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marjoon · 36 minutes ago
You've been visited by the random OC question fairy! :D ~☆
Does your character have a job/career? If so, do they like their job/career? Why did they choose this job/career? If not, do they wish they had a job/career?
Ahshgehshsh thank you for the ask again! ^^
I’ll just ramble about about random characters again lol
Samuel is so far the only character who doesn’t have a specific profession and doesn’t even have to ambition to pursue a career. He doesn’t look for one and even if he gets hired, he just either doesn’t show up, slacks off or falls asleep. He often gets fired within two weeks. He does have the brains, just not the motivation
Lucas is a smart dude, he studied history because that’s something he’s really passionate about. However when he was looking for a job, he found most work places too stressful and he’d dread going to work. Eventually he ended up working in a library and he enjoys that very much now
Cas’ main intention was always to find a job where she could help people in order to redeem herself. She studied to become a nurse but it never gave her the satisfaction she was hoping for. Later on she got involved with swordfighting and if she she can directly help people out that way, she’s happy
Sophie is a herbalist. When growing up, her dad never allowed her to make any friends, so the only comfort she could find was from plants. Though she’s in way better company now, her main joy still stems from working with plants
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psychicmarymagdalene · an hour ago
12.22 making me enraged whyyyyy didn't we get leader of hunters sam winchester endgame
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psychicmarymagdalene · an hour ago
sam having to say to his mother you don't have to be scared of me oh. my god oh my god??
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we-are-the-amb · an hour ago
Sam: Hey, Al-...Are you crying?
Alan: No, it’s just, these onions...
Sam, glaring at the onions: What the FUCK did you say to him?
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7 for Sam?👀
7. What song reminds you of this oc? Does this match up with the type of music your oc likes to listen to?
:0!!! Songs that remind me of Sam:
- Burn : Against Me!
- Dread in my Heart: Mother Mother
-Brain Lock - Bilmuri
They’d listen to Against Me!, and they like bands like Bad Religion, Murder Person for Hire, Rage Against the Machine, and Pig Destroyer.
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we-are-the-amb · an hour ago
While the Frogs are completely aware and confident of Sam’s capabilities during a hunt, that somehow does not carry over into day-to-day life, where they seem to believe he has no more strength than a budgie. They seriously cannot watch him carry a so much as a jumbo bottle of cola around, without one of them jogging over with his hand out, like, “C’mere, give me that.” 
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ghost-postables · 2 hours ago
Pariah: What are your pronouns?
Danny: What's a pronoun?
Pariah: Indicative but not exclusive to your gender identity.
Danny: Stop swearing at me.
Pariah: Can I refer to you as they/them?
Danny: But my name is Danny.
Pariah: Small, scary human, what are the half-childs pronouns.
Sam: Oh, I use he/him for him, he doesn't really care, though.
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mspec-culture-is · 2 hours ago
Biromantic gay culture is being kicked out of mlm spaces bc being romantically attracted to women means I’m not gay apparently
Tumblr media
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samwilson-beech · 3 hours ago
For FATWS EPISODE FIVE.... can we talk about how HOT Anthony Mackie looked in those last few mins training with the shield and being badass like plz
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racildatutubo · 3 hours ago
This is my favorite episode. I love it.
Tumblr media
I love Bucky. I love Sam. 🥺. This episode made me cry.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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