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nvd94 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Haldir, Orophin, and baby Rumil ✨✨✨
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Galadriel: Woman? No, you misheard.
Galadriel: I'm an OMEN.
Galadriel: I don't identify as male or female.
Galadriel: I identify as a warning.
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unproduciblesmackdown · 2 days ago
just finished lotr (films) & throughout i was thinking about all the wealth of posts i’ve seen. remember the one like “going to a place called cirith ungol was just them like ‘spider pass? watch out b/c rumor has it there’s something scary there’” & then i think of a tweet i saw just the other day like “dickpilled i logged in today to defend a lotr plot hole” like yeah you know what. everyone was just assuming it was figurative language
#i also want to know what plot hole. unless it was the The Eagles thing. but in 2021?? yet also ppl are still like. ranking the fellowship so#that's analysis babes...but truly sometimes Posts are as good or better Analysis(tm) than a serious lengthy essay...dobbo. i cant cope??#that one was Commentary but an instant classic. anyways i mean i was reminded of such truly classic & ye olde Posts while watching#but also that i've been seeing Fresh Lotr Posts fairly regularly for like years. a rich vein of w/o looking for any i've seen#a solid handful of related tweets in the past month or 2...production lore...illustrations...humorous references / analysis....#funny Semi Serious Analysis as well like ''cirith ungol would just mean Pass Of The Spider and not even in any obscure language'' like yeah#plus the bonus that frodo is fluent in sindarin...doesn't quite come up in the movies and maybe contradicted by that fotr bit like asking#What's The Elvish Word For Friend...he was just letting gandalf help / pretending he'd only just now figured it out. imagine lol#anyways and other humorous but earnest enough observations like saruman being known for his strong anti weed stance. straightedge#or ''can't stop thinking about the 'meat's back on the menu' line like do they have restaurants in isengard?? what's going on there''#then saw some completely earnest Literary Analysis post a while back like oh i didn't really think about this b/c things simply do not occur#to me but So True how gandalf & pippin spend a good amt of rotk hanging out for a reason in that gandalf's going ''oh right i guess we're#kind of similar'' like Same Name wanderer / pilgrim thing...a fool's hope...being a little chaotic & dealing w/frivolous things...wild card#then also to get back around to cirith ungol 1 of my fave They Definitely Added This movie exclusives is the one like 30 sec scene#where we get galadriel and frodo interacting again tbt lothlorien....could juxtapose the characters as well but really the tl;dr of it is#i enjoy both and it is a delight to me and also ;m; b/c of course...also seeing the extended edition stuff was a journey like Ah...material#going <_< at that mount doom bit about The Star and the Light like. i vaaaguely remember that maybe being a specific moment from The Book#as many of the added scenes were...but then i was like am i just going ham now or are we vaguely invoking that other wild book scene#the He's Like That Sometimes A Light Shines Through But I Love Him Whether Or No....can't say it Wasn't#anyways i can go on and on abt [film] or [book] b/c natch. holding it back in the tags here lmao but what Form can it ever really take excpt#real time endless comments abt Whatever All...everyone is safe as we're clearly not having an irl All 3 Films Marathon Watchalong so.#to just throw out another couple random notes. watching it for the first time in like 6 yrs having a great time towards the end of fotr#where boromir starts monologuing at frodo who is simply warily considering this like King Of Just Not Saying Anything honestly lmfao#role model. this after an instance of my own [i simply do not answer] in the face of what Tf are you talking abt / is the intention here lol#anyways that was fun. an icon....but it wasn't b/c that whole ending re boromir is sad and makes me cry :'/#pros and cons....great moment in ''just don't say anything until the other person clarifies their point'' representation...bummer scene/s...#and one of like a half dozen scenes of having Wariness conveyed by elijah wouldn't going >_> at someone specifically lmfao#or sort of wanguish (wary anguish?) well you know what i mean. all those scenes. and they were right to keep including it#well anyway's it's 7:30a (': better just determinedly lie down...good Streaming Hours don't hit until around 1am or later :/#couldn't fire up a film before that smh. rip to not having physical media onhand...rev up those dvds i'm [impromptu lotr marathons]
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candlepushers · 6 days ago
The Lord of The Rings Collection #2
*Remember that this is a blog for candles and we are doing this to spread happiness and joy.*
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quintessentialarts · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
This plant is straight out of Lothlórien 😍 Pure silver Bryony necklace, plain and simple. I do several versions with stones wrapped into the chain too though 💎
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deep-space-elf · 7 days ago
〚IMAGINE〛 Haldir showing off in front of you
Tumblr media
Masterlist: Desktop || Mobile
Summary: Haldir is showing off in front of you, and Rúmil notices... Word Count: 440 Reader: She/Her, Human POV: 3rd Person Warnings: None AN: I'll never get tired of writing Rúmil and Orophin annoying Haldir
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 °
The arrow hit the target perfectly in the middle. Haldir’s expression was neutral, as he pulled another arrow from his quiver. He drew the bow, released the arrow and hit the first arrow, splitting it in half. Still, his face gave no sign of how pleased he was with himself.
“What was that for?” Rúmil asked, confused why his brother would ruin an arrow for no reason.
Haldir shrugged. “Just practising.” But his eyes gave him away. With a quick motion, his eyes scanned the side of the training field. His eyes lingered a little too long on a certain human.
“I see,” Rúmil said.
Haldir looked back at his brother and almost groaned at the smug look on his face. So he knew… that would mean Orophin would soon know. Which would result in his two younger siblings teasing and annoying him.
Perhaps he could still talk his way out of it. “I do now know what you are talking about.”
“Oh, is that so?” Rúmil asked and Haldi wished he would stop grinning this smugly. “So, you won’t mind if I walk over to Y/N and… I don’t know, asked her to have dinner with me, or something?”
“No!” Haldir said and knew immediately he sounded too protective, too jealous. “Do not bother our guest, Rúmil!” It was worth a try.
Before Rúmil could tease him further, Orophin walked over to them. “How is training today?”
“You own me, Orophin!” Rúmil laughed. “I just knew our dear brother had eyes for Y/N and you wouldn’t believe me!”
Orophin’s eyes widen. “So he admitted it?”
“Would you two stop speaking about me like I am not here?” Haldir gritted out.
“Tell me what happened,” Orophin urged their youngest brother like he had not heard Haldir.
Haldir threw his hands in the air. “There is nothing to tell!”
Suddenly he heard giggling and looked at the source. Y/N and some elleth were laughing behind their hands, looking at the three brothers. Rúmil had the audacity to wave at them.
Fed up with his brothers, Haldir left the training field, his cheeks coloured in a pink tint. He whole way back to his flet, he muttered curses under his breath and wondering what he had done to deserve them.
Once he calmed down, he remembered the reason why he was on the training field in the first place. Y/N. A human, yet he couldn't deny how drawn he felt towards her. He hoped one day, hopefully soon, he would make her laugh without having a squabble with his brothers. Yes, that sounded like a perfect new plan.
° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 °
Taglist: @velvetmotel97 @tossacointoyoursaltqueen @thewhiteladyofrohan
If you want to be tagged, let me know. :)
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warrioreowynofrohan · 8 days ago
The Lord of the Rings as a Sequel to The Silmarillion (Part 2)
Second piece relating to Tolkien’s statement that “[The Lord of the Rings] is not really a sequel to The Hobbit, but to The Silmarillion.” (First piece is here.)
One of the ways in which The Lord of the Rings can be understood in light of a sequel to The Silmarillion is the way in which so many of its characters serve as bright mirrors to the characters in the Silm, making the right decisions where the others made wrong ones. In some cases this is not intentional on the parts of the characters, simply a symbolic mirroring; but on the parts of Elrond and Galadriel it is very much intentional, learning from their predecessors’ mistakes.
While Elrond is - as many others in famdom have pointed out - a positive mirror of many, many other characters within his biological and adoptive family tree, and has learned from their mistakes (e.g., opposition to oaths in Fellowship of the Ring; lack of possessiveness over family heirlooms in The Hobbit), one in particular stands out: he is who Thingol should have been. In all the instances where Thingol made wrong decisions, Elrond makes right ones. Thingol held himself aloof from most of the non-Sindar of Beleriand, and even from some of the Sindar[1]; to Men and Noldor (okay, it’s fair to qualify that: non-Finarfinian Noldor) alike, Doriath remained an enigma. Elrond in Rivendell actively welcomes any travellers who come, and provides help, shelter, and advice, to the point where it’s widely known as the Last Homely House before the Misty Mountains. There couldn’t be a stronger contrast to Doriath (literal translation: fenced land). Thingol, for most of his reign, deliberately wanted to keep Men out of Doriath; Elrond actively fostered many generations of the Dunedain (and got much better results than was the case with Thingol’s foster-son, perhaps because they were being raised in an environment that was welcoming towards their Mannish heritage rather than hostile or alienating towards it). While Beleriand suffers from a lack or coordination and cooperation, and Doriath does nothing to rectify this, the Council of Elrond provides the groundwork, planning, and discussion that leads to the defeat of Sauron. And, of course, Elrond allows Arwen to choose to marry Aragorn and does not stand in their way.
Galadriel (whose realm, in contrast to Elrond, has a lot in common with Doriath - a queen who’s easily the most powerful enemy of Sauron; isolation from many other realms; an equivalent to the Girdle of Melian; advice and foresight, like Melian’s, despite her insistance that she’s not providing it) likewise shows signs of having learned from the errors of both her Doriathrin and Fëanorian kin. Read what you will into the symbolism of her actively endorsing Aragorn’s relationship with Arwen by giving him an enchanted gemstone. And of her making what is, in effect, a diluted Silmaril in the form of the Phial and giving that away as well. Her refusal of the Ring and the dominion it would bring is, in effect, the final refusal of Fëanor’s stated aim of dominion over Middle-earth. The Fëanorian parallels or anti-parallels are made even stronger by the Mirror of Galadriel, which functions in many ways similar to a palantír. (Realizing that both the Phial and the Mirtor are specifically made using water gives me a better understanding of what makes the Ring of Water the suitable one for her; and in effect she is using Celebrimbor’s gift to continue his work, in using Fëanor’s legacy in a way that benefits others). Given how much Galadriel has lived through and learned, there is little doubt that many of these parallels are intentional on her part. They are likely also intentional on Tolkien’s, who compares and contrasts her with Fëanor in some of the supplementary material.
Aragorn (as noted in the “you, but successful” meme) has certain parallels with Túrin (in addition to the obvious one with Beren): fostered in an elf-kingdom, spends much of his life in exile travelling to different places and fighting evil, has a certain dose of arrogance (note his posturing over Andúril in Rohan), personal enemy of a dark lord. The descriptions of their appearances seem very similar as well. But the contrasts are what makes the difference. Túrin warps the fabric of any place he goes (besides Doriath) into his own likeness: Dor-Cuarthol, Nargothrond, Hithlum, Brethil, all end up shaped and defined by what Túrin thinks is best. Aragorn travels to places, lives in them, and learns from them; in his earlier days in Gondor he leaves after he becomes too prominent as Thorongil, rather than using his prestige as a pathway to the throne; the time isn’t right. He doesn’t focus solely on fighting as Túrin does; he goes off on a lengthy wild-goose-chase after Gollum at Gandalf’s request. When given the choice between accompanying the Ringbearer or going to Gondor to fight, he chooses neither, but instead to throw all his energy into rescuing two hobbits, because (based on his knowledge) the hobbits have no other chance. (Obviously he has the benefit of not being cursed; if he were Túrin, this choice would inevitably have turned out badly.) When he does directly and deliberately pick a fight with Sauron, it’s as a distraction, not with the goal of defeating him through military strength.
[1] The Northern Sindar of Hithlum and elsewhere; discussed in The Peoples of Middle-earth.
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Help girl I’m making another story!
#my post#my writing#the lore is stored in the tags#listen up friends bcus ive got some LORE DUMPING TO DO#not really I don’t have much figured out yet#so there’s this group of people that were sorta...... adopted? kidnapped? taken in? by this giant god thing#and so they’re a Very Strange and Fucked Up Family#one of said family members was the prince of a nation. the nation is in GIANT trees. like Endor or Lothlorien style. and he ran away bcus#the pressure was killing him. BUT ONE DAY. WHILST VIBING. HE GEYS RECOGNIZED AND SENT BACK 2 THE NATION! and so the other 3 people go n have#to save him! and they do this by staging a coup and killing the king! the prince is the one who actually ordered them to kill the king. he#doesnt wanna be in charge tho. so he puts one of his bros in charge and heads home. one bro goes home w him and the other 2 stay. the new le#ader bro is hashtag struggling and keeps actin like an ass to the other one. the cabinet is Not very helpful. like at all. Other Bro gets ti#red of being treated like trash so he runs away. the bro at home not prince is kinda sus about leader bros leadership skills n is watching h#im from home. there’s another nation that sees that the tree nation is weak and wants to take over. there’s also some kid w a parasite attac#hed to their face n are. they r kinda part of the cabinet but not really. just kinda there lol. none of them have names#the bros r 1 2 3 n 4. 1 is prince 2 is the one who killed the king 3 is the one who stayed w the leader n 4 is the leader#5 is parasite. 6 is the Giant God Dude. a and b r the cabinet members. c is the other king#it’s fun!!! I love writing!!!!!#I’m not actually writing lol I’m just drawing out concepts as I watch rwby#1 is a weird moth thing! 2 is a weird deer thing! 3 is a weird bird thing! 4 is a human! 5 is also human#Idk what the rest r. except Giant God Dude. it’s like 40 ft tall and has massive black wings and deer antlers#super pog
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269-million · 11 days ago
Legolas: There lie the woods of Lothlorien! That is the fairest of all the dwellings of my people. There are no trees like the trees of that land. For in the -
Pippin: Wait, wait! How does that work? So if there are no trees like them, does that mean they are not like themselves, either?
Legolas: ...
Pippin: [Later, pulling arrows out of his arm] Who knew even from three feet they could hurt so much?
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mairons-hope · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Well Galadriel just burned his ass.
my edit🙏🏻😄
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revolutionoftenderness · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
“There lie the woods of Lothlórien! That is the fairest of all the dwellings of my people. There are no trees like the trees of that land. For in the autumn their leaves fall not, but turn to gold. Not till the spring comes and the new green opens do they fall, and then the boughs are laden with yellow flowers; and the floor of the wood is golden, and golden is the roof, and its pillars are of silver, for the barn of the trees is smooth and grey. So still out songs in Mirkwood say. My heart would be glad if I were beneath the eaves of that wood, and it were springtime!”  – Legolas, from The Fellowship of the Ring, JRR Tolkien (Book II, Chapter 6)  [Lothlórien, concept art by Alan Lee] 
• Revolution of Tenderness is launching its first-ever reading group, an 8-week literary pilgrimage through The Fellowship of the Ring, the first volume of Tolkien’s monumental trilogy. Our weekly meetings  will be enhanced with videos, rarely-heard recordings of Tolkien interviews, and a commemorative journal that will include inspiring quotes and prompts.
We’ve chosen this novel because of a rare opportunity: the Rimini Meeting in Italy, Europe’s most-attended week-long cultural festival, is held annually in August. This year’s edition will feature an historic collaboration between the Meeting, Oxford University, and St. Andrews University in presenting The Tree of Tales, a remarkable exhibit on the life and work of J.R.R. Tolkien. The Revolution of Tenderness literary pilgrimage will culminate in watch parties of the Rimini event, and other behind-the scenes opportunities reserved exclusively for Revolution of Tenderness members. More: 
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elvcnson · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
@tharanduil​ said:  " When does a joke become a dad joke? When it becomes apparent. "
TIMES WERE THERE STILL WHEN LEGOLAS  FOUND ASTONISHMENT AT THE EVER ELOQUENT ELVENKING’S ABILITY TO SO SKILLFULLY OFFER SUCH GHASTLY AND PAINFUL WIT WHEN THE RARE MOOD STRIKES.  And despite the many thousand years practice, GREENLEAF was never quite prepared for the unforeseen and disarmingly terrible quips. Thus GENUINE does confusion play over fair features for the briefest of moments. Blonde head CANTING to the side with a genuine note of  q u e s t i o n i n g ...before realization dawns heavily. Sliding into place.
Tumblr media
Legolas’ habitually PLACID and softly stoic visage shifts. Features instead making home to the animated ROLLING of cutting blue hues, gifted to the ancient ruler  with not even a fractional attempt at veiling on the youngers part. The son flashing a SCATHING gaze unto the father. Chin coming to rest upon curled knuckles as an elbow is balanced atop a smooth table. ‘ I wonder, can a King be subject to banishment for HARM inflicted by grievous atrocities of jest, adar? For I feel my fëa weakening with each word.... ’
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game-ofthe-company · 13 days ago
Hello ! For Farrien : you said she has a small fear of wrags what are her other fears, if she has other of course ? (the dark, spiders, claustrophobia, blood, etc.)
She does have a few other but her main is wrags. She does have a fear of the giant spiders which she never had until her first visit to Mirkwood.
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alystraea · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
The Death of Arwen
'But Arwen went forth from the House, and the light of her eyes was quenched, and it seemed to her people that she had become cold and grey as nightfall in winter that comes without a star. Then she said farewell to Eldarion, and to her daughters, and to all whom she had loved; and she went out from the city of Minas Tirith and passed away to the land of Lórien, and dwelt there alone under the fading trees until winter came. Galadriel had passed away and Celeborn also was gone, and the land was silent.
'There at last when the mallorn-leaves were falling, but spring had not yet come, she laid herself to rest upon Cerin Amroth; and there is her green grave, until the world is changed, and all the days of her life are utterly forgotten by men that come after, and elanor and niphredil bloom no more east of the Sea.
'Here ends this tale, as it has come to us from the South; and with the passing of Evenstar no more is said in this book of the days of old.'
(from “The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen”, LotR Appendices)
If like me you always found Arwen dying alone too unbearably sad, you may have imagined her bros Elladan and Elrohir with her at the end, or her grandfather, canon be damned.
Or... maybe this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
fanfic under cut: 
Lothlorien, FA 121.
The Wanderer moves like a shadow beneath golden-leaved boughs of mellyrn. His feet have walked the length and breadth of Ennor, but never in the days of Nenya's power did he enter these woods. Only in the last few decades, long after it has lain abandoned by the galadhrim, has he wintered here. The trees of gold awaken memories of Tirion. Each winter he comes, he sees evidence of the fading… the leaves more sparse, the gold less bright… He approaches a great mound at the heart of the woods, with its two circles of trees, white and gold. Even from afar he senses that he is not alone… senses the faint light of a life slowly ebbing away.
She is as a shadow herself, as she lies at the foot of the greatest mallorn at the center of the mound. She is pale as death, and lines of mortality and grief have in the past few months etched themselves upon the face that once was fairest. But still, he knows her. He approaches silently. Kneels near her. He has sung naught but grief and lamentation for millennia. But now, ever so softly, from his lips lilts a tune he heard a maiden sing in the springtime of her life. And her grey eyes slowly open. They are dim, unfocused, and search awhile before they find him. 
"You," she whispers in Sindarin, her voice barely audible. "I know you."
He is intimate with such despair and loneliness. Such sorrow. "Daughter, how may I help you?" he asks gently.
"…Will you… sing…?"
He takes her hand as it lies on the still-green grass. It is cold, so cold, thin and frail, the bones like a bird's beneath flesh grown loose. Her fingers tighten ever so slightly on his.
He stays by her side throughout the winter, through sun and rain, and for her he lays aside his songs of woe. From his lips come all the songs of childhood he once sang to a young pair of twins. He hears the clash of swords in the Havens, remembers the nightmares that woke them—and him—in the nights. He remembers the feel of small bodies pressed against his as he awakens to find they have crawled yet again into his bed, fearful of monsters in their own room. How innocent they had been of the true monster that he was, fair of face but black of soul. How touchingly they had gripped his hand for comfort, that had shed the blood of their kindred. As he sings the old, familiar songs he remembers yet other children. His younger brothers as he sang to them. Himself, as his mother sang to him. He would have wept for the loss and doom of all those children, but he has no tears left to shed.
The nights are cold. He takes a cloak from the oiled-leather pack, the parting gift the elves of Imladris had left for him ere they departed, that one of the peredhel twins had contributed to it. The wanderer now lays the new dark-grey cloak over Arwen.
She speaks only once more, as the first buds appear on the mellyrn, and leaves of gold begin to fall. He barely makes out the words.
 "Estel… tolen*…"
Her face in death is young and radiant, all lines of grief smoothed away.
He buries her where she lies, her brother's cloak her shroud. He raises a shallow mound of earth over her, and scatters early-blooming niphredil over the grave. He then finds a grey stone, and with his blade he takes his time to chisel letters upon it. As he does so, he remembers his mother's hands on his as she had taught him, his hands almost too small then to hold the tools.
Golden leaves fall in the empty woods as spring comes. They flutter onto the mound and upon the stone he has left to mark the grave.
She was neither Queen nor Evenstar of her people to him, so on the grey stone the wanderer has chiseled, in the ancient classical mode of Tengwar:
Arwen Elrondiel.
(*tolen: “I come”)
(from Ch 35 “Tapestry of Three Worlds” in The Golden and the Black
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arethainparis · 16 days ago
It’s so cool you’re thinking of doing a Faramir goes to Rivendell AU. It’ll be amazing. I definitely think Faramir needs to be with Aragorn etc, and Frodo and Sam go alone, but as you say, who knows how to deal with the Amon Hen incident, it may be worth reading some other similar fics and see if you draw inspiration from them. Interested to see where you go with it and the interactions between Faramir and the other characters if he knew then sooner
one thing im lowkey struggling with with some of the f-goes-to-rivendell fics ive found is either that they’re movieverse (which is totally fine, totally fine, but just not my cup of tea) or they’re a bit starry-eyed about what faramir’s actually like, and seem to think that If Only Faramir Had Been There Everything Would’ve Been Fine. but there are loads of things right off the bat that i think would’ve marked the whole story out quite differently, not least of which is, i think, faramir’s lowkey disdain for things not gondorian (or, not númenórean, i guess more accurately). like. we know boromir went via rohan, and it makes sense that faramir would too — though maybe not on his way to tharbad, maybe on his way to orthanc! — so what the sweet christ would that be like? i mean holy hell can you imagine faramir going and seeing théoden at his worst like that? especially when one of the first things we know about faramir is that he thinks the rohirrim are a bit shit lol?? and presumably he would be seeing éowyn in the depths of her despair but not when she’s just merked the witch-king and kind of drowning in her bittersweet glory. that’d be wild. on that basis alone there’s a part of me that thinks that any sort of AU of that nature would have to spend the bulk of its time dealing with the stretch from when faramir leaves minas tirith in july of 3018 to feb 3019 when they leave lothlórien, because that’s gotta do a real number on his personality. the only thing im absolutely 100% certain of in this whole AU is that faramir starts as a massive aragorn simp and actually has his simpery tempered as they go on because he realises that his interests are actually quite limited (dare i say — provincial?) whereas aragorn’s about ready to storm the whole fucking continent. which i think would make it super interesting for how faramir lives his post-war life (especially because i havent decided if boromir and denethor still die in this AU.) 
anyways sorry i am rambling!!! but Yes. i am planning on writing this at some point. lmao
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Galadriel, looking at into her mirror: I see flames and five- no, seven skeletons carrying your body away, as a murder of crows flies over your head.
Gandalf: Is that good?
Galadriel: No idea. But it looks super badass.
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blue-scribbl3s · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Please ask before using my scribbles and do not repost.
Felix the elven (prince) misfit, is the second party member in my friends' campaign, the backstory I got for him was an enigma in itself but I hope I came up with a logical explanation. Needless to say I am very excited to see them unravel this mystery.
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undomerie · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
TRUTHFULLY, THIS POST IS ME challenging PJ to a bare knuckle brawl behind a Denny’s at dawn. Do not mistake this post for movie-bashing. While I have my criticisms — and this will, indeed, be one of them — I ultimately love the movies and don’t anticipate that changing. However, PJ had some sort of grudge against elves. He portrayed them in a way that I, personally, cannot get behind, and that has simply been accepted by canon ever since. Specifically, he portrays them as looking down on other races, being detached from and not caring about this world, and generally being isolated to the point of heartlessness. Lothlórien is the greatest victim of this treatment. While this might be true of individual elves, it’s certainly not widely true of them. It’s just a bit tricky when you’re immortal and fundamentally Built Different, but that’s a different discussion.
What I really want to talk about is Lothlórien here. There is this widespread misconception that they have simply closed their borders, forgotten the rest of the world, and thrived off Nenya’s power all these years. I would like to challenge this to a duel on the hilltop with pistols as the weapon of choice. There is so much to unpack in all of this, spanning literally thousands of years, but I’ll try to keep this concise.
Firstly, the idea that elves don’t care about this world is absolute bullshit. Middle-earth is as much their home as anyone else’s — more, to a certain extent, considering some of them have lived there for over 10,000 years. For most of them, it is all they have ever known. The thought that they’re detached from it is absurd. They have fought as hard — if not harder — than anyone else to preserve it. The mass exodus of the elves in the Third and Fourth Ages is tragic. It is not an indication of apathy, that they aren’t bothered because they can simply move on. On the contrary, it is sorrowful; they are leaving because they don’t have much other choice, or at least don’t feel they do. The victory of the War of the Ring is joyous for so many, but for the elves, it is pyrrhic. Even then, with so many elves forced to leave the only home they have ever known and that they have fought for for millennia, there are many who choose to remain, even if that causes them to fade into grief and nothingness. They are deeply invested in the fate of Middle-earth.
Yes, this includes the Galadhrim! I will acknowledge they are a bit isolationist, but even this requires unpacking. Lothlórien has a long and complex history that we really don’t have the time to get into right now, but it’s worth noting that a major event in their past was the fall of Eregion. The forces of Lothlórien (then called Lórinand) joined with the forces of Moria to rescue what remained of the host of Celeborn + Elrond. However, they were driven back . . . and Moria shut its gates. That’s the origin of their tense history with dwarves in general and Moria specifically, even before the balrog, etc. came into play. Moria abandoned them in their hour of need. Recall that while this might seem like a long time ago to us, elves are immortal. Their concept of time is inherently different, and on top of that, there would be elves still living who survived that.
(Would like to point out real quick, though, that we don’t know dwarves were banned from all of Lothlórien. We only know they were not permitted in Caras Galadhon, which is the woods’ only fortress. They’re simply being especially careful about that place.)
In a similar vein, we must also understand that Lothlórien is populated by refugees who survived multiple horrors. There are refugees from Eregion whose land was brought low by Annatar, aka Sauron. There are refugees from Sirion and Doriath before that who were forced out by other elves, the Fëanorians. That might not seem significant to humans who are so accustomed to humans killing other humans, but for elves that is massive. For an elf to kill another elf is so heinous that it is always considered kinslaying (regardless of blood relation), they do not generally institute death penalties (Gondolin was the exception), and even rebellions are bloodless (Nargothrond, Eregion). This is all going to mix to create some people with serious trust issues well before Moria’s betrayal. And again, this is all closer for elves than for us. That’s why Lothlórien tends to keep to itself more, with few even speaking the common tongue.
Even so, they are not completely isolationist. They have kept in contact with the other elvenhomes, for example. They did lessen contact in the years leading up to the War of the Ring (so between The Hobbit and LOTR), but even that has an explanation. They guessed that war was coming. They guessed that evil was building. They spent much of that time preparing, yet still were so decimated in the war that much of the forest was rendered uninhabitable. They moved to East Lórien for a reason.
But, did they only help elves? Absolutely not. Frankly, they can hardly be blamed for pulling behind their borders not only on account of their history but on account of their neighbors’ feelings on elves. Rohan and Gondor both are rather . . . mistrustful of them and have some nasty (untrue) stories about Lothlórien + the Lady Galadriel. That, too, proves something. There cannot be tales of humans entering the woods and leaving changed if the borders are closed. There cannot be tales of Galadriel if she has never been seen. This means that mortals — especially mortals in need — have been allowed to enter the woods, stay as guests, and have even been hosted by the Lord and Lady themselves.
This is not their only involvement in the larger world, however. They have been involved in multiple conflicts — yes, recent conflicts! They helped drive the Necromancer from Dol Guldur! They fought in the War of the Ring, in their land and then in Mirkwood! We also can’t discount the possibility that they lent other aid to Mirkwood as we know they were more closely in contact prior to the War of the Ring, and they had a close enough relationship even after that so that Thranduil gave them East Lòrien to live in when their own home was destroyed.
Which brings us to Nenya. Galadriel is often criticized for only using the ring to preserve Lothlórien, but this is canonically untrue. Remember that Lothlórien is quite close to Dol Guldur where both Sauron and his servants have made their home. Furthermore, there doesn’t seem to be a range limit on Sauron’s psychic attacks directed at Galadriel. It is canon that Galadriel was repelling psychic and spiritual attacks from him. This is arguably even worse for elves than for humans as their relationship to their spirits is much stronger. It would be horrific for a human, and for an elf, it is absolute hell. She was fighting Sauron himself 1v1 for thousands of years. With occasional breaks, perhaps, but still. It is too often forgotten that Galadriel had no choice but to sail at the end of the war. Not only was Nenya broken, but her use of it — her fighting against him — did unhealable damage to her. There is a reason he considered her such a threat, and it took everything out of her.
Frankly, if we’re going to criticize any elvenhome for being isolated, for being uninvolved in world affairs, for having a magic ring and doing little with it, we need to criticize Imladris and Mithlond. Sure, Imladris allows travelers to stay within its borders, but in what recent conflicts has it been involved? Angmar besieged them at one point, and that’s . . . about it. And, what has Vilya been used for outside of preserving the valley? Absolutely nothing. Yet, this is still more than Mithlond that has not been involved in much since perhaps the First Age, though in fairness Narya was given to Gandalf upon his arrival in Middle-earth as Círdan suspected he would have more use for it.
Now, I’m not saying Imladris and Mithlond have done nothing. I’m simply saying that, looking at canon, Lothlórien has had a comparatively greater impact. Yet, they are the ones constantly shit on for being isolationist and complacent. Galadriel, especially, is shit on while Elrond is placed on a pedestal and Círdan is . . . forgotten, actually. There is absolutely a double standard here that is not owed solely to the movies but which the movies did perpetuate greatly. No, Lothlórien is not beyond reproach. No, Galadriel is not beyond reproach. But, complacency is not one of their faults.
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