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gracecarts · 20 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I’m excited but have no motivation at the same time ahahhaaha
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vldcoran · an hour ago
i think it's very coran exclusionist of them not to give coran a birthday so now his birthday is may 20
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cluelesslesbian · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Listen- I adore the idea of Keith being overprotective of his friends so like?? adding in a lovebug that reduces his already pretty shit impulse control and makes him fight random aliens at the drop of a hat???? Good shit right there
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askvoltron · 2 hours ago
Coran and co. How's the locking them together mission going? Considering they were sorta alerted to your plans by seeing the ask earlier
i’ve decided it’s not going to happen for the foreseeable future. i have a feeling they’ll realize soon enough anyway :{D
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queerquintessence · 3 hours ago
i’m working on a drawing for an incorrect quote thing about allura and instead of drawing her in one pose and just modifying it for different sentences i decided to try and draw her 4 different times 🥲
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galraluver · 3 hours ago
Half Galra Women reacting to seeing their lover sleeping naked?
Sure thing 😏
~ Acxa ~
~ When Acxa finds you sleeping in her and your bed completely naked One night she blushes slightly
~ She didn't know that you liked sleeping naked, but after a few moments she realizes that she's staring at you like some perv
~ She just gets into her pajamas, gets into bed with you and falls asleep
~ Acxa may or may not have a sexual dream about you that night
~ Ezor ~
~ When Ezor sees you sleeping while completely nude she smirks; who knew that you liked sleeping naked
~ She can't help but look at you for a few moments, wondering if you slept naked before
~ She just stands there for a few moments, taking in the sight of you and admiring your beautiful body
~ She may or may not bring it up later while you both are alone
~ Narti ~
~ When Narti got into bed late one evening and cuddled up to you she was met with the feeling of skin
~ Kova was already asleep, so she wasn't able to rely on him to help her see
~ She blushed and purred seductively as she lightly ran her hands over your bare sides
~ She fell asleep after a while as she clung onto your bare body and had a very sexual dream about you that night
~ Zethrid ~
~ When Zethrid sees you asleep in bed late one night she doesn't think anything of it until she notices that your shoulder is bare
~ As soon as she gets into bed with you she realizes that you're completely naked
~ Her first reaction is to wake you up so that she can pleasure you, but it's late and you're tired, so she decides to just go to sleep
~ She can't wait for the next morning so that she can ravish you
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voltron-goldmine · 3 hours ago
Shiro: *wearing adams glasses* hey, adam! how do i look?
Adam: *watches a fuzzy blob also known as his boyfriend trip over a coffee table*
Adam: adorable. now give them back before you get a fucking concussion
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galraluver · 3 hours ago
How would being in a relationship with Ezor and Zethrid be?
I'm glad you asked:)
~ Being in a relationship with Zethrid and Ezor can be a little chaotic sometimes
~ Ezor is the cute fun loving one and Zethrid is overprotective of both her girlfriends
~ You're much smaller than they are, so they're both protective of you
~ Zethrid likes letting you sit on her shoulders sometimes
~ Cuddling with them is always relaxing, especially after they've had a long day
~ The three of you bake together every weekend
~ Both Ezor and Zethrid give you courting gifts to prove that they're good providers
~ When you're on your period they both take good care of you
~ In public, Ezor's the one who likes showing you affection while Zethrid gets a little possessive
~ The three of you always take baths and showers together
~ Movie nights are always fun, especially when you cuddle and have lots of snacks
~ Ezor and Zethrid have made sure that there's plenty of soft, fluffy blankets and pillows on the bed so that the three of you can sleep comfortably
~ Sex between the three of you gets a little loud, but it's always satisfying
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askvoltron · 3 hours ago
Do you guys have any nicknames for each other?
Yes, I have lovingly crafted nicknames for each of the paladins, abe, yoshi, motōto, kats, and goobie :) -shiro
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galraluver · 3 hours ago
How about headcanons for Lotors generals at the amusement park with their S/Os?
Sure, coming right up! I can imagine some kind of mischief happening 😂
~ Acxa ~
~ Acxa's the most serious out of Lotor's Generals, but when you convince her to go to an amusement park she tries her best to stay serious
~ She's an absolute pro at the shooting booth and she won you the biggest stuffed animal that she could
~ In between rides and games you both ate giant pretzels
~ Acxa really liked the roller coaster and actually screamed in joy
~ You both also went to the photo booth and took a bunch cute pictures together
~ At some point you convinced her to get her face painted
~ While you both were on the ferris wheel Acxa kissed you and made you blush
~ Acxa really liked the haunted house and wasn't afraid of any of the actors, but if you were scared of something she stood protectively in front of you
~ There were a few little kids who thought she was some kind of character (which was super awkward for the both of you)
~ By the end of the day you had accomplished your goal; get Acxa to have fun
~ Ezor ~
~ When Ezor learned about amusement parks she really wanted to take you to one
~ As soon as you both got the chance to go to an amusement park she didn't know which ride to go on first
~ The two of you ended up trying the face painting booth first and then went to the photo booth and took a bunch of cute/funny pictures
~ Her favorite amusement park food was cotton candy
~ Ezor loved the roller coasters, the log ride and the house of mirrors
~ She prefers the faster rides and the fun house
~ The two of you took selfies with all of the costumed characters around the park
~ You both tried a few of the games and won each other prizes
~ By the end of the day the two of you had a few plushies, balloon animals and the pictures from the photo booth
~ Narti ~
~ When you convinced Narti to go to an amusement park you both went on a not so busy day
~ She was able to sneak Kova in so that she was able to see
~ She was really good at the ring toss and won you a prize
~ The two of you only went on the slower rides so that Kova wouldn't get startled
~ The tunnel of love was the best ride and you both made out for the entire ride
~ Narti shared her hotdog with Kova after you convinced her that it wasn't made out of dog meat
~ You managed to win her a prize at your favorite amusement park game
~ You both got your faces painted at the face painting booth
~ At some point Kova stole some kid's hotdog because he liked the taste so much
~ By the end of the day you both were a little tired after going on various rides, playing a few games and full after eating different foods
~ Zethrid ~
~ When you and Zethrid went to the amusement park you noticed a bunch of people staring at her, but neither of you cared
~ You both got your faces painted and found a photo prop
~ Zethrid was a pro at the high striker (and accidentally broke it while winning a prize for you)
~ She tried a few other games, but she wasn't too good at them
~ You both did find an arm wrestling ring and she won every round
~ Zethrid's favorite ride was the biggest, fastest rollercoaster
~ She loved the taste of the giant pretzels and caramel apples
~ You both went on as many rides as possible and had a lot of fun
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askvoltron · 3 hours ago
I took this from Google translate so ignore the mix of English and Spanish
Keith don’t translate this, this is for Lance :)
oye Lance, a pesar de la mala pronunciación, ¿te importaría keith en you?
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askvoltron · 4 hours ago
Coran what does the slipperies feel like
wet. extremely wet. i don’t recommend it
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askvoltron · 4 hours ago
lance i got 48/50 on my spanish test do u love me
ahhh felicidades!! estoy tan orgulloso de ti anon 💖 sigue así! vamos a poder hablar totalmente en español y keith no va a saber que estamos diciendo :P
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chibi-pix · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
This picture just kept growing! It was only supposed to just be Pidge and Kosmo! But then I felt bad that I didn’t add Chip, so he was added. Then the brick wall was made. And the tree and other foliage. Then what could be a shop. It just kept growing and I didn’t know how to stop it. But here we are! 
I don’t want to say much since it’s for the hopefully upcoming superhero AU. But for some context, Kosmo can’t be seen at times, but Pidge can detect where he is due to her electricity. 
Anyway! I hope y’all enjoy this piece! Until next time!
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keithy-the-artist · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wanted to try drawing in a cuter simple style and made this
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explodinal · 5 hours ago
so ive finally moved into my apt and i still have boxes to unpack and shit or whateva but im too lazy to do that................. so in response to that , do i turn this blog into a canon multi muse bc that’s been on my mind lately
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fanfic reading update
I’m reading sunflower[re] by xintong on AO3 and I’m halfway through (it’s vld klance)
They just got together and I just KNOW something bad is going to happen. I know it. I feel, deep in my bones, that a) one of them fucks up, b) lance takes too long to tell Keith that he loves him too which makes him insecure (it’s very unlikely but I’m not crossing it out) or c) Keith goes back to his Blade Leader duties and they have an argument about whether lance is going to come with him or not
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gaykeithbilance · 7 hours ago
why are the media i am invested in also the media i hate with a burning passion 😔😔😔
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