One Time It Was Done For Him by DJ_unicornsrgr8 (19,414 words).
why are all these fics 5+1 things? I'm not sure, but I love it. the last chapter of this fic is just so cute... I mean, imagine an Avenger doing your homework for you. Also, can I be in hair club?
and then redemption by softlyblue (7,867 words).
I simply think Peter and Loki should be friends. that is all.
5 Times Everyone Thought Spider-Man was Iron Man's Favorite Superhero by madasthesea (3,783 words).
okay but... who else would be Tony's favourite superhero?
Hot Chocolate by Isnt_it_pretty_to_think_so (14,189 words).
okay, okay. this fic is so adorable!! I mean it has everything: a little bit of hurt/comfort, Peter and Nat being spider friends, and obviously Spiderman can lift Thor's hammer.
5 Times Peter Made Tony Laugh Out Loud by grilledcheesing (16,353 words).
this one had been in my marked for later for so, so long, and then when I finally got around to it, it started me off on reading all these other fics! so, whoever wrote it: you are directly responsible for me rewatching Homecoming and therefore owe me £4.99. I'm joking this fic is payment enough-
and that's that! if you have any more fics that you think I'll like, please tell me!! and expect another Spidey-related fic list at some point... there are too many field trip fics for me to fit onto one list :D
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captainkirkk · an hour ago
The ask about nezu and clockwork reminds me of a fic rec
Shadow of a hero by Jediman3477 on ao3 (also crossposted to ffn w a diff username)
dp / bnha crossover
Theres a fair amount of fics in this crossover (both ffn and ao3) but this one is underrated on ao3, and SO GOOD
(V long thou. There's 1 ch that's like 20k words)
This crossover has so much potential, thanks
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5sos-fics-recs · an hour ago
Prince!sos/ princess!reader
Tumblr media
Calum H. Midnight - @calpops
Calum H. First of forever - @talkfastromance4
Calum H. Where the roses bloom (series) - @suchalonelysunflower
Michael C. Different kind of buzz - @irwinkitten
Michael C. Masquerade -@calpops
Luke H. Meadow - @calpops
Ashton I. Mercy - @calpops
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jilyarchive · 2 hours ago
Title: Olive Author: ClaudiaWrites Rating: T Genre(s): Fluff, Humour Chapters: 4 Word Count: 11,857 Summary: A fancy restaurant. An enigmatic waiter. Hazel eyes, mad hair, a dimple, and Lily's a goner.
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91willow · 2 hours ago
i will wait
by: rainbowsandmarshmellows Words: 795
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller Rating: General Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Achilles/Patroclus (Song of Achilles) Characters: Achilles (Song of Achilles), Patroclus (Song of Achilles), Achilles (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore), Patroclus of Opus (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Afterlife, One-Shot, Reuniting, POV Achilles (Song of Achilles). set after the novel
Summary: A short one-shot of Achilles waiting for Patroclus to join him in the afterlife as he thinks back to some of their moments spent together.
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blouisparadise · 3 hours ago
hi! I don’t know if you remember the prompt sent to blp on January 17th (about Louis being with an abusive, sterile alpha and having to get impregnated by another at a clinic) but I started posting anonymously a fic based on it on ao3! It’s titled Trust The Process and it’s a wip but it’s meant to be done by August so if anyone wants to give it a look..
Oh wow, thank you so much for letting us know. We're s excited to read it! We've added a note to the original ask.
Trust The Process
Note: Please remember to check tags for any trigger warnings.
- BLP 🍑
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fave-bts-fics · 4 hours ago
hii:) i’m looking for a fic i read in 2019 (i think it was a tae fic) i believe they hated eachother but then they were roomates and they had insomnia and to help them sleep they began cuddling so they could fall asleep? it then worked and then they fell in love! it’s okay if you can’t help me try and find it:))
Ok so you didn't mention the ship
Sooo I'm not really sure if this is the one you're looking for
If it isn't, please drop another ask with the ship name
Fall Asleep (Fall For You)
BY: drannie
WORD COUNT: 149954
“They say when you fall in love you can’t fall asleep, but now that I’ve met you I feel like I finally can.”
A University AU where Jungkook and Taehyung become roommates. But Jungkook has insomnia and can't fall asleep with other people and Taehyung can't fall asleep alone.
On a side note I got to read a super great fic. Even if this is not the one you're looking for, I would 100% recommend it :)
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fuddlewuddle · 4 hours ago
i just posted my winterbaron fic on my writing account @lovelybucky1 😁😁😁
Omg I read it and it’s so good.😩😩😩
Y’all should check it out.
The link is (hope it’s ok that I’m linking it)
Thank you for letting me know you’d written it! 💜💜
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kythwena · 4 hours ago
“I stopped and got you guys some soup!” Todd bounced on the balls of his feet, hands clasped behind his back. Quentin was abruptly aware that Todd probably liked to be called a good boy as well. Maybe even more than Quentin.
Marvelous and Uncommon Incidents by RedBlazer @redblazerstuff
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f-f-podcast · 4 hours ago
another fic rec for you guys!! 🥰
Thank you muchly ☺️
Tumblr media
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witcherfic · 5 hours ago
Razoom June 24, 2021 at 01:45AM
by Razoom
A chance encounter in a storm brings the potential of a friend, maybe more to Eskel. Adventures of a Witcher and His human.
Words: 1368, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English
Fandoms: Wiedźmin | The Witcher - All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: F/M
Characters: Eskel (The Witcher)
Relationships: Eskel (The Witcher)/Original Female Character(s)
Additional Tags: First Meetings, Chance Meetings
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harmonyandco · 5 hours ago
Fic Rec: Remedial Lessons
Author: SymphonySamuraiy
Word Count: 9661 in 3 Chapters 
Status Complete
Rated M
Summary: AU OotP. What if Hermione had taken a more proactive stance against Harry's treatment by Snape and Umbridge? How far is too far to go to protect someone you love? Complete.
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