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nerdasaurus1200 · 2 hours ago
Part 3
This part is my favorite. Rapunzel is descended from Merry and Éowyn and Corona is modern Rohan.
Let’s start with the flags
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So obviously any Lotr and Tangled fan knows these flags. And obviously the biggest connection here is the sun. And Rohan’s flag has a white horse on it, just like a certain disney horse we all know and love
Tumblr media
It’s well known that horses are the backbone of Rohirrim society, and horses are at least important enough in Corona for there to be an entire horse sport invented in their country. Plus, both main cities are built on a large hillside/small mountain, with the castle being at the top overlooking the city.
And now for the genetics.
Obviously it’s clear that over roughly 2000 years, not all of Merry and Éowyn’s traits are gonna be super prominent in Rapunzel or either of her parents. However, there are some small clues. Just like Merry and Éowyn, Rapunzel is without a doubt a horse lover. And younger Arianna seems to have had the same kind of attitude as Éowyn pre Witch King, wanting to go out into the world and make something of herself. And being part Hobbit could also give further explanation as to why Willow and Rapunzel in particular like to be barefoot.
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eldamaranquendi · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eowyn by
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bookworm-2021 · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
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Between the Nazgûl and his Prey
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mirandalinotto · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
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elvish-sky · 13 days ago
It's Not a Wedding Without a Food Fight {Éowyn x Reader}
A.N: So the slouching thing was inspired by another request I got, but the request was for platonic Legolas and Aragorn and this is not so I will be writing another more in depth one with that! But this was great to write- I haven’t written much lately so this was an awesome piece to get back into things with. I really hope you guys like it!
Requested by Anon on Tumblr: hhhm can I request any female character x fem!reader? the fandom desperately more femslash content sjfjsgsk
Word Count: 1,823
Summary: You and Eowyn are about to get married.
Pairings: Eowyn x Fem!Reader, Aragorn x Legolas
Warnings: Fluff, Humor
It’s Not a Wedding Without a Food Fight
Laughing, you strolled hand in hand with your fiance down the hallway. Tomorrow was your wedding day, and as you were the adopted sister of the newly crowned King of Gondor, and Eowyn was the Princess of Rohan, it was going to be quite the event.
But tonight, the night before, was just for you. You were headed to a small family dinner with the Fellowship, Eomer, and Faramir, one last gathering with them before you were married.
As a fun surprise, you and Eowyn had picked each other’s outfits for the night. She was wearing a light yellow dress that matched her hair, embroidery-less but cut in a way that accentuated her perfectly, with a golden circlet crowning her head. You were her opposite, in pale blue with a silver circlet that matched the one she wore while still paying homage to your brother. You had laughed at each other’s clothing choices when you first saw them, chuckling at how somehow you matched.
Reaching the end of the hallway, you pushed open the double doors to see all your friends sitting around a table. Merry and Pippin were at opposite ends of the table (as everyone knew that you had to separate them if you wanted an event to be slightly less chaotic- although they were sitting together at the wedding tomorrow. You hoped that wasn’t a mistake). Boromir (who had survived his wounds at the hands of the orcs), Faramir, and Eomer had their heads bent together in some deep discussion, and Frodo and Sam were contently sipping their ale with Gandalf. Legolas and Aragorn seemed to be bickering about something, and Gimli, seated between them, just looked annoyed.
You paused in the doorway for a moment, holding Eowyn back, just looking at all your friends alive and happy. You wouldn’t have thought it possible that you’d all be here, and that you yourself was getting married. To the most beautiful woman alive.
Eowyn noticed your thoughts drifting and squeezed your hand, bringing you back to the present to see your brother smiling up at you, no one else having noticed your presence.
And then, with Pippin’s shout of, “Y/N! Eowyn! You both look great,” everyone was pushing back benches and stools and coming over to hug the both of you and escort you to your seats.
You sat between your brother and Gimli, Eowyn next to Eomer and Boromir several seats down.
“What’s going on?” You asked Gimli, gesturing to the elf and human arguing over your heads.
“It’s the posture thing again, lass. They’ve been at it for ten minutes.” The dwarf shook his head.
Ahhhh. The posture thing. It had started in Rivendell when the Fellowship had first formed, and had been going on ever since. Even when the two had started courting, the human still bothered the elf about it. Aragorn was very bothered by people with bad posture. You had grown up with him constantly nudging your back whenever you slouched, and the constant whisper of “Postuuure,” in a singsong voice. You felt bad for Legolas, but you had to admit Aragorn’s nagging had helped you. Your back literally never hurt.
“Seriously, Legolas, stop slouching,” Aragorn hissed.
The elf sighed. “Aragorn. You leave me no choice.”
You watched, wide eyed, as Legolas grabbed a handful of food and smashed it into Aragorn’s hair.
“FOOD FIGHT!” Came the expected yell from Pippin, and with that everyone was standing and grabbing food and throwing it at whoever was closest.
Even Gandalf was participating, somehow managing to hit Pippin repeatedly in the back of the head with roasted potatoes. Aragorn and Legolas were attacking each other as fiercely as they would orcs on the battlefield, smashing food in the other's face.
Laughing, you ducked under the table for a moment to catch a break, and found Eowyn with a stockpile of food.
“I was waiting for you to come down here!” She had a mischievous smirk, and you quirked an eyebrow.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m waiting. When Pippin got up and yelled I grabbed all the food I could and hid under here. Want to surprise attack everyone?”
You nodded. “This is why I fell in love with you!”
She laughed. “Three, two, one!”
On one you exploded from under each side of the table, hurling food at anything that moved. You hit your brother right in the face, got Legolas’ hair covered in something, and backed Boromir and Eomer into a corner with the amount of food thrown at them, Faramir laughing in the background.
Finally, after everyone was completely covered, you and your soon-to-be-wife climbed onto the table.
“Who are the champions?” Eowyn asked.
Boromir groaned. “You are. You are very much the champions.”
You grinned. “Now that we’ve established that, who wants to help us clean all this up?”
Everyone rose, and helped you clean up the huge mess you’d made. After, everyone made their way to their rooms, tired.
You entered your bedroom and closed the door, leaning against it. Tomorrow you would be married. To the best woman alive. You smiled as you went to your wardrobe, donning your nightclothes while gazing at the wedding gown you couldn’t wait to wear. You fell asleep with the wardrobe still open, eyes fixed on that symbol of your future.
“Y/N! WAKE UP!” Was the first thing you heard the next morning, accompanied by a cacophony of knocks at your door.
“What,” you groaned, rolling over.
“It’s Pippin! Sam’s with me! We brought breakfast!”
“Fine. Come in.” You sat up, rubbing your eyes as they opened the door.
The smell of eggs and toast wafted in with them as Sam set the tray at your desk. You got up and padded over, sitting in the comfy chair.
“Thank you both very much for this!”
The hobbits beamed.
“That’s not all, Y/N!” Pippin told you. “Frodo and I are both very good at doing hair, so Frodo and Merry went to Eowyn to give her breakfast and do her hair, and we came to you!”
You beamed at them. “That’s awesome! I have absolutely no plans for my hair, so go right ahead.”
Pippin nodded at you and set to work, him and Sam keeping up a stream of cheerful chatter.
Once finished, Pippin showed you to the mirror and you gasped. The hobbit really knew what he was doing, it looked lovely.
“Thank you both so much!”
“Happy to, Miss. Y/N! Now, we’re going to let you finish getting ready. Aragorn will come by and get you once the ceremony is about to start,” Sam told you.
You waved as they closed the door behind them, then set your eyes on the dress. It was time to finish getting ready.
You slowly rotated in front of your mirror, admiring yourself. The white dress was long enough to hit the floor in the front, with a train that stretched back. The bodice had silver edging along the v-neck, and you knew that Eowyn’s was edged with gold.
Hearing a knock at the door, you opened it to see Aragorn, crown gleaming, waiting for you.
“You look beautiful, Y/N. Eowyn’s going to love you.”
“I know!” You laughed, looping your arm through the one he offered and setting off.
You walked down the aisle on your brother’s arm, beaming at your soon-to-be-wife who stood next to Gandalf at the front. You glided past friends whispering words of congratulations, gripping your bouquet with one hand and Aragorn with the other, up past the Fellowship seated at the front who had become your family. As Aragorn took your hand, placing it in Eowyn’s, you looked into her eyes and knew the two of you were going to be so happy together.
After the ceremony, after you had kissed your wife with petals raining down on you, you made your way to the party together. When you opened the double doors, cheers rang out and the two of you kissed once more.
You drank, and sang, and ate, and generally had a lovely time. You were torn out of a conversation with Legolas by Eomer shouting out for silence.
“In Rohan, we have a tradition that anyone who is not married gathers together and the bride throws the bouquet over her head. It’s said that whoever catches is will be the next to be married!”
You looked over to Eowyn, who smiled and gestured for you to join her as Eomer corralled everyone into a group at the other end of the room. He counted down, “THREE, TWO,” and on “ONE” you and your wife threw your bouquets in synchrony.
Turning, you burst into laughter as you saw who held the bouquets. Aragorn, looking a little amused but mostly very nervous as he held one bouquet, was staring at Legolas, who stood next to him with the other clutched in his arms, an identical expression on his face.
Boromir whistled, laughing with you at the two of them. “Guess we’ll be hosting another royal wedding soon enough!”
Aragorn was blushing like mad, glancing over at Legolas shyly. You didn’t think you had ever seen Aragorn be shy before. But as you looked on, Legolas strode over and pulled Aragorn into a kiss, fingers tangling in his hair. Another cheer went around the room as they broke apart, both flushed.
As you made your way over to your brother to make fun of him, you heard him whisper to Legolas, “But don’t think you’re off the hook with that posture.” You laughed.
The party wound down later, people leaving with congratulations to you and your wife and wishes for a happy marriage. Aragorn and Legolas had snuck off somewhere after the whole bouquet thing, which you were not at all surprised by, and the rest of the Fellowship had headed out or looked ready to do so.
You grabbed Eowyn’s hand, and with a wave to Gandalf, Boromir, and Eomer, the only people left, the two of you exited the room. You made your way through the halls to the room you would now share, that had been prepared by your families.
Opening the doors together, you gasped in unison. It was perfect. A door led to a balcony and you walked out hand in hand. The moon shone down like a spotlight on the two of you as you turned back to look at your room.
“So, my wife, what do you think?” Eowyn asked.
“I’m shocked that our brothers were able to make something this beautiful, but I love it. Also, I suspect Legolas helped.”
Her laughter rang through the air, and then she leaned in. In the moment before her lips touched yours, she whispered “I love you.” And then you kissed.
When you broke apart, the only thing you could say was, “I love you, too.” And then you kissed her again.
Everything tag ❤️: @entishramblings @itgetsatadhazy @boyruins @anjhope1 @kumqu4t @katbby16 @thewhiteladyofrohan @kirstenscaffeinateddisaster @beenovel @shethereadinghobbit @guardianofrivendell @hey-its-nonny
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elvish-sky · 13 days ago
hhhm can I request any female character x fem!reader? the fandom desperately more femslash content sjfjsgsk
hello love!! yea, it does, which is why i have written a lovely Eowyn x reader!! i had so much fun with this, it’s been a while since i’ve written so this was a great thing to get back into it with. thank you so much for the request!
it’s out Here, on Wattpad, and on AO3!!!!
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anghraine · 14 days ago
Hello, when Eowyn stated that no men of Rohan could defeat Faramir, do you think she included Eomer in it ? Now with that said, do you think Gondorians are better warrior than Rohirrims ?
1) It’s hard for me to think Éowyn would exclude Éomer from the Rohirrim, so it does seem that she thinks Éomer couldn’t defeat Faramir in battle.
2) I think Gondor’s and Rohan’s warriors would be quite different (though growing more similar at this point in time). So direct comparison is difficult unless we’re talking about specific individuals. I don’t think we should see Faramir’s superiority as reflective of a more general Gondorian superiority, though; he’s an extraordinary individual, more like an ancient Númenórean than a modern one.
We know that Gondorians still expect their warriors to possess skills unrelated to war, even as they increasingly value those warriors above other people. So it may be that an individual warrior of Rohan is more of a ‘specialist’ than a Gondorian one, who normally wouldn’t live and breathe warfare to the same extent, but would have a broader variety of skills. At the very least, we definitely see a lot of different kinds of Gondorian warriors when the 1/10th of its armies arrive in Minas Tirith, whereas the Rohirrim seem more similar to each other and cohesive. 
In something like single combat, I can see a standard warrior of Rohan outmatching a standard warrior of Gondor through superior skill, but I could also see the standard Gondorian using their size and versatility to their advantage. I don’t think we have enough information to really say for sure.
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thewhiteladyofrohan · 15 days ago
Eowyn: Make no mistake. Not only am I party rocking, but I'm also in the house tonight.
Merry: But are you shuffling?
Eowyn: Every day.
Eomer: What language are you two speaking???
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A Shield-Maidens Bond
Eowyn x fem!reader
Summary: Based off the lotr/hobbit scenario game by @make-me-imagine
“Eowyn gets jealous when you get close with others because she is afraid of losing you”
Authors Note: Happy lesbian day everyone !!
Tumblr media
The Battle of Helms Deep had been a narrow victory, but a victory nonetheless. The people were now gathered in King Theoden’s halls, dancing, drinking, and making merry all around. As you laughed with one of the riders, you noticed Eowyn, your fellow shield-maiden, watching from across the room. She looked troubled. Before you could call her over, she stormed from the hall and closed the heavy doors with a thud.
“Will you excuse me?” You directed to the man you’d been talking to.
“Of course, my lady,” He said with a bow.
You found Eowyn sitting on the steps of Meduseld, face turned up towards the stars. As you approached and sat beside her, you noticed the tears that glossed her eyes.
“Eowyn?” You asked, voice full of concern.
Eowyn snapped out of her thoughts. “(Y/N), forgive me for leaving so early,” She apologized while blinking the unshed tears from her eyes.
“It’s quite alright, my friend. May I ask what’s the matter?”
Eowyn took a shaky breath before answering, “(Y/N), I care for you very much.”
You smiled at your friend. Had that been all she was worried about? “Of course. I care for you as well, Eowyn. You know this.”
Eowyn didn’t look at you, instead focusing on her hands that were folded in her lap. “Yes, but I must admit that my fondness and care for you runs deeper than our bond as shield-maidens. After Helms Deep, I realized how close the war and our mortality truly are. Many have returned, but many more did not.” Eowyn paused before continuing, “(Y/N), I apologize if it is too forward, but I cannot wait any longer-I love you.” Your eyes widened in shock. Of all things, that hadn’t been what you’d been expecting.
At your silence, Eowyn slowly turned her head and looked at you. She had been nervous to confess her feelings to you. Judging by your lack of a response, she doubted the feeling was mutual. “Please, (Y/N), if you do not feel the same I-“
“Oh, Eowyn,” You announced, wrapping your arms around her. “I wish you had told me sooner.” You felt her slowly bring her arms around you.
“Y-you mean my feelings are returned?” She whispered. There you two stayed for a moment, simply enjoying the bliss of each others presence.
When you began to pull away, Eowyn stopped you. “(Y/N),” she began, “Will you stay by my side? Even after tonight?”
“Of course,” you said before leaning in and pressing a kiss against her soft lips. “Haven’t I always?” Eowyn smiled at your response and pulled you in for another kiss; this one softer and sweeter still.
Tags: @themerriweathermage @iwenttomordor @elarinya-nailo (wouldn’t let me tag you!) @entishramblings
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doodle-list · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
I like to imagine they’re whatever the medieval version of penpals is and like write to each other about their woes n shlt / try to matchmake
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anghraine · 19 days ago
Every time I think of a Faramir AU and get around to figuring out shipping, my brain is like ... hey, this could be the Aragorn/Faramir fic ... but also, Faramir/Éowyn is so hard to resist ... I’ve already got a OT3 fic ... eurgh, I don’t know ...
Multi-shipping is fun but also pain!
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thewhiteladyofrohan · 20 days ago
Lord of the Rings Characters As Vines (pt. 2)
Sam: Hey everybody Gollum pushed me today so I'm starting a kickstarter to put him down. The benefits of killing him would be I would get pushed way less
Tumblr media
Pippin on his way to annoy Gandalf
Tumblr media
Death coming for Boromir like
Tumblr media
Gondor when the Westfold fell
Tumblr media
Gandalf when Pippin so much as breathes
Tumblr media
Gandalf in the Mines of Moria
Tumblr media
Aragorn when he found out that Eowyn liked him
Tumblr media
Legolas thinking he looks fine while he's fighting but in reality he looks like this
Tumblr media
Sam: you're disrespecting Mr. Frodo's personal bodyguard
Tumblr media
No one:
Frodo at any given time during the series:
Tumblr media
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anghraine · 22 days ago
I don’t necessarily imagine Faramir playing the harp (though it would be cool), but there is this vague association in my head between Faramir’s  musical proclivities and Dol Amroth’s unsurpassed harpers.
This is by no means canon, just the link my brain made, probably because a) Faramir’s extensive knowledge of music is one of the reasons that people consider him an inferior captain to Boromir in Minas Tirith, and b) Faramir is the nephew and grandson of Princes of Dol Amroth.
My headcanon is that it’s one way in which Faramir actually does take after the Dol Amroth side, and by extension, that the House of Dol Amroth is traditionally into music and/or musical patronage (hence the famous harpers!). So, the end result is that I have this idea in my head that Fourth Age reunions between the members/near kin of the House of Dol Amroth are just these Major Occasions with a) hugs and b) musical numbers.
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anghraine · 29 days ago
I do sometimes wonder about Éomer’s first response to hearing of Éowyn’s betrothal to Faramir. I’ve seen takes where he’s opposed to it and I’m definitely a hard no on that, but it must seem pretty odd from his perspective?
Like, he has his epiphany (led by Aragorn and Gandalf) that Éowyn’s despair wasn’t really about Aragorn, but about her desire for greatness and escape from her life in Rohan. And she’s ambivalent at best when he leaves her for the Black Gate.
And then they have their great victory, Sauron is gone etc, and Éomer’s like ... Éowyn should come join the party! It’d be good for her! But she keeps sticking around in Minas Tirith for no apparent reason. And then it turns out that she’s agreed to marry the Steward of Gondor (!!!). 
And when he meets Faramir ... well, I don’t get the impression that they’ve much interacted, so it’s got to be pretty odd to meet Éowyn’s betrothed and find himself facing someone who’s going to seem like Aragorn Lite—physically very much the same type, though young, and with a similar demeanour and air.
Also, Tolkien says that Éowyn can tell immediately that none of the Rohirrim could defeat Faramir because she was raised among men of war, which would be at least equally the case with Éomer. So, on the one hand, it looks like Éowyn went and found herself this milder, younger, scaled-down version of Aragorn (um?), and on the other, he would quickly realize that Faramir—gentle mannerisms aside—is a hardcore warrior whom Éomer himself probably could not defeat. 
And it’s like ... we know Éomer is gracious and supportive about the match by the time he announces it, and I don’t imagine he’d be opposed or anything like that. But his initial feelings are probably complicated!
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kate-read-that · 29 days ago
Im not saying that Faramir and Eowyn are a bad couple BUT
She is amazing and he's a crybaby.
So let's imagine if Boromir actually survived and had to be sent home to recover or whatever.
Now THAT would be a couple.
Boromir would so love and understand Eowyn's desire for glory and courage. Hell, he'd probably sword fight with her while admiring the way her blond hair shines with the sun.
He would lift her on his shoulder and tell everyone about how she killed the Witch-King of Angmar.
Boromir and Eowyn
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