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lotrolulz · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
........Well fuck me. It’s okay, I didn’t need to feel happy today. ;-;
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Lord of the Rings characters that definitely had an emo phase:
Characters that didn't have a phase but have always been emo on the inside:
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arofili · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the line of elros ❖ stewards of gondor ❖ headcanon disclaimer
          Faramir was the younger son of Denethor II, and was the last Ruling Steward of Gondor. His father loved him less than his brother Boromir, for though they were alike in many ways, Faramir listened to the advice of the wizard Mithrandir whom Denethor distrusted. It was Faramir who first received dreams of Imladris and Isildur’s Bane, but Denethor chose to send Boromir to discover what the dreams meant while Faramir was ordered to Ithilien as a Ranger of the South.           There he encountered the hobbits Frodo and Sam on their journey to Mordor to destroy the One Ring. To them he revealed the death of Boromir, of which the hobbits had not known, and showed great strength of will in refusing the Ring in contrast to his brother’s fall. As the hobbits continued on their journey, Faramir returned to Osgiliath, failing to hold its defenses as had Boromir. He was struck down by the Witch-king of Angmar’s Black Breath, and was saved only by his uncle Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth.           Faramir was rendered unconscious and near to death for the remainder of the War of the Ring. His father went mad and attempted to burn them both on a pyre in Minas Tirith, but Faramir was saved by Mithrandir though, Denethor perished. He was then taken to the Houses of Healing, where he was healed by Aragorn after the Battle of the Pelennor Fields was won. He spent the rest of the War recovering in the Houses of Healing, where he met Éowyn of Rohan, another grievously wounded patient. They fell in love, and were married after the War.           Showing a humility his father never possessed, Faramir led the coronation of Aragorn as King Elessar of Gondor and Arnor, surrendering his position as Ruling Steward. Aragorn reinstated the original role of the Stewards and returned the title to Faramir, also creating him as the Prince of Ithilien.           Faramir and Éowyn settled in Ithilien, and he inherited his ancestral title of Lord of Emyn Arnen. Together he and Éowyn had two children, Elboron and Rohiril. Elboron, a scholar and writer, was very dear to Aragorn’s son Prince Eldarion, and never married; Rohiril wed one of her father’s knights, Silevegil, and bore them a son. This child, Barahir, would eventually inherit his uncle Elboron’s title and passion for lore, writing the Tale of Aragorn and Arwen which survived in an abridged form through the ages in the Thain’s Book.
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vyther18 · 15 hours ago
Faramir son of Denethor ii, my beloved
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khokali · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
@arethainparis IF YOU INSISTE..
-afraid of the ocean big time. Been drowning since he was a kid cause of ar pharazons bullshit and now doesn't even like a bath tub. All his dol amroth cousins tease him for being maudlin about the sea since it's so essential to their way of life and seems mundane to them but he doesn't care the ocean can do scary shit when the hand of god tells it to alright
-also maudlin is the word you look up in the dictionary and find Faramirs picture beside fyi
-sucks at cold weather. Gondors a warm place, and while it snows sometimes on Minas tirith, it's not a lot. Eowyn meanwhile is winter goddess, so she gets to tease him about slipping on ice and not knowing how to deal with loads of snow but he gets her back douring humid hot ithilien summers because she can't handle it.
-likes dol amroths music, plays some instruments(of unnamed type because I know nothing about historical music of European places and I don't think they had guqin in gondor soo??) It's kind of more 'raunchy' or..looser idk how to put it. Folky? Not as austere and academic as what's enjoyed in MT. If your an insufferable hipster as myself, basically beirut's flying club cup is it. He and lothiriel bond deeply over this(as well as being The Youngest even though he's like 10 yes older than her), and they have jam sessions when they see each other.
-utterly feral. This notion of faramir being perfectly groomed and neat? No, dead, gag, that's charming sunshine Boromirs game. Faramir is a miserable sweaty sack of crap that lives in a cave most months of the year. He has leaves and twigs in his hair at all times and is 80% mud.
-gets on well with most ppl in gondor but has a hard time in Rohan. The truth Sayers, these men of Gondor, just come off as assholes there, so eomers court tolerates him but he definitely is not as well liked as he is back home.
-also he and eomer? Get on like cats and dogs which is to say with a lot of snapping and hissing. At first eomer takes issue with his speed running his engagement to eowyn and Faramir takes issue with him for not letting her live her own life but they each get over themselves and then just have to keep up the momentum of annoyance because well this is how we work brother in law. Deep down they respect each other but outwardly they do nothing but snipe at each other. Merry and Pippin keep track of who is besting who as this rivalry impacts their honor as well. This is a purely reactionary take as I got sick of stories where Faramir cowers in fear from eomer.
-on that note boromir has never called his grown ass man of a brother little one and if he did Faramir would make it into a dick joke
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thrift-store-tea-cup · 18 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Éowyn/Faramir (Son of Denethor II) Characters: Éowyn (Tolkien), Faramir (Son of Denethor II) Additional Tags: Drabble, Fluff, Romantic Fluff, Flirting, Nerdy Flirting, Tooth-Rotting Fluff, The Silmarillion References, because of course Faramir is familiar with ancient Elvish history, and would use that knowledge to come up with obscure compliments on the fly Summary:
While Eomer and Gimli are discussing whether Arwen or Galadriel is the most beautiful woman in the world, Faramir suggests a third possibility.
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lovely-v · 18 hours ago
I love Éowyn and Faramir as a couple and I love Éowyn and Merry as a couple and it’s such a struggle because I wanna say “Éowyn has two hands” but she doesn’t because one of her hands is holding a sword probably :(
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glorfindelridesagain · 19 hours ago
Faramir: I have an idea.
Gandalf: No self-sacrifice.
Faramir: I no longer have an idea.
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mellpenscorner · a day ago
Tumblr media
“I do not love the sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory; I love only that which they defend.”
- Faramir, The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien
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arofili · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the line of elros ❖ stewards of gondor ❖ headcanon disclaimer
          Denethor II was the son of Ecthelion II, and was the twenty-sixth and penultimate Ruling Steward of Gondor. In his youth he was the rival of Thorongil, an outsider who quickly became a trusted general and advisor to Ecthelion; Denethor was jealous of Thorongil’s closeness to his father and trusted him even less when he spoke favorably of the wizard Mithrandir whom he trusted not at all. When Thorongil vanished after a military victory, Denethor was not at all sorry to see him go.           When Finduilas, daughter of the Prince of Dol Amroth, came to Minas Tirith to visit her elder sister Ivriniel, Denethor swiftly fell deeply in love with her. Though she yearned always for the sea, Finduilas agreed to marry him and bore him two sons: Boromir, named for the son of Denethor’s own namesake, and Faramir, named for one of the last ill-fated Princes of Gondor.           Denethor adored his elder son, but cared little for the younger; Finduilas did her best to raise Faramir on her own despite her own dwindling health, which she believed to be caused by her confinement in the stone city of Minas Tirith so far from the sea. Denethor refused to believe his wife’s ailment was his own doing, and as the Shadow of Mordor lengthened she grew only more ill until she died at the age of only 38, incredibly young for one of the Dúnedain.           After Finduilas’ death, Denethor grew grim and silent. He focused on preparing Gondor for the coming war against Sauron, and desperate for knowledge he turned to the palantír of Anor, overconfident in his willpower to resist the contamination of the Shadow. He learned much from the stone, but the stress of contending against the mighty will of Sauron aged him before his time.           Denethor was motivated by a need to surpass Thorongil, in whose shadow he still lived, and even the wizards Mithrandir and Curunír. Though he was ever-vigilant in his watch against Mordor, he became blind to all struggles save those between him and Sauron. When his ill-favored son Faramir began to have dreams of Imladris and Isildur’s Bane, Denethor at first dismissed him, but when Boromir came to his brother’s defense and revealed he also had received these dreams, Denethor eventually agreed to send the elder of his sons on a quest to discover their meaning.           Boromir was a man of great strength and valour, taking after King Eärnur of old in all ways. He was a valiant captain, defending Osgiliath from Sauron’s first assault, and undertook this quest with determination. He traveled the dangerous road from Minas Tirith to Imladris, facing many hardships but at last reaching Rivendell in time to attend the Council of Elrond. Boromir spoke of Gondor’s struggle against the forces of Mordor, and when the One Ring was revealed he was eager to use its power to defend Gondor.           Though his request was denied due to the Ring’s corrupting power, Boromir joined the Fellowship of the Ring on his way back to Minas Tirith. On this journey he came to know Aragorn, the true name of his father’s rival Thorongil, and though there was some conflict of will between them Aragorn earned Boromir’s respect and loyalty. The two men were both bound for Gondor, and above personal pride Boromir desired the protection of his home, which he believed Aragorn could provide as King.           Boromir grew close in friendship to the hobbits Merry and Pippin, but developed an obsession with the Ringbearer Frodo Baggins. The Ring preyed ever on his mind, and not even the counsel of the Lady of Lothlórien could free him from its influence. This culminated in Boromir demanding Frodo give him the Ring so he might overthrow Gondor, and when Frodo refused he attempted to take the Ring by force. When Frodo vanished using the Ring’s power, Boromir was overwhelmed with guilt and regret and called for Frodo to return.           At last he returned to the Fellowship, and when Frodo’s disappearance was revealed, Merry and Pippin ran off looking for him. Aragorn told Boromir to follow and guard the young hobbits, but when he caught up to them they were surrounded by orcs. Boromir leapt to their defense, slaying many and driving off the rest, but soon more orcs attacked and they were overrun. Boromir sounded the Horn of Gondor and fought valiantly to save Merry and Pippin, but at last he was laid low, pierced by many arrows, and the hobbits were captured.           Aragorn found Boromir as he lay dying, holding his broken sword and the cloven Horn. Boromir confessed his ill deeds regarding Frodo, and Aragorn assured him that he was forgiven and had redeemed himself. Thus Boromir died, and was laid in a boat with his weapons and Horn and sent out into the River Anduin he had fought his whole life to defend, his body falling over the Falls of Rauros. Aragorn and his remaining companions Legolas the elf and Gimli the dwarf vowed to rescue Merry and Pippin, and eventually reunited with them after a bitter campaign against the forces of Saruman in Rohan.           Both Faramir and Denethor heard the sounding of the Great Horn and were deeply troubled by what it might mean, but it was Faramir who saw a vision of Boromir’s body in the boat and later found the two halves of the Horn of Gondor. Denethor was driven to gaze into the palantír ever more, his anger and despair growing deeper with the loss of his beloved son.           When Mithrandir arrived in Minas Tirith with Pippin, whom Boromir had died to protect, Denethor was at first enraged, but he quickly became fascinated by the hobbit and accepted Pippin’s offer to enter his service. Taking counsel with Mithrandir and Faramir, neither of whom he fully trusted, Denethor sent his son to defend Osgiliath, an act that resulted in a great defeat and Faramir’s wounding nearly to the death.           As the Battle of the Pelennor Fields raged outside Minas Tirith, Denethor gave into despair and cared only for the life of his only surviving son. His last look into the palantír revealed to him a bleak and hopeless situation, and at last his will broke entirely. He abandoned leadership of Minas Tirith and built a pyre for himself and Faramir, intending to burn them both alive, but he was stopped by Mithrandir and Beregond, one of his guards.           Faced with the loss of all he had tried to defend, Denethor broke the white rod of the Steward over his knee and cast it into the flames. Faramir was rescued from the pyre and would later recover, but Denethor II laid himself down upon it and perished with the palantír clutched tight to his breast.
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Eowyn, dreamily: Take me to an art museum and hold my hand. Faramir: Touching the art is forbidden. Eowyn: You smooth Motherfucker.
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grunid · a day ago
You are offering them a bouquet of flowers, how do they react ? ( Galadriel + Boromir + Faramir + Thorin + Dwalin )
( none of the gifs or pictures are mine )
asked by @annkdarar​ to celebrate my 100 followers \^o^/
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-at first she's a little sad that you ripped out some flowers for her but you seem so happy to give her this bouquet that she accepts it anyway
-she knows the time you spent choosing the flowers, their colors, arranging them to form a beautiful bouquet
-and the stress you must have felt, the courage you must have had to go and give a gift to her, the keeper of the Lothlorien
-nevertheless she ends up confessing to you that it makes her a little sad that you have cut beautiful flowers
-she reassures you immediately, she doesn't blame you at all 
-you find a solution: you make her wreaths and bracelets from wilted and dried flowers that she loves 
-the result is beautiful
Tumblr media
-he is very surprised by your gesture but he finds it very nice and touching
-he has learned to take care of flowers since he was a child, so with him the bouquet will stay in bloom for longer than expected
-with a touch of sadness he tells you about his mother, and their moments together when he was very small and they made flower bracelets 
-so to thank you for your bouquet he offers you one, a bracelet of flowers
-he teaches you to make necklaces, bracelets, rings with the flowers you give him
Tumblr media
-internal screaming
-In Gondor, flower bouquets are only used for decoration, but he knows that in other cultures flower bouquets have a more important place
-What if he offends you? Is there a specific way to accept your bouquet? A ritual ? What message do you want to tell him? What message will he give you by accepting your bouquet? 
-he accepts your bouquet and then goes to the library to read all about the customs of your people and the possible meaning of a flower bouquet
-he is anxious about not knowing what to do or say: should he offer you one in return? With specific flowers? Does he have to meet a deadline? 
-Boromir must tell him in a loud and clear voice that it's a simple bouquet and that it doesn't mean anything, it's just a gift
-reassured, he writes you a little poem to thank you
Tumblr media
-He is a prince, so he has been accustomed to diplomatic meetings since his youth and to the traditions of the other peoples of Middle-earth
-so when you offer him your bouquet he thinks that it is a custom of your kind
-nevertheless he hesitates to accept: he knows that he can cause a diplomatic incident if there is a misunderstanding somewhere
-maybe you are proposing to him and accepting your bouquet would be like accepting your proposal
-or does it mean something else? He can't remember what the flowers and bouquets mean so he quickly turns to Oin for help
-Seeing that Oin is busy and that he takes too long to accept your bouquet (he quickly spotted your anxious and embarrassed look), he decided to be honest and let you know his doubts
-he is reassured to know that it is only a gift 
-he thinks he will offer you one in return but he forgets very quickly
Tumblr media
-What do you want him to do with your flowers? Eat them? 
-He is so confused and looks angry for not understanding
-he thinks it must be a tradition or something, so he accepts without much hesitation 
-when you tell him it is a gift he is even more confused
-for him gifts are supposed to be useful. What do you want him to do with flowers? 
-he ends up throwing the bouquet away because it has withered at the bottom of his bag, he had forgotten that he had put it there
-he understands that giving bouquets is your way of showing affection to people so he tries to give you some in his turn with the help of Oin
-Oin teaches him that some flowers have a specific meaning, but Dwalin is unable to name the flowers that were in the bouquet you gave him
-”Why do they use flowers to send messages? It's not practical at all !!!!”
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elvish-sky · 2 days ago
How Gandalf and Pippin Put Aside Their Differences for the Greater Good {Faramir x Reader}
A.N: OK GUYS- i literally tied my hand to my sister’s to figure out some of the logistics of movement for this. She thinks I’m crazy now. But I loved this request! I’m currently catching up on requests and also dealing with some personal issues, and I haven’t been happy with anything I’ve written in a really long time, but I’m really happy with this! It would mean so much to me if you guys liked it too, I put so much work into this and I’m so proud of it!
also- a thousand thank you’s to @gossip-girl-of-middle-earth for giving me an idea for this fic. i appreciate you letting me use it so so much. thank you.
Requested by @raineeace on Tumblr: Your recent request you wrote was beyond cute! You’re an amazing writer, so catch me reading the rest of your LOTR content !! I also wanted to request something as well! Can you do a Faramir x Fem!Reader and Gandalf and/or Pippin try to get them together? I loved the how you wrote Aragorn as cupid, and I wanted to ask if you could make these two matchmakers as well? Lots of fluff please and I can’t wait to see what you come up with! :)
Word Count: 2,334
Pairing: Faramir x Reader
Summary: You and Faramir have been mooning over each other for months, but nothing has come of Pippin’s efforts to get you together. What happens when Pippin enlists the help of a certain wizard?
Warnings: Fluff, Humor
How Gandalf and Pippin Put Aside Their Differences for the Greater Good {Faramir x Reader}
Pippin leaned over the banister, watching you and Faramir walk together below. You smiled at something the man said, then nodding your head goodbye and walking away. The hobbit watched as Faramir stood there, watching you go, looking oddly lonely.
Pippin had been watching/trying to get you and Faramir together for a while now. He had first noticed the chemistry and romantic tension between you when everyone was gathered waiting for Frodo to heal, and decided to do something about it. Now, months later, nothing had happened. Pippin thought that at this point neither of you was ever going to confess your very obvious feelings for the other.
At least, not without some extra help.
“Come on, Gandalf, please?”
The wizard shook his head, “I cannot believe you are still going on about this.”
“They need the help,” Pippin told him, “Plus, getting them to admit their feelings to each other would help them, and ease your exasperation with the two of them for walking in circles around each other!”
The wizard shook his head. “I’m not going to help you with this!”
“It’s for the greater good! Can you really stand to see the two of them mooning over each other all the time?”
“That’s true. It’s getting ridiculous,” Gandalf sighed, “Fine. I’ll help. Where do we start?”
Back in your room, you lifted your head from your desk as a loud, hobbitish whoop rand through the air. You chalked it up to Pippin hitting another elf, probably Legolas, with an apple, and returned to your work. You hoped that it wasn’t Legolas that Pippin had hit, because the last time that happened Legolas had promptly eaten the apple, and Pippin had bemoaned the loss of his snack for weeks.
That night, you left your room, closing the door behind you and setting off down the hallway. You’d barely made it fifteen feet when another door opened right in front of you and Faramir came rushing out, crashing into you.
“Y/N!” he exclaimed. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there, I feel terrible!”
“It’s okay!”
You shuffled your feet, nervous to be so close to the person you’d been in love with for months.
It was also weird how close your rooms were- Aragorn had given everyone from the Fellowship and friends special quarters after his coronation. You could understand why the hobbits’ rooms were so close together, but wondered why Aragorn had placed you and Faramir almost directly across from each other. Probably because the two of you worked together the closest on negotiations with the other kingdoms.
Eventually, Faramir broke the silence with an awkward laugh.
“So, late to dinner?”
You smiled, glad he’d spoken first.
“Yeah. I got so focused on drafting that new trade agreement with the Iron Hills that I didn’t realize how low the sun was.”
He nodded. “I completely understand, I’ve done that far too many times, working on something like that or staying outside the city for far too long.”
Laughing, you looped your arm through his. “We should get to dinner before Aragorn yells at us.”
You entered the hall together, pushing open the doors to see your friends all seated around the high table. Dinners with the group had started when everyone was waiting for Frodo to heal and wake up and had just continued on, everyone reluctant to give up the time spent together.
Letting go of Faramir’s arm, you took your usual seat between him and his brother.
“What prompted you two to arrive together?” Boromir winked at you as he whispered.
“Huh? Oh, we just bumped into each other in the hall.”
“Sure, sure,” he smirked as he spoke.
“Pass the potatoes, please, Boromir.” You were determined to change the subject, and, happily, it seemed to have worked.
What you didn’t notice was Gandalf staring intently at you and Faramir, muttering something under his breath as Pippin watched gleefully.
You yawned, pushing your empty plate away with a groan.
“I’m stuffed. And tired. I think I’ll head to my rooms.”
Everyone said goodbye, and you pushed back your chair and went to stand.
But you couldn’t.
There were handcuffs on, one on your wrist, and the other on Faramir’s. And they hadn’t been there a moment ago.
“Who handcuffed us?” You were bewildered.
“Gandalf…” Faramir glared at the wizard.
Gandalf glanced behind himself, and, seeing no one, turned back around with an innocent expression.
“What could I have done to make this happen?” He gestured to your hands, still handcuffed together.
Faramir said, “I don’t know, but it had to have been you!”
“Ask yourself this, Faramir. What motivation could I have possibly had? I think one you probably just ran astray of something else?”
You sucked in a deep breath.
“Okay, then, how do we make it stop?”
“Only time will tell,” the wizard nodded sagely.
“What are we supposed to do until then?” You exclaimed.
“Just stay together? Do everything together?” Pippin looked all too pleased by this.
“Fine. C’mon Faramir.”
The man rose, and together you marched out of the hall, handcuffs clanking, never moving further than five inches apart.
Once in the hallway, you turned to Faramir, panicked.
“What do we do? We’re stuck five inches, or less, apart from each other for Eru knows how long, we both have important duties.”
“And there’s going to the bathroom, and sleeping, and eating..” he was just as freaked out as you.
You turned to each other.
“What are we going to do?!”
“Y/N, Faramir, chill.”
You tried to turn, but the clanking and tug on your wrist stopped you as you spun the wrong way, twisting yourself with Faramir.
“Ok, no wait,” he backed up, accidentally taking you with him.
“Here, go this way, move your hand left.”
“No, no, my left, my left.”
“Spin this way?”
“You go under, I go over?”
“Aha! Yes, that worked!” You high-fived each other clunkily, and turned, making sure to bring your arms over your heads so that your hands fell back again.
“Oh, Pippin! What were you saying?”
Pippin smiled at Faramir. “I can help.”
“Would you mind telling us how?”
“You just have to accept it!”
“WHAT?” You screamed in unison.
Back in the hall, Aragorn winced at the echo of the yell.
“Are you sure this was a good idea?” He questioned the wizard.
“Of course not,” Gandalf replied, “but it was not mine. It was all Pippin, and if anything goes wrong that’s who we’ll blame.”
Legolas chuckled. “Alright then. We’ll leave it all on Pippin.”
Boromir raised a mug of ale. “TO-”
He was cut off by a resounding shush, and, chastened, began again.
“To Y/N and Faramir”
Everyone echoed the sentiment, quietly, and clinked their mugs.
Back in the hallway, you and Faramir were glaring at Pippin.
“You want us to just live like this?”
“Yes! You’ll be fine, maybe it’ll wear off soon, and maybe you’ll learn something.”
“Ughhhhhh,” you stormed away, dragging Faramir behind you.
Approaching your door, you were suddenly stopped when Faramir halted behind you.
He shuffled his feet. “Whose room are we staying in?”
You considered. “Which one is bigger? We’ll need all the maneuvering space we can get.”
You walked together over to your doorway, poking your heads inside before moving back to his.
“Mine?” He asked.
“Yeah. You have more space and a bigger bed. Let’s just go back to my room so that I can grab a few things if I’ll be staying with you indefinitely.”
“How are we going to do this?”
You stared at Faramir’s bed.
“I have absolutely no idea.”
You hadn’t thought this situation could get any more awkward, but there it was. The crown jewel of awkwardness, coming out to torment you. It had been bad enough attempting to change into your nightclothes, which you’d managed by turning your backs to each other to put them on, and only wearing one sleeve. But this was worse.
You decided to just go for it, and climbed into the bed, sliding under the sheets. Your movement pulled the handcuffs so that Faramir went with you, and you ended up on one side of the bed, him on the other, hands cuffed together in the center.
“This is not very comfortable,” Faramir observed.
That was true. You were lying flat on your back when you always slept on your side, and you were literally handcuffed to another person. Unable to stand the absurdity of it all, you broke out into laughter.
Faramir joined in, and you laughed together until you had tears in your eyes. His smile was so bright in the dimly lit room, and you could listen to his laugh for a thousand years without getting sick of it.
When the laughter subsided, you decided nothing could be more uncomfortable than the position your body was currently stuck in.
“Do you usually sleep on your side?”
Faramir nodded, looking a little confused.
“Ok. I’m going to try something, it’s going to be really awkward, but we might actually be able to sleep.”
“I trust you, Y/N. Whatever you’re going to do will be fine.”
You smiled at him, internally still freaking out that you were sharing a bed with Faramir. But there was no time to panic, your shoulder was killing you.
Taking a deep breath, you flipped so that the handcuffed arm was now underneath you, chain stretching up to where Faramir’s arm hovered.
“Would you be alright with putting your arm over my waist?” You wanted to make sure he was comfortable with all this.
Craning your neck, you saw a faint blush creeping up his face in the dusky light.
“Only if it’s ok with you,” he seemed nervous.
You were too, but you nodded and felt him slowly settle his arm around your waist.
Once it was there, his hand gently hanging near your stomach, you both relaxed, letting out sighs as the tension left your bodies simultaneously.
And then you giggled. Again, because this was just too ridiculous.
He laughed too. “You alright?”
You nodded, the movement of your head bumping into his chest as he sucked in a breath.
“I’m good.”
It took a while for each of you to fall asleep, brains spinning with thoughts of the person next to you. But eventually, you did.
It was the best you had slept in years.
The next day, the two of you began to figure out how to go around with your hands stuck together. You ate by spooning the food into each other’s mouths one at a time, which you were pretty sure Boromir was sketching to memorialize forever.
You blinked your eyes open the next day to sunlight streaming through the windows, and soft breathing behind you. Carefully, you turned around so that your hands now rested between your bodies.
Faramir’s face was glowing with the light of the morning sun, hair spread on the pillow. You’d never seen him so peaceful, and he looked gorgeous like some Vala come across the world to Gondor.
Unable to resist the impulse, you leaned in and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek.
You quickly moved back, only to notice that the weight on your hand was gone.
You looked down.
The handcuffs were gone.
“Faramir! Faramir!” You shook him awake.
“What, Y/N?” He asked groggily.
His morning voice was perfection itself, and you had to bring yourself back to reality.
“The handcuffs are gone. Look!”
He shot up at this, looking down at his now-free hand.
“Wow! We should probably go let Gandalf know.”
You nodded. “Meet you in the hall in ten minutes?”
He gave you a thumbs up, and the last thing you saw as you closed the door was Faramir marveling at his now-free wrist.
Later, in the room that Gandalf had claimed as his office right next to the large hall where you usually ate, you sat together.
The wizard inquired, “What exactly happened?”
“The handcuffs were gone when I woke up,” Faramir told him.
“That shouldn’t have just happened. They were supposed to disappear when a physical manifestation of your affection for each other happened.”
“You did this?” You were outraged.
“Yes, Y/N, I did.”
Sensing that you were about to interrupt in outrage again, he added on.
“It should have been a physical manifestation of affection that was not circumstantial because of the handcuffs.”
You sighed, knowing what it was.
Faramir turned to you. “Do you know what it could have been?”
You stared straight at the floor.
“I… kissed your cheek when I woke up this morning.”
He blinked at you, shocked. Gandalf discreetly slipped out the door.
“You just looked so handsome in the sunlight with your hair glowing and I couldn’t resist and I’m so sorry and I’ll leave Gondor right now and never come back and what you must think of me no-”
You stopped rambling, looking at Faramir. He leaned closer to you, and in the depths of his eyes, you saw nothing but love. He paused for a moment, head tilted as if asking for your permission.
You nodded your head.
Faramir moved closer, tilting your chin up so that his lips met yours, kissing you oh-so-gently. Then somehow you were standing, lips still touching his as he surged closer and kissed you harder, like all the passion and feeling in the world was just pouring out of him and into you.
Finally, you broke apart, smiles on both your faces.
“I think I love you.,” you said, then clapped a hand over your mouth.
Faramir smirked. “It’s okay, Y/N.”
He pressed his forehead to yours. “I love you too.”
You gazed at each other for a few moments, before you grabbed his hand.
“Now, let’s go kill a wizard.”
Opening the doors to the hallway, you saw said wizard suddenly disappear.
You corrected yourself.
“Let’s go kill that wizard once he returns from wherever he’s hidden himself.”
Faramir laughed. “Let’s kill Gandalf later. For now, would you like to go for a walk?”
You smiled at him, looping your arm through his and pressing a kiss to his lips.
“Lead on, my love.”
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elvish-sky · 2 days ago
Your recent request you wrote was beyond cute! You’re an amazing writer, so catch me reading the rest of your LOTR content !! I also wanted to request something as well!
Can you do a Faramir x Fem!Reader and Gandalf and/or Pippin try to get them together? I loved the how you wrote Aragorn as cupid, and I wanted to ask if you could make these two matchmakers as well? Lots of fluff please and I can’t wait to see what you come up with! :)
Ahhhhh thank you so much!! and thank you for the request!
i’m so sorry it’s taken me so long, but i finally wrote this! i really love it, i think it’s one of the better things i’ve written and am so proud of myself and so grateful to you for requesting it and being so wonderfully patient.
it’s out Here, on Wattpad, and AO3!
It would mean the world to me if you all left comments! thank you!
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verecunda · 2 days ago
I reblogged a gifset of Faramir a couple of days ago and tagged it something like “big Frontier Wolf energy”, and now I can’t stop thinking about how the Ithilien Rangers are kind of Frontier Wolf-y, insofar as they’re expert scouts who patrol a frontier region peppered with the ruins and broken roads of their nation’s former glory. (Also Faramir and Alexios are both certified Good Boys whom I love with all my heart. <3)
Then I thought: oooh! What if it goes deeper than that? What if the Ithilien Rangers also have a bit of the scum and scrapings of Gondor about them? The book mentions that at least some of them are recruited from the descendants of the old population of Ithilien, just as there are tribesmen among the Frontier Wolves and Arcani. But what if, every so often, Denethor sends in a draft of various disgraced, or otherwise disreputable, warriors from Gondor’s regular army, the sort of men he won’t miss very much if they get picked off by Orcs or Easterlings? And knowing how he is with Faramir, what if the rank of Captain among the Rangers is - if not exactly dishonourable - but perhaps rather below what would usually be considered proper for a son of the Steward himself? What if Faramir found himself getting brusquely chucked in among this motley lot of southern Dúnedain and Steward’s hard bargains, and like Alexios, had to learn their ways and earn their respect so he could truly become their leader, which of course he did because he’s lovely and perceptive and sensitive and wise???
I just - gosh, I’m absolutely in love with this idea now. It’s my shiny new headcanon. (If there’s anything in the appendices or anything about how, no, actually the Ithilien Rangers are all highly respected and the position of Captain is an extremely honoured and sought-after one, I don’t want to know about it!)
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elvish-sky · 2 days ago
Fic Teaser!
Here’s a snippet of the Faramir x Reader fic I’ll be posting later today! Let me know if you’d like to be tagged!
“It’s for the greater good! Can you really stand to see the two of them mooning over each other all the time?”
“That’s true. It’s getting ridiculous,” Gandalf sighed, “Fine. I’ll help. Where do we start?”
Back in your room, you lifted your head from your desk as a loud, hobbitish whoop rand through the air. You chalked it up to Pippin hitting another elf, probably Legolas, with an apple, and returned to your work.
i hope you all like it, and again, let me know if you’d like to be tagged!
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