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#greek gods
kamiasolove · 3 hours ago
I’m confused sorry, are you open? If so Apollon as a Dad?
This is such a cute ask!
Have you heard of Ouran High School Host Club, because Tamaki Suoh and Apollon would totally be really similar dads.
Apollon as a Dad
Apollon would spoil the heck out of his children, be a worrywart, always hugging his children, tucking them in after a lengthy bed-time story session, and always be the first one to help them in times they need!
He may be a little bit of an airhead at times, but he'd try his very best.
Unfortunately, he would have to ask his spouse to help if his child is bleeding from an injury, because he totally is the kind of person that can't handle blood.
Essentially: Overprotective, Affectionate to the point of smothering at times, Caring, Attentive, Super soft on them if they do something wrong, treats any problem like a crisis if his child is sad because of it, will give his children ice cream for breakfast if they ask nicely enough.
Apollon will cook for his kids, but it's not awesome unless it's foods he grew up on, aka ancient Greek cuisine, then he's a pro.
Is a good baker and will make his kids the best cakes for their birthdays, but can't decorate them to save his life.
There's no way he'd have any less than two children, this man loves a full household, but is extra happy to have more daughters.
~Admin Kitt
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hisintrospection · 4 hours ago
And when the gods ask you to justify the space you’ve filled, what will you say?
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mechanicalbride16 · 5 hours ago
Hi there 🍀 from the Rammstein ask list:
Amour and Stein um Stein 🤗
aaaaa thanks for the ask!!
Amour: Are you a romantic? - no i'm horny just kidding HAHAHAHA but tbh i think i'll consider myself a romantic person. one time i wrote a series of short poems about my crush when i was in tenth grade (he was my classmate btw) and i think it's my first time doing such thing like that lol. i even use our last moments together during the graduation ceremony as an inspiration for my fic hehe
Stein um Stein: Favorite mythological god/goddess - idk that much about the philippine mythological gods and goddesses, but if i'll base it on the appearance and other basic facts around that deity, it would be Mayari - the goddess of the moon. i love how she's referred to as the goddess of beauty, war, strength, and revolution bc it just gives a hint on how we really don't care about gender roles during the pre-colonial era. plus, most of the artists' interpretations and depictions of her are really on point!!
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godsofhumanity · 6 hours ago
Athena: Dying sucks, how do you living beings cope with mortality?
Odysseus: Violent outbursts
Achilles: General sluttiness
Diomedes: Thanks to denial, I’m immortal!
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talesfromkirigakure · 7 hours ago
( literally Convo I had just now with someone I've blocked on Instagram)
Me: *minding my business until I see a really interesting picture of a temple dedicated to Dionysus called the Phallus* *comments 🅱️enis Temple* hehe. *Appreciates the 🅱️enis Temple*
*few minutes later*
Literally some rando pm'd me: *literally starts talking to me about how in the Christian point of view* "the lord punished the wicked and heathenic none believer by destroying their pagan..." Ect. "The lord had given me a message to tell you to rethink your ways and fallow the word of our lord 😇 to tell you that it is god's will that the temple is destroyed-" *literally continues to continue to lecture me on how she's actually offended at a historical site*
Me: ".....its because I said 🅱enis Temple isn't....also hail Dionysus." *blocks*
(moral of the story, don't try to religiously lecture on a history Instagram as if you're going to change anyone's mind because not only are you being a dick to the historical and cultural context of the're also being extremely annoying to literally everyone....and all hail Dionysus's 🅱️enis Temple)
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thegreenkitchenwitch · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it’s been a few years since i’ve worked with deities, and recently i’ve felt particularly called to them again and am determined to not fall back into my hole of not practicing anymore. roughly 3 years ago i started worshiping deities (mainly Apollo, Aphrodite, Persephone, and occasionally Hestia) i stopped because i fell into a very depressive episode and had no energy to continue. i’m still in a bad place mentally but instead of driving me away, this time it has driven me back to my deities. Worshiping them gives me purpose and energy and life. Today i was feeling particularly strongly connected to Apollo. I spent time out in the sun potting some of my plants, i wore all yellow and wore a perfume called “sunshine” with citrus scents, and carried citrine, clear quartz, and rose quartz with me when i left the house, i also carried with me my lgbt pride pin. I am about to go make sun shaped clay beads on my own as an offering to Him.
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daughter-of-sunshine · 11 hours ago
hey people! Do you know any good Percy Jackson related fanfictions 👀 I wanna read some
also I‘m back from my vacation! So... hi 🙋
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koreecob · 11 hours ago
Persephone: I need you to come meet me, and I need you to come alone.
Hades: And I need you to be less vague and weird.
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