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#incorrect harry potter quotes
naisha-lusthana · 2 hours ago
Hufflepuff: Hey, what's wrong?
Slytherin: *rubbing their shoulder* Nothing.
Hufflepuff: Woah, is that a scar?
Slytherin: *sighs* Yeah, it is - I don't wanna talk about what happened
Hufflepuff: No, it's okay! You don't need to, besides, I thought it looked really cool!
Slytherin: Oh.
Hufflepuff: *giggles* Yeah! wOaHHH *sighs* I wish I had a scar. It would make me look like a true FIGHTER!
Slytherin: *genuinely touched by Puff's innocence*
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mooneytoast · 3 hours ago
remus: i never tell people off the bat that i’m gay. i wait. i wait until they say some homophobic shit and then i laugh and am like "you know i'm gay right?" and watch the look of terror on their face.
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged · 3 hours ago
Lily: So I’m expecting-
Sirius: *gasping* Lily, you’re expecting? You’re having a baby?
Lily:...I’m expecting the tea will be done in ten minutes
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I genuinely cannot stop imagining Voulez-Vous playing during the department of mysteries battle... like... that is just such an unexpected but absolutely perfect song choice
also you know the vine where there's a guy like holding a knife and he’s looking for someone to stab and they go ‘red robin’s and then there’s another guy who’s hiding really well but they reply with ‘yum’ and it alerts the knife guy to their whereabouts? this is the vine here! 
anyway i imagine that vine but it’s neville and asterope hiding and bellatrix is looking for them and she goes ‘vouslez vous’ and asterope replies with ‘ah ha’  giving away their location to bellatrix. 
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hermioneblackdelacour · 5 hours ago
Fleur: "I am a very calm and polite student. I always respect my fellow champions."
Viktor: "Hello-"
Fleur: "Fuck you Krum! 'Ermione's mine!"
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hermioneblackdelacour · 5 hours ago
Bellatrix: *Watching Delphi play quidditch* "Yeah! Go Darling!!"
Bellatrix: "And be careful! If you break your neck your mother will break mine!"
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cclevercherry · 7 hours ago
Saturday, 11:30pm
Gryffindor Common Room Party
James Potter: flirting with Lily Evens
Sirius Black: drunk off of fire whiskey and flirting with the girls.
Y/n Potter: Hangs out with Sirius and is also drunk.
Peter Pettigrew: eating candy and watching a fight break out.
Remus Lupin: reading a book and longing staring at Y/n.
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asahufflepuff · 8 hours ago
*watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Thestrals appear on the screen*
Gryffindor: “It’d be cool to ride one of those things.”
Ravenclaw: “Their bodies look fragile…maybe if you stop bulking up then just maybe you won’t kill them”
Gryffindor: “Rude.”
Slytherin: “They’re hauntingly gorgeous…”
Hufflepuff: “Yeaahh they’re like hairless Pegasus!”
Gryffindor: “but they’re riding them no problem!”
Ravenclaw: “Not everyone is a buff 6ft3, Gryff…”
Hufflepuff: “They’re definitely your aesthetic, Sly! I wish they and Pegasuses were real so we can each have one and fly together.”
Slytherin: “…that’s…really cute…”
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Lily: You look different...
Lily: Your hair is longer...
James: Hey, stand up.
James: Oh, yep. See? Grew like, three inches this summer.
Lily: Wow.
James: Kinda hurts though. Growing pains. My knees are killing me.
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sapphiccissa · 10 hours ago
Hermione: You were supposed to do something about the racoon under the deck!
Bellatrix: I did! I named him Lord Moseby. He likes Fruit Loops.
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sarcasticsirius · 10 hours ago
Minnie: Sirius, you need to include capitals in your essay or you will fail
Sirius: I hate capititalism
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged · 10 hours ago
Lily: [holding her baby bump] I’m huge! I’m moody, I’m miserable, I’m disgusting-
James: Darling you’re just-
Sirius: [yelling] as beautiful as eVER!
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bi-in-space · 11 hours ago
ginny: i’m sick and tired of them not giving me my license! sure, i almost crashed yesterday, but still.
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bi-in-space · 11 hours ago
luna: hugging plushies makes me feel better.
ginny: i wish hugging could made me feel better.
luna: i’ll hug you until you feel better!
ginny: *bi panic*
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sarcasticsirius · 11 hours ago
Sirius: *steals a police car so he can drive around blaring the siren*
Sirius: fucking nee naw bitch
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wolfstar-things · 12 hours ago
Mcgonagall: Ok everyone take a seat, and sit down.
Mcgonagall: Mr Black, Mr Lupin’s lap doesn’t count as a seat, go move.
Sirius: *grumpily walking to away from Remus and sitting in a chair*
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