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#aragorn x arwen
velvet-chaotic · 4 days ago
lotr modern roadtrip au where nothing bad happens, the fellowship is just going on a trip.
arwen is also there cause her and aragorn are trying to see every corner of middle earth before getting married and settling down. legolas is in his rebel phase and went out backpacking on his own. gimli is also a backpacker and they meet in some cheap inn and decide to travel together cause it'd make thranduil angry. pippin and merry are insane and decided to become tornado hunters for funsies so frodo and sam are travelling with them to make sure they dont get blasted to the other side of the globe. boromir is there for some reason, no one knows who picked him up but he's there and he wont leave.
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camelotsheart · 6 days ago
lotr bookSSSSS huh. nice to know you have secret tolkien extra 2 books that's exciting. does merthur fuck in those
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it's a schrodinger's world hoe we both lose but go off ig 💔
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arwenindomiel · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Everyone in Middle-Earth is Brown [70/?]: Ratatouille AU with Aragorn as Linguini and Arwen as Colette requested by @bayta-darell​
       No! You listen. I just want you to know exactly who you are dealing with. How many women do you see in this kitchen? Only me. Why do you think that is? Because hate cuisine is an antiquated hierarchy built upon rules written by stupid old men. Rules designed to make it impossible for women to enter this world. But still I’m here. How did this happen? Because I am the toughest cook in this kitchen. I’ve worked too hard for too long to get here and I am not going jeopardise it for some garbage boy who got lucky. Got it?
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lapetiteshippeuse · 10 days ago
Bookman : Lavi.
Lavi : ...
Bookman : I'm looking for you. We must leave the Black Order, now.
Lavi : There is still hope.
Bookman : ...
Bookman : *walks and stops in front of a window to look at the landscape*
Bookman : Even if Lenalee does survive to this war, you will stay separated.
Lavi : ...
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manwesbreath · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The story of Arwen & Aragorn
A gift I will give you. For I am the daughter of Elrond. I shall not go with him now when he departs to the Havens for mine is the choice of Lúthien, and as she so I have chosen, both the sweet and the bitter.
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t4tfaramir · 14 days ago
saw a meme pitting arwen and éowyn against each other so you know what? they're girlfriends now
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melhekhelmurkun · 14 days ago
So here’s how it is in my mind;
Faramir is a trans bisexual (they/he) in a relationship with Eomer (he/him)
Eowyn is a trans ace lesbian (she/her) and hella gay for Arwen, also a lesbian (she/they)
Then there’s Aragorn (he/they) in a relationship with Boromir (he/him) and both of them are ace (Boromir is sex repulsed, Aragorn has no interest)
Legolas (she/they/xe) is with Gimli (any pronoun is fine unless they tell you not to use it)
Was Merry (they/them) ever married? Idk, doesn’t matter, they’re aro/ace now, but Pippin (he/she) is married and I don’t have any ideas for her aside from his pronouns but whatever
Sam (she/her) is in a poly relationship with Frodo (they/them) and Rosie (she/her) and all their children aaaahhh (holy shit there are so many?? I really love how their daughter Goldilocks married Pippin’s son Faramir, and also how Pippin’s son is named Faramir)
Gandalf is... Gandalf. I think we all know what that means. Gayer than the rainbow of Saruman’s robes.
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fairytalelover33 · 14 days ago
LOTR/ The Hobbit Incorrect Quotes #26
Eowyn: “Are you and Aragorn dating dating? Or are you just talking?”
Arwen: “If I kill you, are you dead dead? Or just not breathing?”
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plushchrome1212 · 15 days ago
Shipping Wars
The armies of Rohan have made camp for the night, journeying towards Minas Tirith to lend aid to Gondor. A campfire burns outside a tent. LEGOLAS and GIMLI are sat by the flames.
Legolas: The hour grows late. Yet Aragorn has not returned.
Gimli: Let him be, laddie. He has company to keep far more pleasant than yours or mine.
Legolas: You speak as though you know a secret.
Gimil: Secret? Ha! ‘Tis no secret that his stride often leads him to stand by Lady Eowyn. And why shouldn’t he? She’s a good match for him. Spirited, strong, humorous. They’ll make a fine pair.
Legolas: Mind your words; they are false! What of Lady Arwen?!
Gimli: Who?
Legolas: Arwen, daughter of Elrond! Long have she and Aragorn held an understanding!
Gimli: Oh, bah! 'Understandings,' a trifle of the past! You said yourself she's sailing away, off to the undying lands with all the rest of the elves.
Legolas: I said 'mayhaps,' nothing is definite!
Gimli: What's definite is that the lad could stand to find some happiness, and the same goes for Eowyn! They are good for each other, and I don't want their chances ruined by the ethereal and easily forgotten promises of a ghost in the night!
Legolas: Lady Arwen does not forget her promises! And neither would Aragorn! They have found a love that surpasses the length of time, that knows not the borders of land nor sea!
Gimli: She is leaving him to vanish to a mystical island!
Legolas: Her heart will carry his memory unto the end of days!
Elsewhere in the Camp stands ARAGORN, who is working with the shieldmaiden EOWYN, the two handing out blankets to the soldiers. The sounds of distant fighting begin to carry over on the wind.
Eowyn: Does that not sound like Gimli? I think I can hear the voice of Legolas as well. (AT THE SOUND OF A LOUD CRASH) I wonder, what has happened?
Aragorn: Who can tell? Another lover's quarrel...
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beenovel · 17 days ago
*Arwen and Aragorn trying to get in their son’s coughfrodocough room*
Aragorn: Stand back, I’m gonna kick the door down
Arwen: YOU stand back and I will kick the door down
Aragorn: Oh I didn’t mean it like a guy/girl thing
Aragorn: I just really want to kick this door down
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deathlikessodaandpizza · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Minasel Durin and Faronion Elessar Reference Sheets
I realized that my two Ocs have been gaining a bit of popularity and with that there are probably people out there who would like to draw them or write stories for them. The problem is that the last reference sheet I made for them was almost a year ago and they went through a lot of changes in design since then. I have had people ask for references for them and that will cause me to send them 10 different pictures for a simple design!
So, here is a better reference sheet for Minasel Durin, Daughter of Kili and Tauriel, and Faronion Elessar, Son of Aragorn and Arwen!
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meteors-lotr · 25 days ago
My favorite Friends scene but as Lotr
I present to you, Humans vs Elves, the quiz, with mah girl Tilda as the quiz leader
Tilda: Okay, each team will answer ten questions. The first team to answer the most questions, wins
Tilda: The categories are Fear and Pet Peeves, Ancient History, Literature, and It’s All Relative
Tilda: Now, as a human raised by elves I can provide an unbiased judgement, but not everything is fair so I’m just gonna say that Éowyn and Aragorn will start
Arwen: What why?
Tilda: I don’t know, I just feel like messing with Princess, anyways give me a category
Aragon: Fears and Pet Peeves
Tilda, taking a card from the Fears and Let Peeves pile: What is Arwen’s biggest pet peeve?
Éowyn: Hair hanging in front of someone’s face
Tilda: That is correct
Tilda: Elves?
Arwen: Same category!
Tilda, taking another card: According to Aragon, what phenomenon scares the hell out of him?
Legolas: Riverdancing!
Tilda: Correct!
Arwen: Yes!
Éowyn to Aragorn: Dude what?
Aragorn: Their legs flail about as if independent from their body!
Tilda: Guys your pick
Èowyn: It’s all relative
Tilda, grabbing a card: Legolas and me has a brother who recently had a child that you’ve both met, what is the name of the child?
Legolas: Seriously?
Éowyn: Uh, Brand!
Aragorn: Brand?! What are you doing?!
Éowyn: I took a shot!
Aragorn: You’re shooting with Brand?!
Tilda: Brand is correct
Aragorn: Nice shooting!
Legolas: We’ll take literature!
Tilda: What is Aragorns official title in the southeast village of Erdathrat?
Legolas: Oh! His title is Aragorn of Gondor!
Arwen: No!
Tilda: I’m afraid his title is Argonor of Gonrod
Arwen: I knew that!
Arwen: Legolas! Use your head!
Aragorn: Actually it’s Queen Argonor of Gonrod
[Time Skip]
Tilda: Alright, the score is nine to eight in favor of the humans, elves of you miss this the game is theirs, pick your category
Legolas: It’s all relative!!!
Tilda, taken back: You don’t have to shout everything
Legolas: I’m sorry!!!
Tilda, picking up a card: What is the name Éowyn uses when she disguises herself as a man?
Arwen: Dernhelm!
Éowyn: How do you know that?
Arwen: You are very bad at acting
Tilda: Dernhelm is correct
Tilda: But now we have a tie, and luckily I have prepared for such an occasion
Tilda, pulling out a bunch more cards from her pocket: The lightning round!
Arwen: Ohhhhhhhh
Tilda: Thirty seconds, all the questions you can answer
Arwen: You two are dead! I’m so good at lighting rounds!
Éowyn: Oh yeah? I majored in lightning rounds!
Éowyn: We’re gonna destroy you
Arwen: Wanna bet?!
Éowyn: I’m so confused of what we’ve been doing so far
Arwen: How about we raise the stakes a little? Say, one hundred and fifty?
Tilda, dramatically behind her: One hundred and fifty castar
Èowyn: Say, two hundred?
Tilda, still very dramatically: Two hundred castar
Legolas: Stop doing that
Tilda: Sorry
Legolas: Arwen I don’t want to loose two hundred castar
Arwen: We won’t!
Legolas: Okay
Arwen: Three hundred!
Legolas: Arwen!
Arwen: I’m just trying to spice it up!
Legolas: Well add some paprika or something, but stop spending my money!
Arwen: Wait, I got it!
Arwen: How about if we win, you two have to take at least three baths per week!
Legolas: Ooooh, that’s interesting
Aragorn: Hey no way, that’s just a waste of time
Arwen: It’s basic hygiene!
Aragorn: Some of us have more impor-
Éowyn: Alright hold on!
Éowyn: If you win, we’ll start doing your hygiene thing
Aragorn: What?!
Éowyn: But if we win, you two have to limit yourselves to three baths per week
Aragorn: Ooohohohoho
Legolas: Well there’s no way we’re-
Arwen, taking Éowyn’s hand: Deal!
Legolas: WHAT?!
[More time skip]
Legolas from off to the side: Arwen, I don’t think I could handle something like that, why would you agree to it?!
Arwen: Legolas, I have not missed one question the whole game, I own this game!
Arwen, holding up her hand: Look at my hand
Legolas: Yeah your skin is amazing, but it wouldn’t be like that if we only bathed thrice a week!
Arwen: No, I mean they’re steady as a rock! Now are you with me?!
Legolas: ...Alright let’s do it!
Arwen: Yes!
Tilda: Alright humans, you’re up first!
Tilda: You have thirty seconds to answer as many questions as you can
Tilda: The lightning round!
Tilda: What does Sigrid call Legolas?
Éowyn: Every name except his own
Tilda: Correct
Tilda: Arwen claims this is her favorite story
Aragorn: Beren and Lúthien
Tilda: Correct, her actual favorite story is...?
Aragorn: The children of Húrin
Tilda: Correct, Legolas had a pet as an elfling who died, what was that pet?
Éowyn: Uhhh, a warg?
Tilda: What? No!
Legolas: Dude
Tilda: A chameleon
Tilda: Arwen categorizes her towels, how many categories are there?
Éowyn: Everyday use
Aragorn: Fancy
Éowyn: Guests
Aragorn: Fancy Guests
Tilda: Two seconds
Éowyn: Uhhhh, eleven?!
Tilda: Eleven, unbelievable, eleven is correct!
Aragorn: Yes!
Éowyn: Fuck yeah!
Tilda: Alright, that’s four for the humans, Elves you’re up!
Legolas: Alright come on!
Tilda: Thirty seconds on the clock, five correct questions wins the game, the lightning round
Tilda: What is Aragorn’s favorite animal?
Legolas: Horses
Tilda: Correct, Éowyn was how old when she first killed a man?
Legolas: Nineteen?
Tilda: No fourteen
Aragorn: Valars...
Tilda: Aragorn had an imaginary childhood friend, her name was...?
Arwen: Tega
Tilda: Correct, her profession was...?
Legolas: Godslayer!
Tilda: Correct, what is Éowyn’s official title?
Éowyn: Wait really?!
Legolas: Oh wait, it has something to do with Rohan
Arwen: And it’s kinda regal
Legolas: Is it like horse related?
Tilda: Ten seconds, you need this or you loose the game!
Arwen: It uh, it has something to do with shields
Legolas: Oh uh, she’s the shielder of Rohan!!
Tilda: And that’s time!
Legolas: NOOOOOO!!!!
Aragorn and Éowyn: YESSSSSS!!!
Ugh this was exhausting
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hxddlestons · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TOLKIEN WEEK | favorite romantic relationship: Aragorn and Arwen
↳ I would rather spend one lifetime with you, than face all the ages of this world alone.
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sidorose · 29 days ago
Aragorn x Arwen | Season of Gold
I like Aragorn and Arwen! Their love story is so beautiful!
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himbohunnicutt · a month ago
Arwen Undómiel is a journalist, tasked with following the shining light of F1 Aragorn Elessar for a whole season.
Aragorn is the next bright hope for Rivendell F1, who have just won 3 world championships on the trot with Aragorn’s rival Boromir.
Can Aragorn replicate his rival’s success, all whilst falling head over heels for journalist Arwen?
(Title from 'Faster' by George Harrison)
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nlaerys · a month ago
Jonsa, a crack ship followed by a bunch of brainless people. Watch out for them, they liked to steal paintings to decorate their crack ship. I feel so bad for Aragorn and Arwen.
If jon snow wants to fu*k his sister, that one would be his little sister arya, not the stupid, crying betrayer who liked to call him bastard and got his foster father killed.🤮🤮🤮
I don’t know who the original artist was, but if you know, please tell me, I’ll credit it correctly.
Tumblr media
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cortexiphanss · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone."
- Arwen 🌿
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Aragorn: This trip is going to be expensive, isn't it?
Arwen: Maybe.
Aragorn: Do you like anything that's cheap?
Arwen: I like you.
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