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gingysb00kc0llecti0n · 2 hours ago
🍹 A friends to lovers with a dose of southern charm 🍹
"I don't think I had prepared myself for the onslaught of emotions that would grip me throughout." - Amazon Review
Download the Coming of Age novel today! Grab some tissues and guard your heart - This angsty emotional story is one that runs deep.
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John Jackson.
He’s a sweet talking Georgia boy, rough around the edges with an irresistible smile. John sets his sights on the new girl, determined to show her what his small town is about. But she isn’t as accepting as he thought and she rejects him at every turn.
The beauty and boldness of Alyssa Winters stirs John’s blood. She quickly works her way under his skin and becomes a constant in his life – his best friend, his other half. As the attraction between the two friends grows, John wants more.
She pushes, he pulls.
When one reckless night of fun wreaks havoc on John, Alyssa risks it all to ease his pain, giving him the one thing he desires most...her. But John’s sadness runs too deep, the damage, irreparable.
He runs, she falls.
John must work to prove himself. Despite everything, Alyssa is the one person he doesn't want to live without. The stakes are high, and he’s willing to bet it all. Even if it means he’s left to suffer alone.
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emerald-notes · 5 hours ago
Absent-Minded Man by Jerome K. Jerome
This is a humorous story about a man named McQuae who is inattentive to anything around him. He can’t remember invitation details, appointments and even the women he were engaged to. However, when he finally gets to marry a jolly woman named Leena, his friend, the writer thinks that it won’t last long as he will forget about her too. After a considerable time, the writer unexpectedly meets his old friend McQuae, drenched in water on a rainy day. McQuae as always informs that he has moved to the new place with Leena and has forgotten all about it. The writer very calmly takes his friend to a solicitor and finally restores him to his wife.
The story is hilarious. Some of the conversations made me laugh out loud. The first part of the story was narrated in second person, which is the rarest in English literature. This is the only story I’ve read which has this style of writing. So, I enjoyed learning something new.
I didn’t like the fact that the character of Leena was mostly in the shadow of her husband, McQuae, the protagonist of the story. Although she was explained as a cheerful woman, we don’t see her express any such action.
If I could change anything from the story I would have added more detailed information regarding Leena. So that the readers can have a clear idea of how she was able to live with a man like McQuae for so long.
Other than the aforementioned point, I found the story genuinely amusing. It shows that how absent mindedness can put someone in absurd situations. I, myself, often get distracted in many occasions. Now, I have started to focus more on my surroundings. This story has taught me a fine lesson.
I’ve actually wrote this for an assignment where I was supposed to write about a short story I liked. But unfortunately, the teacher is making us write a review on the story SHE tells us. I was so excited about this assignment in the beginning. Now, I’m devastated.
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spoopycrowe · 6 hours ago
*ribbit* I’m going to guess that you’ve always been fascinated by fictional worlds, finding them as an escape from reality and it’s troubles
Btw anon is off
OOOOH oh my gosh I didn't even get the notification for this dude!!!
to be honest, fictional words have always been the best form of escapism for my younger self.
whenever things got too much to bear in reality I'd just pick up a book and dissappear between the pages.
when I read, I became one of the characters.
I laughed when their lives were bright.
I wept at their struggles.
their achievements gave me hope.
their failures gave me strength.
still, I think some parts of my soul have been disregarded into the little nooks and crannies of the pages of the stories I read before.
because, as sad as it is to say, most of my best memories are in places that don't exist.
places of magic.
long lost civilizations.
atlantis, and the egypt of the pharaohs, wonderland, and never never land.
my home is in books.
and they always will be.
it saddens me that my mind won't let me go back to some of my older romping grounds.
but I've found new ones to settle in.
one day I'll unlock all the keys to my past self.
but until then, I'll just keep reading.
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thathomosexualnerd · 6 hours ago
*excited noises*
Tumblr media
I got Gone With The Wind
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michalahampton · 8 hours ago
Let's hear them. Which characters are you in love with? I love Aragorn and Wolverine. And the main character in the first book of my upcoming trilogy. 😂😜😄
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photoeyestuff · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sometimes I love to just turn my lights off, put my laptop away, light some cables and think or journal or read while enjoying a nice warm tea.
My mental health improved so much lately. I just stoped drink coffee and energy drinks, stoped wasting time on my laptop and started being more mindful and appreciating the small things like the fresh air in the morning or the time I spent in bed at night reading while listen the sounds of the night
Or maybe I'm crazy, who knows? But at least I'm happy... Kind of... I'm getting there
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solena2 · 13 hours ago
Tommy isn’t Theseus. Every time I see Techno’s analogy about Tommy being Theseus brought up I’m filled with endless rage and I’ve DECIDED!
That it’s about time I explained just why it’s so objectively incorrect.
First: a bit of backstory on Theseus, because I doubt many of you actually know much about him beyond what Techno said in his “so you want to be a hero” speech, which left out a lot of relevant details.
Theseus was a demigod with two fathers and one mother. His fathers were king Aegeus of Athens and the sea god Poseidon, and his mother was Aethra, Aegeus’ wife. Aethra raised Theseus on her own, far from Athens to avoid him being assassinated.
Aegeus left him nothing but a sword with the Athenian crest and a pair of sandals, buried under a rock so no one else could get them.
When Theseus came of age, he took the sword and sandals and headed up to Athens, slaying various monsters along the way. (It pains me to abbreviate it that much, but Techno left out everything before the Minotaur so it won’t help me much in debunking his analogy.)
Once he got to Athens, he met up with his dad, chased out his stepmom Medea, (yes, that Medea) and killed some people. Then comes the relevant part.
Crete had won a war against Athens a while back, and because of this, every seven years Athens was forced to send 14 tributes to be killed by the Minotaur. (Yes, this inspired the Hunger Games)
Theseus decided he’d volunteer and kill the Minotaur, thus ending the tribute system for good and getting one over on Athens. He promised his dad that if he won, he’d come back in a ship with white sails, as opposed to the standard mourning black that signified the death of the tributes.
So he went to Crete, met king Minos and his daughters Ariadne and Phaedra, and got sent into the labyrinth. Ariadne gave him a magic ball of string that kept him from getting lost, allowing him to find the Minotaur and then safely get out afterwards, providing he could kill it.
He killed it, led his other 13 tributes out, and sailed back home. On the way, Athena told him to leave Ariadne stranded on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean, so he immediately did so, because Theseus was an asshole.
He got home, his dad committed suicide because Theseus forgot the white sails and his dad assumed he’d died, Theseus became king and married Phaedra, and then the fun began, because again, Theseus was an asshole.
First, he cheated on Phaedra with Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, so she left and took the kids. Next, he and his other asshole friend Pirithous decided to kidnap themselves some new wives. Theseus decided on Helen of Troy, who was a child at the time, and Pirithous decided on Persephone, which resulted in both him and Theseus getting stuck in the Underworld for a while due to pissing off Hades.
Once he got back up, he killed his son for fucking his wife, which is messed up on many levels, and then left Athens because his people were rightfully not super okay with that.
Then he goes and meets Lycomedes, who throws him off a cliff.
Next, let’s talk about Techno’s speech a bit.
He starts off by accusing Tommy of being a power hungry dictator (paraphrased), before asking him if he wants to be a hero.
Then, he provides what is apparently the archetypal example of heroism, something often associated with selflessness, kindness, and generally giving at least one singular solitary fuck about other people.
Theseus! Heroic hero who does heroic things, like, uhhh *checks notes* cheating on his wife, kidnapping children with plans to forcefully marry them, leaving people alone on tiny islands with no supplies, killing his kid, etc. etc...
So we’re off to a great start.
Then, he gives a short summary of Theseus’ life and times! He skips the first part of his life completely, which is hilarious to me because it’s the only time Theseus ever did anything actually heroic or selfless, and gets straight to the meat!
“Let me tell you a story, Tommy. A story of a man called Theseus. His country was in danger, he sent himself forward! Into enemy lines. He slayed the Minotaur! And saved his city. You know what they did to him, Tommy? They exiled him. He died in disgrace, despised by his people. That’s what happens to heroes, Tommy.”
So first off, he doesn’t mention... really anything other than the Minotaur and the exile, which is leaving out a lot of relevant details, like why Theseus was exiled. (You know, killing his son in cold blood?)
Second, he doesn’t give details in general. Not that he should’ve given a full telling, or anything, but I’m always surprised by the shortness of this speech when I go back and listen to it. He pretty much just gives the barest bones of an argument and expects his audience to take it at face value. (Which they do, but it’s still bad practice)
From the more accurate (if still brief) summary if Theseus’ life I’ve just given, I’m sure you can see why this might be more than a bit dubious, as an analogy. Given cc!Technoblade is literally an English major, and doubtless knows significantly more about the myth than I do, I’d imagine this was never intended to be taken at face value.
Over and over again, c!Techno proves himself to be an unreliable narrator, and over and over again, the fandom at large takes his word as gospel.
Now, as far as a more in depth argument for Tommy as Theseus goes, I will attempt to debunk that as well, because there are some genuinely good points to be made.
First of all, most people make Dream out to be the Minotaur. Given the time this speech was made, I imagine Schlatt was the intended target of that, but with latter events in mind, Dream does make much more sense.
I’d say this is honestly pretty fair, but I don’t think Tommy takes the role of Theseus in that narrative. I’d argue he’s much more analogous to the role of Ariadne, giving the tools required to defeat Dream but ultimately not doing so through his own power, but because someone chose to take those tools and make use of them. This also provides the very interesting characterization of Punz as Theseus, which is an incredibly unique take that I hope some a Punz enthusiast does something with, because I don’t know enough about his lore to make a good analysis on that.
The idea of Schlatt as the Minotaur, as was probably intended by Techno at the time, makes much more sense, though I still think other characters fit the role better. Firstly, Schlatt wasn’t killed, he died of a heart attack, and if someone had killed him I think it’s more likely to have been Wilbur or Techno who did it than Tommy, as Tommy was still very hopeful and idealistic at the time, at least compared to his character now. You could posit Tommy as Ariadne again in this situation, given he was the one to mastermind the final charge, and though I think Tommy as Ariadne is an idea that’s worth further exploration, I’d say Fundy futs the Ariadne role here much better, with him giving the spy’s diary before being effectively shunned and left out in the cold by both Pogtopia and Manburg, much like Ariadne was abandoned in the original myth.
I’d posit the Theseus in this scenario as Techno, Wilbur, or possibly Philza, as they were the ones to actually kill things in the 16th, though Techno and Wilbur’s killings were more in the metaphorical sense, taking the second life of L’manburg.
As for the exile, Tommy exile was alike to that of Theseus only in concept. Both were sent from their kingdoms for a crime, resulting in a falling out with someone close to them, and had a precarious relationship with heights while they were gone, but that’s about where the similarities end and even then they’re superficial.
First of all, Tommy’s exile was far more because Dream was looking for an excuse to do it than because briefing actually means anything on the SMP, given how Dream had been griefing bases and blaming Tommy for it for a while before it went down. (Fun fact, Bad and Skeppy were going to burn one of his discs over this, but one of them got sick so they had to cancel the stream.)
Theseus’ exile, on the other hand, was entirely deserved, especially when you consider how serious a crime killing family was in Ancient Greek culture. It was pretty much the biggest no-no in existence, and I’m almost surprised he wasn’t just straight up executed for it.
Second, Tommy’s falling out with Tubbo was almost entirely due to outside forces, (Dream) rather than because anything Tommy had done. Though Tommy’s cavalierness towards the trial and attempts to threaten Dream with Spirit doubtless didn’t help things, Dream surrounding L’manburg in obsidian walls and threatening them to exile Tommy was entirely his own choice, and not something that can be pinned on Tommy, no matter what the apologists may say.
Meanwhile, Theseus’ falling out with Phaedra had begun long before his exile with him cheating on her. Him killing his son was merely the last in a long line of dominos to completely destroy their relationship.
Last, Tommy nearly killing himself is very different from Theseus being pushed off a cliff. Tommy’s near suicide was the direct result of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of c!Dream for what was canonically, I believe, several months? (Correct me if I’m wrong on that one.) Tommy almost jumping off a pillar because he was deliberately isolated from his support systems is nothing like Theseus being killed because he was a cocky asshole who thought he was god.
So that’s why I don’t think Tommy is anything like Theseus, and why I’m filled with endless rage by the completely uncritical acceptance of this parallel, but it’s not the whole reason it pisses me off.
It also pisses me off because, as stated earlier, cc!Techno is an English major. He knew what he was doing with this. The fandom’s insistence on refusing to acknowledge his character as an unreliable narrator is, in my opinion, acting as a massive kneecap to what could be a great analysis of how he thinks.
Specifically: why does c!Technoblade think Tommy is like Theseus?
Of all the Greek heroes to pick, why that one? Was it just the tantalizing opportunity to parallel Schlatt with a horned monster, or was it because c!Techno has some genuine in-character reason to think this myth specifically applies to Tommy.
Now, we all know people in the SMP have a habit of analogizing Wilbur and Tommy. The assumption Tommy wanted to be president, the belief that Tommy nominated Tubbo directly, the belief that he was intentionally deceiving Techno about Pogtopia’s intentions regarding Manburg... all of these stem from Wilbur. There are more cases of this, of course, but several analyses have been done in the subject already, and this is long enough without more padding.
So why does Techno think Tommy is Theseus? Well, it’s simple, isn’t it?
Wilbur is Theseus.
To be continued, because this is already too long and my brain hurts.
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justalittlelitnerd · 13 hours ago
Romance Review: Make Up Break Up by Lily Menon
Romance Review: Make Up Break Up by Lily Menon
Hi friends! This book was one of my most anticipated romance releases for the first half of this year and while it might not have quite been what I expected it was still very enjoyable and I’m excited for the romances to come from this author! CW // parental death (pre-story, like mc was a baby, but discussed), major accident with life threatening injuries to another parent Make Up Break Up by…
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typcgraphyy · 14 hours ago
just posted a new video to my channel!!!! this is the midyear freakout tag where i freak out about all the books and authors i’ve read so far this year!!! make sure to check it out, give it a thumbs up, and subscribe to my channel!!!
im trying to hit 1k by my 21st birthday (3 weeks away aaahhhh) so PLEASE make sure to subscribe!!!!
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rosecorcoranwrites · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Miscast Spells by Rose Corcoran
Mad bombers, matchmaking, magic spells--what's a butler to do? Meet Bostwick von Dogsbody, a sardonic door-to-door magician, and his white rabbit, Emmaline, who just happens to be a cursed human princess. The two are traveling through the goblin-run continent of Ataxia in search of the legendary Domino of Nonpareil--a mask that allows the wearer to become anything he desires--in order to return Emmaline to normal. Their journey has finally led them to Styx Castle, where they meet Millicent, a human maid who wound up in Styx due to mysterious (and embarrassing) circumstances, and Delilah, a goblin queen with a taste for the chaotic. But Bostwick's theft of the Domino does not go unnoticed. To avoid a harsher punishment, he agrees to be Delilah's butler for a hundred years. Before he can escape the queen's clutches, he'll have to face mad bombers, an all-bugbear police force, romantic schemes gone awry, and a mysterious goblin-turned-cat named Sebastian who also has designs on the Domino. And as if that wasn't enough, he soon learns that Millicent is also a magician--and needs him to teach her!
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bndpod · 17 hours ago
Happy Tuesday, all!
Here's your reminder, that a brand-new ep of Geektionary drops in two days, just for our dear $5 and up subscribers at
To get this and all our other bonus content, we truly hope you'll join, and help support our work!
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realmrjakester · 21 hours ago
'The Ace' Comic Book Review
‘The Ace’ Comic Book Review
Written and created by Edwin Acevedo, The Ace is an indie comic featuring artwork Ibai Canales, Sean “Sweens” Sweeny, and Allen Allonzo. It was released following a successful crowdfunding effort that I supported (in full disclosure). It was published under the Drawing Aces Comics Group banner. David Diaz is a young man who takes care of his single mom and is struggling to find purpose. Just…
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beathrycicunha · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Levante e brilhe!!! Bom dia... Seja Luz sempre! #bomdia #quartafeira #beautiful #love #leiturasdaBea  #pensamentosdaBea #pensamentospositivos #superandooslimites #opoderdaspalvras #amoler #books #bookaholic  #leitoracompulsiva #instabook #incentivoaleitura #levanteebrilhe #viciadaemlivros #loucurasaudável #geek #nerd #caféelivros #mudançaspositivas #porummundosempreconceitos #namaste #autoconhecimento #happy #instagood #2021
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