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#anon asks
miss-tc-nova · 2 minutes ago
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Moving this question from the appraisals blog to my main/personal so I can keep the appraisal blog on topic. 
But to answer the question: YES! 
I’ve only done a few cosplays, but Master Ava was among the few I’ve done. 
I sold that cosplay after one use, but I’d really like to remake it again since I’ve somewhat improved in my sewing and foam-smithing abilities. I still have the mask (or at least the facial part) but it’s pretty rough and I know I could do better. 
I also tried my hand a Vanitas but never got around to finishing him before life went haywire on me. I do have an awesome helmet for it though. 
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jarmeen · 2 minutes ago
yellow, pink, copper and emerald? :]
ooh, thanks for asking so many!
yellow: name of an artist you think is underrated
i’m not sure how mainstream he is, but i really love role model’s music :)
pink: what’s your natural hail color?
dark brown
copper: gold or silver jewelry?
emerald: if you had to option, would you choose to move and live in another country?
yes, absolutely. and i’d probably move to new zealand if i had the chance
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salted-caramel-tea · 2 minutes ago
ok sapnap lore hmmm
i really want c!sapnap to be in the syndicate for the main reason of him joining it to protect c!karl and kinoko kingdom would be very interesting to me and it Will happen.
source: trust me
That would be so cool!!!! He’s lost so much already it’s be understandable if he turned to the syndicate as a last resort kind of thing in order to protect what he still has left,, esp with quackity on the opposition now he could try to target kinoko- the only thing that sapnap really has left. I’m sure techno and the rest of the syndicate would be willing to get back at quackity for trapping him in prison too,, ywah I just think that’d be really interesting thank u anon
<3 :)
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5-falsehoods-phonated · 3 minutes ago
11: Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.
Local gay is tired and never learned how to sit on a chair in a way that doesn't cause tik back problems:
Tumblr media
Also i gave up on the shorts but i have cat print boxer shorts on with a hooded flannel. Truly peak fashion
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lakemichiganbaby · 3 minutes ago
red yellow dark blue and grey!!
omg who are u . kiss. ANYWAY i literally cannot keep convos thru tumblr dms but like mutuals PLEASE join my mutuals server and then ill be friends w u mwah mwah
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lonelier-version-of-you · 3 minutes ago
the show films three months in advance so they'll stop filming Decemberish so they've only got six months left goddd this is going to be bad.
it is :// sighhh
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dailydianakko · 3 minutes ago
Lilith x hooty aka looty
You’ve just lost your keyboard privileges!!! Also your kneecaps :)
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ask-the-tempest-king · 3 minutes ago
// Not an ask, I just wanted to say I'm really glad to see that you're back! You're my Favorite Dimitri blog and besides that, honestly seem like a genuinely nice person. I hope you have a Great day! //
-Shy and Awkward Anon
// Aw, thank you! I’m honored that you like my blog and think I’m a nice person. I hope you have a wonderful day too, and honestly I’m also really glad to be back.
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leiffii · 4 minutes ago
can people use your art as pfps/headers with credit? sorry if it’s rude to ask and it’s totally okay if you’re not comfortable with it ^_^ !!!!
Yea I’m ok with it! All I ask is for credit somewhere where it’s visible!
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btsaudge · 4 minutes ago
Am I the only one who feels like they've fallen in love with yoongi all over again after this muster?!
Nah, I do not think you're alone. He was gone for his surgery and recovery for so much time at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. Seeing him now is a bit like being reunited with a loved one. Especially seeing him on stage. He really glowed on stage these last two days.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shoeinastring · 4 minutes ago
hiiii and egg
Tumblr media
hhsdhsdhhs you’re so welcome bestie, i’m glad my efforts have paid off :))
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cherrybarzy · 4 minutes ago
who do you like more harry or mat?👀
this is like asking me to pick a favorite kid. don’t ask again <3
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deadandphilgames · 5 minutes ago
concept: au where i do the whip nae nae in people's inboxes instead of dabbing - dabby
a wild au indeed
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straggy-luvs-u · 5 minutes ago
*dabs enthusiastically*
*welcomes you*
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theodessadatinggames · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
This is what my playthrough looks like right now, and no I’m not changing their names bc it’s too funny to me
I’m sure this is happening to other people too 🤣 like I’m sure a melanie, laurel, etc will play/has played!
I came up with all the names randomly, but nice to see that they’re similar to players names despite this!
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plqsmagical · 5 minutes ago
I know this isn't entirely the case but it's game grumps fault there are so many young fans. Your other anon sure is passionate about this, huh? As a Hiyoko fan who is blocked by most Hiyoko fans I can kind of understand.
hahha i guess they are , i wasnt expecting so many DR asks but hey m not complaining
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kinky-daydreamer · 6 minutes ago
I love having my nipples sucked squeezed twisted hard
Uuu nice, I love playing with nipples 🖤
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frogboydan · 6 minutes ago
*dabs subtly*
oh woW what an honour i would like to thank my fans who have always believed in me this ones for u
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yukika · 6 minutes ago
im not smart and im gonna be a bio major... never stop chasing ur dreams
oooh okay legend let me know how that goes
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bitterendbrutalizer · 6 minutes ago
Your work is amazing and i feel lost when you don't post
Anonymously tell me how you feel about me and I’ll post it without comment.
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