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starrstudyblr35 minutes ago
14th April 2021
Day 24/100 of productivity
I know i went missing these past days but i got sick and really didn't have the energy to do anything. Things got bad and I didn't even touch a thing study wise. Today I'm feeling lot better so yeah here i am.
I usually write this at night when I'm done with the day but idk if I'll be feeling upto it or not so better get it done with.
My main focus today and the upcoming days will be to study for my maths exam on Friday so I'll be doing that only. Hopefully I'll pass.
Cr: The last magician by Lisa Maxwell
These are crucial time people. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Life's precious.
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peregrination-studies4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
April 12, 2021- day 63/100 馃ゾ
Today I
Read the art history chapter
Reviewed art history powerpoints
Worked on some paleoclimatology notes
Edited and submitted my natural hazards essay on Puna, Hawaii
Practiced french
Loving the sunshine lately!! Anyone have any book recs to get out of a reading slump? I can feel myself slowly slipping back into one.
馃帶 listening to: cold in California by Ashe
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imberstudies5 hours ago
Day 3
MONDAY, 13 April, 2021
1. Studied for a total of 3 hours
2. Finished Circe by Madeline Miller
3. Did some art
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ohshitmylavalampbroke10 hours ago
I feel so lucky to fall in love every day
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darkstatistica10 hours ago
the comments in this post are making me question my master's degree 馃槓
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livelikeyoudream11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Day 76/100 of productivity
6am study session to start off the day
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aurumacademia11 hours ago
Tumblr media
鈥 A messy study table for a messy person! Hahaha My first katakana test is next week! I鈥檓 having some problems with this alphabet, so I鈥檓 studying really hard! Maybe I won鈥檛 visit my parents this weekend so I can have more time to study, but idk yet 馃 I鈥檒l probably post some more detailed photos of my Japanese review in @arilangblr !
鈥 Uma mesa de estudos bagun莽ada pra uma pessoa bagunceira! Kkkkkkkk Meu primeiro teste de katakana vai ser semana que vem! Estou tendo algumas dificuldades com esse alfabeto, ent茫o estou estudando bastante! Talvez eu n茫o v谩 para a casa dos meus pais esse fim de semana pra que eu possa estudar mais, mas ainda n茫o sei 馃 provavelmente vou postar fotos mais detalhadas da minha revis茫o em @arilangblr !
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avecesespanol12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Study Server Promo 喋堚湬鈥р倞藲
鈫 喋堚р倞藲 鈹娡檅asic information: hi!! this is a studying server to help make friends within the community, and express your interests and ideas! Within our categories catered to different countries subjects that are offered, you can gain resources and help others with their learning! We also allow suggestions to add different channels, categories, and clubs that aren鈥檛 already included!
鈫 喋堚р倞藲 鈹娡檕ur aim: to create a vibrant community of dedicated students from across the world!!
鈫 喋堚р倞藲 鈹娡檆lubs & communities: we offer a vast variety of clubs and communities within our server, including theatre, book, film, astronomy, lgbtq+, music, coding, and true crime clubs! We also have channels dedicated to various blogs such as writeblr, studyblr, langblr, stemblr, and medblr! As well as this,we have a recommendation category where you can share any books, podcasts, tv shows, articles, websites, movies, and YouTube videos you find interesting!!
鈫 喋堚р倞藲 鈹娡檚tudy rooms: one specific category we offer is study rooms, where you can study either on text, or vc, or both! In these channels, you can study with others in your age range, and get help with assignments or motivation to study!! We also have a languages category, separate from language subjects, where both native and non-native language learners can converse with each other, both through text channels and voice channels.
鈫 喋堚р倞藲 鈹娡檍oining our server: to join, tap the link below, which won鈥檛 expire meaning you鈥檒l be able to join the server whatever time it is you see this!! Thank you and welcome to our community!! We hope to see you there!!
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study-w-yu12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Today I鈥檓 lazy studying in bed for a while, haven鈥檛 been eating a lot, and going back to school after spring break got me excited, but now I鈥檓 wishing I had slept more.
I hope y鈥檃ll are having a soon back to school week and don鈥檛 forget good good study, day day up.
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peregrination-studies13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
April 11, 2021 - day 62 馃尨
Today I
Read a lonnng chapter of the natural hazards textbook
Reviewed art history movements
Worked on reading around the world
Called grad schools
Practiced french on Duolingo
Mentally, I鈥檓 back in the jungle. I鈥檝e been away for so long now, but I still remember it so well! It鈥檚 one of my favorite environments, and I can鈥檛 wait to go back!
馃帶 Listening to: Runaway by Aurora
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ohshitmylavalampbroke14 hours ago
I started some adhd medication recently and because it鈥檚 a new medication I have to start at a fairly low dose. I know I鈥檝e had adhd for the majority of my life, but because my brothers was so severe, mine was put in the back burner and not looked into. Now I am 20 and in my second year of college and I am finally taking steps to help my adhd. I have a check in about my meds in a couple days and although I鈥檝e began to notice a difference in my productivity, I think my dosage needs to be higher. Before meds I was able to focus for maybe 20 min on a good day and now I can focus for most of my first class but then not so much for the rest. I鈥檝e also noticed a difference in my productivity at work. Before meds, I was always rushing to get everything done and usually caused my work to be sloppy. Now I feel calmer and more tuned in to what I鈥檓 doing and can slow down a bit. Overall, I鈥檓 happy I started this medication and I hope a higher dose will be even more useful.
If anyone has any tips for studying with adhd I鈥檇 greatly appreciate it!
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clinquant-afternoon14 hours ago
Tumblr media
I tried something new this time:) The quality is lower because I had to export it a couple times, but it鈥檚 fun to play around with different styles!
馃帶 Currently listening to 鈥淲hen you love someone鈥 by Day6
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ishana-g14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
13.04.21 Tuesday
92/100 DOP
Today was a long day. I had classes from 8am -3pm. Which feels exactly how it sounds like. I had some eco assignments which were due and they gave me an headache. Stupid macro.
Xo. (銉庎播,_锝`播)銉庡健鈹烩攣鈹
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studykohi16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
13 April, 2021 (Tue) ---- 13/30 DOP
Hiiii y'all~ 蕰 陥嶀触陥嵤 You doing good? You better be, coz I'm sending you th uLTRA strength to peW peW all your worries (锞>0<)锞夆槅锞.*锝ワ健锞. hehe鈾
Well I did Chemistry today, mainly the organic chemistry, and it was kinda ezzie for me idk 嗖 蜏 蕱 嗖 have I become a genius after eating my brother's witchcraft cooking?? lol
And also I felt like y'all were missing Peechu so here ya go my children (鈱愨枲-鈻)锞墌 Did I tell y'all that he has his own matching bag to vibe in??
That's it- actually, I do have a lot to share but I think I should end it here--. [Would y'all believe me if I say I had a language subject exam today but i thought it was tomorrow so I completed a 3 hour duration exam in an 1 flippin' hour and that also being fully unprepared (蕵岽検樷溈)?... but nvm]
Now, drink some wattah and take a break if you feel like it~ You gotta take care of yourself yk ( 陥嶀礂陥)
Bye~ xoxo鉂わ笌
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a-level-study-bunny17 hours ago
Long ago, in a land before time - okay maybe not that long a go but still! The model of atomic structure used to look a lot more different than the one commonly used today (some people had some pretty interesting ideas on what atoms were and what they looked like!)
What we know about the atom is that it is the most basic unit of any chemical element - it is also super tiny (you can't really go smaller than an atom without splitting it, and I really don't recommend doing that!)
(QUICK NOTE: This isn't 100% conclusive, but it is as much as we need to know. There have been a tone of different proposals and ideas over the years, and the model has evolved significantly over time!)
First up to propose an accepted model was John Dalton (1803)
This was called the solid sphere model and basically stated that atoms are invisible (since the Greek word 'atomos' means invisible). The idea was that there were different types of atom which were responsible for different compounds - but all of them were invisible!
Next up was J.J. Thomson (1904)
Over 100 years after the solid sphere theory was adopted, Thomson discovered something awesome: electrons! The model he suggested was called the plum pudding model - a sphere of positive charge studded with negatively charged electrons! (the positive sphere represents the pudding and the electrons represent the raisins in the plum pudding - hence the name!)
Following closely behind was Ernest Rutherford (1911)
The plum pudding model was disproved when Ernest Rutherford and his team conducted the gold foil experiment. This consisted of firing positively charged alpha particles at a thin gold foil sheet. They expected to see alpha particles to go straight through the sheet, and they did for the most part - some however, were deflected at sharp, big angles! Rutherford quickly realised this would only be possible if the atom mostly consisted of empty space (where the electrons freely existed) with a concentrated positive charged middle (aka the nucleus!) - He called this model the nuclear model.
This was touched up on by Niels Bohr (1913)
For the most part, what Rutherford had suggested did make sense - however there were a few problems. The main issue was that there had to be something holding the electrons away from the nucleus. If there wasn't, the entire atom would collapse in on itself (which would be bad and also wasn't the case). So Niels Bohr fixed it by suggesting that the electrons were in orbits of fixed energies and sizes where they orbited the nucleus. He also stated that in this model, electrons could not be found between these orbits! The model is called the planetary model
There is one model that has since been developed (it's called the quantum model by Erwin Schr枚dinger in 1926 for anyone who wants to look further into it) and it is seen as more accurate - However, whilst we now know that electrons don't orbit the nucleus the same way as planets orbit the sun, the model is accurate enough to still be widely used in teaching :)
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the---hermit17 hours ago
Tumblr media
100/100 days of productivity
I can't believe I'm done with this challenge! Anyway, today I have started to read and annotate another book for my philosophy class. I have also finished the audiobook of The Time Machine by Wells, which was quite short. Other than this I have took some time for self care, listened to some music I hadn't heard in years and journaled.
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a-level-study-bunny17 hours ago
Love them or hate them, they're important to know... As I covered in a previous post, a neutral atom (that is, an atom with no charge) has an equal amount of protons and electrons. However, there exists a thing where the number of electrons differs to the number of protons - The ion!
Ions come in two forms:
Positive ions
These are ions that have 1 or more electrons fewer than protons (so 1 or more negative charge has been removed, leaving the positive protons, thus making the ion positively charged!)
Negative ions
These are ions that have 1 or more electrons more than protons (so 1 or more negative charge has been added, resulting in the ion being negatively charged!)
~ It is essential to note that the number of protons does not change!! Only the number of electrons change! ~
These are atoms with a differing number of neutrons to electrons. They can be naturally occurring and have different physical properties to one another. A notable element is hydrogen, with 3 naturally occurring isotopes!
Tumblr media
Protium is by far the most abundant and commonly found hydrogen isotope.
Deuterium is also a stable isotope. This isotope is sometimes referred to as "heavy hydrogen" because it has an atomic mass that is double that of protium.
Tritium is incredibly unstable (it's radioactive!)
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wewontdieunbloomed18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Very tiring day but a very good day!! Training was really fun and school was also enjoyable. I've been finding time to write more which is good and also tomorrow is going to be packed but I hope I can finish what I have to or I'll be very screwed for the weekend >.< Stay productive :D
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just1blog18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Storms and financial law notes.. I like the weather but hate the class.
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