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#harry potter fluff
ravenriddlewrites · 6 hours ago
The Forest
Pairing : Tom Riddle x reader
Word Count : 1294
Genre : Angst + Hurt/Comfort 
Prompt : None!
The forest plays audience to her violent outbursts more often than not most days. At the beginning she had sought out her friends for advice or to unload a little of the strain her relationship caused, but she can no longer do either without receiving those dreadful pitying looks. She knows he’s no good for her. She knows he doesn’t treat her right. But Merlin she loves that boy. Tom Riddle is everything she’s ever wanted and everything she should never have.
Tumblr media
Her sobs are jarring against the silence of the Forbidden Forest, even the darkest of creatures seem to have fled to safer grounds, out of the path of the torrential array of emotions that swirl inside the young witch. A fallen tree lies prostate ahead of her, several bushes have been torn from the ground, roots and all, and there is a smouldering patch of earth a few feet to her right that once had been the home of wild violets and several bees. She’ll feel guilty for the wreckage she’s caused later, but for now she cannot think past the ache in her chest.
“He’s not worth my tears,” she hiccups, swiping at her puffy eyes, “So why do I keep bloody crying?”
She flops back against the tree trunk, wincing as the rough bark catches on her sweater, and scrubs a hand over her face.
The forest plays audience to her violent outbursts more often than not most days. At the beginning she had sought out her friends for advice or to unload a little of the strain her relationship caused, but she can no longer do either without receiving those dreadful pitying looks. She knows he’s no good for her. She knows he doesn’t treat her right. But Merlin she loves that boy. Tom Riddle is everything she’s ever wanted and everything she should never have.
Emotions fail him most days, he doesn’t quite understand the depth of feelings inside her and he certainly doesn’t know how to handle them. He has trouble enough with his own feelings to be able to manage hers. He is not a gentle lover. He is not kind or thoughtful or romantic, he is not soft or good or light. But maybe that’s what drew her to him in the first place.
And she can’t fault him for it, not really. He was never taught how to love. He was never taught how to care for anyone other than himself. To survive he had to be selfish, but he no longer needs to fight for food or warmth or shelter because he has his friends to look after him, he has her. 
His upbringing does not excuse his actions and it certainly doesn’t excuse how he’d treated her, but she understands that the learning process is slow and rocky and she wants to be there for him, truly, it’s just…
Well she’s never been as patient as him. Never had a particularly good grasp on her thoughts or feelings, which seem to run away from her and spew out in hurtful comments and unintentional magic. 
So she’s learning too. 
She picks at the dirt beneath her nails and sniffles, watching the sway of the ash trees through tear-lined lashes. 
The autumn sun is a pale disk in the sky, whatever light it gives does not reach the forest ground, not here, and the shadows seem to dance over the undergrowth. They shift and sway and grow and then—
Then there’s a noise. The snapping of a twig. Loud and harsh and intentional.
She’s on her feet in an instant. Another twig snaps, closer this time. She does not think twice before breaking into a sprint. Her ribs ache from her earlier sobs and from the heaving breaths she takes now. There is a burning in her calves and branches snatch at her hair as she passes them, but she ignores the tiny cuts they inflict, mind focused solely on the opening she spies ahead. 
She does not slow as she breaks through the tree line, and finds herself careening into someone head first. 
“Woah there,” comes a thick Scottish drawl, and a large hand steadies her by the shoulder. “Right, that’ll be a detention for you little miss. It’s called the Forbidden Forest for a reason, you know?”
She blinks up into the bearded face of Ogi the gamekeeper, and at the sight of her red, tear-stained cheeks and puffy eyes he pauses, regret creasing the round curves of his face.
“It’s fine Ogi, I was in the wrong. I’ll take the detention.” Her voice cracks a little, and both of them wince.
He gives her a firm pat on the shoulder and a little sorrowful nod before she’s sent on her way.
It is now Friday night and her friends have gathered in the common room for another raucous party, but the witch finds herself at the edge of the Forbidden Forest once more. It is ironic, she thinks, that her punishment for entering is to enter once more. 
The forest is hauntingly beautiful at night. The trees are thin, silver ghosts, and moonlight drips off their leaves and collects in pools atop the ground. From somewhere deep within a creature begins to sing, a wailing, warbling tune that sets her teeth on edge and pulls tears to her eyes.
“Ah, there you are, was beginning to think I’d have to fetch you myself!” Ogi hands her a wicker basket and a list of ingredients she is to collect, looking more than a little sheepish. 
She doubts the irony of their situation is lost on him either.
The witch steels herself, straightening her shoulders and adjusting her wand in its holster. Just as she is about to set off, they both notice the sound of approaching footsteps.
“I’m here to supervise the detention sir, I apologise for my tardiness, I was held up by some first years who were out after curfew.”
And of course it’s him they’ve chosen to supervise her.
“Not to worry Tom my boy.”
She does not look at him before she sets off, gritting her teeth as he trails her like a silent shadow. 
They are half a mile into the forest when he grabs her by the elbow and steers her left.
“Tom what are you do—“
He shushes her, and drags her forwards. If she were anyone else she’d probably be frightened by this behaviour, but she has had years to acclimatise.
Despite the silence that prevails, he does not release her arm, and as she relaxes into the grip his fingers soften until the touch is just shy of gentle. She steals glances at him as they walk, and notices that past the hardened clench of his jaw and the confident set of his brow, there is a sort of nervousness about him. Good, she thinks. He should be nervous. 
And then he stops, sudden enough that she would have been sent sprawling across the damp forest ground if not for his steady grip. She turns to question him further but he merely juts his chin out. That is when she notices where he’s brought her.
In front of them is a clearing, lit up by a thick carpet of glowing flowers. It looks as if someone has taken a patch of the night sky and laid it down on earth. Dozens of thin petaled blossoms cluster together to form dazzling silver constellations. The forest’s usual scent of moss and rotting fruit is replaced by something sweet and delicate.
This was where they’d had their first official date, back in third year.
Tom releases her elbow and slips his hand tentatively into hers. When she does not pull away he gives it a squeeze, and she allows herself to melt into his side.
It is not much of an apology and she knows this has not resolved anything and that later they will have to talk it out, but for now this is enough. 
They complete the detention with their fingers intertwined, and when they return to the castle she slips into his bed and he holds her close to his chest.
“I am trying,” he says softly.
“I know,” she whispers back.
Note: this was a little rushed so I’m sorry if there’s errors or if it’s not up to its usual standard, I’ve had some personal issues going on recently but I just really wanted to get something out for you guys!
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chokemepansy · 6 hours ago
hii can i request 🍓 for snowy day with fred if ur still doing sleepover? thank you <3
everyone knew well of fred weasley’s antics ─ especially you. which is why you often teased him and his childish ways. but today, he’d awoken to the sight of you glued to the window, obsessed with whatever it was you were seeing. “morning, love,” fred made his way toward you.
“freddie,” you didn’t turn to look at him, but he could hear the grin in your voice. “‘s snowing.” sure enough, snowflakes fell from above, creating a pillowy sheet of white. he snaked a hand around your waist, burying his face into your neck and kissing softly. “yes, darling, it is. pumpkin juice ‘fore we go outside?”
finally looking at him, you smiled and nodded before pecking his lips and returning to watching the snow. “bundle up, don’t want you getting cold!” fred called from the kitchen. “what’re you, my mother?” you groaned. “i don’t wanna, especially when you sound like molly and my mum combined.”
“and i’m the immature one.” fred’s voice, thick with sarcasm, just sounded like it came with an eye roll. “warm me up instead?” you proposed. he scoffed, “when i’m done with you, you’re going to be cold and soaked from being pelted with snowballs.” as soon as he returned, you met eyes and could already tell it’d be a lovely day.
yeah, you were both immature, but that was why it was beautifully effortless to be with one other.
join my 4.5k sleepover <3
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phoebedelia · 6 hours ago
Powerpoint Night: HP Edition
Here's what the characters would do for Powerpoint night!
Hermione--starts things off with Top 50 20 Facts from Hogwarts: A History
Ron--Top 10 Reasons Why the Cannons are Going to Take the Cup This Year
Neville--Best Magical Plants of the Decade
Pansy--Why the World Needs a Lesbian Dictator (and Who's the Perfect Candidate for the Job)
Lavender--Top 10 Celebrity DILFs
Parvati--Top 10 Celebrity MILFs
Blaise--Ranking My Mother's Ex-Husbands
Draco--Which is the Best Picture of My Arse in Leather Trousers?
Luna--Common Places to Find Wrackspurts
Ginny--Top 15 Reasons Why the Cannons are Going to Lose the Cup This Year
Then, it's Harry's turn. He's waited all night, silently watching his friends go one after the other, biding his time until everyone has had their turn.
Then, he looks at Hermione, who nods.
"So, who's left--oh! Harry! You haven't gone yet. Are you ready to present?"
Harry almost sniggers at her lack of subtlety. "Sure, 'Mione."
"C'mon, Potter, you can't possibly top mine," Draco smirks.
Harry raises an eyebrow as he sets up the presentation. "Really? You seem to like it when I do..."
Draco blushes profusely as the others chuckle. Ron takes a long sip of his beer.
"Well, I'm just saying, that one of us had an interesting and aesthetically pleasing presentation that clearly superior--"
"Oh, please, you just wanted us all to compliment ten different pictures of your arse!"
"My arse is a work of art, Weasley, it deserves recognition! It deserves statues! Monuments! Shrines! Tell him, Potter!"
Harry nodded solemnly. "He does have a great arse, Ron."
"If you love it so much why don't you marry it?"
Harry smirked, clicked the button. "One step ahead of you, mate."
"Top Ten Reasons Why Draco Malfoy Should Marry Harry Potter"
Shocked and excited gasps, excited clapping and wide smiles erupted around the room, but Harry only had eyes for Draco's slack-jawed expression.
Reason 10: You love planning weddings. You've dreamed of it since you were a child, love, and it would be beautiful.
Reason 9: You'd get to make fun of my hair forever, which is your second favorite thing to do
Reason 8: I promise to make you that pasta dish you love once a week if you promise we can watch a Muggle movie after (which you love anyway so stop pretending it's a sacrifice, you git)
Reason 7: It will make your mother ecstatic and your Father's vein in his forehead pop out, which is always amusing for us.
Reason 6: You can change your name to Potter, or Malfoy-Potter, or leave it the same I don't care whatsoever (though adding 'Potter' might make the vein actually burst and I'm curious about that so maybe we tell him you're doing it anyway).
Reason 5: We live together--at this point, it makes common sense for us to take the next step.
Reason 4: You're the only other person who makes my tea correctly.
Reason 3: We'd get to do our first favorite thing forever.
Reason 2: We're in love. (And I already bought a ring and it was bloody expensive so you'd better say yes or else)
Reason 1: Scared, Malfoy?
Harry was kneeling down a few feet from where Draco sat on the couch. He held up a small black box that was opened to reveal a ring with a gold band, studded with alternating emeralds and rubies. Draco sat still, tears welling in his eyes. He finally wiped them from his cheeks and gave Harry a slow, shaky smile.
"You wish," he said, voice trembling but elated.
He jumped from the couch and tackled Harry into a kiss.
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horrorxweasley · 13 hours ago
Heyy. I was thinking maybe a fred smut with the prompts 3 and 10? Of course i found want it's up to you. Love your work<3
Hi lovely, here it is <3 I couldn't find anywhere to put in prompt 10 😬
Warnings: Smut, Swearing! Slight choking, slight Dom/Sub, Degradation/Praise, angry Fred(ish)
Word Count: 1.4K
Prompt(s) used: 3 "Wanna Bet?"
Summary: Fred and Y/N are mid argument when she says something that she may or may not regret later
Wanna Bet?
Fred Weasley x Fem! Reader
Tumblr media
“I can’t believe you Fred Weasley, are you seriously blaming me for something that YOU did?”
“Yes! Because it was your fault”
“How was it my fault that you forgot to buy dinner and instead bought loads of unhealthy crap?”
“Because you’re responsible for the list!”
“Well excuse me for being busy and not having time to write up a proper food list, and making the mistake that you a grown ass man would have some common sense and buy dinner”
“Oh yeah, and what was it that you were oh so busy with?”
“Cleaning this flat, and being an adult un-like you”
“Cleaning the flat huh? Well how come it's a mess?”
“Because you keep coming in from the joke shop and messing it up again!”
Y/N and Fred had been arguing for almost an hour now, it was a silly argument most of their arguments were but its much better than falling out completely over a serious topic that would hurt them both far worse than this stupid argument over shopping.
The argument went on for another half hour or so until Y/N said something that really got Fred’s attention.
“Well if you were better in bed then maybe i wouldn’t have to!”
Fred’s expression changed, to shock, anger, and lust. His eyes squinted for a second sneering at his girlfriend before him, amused at the thought of what he was going to do to her, as well as the boldness of the words that fell from her mouth.
“Is that so?” Fred growled
“Yes it is, and it’s true” Y/N smirked
Fred began to approach Y/N slowly, his eyes dark, brows furrowed and visible rage and lust showing on his face. Y/N attempted to keep her cool as her clearly pissed off boyfriend approached her, it both scared and turned her on at the same time, maybe she would have said what she did earlier if she had known this was the kind of reaction she would get out of him.
After a few minutes of staring down his brave girlfriend, Fred spoke in a low, gravely voice.
“Wanna bet?”
“What if I do?”
“Then you are the one who is going to have to deal with the consequences”
Fred then grabbed Y/N’s throat, pulling her closer to him so their lips were only just touching. Their eyes locked on to one another, Y/N was trying to figure out Fred’s next move but she couldn’t. The next thing she knew, Fred’s lips were attached to hers in a lustful, hungry kiss. Their tongues battling for dominance as they fiercely brushed against each other, Fred quickly taking the upper hand however.
Fred slowly started walking forward, forcing Y/N back until she hit the bed and fell onto her back.
“Strip” Fred growled, Y/N wasted no time to rid herself of her clothes, exposing herself to her boyfriend in front of her, Fred drinking in the sight of her naked form before him, her perfect imperfections standing out to him as they were his favourite parts of her. Fred’s pupils grew more as she took off her panties, revealing her pussy to him and only him. His trousers becoming tighter and tighter by the minute.
“Fuck” Fred muttered under his breath, as his eyes trailed up and down her body.
“Like what you see?” Y/N smirked
“Yes i do darling, but you, you do not say a word and do what you’re told”
The jingle of Fred unbuckling his belt echoes round the room, he unbuttons his trousers so to relieve some of the discomfort caused by his growing erection.
“On the bed and show me that pretty little pussy of yours darling, m’gonna show you just how good I am”
Y/N quickly did what she was told, spreading her legs wide for her boyfriend, showing off what is about to be clear, belongs to him. Fred approached Y/N kneeling down at the side of the bed so his face was in line with her core.
“So wet baby girl, this all from me?”
“Mhm” was all she could muster up, the anticipation killing her.
Fred ran his finger through her folds gathering her juices, before showing his digit into his mouth, sucking while keeping eye contact with Y/N so she could see him taste her. Fred’s eyes fluttered closed as he took his finger out of his mouth, moaning slightly at the taste.
Fred immediately pushed his head in between her legs, his lips attaching to her aching core, sucking vigorously at the bud causing loud high pitched moans to fall from Y/N’s lips.
“Fuck F-fred! Feels so good”
“Oh yeah? Feels good does it?”
“Yes s-so good”
Fred continued to lap at her heat, gathering all of her juices on his tongue as he slowly slipped two of his fingers into her, curling them perfectly as he thrusted them in and out, adding to the pleasure she was feeling. Her moans becoming louder as she nears her release.
“Fu-uck yes keep going, please Fred-d right there oh my-”
Fred pulled away from her, licking his lips, a whine coming from Y/N at the loss of her high.
“Did you really think I was going to let you cum after insulting me? Hmmm? Now that’s just pathetic”
“Please, i’m sorry i n-need it please Fred i’ll be a good girl, your good girl p-please”
“Hmm, my good girl huh? Can my good girl do as she’s told and not cum until i say?”
“Y-yes your good girl”
“Well then, let’s test that theory”
Fred rid himself of his clothes, exposing his muscular, toned chest, a sight that Y/N could look at forever and not get sick of it. Her expression is now just drunk with lust for Fred, needing him to fill her, to use her, to prove her wrong even though it was a lie to begin with.
Fred approached Y/N lying on the bed, and hovered over her, not breaking eye contact, leaning down to kiss her, their lips moulding together perfectly, their tongues once again battling for dominance only for Fred to win. They both moan into each other’s mouth as Fred begins to swipe his member through her folds gathering her juices as lube before lining himself up at her entrance.
“Be a good girl for me and only cum when i say so, yeah?”
Y/N could only nod in response, as Fred pushed into her, his cock stretching her out perfectly as he pushed all the way in, staying still for a moment so she could get used to the feeling. After a few seconds Fred began to slowly push in and out of her, his hips grinding into hers as he kissed down her neck, marking her as his.
“Fred-fuck- please, f-faster”
Fred sped up his thrusts, the lewd sound of their skin slapping and their moans and gasps filled the room, the feeling of Y/N’s walls clenching around him made Fred’s eyes roll to the back of his head as he let his head fall backwards. His hand reached up to grab her throat cutting off the air supply perfectly to increase the pleasure.
“Fuck darling, squeeze me so good, shit-” he moaned
Y/N reached up grabbing Fred’s biceps, digging her nails into his skin as her mouth fell open in a silent moan as Fred now began pounding into her hard.
Fred let go of her throat as he further sped up his pace, feeling that she was close to her release.
“Don’t you fucking dare cum without my permission”
Y/N tried her best not to cum, holding it as best she could, but the coil in her stomach was growing and growing in desperate need for release, but she knew she needed to be a good girl for Fred otherwise she knew she may not cum if she didn’t stick to his rules.
Fred could feel himself getting closer and closer, so he brought his hand down to rub her clit in small fast circles.
“I know you’re close baby girl, I am too, let’s cum together ok? Cum for me, with me”
“FUCKK” Y/N practically screamed as she released all over Fred’s cock.
Fred too groaned loud curse words as his seed shot into her heat, adding to the pleasure for both of them. His thrusts becoming sloppy and slow as he rode out both of their highs.
Fred slowly pulled out, laying beside Y/N as they both took a few minutes to catch their breath. His arm wrapped around his girlfriend's waist, kissing her on the head.
“I love you” he whispered into her ear.
“I love you too, and i was lying when i said you were bad in bed, you’re the best i’ve ever slept with”
“Oh i know” Fred smirked which earned him a smack to the chest.
taglist: @amourtentiaa @sunrisefairy @rosietoesy @comfortwriting @famdomhideout @dracofknmalfoy @pandaxnienke @writing-wh0re @onlyfreds @whipped-for-the-weasley-twins @fairielovegood @gaycatlord-stuff @0x0spunky-monkey0x0 @i-love-scott-mccall @simpforremuslupin @escapingrealitybyreading @xmalfoyweasleyx @cedricisnotdead (MESSAGE/ASK IF YOU WANT TO BE ADDED)
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holden-caulfield · 13 hours ago
Hatred, you thought.
Tumblr media
↪︎ 𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
SUMMARY: enemies that get trapped in the same room and have no choice but to work together to get out, inevitably leading the two of them to realize their true feelings for each other to lovers.
WARNINGS: is it angsty? i don't think so, fluffy ending tho
A/N: i'm not really sure what this is, but i used my prompt and this came out... i don't think i ever mention draco but i wrote this with him in mind. also, i don't think they are in school, it's an au of some sort and it's very messy :) it will make sense as you read it tho!!
Tumblr media
No way out. An empty room. Just you and him.
Oh, how ironic Fate could be, how insensitive, cruel and ironic.
No way out.
You were stuck, how it happened was still a mystery to you. Such a fool for having let yourself be trapped in there.
An empty room.
No windows, just a door, which was now sealed. The only source of lightning was enough to illuminate both of your faces, his features so sharp in the pale light emanated from the dangling lamp above you.
Just you and him.
It could have been anyone, but it had to be him, of course. He wasn't any happier than you, he despised you just as much as you did, if not more.
But there you were, alone together. Words weren't needed because facial expressions were enough to convey each other's feelings: scowls perfectly disclosed any emotion that passed through your minds. Aversion, loathing, abhorrence, hate.
Such a strong word, you never thought you'd have used it to describe someone, but he was worthy of the title. You hated him, so deeply, so violently, so passionately.
He was much more generous with the use of the word, he hated pretty much everyone who didn't agree with him. But with you. Oh, with you it was different. He made sure you knew he actually hated you. It was not playful banter, it was not temporary animosity. It was pure, unfathomable hatred.
Then why did you find yourself there with him? Fate, once more, came into play.
It has such a weird way of playing, Fate. It can conjoin long lost lovers just as easily as it can unite sworn enemies who would happily have nothing to do with each other. And it takes great pleasure in doing the latter; you couldn't help but imagine the Moirai laughing, deriding you as they spun the inexorable thread that was your own Fate. Insensitive and cruel they were as they got their merciless job done.
"What now?" he asked, but he already knew the answer. He didn't want to admit it, admit he needed your help; neither did you.
But the only alternative was waiting, waiting for the inevitable destiny that would have hit you if you hadn't got out of the room. However, that meant more time to share with him, and neither of you was hoping on it.
"We find a way out, isn't it obvious?" you couldn't refrain the sarcasm dripping from your tone. The even deeper scowl decorating his face was worth it.
"How?" it took a lot out of him to stop himself from snapping at you as he analyzed the only object in the chamber, the door.
"Aren't you the one always preaching about his above-average intellect? Put it to good use, then." you knew snarky remarks wouldn't have helped you to find a way out, but they did help improve your mood, even if only in the slightest.
"No lock. No handle. No hinges. What is your great intellect suggesting?" he threw away that last ounce of restraint he had in him and decided to play your game. A challenge, to entertain you while you endured his vile presence.
"Push it. Break it down."
"Ladies first." you took a running start and collided with the door. It didn't budge.
You tried again, this time he joined you. It didn't budge. Useless attempts.
"Great idea." you could feel the smirk in his voice but you didn't give him the satisfaction and stared at the still-closed door instead.
No way out. An empty room. Just you and him.
When suddenly an illumination: while scrutinizing the room, you looked up and, narrowing your eyes, you noticed a square-shaped line, so thin you couldn't have seen it if you hadn't been so focused.
"Give me a hand, quick!" you let of all the hostilities as an opportunity arose and grasped his shoulder, forcing him to look towards the area your finger pointed to.
He joined his hands and helped you reach what you hoped was a trap door.
"God, i thought you were lighter..."
"And i thought you were stronger but look at us." you stretched your arms to reach it but it was still too high up, "Higher!"
"I can't extend myself, you know?" he said, quite irritated.
"Oh woah, something you can't do? Bewildering..." arms still outstretched, you lifted yourself on your toes. A mistake.
You lost balance and could already taste the blood in your mouth from the inevitable contact with the floor, but it never happened.
Because he caught you. You were shocked and from the look in his eyes, he was too.
"Try not to do other stupid things because i won't be there to catch you again." you quickly lifted yourself from his hold and immediately started to study another way to reach the trap door, your only hope, but in your mind thoughts about what had just happened still roamed freely.
There was no explanation other than the fact that he could not work with an injured person; if you had hurt yourself, you would have been weaker and therefore unable to help him get out. Yes, that was the reason.
"Give me a lift again."
"You can't reach it-"
"Give me a lift. Again." your tone was sterner and he complied, but not before scoffing and rolling his eyes.
You climbed on his hands once more, but it was still too high. You lifted your foot tentatively and placed it on his shoulder.
"Woah, are you trying to kill me up there?!"
You didn't answer, instead using the new added height to reach the ledge. You pushed it open and climbed up, successfully exiting the room you had called prison just moments ago.
He smirked disapprovingly, a smile that didn't reach his eyes, and signaled for you to help him out now, so you moved to find something, anything to help him.
It was dark, the only light brightening the new corridor that had just appeared was faint and came from the far end of it.
You crossed the entire hallway, looking for a rope or a box strong enough to support your nemesis when it dawned on you: your nemesis. Why were you even helping him? Sure he had helped you, but that was before you were free.
You had now a choice, he didn't have any. If he did, he wouldn't have been so magnanimous. He surely wouldn't.
You kept on going towards the light, strengthening with every step you took when a rope appeared in your way.
The choice was now concrete. You could help him. Or you couldn't.
"Y/l/n! Found anything?" what to do now? He wouldn't have helped you.
"Took you long enough, huh?"
"I was trying to find something, you ungrateful twat." you sneered as you threw him the rope. He grasped it and began climbing, but you had still time. Time to let the thread go and leave him there. Time to save yourself.
But you didn't, an actual reason still missing in your mind. Too much compassion, too much pity, you thought. But you weren't convinced, you couldn't lie to yourself, there was something else.
He climbed all the way up, you offered your hand to finally hoist him on the ledge. He considered it, he refused it.
"We're not friends, y/l/n."
"Believe me, i know. I was just trying to make sure i hadn't to get you up here all over again. I thought you were lighter, you know?" he glowered at you, but it was not the same as before, as always.
One way out. Just you and him.
You treaded that same corridor you had crossed seconds ago, besides him this time. It was narrow and your bodies tried so hard not to touch but it was close to impossible. Shoulders collided, legs bumped, hands grazed. But eyes refused to meet; hatred, you repeated to yourself.
The light seemed to never arrive even as you quickened your step. You were running, striving to reach that light that you so desperately clang to. But then a sudden stop.
The hand that was once ruthlessly brushing against yours, grasped you. It was rushed, it was vital, it was puzzling. But it held you close to him.
He was your enemy, you needed to distance yourself, but you couldn't find the strength in you to do so. Hatred, you repeated in your head and you pushed him away.
"Watch your step." he said, pointing to a hole in the floor, a square one. You were running in circle.
You felt stupid, to think he had forgotten your rivalry so easily, to think things had changed between you.
"Thanks." it came out of your mouth without thinking. Good manners are hard to forget, you reckoned.
A pause.
"You're welcome." could a situation of forced proximity really change the feelings between two people?
Incredibly thin is the line between love and hate.
You didn't love him. You didn't hate him either. Things were evolving, you didn't know whether it was good or bad, but they were.
"We have to find another way." you thought aloud. He agreed with a simple nod, no remarks. The awkward exchange must have had an effect on him just as much as it did on you, or so you thought.
His eyes were lighter than you had ever seen them, his face seemed tense, but it was not a grimace; that was new. He looked quite entrancing when he wasn't too busy glowering at you, his features looked endearing as they attentively surveyed the area.
Sense of guilt took over because you knew you shouldn't have been thinking about such things, but had he always been so tall and captivating? Had you never noticed that sparkle in his eyes that caused the image of crystals glinting in the sun to appear in your mind? Was he thinking the same?
Undecipherable; intriguing. You wanted to know more, was it possible? You pondered no further and returned your gaze to the corridor, unwillingly.
It was his turn to watch you now because when you turned again you caught him staring.
"What are you looking at?" you couldn't help the defensive tone with which you uttered the sentence, but it didn't bother him.
"You saved me. Why?" he was genuine, he was sincere and this had you even more confused than you already were.
"You did too, it's nothing but a temporary truce."
"Is it?" he whispered without missing a beat and suddenly the walls weren't narrow anymore, no, they were far too wide, he was far too distant. As if reading your mind, he took a step closer.
"Of course it is." were you that sure?
"Are you sure?"
"Of course i am."
"But why did you save me?" what game was he playing? Your mind was not able to form any coherent thought as the man in front of you kept on making questions to which you didn't know the answer. You didn't want to admit the answer.
"It's just a truce, we hate each other-"
"Do we?" his questions were quick, it was much simpler making them than answering them.
"Do we?" you repeated.
"You could have left me there..."
"Do we?" you insisted.
"You didn't have to do that, you could have-"
"Do we hate each other?" you were impatient to hear him say it.
He remained silent but his eyes were speaking, only his mouth didn't allow them.
"Do we hate each other or-"
He cut you off, that same mouth that had suddenly become dumb reached yours. Hatred, you repeated in your head.
You kissed him too, logic leaving your mind, hands entangling in his hair, bodies flush against each other.
Love, you admitted.
Maybe Fate wasn't as cruel as you thought.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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cupids-crystals · 15 hours ago
Travel Plans (Regulus Black)
Word Count: 0.5k
Summary: You and Regulus talk about taking a trip together
A/N: request by anon. No warnings, just fluff!! Regulus lives with Sirius and the Potter family, talk of the future but nothing upsetting. My requests are open!!
Your relationship with Regulus changed drastically after he left home with his brother, Sirius. Since the two had moved in with the Potters, Regulus had become more outspoken, and he was learning to accept the love that he deserved. You were so grateful for the Potters’ generosity and you looked forward to watching the withdrawn boy learn to live in this new, warmhearted environment. 
Euphemia and Fleamont raised James to understand the value of honest, hard work and they tried to instill that mentality in Regulus and Sirius as well. The boys learned how to cook and how to do different chores around the house instead of relying on elves. They received money for Hogsmeade every week and they were rewarded for high test scores rather than having an endless amount of family money to spend. 
You were sitting under a shade tree in the courtyard, your head resting on Regulus’ shoulder while he told you about his week. Your fingers were tangled with his and you were pressed into the side of his body. 
The conversation changed to plans after school. You talked about your dreams, your fears, and anything else that came to mind. As you talked about your futures, you realized that all of your plans involved Regulus. You couldn’t think of anything better than living a happy life with the dark-haired boy beside you. His plans involved you too, though. Now that he was finally able to think about the future on his own terms, he noticed that you had found your way into every one of his ideas
“Y’know, I’m going to take you somewhere after we graduate.”
You lifted your head from his shoulder so that you could see his face. “Yeah?” He was looking off into the distance, thinking about plans to come. “Absolutely, darling. Anywhere you want to go. I’m going to work and save my money and we can do the entire thing by ourselves.”
His chest swelled with pride as he pictured the two of you on a terrace in a foreign city. Regulus didn’t want to rely on his family or the Potters to pay for his lavish expenditures; he had started to earn money for himself, and he loved the feeling of achieving hard-earned accomplishments. 
“Where would you want to go? We’ve got the whole world; you tell me where and I’ll take you.”
“Well, what about France? We could go to Paris, or Bordeaux, maybe. I just love the culture of France. I’ve only seen pictures, but I think it’s such a beautiful place.” Regulus listened to you ramble with a small smile. He studied your face, memorizing the look of wonder that you wore. 
“That sounds nice, darling. I think Paris is a great idea.”
“Plus, I think that French is a beautiful language. Anyone who knows French is automatically attractive, in my opinion.”
“I speak French, you know.” His eyes sparkled with amusement, and you grinned at his declaration. 
“Is that so?
He nodded, leaning closer until your faces were an inch apart, noses practically touching. He knew that he would do anything to keep his promise to you. You had been there for him through everything, and he wanted to do something nice to repay your affections. In his mind, the trip would signify the beginning of the rest of your lives together. 
“I’ll teach you some phrases for our trip, mon amour.”
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herarcadewasteland · 16 hours ago
Reader x Sirius Black oneshot
Waking up surrounded by the red blankets of Gryffindor tower, you thought the day would be fairly normal. A few exploded cauldrons, sure. Professor Slughorn yelling at a student, never. Peeves pulling a harmful prank, most definitely. But you would never be prepared for the test that Professor McGonagall placed on your desk during Transfigurations. You started answering the questions with a sigh as the rest of your class began their own. After 20 minutes of staring at a question, you were completely zoned out, so far out of the present that you didn’t even notice a certain James Potter peaking over your shoulder at your answers. And while you weren’t the best at Transfigurations, you still had an average above most. But recently, your mind had been occupied. No longer with school or what new book you were going to get at Flourish and Blotts, but a special someone who had captured your heart successfully after years of trying. Feeling hot breath on the back of your neck, you glanced up towards McGonagall who was grading papers before you turned your head to meet James’s  hazel eyes as your own narrowed. Checking that McGonagall was still occupied, you reached back smacked James over the head with an open palm, the sound echoing through the silent room as you and James scrambled to make yourselves look like it wasn’t you two who had caused the disturbance. Glancing at Remus Lupin, your desk partner, you smiled in embarrassment as his broad shoulders shook in silent laughter at James’s misfortune. He shot you a crooked smile as Professor McGonagall hushed the class when some Ravenclaw girls giggled at the sound of the smack. Everyone's focus shot back to their tests as McGonagall stood to make rounds of the classroom. Your focus shifted around the room as your eyes followed your head of house around it. Focusing your gaze on the one and only Sirius Black, you sighed as you watched his grey eyes trail around the room. His eyes meeting yours, you quickly stared down at your test, speed answering the questions as a blush covered your cheeks. 
After handing in your test and rushing out of the classroom to the main staircase, you began the descent to potions in a hurry. Stumbling down a few steps and just barely catching yourself, you heard your name being called from the entrance of the Great Hall. Looking up from the stairs, your eyes met with Black’s. Heaving a sigh, you jumped the last three steps to walk briskly towards the handsome boy before he kept yelling your name. Stopping in front of him, you watch him brush his curly black hair away from his forehead before you notice his smirk. You shake your head in fear, that smirk was never a good sign. It usually meant a prank, or he was getting ready to spew a pick up line. Sirius’s smirk grew as he noticed your fear, his hands reaching out to hold your smaller ones in his. 
“My dear Y/N. We have been friends for many years-”
“NO... we have not!”
Your voice echoed around the entrance hall as eyes were drawn towards the pair of you while other students kept rushing too their next classes. Shaking your head at the situation, you heard low chuckles coming from an alcove right beside Sirius’s shoulder. You watched as he turned his head, your eyes following the movement before you noticed the rest of the marauders hiding away in the alcove. Your hands tightened around the ones holding yours, grey eyes meeting your exasperated ones. A brand new voltage of smirk crossed the boys face as he licked his lips.
“Through the many ups and downs that I have helped you through, and with the love for me that gathered in your gathered in your heart-”
A snarl crossing your lips halted his sentence before it dropped as you realized, even though he was being a dick about it, he was right. You had been slowly becoming attracted to the Black boy, and no past boyfriend throughout the years had stopped it. Sighing, you dragged him into the alcove with his friends, deciding that they had chosen to want to witness the results of Sirius Black trying to woo the girl who ignored him. 
“Just shut up, Sirius! I understand that the theatrics are for your reputation but it doesn’t-”
Your words were cut off by lips pressing against yours, your hands reaching up to tangle in silky, curly locks. Pulling back a moment later, you opened your eyes after they had closed from surprise of the touch of his lips against yours. Staring at Sirius incredulously, you saw a genuine smile cross his lips as his friends cheered in the background, their wolf whistles and clapping muffled by the shock of the kiss. 
“My beautiful Y/N. Will you be mine?”
You just barely caught yourself as you felt tears of joy gathering in your eyes, your head nodding yes before you even realized it.
“Yes, you big mangy mutt. I’ll be yours.”
And thus began the chaos of your life long relationship with the one and only, Sirius Black.    
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lxngbottom · 17 hours ago
in which the reader helps out in the library, and she catches the eye of neville.
Tumblr media
y/n’s boy best friend, who secretly has fancied y/n since their first interaction. charming, kind, girls swoon for him at hogwarts. but, he has a secret, a dark, scary secret. and, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect y/n from it.
AGE: 16
Tumblr media
once known to be shy, clumsy, and kind... neville longbottom turned into one of hogwarts resident fuck boys. a now, secret lover of herbology, he spends his time smoking weed, studying, and of course... breaking hearts. but, when he comes across y/n... it might all change. a broken boy with secrets.
AGE: 16
Y/N Y/L/N!
a quiet, shy, innocent girl who spends most of her time in the library, as she helps madam prince out with the amount of work. best friends with quidditch star, ginny weasley, who completely contrasts from her wallflower attitude. a lover of reading and strawberry taffy.
AGE: 15! (ALMOST 16)
pls send me a message, or reply, or whatever you want to be apart of the tag list for this series!
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cupids-crystals · 17 hours ago
Midnight Breakfast (James Potter)
Word Count: 0.5k
Summary: You fix breakfast with James at 3 am
A/N: No warnings, just domestic fluff. Prompt by @syven-siren. My requests are open!!
Living with James Potter meant that you never had a dull day. James was the definition of spontaneous, and everything that he did was an act of impulse. You had bought a small house together right after you graduated from Hogwarts, and every day since had been filled with new experiences. You had come to expect his impetuous behavior and you welcomed the pleasant surprises.
You would often come home from work to find your husband with a fresh set of bruises from a rough quidditch game or a face splattered with paint after he decided that he didn’t like the color of the guest room. You wouldn’t have it any other way, though; the impromptu actions were lighthearted and almost always managed to bring you joy.
After a particularly strenuous day at work, you wanted nothing more than to come home and immediately fall asleep. You entered your shared home, spoke with your husband for a few minutes, and then fell into bed, exhausted and hoping for a few extra hours of rest.
Sometime in the middle of the night, you woke up to the sounds of rustling and clattering coming from the other side of the house. You turned over, hands outstretched to reach for James who should’ve been asleep beside you. Finding his spot empty, you groaned and clambered out of bed, making your way to the source of the noise.
Entering the kitchen, you were met with the sight of James holding a mixing bowl and wearing a white apron, the thick, faded letters on the front reading ‘kiss the cook’. He stood in front of a flour covered counter, humming to himself and whisking the contents of the large bowl. Hearing you shuffle into the room, he looked up with a bright grin.
“What are you doing up?”
You furrowed your eyebrows at him in confusion. “What are you doing up? And why are you cooking?”
You moved further into the kitchen as you studied the ingredients on the counter. Reaching your husband, you placed your head on his warm chest and his arm made its way around your waist, tugging you further into his soothing embrace. He placed a gentle kiss to your hairline before answering.
“I dunno. Couldn’t sleep and wanted something to eat. D’you want some pancakes?” He motioned to the batter that he had been whisking before you came in.
You shook your head and stifled a laugh at his carefree attitude. “You do know that it’s the middle of the night, right? Not time for breakfast.” You gestured playfully out the window at the dark sky.
“Actually, it’s almost three. Closer to breakfast than dinner, so I’m making pancakes. D’you wanna flip ‘em?”
You weighed your options for a moment – you could return to bed and be well rested for work tomorrow, or you could appreciate a moment of spontaneity with your husband and eat pancakes at three in the morning. You looked up at him with a beaming smile and nodded excitedly, sleep no longer on your mind.
“Hand me the spatula.”
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lxngbottom · 17 hours ago
Bookshelves. | N.L. (Part 1)
Tumblr media
in which the reader helps out in the library, & she catches the eye of neville.
warnings: swearing, fuckboy!nev, use of weed, mentions of sex, & i think that’s all?
year 6!nev — year 5!reader / gryffindor!reader (but anyone can read obv)
shoutout to bratty for me becoming obsessed with fuck boy neville
faceclaim for sam riley: louis partridge
year 6, slytherin.
Tumblr media
there was always some sort of unspoken peace that laid in the hogwarts library. some students would digress and say that it was awful for the sole reason that they were forced to study in there. but for others, as in people like y/n, they found solace in the dusty, but elegant room of the castle.
that was maybe why y/n had decided to ask about helping out in the library. she spent most of her free time there, unless she was hanging out with her best friend, ginny weasley. but, ginny had quidditch practices, and she was definitely more of a social butterfly than y/n was. if y/n wasn’t with ginny, you would definitely find her sitting in the library, book in hand.
her small job in the library was quite simple. she would help madam prince return books to their designated spots on shelves, write down due dates, overall just do the same things that the librarian herself did. it was quite nice, actually. constantly being around books, prince giving her new recommendations every week.
today had been a bit slower than usual, as it was the weekend and most students were spending their time procrastinating their weekend assignments, and deciding to go to hogsmeade instead. ginny had of course invited y/n to attend, but she had an obligation to follow. so, she kindly turned down the offer and went off to the library instead.
y/n was stacking returned books on top of one another when she heard a nasty cough. she turned around and realized it came from madam prince,
“are you alright?” the girl asked kindly, “that cough sounds like something serious!”
the librarian let out a slight chuckle at the girl’s words, “oh... i’m quite alright, dear. this weather is the problem! why can’t the cold just stay outside with the snow?” she joked, but then another loud, seemingly painful cough came right after.
y/n sighed and glanced around. she noticed that one of the windows was wide open, so she walked up to it and slammed it shut.
madam prince looked in her direction, sending her a small smile,
“much better, dear...”
time continued on, and y/n continued to work in the library. she dusted off tables, made sure the few students that were actually in there had everything they needed.
and right as y/n went to sit down, madam prince stood up.
“oh my, i don’t feel so well... i can barely even focus on my work...” the woman sighed, “but i can’t just leave. i’ve never taken a day off before!”
y/n chuckled, “well, you really do sound sick. maybe it’s finally time, madam! i mean, like you said, you’ve never taken a day off before. and, i feel like if dumbledore heard that cough... he would tell you to rest up.”
y/n could tell that madam prince was pondering on the thought. some people would say that madam prince was rude, or even uninviting. but truth be told, she was actually a kind woman. y/n adored learning about her own times at hogwarts, and chatting about random students that came in and out of the library. y/n could go as far to say that madam prince was one of her favorite people at hogwarts.
“i just don’t want to close the library. students should be coming back from hogsmeade soon, which means that they’ll come here for some last minute studying. no... i can’t leave!”
y/n narrowed her eyes at the woman, “you don’t have to close the library... i can take care of everything!”
madam prince seemed shocked at the girl’s offer, “darling, as much as i would—“
“seriously! i can do it! i know how to do everything that you know how to do! i’ll make sure everything is clean before i lock up... and i’ll do everything i can to make sure everything stays in order! i swear, your library will be the same as it was if you leave.” y/n pleaded, for some reason, really wanting to take this first time opportunity.
“i just don’t think it’s the best of ideas, y/n...”
“i don’t know...”
y/n clasped her hands together as she stared at the woman, her eyes filled with desperation. madam prince sighed at the girl’s puppy dog eyes, and she slid a book to y/n that she had been checking for damage.
“fine...” madam prince breathed out, which y/n squealed at, “but, you have to make sure everything is in order! all of those students are most likely going to be back soon, and you need to make sure you can actually handle it!”
“i can, i swear! i can do it!” y/n replied, getting up from her chair. she reached over and handed madam prince her own bag, “i’ll protect this library with my whole life if i have to.”
the two laughed, and madam prince took her bag from y/n’s grasp.
“well... i suppose i’m off, then! good luck, miss y/l/n!” madam prince smiled, “you’re going to need it...”
“right! feel better!”
and with that, madam prince exited the library. y/n smiled as she glanced around. she always dreamed of having the library to herself, being able to go or really do whatever she wanted. and besides, she could handle a packed out library. she had already quite a few times.
just as y/n went to put some returned books into a bin, a girl walked up to the librarian desk. she simply slid y/n the book, asked if she could check it out, and y/n put a stamp on it, and made the girl sign her name. the girl smiled and thanked y/n as she left the library,
“see? i got this.”
when all of the students arrived back from hogsmeade, it seemed as if they were making themselves known. and all of the other students that had been in the library left, as most of them liked to avoid socializing, and they knew what was to come.
y/n prepared herself, sitting down in the chair and twirling her wand in between her fingers.
“hey, y/l/n!”
y/n looked towards the entrance, and saw an almost too familiar boy walking towards the desk.
“hey sam!”
sam riley. how could y/n even describe him? he was all sorts of things, but more or less a great friend to her. they were the perfect gryffindor and slytherin friend duo, even some students convinced that they were together. but, they weren’t, much to sam’s dismay of course. he would never tell her that, though. if being her friend was all he could be, then he was just fine with that.
he wasn’t crude like some of the other slytherins were. as a matter of fact, the first time they met involved sam defending y/n while malfoy was teasing her. she was in her first year, while he was in his second.
yeah, they went a long way back.
“figured you’d be here... beings how it’s a hogsmeade day and i didn’t see you at that one book shop... oh, what’s it called...”
y/n chuckled, “i’m always here, sam. you know this.”
sam flashed her a toothy grin, “that’s probably a good thing, beings how i don’t think i’ll ever lose track of you.”
the boy smirked as y/n hid her face, trying to hide the fact that she was smiling like a grade school girl.
“i got you something, though...” he began, pulling something from his pocket and sliding it onto the desk. y/n furrowed her eyebrows as she grabbed the small box, opening it with a confused look on her face.
when she opened it, she gasped.
“sam! wh—why? how? what?”
he chuckled as she observed the gift,
“i saw it today and the only person i could think of that would like it... was you. so, i got it.”
y/n sent him a sweet smile as she continued to observe the charm bracelet. the few charms that were on there was a lion, (because she was in gryffindor, of course.) a book, and the moon.
“i love it... really, i do. thank you, sam.”
“it’s no problem, doll.”
y/n reached over the desk and hugged the boy quickly. he offered to put the bracelet on her, which she kindly accepted. sam watched as she squealed excitedly from how the charms shined in the light, and he swore he could’ve kissed her there and then.
“well... i should probably go before the evening rush starts swarming in. there’s a lot, by the way!”
y/n nodded and sent him a smile, “alright... i’ll see you later?”
“yeah... later, y/l/n.”
and with that, he parted ways from her, but not forgetting to get one last glance at her as she began to wipe down the surface of madam prince’s desk.
sam and madam prince were right. a lot of students did end up coming by to study, to finish assignments, or just to chat with their friends. most of them were a bit riled up from the day, so y/n of course was forced to shush people as she walked by. it wasn’t something that she was necessarily keen on doing, as she hated coming off as rude to people. but, this was apart of the job.
at one point, a certain, but familiar group of boys had walked in. they were all giggling, eyes bloodshot. they had taken a table just a few ways away from y/n, which she didn’t mind. until, a weird smell started lingering off of them, but she simply ignored it.
it was none other than harry potter’s little group of friends themselves. ron weasley, seamus finnigan, dean thomas, and neville longbottom. she knew them quite well obviously, as she not only was in gryffindor, but had spent some time with harry, ron, and ginny at the burrow throughout the years. they rarely ever looked her way in school, though. she figured it had something to do with her being a year below them. but, it didn’t really bother her.
what was bothering her was how loud they were being. even other students had told them to shut up a few times during the last thirty minutes they had been here.
so, y/n prepared herself mentally, and she walked up to the group of boys. the smell became stronger and stronger as she got closer to the table.
“oh, hey, y/l/n!” ron chuckled, shaking his head at what y/n only could assume to be as a joke.
“hey... could you guys maybe be a bit more quiet? if not, i might have to kick you guys out. and... i really don’t want to do that...”
some of the boys laughed at her words, as she was much more less intimidating than she was trying to make herself out to be.
“yeah... sorry! we’ll be more quiet, y/n.” dean agreed, a smirk on his face. y/n sent him a small, awkward smile, thanking all of them.
she looked at the scattered books in the table, and she began to collect them. “i’ll get these out of the way if you guys aren’t using them.”
she leaned over the table, her cleavage exposing just a bit, but some of the boys noticed. specifically neville, who wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that he was staring. seamus nudged his arm and whispered about her “cute little bra” in neville’s ear, which neville smirked at.
y/n looked over at the two boys, not really wanting to know what they were saying.
“by the way...” she coughed, “you guys smell like weed.”
and with that, she walked away, books in hand. the boys simply just shrugged and went back to their conversation. but neville? he watched as y/n walked back over to the desk, staring as her cardigan flowed, and how her perfect legs carried her. he licked his lips, a sudden interest lighting in his chest.
“don’t even think about it, longbottom.” ron suddenly spoke up, making neville turn his head.
“what the fuck are you talking about, weasley?”
ron chuckled, “y/n. i see you staring at her. but, she’s off limits. she’s ginny’s best friend, you know that. plus, she won’t be able to give you what you’re looking for. ginny told me that the poor girl hasn’t even had her first kiss yet...”
all five of the boys watched as y/n struggled setting all of the books down, accidentally dropping one. she glanced around, probably making sure nobody saw it, but she huffed as she realized all five of the boys had witnessed her clumsiness.
“also... she’s a bit—clumsy.”
neville kept his eyes glued to the girl’s figure as he went to respond, “so?”
ron scoffed, “so? she’s not one of the girls that you can just shag and move on, longbottom. first of all, she’s a virgin... and we all know what happens when you fuck a virgin. and two? i heard that sam riley and her are a thing now.”
harry laughed, shaking his head, “really? she always said they were just friends.”
ron shrugged, “that’s what i’ve been told. ginny says it’s not true, but girls keep each other’s secrets like that... so who really knows?”
“sam riley? you mean that douche in slytherin?” neville spat,
“yeah! they’ve been friends since she first came to hogwarts. i thought you knew that?”
neville looked back at her once more, licking his lips, “didn’t know they were that close...”
suddenly, sam riley himself came strutting through the library, earning a few stares from some of the love sick girls in the room.
“speak of the devil...” seamus added, earning a few nods from his friends.
they watched as sam and y/n began to chat, y/n’s smile becoming much brighter as he told a stupid joke, making y/n let out a small giggle. neville felt his chest tighten from the laugh, as it was probably one of the prettiest sounds he ever heard.
“well... if they aren’t together, he definitely fancies her, that’s for sure!” dean spoke, a small chuckle laced within.
y/n chuckled at sam’s joke as she began to pick up a bin. sam looked over to see neville longbottom and his friends shamelessly staring at y/n. he huffed slightly, knowing how neville and his friends were with girls. well, neville at least.
him and neville had a momentary stare down as y/n began to walk away with a bin. but sam tore his eyes away, snatching the bin from y/n’s hands.
“hey! i have to put those up!” y/n whined, trying to grab the bin back from his hands. he tore it away once again, and shook his head.
“well... i’ll help you, then. sound good, doll?”
y/n sighed and agreed as she rolled her eyes. she grabbed another one of the bins, and began to lead both of them to the designated bookshelf. neville stared at both of them as they began to put the books away, only not being able to hear their conversation anymore.
ron coughed awkwardly before he spoke, “seriously, longbottom... i usually don’t care about these sorts of things... but, just don’t try and do anything with her, alright?”
neville turned his head, looking at his ginger friend. he sent ron a small smirk before nodding,
“alright... i’ll stay away from her.”
alright, this is my first multiple part fic on here, and i’m really excited for it! let me know if you would like to join the tag list for it in replies, or my inbox!
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clickbait-official · 18 hours ago
Greetings dear human! How has your life been? May my humble soul please request a Draco Malfoy x Fem!Reader where she's an animator? For example, in Hogwarts she just makes flip books, while in her muggle house she makes full on animations and she's really good at them? You have my gratitude!
omg are u the same anon from last time? i should give u a name...
- fascinated
- h o w ?
- he wants to know how you do it
- he'll get you the best materials
- paper, pencils, whatever
- but only if tell him how you do it
- so if he doesn't talk to you much for a set of days
- (he's trying to make something for you)
- for your anniversary or birthday
- he'll give it to you
- pls appreciate it
- even if it isn't that good
- pls
--- requests and asks are open! (request more here)
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remoony-lupin · 18 hours ago
sirius' tarot readings p3
'right, who wants to go next?'
sirius saw someone hand raise in the corner of his eye. he turned around. it was peter.
'you sure pete?'
'yeah. i mean, hopefully it's as good as james'.'
'aha nothing can top mine, wormy.' said james, laughing.
'we'll see.' said peter, raising his eyebrows.
'okay. shuffle the deck.'
sirius handed the pack to peter. as he watched the way his plump fingers clumsily rifled the cards in his hands, sirius wondered what cards peter would get. he was a timid kind of boy around other people, but outspoken with his friends. he had basic dreams in life: help with the war effort, get a job at the ministry, and do whatever teenage boys do. people often viewed peter as the 'other marauder' but sirius knew this wasn't the case. sure, he would laugh at him if he messed up, but he was laughing with him, wasn't he? probably.
at this point, a card jumped out of the pack. sirius picked it up. reversed eight of wands.
'the cards are telling you to slow down pete. stop panicking. just wait for whatever you're thinking about.'
'sorry. i'm just nervous. this stuff scares me a bit.'
sirius leaned towards him and spoke in barely a whisper.
'don't worry. see, just look at the card. you'll be fine.'
'okay, thanks.'
sirius took the pack from him and winked.
'pick three cards.'
'which ones?'
'whichever ones you feel drawn to.' said marlene, giving him a reassuring smile.
'right, ummm, okay.'
peter drew the three cards at the end of the row.
'weird,' sirius thought, 'people never go for the ends ones.'
peter laid the cards down, side by side in front of him and sirius picked up the first one.
'okay, so this is your past.'
he turned over the card.
'this is the page of cups. it means sensitivity, happy surprises, dreaming. it's pretty cute.'
'awww thanks sirius. i like that one.'
'right, the next one is your present.'
he turned over the second card.
'three of pentacles. this one means teamwork, building - so that could be relationships something, creativity, you know?'
'yeah, that makes sense.'
'okay. last one. this is your future. it will reveal your destinyyyy.' sirius said, his eyes wide, wiggling his fingers in front of peter's face.
'all right. can't be too bad, considering the others.'
'unless you get the death card.' remus said.
'shut it remus, you're scaring him.' lily said, giving him a sharp slap on his arm.
'oi! that hurt.'
'if you don't mind...'
sirius turned the last card over.
looking into peter's eyes, he said 'you have the...'
'oh shit.' sirius whispered, looking down.
'what is it?' peter asked with a shaking voice.
'five of swords.'
'what does that mean?'
'it's like frustration. it's a desire to win at all costs. it's sneaky, has unfocused energy which causes someone to make inaccurate choices and end up hurting people.'
'oh.' peter was on the verge of crying.
'yeah, but, it's fine. peter would never do that. he's great.' lily said.
'yeah, you'd never hurt us, would you?' james said, wrapping his arm around peter.
'no, of course not. i love you all too much.' sniffled peter.
'we love you too.' said remus.
'and on that depressing note,' mary said, 'i want a go.'
sorry for the sad angsty stuff but i hope you liked it!
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sourweasley · 19 hours ago
first date with hermione || hc
an: i don’t know much about her, but i tried! :)
summary: your first date with mione :’)
pairing: hermione granger x gn!reader
warning(s): fluff, swearing, mentions of food/eating
Tumblr media
i feel like she’d be both nervous and confident when asking you out
like “yeah i’m a bad bitch, but what if they don’t like that?” type of thing
regardless, she swallows her nerves because “things always turn out better when you’re nervous” and asks you out
you say yes obviously
she tries to keep calm, but is internally screaming inside as she gives you a smile and plans your first date
the date is a cute little study date in the library and she’s helping you out with every possible thing
you can borrow mine!
i’ll go get it! you stay here.
here, i’ve got extra!
answer to question 5?
it’s on page 43, paragraph 2!
just wants to help you as much as she can and you honestly feel a bit spoiled and try to help her too
eventually you both get hungry and because you can’t eat in the library, you decide to move the date up to her dorm room where she’s got a bunch of muggle snacks that she got from home over break
and now that you’re not in the library where you need to be quiet, the two of you are much more relaxed and able to start talking and get to know each other better
she decides to make a move while you’re idly sorting out your fruit snacks by color i’m not the only one who does this right?
she places her hand delicately over your free one and you just freeze
like woah
she’s holding hands with me!?
but you force yourself to calm down and move your hand so your holding hers more comfortably, and you bring both of your hands up to your lips and press a kiss to hers watching smugly as she gets flustered
the two of you inch closer throughout the remainder of the date and when it’s time for you to head back to your dorm, you have your arm around her and her head is on your shoulder
you two were definitely reading a book together like that
she kisses your cheek goodbye and you plan to go to Hogsmeade for your next date and you’re both just so giddy and excited
she tells Ron and Harry everything and they both decide to keep an eye on you to make sure you don’t hurt her
it’s kinda scary
but it turns out they trust you and are very accepting of your relationship
they’re also definitely the biggest shippers
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cupids-crystals · 19 hours ago
Library Book (Remus Lupin)
Word Count: 1.1k
Summary: You find a phone number in a library book
A/N: Based on this prompt by @dailyau. No warnings, just fluff! No reader pronouns used. You could consider this a muggle AU, or you could imagine this taking place before Remus returns to teach at Hogwarts. (I lowkey hate this but oh well) My requests are open!!
You could feel your heart thumping in your chest as you twisted the torn piece of paper between your fingers. The scratchy handwriting was slightly smudged and you wondered if the person had written the digits in a rush. Going against your better judgment, you exhaled deeply before grabbing the base of the phone and pulling it closer to yourself, ready to call the mystery man from the library.
Today had started no different than any other Saturday. You packed up your borrowed books, storing them safely in a tote bag, and you made your way to the quaint library that was just a short walk from your house.
The library had always been a safe haven for you. Spending your time surrounded by worn, dusty books, you prided yourself in your knowledge of classic literature writers and your ability to find hidden printed treasures. Sometimes you had a list of books that you wanted to read, but today you had planned to simply pluck books from the shelves as they caught your eye.
You arrived at the picturesque building and pushed open the heavy wooden door, feeling a wave of chilly air wash over you. You spent almost half an hour roaming the aisles, reading the titles on the spines of hundreds of books. Not finding anything that really drew you in, you wandered to the front desk in search of your favorite book that had been checked out last time you visited.
A tall man with sandy-brown hair stood at the counter, passing the librarian a stack of books and chattering politely with her in a hushed, deep voice. You stood a few paces behind him, waiting patiently for your turn. After a few moments, the man said his farewells and headed towards the large doors. Watching him leave, you stepped up to the desk and smiled warmly at the librarian.
You questioned her about the book, hoping that it had been returned since your last visit.
“You’re in luck. That gentleman just returned it. Why don’t you look over his other books as well; you might find something you’d like.”
She slid the stack towards you, the book that you were searching for sitting on top. You read the other titles with interest; the man obviously had good taste and his recent returns struck inspiration in you.
“Actually, would it be possible for me to check out all of these? He seems to have a similar taste and I haven’t found anything else that I want to take home today.”
She nodded and scanned the books again, setting them in front of you and wishing you well as you placed them in your bag. As you walked home, your mind was on the mystifying man and you found yourself wondering what else you might have in common. When you arrived home, you unpacked the books and plucked the first one from the stack.
You settled on the couch and pulled the book up to your chest, prepared to spend the afternoon rereading the classic novel and thinking of the man from the library. As you opened the first page, a small piece of paper fluttered out and fell into your lap. You picked it up curiously and read the digits scrawled in messy handwriting.
Realizing that it was a phone number, you placed the book down on the coffee table and reread the numbers a few times, wondering if the small paper belonged to the man from the library. You suddenly felt like it was essential to call the number; you wanted to hear the man’s silky voice again as you complimented his choices in reading material.
Now, you sat beside your telephone, fingers itching to dial the number and call the man. You had gone back and force on the subject, unsure if you should risk the awkward experience just to possibly talk to a person that you saw for only a few seconds. Eventually, you decided to live in the moment and call the number.
Picking up the receiver and holding it in place between your ear and your shoulder, you read the digits aloud and precisely selected each button. You thought it was awkward enough to call a random person that you hadn’t met, you didn’t want to add to your embarrassment by dialing the wrong number and having to explain your situation to a stranger.
You held your breath as the phone rang once, twice, three times. You wanted to give up and slam the receiver down, denying that you had even attempted to call the number in the first place, but you were frozen with panic. You were sure it would go to voicemail, but the fourth ring stopped halfway through.
The receiver clicked before it crackled for a moment, then you heard a deep, smooth voice. “Hello?”
“Hi, uh – hi.” You paused for a moment, trying to find the words to explain why you had impulsively dialed the number of a stranger.
“I, um, I got this number from a book at the library. I checked it out right after you returned it, I think.”
“Ah, I see. Which book was it in?”
“One Hundred Years of Solitude. I’ve read it before, I just wanted something familiar, ya know?”
“You have good taste then, I see.” You could hear shuffling coming from his end of the call. The man spoke up again before you had the chance to answer.
“My name is Remus, by the way. I had written down my number to give to a friend, but I have a bad habit of using important papers as bookmarks.”
“That explains the shopping list I found in the last chapter,” you quipped, hoping that he wouldn’t find the situation odd.
His soft laughter filled your ears and you grinned at the euphonious sound.
“Well, I think my bad habits are finally paying off. Would you want to meet me sometime? You can give me some book recommendations, if you’d like.”
You giggled at his shameless flirting before you replied. “You haven’t even asked me for my name yet.”
“You’re right. My apologies, love. What should I call you, then?”
“Well, y/n, would you like to meet me for coffee sometime?”
“That sounds great, Remus.” Maybe moments of spontaneity weren’t so bad after all.
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sourweasley · 19 hours ago
just a trim || h.p.
an: kinda like the scene in dh part 1 :) sorry for how short my writing’s been recently!!
summary: you give harry a much needed haircut
pairing: harry potter x fem!reader
warning(s): fluff, mentions of scissors/sharp objects
Tumblr media
“I know what I’m doing!” You soothed, but the boy sat in front of you wasn’t convinced.
“Yeah, my Aunt Petunia said that too, and, well, you’ve seen my childhood photos.” Harry reminded with a grimace, his hands swatting yours away as he looked in the mirror for the millionth time.
His hair had been neglected for a while as you both settled in after the war, but now it was much too hot to keep it this long. Neither of you enjoyed going out in public much these days, so you opted to cut it for him at home, a decision that you didn’t think would result in something so difficult. You see, Harry had always been quite fond of his hair as it reminded him of his father, so he was extremely picky when it came to having it cut, and you wished you’d known that an hour ago when this all started.
“Love, you have to let me at least try and cut it!” You were exasperated now, just wanting to get this over with.
“I am!”
“Oh yeah, pushing my hands away every ten seconds is definitely letting me try.”
“Fine! Just don’t mess up, alright?”
“No promises!” You tease, cutting off a rather large chunk of hair and watching in amusement as his wide eyes followed it down to the floor.
Apparently he was as over this as you were though, because he stayed still in his seat, waiting for you to continue. Snip after snip after snip, what once was an unruly mop on top of your boyfriend’s head seemed to be a nice head of hair now, and you decided to leave it a little bit longer, just how he had always liked it. His eyes were trained on the growing pile of dark hair on the ground, too nervous to look up.
“All done!” You sighed, running your hands through his newly trimmed hair.
Tentatively, Harry looked in the mirror, his hands coming up where yours had been a few moments ago.
“I love it. Thank you, darling.” He praised, tilting his head to see it from as many angles as possible. Turning around to face you, he smiled brightly before placing a quick kiss to the tip of your nose.
You wrapped your arms around him and melted into his toned chest, glad this was finally over. The two of you stood like that for a moment, releasing all of the built up anger and tension the past hour had built up.
“You know,” He broke the silence. “I could really use a nice shower right about now. Care to join me?” He wiggled his eyebrows teasingly, a light blush forming on your cheeks as you swatted at him.
“Fine, but I’m controlling the water temperature, Mr. Ice Cold Shower.”
“Deal.” He grinned, pulling you into a sweet kiss whilst reaching over to turn on the shower.
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sarathepartyisover · 19 hours ago
hi babies🌼
here are some of my favorite Harry potter fanfics
🌼 = fluff
💃🏻= smut
✨ = angst
Caught // c.d 💃🏻
Won't let you go // c.d 🌼
Traitor // c.d ✨
Crazy, twisted and divine // c.d 💃🏻
Little spoon // c.d 🌼
Wait there, don't move // f.w 💃🏻
Sunday's // f.w 🌼
Harry potter boys and their c**** // all 💃🏻
De-stressing // p.w 💃🏻
salt // p.w 🌼
Percy weasley head cannons // p.w [mixed]
His lap // o.w 🌼
a little insecure, a little jealous // o.w 🌼
I have so many more but that is for another time
- Love Sara🌸
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aurveina · 20 hours ago
a James x reader fic where it’s the morning after her first time with him and she is suddenly getting insecure and overthinks if she was good enough, if he really liked her body etc etc and he is reassuring her that she was wonderful and how much he loves every single part of her etc 🥺
cerulean blue
james potter x f. reader
summary: james assures you the morning after your first time.
word count: 1.0k
warnings: non-sexual nudity, insecurity, swearing, kissing, implied sex, fluff !
join my taglist here !
Tumblr media
Cerulean blue. The distinct type of blue that radiated off the sun's rays of a dewy spring morning, almost the perfectly transparent type of blue. They were right in front of you, covered by a pair of eyelids and fawn eyelashes that fluttered throughout the day. Yet, they maintained their calming presence merely awaiting to come into contact with your irises from the vigorous mornings to the brink of moonlit nights. 
You readjusted the shell of your ear that was strategically placed over his relaxed bicep, his torso bare with a small peakage of wispy hairs adorning the lower half of his midriff. Your torso wholly covered in an ivory sheet as the burnt orange hues of the sun arose through the window covering the Scottish grounds, the spinning gears in your mind had naturally begun moments ago when you had awoken to the sight of James Potter utterly stripped next to you in his bed. 
The night running long previously of unravelling clothes, his lips suckling at any sufficient amount of skin he could find, your hands grasping desperately at his midriff, his hands—
Your eyes thoroughly expanded at your distinct recollection of memories, the stereotypical ‘first time’ inevitably following with appraising affirmations, vermillion petals adorning the floor and candle lights. Tender kisses, unforeseen gasps, nipping at your bottom lip. 
Certainly a memorable night it was, a night spent; now the morning following with fret. 
James Potter was a popular Quidditch player. He waved at every face in the hallway. He exceeded in his schoolwork to the promotion of Head Boy. What a title that was.
His three loyal friends following him in popularity, mind you Remus or Peter wouldn’t bat an eyelash. Yet, here was the popular, experienced Quidditch player in his Head Boy dormitory with you gently wrapped in his sheets like a present. 
“Am I that nice to look at? You should take a picture.” Fuck. His coarse voice was stirred with dull lethargy, mind you the sun had barely risen, and his steep vocal cords contorting in his larynx. When you were despondent with his teasing comment and there it was, cerulean blue fluttered open in front of you.  
You profoundly sighed, your lips tugging downwards in a futile attempt to conceal an unassertive frown. Your nervous hand came to rest beside your ear, naturally fitting into the muscular contours of his appendage. The pad of your forefinger swirled in consistent patterns on his brachium for a few moments before gently tapping on it a few times as he analyzed your features. Your face twisted with a set of contorted eyebrows, your bottom lip suckled between your teeth and your pathetic attempt at maintaining eye contact. 
“Hey,” He spoke, allowing his unoccupied hand to come and rest at the lineation of your cheek. All ridicules far gone from his tone of voice and his features now twisted. His brows were now creased together and a slight head tilt followed his words. 
“I wasn’t like… bad,” You coughed, attempting to hide your potential embarrassment, “Was I?” You carefully questioned without a tinge of dishonesty in your tone. 
“No, you were perfect, always are.” His tone depicted as if it was the most apparent thing in the world, “Why in the name of Merlin would you think otherwise?”
Your eyes promptly shot towards the abnormal curvature of the headboard, almost memorizing it as a poor distraction, as well as maintaining the least amount of eye contact as possible. Your throat cleared before you spoke once more, “Well, you’ve been with other girls, beautiful girls, and I don’t know if I’m… less to those standards.” Your eyes fidgeted as you voluntarily spoke, your fingers bringing a tapping speed to his bicep, then curling under one another in an attempt to pop them.
Your fruitless endeavour to dull down your inhibited words that happen to lie on previous insecurities fixated in your brain. “How— how could you possibly think that way about yourself?” He began to prop his body with one elbow hovering over the bed and his broad fingers combed at your hair behind your ear. Your mouth began to blubber like a fish without any audible answer to his question. 
“I love you, all of you. Zero question about that.” He began to tug at your torso to carefully lay adjacent to his, Your body wriggling at the close proximity and the sheet long discarded, a deep respire releasing from your throat as his calves laid in conjunction with your own. His arm slung around the curvature of your waist and the other remained at your cheek. Your optics in direct viewpoint with his own. 
“Other girls, they’re nothing but my past, that’s it. I love you, all of you. Experienced or not I don’t care.” His voice was filled to the brim with evident determination, his head shaking in almost anger to sufficiently prove his point. 
“But— what about—“
“No,” James had swiftly cut you off before you could further doubt yourself. “You,” He gently pressed a kiss to the tip of your nose, “Are perfect,” another to your cheek, “And beautiful,” another to your forehead, “And mine.” He finished with a fervent kiss to your lips, describing the kiss as chaste would’ve been a complete word misusage. 
It was deliberate, gentle, it was passionate. Passionate enough for your arms to clasp around his neck and your digits to curl around the spewage of hairs that clung to his nape.
“You understand me? Only want you.” He positively affirmed in a whisper, any other tone would’ve been inappropriate considering the distance shared between you was tremendously minimal.
“Yeah?” He wisely concluded with a small muzzle of his nose against your own. You nodded approvingly with a deep sigh, “Yeah.”
taglist: @thesettingsun @angstology @shadesofvelma @acosmis-t @emmaev @lesbiansammyy
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quillsanddaydreams · 21 hours ago
love and war
sirius black x reader
—author’s note: ah! this was a headcanon from my main I couldn't help but expand. Sirius is a reckless man, what happens when you've had enough?
—warning(s): mentions of food, drink, injuries, anxiety, blood, war, angst, gender neutral!reader (pronouns haven't been used throughout the story) 
—wordcount: 2,096
Tumblr media
Sirius Orion Black was a man of action. Sitting back and planning was not one of his strong points. Perhaps it was what made him, him. You knew what you were getting into when you started dating him. He loved his friends and close ones passionately and worked with a devotion that was rare to find. It was admirable at first, you were swooned by the way he cared, by his vivaciousness and charisma. Riding on his motorcycle when you felt blue, him taking your hand and dancing to the radio out of the blue, you had created a million beautiful memories with him. Sirius had proved that he was earnest towards you. Although as time passed, his daring nature became the locus of fights between you two.
As much as Sirius was brave, he was reckless too. Heading head first into duels, taking up the riskiest of missions. Times were dark. Each day came with new faces who were tortured or found dead. With Voldermort on the rise, it was difficult to keep your head above the gloom— you couldn’t sit still until your friends returned safely from one or the other mission. And Sirius being rash gave way to worse challenges. You had talked, shouted, pleaded with him a hundred times before; but he never listened. Not once.
Your head constantly zoomed with thoughts of dread no matter how hard you tried to keep them at bay. There had been times when Sirius arrived back from a mission, wounded and all you could do was hold him impossibly close, placing a hand over his chest reminding yourself he was alive, his heart was still beating. Sirius would clasp your hand throughout the night then, knowing how seeing him so affected you. Yet it pained you when he never tried not to situate himself such.
The adrenaline from the ambush had still not left your body as a familiar door came into view. With a shaky hand, you opened it and moved into the dimly lit corridor. You felt sadness, anger, hurt all at once; it was almost too much to handle. All this while you were far too furious and shook to say anything. It was true what people said, sadness often gave way to anger. And you couldn’t feel anything besides it this time.
The celebration had been huge, Kingsley treated people with food and drinks. Sirius had had a great time, eating, drinking and chattering with the rest of the order members. He knew exactly what had got you ticking madly, you hadn’t said a word to him all evening. Following you inside, he sighed knowing what was to come.
“At least say something,” he pressed, hanging his jacket. You turned to him, gritting your teeth.
“Why should I?” you prompted. “Why should I say anything when you clearly don’t listen?”
Sirius heaved heavily, rolling his eyes.
“I am listening right now, okay?” he said as you closed your eyes, feeling your jaw heavy. You crossed your arms. “Come on, it’s not that big of a deal, I’m safe at home, aren’t I?”
“Not that big of a deal?” you hissed. “If we would have been a moment late, you would have been dead; you understand? Dead.”
“Well, I think that comes with an auror,” he pointed out.
“No Sirius, being an auror, you look into the case before jumping in,” you stated. “And going after a death eater just knowing where they were sighted was a completely reckless, not to say a stupid move.”
Sirius clenched and unclenched his fist. Your head was thumping, you knew you would yell if stirred up further.
“Look, it’s late,” he started. “I didn’t see you eat anything at the headquarters and judging the time you might have left, it’s been hours since you even sat down. Let’s get a little comfortable, before talking further.”
“Sirius,” you said, shaking your head. “I don’t think I’ll be able to sit and eat until you tell me that what happened today, would not repeat again.”
Sirius opened and closed his mouth.
“I— I can’t do that,” he responded. “People were dying.”
“You would have too.”
“What if I’m okay with that?” he said, looking down. You couldn’t help the gasp that escaped your lips.
“Take that back.”
“People are dying everyday,” he began. “Friends, friends of friends, family. I can’t sit back and watch. It’s unbearable.”
You took a deep breath before speaking again.
“You’re not sitting back and watching,” you said, your voice softer. “You— we both are spending every single day at the order, planning and attacking and gaining support. It’s not nothing. What you did today was nothing but foolish, Sirius. I know it’s unbearable but think how would I be if I lost you to something like this someday?”
Sirius’s throat bobbed.
“My life isn’t worth as much as others, if I—”
“It’s plenty worth to me,” you said, cutting him off. You didn’t know what was louder, the throbbing in your chest or the hush of your house. “Just— just promise me you’ll try your best to come home safe and sound. That your life would be your first priority.”
The words you uttered came out in a rush. Desperation had filled your lungs and you couldn’t breathe. It was one of those moments when your body reacts to your frame of mind. Your legs felt heavy, and your hands quivering. Seeing the man you loved, someone whom you dreamed to spend your life with, so hopeless and careless of his own self was breaking you apart. There was a long beat of silence as you looked at him as he avoided your eyes.
“I’m sorry love, but I can’t do that,” he said finally as you sucked in a breath.
“And would it be alright if I said the same?” you asked as he glared at you.
“That’s different,” he scorned.
“Different how?” you prodded. “Sirius, I love you. I wait for you to come home safe, the least you can do is promise me you would put your life first. How am I to stay with someone who doesn’t even value himself?”
You weren’t met with a response. The more seconds passed, the more agitated you felt. Sirius made no effort to reassure you.
“Promise me.”
“Promise me,” you repeated.
The mutness you received fueled you further. Not knowing what to do, you got up and left the room, slamming the door behind you. Sirius shut his eyes. It was the last thing he wanted to happen today.
Following days were spent in eerie silence. Neither of you spoke to the other. You felt far too hurt to even look at him, you knew your resolve would shatter the moment you did just that. Eating alone, crying to bed each night, you didn’t know how to stop the sadness that crept up on you.
You meant what you said, you couldn’t be with someone so foolhardy, particularly about his own life. The current order mission came as a welcome distraction. Working on a particularly tough case didn’t give you time to think about anything else, at least during the day. Longbottom and you kept on planning and discussing the best plan of attack, you knew you would be done with it soon. And it was. Time came for you to gear up for the strike and you had still not talked to Sirius. He knew bits about it from your colleagues but vaguely still. You had never left without saying goodbye.
Moving downstairs, you took one last look around the house. Your eyes met Sirius’s as he took in your form. Frozen at your place, you waited for him to say something. He had bags under his eyes and his hair was a mess. So he hadn’t slept the past few weeks either. When he didn’t say anything, you turned around and apparated. You didn’t see the tears which left Sirius’s eyes.
It had been four days since you left. Four lengthy days. Sirius was a wreck. He couldn’t eat or sleep or drink. Pacing around the house, his mind kept tormenting him, bringing him back to you. To the fight, to all the days he saw your eyes red from tears and didn’t pull you close, to the time you left. Why— why couldn’t he have said something, anything.
I love you… Come home safe…
He now understood what you felt like, of the small act you asked of him. James had visited him the same week, trying to calm him. Sirius knew you were to be gone for two days but by the sixth day he lost the remnants of cool he had. Asking around had proved to be useless, everyone was tight-lipped. ‘Important mission’ they all mentioned. Dumbledore only provided that you and the group were alive and he didn’t know whether it soothed him. Alive didn’t mean safe. He was close to hitting someone but James had pulled him back. All his mind came back to was how he left things with you.
He didn’t tell you he loved you, he didn’t say everything he felt about you. And that was eating him up. He ended up arguing with his best friend even though he did nothing wrong. You had never left without telling him you would come back to him.
Sirius got up the instant the doorbell rang, Remus stood on the other side, with you on his arm— clutching for support. Others stood just behind them. Something in his stomach dropped as he took in your appearance. You were colossally bruised and your head was bleeding from the side. Everything else seemed to blur as he threw the door wider, helping you in. His brain fixated on you as the surroundings melted away. Faintly hearing Remus rush beside him opening the door, he placed you on the bed seeing your eyes droop close. The healers started working almost immediately, someone forced him out of the room as he stared blankly at the wood.
Remus helped Frank with the small injuries he had.
“Some death eater sent in an array of curses towards us and if it weren’t for…” Frank hissed, unable to continue further. Remus patted his shoulder.
“Sirius, sit down,” James’ voice came. Sirius looked towards him in despair.
“You didn’t see… there was blood everywhere… what if…”
Sirius started to quake uncontrollably. James tried to put an arm around him but he pulled back. Taking a few deep breaths, he fell down on the floor with a thud. Remus took his hand in his, giving him a sympathetic nod.
“It will be okay,” he said. “You’ll make things worse if you don’t have a clear head. Have some chocolate, come on.”
Sirius made himself chew the sweet Remus handed to him while James rubbed his back. He composed himself slowly, digging his nails into the palm of his hand. Time seemed to tick excruciatingly slowly before the healer came out and gave him a tight curtsey.
“Be gentle, the injuries were severe,” he said as Sirius shaked his head vigorously, heading inside. His gaze fell on you as you gave him a stupid smile. And in that moment, he felt speechless even though he had a thousand things to say.
“Gave you a scare, didn’t I? The nurse told me you were a wreck,” you said, your voice raspy. “I’m sorry, those idiots started blasting spells and I had to…”
You stopped as Sirius sat beside you taking your hand in his making you let out a groan.
“Shit, I’m sorry,” Sirius said, peeling his palm away but you held it tighter not letting go. Moments passed as the two of you just watched each other. Sirius tentatively cradled your face running his thumb on your cheek. You leaned into his touch as his eyes glistened.
“I’m sorry,” he croaked as tears fell down his cheek. You shook your head, reaching out to him. The fight seemed to be the last thing on your mind. “I had no idea… I know what you were talking about… I’m so sorry.”
Not knowing what to do, you pulled him in a tight embrace as he cried into your neck. His body trembled as he whispered incoherent apologises. Trying your best to comfort him, you simply held him as minutes passed by. After a long time, his tears finally subsided.
“I love you,” he muttered, propping your face closer and pressing kisses all over. “I’ll never do that again, I promise. I love you.”
Tumblr media
—as for the taglist: I don’t make taglists, I have a blog @anuwrites​ ​ which is updated whenever I post fanfiction. You could have the notifications on for it and it will work just like me tagging you.
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marauders-lupin · 22 hours ago
Cuddly | James Potter x reader
summary: James helps you with your homework
warnings: none
a/n: This is just a little bit of some cute fluff. I just needed this ig
„Now, you will prepare an two pages essay to next week. The topic is Felix Felicis“, Professor Slughorn announced and had the whole class groaning. The only thing everyone one wanted was to have summer break already. And the good weather didn’t make the loads of homework more attractive. „Class dismissed.“
„Y/n? Are you ready?“, James, who suddenly stood beside your desk, asked.
„Hm?“, you made as you jumped out of you day dreaming. „Yeah - Yeah, one second.“ You messily packed all of your stuff in you bag and went out of the room with James. „Where are Sirius and Remus?“, you asked. It wasn’t often that James walked out of class without them.
„They have a date today. Sirius already got my cloak so that they can sneak out“, James said proudly. „Therefore, we have the dorm just for us.“
You smiled at him but remembered the big amount of homework you had to get done. „I can’t. I have to work.“
„Please“, James whined. „I can help you so you can get this done fast.“
„But why?“, you asked as you sat in the common room in front of you History of Magic homework.
„Just because it was like that“, James said, getting frustrated after two hours. Transfiguration was easy and the charm you had to practice wasn’t that hard either. But History of Magic? No, you couldn’t understand a single thing Professor Binns talked about.
You shook your head and just wrote down what your boyfriend told you to. „Can we have a break?“, you asked hopefully. „Potions isn’t until next Wednesday and DADA is to Monday.“
James sighed and nodded, smiling softly at you. „Of course. Let’s get upstairs.“ He packed his stuff together and you did the same before the two of you made your way to his dorm.
There, you stole a T-Shirt from him and changed in the bathroom. Because he was so tall, much taller than you, it reached until mid thigh.
When you came back, James was already laying on his bed. You crawled up next to him and as soon as you were laying comfortable, he wrapped his arms around you.
„Thanks oh for helping me today“, you mumbled. „I really don’t know what I would’ve done without you.“
„It’s okay, cupcake. We all need a bit help sometimes. And I‘m glad that I could help my beautiful girl.“ He kissed your head, then your forehead, both of your cheeks, your nose and then finally your lips.
„I love you“, you said as you buried you face in his neck, exhausted from this stressful week.
„I love you too. Now get some sleep“, he whispered in your ear. Not soon after you did as you were told.
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jellyraindrops · 22 hours ago
At a grocery store with Fred
Y/N: Fred, do you want some chip-
Fred*shouting even though he's only 1 isle away*: IM ALWAYS A SLUT FOR DORITOS
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