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falindis · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
the definition of girlboss, tolkien edition
(based on this post)
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sunnyrosewritesstuff · 17 days ago
2. About Bilbo from the POV of...Lobelia
So this one is from the POV of a family member, and while I had many, many options I thought Lobelia would be fun. I plan on hitting all before I’m done. Don’t forget if there’s someone you want to see, send me an ask! Also I’m linking them all back to the masterlist here.
Despite what many of her fellow hobbits thought, Lobelia Bracegirdle (recently Sackville-Baggins), did not hate Bilbo Baggins. She just thought he was vastly undeserving of the life he lived.
Lobelia was six the first time she met Bilbo. It had been the solstice festival, and as the sun dipped below the horizon, her mother started leading the way back up the lane towards their smial. Bilbo and his cousins, Lobelia would later learn, were heavily drunk as they came tripping up the path behind them cackling like crows. 
“For you, Mrs. Bracegirdle.” Bilbo slurred, handing off the white clover (meaning: think of me) in his hand. “And for you, Little Miss. Please enjoy your evening.”
With a snicker and the back slaps and hushed whispers and giggles of his friends, the tween hobbits stumbled off into the night. It would be years later before Lobelia truly learned the arrogance of their gift, but the impression her mother left as she fumed after them tipped Lobelia off to the fact that they had somehow been insulted.
“That hobbit!” Priscilla Bracegirdle swore. “Exactly what happens when you let Took blood taint a good family like the Baggins.”
Two impressions stayed with Lobelia at that point. The Baggins name was worthy, and Bilbo Baggins was not. It was many years after that day, well after Bilbo’s parents died, that her opinion of him fully formed. In her tweens, she was very interested in the gossip of Hobbiton. Especially over who was courting who. So when Maybelle Burrows came running from the Hill in tears, Lobelia had to know what happened. The distraught hobbit was being comforted by her friends as Lobelia peeked around the tree to listen in better.
“He turned me down!” Maybelle sobbed. “He didn’t even give me a chance to present my flowers before he slammed the door!”
“That Bilbo Baggins!” Dorlina Proudfoot gasped. “Was he really that rude?” 
“I mean, he let me finish my tea, but who does that?! Who cuts someone off just like that?”
“I thought you didn’t even really like him like that.” Alva Goodbody tried to soothe.
“It doesn’t matter!” Maybelle snapped. “That...that...bachelor is beyond the help of any good lady hobbit. And if that’s how he wants to treat me, good riddance!”
The others, including Lobelia, gasped as the implication. She couldn’t even imagine it. Surely, Bilbo Baggins was not selfish enough to keep that large smial all to himself. If only Bungo and Belladonna Baggins lived! They would not approve of his life choices. What parent would? She knew not what his reasons were for turning Maybelle Burrows down, but there had to be a reason. She would not accept anything less.
Yet, Bilbo Baggins continued to live alone in his hilltop paradise, and Lobelia only found herself getting more bitter at his situation with age. He was arrogant. He was selfish, and there was talk of him starting to become unsocial. Certainly, he performed all of the duties of a true gentlehobbit, but it was clear that his heart was not in it. So when word got out that he went screaming down the hill about an adventure of all things, well Lobelia was certain that was the last they would ever see of Bilbo Baggins. It was for the best.
She was newly wed, finally getting the prestige of the Baggins name herself, and she and Otho were considering faunts. It just made sense that Bag End should go to someone who would appreciate it properly. Unlike a certain bachelor she knew. She had waited a proper, respectable amount of time before she started to inquire into things. It had been months! What if Bilbo Baggins never comes back? What if he’s dead, and the smial just sits there unused? How dreadful! What an absolute waste!
Her fellow hobbits did not disappoint as they passed along the same doubts by word of mouth all the way to the Mayor. A public announcement was made a few weeks later. If Bilbo Baggins did not return within a year, his property and belongings would be auctioned off to his fellow kinsmen who would actually put it to good use. Lobelia was seen with a smug smile for weeks after. Lobelia Sackville-Baggins was not cruel enough to wish her new cousin dead by any means. However, she did hope the hobbit got exactly what he deserved, which was living his life anywhere but Bag End.
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estethell · a month ago
At the end of BoFA, Bilbo finds Lobelia, pretending not to recognize him, who tries to sneak away with his silver crockery. In the beginning of Lotr, Bilbo starts hiding all of his dishes by arguing that he once caught Lobelia running away with his crockery in his pocket.
I just love it!
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"You will live to regret it, young fellow! Why didn't you go too? You don't belong here; you are no Baggins -you-you are a Brandybuck!"
"Did you hear that, Merry? That was an insult, if you like," said Frodo as he shut the door on her.
"It was a compliment," said Merry Brandybuck, "and so, of course, not true."
The fellowship of the ring, book I, chapter 1, A long-expected party, page 42.
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rohirric-hunter · a month ago
I don’t believe that Lobelia Sackville-Baggins actually stole those silver spoons. Where’s the textual evidence? The spoons went missing after Bilbo’s entire house had been turned over and sold at auction; anyone at all could have taken them. Bilbo just blamed Lobelia because he didn’t like her and she had a terrible attitude about the whole thing, but that’s not evidence.
In all likelihood the spoons were probably legitimately bought by some individual who decided that the fact that the person who sold them to them didn’t actually have any legal right to do so really wasn’t any of their business -- or maybe they did intend to return them, but that was before Bilbo publicly and a great deal more aggressively than passively accused Lobelia of taking them, and the whole situation was too funny to end it too soon. Then it was 60 years later and far too late to return them without making the whole thing incredibly awkward, and anyway at that point Lobelia had actually taken up petty theft in response to having been accused of it for so long, and what was one more expensive but ultimately unimportant trinket inside her metaphorical umbrella?
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watupmydudes · a month ago
The Hogwarts Houses of the Hobbits
Frodo: Ravenclaw
Sam: Hufflepuff
Merry: Slytherin
Pippin: Gryffindor
Bilbo: Gryffindor
Lobelia: Slytherin
Fatty: Hufflepuff  
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thegirlwhohid · a month ago
Tumblr media
Bilbo believed that she had acquired a good many of his spoons, while he was away on his former journey. Lobelia knew that quite well. When she arrived later in the day, she took the point at once, but she also took the spoons.
Lobelia Sackville-Baggins moodboard
Legendarium Ladies April: (20/30)
‘The Lord of the Rings’ characters: (52/?)
‘The Hobbit’ characters: (5/20)
Characters’ moodboards: (431/?)
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estethell · 2 months ago
Maybe Thorin was very angry when he got to Bag End because he missed the door and knocked on the Sackville-Baggins' door.  Who knows how Lobelia's welcome towards him was?
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eruanna1875 · 2 months ago
I just realized that Flambeau and Lobelia Sackville-Baggins have in common the stealing of other people's spoons, and I'm not quite sure what to do with this information.
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hetaczechia · 2 months ago
Lobelia Sackville-Baggins: Satan will punish you for your sins!
Bilbo: Kinky, give him my address.
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Headcanon that when Bilbo cusses it isnt like real cussing (ex: fiddlesticks) and the dwarves have created a pasttime where they try and get Bilbo to cuss. One day someone asks Bilbo who Lobelia Sackville-Baggins is because they missed that story and Bilbo's vocabulary suddenly gets very colorful to the point a few of the dwarves are uncomfortable... and then 15 minutes later he's back to saying "fiddlesticks" like that didnt just happen
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bamf-eowyn · 3 months ago
Bilbo calling her Lobelia Sackville Haggins behind her back
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frodomybeloved · 3 months ago
So I was researching flower symbolism (as one does) and turns out that lobelias symbolize “malevolence”
And, yknow, I just thought, leave it to JRR “extra fucking mile” Tolkien to ascribe a measure of symbolism even to easily one of his most detestable characters
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watupmydudes · 4 months ago
Characters That I Think are Feanorian Apologists
(and why I think they are)
Elrond and Elros: These two were raised by Maglor, and they loved him. I cannot imagine either of these two not being Feanorian apologists
Faramir(and Boromir and Eowyn): Faramir is very studied in lore, and can tell when there’s a basis. While he thinks the war crimes are vile, he takes pity on Feanor’s sons and knows that a lot of his historians have a heavy anti-Feanorian basis. He explained his reasons to Boromir and Eowyn, and they were like “Faramir’s smart, we can trust him on this”.
Denethor: He wasn’t a Feanorian apologist until later in life. Once the stress of the War of the Ring fell on to him, he would spend time thinking about Feanor and his sons and how at least the sons of Feanor must have been so tortured by their oath. 
Nienna and Gandalf: Nienna took pity on Morgoth, and she would definitely take pity on Feanor and his sons. She talks about this with Gandalf, and he one hundred percent agrees that fall of Feanor is a tragedy. 
Lobelia Sackville-Baggins: She overheard Bilbo telling the story of Feanor and his sons to a group of young Tooks, and while the means were extreme she understood the overall goal of collecting the Silmarils  
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gendermybeloved · 5 months ago
There is a knock at Lobelia Sackville-Baggins' door. It is late in the evening, and it is horribly disreputable for any guests to come calling so late, but Lobelia Sackville-Baggins is as respectable a hobbit as it gets, and she'll not have anyone say she turned away a guest, no matter the disreputable hour.
(That, and Lobelia Sackville-Baggins is the busiest busybody this side of the Shire and Buckland, and to have someone at her door at this hour? Best to hear the news they must be bringing.)
So Lobelia Sackville-Baggins opens the door of her smial, wearing only a robe over her dressing gown, and finds herself looking at a dwarf. An armored dwarf, and with tattoos! and carrying axes of all things on his back, and who looks very, very irritated, who grumbles out "Is this the home of Bilbo Baggins?"
Now, the thing is, Lobelia is as proper as proper gentlehobbits of Hobbiton get, and proper gentlehobbits of Hobbiton have a comfort zone that extends to the marketplace square at the furthest, and proper gentlehobbits of Hobbiton are prone to gossip, and gossip says that dwarves are dangerous and disreputable folk.
Lobelia has never really decided whether or not she believes that gossip, as she's never been further than the marketplace square and she of all people knows just how easily words can be twisted and quite honestly the character of dwarves has never been anything she's needed to concern herself with. But.
There is a dwarf at her door, travel-worn and armored, tattooed and visibly armed, who is irritatedly asking after the residence of her wealthy cousin, who lives alone, of whom he knows the name.
Lobelia Sackville-Baggins has spent the better part of two decades, ah… acquiring her way through Bilbo's heirloom cutlery, and she has taken every chance that's come around and few more of her own making to... acquire Bag End.
It would be very good for her, for Bilbo Baggins to become legally dead. But it's one thing to steal the spoons of a lively and irritable Bilbo Baggins, who comes over for tea the next week and steals them right back. It's quite another to give his address to the dwarf at her door, who has a gruff voice and metal on his knuckles and axes that don't look much for cutting wood on his back.
"Indeed it is," Lobelia Sackville-Baggins says, opening her door slightly wider, "and I'm terribly sorry," she says, a hospitable smile on her face, "but he's out at the moment. Might you come in for supper?"
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