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#lol post
sophie-the-spoonie · 6 minutes ago
Anyone else just done with the very idea or concept of being awake or conscious or is it just me? I want to curl into a ball, cuddle a million stuffies, hide under my covers, sleep and not have to get out for at least a day. Preferably a week. I'm so fucking tired. In every damned way possible.
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nsfwsebbie · 9 minutes ago
my current mood is kylie (fantastic mr. fox) trying to bite the chicken but he can’t and yet he’s trying very hard. yes, that’s it.
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ughgclden · 9 minutes ago
mentally i want to write. but physically, i do not want to write. you can see the predicament i have found myself in.
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emptyvictory · 20 minutes ago
I forgot to mention but a night ago I put together the starts of a timeline for Niko’s bio and a (very incomplete atm) relationships page at the bottom of his about section on the carrd for anybody who might be interested. Though, I’d pay attention to the warnings I put up at the beginning of the timeline page. 
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chinquix · 27 minutes ago
me last week: i will start watching Word Of Honor but I will NOT let it consume my every waking thought
me now: ..........okay Word Of Honor can have 75% of my brain's processing capacity but that is ALL
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cranberrysoap · 28 minutes ago
Tumblr media
My vampire girl Helen~
one of those “player select” art-memes, from/for splinter city OCT
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idol-trickster · 29 minutes ago
Loving this month's jacket, tricky! The purple and greens suit each other. Are you parading around trials with this new look?
"Yes, and I was told I look like The Joker because of the colors. That's the best compliment I've heard!"
OOC: So I totally thought it when I added the coat colors. You know I had to add the hair color.
Tumblr media
just a funny idea~
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langlu · 40 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“If you ask me about my vision for the future, maybe I just want to keep living in the Yaojin Palace and accompany my dad. What about you, Zhangshi?”
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batekush · 54 minutes ago
The chicago dyke march is still antisemitic i guess
Literally like why tho.......
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tthankstoyou · an hour ago
Season 3, Sam being a brother to Kurt:
Sam takes his duties as older brother very seriously
(Kurt: "What? You're the youngest of the three of us! I'm the oldest!")
And so he is there alongside Finn to intimidate Kurt's new boyfriend who is coming over for dinner for the first time today.
Now... Kurt absolutely did not tell them WHO his boyfriend is, and he was sincerely hoping that Sam and Finn would NOT be there for this...
When there's a knock on the door, Kurt has to FIGHT them both back from answering it. (Kurt: "No, Samuel, I can greet my own guest, thank you very much.")
Sebastian: "Hey babe." *Leans in immediately for a kiss, is rewarded by Kurt wrapping his arms around him and taking him in for a proper kiss."
Kurt, murmuring: "I know I warned you before about my dad... Turns out I should have been warning you about my two overprotective brothers..."
Sebastian: "Wha--"
Sam: "No fucking way."
Sebastian: "Oh no."
It turns out, Finn is actually the one asking all the "How do we know he's not secretly trying to get our competition secrets" and "What about what he did to your ex?" Questions.
Sam, meanwhile, is going WAY deeper.
Sam: "So, where did you take Kurt on your first date?"
Sebastian: "Um... I asked him to help me pick out an outfit for a wedding and we landed up at the North Lima mall for three hours."
Sam: "A mall trip counts as a date?"
Sebastian: "We had fun... And then we went for coffee at the Lima Bean."
Sam: "How romantic (!) Did you at least kiss?"
Kurt: "Sam! This is a lot of very invasive questioning."
Sam: "I just want to know he's good enough for you."
Sebastian, smirking: "We got one of the couches and sat very close together. So yes, we kissed. Multiple times."
Sam: "Isn't it a bit dangerous for two guys to be kissing that publicly on this side of Lima?"
Sebastian: "I know the owners of the Lima Bean. If anyone gives us any hassle, I know that they'd deal with it..."
Sam: "Must be nice to have connections."
Sebastian: "Oh, it is. But this isn't about connections. Last year, they threw out some jackass who made gagging sounds at these two guys from North Lima High. It's not just because I have connections."
Sam: "... How do you feel about songs about sex toys?"
Sebastian: "Oh I know the answer to this one!" *Feigns reading a cue card* "Not appropriate for The Gap."
Sam: "... Okay, he passes."
Kurt: "Wait, really?"
Finn: "Yeah, really?!"
Sam: "He seems to care about your safety... He actually puts thought into where it might be safe to go... Blaine sang a song about sex toys and outed a guy at work..."
i’m obsessed with sam making sure that sebastian is treating kurt right omg
i’m imagining burt and carole sitting back and having a smile on their faces, it warms their heart to see sam and finn care so much about kurt 🥺
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ragaireacht · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
someone make the weekend last longer please xx
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