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siir-poesia · 15 minutes ago
When you do not have the ability to understand and verify natural events, you resort to myths, the supernatural and the irrational ... of course it ends up in manipulation of the mentally weak.
siir-poesía ©
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jazminejbr · an hour ago
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opheliascribbles · an hour ago
At the risk of stating the obvious: nobody is going to make America great again. Nobody even seriously imagines it to be a possibility. America might, it is true, eventually stop outsourcing its manufacturing to China, but if those jobs are ever brought back home, they will return in the form of automated labor. Robots and algorithms will not make America great again—unless by “America” you mean billionaires, and by “great” you mean even richer. Its middle class has been gutted, sold off for scrap. Trump is only the most visible symptom of a disease that has long been sickening the country's blood—a rapidly metastasizing tumor of inequality, hyper-militarism, racism, surveillance, and fear that we might as well go ahead and diagnose as terminal-stage capitalism.
— Excerpt from chapter 5 of "Notes from an apocalypse" (2020) by Mark O'Connell
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kindastudyingstuff · 6 hours ago
Absolutely love it when my professors says the class would be 2 hours early so I wake up early and sit in front of the computer and they never show up 🙃🙃
In the tune of fireproof *I think I'm gonna lose my mind*
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christ-chan-official · 7 hours ago
absolutely seething at the prospect of having to shell out more money for garbage textbooks for two more useless classes just so i can get a useless degree in a field completely unrelated to said classes
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whattolearntoday · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
A bit of June 15th history...
763 BC - Assyrians record a solar eclipse that will be used to fix the chronology of Mesopotamian history
1215 - King John signs the Magna Carta (pictured)
1851 - Jacob Fussel, a dairyman, sets up 1st ice-cream factory
1878 - World’s 1st moving pictures caught on camera(used 12 cameras, each taking 1 picture) done to see if all 4 of a horse’s hooves leave the ground 
1907 - Researcher George Soper publishes results of investigation into recent typhoid outbreaks in NY, announces that Mary Mallon (Typhoid Mary) is likely source of outbreak
1911 - IBM is incorporated
1982 - US Supreme Court rules all children, regardless of citizenship are entitled to a public education
2002 - Near Earth asteroid, 2002MN, missed earth by 70,000 miles, about 1/3 of the distance between the Earth and the Moon
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thetealquill · 13 hours ago
L'Anse aux Meadows. They also have guided tours by costumed vikings :'D
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hatixhe · 15 hours ago
I don't think people talk enough about how anthropology has roots in racism and how 'science' has been used to classify certain ethnicities as 'subhuman'.
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fae-academia · 16 hours ago
I have two huge assignment deadlines next week and my supervisor has not gotten back to me regarding my draft proposal or the meeting I want to have with him.
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ninevehworcestershire · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
the annual cooking cycle among the Kabyle of Algeria (Bourdieu, Outline of a Theory of Practice)
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samarasmithh · a day ago
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goosedawn · a day ago
linguistics pog????? :D :D :D i will admit I didn’t do as much thought into the aus/nz language changes as I really should’ve (mostly because my understanding of the regions is basic at best ^^’) and I am 👀👀👀 at your tags……….. if you have more thoughts I would be FASCINATED to hear what you say :D!!! -bio nerd anon
my knowledge of linguistics is limited but its so cool and ur HELLA valid, australia and new zealand are pretty isolated so like. fair (relatedly, most of my thoughts are nz based, i cant really talk much abt australian linguistics) but basically i absolutely have more thoughts >:3c
also im assuming this is still in the context of how language could develop in @possiblyaperson03​‘s strangers on the internet au, so im just gonna clarify this is all purely speculation based on what we know abt the au and my own knowledge + lived experience :D
... i also just keep on going about language development in this au in general so i put it all under the cut :’>
tl;dr: australian and new zealand accents are likely to converge, but also might have a mix of different languages mixed into the way they speak, with pockets of non-english speakers. humans in australia and new zealand might not have as nuanced terms relating to giants, and may not have the same level of understanding regarding the giants language.
....... tl;dr TWO: wild humans might develop “alarm calls” that are shared with other human groups even if they cannot understand each other otherwise, and might even mimic giants. sign and written language could also become more prevalent in giant inhabited areas.
SO, in new zealand theres already quite a mix of cultures, although. yknow. colonialization ended up in a largely westernised culture/language, with english being the ‘main’ language, however nz sign language and Māori are also considered to be national languages.
nz accents specifically tend to be quicker and kinda. slur some words together, but that also depends on the location around new zealand. people who are surrounded by more Māori influences tend to draw out some vowels a bit longer, which ends up with a slightly different cadence.
im not really sure how to describe the aussie accent kshdfksjd but i think generally its a lot sharper than nz accents but also has more of a drawl, and some vowels are more drawn out/accentuated
i think it would be likely that australians and new zealanders would probably keep these aspects but depending on how much people cross between the two (in lieu of traversing elsewhere, and interacting with other countries) its more likely for the accents to converge.
however!! differing languages would also kind of. stick to how they sounded when they split, with the language spoken by immigrants not only sounding more accurate to the original due to shifts in language in their original location (due to simplification and dangerous situations) but also because of people wanting to preserve their culture.
in new zealand currently (especially in places with a lot of mixed cultures/immigration, in big cities compared to more rural areas) there is already a lot of mixing in terms of accent and language, and even more so with outside influences due to media and such
people do whats referred to as “accent matching“ which is basically changing the way you speak to match other people around you (psychologically, its kinda like mimicking other people so they are more likely to like you/become attached to you because you are similar to them) and so people mimic accents around them and thats part of how you pick up accents when you move to a new place.
so in an isolated space, with a variation of accents, how does that work? honestly i think it would be similar to how things are in big nz cities currently, and because its even more packed together with a whole variation of people who may not necessarily be english speaking is that something that may happen is a mix of language, with people dipping in and out of other languages based off of what specific cultural influences an individual is surrounded by.
this is something that can be seen in places like malaysia, where there is often a mashup of languages and cultures, resulting in a variance of dialects depending on geographical location, picking up some words from other languages depending on who your neighbours are (or at least. thats what i’ve been told by relatives from there, and have seen reflected in the way they speak- they tend to mix english with at least 3 different dialects of chinese as well as malay and indian words)
like i mentioned in my tags on the other post, nz already has quite a few pockets of areas where there are immigrants who either have trouble speaking english or rely on relatives/friends to interact with english speakers, and this is something that is likely to develop in this au as well i reckon. i cant comment on how this might work in australia though.
also, if isolated with little contact from giants, it would be unlikely for australians/new zealanders to develop terms relating to giants, or at least not terms similar to other countries. they might be more abstract or scientific, with less nuance due to less interaction.
its unlikely humans in australia and new zealand would pick up much accenting from giants and perhaps depending on how long it would be after The Event, may even not be able to say certain words/hear certain differences in giants accents as well!
However, it should be noted that young babies (like a few months old) are able to identify variance in human accents that children and adults cannot, because we learn what sounds to listen out for based on what languages and cultures we are exposed to, so technically we are biologically built to understand a variation of languages, but quickly learn specificity and thus lose that ability.
(RELATEDLY: if this was also true for giants, unless they were brought up around humans when they were very young it would be unlikely that they would be able to tell some subtle differences in human speech, FURTHER solidifying what you said about giants just. not being able to hear human intonation).
in terms of language in countries inhabited by giants, you mentioned that humans might have more simplified language and such, which could result in varying “alarm calls”, much like modern animals have now, which vary depending on where a threat is coming from (e.g. different calls for birds compared to land based predators) these might transcend other language like words, if there was a larger difference between geographical areas.
on top of that, some groups of animals also reciprocally respond to other groups of animals alarm calls due to both being pressured by biological and environmental threats, and i wouldnt be surprised if something similar developed between wild human colonies. humans are great at mimicking, so it could be possible that a series of animal-esque calls, or heck even calls mimicking giants could be something that is used.
furthermore, it might also be likely for some groups of humans to rely more on visual (signed or written) languages to symbolise things, especially if they dont get to interact with other groups, perhaps out of fear of being caught in large numbers. on top of this, having visual signals would be useful for not notifying giants of your presence if you need to be quiet.
warning signs and such would probably be developed pretty quickly, with certain groups maybe having defining features depending on what materials they have (maybe some groups burn warnings into things, vs others who carve the symbols in)
there might also be varying ways of referring to directions that are easier to identify quickly. OH in the alternate universe with wilbur having a guitar, maybe music could be used for communicating certain things also?? idk ive gone on long enough jkfhsdfjhsdf
thanks for reading all the way to the end! if you got here i appreciate you!! 💛
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andnowadragon · a day ago
Tumblr media
Kush (also Nubia) was the kingdom to the south of Egypt. For the longest time, archaeologists assumed that Kush was an Egyptian colony that broke free from Egypt into an independent nation that eventually had a dynasty rule over Egypt. It is now suspected, because people actually started digging in the Sudan, to have originally been a culturally separate kingdom that Thutmose I invaded and then "Egyptized". Compared to ancient Egypt, almost nothing is known about Kush.
While under Kushite rule centuries later, Egypt experienced a cultural renaissance. Kushites were easily recognizable in art, identified by facial features resembling many African peoples and a darker skin tone. Kushites were a sub-Saharan people, while native Egyptians were, even from predynastic times, a mix of sub-Saharans and people from the Levant (what is now Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Israel, and Cyprus).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
King Taharqa, fourth pharaoh of the 25th dynasty. (I originally had second here, but he was the fourth.)
Tumblr media
Meroë, a Kushite necropolis.
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yokaifanatic · a day ago
Gaki - 餓鬼
Tumblr media
Gaki are invisible spirits that are being tortured by being eternally hungry. They have distended bellies and tiny mouths and throats. There are many variations of Gaki, and this is dependent upon the sins that he or she committed in their past life, the one thing that is common among all of them is that they are always hungry and can never be fulfilled. Some are unable to eat or drink anything, as the food will burst into flames and disappear whenever they try. While some Gaki are only able to eat unclean things such as feces, vomit, and corpses. Finally, some can eat as they please, however, they will never be sated no matter how much they eat. Today, the word gaki is a cruel term sometimes used to describe a child.
Art from a: 12th-century scroll
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crocodillyday · a day ago
Just saw a thread on Twitter that kind of fucked me up.
Some types of cave paintings… were a form of early animation. Highly recommended read.
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whattolearntoday · a day ago
Tumblr media
A bit of June 14th history...
1642 - 1st compulsory education law in America passed in Massachusetts
1645 - “New Model Army” under Oliver Cromwell beat royalist forces of English King Charles I at battle of Naseby
1775 - US army 1st forms as the Continental Army to fight the American Revolutionary War
1777- US Continental Congress adopts Stars and Stripes flag (pictured)
1847 - Robert Bunsen invents bunsen burner
1954 - President Eisenhower signs order adding “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance
2013 - US government charges NSA leaker Edward Snowden with violating the Espionage Act and theft of government property
2016 - 1st mammal made extinct by human induced climate change, the Bramble Cay melomys
2018 - US government confirms 1500 kids being held separated from their parents in a shelter facility for illegal immigrants in Brownsville, TX 
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albertonykus · a day ago
New episode of Through Time and Clades! In this month's news episode, we discuss why female elephant seals hardly get any sleep, how humans changed East African ecosystems, what made alvarezsaurs similar to nightbirds, and whether early humans played a role in Pleistocene island extinctions.
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whatisarchaeology · a day ago
"Larson, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, studies vaccine rumors—how they start, and why some flourish and others wither. Public-health experts often address vaccine hesitancy on an informational basis, by debunking rumors and misinformation. But, in her recent book, “Stuck: How Vaccine Rumors Start—and Why They Don’t Go Away,” Larson argues for a more expansive view of the problem. “We should look at rumors as an eco-system, not unlike a microbiome,” she writes. Tackling misperceptions individually is like eliminating a single microbial strain: when one germ is gone, another will bloom. Instead, the entire ecosystem must be rehabilitated."
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eelhound · a day ago
"If we start from this understanding of value, [how use-value is created by workers and nature] rather than with a surface appearance of prices, the real character of money loses its mystique. Value — which is just a crystallization of abstract labor — is represented by money... Money is itself a commodity, which by custom and circumstance, has become a universal measure against which all other items on the market are exchanged.
Instead of saying that it takes an equal amount of time to produce a ballpoint pen as a Life Savers candy, we can simply say that they both have a value of ten cents. Thus by being a portable and universal embodiment of value, money simplifies and mediates the process of trading goods.
In Marx's words, 'Money necessarily crystalizes out of the process of exchange.' As markets developed, money became a convenient and necessary substitute for simple barters of commodities based on socially agreed upon labor-times. With money, a producer of bread doesn't have to go to the marketplace with ten loaves of bread in order to buy a chair. At the same time, a chair maker doesn't need to exchange her chair for ten loaves of bread if she only wants one today and another loaf later in the week. Money conveniently stores value over time, which its owner can dispense of as he or she sees fit.
Money also conceals the true nature of value, so that when you go to the supermarket, you don't think you're trading an equivalent amount of your 'congealed mass of labor' with someone else's. As David Harvey explained:
You go into a supermarket and you want to buy a head of lettuce. In order to buy the lettuce, you have to put down a certain sum of money. The material relation between the money and the lettuce express a social relation because the price — the 'how much' — is socially determined, and the price is a monetary representation of value. Hidden within this market exchange of things is a relation between you, the consumer, and the direct producers — those who labored to produce the lettuce.... The end result is that our social relation to the laboring activities of others is disguised in the relationships between things. You cannot, for example, figure out in the supermarket whether the lettuce has been produced by happy laborers, miserable laborers, slave laborers, wage laborers, or some self-employed peasant. The lettuces are mute, as it were, as to how they were produced and who produced them.
The real social relations of production and exchange are therefore hidden behind a veil of what appears to be a relationship between money and commodities. Instead of human relationships, we have economic relationships between goods... The hidden relations of production — wage labor and exploitation — behind this 'fantastic form' [of money] are specific and peculiar characteristics of capitalism. They did not exist in pre-capitalist class societies, which, despite their brutality, lacked the cloak of 'fairness' that capitalism purports. The process of producing commodities, Marx wrote, 'has mastery over man, instead of the opposite.'
This is the essence of what Marx dubbed COMMODITY FETISHISM. What other way can you describe the modern worship of every new generation of Apple products than fetishism? We idolize these things that we consider to be outside and external to us, but in fact are our own creations. By using the term 'fetishism,' Marx was also taking a jab at the philosophers of the Enlightenment, who saw superstition as primitive, and hailed the rationality of capitalism. The thinkers of the Enlightenment promoted science and logic, yet had no problem with a warped reality in which things are powerful and valuable, while human beings relate to each other through the exchange of those things."
- Hadas Thier, from A People's Guide to Capitalism: An Introduction to Marxist Economics, 2020.
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