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marauders-evans · 10 minutes ago
Sirius: I'm 100% sure Lily wears the pants in your relationship
James: On a good day, neither of us do
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outsticallyastonished · an hour ago
Ive seen so many instances of Americans preaching that the issues in their country only happen with them, and that their issues are Gravely Serious and “dont happen to other countries”, while also seeing them mocking or using other countries’ issues and tragedies as a meme or “aesthetic material” That this just makes me feel fed up and exhausted.
Just because you dont see whats going on in the rest of the world. Doesnt. Mean. It doesnt happen there. Just because you only see whats happening in your country. Doesn’t mean. It doesnt happen in other countries. American social media is a worldwide popular media source, Thats why American issues are so seen. Other countries dont have that luxury to show the world their problems. And claiming Others dont have problems as big as Americans have by using argument like “other countries’ problems arent shown on social media therefore everything is calm and fine there” is highly ignorant and insensitive.
Its not that youre not allowed to tell others about your problems. Its just that You Shouldn’t Claim you are the Only ones with problems. And shouldn’t treat other countries’ problems as an entertainment.
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gins-potter · an hour ago
In which I am literally an excitable puppy...
So I saw someone’s reply to a post and was like oh they seem cool, followed it to their blog and ended up following them.  And then when I clicked out of their blog it took me back to that original reply except now the message was blue and I literally perked up like “OH! A new mutual! Yay!”
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loys-lettink · 2 hours ago
Neues aus meinem Skizzenbuch: Buddhafrüchtchen. Mögen alle Wesen glücklich sein. Liebe Grüße, Loys.
Tumblr media
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dankneedevito · 4 hours ago
no offense to other men but i do not feminize anyone more than i do cousin greg when he tucks his hair behind his ear . like what do you expect
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gayforfundy · 5 hours ago
reasons why if i joined the dream smp, c!technoblade would immediately be gunning for me:
1) none, theres nothing i could do immediately that would make him say this person needs to lose all three of their lives
2) im an orphan
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"I find your rambling cute" is my love language
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funkylittleman · 5 hours ago
PLS FILL ME IN ON THE DRAMA I have diavolosthots blocked but I wanna know 😠
here you go bae 😫
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system-of-a-feather · 5 hours ago
Being a social protector originally and being faced with important social-related tasks is really interesting. Our brain has insisted I be out even more than usual because we have an interview for a thing that if I get into it would be really good for my future goals but like XD I think our brain is like “IF ANYONE BUT RIKU IS OUT FOR MORE THAN HALF AN HOUR WE WILL FAIL IT BECAUSE ONLY RIKU CAN DO THIS” like.... 3 or 4 days early.
I’m not really nervous because I know I can express myself as I want to for the interview and I know whatever I put out there is all I have and if that doesn’t get me in, then it’s their loss :eyes:
Ego-jokes aside, really not the most nervous / anxious about it. I do realize though that our brain is in an “activated” state and responding like it has been challenged, and while the valence of the feeling is positive (at least for me, I haven’t heard any parts complaining or seeming upset), it is a very activated feeling.
I’m in my zone, but I suppose when you are challenged on the roots of the purpose you split off for, I suppose it is only natural to have a psuedo-triggered physiological response - even if the emotional and cognitive sense is positive.
Though combine the activated state with me generally being comfortable and it just has me being annoyed that I can’t go ahead and do it RIGHT NOW and just get it over with because its not a problem but I can’t wait.
It’s also times like these that I really realize anxiety and excitement are the same emotion on a physiological / chemical level with different context / perceptions 
-Riku (Host)
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poemsandmyths · 5 hours ago
I’ve said it before but gosh life really is just a long conversation with God. God calls for me, I respond. I call for God, He responds. I talk to God, and I listen to God. Quite frankly, I’m starting to feel #InARelationship with God.
You wanna hang out with me?? Uhh let me check with God first and I’ll get back to you
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jokeshappinesemotion · 5 hours ago
Let me introduce you to a dumb bitch
Let me introduce you to a bitch that can’t write: Or be right
And let me introduce you to a bitch that clearly is dumb as fuck.
And let me introduce you to a bitch that’s Bad as fuck
And let me introduce you to a person that is beautiful or let me introduce you to a singer that clearly can’t sing
Oh 🤦🏽‍♀️my bad I mean rapper😂 Every time I listen to his rap I want to wrap it up hell fast.
And let me introduce you to a girl and Clearly she is stupid as fuck. And Obviously silly but all her lyrics come from Siri
Just because she can afford an iPhone
And let me tell you about the singer that sings hard-core music. and her name is Megan The Stallion. 😂😂😂😂is that a thing ???
A horse with a dick that’s dumb as fuck,
Let me tell you I bout a pussy that is popping 😂😂
And letMe introduce you to a girl who sings about her pussy and she stinksAnd Sings about her pussy, I’m sure her pussy is popping. But let me tell you this, 👆🏽my pussy is popping too I’m not a pussy singer🤐. through her music I just said “that’s some pussy ass move”
And let me introduce you to bitch Called Bitch she a real bitch
My bad I meant her but Megan The Stallion 😂😂😂😂. I mean come on that’s a make it sound like a dude that’s a Nigger for sure I swear🙌🏼 😹
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dailyfunfacts20 · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
German man accidentally orders 28 Tesla cars 🚗🇩🇪
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