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luanmorina · 20 hours ago
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) – Recensim
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) – Recensim
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them Tetë minutat e parë, sjellin tërë historinë se çfarë na pret në 220 minutat e mbetur (versioni i gjerë) të historisë së Zotit të Unazave. Dhe çfarë historie është kjo se! Edhe njëzet vite më pas, si film, trilogji në fakt, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ i Peter Jackson mbetet trilogjia më e mirë…
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joshjacksons · a day ago
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Peter Bishop Screencaps Part 45/?
Season 2 Episode 1: A New Day in the Old Town
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lexdrillo · a day ago
Look, I love Frodo, and I love Elijah Wood, but I don't especially like Elijah Wood as Frodo :/
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thorin-is-a-cuddler · a day ago
Where are my mid-twenties mutuals whose edgy teenage years consisted of watching the early seasons of Supernatural, of listening to that one Parachute album over and over again, of worshipping Lifehouse and Snowpatrol and The Fray and SafetySuit and Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls and Fake Empire by The National, of watching Vampire Diaries fanmade videos on youtube to discover new sad music, of watching Teen Wolf despite not understanding what the frick was going on, of reading Twist and Shout on AO3 like a Hemingway novel, of saving all your money to buy DocMartens with flowers on them, of loving Twilight for the Cullens siblings and having a crush on Jackson Rathbone and Peter Facinelli, of keeping your black eye makeup on before a shower to look extra edgy afterwards, of realizing that your favorite Disney movie is actually Treasure Planet, of face claiming actors for your own tragic little story ideas. Where are my edgy teens turned mid-twenties people? All of you! No matter where you are or what you do now. I see you. And I love you. Now go and play „She (For Liz)“ on Spotify.
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paceypeterslawyer · 3 days ago
​milordmilady1996 > paceypeterslawyer
I never thought i’d rebrand but I was inspired after I got in a heated debate on Facebook in defense of Peter Bishop from “Fringe” and I felt like a lawyer in that moment.
So it’s official... I am now Pacey J Witter and Peter Bishop’s lawyer!! lol
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bagginshield · 3 days ago
“arwen’s life is now tied to the fate of the ring” literally why tho
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in-love-with-movies · 3 days ago
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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (USA - New Zealand, 2002)
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cjwsportstherapy · 4 days ago
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Putangirua Pinnacles, movie set for “The Paths of the Dead” in LOTR: The Return of the King, New Zealand
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stilinskisaywhaaat · 4 days ago
Hey you guys! We’re an 18+ Teen Wolf roleplay server on discord, and we’re looking for some more people to play with. If anyone likes teen wolf RP, and has some free time, come hang out with us a bit!  These are characters we’re looking for, but we also accept OCs and bringing back the dead characters: Lydia Martin Kira Yukimura Malia Tate Peter Hale Jackson Whittemore Mason Hewitt Corey Bryant (& others! stop in and glance at least.)
We’re playing roughly 6 months after the flash forward at the end of 6B, and it’s currently Christmas time. We do a lot of differing plots, and you can play a good guy or a villain, or just some slice of life if you like.  Current ships happening in the server are: thiam, sterek, and danny/donovan.
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aleanajackson · 4 days ago
The Fish
Jason: Percy, why. Is. My. Brick. And. Stapler. Destroyed?
Percy: *eyes start to twitch, and a hurricane forms over-head* Just a fish? Just a FISH????? HE WAS A SON, A DAD, AN UNCLE, A GRANDPA!!! HE HAD HIS WHOLE LIFE AHEAD OF HIM!!
Piper: What the heck is this all about?
Annabeth: Piper, you don't wanna know. You really don't wanna know.
Frank: *tears in eyes* H-he was an a-amazing fishie.
Hazel: *hugs Frank* I know, I know.
Leo: *walks in* *see's what's happening* *walks out*
Piper: *restrains from punching Jason* Jase, you ate a fish. A fish is more important than some brick and stapler.
Annabeth: *trying to calm down Percy* Jason, I advise that if you'd like to see day longer, then you run.
Leo: *runs back in carrying Nico* I FOUND A SOLUTION!!!
Nico: PUT ME DOWN NOW!!!!!!
Leo: *shrugs and throws Nico onto the ground*
Nico: Ouch. Okay, anyways, before you two destroy camp, Percy, Jason, I have some stuff for you.
Nico: Not even Peter, and, *gags* Brickie and Stappie?
Percy: *hugs Nico hard* THANKS!!! *runs off into the ocean*
Jason: *looks at Nico* BRICKIE, STAPPIE?
Nico: *nods*
Jason: *runs off wit brick and stapler*
Tumblr media
Okay, so, that's the first ever post by me. So, what do ya think?
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269-million · 4 days ago
Gandalf: [To Merry] What the hell did the goats do in here? This place is disgusting! Where is your cousin? PIPPIN!
Pippin: [Crawling past amidst a flock of goats, raises his head and peeks at Gandalf before hiding again] Gandalf is ma-a-a-a-ad; go to the Green Dra-a-a-gon!
Gandalf: [As the goats walk around him] Fool of a Took, I both saw you and recognized your voice.
Pippin: [Not missing a beat] Go ba-a-a-a-ack!
Gandalf: [Reaches into the flock and drags Pippin out by the ear]
Pippin: Gandalf! I, I didn’t know you were back in the Shire! Well, I guess we can all agree this was a great idea! The End! [To the Fellowship’s theme, nervously] Na, na, na-na, Fe-low-ship!
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sunmoontruth-stiles · 4 days ago
Ok this is gonna be long. I’ve literally been slowly working on this for… too long. I’m just in a mood to have a long discussion about ships. I’ll be looking at canon and not, so bare with me. I don’t ship all of these personally. I’m mostly just picking the most popular ones. I chose to leave out a few that I just don’t want to talk about. I tried to keep this loosely chronological, but that quickly went to hell. None of this is meant to be hate towards anyone’s ship, just my personal opinions on each of them.
Tumblr media
Scott x Allison: True Classic
Scallison is so sweet as it is truly the epitome of young love. Romeo and Juliet, except Romeo is even more of an idiot and Juliet is a badass who dies for a cause. They’re moral and ethical codes are both highly valued by themselves, even if they don’t align with others very often. They loved with everything they had. They were beautiful. We’re they soulmates in the end, or just the first love who will always hold a special place in your heart? Who knows, but I’ll always love these immature kids who thought their love could change everything.
Stiles x Lydia: The Long Awaited
Stydia is as slow burn as you can get. Unfortunately their actual getting together was slightly rushed in my opinion. They didn’t have time to find their own as a couple because Stiles just wasn’t in the show enough at that point. I know the reasons behind it, but it did leave this couple at an awkward stage of official-but-not-shown. The idea that Stiles loved her as a kid, immature and infatuated, and he saw her for who she really was, will always be cute. Then they grew, changed, became friends, and found other people. Them finding each other later on, having real love that’s developed slowly, is a wonderful arc. Though, a part of me will always believe they should have pursued other story lines in the wake of Stiles’ absence from the plot. They’re finally together! …but we don’t get to see it.
Jackson x Lydia: The Image
Oh Jackson and Lydia. Honestly, I love them. Their connection at a time in their lives when they couldn’t open up to anyone else, just hits me right in the feels. I mean, god that HUG. You know the one. Always brings me to tears. I’m so sad their relationship was almost entirely depicted during Jackson’s kanima time when he couldn’t think nor truly act for himself. Those small moments of scared vulnerability when he wanted to protect her from himself… I’ll miss these two. They deserved to find other people and remain life-long friends. I loved their moment in the last episode. I wish they’d gotten to see each other grow. Also they had such bixbi solidarity vibes, and I’ll die on that hill.
Scott x Lydia: Leaders
Ok, I’m gonna be honest here. I ship it. The power couple they would have been?? Also them coming together after they lost Allison would have actually made sense. A part of me kinda wishes the writers had moved on from Stydia as a romantic relationship and leaned into them growing as friends and Stiles moving on from his childhood crush. Scott and Lydia actually would have had good chemistry. They were both very headstrong heroic types, but Lydia would have balanced Scott out well intellectually. They had the history, and I think it could had worked if they wrote it right. Plus, Scott and Lydia would have been a better endgame that Scalia.
Scott x Kira: New Beginnings
These two were adorable. Kira was a badass, don’t get me wrong, but she let herself be soft in a way Allison was always afraid to. This couple was truly Baby. Absolute dorks. I can definitely see the lasting quality between the two of them. They saw things very similarly, and had a ton in common. I do think Kira deserves more characterization outside of their relationship, like more of her friendship with Malia. Overall, her departure from the show will always be sad to me. It was bad writing. Scott was over her far too quickly.
Aiden x Lydia: Pretty People Herd
I honestly didn’t see much between these two other than mutual attraction. The best thing to come out of this relationship was Lydia’s line, “You’re not just a bad boy, Aiden. You’re a bad guy. And I don’t want to be with the bad guys.” Good character development moment.
Ethan x Danny: Step to Redemption
Danny really was the thing that made Ethan look outside of the pack for what he really wanted out of life. They had a few cute scenes. Gotta love Danny’s final remarks, “Dude, it’s Beacon Hills.”
Allison x Isaac: Unexpected Rebound
Ok, I like these two. Isaac could match Allison’s snark in a way Scott couldn’t. They both fought the progression of the relationship slightly. They didn’t expect to fall for each other. They were less willing to let someone in close. I’d love to have seen more… but unfortunately their time was limited. On a side note, sometimes their relationship did feel like ‘we both are in love with the same guy, let’s cope with each other’, but I find that completely valid. I’ll talk about Scallisaac later though.
Stiles x Malia: Anchors
Ok but, them <3 I love what they did for each other. Stiles was able to help Malia connect to her humanity and other people. He never tried to isolate her in their relationship and encouraged her growth. Malia offered Stiles the emotional support he never asked for. She defended him, fought for him, and loved him fiercely. Stiles needed that so much after season 3. I think they were a love that wasn’t meant to last, but the impact of it was forever. I wish we’d gotten to see a real end for them where they agreed that they needed to grow as individuals but would always still care.
Liam x Hayden: Three’s a Pattern
These two’s characterization stopped whenever they had storylines together. Their relationship was built on Scallison references. Hayden’s character could have been interesting, but they never really gave her a moment to shine. Liam has the worst plots when they revolved around her. Cute couple, poor writing.
Derek x Braeden: Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girl Boss
Derek deserves to be happy so much. Kate and Jennifer were just... jeez. Him and Braeden were cute and deserved more screen time. I think her intensity allowed for Derek to let go of control a bit more comfortably. Let Derek Be Soft. Anyway, love them.
Corey x Mason: Gotta Have That Rep TM
These two could have been cute if they were shown for more than two seconds at a time. I highkey forget Corey even existed all the time. Kinda just felt like a relationship to fill TW’s gay quota.
Jackson x Ethan: The Callback
Honestly? Loved them. Loved the chemistry. Loved the dynamic. Best twist. I know it was probably written in like that because Colton came out during his time away from the show, but it absolutely fit his character. Jethan is top tier.
Melissa x Chris: BAMF Parent Duo
Ok, so like, Melissa deserved this plot. She deserved someone to care about her. However... what the hell? Chris? In canon, his wife died like 2-ish years prior? His daughter died 1 year prior?? Is Chris really in a position to pursue a new relationship?? Also, like, Scott and Allison dated and loved each other up to her death. Kinda weird to have their parents hook up. I don’t hate it, but I don’t ship it…?
Scott x Malia: Lead up? What’s lead up?
These two came out of nowhere I stg. Like, 6B really tried to tell us this was something that had been slowly developing in the background? Also, I understand that they are their own people, adults, and completely in charge of their own romantic pursuits: but did Scott seriously never call Stiles? Like, Malia wasn’t just his first girlfriend. She was his first. Like, dude that’s your best friend?? Not even a head’s up? No, ‘hey would this bother you?’ Oof. Plus Malia was way too chaotic for Scott. She existed in gray morality that always prioritized her immediate circle, and Scott was a very black/white type of heroism. I just didn’t feel like they fit.
Scott x Stiles: Childhood Best Friends
Ya, sorry, I don’t ship Sciles at all. I get it. Like, I totally understand the ship, and I mean no judgment at all. I just see them as friends. I really value good male friendships in media because I feel like we don’t get enough, and I always liked these two.
Stiles x Derek: Enemies to Lovers. 100k. Angst. Hurt/Comfort.
God these two really are what fanfiction was made for. I could write a much longer discussion about Sterek, and I probably will eventually. I’ll try to keep this brief. These two weren’t always on the same side, but their approach was the same. They were very similar at their core. Plus, wow the chemistry. This should have been canon. Jeff’s a coward.
Allison x Lydia: Powerful.
This ship is so great. They really had a great dynamic, and a romantic plot would have easily fit the established narrative. Lydia’s confidence in herself and Allison’s confidence in her own abilities crossing over to each other because that’s what the other lacked? Iconic.
Danny x Jackson: He Gets Him
Danny really saw Jackson for everything he was and still cared. I wished we’d gotten to see more of them. I  want more background with Jackson’s eventual coming out and his friendship with Danny. Like, they ended up dating the same guy. What did Ethan have to say about that??
Stiles x Jackson: Bastards
Ok these two had a super fun dynamic. The asshole-energy between them was, great. The snark was always so entertaining.
Melissa x Noah: Family
How were these two not endgame? Their sons were practically brothers already. They had amazing chemistry. The flirting? Not to mention, their timeline would have made way more sense. Missed opportunity.
Chris x Peter: The Opposite of Love is Indifference, Not Hate
Ok so like, this was definitely one of those ships that I had absolutely no knowledge of before I was pretty into the fandom. Like, this was not something I would have guessed just after watching the show. That being said; my god the chaos alone…
Scott x Isaac: The Disaster Duo
Okay ya I love these two. Two dumb asses who act like idiot puppies. Such a fun dynamic. Plus?? Chemistry??? Hellooo
Scott x Allison x Isaac: Three Heads Are Better Than One
This ship is definitely one of my personal favorites. I very rarely poly-ship. I just feel like most of them are just love triangles with an ‘easy solution’, when two of them have no real connection. That is so not the case here. I feel like all of them have such great chemistry with each other. They also have a great dynamic as a group. Season 3A was really just Scallisaac rights.
Stiles x Isaac: I Hate You, jk…Not Really
Ok I loved their banter, but I really just don’t see this ship. Idk, I don’t personally ship it. Would have loved to see their friendship develop more tho.
Erica x Allison: Duo that would stab you with a stiletto
I don’t ship it, but I do wish we’d seen them become friends. I feel like they had a very artificial ‘girls fighting over a boy’ dynamic? They could have been such a badass duo.
Stiles x Erica: Batman x Catwoman
Ok I’m not sure exactly how to express my feelings for these two so bare with me. OMG I love their dynamic so much, and they are sooo cute. Their energy? Amazing. Chemistry? Great. History? It’s there and has so much potential. 10/10. Love them. But, no, I don’t ship it lol. Just really love their friendship, but with the underlying history of crushes.
Boyd x Erica: Was This Not Canon?
How can anyone not love Berica? Ugh they are adorable. These two deserved so much better.
Boyd x Cora: Survivors
Honestly I don’t really see it? Like they definitely had a connection, but it never felt romantic. I really feel like they just had to lean on each other and bond to make it through captivity, and it just lasted.
Boyd x Erica x Cora: The Pack
I literally learned this was a ship a couple days ago. Similar feelings towards this as Bora, but with the added hesitancy of we never actually saw Erica and Cora interact.
Cora x Stiles: Slow Build Up
These two were clearing being lined up to be a thing before Cora ended up leaving. I can’t say I’m disappointed they never happened. Kinda felt like they just wanted to straight-code Sterek.
Cora x Lydia: Mean Lesbians
Not much interaction to actually go off of, but yes I 100% support. They have very different approaches to problems, which is fun. Very ‘opposites attract’.
Malia x Kira: “Maybe you could date the coyote?”
Another one of my favorites!! They really complimented each other. Also, how full circle would they have been? They were introduced in back-to-back episodes. Malia stalking her as a coyote? The line from Kira’s dad about dating it? It would have been so funny if that ended up happening.
Malia x Lydia: Beauty and the Beast, but make it wlw
These two were fun. I liked their friendship, but I don’t really ship it. Though, rip Stiles that would have been hilarious.
Parrish x Lydia: The Cop and The Minor
Must I say more? Like, Parrish’s character, so sweet and big rule follower, did not make sense for what went down with Lydia. I love Parrish, but the dynamic just felt off. It didn’t feel consistent with the rest of his characterization.
Parrish x Stiles: The Cop and The Minor, but gay?
Ok, same reasoning as above, but also they had absolutely no connection romantically.
Scott x Theo / Stiles x Theo: Sometimes The Villain is Hot
Ok I’ve put these together because I have the same opinion for both. I don’t ship it. Neither had any rebuilding of trust, and Theo really hurt both of them. I just don’t really think they work.
Mason x Liam: Sciles Puppy Pack Edition
Similar to my feeling about Sciles, I just don’t ship these two. They had a good friendship, from the little we saw of it.
Theo x Liam: Anchors 2: Electric Boogaloo
Another personal favorite! I really don’t even understand why this didn’t go canon?? The elevator scene was just, so intense. They helped each other grow in 6B, and I really loved their dynamic. They should have hooked up.
Honorable Mention?: 
Parrish x Laura: What’s canon?
I’ve seen this in fanfic a lot, and I actually really like it lol. I thought I’d add it in here because I do love the creativity of fandoms.
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