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#LOTR meme
timmaay18 hours ago
Can somebody make a comic of Legolas being sad on Christmas morning for not getting the Legos he's been asking for
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entishramblings2 days ago
Merry: where are you going?
Pippin: to get mushrooms or commit a felony, I鈥檒l decide on the way there.
Merry: well why not both at the same time?
Pippin: now that is why we are friends!
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entishramblings2 days ago
Legolas: Hey Aragorn!
Aragorn: Yes?
Legolas: Can a person breathe inside a washing machine while it鈥檚 on?
Aragorn: ...
Aragorn: Where鈥檚 Gimli?!
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johnnyrico2 days ago
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entishramblings3 days ago
Pippin: hmm this chicken is good!
Pippin: so is the broth!
Pippin: what do you know about necromancy?
Gandalf, spitting his soup: WHAT?!
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entishramblings3 days ago
Gimli: Have you ever heard of the word 鈥榮orry鈥?
Legolas: No, is that another word you made up?
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winterchildd3 days ago
Tumblr media
Someone once told me that if you yawn right after someone else it means that you and that person have an emotional connection.
Me: * opening pinterest, scrolling the home, randomly finding the gif *
Legolas in the gif: * yawn *
Me: * yawn *
Me: * gasp * Legolas! we are emotionally connected!
Legolas: *confused af * what?
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recursive-occlusion3 days ago
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Is this anything?
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lotrhyperfixated4 days ago
Aragorn: This is Glorfindel. He dwells in the House of Elrond, and is one of the Elves of old. You can trust him.
Aragorn: This is Arwen. She knocked out Glorfindel and stole his horse. You can trust her.
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balchoth5 days ago
me: *eats a piece of cheese:
my lactose intolerant digestive system:
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entishramblings5 days ago
Legolas: what did you do? I said distract them, not knock them out!!
Gimli: there鈥檚 just no pleasing you sometimes.
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maggie-stormborn6 days ago
When fandoms collide <3
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entishramblings6 days ago
Pippin: sometimes two heads are better than one!
Gandalf: yes, but not when one of them is yours.
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