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#witch king of angmar
councilofelrond · 2 hours ago
@snowiedelta and I were talking bout the Nazgûl babysitting Melkor in the Melkor returns AU so I wrote it…warning for Melkor basically being a cat.
The fluff of black hair now had two enormous blue eyes.
An arm appeared, creeping through the air.
The arm hovered near the glass decanter.
The arm swiped it off the table, breaking it and splattering wine everywhere.
“Hisssss…” Melkor hissed, scooting away.  The Witch-King let out a defeated groan.
“Stop doing that!”
“Don’t you fucking dare—”
A defiant look, then crash.
Two cups.
Mûrazor buried his head in his hands.  “Why me?” he moaned.
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bad-luthien-headcanons · 7 hours ago
The Witch-King of Numenor
I've been thinking about Tar-Miriel as the Witch-King. I don’t know if the timeline lines up, but. Just. Mmhhhn. Lots of thoughts and female rage. Like, any way you slice it it's just so bitter? Whether it's sad or angry or triumphant depends on your interpretation, but her story never ends well, per say. It's a satisfying ending at best.
It's taking this faithful queen, this good, pure queen of a slowly corrupting people, who does her best but is ultimately powerless, falling under greater shadows, culminating in her martyrdom at the hand of God, and turning her bitter.
Maybe she takes the ring because she's faithful, still good, because she thinks she can do good with it. She doesn't trust this advisor in a too-fair form, but she can do this, break out of her husband's shadow and fix things, make them good again- only to fall under a greater shadow than before, because you can be good and still be tempted and still fall. And it’s a history doomed to repeat itself, when Boromir thinks the same things about the One Ring and falls just the same, but he was never given the ring freely by it’s maker. He still gets a chance, while she gets nothing but ash and sodden ruins.
Maybe she takes it because she’s faithful, she’s been faithful, but she’s so sick of being powerless, because faith doesn’t get you anything but a pretty place in storybooks. Because she’s just too angry to keep up this facade of an obedient wife and pure queen and this token from a monster is a way out. Because she knows that it’s a bad idea, but it’s the only way she has to get some measure of revenge at the gods who have repaid her faith with nothing but eagles in storm-clouds, warnings that she’d already seen coming from miles away. Because her hands bleed where her nails bite into them and she can’t take it anymore- anything is better than this.
Maybe she takes it because she’s faithful, but only when she needs to be, because she lost her faith long ago, and now there’s a demon who hates her husband almost as much as she does, and who has the power to do something about it, and is offering it to her, and that’s the only faith she needs. She wishes she could care about her people, but most of them are the Kings Men and the rest do nothing but pray to gods who won’t listen and tell her to “have patience, stay faithful, stay good, stay pure” and the demon is telling her she doesn’t have to care, and whispering doomed plans in her husband’s ear for no reason but the sake of it, and cackling as the streets run red with blood he says will bring his master back though it is only his own shadow that grows. And it’s horrific, but at this point so is she, and she wants a shadow like that, big enough to cover others in like she was always covered up. So she says “Let’s make a deal...” and he gives her a ring and her freedom and she gives him a bloody kiss and her oath of service and then they play their parts. So they say that Tar-Miriel ran to Meneltarma, faithful to the last, and that it was Sauron who urged Ar-Pharazôn to seek immortality in the holy land, and no one ever knows that it was Tar-Mairon and the Witch-King who sat in a temple built for both their former masters and laughed and laughed and laughed even as the island was taken and their bodies were destroyed and their spirits twisted, because in the end only the rightful ruler of Anadûnê becomes immortal.
And it was Glorfindel who prophesied, but it was the demon who promised that no man would kill her. And millennia later, what little is left of Tar-Miriel the faithful, the good, the pure, can’t help but smile at the woman shining proudly in the sunlight, under no shadow but the Witch-King’s own.
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sexyshoelessgodofwar · 6 days ago
Diogenes’s plucked chicken would be unable to slay the Witch-King of Angmar.
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geekinator · 7 days ago
One time I went to get an autograph from Oliver and James Phelps, and it was a panel. You had to pay for the autograph but the photos were free. So I took my photo with them but they were the most popular, so my friend and I had to move down the line. At the end of the line were two guys nobody was talking to so my friend and I stopped to talk. One of them was Ray Park, who played both Darth Maul in Star Wars and Toad in X-Men. The other was Lawrence Makaore who plays several people in Lord of the Rings, including Lurtz (the orc Aragorn fights with) and The Witch King of Angmar. I also found out he was inside the suit for Sauron during the opening battle, but went uncredited for it. Dude was huge. They were legit the nicest guys on the face of this planet. My friend and I stood and talked to them for quite a while and NOBODY else stopped. But they missed out. Lawrence Makaore is like a foot and a half taller than me, but he was a big old teddy bear with a big old smile. And Ray Park was hilarious, he was wearing a Star Wars t shirt with little chibi characters on it, including Darth Maul. I wish I had paid for one of their autographs now, but I was a poor college student and could only afford one. I did get photos though. Seriously a moment I will never forget.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wearethekat · 8 days ago
The Truth About Tom Bombadil
At last, the mystery of Tom Bombadil's identity has been solved.
Tom Bombadil and the Witch-king of Angmar are the same person.
1. We never hear of Tom at all during the whole of the First Age. The Nine Rings aren't forged until the Second Age. QED.
2. You never see the two of them together.
3. In the first part of Fellowship of the Ring, the Nazgul are sent to the Shire to look for the wandering Baggins. Interestingly, Tom says to Frodo at the dinner-table: "...I was waiting for you. We heard news of you, and learned that you were wandering... But Tom had an errand there, that he dared not hinder" (Fellowship p.137 hardback, emphasis mine: note the fear Tom has of his master, Sauron!).
4. In Tom's questioning of the Hobbits, JRRT notes that "there was a glint in his eyes when he heard of the Riders." (Fellowship p. 144) I think he was concerned that his double-life might have been noticed. Interestingly, Tom immediately changes the subject of conversation! Furthermore, the One Ring had no effect on Tom - which seems consistent with Tolkien's observations about how the Nazgul would have handled the same priceless object (Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, #246): "They were... in no way deceived as to the real lordship of the Ring."  ...
6. Perhaps most damning, however, is the incident with the Barrow-wights (Fellowship pp. 151-155), where Tom - with nothing more than a few simple words (p. 154) - commands the Barrow-wight to leave. And it does, without argument. Why would the Wight be so completely under Tom's control? Because in his alternate guise as the Witch-king of Angmar, Tom ordered the Wight to inhabit the barrow in the first place! Turning to Return of the King, Appendix A, p. 321, "evil spirits out of Angmar... entered into the deserted mounds and dwelt there." Obviously the Witch-king was responsible for sending the wights there; just as obviously, the Witch-king (disguised as Tom) would be capable of ordering them to leave!
...Yep: I think we have an airtight case here. :)
...It's worth noting that, after the Witch-king was dead, Gandalf said he was "going to have a long talk with Bombadil" (Return of the King, p. 275). Curiously, he never tells anyone about the meeting later... and he's right there at the Grey Havens at the end of the book, undelayed it seems by long conversation. I think we can therefore theorize that Gandalf made it to the Old Forest, but that Tom (once the so-called "Witch-king" had died) was nowhere to be found!
...Of course, all this brings up the curiosity of motive. What would make the Witch-King of Angmar sport such a double identity? I suppose that the Witch-king, once of proud Numenorean ancestry, felt trapped by the guise of evil which Sauron had tricked him into, and in the fullness of time forged this alternate identity for himself so that he could occasionally feel happy, helpful, noble, and more at one with himself and his lineage... It therefore makes sense that the Witch-king's other identity would be so peculiarly enigmatic, and perhaps sheds light on JRRT's observation in Letters #144: "And even in a mythical Age there must be some enigmas, as there always are. Tom Bombadil is one (intentionally)."
...Who else would be aware of Tom's double-life, I wonder? Since Tom repeatedly claims to have been around "before the river and the trees", and indeed even claims to be older than the Ents (Fellowship p. 142), surely the eldest of the Elves would know he was lying. Elrond plays along with Tom in public, being kind enough not to reveal his secret, but also seems to know that Tom and the Witch-king are one and the same; hence his refusal to give the Ring to Tom for safekeeping (Fellowship p. 278-9): "Power to defy the Enemy is not in him."
(a classic from the Flying Moose of Nargothrond:
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littlesauron · 13 days ago
Sauron favors the Witch-King bc in life, the Witch-King bore a very distinct resemblance to Melkor. Sauron, still very much grieving the loss of his beloved master, convinced himself that the Witch-King was a sort of avatar of Melkor, sent by him from the Void as a comfort to his heartbroken widow.
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curioushappenstance · 15 days ago
the witch-king of angmar is hot
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novaastralis · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
The Witch King of Angmar
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befanini · 20 days ago
death by Sceith-A
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bae-owyn · 21 days ago
Pirate King of the Brethren Court Elizabeth Swann and head honcho ringwraith The Witch King of Angmar are modern day gender icons and in this essay I will
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harpertoddfangirl · 25 days ago
Went to watch the 3rd lord of the rings in the cinema recently - rerelease. I worried my friends by calling the Witch King of Angmar hot. I mean the spikes! The nazgul! The air of “I’m going to destroy everything you remotely think fondly of and you can’t stop me” 
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bookworm-2021 · 28 days ago
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the-alone-universe · a month ago
This is going to get lost and all that, but if anyone abd I mean anyone ships Angmar with Faramir hit me up bitches, like really pls hit me up.. even if you hace anxiety, me too just wanna talk 😭
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burning-quesadilla · a month ago
Thanks so much for the ask!!
Yeah I ship them a lot. The way I ship them is unrequited love on Angmar’s part with Mairon not interested, but I definitely wouldn’t mind them being in a romantic relationship!
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