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hold-the-fjord · 22 minutes ago
Jester I adore you but gods dammit give Caleb his 10mins so he can grab the paper and the ancient forgotten knowledge books omg
(the more I think about it the more I realize if I was a fictional character I’d have been the one who inevitably engineers their own downfall/world disaster by their insatiable need for knowledge. unless somebody talks them down from the edge.)
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fartingkitty07 · an hour ago
If you get this, answer with 3 random facts about yourself and send it to the last 7 blogs in your notifications, anonymously or not! Let’s get to know the person behind the blog! No pressure of course!
1. I sing second soprano
2. I'm insecure about my singing voice which is absolutely hilarious when you consider I'm in two choirs
3. I have a 7- year old brother
4. I'm a ravenclaw
5. I'm an oikawa kinnie solely because I also have a shitty right knee
6. I'm 5' 5"
7. I once said that 7*4 is 24 and my friends have never let me forget it. I also told someone I'd "disfriend them" so there's that. I have zero braincells as you can see.
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cottagecorecora · 3 hours ago
When you want an enemies to lovers relationship but the only technical enemy is someone you NEVER want to be in a relationship with.
Friends maybe, BUT NOTHING ELSE!!!!
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thebirdhivemind · 3 hours ago
the houses at the beach (2 - the bonfire)
(It is a dark and crisp night at the beach. The ocean gently crawls up and down the sand and a bonfire roars. Asides from the houses, the beach is empty. Huff, Puff and Gryff are all dancing to Sh-Boom. Gryff hops and jumps, more to their own beat than to the beat of the song. Puff twirls Huff around in a circle, they happily sway together. Raven and Sly are away from their friends and the fire. They sit in the sand with a newspaper bag of fish and chips between them.)
(Sly watches Huff and Puff as they mumble and sheepishly smile to one another.)
Sly: That's it. I've decided. I hate them.
Raven: You hate everyone.
Sly: Yeah, but particularly those two.
(Raven sighs and flops backwards into the sand. They gaze up at the sky, bathing in the salty night air.)
Raven: You think it's just you.
Sly: What do you mean?
Raven: You think you're the only one that gets... hurt when you see them together.
Sly, glancing up at the dancing Hufflepuffs: Puff?
Sly: Ah.
Raven: Heartbreak feels like bumping your funny bone - just over and over again, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Sly: Elaborate.
Raven, sighing: Every time you see them, bump. Every time they laugh, bump. Every time you see someone else hold their hand, double bump. Both a sharp stab and a deep ache. Just at the same time.
Sly: Yeah. Yeah I can't argue with that one Rave.
Sly: Is it wrong to hope that they die? Quick and painless obviously but you know. I spend a lot time thinking of ways Puff could just drop dead. I mean don't get me wrong I want Huff around forever, but if they're gonna stay together-
Raven: An anvil might as well fall from the sky and squish them.
Sly: Exactly. No more Puff.
Raven: No more Huff.
Sly & Raven: No more funny bone heart break.
Sly & Raven:
Sly: Are we the worst?
Raven: Maybe, but if we are it's only because they're the best.
Sly: Let's just hate them until we can stop loving them. It's their fault anyway - losers.
Raven: Oh it's definitely their fault - total losers.
(Huff waves at Sly and Raven - gesturing for them to join them around the fire.)
Huff: Are you going to come join us or are you just going to stay over there like a pair of wet mops? The fire won't be warm forever!
(Sly and Raven both sigh.)
Raven: We'll start hating them tomorrow.
(Raven stands and offers Sly a tired hand up. Sly takes it.)
Sly: Oh for sure. Mortal enemies by dawn.
Raven: *laughs*
(And so they all dance. They jump, skip, sway and laugh themselves long into the night.)
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judediangelo75 · 4 hours ago
Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!
In honor of Mother’s Day, I decided to write a fluff, cavity inducing story featuring the Winger family!
As those of you who got to know my MC, Judith Harris, she’s, in a sense, like a background character. She loves her friends and someone who would do just about anything for someone she cares about but in a sense fades in the background.
Once she moved to Britain, her mother took it upon herself to “raise” her. Which was through abuse: physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Judith truly believes she doesn’t deserve anything nice. For many years, a lot of her friends never knew when was her birthday. For several reasons:
-Her preexisting mentality about not deserving anything, gifts included.
-Her birthday is just a month after school starts, so a new curse would already be wrecking havoc throughout the school. And she practicing for the Quidditch matches that are in November.
So when she found out she was going to be an expecting mother, she flashed back to one of her mother’s last words to her. Which was basically she’ll be just like her.
While she was anxious about being a mom, she was determined to be the best mother she can be for her children, Bakari and Kendrick.
Who, in turn, want to show their appreciation for their mama.
Enough rambling, on with the story!
It was Sunday, March 26. In the early hours of the morning, two boys can be found sleeping peacefully in their beds.
It wasn’t until the early morning rays began to filter through the room when the eldest awoke. Red eyes slowly blinked open, lazily taking in his surroundings until they landed on the calendar on the wall. 
The young boy shot up from his bed, scrambling off his bed to get a closer look at the date. A giddy smile formed on his face before he rushed to his little brother’s bed side.
“Kendrick... Kendrick... wake up,” he whispered, poking at the lump hiding underneath the blankets. He heard a grunt and the head of his little brother poked out of the blanket cocoon.
“Too early,” the younger boy grumbled. Bakari chuckled at his 5 year old brother’s obvious disdain. Pale gold eyes glared back at him.
“Kendrick, it’s Mother’s Day, remember,” the eldest reminded. It took a few moments for Bakari’s words to fully settle in Kendrick’s sleep ridden mind, but when they did, the younger boy perked up.
“Oh! Do you think Dad is up,” he asked, remembering their plans. Bakari looked thoughtful for a moment before replying,
“Maybe, maybe not. Let’s get ready though, just in case he is.” Kendrick nodded, eager to surprise their mama...
Not even ten minutes later, another pair of red eyes opened. 
Talbott was naturally an early riser. He always liked the peace and quiet of the mornings, as well as getting a head start of his day.
But today, he made sure to wake up early for a particular special reason. 
And that reason was still sleeping soundly in his arms.
He smiled and pressed a chaste kiss to his sleeping wife’s cheek.
He and Judith have been married for over a decade. He remembered proposing to her just a year and a half after they graduated on New Year’s Eve in their apartment flat at the time. He remembered seeing her walk down the aisle alongside her older brother. He remembered the shy happiness in her beautiful eyes when the priest gave him permission to kiss his new wife. He remembered the nervous breakdown she had when she found out she was pregnant.
There were a few times that Talbott witnessed her in the midst of an anxiety attack. He knew it was thanks to the emotional scars left by her mother. While Judith has gotten better mentally, she did had her down periods. 
That was a drastic down period.
Talbott never felt more heartbroken when he heard his little bird’s cries and sobs through the bathroom door. Her broken words that she wouldn’t be a good mother.
It killed him on the inside since Judith locked him out and he couldn’t hold her and give her the comfort that he knew that she needed.
He spoke to her gently from his side of the door, reassuring her that she wasn’t anything like the woman who gave birth to her. He seen her heart.
Despite her semi cold exterior... she had the warmest personality.
She was always there for someone in need.
She would do almost anything to get a person to smile. To open up. 
She’s been there for her friends for years.
She’s been there for him for years. 
He could trust in the fact that she would do the same for their child.
After his speech, silence fell between the two before the tell tale sound of the door unlocking hit Talbott’s ears. Talbott only had a few seconds to brace himself before the door swung open and his wife basically leapt into his arms.
She didn’t say much but Talbott knew she was appreciative by the way she was hugging him.
Fast forward to now, they had two beautiful boys and he couldn’t be more grateful.
Bakari and Kendrick simply adored their mother and all that she does for them, so they had asked him to help make a mother’s day breakfast for her. Along with a few other things.
Lucky for him, his wife was a rather heavy sleeper. Making slipping away much easier. Carefully, he slipped his arms from around her and quietly crept out of bed. 
Judith grunted softly in her sleep, rolling over to Talbott’s side before settling there. Talbott stifled a chuckle at his little wife’s adorable behavior before heading into their bathroom to freshen up.
Within the next hour, Talbott and his two sons were in the kitchen making breakfast for the sleeping woman. Thankfully after Judith’s lesson on how to make pancakes, there was less of a mess and no fire.
Bakari was helping their father cook since he was a bit older. Kendrick was happy to help fetch any ingredients they needed as well as organizing their gifts. 
After an hour and a half, everything was prepared...
Judith was still sound asleep when her three loves quietly crept into the bedroom. Her nose twitched at the smell of food, causing her eyes to flutter open slightly.
Though she hid underneath the blanket when sunlight assaulted her eyelids.
“Whyyyyyy,” she groaned. Bakari chuckled, glancing at his little brother who had the decency to blush. Talbott ran a hand along the visible curve of his little bird’s body.
“Wake up, darling... we have a surprise for you...” Judith let out a curious grunt. 
‘We?’ she thought. Sitting up, she pulled the blanket from her head.
“Happy Mother’s Day!” Judith stared wide eyed at her two beaming sons, who looked up at her with the most adorable hopeful expressions on their faces. 
Bakari held a breakfast tray with a plate with heart shaped pancakes, eggs, bacon, sliced mangos and melon and a tall glass of passion fruit juice.
Kendrick held a bouquet of dwarf sunflowers, yellow tulips, and dark purple roses in one hand and a card in his other hand.
Judith slowly turned to her husband, who had a smile tugging his lips and a box in his hand.
“I-I... what?” Bakari and Kendrick sported the twin frowns, red and pale gold eyes staring up at their mother with worry reflecting in them.
“We wanted to surprise you for Mother’s Day... don’t you like it, Mama,” Kendrick asked quietly. Judith felt tears building in her eyes, her chest filled with emotion.
“I-I do, my love... you guys didn’t need to go through this trouble for me,” their mother said softly.
“But we wanted to, Mama! We really wanted to show that we love and appreciate you,” Bakari said. Tears were now running down Judith’s cheeks, worrying the two boys.
“Oh... come here you two...”  Bakari and Kendrick set the items on the bedside before crawling into bed. They were quickly engulfed in a tight embrace by their mother.
“Thank you my two little princes, you two have no idea how much this means to me...” they heard their mother whisper. They nuzzled against her, taking in her comforting scent they grew accustom to from they were babies.
Talbott silently observed the scene with a small smile. He knew this was something Judith needed. She was a lovely mother, and needed to be reminded of that from their two sons.
Leaning over, he placed a kiss on her temple.
“Why don’t you read the card we got you, darling,” he offered. Judith perked up a bit, releasing her boys so she can sit up straighter. Talbott handed her the card. Bakari and Kendrick remained on either side of their mother, eager to see their mama’s reaction.
Judith opened the card and silently read.
“Dear Mama,
We wanted to wish you the best Mother’s Day. We can’t express how much we love and appreciate you. You’re always there for both of us. When we’re learning. When we’re sick. When we’re scared. When we’re sad. When we’re mad. We always know that you’ll be there. With your bright smile that’s like sunshine. With your pretty voice, especially when you sing. Your warm hugs and loving kisses. Your pretty gold eyes.
We’ll always be your princes, just like you’ll always be our queen.
Love, Bakari and Kendrick”
Kendrick smiled when he saw the soft look in his mother’s eyes.
“Dad wrote something too,” the youngest pointed out. Judith spared a shy glance at her husband before reading the other side of the card.
“Dear Judith,
Happy Mother’s Day, my beautiful little bird. Words can’t describe how much I love you. You gave me a life I never thought I could have. A family. For that, I’m forever grateful for you. Forever indebted to you. You deserve all the love in the world. And our sons believe so as well, this was their idea after all. You are a Queen and you deserve to be treated as such.
Thank you for all that you do, my darling.
Love, Talbott”
‘I’ve gone soft, I can feel the waterworks coming again...’ Judith thought. Bakari and Kendrick leaned in to place a kiss on their mother’s cheeks.
“We love you, Mama,” they said. Judith let out a chuckle, kissing their heads.
“And I love you...” Judith looked up at her husband with a shy smile.
“All of you,” she whispered. Talbott chuckled, placing a peck on her lips.
“There’s still one more thing before you eat,” he said. He handed her the box with a smile. Judith opened it to find a gold necklace. Two gold feather charms with the engravings ‘B’ and ‘K’ were found on it. 
“Birds of a feather flock together,” Bakari chirped. Judith let out a laugh, allowing her husband to put on the necklace for her.
“What’s so funny, Mama,” Kendrick asked.
“Many years ago, your father was someone who flew solo,” Judith chuckled, smirking at Talbott who in turn playfully rolled his eyes.
“That was before I found my mate for life, little bird. Now hush and eat, we all know how you get when you’re hungry.” As if on cue, Judith’s stomach rumbled, causing the males around her to laugh. Judith blushed, grumbling underneath her breath before smiling.
The rest of the morning, the family laid in bed happily chatting. 
The males gladly showing their love for the woman they were grateful to call “Wife” and “Mother”.
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harrypotterhousequotes · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
RAVENCLAW: "Failure is just another way to learn how to do something right." –Marian Wright Edelman (Families in Peril)
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thebirdhivemind · 7 hours ago
the houses at the beach (1)
(Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor are all at the beach on a warm and sunny day. Ravenclaw watches as Hufflepuff and Gryffindor use sticks to draw in the wet sand.)
Huff: What’s another message I could write? Make it short. All the ‘you’re beautiful’s are taking up a lot of space.
Raven: I don’t know why you bother writing these. You do it every time.
Huff: Well I write them just in case someone needs to read them. People deserve to know how lovely they are Raven.
Raven: But it makes no sense - the tide will wash it all away anyway... Gryff back me up on this.
Gryff, in the middle of drawing a picture of a majestic dick: Huh?
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paint-the-ravenclaw · 8 hours ago
Submission time #22
I was hopping between Burned Badger and Burned Snake but now I retook the quiz and it opened up the possibility of a Gryffindor Primary and I really don't know. Whatever primary I am it's probably burned if I'm this lost.
As for my secondary, I'm pretty positive I'm a Courtier Badger. I was confused before about how Badger-like my secondary seemed except for the matching people which seemed very Slytherin but Courtier Badger fits that.
Okay, let's get started then!
Would you lie to an acquaintance to save their peace of mind? Would it make you feel grimy to do it?
No. They need to know the truth so that they can make the next choice. It would be immoral of me to withhold the choice from them - essentially to think I know better than them what is good or right for them. If I didn’t care much about them and lying made my life easier I’d do it, though. It depends on the question, I guess.
Sounds like you really care about letting people make their own choices. This "you need to know the truth so you can decide" is interesting; it reads as Bird, actually. Which doesn't help much if you're stuck between the Loyalist Houses, huh? xD
The most important things in my world and my life are the people I love.
I don’t know. I can’t protect them, and if I can’t do that how can I say that they’re the most important thing to me. Of course I’d save them over a stranger if I had to make that choice but that's in extreme circumstances and in the day to day that isn’t (and I’m glad it isn’t) relevant.
*whistles* okay, this reads burned Snake. Sometimes Snakes Burn because they feel they're not capable of living up to the responsibility of being Snakes.
Bean in Ender's Shadow is my pet example of this: he has a whole lot of guilt over failing to protect the people he cares about, so he spends a lot of the book trying to be a Bird instead, and rationalizing himself in circles when his slowly unburning Snake wants to attach to people and prioritize them.
Does someone being part of your community or world mean you owe them something?
I don’t know that I owe them, but the people of the world deserve kindness and compassion and when they’ve acted in a way that doesn’t deserve that they still deserve fairness.
This has a really Idealist ring to it. Not just because you're like "owe? uhhh no?" but because you're answering this question, which is focused on personal obligation to others, with principles (ideals) about the way the world Should work and what people deserve. That's a very Idealist lens you're using here.
At the end of the day, some things are right and some things are wrong. You don't turn your back on the people you love.
This question is supposed to suss out Loyalists vs Idealists, but it's very possible to have loyalty coded as Right into Lion intuition or a Bird system.
If you get a chance to make the world a better place, you have to pursue it-- even at the expense of your happiness and personal relationships. Do you think this is a true statement?
I don’t think it’s possible to make the world a better place when you’re making it worse for you and your loved ones.
Fair. I'm not sure what House this reads. Seems like a logical reaction, though.
I'm not going to really go into the secondary cause like I said I'm pretty positive I'm a Courtier Badger; I just want to say something about shortcuts: I find them useful and they can make things fun if things are too difficult (though the opposite can also be true because things that are too easy aren't fun either), but I tend not to notice them. I'll often find myself banging at a wall until someone points out that I can go around. 
Hmm, okay! Valid. I'd say maybe double check Snake just in case? but it really is up to you.
So, this has me kinda stumped, I'll admit. My guess is that you're a burned Snake with a loud Bird model you're running on in its place.
I think you give off more Snake than Badger, and more Bird than burned Lion (which I also briefly considered for your model).
It doesn't seem like you feel obligation to communities or humanity as a whole. You have principles about how people should be treated, but your morality doesn't seem to revolve around others the way a Badger's would.
You do have a tired Loyalist streak to you, and if you're unsatisfied with just Bird--if you feel the need to have important people at the center of your life, but don't trust yourself to live up to the responsibility of having them--that's a form of burned Snake.
You seem to have a pretty solid Bird model though. I wonder sometimes if I oversort into Bird, but it's not uncommon even for healthy Snakes to pick up a Bird model for decisions where their people aren't directly relevant.
Thing is, Birds often have a sound, like a rhythm to their thoughts that comes out in their writing. It's like a written accent. It's hard to describe, but there's this desire for completeness and self examination, and this particular structure, like a time signature... and then there's our tendency to ramble, especially if we think we haven't been clear enough xD
I get some of that from you, a little, but it doesn’t seem hard-wired the way full Birds are. You’re used to thinking this way, but it's not your native language.
The longer I write, the more certain I am of my guess. I'm having a hard time picking up burned Badger from you. Burned Snake fits, I think. It's up to you, of course, but that's what I've got for you.
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asahufflepuff · 8 hours ago
*watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Thestrals appear on the screen*
Gryffindor: “It’d be cool to ride one of those things.”
Ravenclaw: “Their bodies look fragile…maybe if you stop bulking up then just maybe you won’t kill them”
Gryffindor: “Rude.”
Slytherin: “They’re hauntingly gorgeous…”
Hufflepuff: “Yeaahh they’re like hairless Pegasus!”
Gryffindor: “but they’re riding them no problem!”
Ravenclaw: “Not everyone is a buff 6ft3, Gryff…”
Hufflepuff: “They’re definitely your aesthetic, Sly! I wish they and Pegasuses were real so we can each have one and fly together.”
Slytherin: “…that’s…really cute…”
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astoria-malfcy · 9 hours ago
our language- d.m.
- summary: finding a love language was a beautiful— even if that said language was showering the other. 
- word count: 1.1k 
- warnings:  talks of insecurities/self hatred with scars, hip dips and, stretch marks. descriptions of blood, non sexual nudity, and that’s about it... please contact me if theres more !
- more works with black readers → Hat | “just one more hour”| Learning |
- masterlist | draco malfoy masterlist | gif creds | taglist form |
Tumblr media
love language— a marvelous thing it was, varying from person to person, soul to soul. and it was all to express a deeper love.
the languages weren’t linear nor limited to the vowels human couldn’t make, there were all sorts of different forms it’d come in. notes, words of affirmation, touch, and for you— well it took you some time to figure that out.
at first, it was pinky promises. because for some unknown reason, an eleven year old thought that was the best form of insured security, linking your finger with another’s.
then as you grew, it transformed into notes— if you’d count what was written on them as love. the pale boy from the other side of the classroom making eccentric shapes with parchment just so they could go unnoticed when flying to your desk. nothing special there, not even love— just innocent children who didn’t know any better, nothing about the future.
then it became something else, thirteen year olds becoming aware of their surroundings— crushes in a simpler sense. it seemed that he couldn’t go a week without getting hexed by some student who had had enough or someone who generally didn’t like him so there it came— bandaging the others wounds.
memories rushed through your mind of him sitting overly proud in a wooden chair as you cleaned him up, nose bleed, lip bleed, uncontrollable... puking once. you liked to think back to those days when he’d smile at you with nothing but adoration, a new love that wasn’t said but shone because what set of fifteen year olds are ready for that sort of advance, responsibility?
so for many years, you’d claim that as your love language, taking care of them to show them how much you cared but one day that changed.
no longer claiming it as anything, deep cuts and scars being a token of the day and at first you couldn’t handle seeing them without a feeling of dystopia raining over your spirits because there were too many bad memories linked.
the way he wept on the white mattress that professor snape had been earlier instructed to lay him on. he was attempting to keep his composure in front of the many other students in the hospital wing while he had just survived almost bleeding out.
and it wasn’t then when your disdain towards the markings grew but it was how you watched him go from a person who’d stopped an unreasonable amount just to catch a look at himself in the mirror— some sort of cheeky look directed at himself for added humor to someone who’d shy away from the reflective glass. ashamed of the new pale whites that painted his torso.
but that led you to finding a more solid love language— together this time. you couldn’t recall how you two discovered it but it all happened one day— showering, washing off the other.
and while it was an intimate time, it could never be considered anything sexual. it was an unspoken promise made between the two of you that first day in his private shower— just two people finding solace within each other.
it was how his hands traveled down the curve of your back and to the indent of where your hip bone decided to be placed a little higher than your femur, a dip forming as result.
and how his fingers would take their time delicately tracing the lines of a lighter shade riddled across your brown skin. thighs, lower stomach, upper arm, you name it— stretch marks.
they were deep rooted insecurities of yours for long amounts of time, sprouting at the prime age of puberty. thoughts of appreciation for the body you had never stood a chance against the ones of negativity and hatred. thoughts of that maybe shiver molded you had made a terrible mistake, or maybe that didn’t like you, held a hatred for the person you would become.
but that wasn’t true, not in the slightest.
you were built in your own way, not the same as anyways else but at the same, not out of the ordinary — imperfectly perfect.
that’s what he called them, draco— imperfectly perfect features because while you didn’t need anyone to validate or invalidate what you didn’t have the ability to, he wanted needed to make sure everything about you was perfect to him— there was no way it couldn’t be.
and it was how your hands touched on and soothed every aching muscle his body held as the water showered you both from above.
because as time grew on, past hogwarts and past the war, his scars were no longer a direct remnant of what happened in the bathroom and the cries that followed but an automatic thought to how much he went through and how you held nothing but love for the man standing in front of you.
“i think they’re beautiful,” you whispered to the man almost out of the blue. your eyes were trained to the spot where your hands had stopped on his bare chest.
“hm?” he hummed in question, looking down to you and inhaling the scent of coconut scented soap.
“your scars, they’re beautiful. I hated them at first, for what they did to you and made you feel.” your head tiled mid sentence to looking into his eyes, waterline starting to well with a liquid other than water.
the brick wall that he’d put up as sixteen year old was no longer there, having been chipped away ages ago.
“what changed?” he whispered with a small smirk, dying to know what caused you to think of them in such a way, in a way he didn’t think was possible for a long time.
a bubble formed after that, in a figurative sense— there was now a dome shaped bubble trapping you two closer together than you ever were. because it was two lovers showering with each other, praising the features that neither found to be the best or even do he wanted.
“i think it was my mindset that made all the difference. I used to think of them as some burden forced on you but not anymore. when i say i love you, i’m including them too.” you admitted causing the smirk on his face to grow.
“and when i say i love you, i mean it. i’ll love every single part of you until you do. and when that does happen, I’ll love them even more,” he professed, his hands now on your face, the pads of his thumbs now rested against your skin, wiping away any tears that had formed and fell.
his actions encourage you to do the same, contrasting arms over lapping each other as they wiped away the feeling of pain induced by stubborn insecurities until airy laughs sounded, a meet in the middle.
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invalid-prongs · 11 hours ago
Sirius Coming Out 2
this is also two separate posts on my instagram :) @/padfootless. sidenote: james is a dick in this, and i don't hc him like this at all, but for the sake of this, he's a bit... not okay.
tw; implied homophobia
“i'm gay.”
peter's eyebrows furrow in confusion. “gay?”
sirius swallows sharply, hesitating for a moment. “i like guys, blokes. i want to date boys, not girls.”
peter makes a small 'ah' sound, nodding in understanding. james shifts in his seat, biting his cheek. “isn't that a bit... odd?”
sirius feels his heart sink as he looks at his best friend, his brother. a few months ago, he lost his blood brother when he ran away, and now he might lose his chosen brother, for trying to accept who he is.
“i mean... not really,” sirius blinks back his tears. “maybe it isn't, you know, common, but it... i...” he shakes heavily as a shiver runs down his spine. “i'm sorry.”
james eyes widen slightly. “no, no, don't be sorry, it's just...” he gestures vaguely, looking to peter and then back at sirius. “strange?”
he doesn't say it, but sirius can hear it in his tone. you're not normal.
sirius doesn't realise he's crying until a hand reaches out and grasps his own tightly in comfort. he looks up through a blur to see peter shifting closer to him, a warm smile on his face.
“i don't think it's weird. it's natural, you're normal.”
james stands up, eyes flying around the room as he stumbles slightly. “uh, i'm just gonna...” he trails off as he turns and walks out the door, muttering to himself.
sirius cries harder, watching james walk away from him, and peter places himself beside his friend, hugging him tightly.
“it's okay, don't worry about him, pads,” peter soothes gently. “he'll come around in time, he's your brother, he's not going to leave you. and if he does, then fuck him, you don't deserve that shit. you deserve love, and acceptance.” he pauses for a moment. “he's the weird one.”
sirius chuckles through his sobs, and although there's an ache in his chest, he's thankful to still have peter. “thanks, wormy.”
they stay like that for a little while, until sirius calms down a bit. he slowly wipes his eyes as peter moves back to his own seat, and the door opens.
they both turn to watch as remus walks into the room, pausing to analyse the scene.
“pads, are you okay?”
sirius looks at peter again, a smile on his face, replacing the tears. “i s'pose so. i've got pete, haven't i?”
peter nods. “you've always got me, pads. best friends, remember?" he holds out a pinky, and sirius laughs lightly, attaching their hands.
“can we talk?”
sirius looks up from his essay, exchanging a glance with peter, who shrugs wordlessly. “i s’pose so.”
peter grabs his wand, giving it a wave to clear up his things. “i’ll be in the common room if you need me.”
“you can stay,” sirius tells him hurriedly, almost pleading with his eyes. “we can keep studying, you know i’m useless at astronomy.”
peter laughs lightly, shaking his head. “you two need to talk,” he glances between the pair. “it’s not my place to be here.”
“you can stay if sirius wants,” james speaks up with a sheepish smile. “i have no issues with it.”
peter debates it for a moment before sighing and moving to sit on his own bed. he pulls out some of his things, trying not to focus on the conversation as james takes his place on the end of sirius’ bed.
“listen, i need to apologise for yesterday,” james sighs lightly after a moment, biting his lip in thought. “i acted like a dick, you didn’t deserve that. you don’t deserve it.”
he runs a hand through his hair nervously, eyes trained on the floor, and takes a deep breath before looking up at sirius.
“i support you,” he breathes lightly, eyes showing nothing but truth. “i always will, and i’m sorry that i made you think i don’t. it was just... sudden, and i didn’t understand it properly, which isn’t an excuse of any kind.
but last night, i spoke to remus. i didn’t tell him, that wasn’t my place, but i just asked him some things, and he explained it all to me. i might not fully understand everything, but i don’t want this to change anything between us, and i don’t want you to think that i hate you.
you’re my brother. and it doesn’t matter who you date, because that isn’t changing, unless...” he trails up, looking up at sirius with terror in his eyes. “unless you want it to.”
sirius sits back for a moment, mulling over his words. “of course i don’t,” he answers finally, glancing over at peter, who smiles in encouragement. “i just... i wish you’d handled it better.”
“i wish i had, too. i’m never going to forgive myself for that, i’m so fucking sorry.”
“we all do things we regret,” and for a moment, sirius’ memories fly back to last year with remus. “but that doesn’t mean we can’t move past it and work on shit together.”
james lets out a heavy sigh of relief. “i thought you’d hate me forever.”
“sirius is incapable of hating the person who carries half his braincell,” peter speaks aloud, and both lads turn to face him. “don’t look at me, i’m in the common room, remember?”
sirius and james chuckle gently, until james holds out his hand. “so... we’re good?”
sirius looks down at his hand and ignores it, pulling the lad into a hug.
“we’re good.”
this is for @marauders-mood because i love her, and she's obsessed with remus lupin.
it might also be partly because i just love this story, and even though i don't headcanon james as being unsupportive or anything like that, i just want peter to have some love, because he was as much of a marauder as the others.
"what the fuck are you guys doing here?”
sirius gasps, leaping away from remus’ touch, their kiss abruptly ended as he stares at james with wide eyes. he studies his best friend for a moment, until the words come spilling out his mouth:
“it’s not what it looks like!”
james raises an eyebrow, glancing between the two. “is it not?” he crosses his arms. “because it looks like you guys left me and peter to suffer through a lesson with the slytherins by ourselves!”
remus pulls at his collar with a grin. “so maybe it’s exactly what it looks like.”
james rolls his eyes with a playful smile, sending a small nod to sirius before moving over to his bed and grabbing his cloak. “we’re off to have some fun, you guys in?”
“my turn to prank snivellus!” sirius beams as he skips to the door without turning back, leaving james and remus to follow, laughing and rolling their eyes at his antics.
one (successful) prank later, remus, peter, and james spill out into the courtyard, collapsing onto the grass as sirius tries to chase butterflies.
“hey,” james turns to face remus, who’s sat watching sirius with a look of pure adoration. “are you sure about this?”
“about what?”
james gestures to the black-haired lad. “we can get you one that’s not so much of an idiot, if you want.”
remus laughs again. “nah,” he smiles fondly. “i think i love this one as he is.”
let the record show that emmo wants to keep writing this, they really do. and the only reason they’re not is because they don’t want to ruin it it’s 9pm, and they haven’t eaten anything yesterday lunch, so they should probably go get some food.
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corvhys · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some more Harry Potter OCs! This is Jesse Lupus and Emil Pheredin, both Ravenclaws! (I have OCs outside of my house, I swear 😭)
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ch0colatefr0gs · 12 hours ago
the three things are
the marauders, hockey and a loving ravenclaw big sister (btw i'm ravenclaw too)
This is truly everything I want to be associated with,
A loving ravenclaw big sister made me the 🥺 emoji irl, this is so cute
What are three things you associate me with??
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Ravenclaw, making a plan: So this killer broom-
Hufflepuff: I miss conversations that didn't start with “This killer broom”
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xxnonbinary-bunnyxx · 14 hours ago
Y/n and Fred flirting-
Warning: Cursing and sexual innuendos (also still writing the part two just thought this was funny)
Fred: Go fuck yourself
Y/n: Fuck me yourself coward.
Fred: Big bet
Y/n: W-who taught you that
Fred: *picking Y/n up* Don't ruin the moment
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mrsseverusnape · 14 hours ago
Hufflepuff: Ravenclaw won’t come out of the locker room…
Gryffindor: Just tell them i said something.
Hufflepuff: Like what…?
Gryffindor: Anything factually incorrect.
*few moments later*
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