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#aragorn son of arathorn
whore-for-hobbits · 4 days ago
Sitting in the front row of class talking to my Tolkien teacher like, he doesn’t know I was up until midnight writing aralas fanfic. If he did, he would either be super impressed that I’m spending so much time thinking about Tolkien, or super disappointed that I’m writing gay fanfic. Probably both.
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Aragorn: My policy is that if you see something say something.
Legolas: I saw a frog on the sidewalk today!
Aragorn: Outstanding. This is what I’m talking about, people.
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meteors-lotr · 6 days ago
Aragorn: And so concludes this year’s secret santa drawing. Just a quick reminder of the rules: 40 coin limit, no perishable items, and no wild animals.
Merry: Oh Aragorn, I would like a 40 coin gift certificate to any restaurant that serves nachos.
Aragorn: I don't have you Merry.
Merry: Not only do I know that you do indeed have me, but I also know who everyone else has.
Legolas: That’s not possible.
Merry: Perhaps not for an ordinary person such as yourself, Legolas. But for the brilliant mind of Meriadoc Sherlock Brandybuck, I legally changed my name, it's quite simply elementary.
Merry: For you see, Sam made a face like he won the lottery, which means he has Frodo.
Merry: Frodo has Legolas. His eyes keep shifting over to his bow.
Frodo: No they don’t!
Merry: Legolas looked terrified, which means he has Pippin.
Merry: Gimli didn't draw a name, nor did he put one in. He doesn't wanna participate.
Gimli: For obvious reasons
Merry: Pippin has Boromir. He’s holding his paper inside out.
Merry: Boromir moves his mouth when he reads and he clearly said Aragorn.
Pippin: Oh he’s good.
Merry: And I have Sam, which meansAragorn has me. I’ll be taking that gift certificate. Dude loves nachos.
Aragorn: Should we draw names again and leave Merry out?
All: Yes.
Merry: No! Sherlock wants presents!
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Éomer: So, you're basically the therapist for, like, the entire Fellowship?
Aragorn: Pretty much, yeah.
Éomer: Who's your therapist, then?
Aragorn, holding up a small pebble: I talk to this rock sometimes.
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whore-for-hobbits · 10 days ago
I have to share this dream sequence that I just wrote for my aralas fic
Legolas awoke in the same field he had been in days ago. It was sunny and warm and the soft grass and fragrant flowers tickled his skin. Lying next to him was Estel, clad only in a loose white robe. He smiled at the elf and stroked his cheek.
“You fell asleep my love,” Estel said, “what were you dreaming of?”
“I was hurt,” Legolas replied, brow furrowing, “I hit my head. I was in bed resting with you and Ada at my side.”
“That must have been quite a dream-” Estel rolled to hover over Legolas, “-but it was just that my dear, just a dream. You are safe here with me.”
Estel bent down to claim Legolas’s lips. The elf could not help but melt into the kiss. Estel’s lips were soft as silk and sweet as honey. He barely even registered the hand making its way down his chest and to his thigh.
“Wait,” Legolas said, pulling away from the kiss and grabbing Estel’s wrist to stop his hand in place.
“Do you not want me my love? Do you not ache for me as I ache for you?” That was not the problem. Legolas certainly did long for Estel’s embrace, but he could not do this with him or they would be wed by elvish standards, and he had not spoken to his father or Elrond yet. This was not the kind of decision that one could just make.
Legolas must have been speaking out loud because the next thing he knew Estel was saying “but we did speak to our fathers by Prince. They have given us their blessing, remember?” Legolas thought hard. In the back of his mind he could remember a conversation with Elrond and Thranduil.
“Oh yes, I remember now,” Legolas said.
“We are going to be together forever, my flower. Nothing will separate us ever again. We can stay in this field surrounded by our love forever,” Estel said, dipping his head down to kiss Legolas’s neck.
Legolas wrapped his arms around Estel’s shoulders as he let out a laugh that slowly turned into a sob. This could not be real, it was simply too good to be true.
“This is a dream isn’t it?” Legolas said, voice trembling. Estel sighed and pulled away, cupping Legolas’s cheek and giving him a sad smile.
“I had hoped that you could remain oblivious just a moment longer,” he said, “but now that you are aware we do not have much time before you wake.”
“I do not want to wake up,” Legolas said, his lip quivering as he held onto Estel tighter.
“It is the evanescence of dreams that make them beautiful. Our dreams show us our desires and fears so that we may live our wakeful life in clarity. Tell me Legolas, what have you learned from this dream?”
“That I love you,” Legolas replied, voice barely above a whisper.
“And that I fear a life without you.”
“We have only known each other a short while, my love, but you know as well as I do that when an elven heart meets it’s true pair there is nothing that can stop their union.”
“You think that we are made for each other?” Legolas asked. Everyone knew the stories about elven soul mates. They were rare, only occurring a few times in a millenia, more myth than truth. Most elves would go their entire life without feeling this particular bond. The only true pair of soul mates that Legolas knew of were Galadriel and Celeborn
“Don’t you feel it in your heart? I know I do.”
“But you are just me.” Legolas shook his head. He was making excuses to pursue this boy, that was it.
“Speak to the Lord and Lady of Lórien. They will help. Then find me.”
“I will,” Legolas agreed. Estel dipped his head down for one last kiss before pulling away and standing up.
“It is time to wake Legolas of the Green Wood. Go forth into the world proper. And do not fear, I will be here waiting for you when it is time to rest again.”
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whore-for-hobbits · 10 days ago
Help me find a fic
I was reading an aralas fic on Ao3 and basically it was a brief retelling of the events of FotR but if Legolas and Aragorn were lovers and Legolas accompanied Aragorn in bringing the Hobbits from Bree to Rivendell. I believe it was only one chapter (though I could be wrong) and I know it was rated Explicit. Thanks in advance!
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Galadriel: How are you managing to keep the Fellowship together since you lost Mithrandir?
Aragorn: I'm not. This morning Gimli called me from the other room and when I walked in Legolas shot me with a toy bow.
Aragorn: Then Merry and Pippin tackled Boromir. It was chaos.
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whore-for-hobbits · 12 days ago
How bad would it be to work on my aralas fic in school during my study period? Like, I’m on my own laptop, it’s not explicit, and I have nothing else to do
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whore-for-hobbits · 13 days ago
I have my document, I have my playlist, I have my smoothie, I have several research tabs open (including the Encyclopedia of Arda, a Sindarin name generator, and an elvish dictionary), and I'm ready to hit 20k today.
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whore-for-hobbits · 14 days ago
Never in my life did I think I would be using a handout from one of my classes as a reference for a fanfiction but here we are
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whore-for-hobbits · 14 days ago
Bro I was 8 chapters into my Aralas fanfic, batting 1000, already at 16k+ words when I realized that I had to add two more chapters between 6 and 7 to make it work. I've had to adjust the outline so much that a 24 chapter work has become 30 chapter. Oh well, it's a good thing I decided to wait to start posting.
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stilloutofmyvulcanmind · 14 days ago
Light From The Shadow Part 3
Tumblr media
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
Pairing:  Aragorn /Reader
Characters: Reader, Aragorn, Gandalf, Elrond
Word Count: 1785
Warning: Talk of death and torture
Author’s Note: Heyyyyy anyone remember this? It’s been a hot two years minute, right? But I was re-reading the first two parts, and it inspired me, so here it is, part 3 at long last! I hope there are people out there who are still interested, and if you want to see the rest, let me know!
Cath up here: Part 1 Part 2
The sound of footsteps was familiar to you by now. It was easy to tell who was approaching your cell, and even what their intentions were. Usually, it was soldiers bringing meals and seething insults. Occasionally it was Mithrandir, trying to prise words of your past from you. The Elf Lord Elrond had visited once, but he had done nothing other than stare at you with intensity for several hours. It was none of them who approached now. No, the footsteps belonged to Isildur’s Heir, Aragorn. He had appeared often enough over the last few weeks, sitting outside your cell and regaling you of tales of this ‘Y/N’ he still seemed to believe you were. The things he said meant nothing, the lands, and people he described calling forth no memories or thoughts of emotion. They were strangers to your mind, and despite your constant reaffirmations of that, Aragorn refused to give in or even stop.
He came into view in front of you, wearing a simple green tunic and brown slacks, looking nothing like the King he now was, except for the sword that hung from his belt. That was something he did not usually have. He stopped, looking down to where you sat on your thin bed. “What is your name?”
It was the same question he always asked, still clinging to the hope you would suddenly start believing you were someone you weren’t. “My name is Asgareth, as it always has been, and always will be.”
Aragorn sighed, standing in silence as he watched you for a few moments longer. “It is clear now that my words are of no use here. Whatever is preventing you from remembering the person you truly are is stronger than any tale of times gone by,” he said, taking the key he held in his hand and using it to unlock the cell door. 
Your eyes travelled back to his blade as he stepped inside, wondering if he was finally going to kill you and end this tedium. But then he knelt down in front of you and swiftly released the shackle that sat around your ankle. The action took by such surprise that you found no chance to attack before he stood back in front of you, grasping the chain that bound your wrists together.
“What are you doing?” You asked, watching him closely. “If this is to be some drawn-out execution, do not bother. Kill me now and end this hell.”
“No. I have not yet given up on you, Y/N. Words alone cannot bring you back, so perhaps something physical will. Come.” Tugging on the chain, Aragorn pulled you forward, leaving you with no choice other than to follow him. 
Your steps echoed quietly off the stone as he led you past the other cells and upon out of the dungeon. You did not fail to miss the looks you received from the guards that lined the halls, or the way their fingers twitched on the hilt of their blades. Each and every one would rather slay you on sight than see you walk along the halls they’d fought to protect. You kept your head up high, meeting the gaze of every man who dated meet yours. They all looked away first. 
It was out onto an open training space Aragorn brought you. High over the city with only one door. You smiled. Despite his honeyed words, it was clear Aragorn did not trust you. There were no other soldiers in the area, but Mithrandir and Elrond stood to one side, watching you both. 
They neither approached or spoke as Aragorn led you to a table in the center of the room. On it lay three weapons. A dagger, a blade, and a bow. Finely crafted, they were both unknown to you yet somehow familiar, as though you’d once seen them long ago. 
“These once belonged to you,” Aragorn said. “We recovered them from Angmar after your disappearance, and I made sure to always keep them well in your memory.”
Aragorn was watching you, clearly waiting to see if you had some sort of reaction. “These cannot be mine. I have only ever fought with a blade.”
“You are one of the best bowmen I have ever seen. Your skill matched that of the elves.”
You looked back at the bow, long and sleek with a perfect curve. The wood was dark and obviously well cared for. Something deep inside you itched to touch it. “You are mistaken. I have never touched a bow.”
“Then try it now.” Aragorn moved swiftly and you found the shackles around your wrists falling free. 
“Aragorn!” Elrond was immediately moving forwards but halted when Aragorn raised a hand. 
“She will not harm me, my lord. I know it.”
Neither Elrond nor Mithrandir seemed convinced, and you could see they were prepared to move swiftly should you make the slightest wrong move. It was tempting. You eyed the hilt of the blade. Perhaps you could end Aragorn’s life before they retaliated. You would die, yes, but it would be worth it. 
You reached for it. 
Instead, your hand closed around the bow. 
It was a light but sturdy weight in your hand as you ran the fingers of the other over the wood. You knew you had never picked up a bow before, but why did it feel so right? Like greeting an old friend? 
“Try,” Aragorn said again, offering you an arrow as he pointed towards a target at the end of the room. 
He was handing you his death on a platter. Even with no experience, you could use the bow to kill him at such a close range. It would be easy. Possibly the easiest death you’d ever earned. 
You found yourself sliding the arrow into place on instinct, the bow singing as you released it towards the target. The arrow struck the middle. 
Next to you, Aragorn smiled. “I knew there was a part of you trapped inside somewhere. I should have thought of this sooner.”
The bow clattered as you dropped it to the ground, taking a step back from it. “I do not know what magic this is, but I will not fall for it! I am Asgareth! And I serve the true Lord Sauron! As I always have and always will! Your cheap tricks will not convince me otherwise!" 
"No!” You dived for the sword, but Aragorn was quicker. He grabbed you, his hold on you secure as he brought you to your knees. 
"Never!” You fought him, but he won out and you found yourself shackled once more. “Kill me!" 
"I will not." 
Aragorn took the chain back into his hands and led you silently back to your cell. He stood inside it with you still, simply watching. He looked sad you noticed. Why did some deep part of you twist at that revelation? 
"I had not planned on revealing this to you yet. I feared it might be too much to learn in your current state, but I see now that I have no other choice. If this does not bring you back to me, then nothing shall.” Aragorn reached under his shirt and pulled a silver chain over his head. Hanging in the middle was a ring with an emerald stone set in the centre. Aragorn removed it and held it up for you to see better. “Do you know it?" 
He sighed. “It belonged to my Mother. A gift from my Father when they became betrothed. I in turn presented it to you when you agreed to marry me.”
Marry? No. You could never have been betrothed to this…this ranger. It was impossible. “You are saying-" 
"We loved one another.”
You shook your head. “Now I know that you trick me for there is no path I would ever walk that could possibly lead to me loving the likes of you.”
Aragorn had the strength of will not to flinch, but you saw the pain in his eyes at your words. “You know not what you say.” He stepped closer, taking your hand in his and refusing to let go when you jerked back. “Wear it. Remember,” he whispered, slipping the ring onto your finger. It was a perfect fit. “Remember.”
Then he was gone and the cell door locked once more. 
“I cannot,” you said. 
“You must. You must, my love.”
He left you then, and you slid to the floor, back pressed against the cold wall. You stared down at the green gem gleaming up at you, the weight of it on your finger feeling both foreign and disturbingly familiar. What he said was impossible. It had to be. Marriage? Love? They were things not designed for you. Your only purpose was to serve. Your only goal to win battles. What Aragorn suggested was so much more. More than what you were. More than you deserved.
Your head hurt. A splitting pain seared across your forehead. The candlelight was too bright. The echo of footsteps and the incessant drip of water too loud. Scrunching your eyes closed, you placed your hands over your ears to drown it all out. 
The pain got worse. 
It was too much. 
Images flashed behind your eyes. 
Fighting a man so much larger than yourself with a wooden sword. You knocked his from his hand and he cheered, picking you up and swinging you through the air. You were laughing. 
The same man, but now a woman joined him. They smiled as they handed you a small bow. 
Meeting a young man with kind eyes and a handsome face. He smiled at you when your arrow split through his own. 
Travelling with him. You crossed mountains and great plains and forests together. Fought back to back. Tended to each other’s wounds. 
Sitting on a high hill under the stars. The way he looked at you made your heart flutter. He asked you a question. You laughed and said yes. He presented you with the most beautiful ring you’d ever seen, the emerald glittering in the moonlight. 
A long journey to a dark land. Fear filling the air. An attack. Screams. 
A cell. 
Dark. Alone. Pain. 
A figure. 
Your Lord. 
Not your lord. Monster. Evil. Enemy.
You screamed as the pain in your head worsened, fingers tangling in your hair and pulling. You screamed and screamed unable to stop. More memories. More pain. 
Someone took you in their arms, strong and secure. Safe. You prised your eyes open, looking up at his face through blurred vision. It had been so many years. Too long. Your betrothed. Your love. 
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whore-for-hobbits · 16 days ago
Here’s the thing, I have two different ways that I could end my Aralas fic. One way would require a sequel, the other would not (which is not to say that a sequel couldn’t come from it, just that it wouldn’t require one). Would it be weird if I wrote two different endings for my fic and posted both of them? Also one ending is significantly more angsty than the other.
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whore-for-hobbits · 17 days ago
As a treat here are the animals that I have created for my Aralas fic (this takes place like 67 years before FOTR btw):
Pumpkin: She is a chestnut colored horse with a chestnut mane who belongs to Legolas. She is loyal and spunky and fun!
Rhovanith: she is a white and grey appaloosa horse with a grey mane who belongs to Elladan. She is majestic and adventurous, and a bit ornery. Her name means wilderness sister in Sindarin.
Fastor: he is a goofy but lovable peacock and the only bird (aside from Duindes) who Pigenien tolerates. His name means shaggy brother in Sindarin.
Pigenien: she is the only white peacock in Arwen’s paddock. She is shy and a bit aggressive with other birds, but loves humans. Her name means tiny daughter in Sindarin.
Duindes: she is Pigenien’s mother and she is a normal brown peacock. Her name means river woman in Sindarin.
Agarwaendaer: he is a white and roan appaloosa with a white mane who belongs to Estel (Aragorn). He is strong and protective but immediately takes to Legolas. His name means bloodstained groom in Sindarin.
Meluichanar: He is a shiny champagne colored horse with a white mane who belongs to Arwen. His name means sweet brother in Sindarin.
Midnight: He is a plain black clydesdale horse who belongs to Elrohir. Like his owner he is reserved.
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nikeopolis · 17 days ago
Aragorn son of Arathorn🤝Nico di Angelo
-everyone thinks they're these weird creepy ppl but they have friends wherever they go.
-have full control over an undead army
-have several cool epithets and nicknames
-everyone loses hope to win a battle but they show up in the last second with their undead army and smite the enemy
-in a kickass trio with a gorgeous blond and a gay redhead with curly hair
Feel free to add more peeps
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whore-for-hobbits · 19 days ago
Okay so we know that Aragorn was raised in Rivendell by Elrond right? Well just imagine Elrond playing with little Aragorn. He hasn't had a toddler to play with since Arwen was young several thousand years earlier and even then she was not nearly as playful as Aragorn is. Imagine Elrond completely doting on this boy, knowing he's Isildur's Heir and the rightful king of Gondor, but only being able to see the child that he is now. Now definitely don't imagine Elrond seeing that little boy as he sends him off to fight and potentially die for the future of middle earth, and don't imagine him wishing that he was small again so that Elrond could tuck him into bed and know that he would be safe
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whore-for-hobbits · 20 days ago
Fun fact: I made my sister (who has seen like 10 minutes of the two towers and read none of the books) cry by reading her the first chapter of my Aralas fanfic, so I think it's going good so far.
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Éowyn: If you like me, raise your hand.
Aragorn: What if I don't?
Éowyn: Raise your standards.
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