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cabalrive · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
I take no credit for the idea, but I absolutely had to draw it.
(This is a forever WIP)
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mercury-213 · 10 hours ago
💫When you're Death Metal and big man but your hair is Thranduil
Tumblr media
Thank you to my home girl @porcelaindolls-and-paperflowers for always brushing it and my baby wife @theskyislonely for keeping it healthy when dyeing it.
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unecrth · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
the  downpour  had  come  with  a  suddenness  neither  had  been  prepared  for.      oh,    the  sky  had  been  grey  and  cloudy,    the  air  thick.      but  the  rain  had  come  down  like  a  curtain,    loud  and  wet.      it  had  been  with  little  thought  that  she  had  grabbed  his  wrist,    pulling  him  beneath  the  branches  and  thick  foliage  of  one  of  the  oldest  trees  in  the  woods.      gaea  breathlessly  laughed  from  the  sprint  and  the  adrenaline,    pushing  her  hair  back  out  of  her  face  and  smoothing  her  hands  over  the  soaked  fabric  of  her  gown.      it’s  the  sight  of  thranduil  that  brings  her  to  a  stop,    just  as  wet  as  she  is  but  more  lovely  than  she  could  ever  hope  to  be.      that  he  chooses  to  spend  his  time  with  her  .  .  .      if  there  wasn’t  such  a  height  difference,    she  could  kiss  the  sharp  line  of  his  jaw  with  ease.      instead,    under  false  pretenses,    she  encourages  him  to  come  down  closer,    tasting  the  fresh  water  and  something  distinctly  him  as  her  mouth  meets  his  skin.
@tharanduil​ liked for a random kiss starter.
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sauronnaise · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dear You chap 7 is posted~
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amyf20 · 18 hours ago
Im sorry this will forever be funny to me 😂 YOU ARE LITERALLY THE FEMALE VERSION OF THRANDUIL....Tell me im wrong!!! @theincaprincess
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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holmesdepot · 19 hours ago
❝ we need all the medical supplies you have. ❞ (to Thranduil from Sigrid) @viaminvenia​
Tumblr media
The urgency of the matter lay clear before him, though it is seeing Sigrid in such distress that draws him from his observations. Inclining his head, he wheeled his mount and rode back to Agaerwaenion, speaking with him briefly, before riding back as orders were called and the healers as well as several guardsmen set about bringing forth supplies.
“They will defer to your leaders,” He assured, “I am sorry our arrival is to the aftermath, rather than the prevention.” That they had heard tell of what happened in time at all was lucky. “Are you alright?” 
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elfasso · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Im back!
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smeedlesfrogfood · a day ago
tierlist of all The Hobbit adaptations that I've seen
1. The Hobbit film (1977) by Rankin/Bass
The main reason for this film being the first is that they actually included almost everything from the book and thus managed to keep the plot and main points of the story similar to the original text. Not to mention that the songs did a good job bringing the poems to life, even their own additions strengthening the overall story. (9/10 for how they portrayed the Elf-king)
2. The Hobbit television play (1985) by Vladimir Latyshev
Though it doesn't show several key scenes and characters, the teleplay still manages to be one of the best adaptations of the novel. It's second in the list for several reasons, one of them being the fact that they cleverly made Tolkien himself the narrator of the story, something no other adaptation has done. The other main reason being that this adaptation managed to pinpoint the whimsical vibe of The Hobbit. (7/10 for the epic music)
3. Hobitit TV series (1993) by Timo Torikka
The events of The Hobbit were shown in just one 30 minute episode to explain the history of the ring. The only material it uses from the book is the meeting of Bilbo and Gollum. Showing just this is the reason for it's third place. Overall has a great portrayal of both their characters. (3/10 for not actually being an adaptation of The Hobbit)
4. The Hobbit film trilogy (2012, 2013, 2014) by Peter Jackson
By far the longest adaptation, around 8 hours in total, which is because of all the added things that were never mentioned in the book. Gets fourth place because they tried to make a whimsical and fairytale-like story into an action movie filled with battles while trying to recreate The Lord of the Rings. They also moved the focus of the story from Bilbo and his journey to all the battles he never even witnessed. (2/10 for Gollum)
5. The Hobbit short film (1967) by Gene Deitch
This is the shortest adaptation, just under 12 minutes, and in my opinion the worst one. The story is barely the same, the film having just a few key scenes in common with the book. They added a character, princess Mirka, and got rid of most the characters from the original text. They tried to make Bilbo a heroic dragon slayer and gave him a love interest. (0.5/10 for Slag the dragon)
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7soulstars · a day ago
Hey! So I saw that you had requests open and I couldn't resist. I really love everything you write for Marvel and LOTR. So ( if you haven't done this already, if you did feel free to ignore) I was wondering if I could make a request with both fandoms....If not that is totally ok too. Anyway if yes can I request Loki, Thranduil and Lindir ( if you can) where the reader can do magic? Please, only do this if you can. Don't overwork yourself. Take care! Love you 3000! -Lia
I. LOVE. THIS! So lets go! Also thank you for being so patient with me and I hope you like this!
With an S/O who can Perform Magic
Tumblr media
Well it happens when the two of you are chilling at your apartment.
He had his head on your chest as the two of you watched a movie.
You were hungry but you didn’t want to bother getting up so you floated to bowl of popcorn towards the both of you.
Loki had looked between you and the bowl as it floated towards you with his eyes as wide as saucers.
“You have magic in you ??”, he questions flabbergasted.
To be honest he was midly dissapointed that you had not mentioned it to him before.
But once he was calm about it he expresses how much he adores it.
It reminds him of Frigga because your magic was as Asgardians would call it, “Idyllic Magic”.
He was chaos and yours was gentle.
This means handling his stupidity most of the time with your magic.
Whines and throws a tantrum when you restrain him from doing his ‘evil’ stuff.
“Loki yes” *pulls him back with magic* “Loki No.” *stomps foot dramatically* “Not Fair!”😡
Pranking Thor because somehow he still hasn’t figured out you can perform Magic.
I expect the house to be full of casual magic after that. Loki reading a floating book, you using your magic to light the fireplace.
It’s almost natural and the god of mischief is grateful to have his love as his partner in crime.
Tumblr media
Oh the sly grin on his face when he sees you perform magic for the first time when killing spiders. 
This man happens to be unarguably one of the most prideful being in the entirety of Middle Earth.
So guess who is smug about you showing off you skills.
“My darling Y/N can is way better at magic than you Mithrandir” “THRANDUIL !?”
He may even go out of his way to hold parties specifically so that people can recognise your talent although it often gets him an earful from you
“You are in a million Meleth-nin people must know that”
Guess who you help with pranks??
Things like messing with the elves working at the palace, pranking his Ada. Because he knows you will help him get out of trouble.
Like that one time you turned your lover’s entire outfit black.
Thranduil just sighed and let out a laugh
This is why Legolas prefers to stick around you a lot
Mirkwood elves love you considering it has never been easier to get rid of spiders than since you arrived.
Will let you charm the flowers and leaves on his crown however you want
You find a less painful way to hide his scar although you love him just the way he is.🥺🥺
He absolutely loves your abilities.
Tumblr media
First time he saw you do something he froze and looked at Elrond with wide eyes and an expression that clearly means ‘What the fuck was that?’👁👄👁
Lets be honest at first he’d be a bit uneasy and even lowkey confused around you after that.
How do you know that? Why did you never tell him? Did you not trust him?
Questions like these with spiral his mind.
It wasn’t until Elrond knocked some sense into him that he realizes he was ignoring you and that it was never your intention to hide it from him.
He’d apologise to you so many times that you have to magic his mouth shut.
He then expresses his interest in your ability and seems so genuinely curious about the things you can do that you would have to show him a few of those tricks.
One of them that he absolutely loves is that you could grow a flower on the palm of your hand.
He finds it so therapeutic that he asks you to do it and other things like it whenever he is stressed (Which is practically always)
Lindir is barely ever not serious so you had made it your personal vendetta to make him at least smile.
Once you had tried to do it in a meeting and it had Elrond wheeze out of laughter eventually making your lover join in.
Every time you two are together he watches you casually use your magic and every time he confirms to himself that he keeps falling for you more and more.
Yaay! So this is how I see them reacting.
Anyway, I hope you agree wit the headcannons and agree with them! Thank you so much for being patient. I have been too overstuffed with work hence the delay in publishing this. Please make sure to like, reblog and comment if you like my work to support me ! Please do not hesitate in sending in requests and asks I’ll always reply to them sooner or later I promise.🥰🥰
~Love, Hri
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enchantzz · a day ago
Re-watching The Hobbit without tissues is just impossible, even after countless times, these scenes always get to me.
'Thorin, Thorin hold on. Hold on please. The eagles... the eagles, the eagles are here'
If this is love, I do not want it. Why does it hurt so much?' 'Because it was real '
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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