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#trials of apollo
aleckdraws · 57 minutes ago
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Finally got to drawing something for #pride and it's 𝗦𝗼𝗹𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗲𝗹𝗼 of course!!!!☀️👻
Happy #pridemonth people!
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thetimetraveler24 · an hour ago
30 Day Book Challenge
Day 14 - Favorite book of your favorite writer
Making me choose? Mean. Okay. I’ll pick my favorite from each series.
PJO - Titan’s Curse or Last Olympian. In Titan’s Curse for the first time in the series, you kind of got to see the real stakes. Two people were going to die and you didn’t know who. The prophecy almost comes true. Also little kid Nico is adorable. Last Olympian had me on the edge of my seat. It’s all action and the final battle and really masterfully written.
HoO - House of Hades. It flips between the Argo II crew on their way to Greece and Percabeth in Tartarus. Everyone on the Argo II has to really step up and come into their own: Hazel learns how to use the Mist, Piper gets her confidence, Frank becomes a leader instead of a timid follower, Leo gets his moment to solve the problem with the kerkopes rather than Jason fighting the fight and he also realizes his place in the prophecy, Jason has been a rule abiding Roman soldier his whole life and he makes the beginnings of his choice to bridge the Greeks and Romans and get better relationships with the gods.
ToA - Tower of Nero. I did very much like this series. Dark Prophecy was rather forgettable and Burning Maze cannot be my favorite. I liked being back at Camp Half-Blood here. Even though it was Apollo and Meg’s quest, it was cool to see Will and Nico have more of a part in it. Will’s never been on a quest before and Nico’s usually a side member (BotL he was only there when they ran into him, MoA/HoH he was only there because they rescued him, BoO it wasn’t the main quest). Plus I liked Apollo’s character development.
KC - Throne of Fire or Serpents Shadow. I need to reread these but I do remember that I thought the series started great and just got better. Throne of Fire might be my favorite because in Serpents Shadow they split up and I don’t think I liked that as much. I loved them going to each different House of Night.
MCGA - Ship of the Dead. Well it was either going to be this one or HoT because Alex Fierro is the best character and those are the only books with Alex. But I liked in SotD that we got to see more of Mallory, TJ, and Halfborn where we didn’t get that in the first two. Plus the beginning of the book? Alex has to drag Magnus back to Hotel Valhalla to respawn? Has someone written a fanfic about what Percy and Annabeth were doing during that time because I find it ridiculously hilarious.
sorry this is posted so soon after the other one
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thetimetraveler24 · 2 hours ago
30 Day Book Challenge
Day 13 - Your favorite writer
If it’s not obvious by the amount of mentions PJO, HoO, ToA, KC, and MCGA get, my favorite writer is Rick Riordan. I love the humor in his books and the fact that it’s written for middle-grade but everyone can enjoy it no matter your age. He can write amazing characters that you can’t help getting attached to.
also I meant to post this yesterday
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malloryiswlw · 4 hours ago
Jo: You had a crush on me? That's so embarrassing
Emmie: We're married
Jo: Still
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yourlocalanxietyboix · 6 hours ago
☆“You deserve so much better..”☆
M/C - 「Nico」 | Y/C - 「Will」
-Angst that could hopefully turn into fluff
𖤐 TW: Self-Harm Scars, Self-Degradation, Insecurities
𖤐 Prompt:
-Nico and Will had been dating for a few years and they make each other so happy. However Nico begins to have thoughts. Will is amazing and he loves him so much, and Nico knows that Will loves him too, but doesn’t think he has much to offer.. He begins to think that Will would be better off with someone else. Someone else who isn’t such a burden..
𖤐: Nico’s character description:
- Nico is about 5’7 with medium olive skin. He has grown to be slightly more muscular, with a lightly toned body. He has dark brown eyes, nails painted black, and healed white scars on his upper-thighs. His hair is able to cover his ears and has a shaggy style. a He is wearing shorts that go up to right above his fingertips and a black Camp Half-Blood underneath a dark-grey oversized hoodie with the symbol of hades on the right chest area.
. . .
There was something off about Nico Di Angelo.. For the past few days he spent his time isolated, locked away in his cabin. While the others had tried and tried to talk to him, they were shoved away at the door by a re-animated skeleton or simply ignored.. Even Will hadn’t been let into the secluded Hades Cabin. The person Nico trusted most. That is, until he knocked one more time on the door. It cracked open the tiniest bit, the light shining in. Curled up on the farthest bed from the door, a dark aura radiating off of him, was the remorseful looking son of Hades.
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toomanyincorrectquotes · 7 hours ago
Meg: okay. mission number two, finding where the popcorn is
Apollo: wait, what was mission number one?
Meg: fucking getting here, apollo
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transjasico · 7 hours ago
nico and annabeth in tartarus because i can
percy watches them as they're dangling there
instead of nico yelling for help it's percy because he can't quite reach them
nico asking annabeth if she trusts him before he lets go of the ledge of the cliff and percy yelling after them
remember percy spent years searching for nico and he cares about them both deeply i doubt he wouldn't be absolutely heartbroken over it
nico and annabeth eventually land safely because nico creates a shield around them with his umbrakinesis
they're still all scratched up tho because who the hell wouldn't be the force of the fall would be enough to hurt them
annabeth and nico find the car, working together, they're able to get it back up and running
imagine some small 14 year old driving around tartarus with his blonde friend
it would be hilarious to see
because he deserves to come out on his own terms
nico, not having the mist to shield him from the horror of the underworld, takes a lot more damage psychologically especially since this is the second time he's been.
annabeth starts talking about how much she loves percy which is when nico decides to tell her than he doesn't have a crush on her, its percy he has a crush on
annabeth takes it well, she's not jealous or anything, just mildly surprised
but eventually thinks back and realizes "yeah that makes sense"
they're a pretty badass duo but nico's health is horribly impacted by the amount he's having to use his powers
shadowtraveling is pretty much out of the question but nico uses his geokinetic powers to make easier paths and modes of transportation for them
dirt escalator
when they make it to the doors of death and get to see their friends again, percy hugs them both and says he's sorry for not being able to save them
which makes all three of them start crying and they just sit and hug each other for a while
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sofiatheskeleton · 7 hours ago
Lol Im a bit late but
Happy pride month
I honestly like the head canon in which Will Solace is Trans.
Anyways have a gay Nico, and a bi and trans Will.
Tumblr media
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garden-of-persephone · 8 hours ago
pretty sure rick wrote the thing about estelle’s eyes just  to fuck with the fans
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damhalfblood · 8 hours ago
pjo/hoo/toa characters as random memes i have
Nico [Mar supplied me with this]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oh wait- he doesn't have a life
Reyna (about Octavian)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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malloryiswlw · 8 hours ago
Apollo: I'll protect you fair maiden
Jo, with her wife and child: Sorry, neither
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drunk-on-water · 8 hours ago
Percy: Time to go batshit crazy then
Nico: Why is bat's shit crazy?
Hazel: I don't understand either
Percy: I sometimes forget how old you all are
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pjo-hoo-toa-freakazoid · 9 hours ago
(omg I can't put an lgbt flag so let's just act like I did) Leo headcanons?
If you can’t put the flag, I suggest imporvise
Go crazy with combinations love😁💜💜
I’ve already done Leo’s headcanons
Link <<<<<<
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bigpainternerdpickle · 9 hours ago
(Nico seeking medical attention)
Will: You must be my coronary artery because you’re wrapped around my heart 🤗
Nico: Will, I really did break my arm wtf-
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malloryiswlw · 10 hours ago
Poison Oak: Designed by little Wayne
Lavinia: No, it's lil
Poison Oak: Ah, like Lillian Wayne
Lavinia: No
Poison Oak: Designed by Lillian Wayne
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