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niphredilien · an hour ago
Yet Another Prompt - 13, nibenaes (or oc of your choice? sorry for sending so many in)
Yes! Time to talk about Nibenaes and her band of semi-reformed criminals! (Also, don’t worry at all! I’ve loved doing all of them - you can send in even more if you want!)
From this prompt list.
13 - “Look! A shooting star! Make a wish!”
“Canaer! That’s my knife!”
“You left it lying around. Really, it was practically begging me to pick it up.”
“Give it back.”
“Or what, Nelladon? You’ll make me? I’d like to see you try.”
“Children, please...”
“Keep your nose out of this Arasell.”
Nibenaes smiles to herself at her friends bickering. She lies on her back in the long grass, close enough to still see the bright fire light and to hear the cheery voices of her companions but far enough away to have her own privacy.
“Lhoeweg!” The argument cuts off at once.
“A successful hunt then?”
“Aye,” Rochind - for it is Nibenaes’ belovéd - says. “Where’s ‘Naes?”
“Oh, she wandered off again. It’s a clear night: she’s probably star-gazing somewhere quiet. Now, give me those rabbits: it’s getting late and I would like to eat before next week.”
The conversation settles down into something comfortable about food and Nibenaes turns her attention back to the sky. Out here in the wilderness, the night is alight with purples and reds and blues, stars clustering into bright clouds of light and the shining moon sitting among them.
She holds a hand up, spreading her fingers out as if to reach up and peal it away.
Maybe her mother is up there: maybe that is where her soul went, to light up the world for her.
“Oh, here you are.”
She drops her hand and turns her head. She smiles at her belovéd as Rochind drops down beside her.
“Here I am,” She agrees. “The stars are particularly beautiful today.”
She sighs.
“Thinking about your parents again?”
“Mhm.” She leans her head against their shoulder. Her father hadn’t ever been good with feelings and they had always been distant despite being the only family they each had for a long time but during dark nights when neither of them could sleep, he would take her out of the city and they would sit outside and he would tell her all the stories of the stars he could recall.
She closes her eyes and sighs again. She misses, sometimes, the peace of Thargelion and the quiet years with just her and her father.
Rochind takes a hold of her hand and the faint homesickness for a place she can never return to fades. She loved her childhood but she is here now with people she loves just as much.
“Look!” Rochind says and Nibenaes blinks her eyes open. Through the gap in the swaying corn, she can see...
“A shooting star! Make a wish, ‘Naes.”
It is not just one but a whole shower of meteors, sparking to life in a glorious explosion before fading away again. It takes her breath away a moment.
And then she turns quite suddenly and kisses her belovéd firmly on the lips.
“Whyever should I, when I have all I want here?” She asks, whispering it into the faint space between them. Their eyes are wide and reflect the multitudinous stars above them in their only blue depths.
They smile and lean forward, resting their forehead against hers and Nibenaes is at peace.
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a-simp-20 · 3 hours ago
Happy 30ty birthday to Shuntaro Yanagi!!! 🥰
In my county its already May 16th!
So,why not celebrate last boss' 30th birthday???
Is this 30 yer old Man hot?..yes yes he is 😌✨
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torresdesigns · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
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My other shop on Etsy has Vintage Lego, Dolls and Accessories!
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lyra-poetry · 8 hours ago
There is a fish with the happiest of red and bright eye-blinding white
Tumblr media
🔵 🔵 🔵
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hetaczechia · 13 hours ago
Merry: How do girls put on skirts?
Merry: Do you do it one leg at a time like pants, or do you jump right in?
Arwen: One leg at a time.
Éowyn: I jump right in!
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brandywineriver · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
This is one of my favorite lil outfits i put Merry in in my fic :>
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riderofrohirrim · 15 hours ago
The Fellowship watching Eurovision:
(because it’s Eurovision week and as a European I am morally obligated to write this)
he thinks it’s all a bunch of nonsense but still watches it every year without fail
accurately predicts the winner each year after first rehearsals, even if it’s not his favourite song
he knows the words to every single song somehow, even the ones in languages that he doesn’t speak
always roots for the countries that rarely qualify for the final
legitimately has never watched Eurovision before
only knows the Eurovision songs that Sam has sang near him or the ones he’s heard on the radio
complains about how Eurovision has become extremely politicised which goes completely against the reason it was founded
knows obscure statistics about how well different countries have performed at Eurovision
may secretly be part of one of the Scandinavian metal bands that seem to always qualify
rants about Australia being allowed to compete but he ends up supporting them anyway
pretends he doesn’t know what Eurovision is when anyone asks him (even if he’s listening to his Eurovision playlist)
watches it each year with Aragorn and Gimli, and is the biggest Eurovision fan out of the three of them
only watches the final (because the qualifying rounds have all the bad songs in)
has somehow managed to turn the section where the points are awarded into a drinking game
only knows the Eurovision songs that are popular on social media
he still votes each year, without listening to any of the songs - he just picks the song with the best title
critiques the singers’ outfits and staging constantly
loves the piano ballads (even though they all sound similar) and has a playlist dedicated solely to those ballads
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hetaczechia · 15 hours ago
Frodo: You were my midnight mystery kisser?!
Merry: You were my first kiss ever?!
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cricket-and-merry · 17 hours ago
Hey, Cricket here.
Writing is a lot smoother this time. Merry is moving so our time for writing is being broken up pretty heavily, but the good thing is that when we do write, something comes out. Everything for the chapter is laid out so far and it’s a much better, more functional version of what the first iteration of this chapter was.
It really was kind of hitting through that last hurdle that was making things difficult. We had to completely reshape and restructure what the beginning of this chapter was even meant to be, and pace things at a completely different rate. So far, it’s kept the integrity of the messages and information we wanted to impart with the same amount of clarity and gravity.
Now the task is just getting it all written down and edited lol.
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