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#chaotic thoughts
november-rage · 2 hours ago
the temptation of reading poetry to each other when it rains heavily and we are totally, entirely drenched and we laugh while the rain water plops when we exaggerate on a word in the middle of a boulevard of rain drops and devote our entire selves to each other taking the oath of never being the same as we go on to tell the unspoken secrets of our lives where the rain washes away the tears that drip out while we venture for this adventure and all we do is smile, smile and smile til our jaws freeze, holding hands, is perfectly high in a spiritual level.
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scholarlyacademia · 14 hours ago
does anyone else regularly detach themselves from being human? like I'll be on the bus or something and start thinking about how fucking weird the human race is as a species... the civilizations we have are so deeply flawed and awful to more than half the population, and literally nothing is preventing us from really changing it. it's not like a bear is standing behind you 24/7 saying "you're going to have a mortgage or else" like??? we have the power to literally change the world??? and we just choose not to??? oops missed my bus stop...
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ashstfu · 20 hours ago
aight so romeo confessed his love for juliet after knowing her for like 2 hours?? dude i can't even text “hey” to people i've known my entire life?
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a-nsomebody · 23 hours ago
Being shy, awkward and friendly at the same time is definitely not fun. Like, if you see me sitting quietly in the corner of the room, please bro I'm actually unsuccessfully trying to gather the courage to communicate with you. :,)
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booksartandpoetryy · a day ago
i've been rambling about this for two whole posts now and im not sorry
Can we chalk out the difference between criticism and personal opinion/preference??
Say someone shows u a poem they wrote and they were very enthusiastic about it. say u did not like their poem. u tell them straightaway that you did not enjoy it, and then when the other person gets mad, upset or disappointed, you defend yourself by saying "heyyy you've got to learn to take constructive criticism!"
Yes that sounds just as stupid as you think it does.
Giving your personal opinion does NOT equate criticising someone's work. i cant believe i have to say this but this example i gave is taken directly from real life experiences, multiple ones! So yeah, understand the difference and stop being an asshole. oh and also if youre not in a position to criticise someones work (whether its because youre not as qualified in that field as they are, etc) dont try to criticise it. if u dont like it just say so and SAY its ur personal opinion.😐🙄
HOWEVER, if u genuinely dont like someones work and dont have an explanation for that, you have the freedom to just straight-up say that. and the other person will get hurt, but it wont be your fault.
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derealisingtrashcan · a day ago
When your past haunts you and never lets go
Let me tell you what you need to know
Let me tell you how the sky cries for you
And how the sea calls your name too.
If the past climbs your shoulders all these years
I want you to listen to your heart and wipe away your tears
To hold on to your passion and to shout
When the pain is unbearable, shout and be loud.
The past will be your shadow all this time
Even if it is indeed your deepest sorrow, know that you will be fine
And if you ever feel alone and lost between the fire
Know that you are not the only one who has lost desire.
Look up, they are calling us for the fight
Filling our chests with roars and might
Our heads with words of love and hate
So hold on to it and change your fate.
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agony-of-desire · a day ago
It's 2 in the morning and I'm reading in my room, the weather is bad. The wind is howling and the windows are creaking. No one is up. Except me and my thoughts.
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november-rage · a day ago
Remember me
Capture me in the lamp,
Find me in the lamplight.
Look for me in the augmented scent of the daisies,
Call my name with the field which echoes every call,
Feel me in the dust that has settled on the wooden desk where you wrote about me once,
Kiss me with the dandelions that settles on your cheek while you lay on the soft grass,
Hear me in those creaks of the ancient doors,
Think about me in those moments we had,
Look at me in those pages we had written,
Listen to my howl carried with the lost wind,
Hug me, hold my hand in those azure droplets of the sea,
And you will find me with you,
In every trivial thing.
For me resides in thee,
As thee in me.
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aban-ataashi · a day ago
💄, 👩‍👩‍👧, 💕 for Mercury please!^^
thank you!
💄 for an appearance headcanon
Mercury cut her own hair for most of her life, and even after becoming a royal with people who would do that sort of thing for her, there are times when she’ll get bored and give herself some new bangs
👩‍👩‍👧 for a childhood headcanon
When Mercury was still pretty young she asked her dad why she was the only blue one in the family, and he told her that when she was a baby they accidentally gave her a bottle filled with silver instead of milk. When she got a little older he actually explained the whole ‘tiefling’ thing, but the silver explanation became a running joke in the family and was one of the things that kick-started Mercury’s interest in chemicals!
💕 for a love headcanon
Mercury did have real feelings for Nyrissa at one point, and in an AU where her Chaotic is turned up even higher than it already is, she might have accepted Nyrissa’s offer of immortality and the two would have ended up together
But in her canon state, she’s more conscious of her duty to protect her kingdom, and she can’t get past all the things Nyrissa has done to hurt her people. There’s still some regret, but it’s not enough for her to forgive everything that happened between them
Headcanon Asks
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mystical-arcade · 2 days ago
The same is true that you are not the most important one
The same is true that you are the cause behind everything that there is or there ever will be
Conflicting and Parallel
A paradox in existence
An ever-expanding , ever-contracting, eternal presence of an ever decaying nature
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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luna-moonlight-0035 · 2 days ago
The voices in the classroom are mumbling inside my head as I stare at the outside world, a world full of sadness.
A word created only for the charecters that are not meant to be in the book, circled my brain, "loneliness" that's what it was.
And then I started to drift away, no one could see me, no one tried to talk to me, no one cared, I mean who cares about the girl who can't make friends.
"Your pathetic aren't you?" The demon on my shoulder said.
As I wrote word after word on my exam the time dreaded by and as I waited and waited and waited for the clock to turn, it finally did, and I felt relived that this lonely hell was over.
As the bell rang so did the voices that alarmed my heart, my anxiety peaked and I wanted to run away.
People didn't give me a second glance as I passed through the neverending hallways, like a ghost I felt invisible, like a single tree on a mountain I felt misrebly ALONE. - LM
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betheal · 2 days ago
I want the 21st century to have writers who write such morbid and convoluted protagonists that no one can relate to simply to explore the other side
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iconwannabe · 2 days ago
guess who the family had great expectations from and guess who turned out to be the family disappointment ?????????????????
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