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hugrakkur21 hours ago
ok before i get cracking on writing up verses & trying to slap down some graphics for a theme or whatnot , i鈥檇 like to point out that boromir deserves a gold star for walking 110 days to rivendell after losing his horse . dude , that鈥檚 dedication .聽
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t4tfaramira day ago
dni if you've never seen the extended editions, don't have any lgbt headcanons for any of the characters, believe botfa is a good movie, think 茅owyn settled for faramir, draw dwarf women without beards, don't blurt out random facts during the films, have tom bombadil hottakes, have ever called sauron a twink, don't love elrond, skip over the songs in the books, hate boromir, are a book purist, believe tolkien's works are """catholic culture""", or if you think there's a heterosexual explanation for whatever sam and frodo have going on
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t4tfaramir2 days ago
a list of things that actually happen in the soviet lord of the rings movie:
- there's a VERY 90s looking narrator who only speaks a handful of times, and is often shown silently staring into the camera
- the ringwraiths have a kickass synth theme
- the hobbits are the same size as everyone else EXCEPT tom bombadil and goldberry, who are giants
- the hobbits' legs are hairy up to their knees
- gandalf wears this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- bilbo is overtaken by greed for the ring, gandalf stands up and waves his hands as disco music plays, and bilbo is cured
- d茅agol has a fake mullet
- gollum is just sm茅agol but really green. whever he's on screen the soundtrack turns into gurgling noises, growling, and rhythmic laughter
- sam's eyebrows look like this:
Tumblr media
- the barrow wight looks like this:
Tumblr media
- frodo tries to threaten aragorn
- the ringwraiths stab frodo and just fucking run away?? aragorn is nowhere in sight despite vowing to protect frodo with his life literally one scene prior
- there is one shot of court jesters who join the council of elrond and are never seen again
- saruman has one of the best evil laughs i've ever heard and also tiny orcs are dancing at the bottom of the screen during that scene
- gwaihir the eagle lord appears to be a stuffed animal that gandalf rides through the magic of terrible special effects
Tumblr media
- elrond has a beard
- legolas is played by a woman. he has no lines that i remember
- they use gimli as a fucking table. this is the most he contributes to the plot, considering he has maybe two lines total
Tumblr media
- boromir is basically painted as an antagonist
- they get chased by warg puppets
- legolas' and aragorn's swords appear to be made of tinfoil
- the orcs trying to kill them are visibly cracking up and the sound cuts out, so i can only assume they were laughing
- gandalf dies from the orcs, is shown crossing the bridge afterwards, and disappears again when aragorn does a headcount
- pippin becomes hypnotized by an elf woman ringing a very small bell
- sauron is shown at the very end in the mirror of galadriel as a human eye. it's brown and otherwise completely unremarkable
here's links to part one and part two if you wanna see this masterpiece yourself
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littlewoodenworld8 days ago
Aragorn singing the Song of Beren and L煤thien by the fire on Weathertop 鈥 I felt so desperately heartbroken that I didn鈥檛 have a lover to sing sad and ancient poetry about my ancestors and foreshadowing our future that I had to get out of bed and make myself toast with jam.
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The Great Middle-Earth Read
Welcome everyone to the great Middle-Earth read which is exactly what it sounds like. I鈥檝e seen many people on tumblr saying that they have struggled with reading Tolkien鈥檚 story or are rather daunted by its sheer size, especially when it comes to The Silmarillion (which I am yet to finish myself despite having started it three times!). So I鈥檝e decided to read the books, starting with The Hobbit, and writing about it here. Everyone is welcome to join me and add their own commentary. I may even start a discord server if enough people are interested.
Below is the timeline I鈥檝e worked out for reading each book though people are more than welcome to read at their own pace. This timeline is just a guide - more for my own notes than anything - but may help some people who struggle with the books break it down.
I hope everyone will jump in and join me on this adventure and I look forward to discussing the books with you all!
The Hobbit June 28th - July 4th: chapters 1-3 July 5th - July 11th: chapters 4-6 July 12th - July 18th: chapters 7-9 July 19th - July 25th: chapter 10-13 July 26th - August 1st: chapters 14-16 August 2nd - August 8th: chapters 17-19
The Fellowship of the Ring August 9th - August 15th: Prologue - chapter 2 August 16th - August 22nd: chapters 3-5 August 23rd - August 29th: chapters 6-8 August 30th - September 5th: chapters 9-11 September 6th - September 12th: chapter 12, book two chapter 1-2 September 13th - September 19th: chapters 3-5 September 20th - September 26th: chapters 6-8 September 27th - October 3rd: chapters 9-10
The Two Towers October 4th - October 10th: chapters 1-3 October 11th - October 17th: chapters 4-6 October 18th - October 24th: chapters 7-9 October 25th- October 31st: chapters 10-11 November 1st - November 7th: chapters 1-3 November 8th - November 14th: chapters 4-6 November 15th - November 21st: chapters 7-8 November 22nd - November 28th: chapters 9-10
The Return of the King November 29th - December 5th: chapters 1-3 December 6th - December 12th: chapters 4-6 December 13th - December 19th: chapters 7-9 December 20th - December 26th: chapter 10, book six chapters 1-2 December 27th - January 2nd: chapters 3-5 January 3rd - January 9th: chapters 6-8 January 10th - January 16th: chapter 9 and the appendices
The Silmarillion January 17th - January 23rd: Ainulindale and Valaquenta January 24th - January 30th: chapters 1-3 January 31st - February 6th: chapters 4-6 February 7th - February 13th: chapters 7-9 February 14th - February 20th: chapters 10-12 February 21st - February 27th: chapters 13-15 February 28th - March 6th: chapters 16-18 March 7th - March 13th: chapters 19-21 March 14th - March 20th: chapters 22-24 March 21st - March 27th: Akallabeth and Of The Rings of Power
The Unfinished Tales March 28th - Aprils 3rd: Part One April 4th - April 10th: Part Two I & II April 11th - April 17th: Part Two II & IV April 18th - April 24th: Part Three I & II April 25th - May 1st: Part Three III, IV & V May 2nd - May 8th: Part Four
I鈥檒l be writing up my thoughts on each chapter and a summary so if anyone misses a week or struggles to get through a chapter you can look at those.
And with all that out of the way, I鈥檒l see you all on June 28th!
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befanini19 days ago
West-door of Moria by aegeri
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cassiosblog19 days ago
Tumblr media
Equil铆brio 鈿杄m um libriano 馃檭 Librianos聽prezam pela felicidade dos que lhe rodeiam e muitas vezes se sacrificam para agradar a todos. Al茅m disso, n茫o gostam de brigas e evitam discuss茫o. #libra #signosdozodiaco #fotod #fotocatchersmembers #junhomeum锚s #fotodeld铆a #fotr #fitrecepty #librianos #librianas #signo #picsartphotostudio #inspiracao #frasesdeamor
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monsieurenjlolras21 days ago
everyone at the council of Elrod listening to bilbo: this is a very important prophesy
bilbo to frodo: I made that shit up lol
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deetripper22 days ago
Oh yeah. Lotr fandom, I found a copy of the fellowship of the ring on top of the trash can outside today and it is now my divine right by the trash can god of fate that I will soon be joining your ranks
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rohirra26 days ago
Tumblr media
Goldberry || The River Daughter
Her long yellow hair rippled down her shoulders; her gown was green, green as young reeds, shot with silver like beads of dew; and her belt was of gold, shaped like a chain of flag-lilies set with the pale-blue eyes of forget-me-nots. About her feet in wide vessels of green and brown earthenware, white water-lilies were floating, so that she seemed to be enthroned in the midst of a pool.
The Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring, Book I, Chapter VII: In the House of Tom Bombadil
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fishfingersandscarves27 days ago
Tumblr media
some old art of mine came up on fb recently so i decided to redraw one :)聽so here's galadriel
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salad-burner27 days ago
I am curious, what is your favorite color?
Its yellow! Like the sunflower in my profile pic
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