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#relatable memes
zzzainabzzzthe2 · 54 minutes ago
✨Things✨ my ED made me realize:
How fat I am 🐮
How mentally unstable I am 🤪
How I’ll probably die before reaching my ugw 🪦
How fast my heart starts beating from anxiety when it’s lunchtime or dinner 🫀📈
How much I hate being bloated after purging 🤰🏻🤮🚽
How I constantly look at my wrist or hands / flex my hands so the tendons protrude ✋🏼
How much I love taking a shit 💩🚽
Thanks for listening to my Ted talk 👹
~ Zainab
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neokungachakid1 · an hour ago
Me when my friend pronounced the word wrong what I pronounced right:
Tumblr media
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beyoncescock · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
wym aloe vera is so useful and amazing ill take 5
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