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#funny meme haha
halotacon · 8 hours ago
Ok so. Uh yeah its pretty good? Like its basically canon lets face it lol but in my eyes its just not funny enough. Like im gonna be honest its good and nice but i just wish it was more funny. Like guys stop being homoerotic and flirting for one second so i can laugh at you. But yeah uh. Its up there. Its like.,. Well its there. Theyre gay
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r4zzled4zzletime · 14 hours ago
* "forest" by twenty one pilots melody *
I'm soft, you're soft, we're all soft
'Cause we're simping foooor fictional characters
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starlight788 · 17 hours ago
Me: *speaking in my native language of internet*
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ineedshocktherapy · a day ago
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Who’s more blind?
A blind person:
Or this dude:
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cuppajj · a day ago
J I think I speak for everyone here when I say we are ALWAYS down for more angst XD!! Your characters are always so well fleshed out and complex, and I love seeing them on my dash in the many forms they take!!! ❤
More pain and suffering?
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If you say so 💖💖💕💕
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dailymemedose · a day ago
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These Mom Memes Will Make You Miss Your Momma
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mariaproi · a day ago
Da muthafuqin TRUTH @icet ! 🎶😒 😂🤣😹😂🤣😹 . . #funny #funnyshit #funnyaf #funnymeme #funnymemes #hilarious #lol #lmao #lmfao #haha #hahaha #humor #instafunny #funniest #funniestmemes #humorous #funnies #funniness #meme #memes😂 #memesdaily #memes #memestagram #memesofinstagram #memeoftheday #instameme #instamemes
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meanpersonaart · a day ago
So I put my face on Reddit (as an icon) and got some DM's (classic). This guy called me a White Walker in chat and I just thought he was making fun of me. Me, being a goofball, tried to diffuse the situation and joked about it yada, yada. I asked him why, cause I was curious.
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So yeah, this is the situation. This took me out for a freaking day.
Mister, if you're reading this, thank you for providing me amusement for the week after.
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