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miacheezytoon · 7 minutes ago
starkids on tv shows and commericals connected universe
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gonna make a new post because that other one is so long i feel sorry for anyone uninterested just trying to scroll through their dash but these tags are so good!!
#I've thought about them speaking Gallifreyan here but not about switching so much #but yeah definitely #also gives it more weight if 'you always have been' is in Gallifreyan because like #in English? 'you' + 'always' spans a hundred years at best #but in my imagination Gallifreyan has tenses that more accurately differentiate between time spans #so 'always have been' would be in a tense that encompasses #the longest amount of time it can? and maybe it doesn't even work in Gallifreyan! maybe even their mother tongue isn't quite enough #because 'always' + 'you' precedes time lords here it probably precedes the Gallifreyan language (at least as they know it. I just can't #imagine a language being stagnant for so long) #I don't know I just think it'd be interesting if - while English is inadequate to describe their experiences as time lords (ish) - #Gallifreyan also 'failed' with regards to the Doctor's history
nothing to add but !!!!!!
#oh!!! are we Yelling about gallifreyan meta this fine morning? #I love all of this so much #but also like.... Gallifreyan as a language of absolutes holds a lot of appeal for me #it's meant for stating Facts and Realities; it's a language meant to be a foundation #so the Master telling that story and telling the Doctor the truth IN GALLIFREYAN #is forcing her to accept that it's true. #which makes her 'it's all lies' #So Much Better if it's in Gallifreyan #she's trying to make that same Statement trying to refute it with the same level of Reality #but she Can't. it does Work. because no matter how much she hates it it's still true #and then. and THEN. #she says 'I know my own life'. but in English #because she can't be sure she can't KNOW anymore #and maybe throughout the rest of that conversation they're back in Gallifreyan because the Master replies in Gallifreyan again #but the Doctor is still fighting a losing battle there #her tenses are slipping her grammar isn't quite right #she's falling apart
now we’re cooking with gas!!! rain!! oh my god!! thank you!! this is fascinating. okay so i dont know if what youre saying about gallifreyan being a language of absolutes is canon or just how you like to think about it, but i do feel like i have a memory of reading a meta about gallifreyan language that i cant find back now, about how its origins were like, scientific? that the first words they needed were like, complicated scientific concepts instead of everyday language. OH WAIT. i found it i found it!
1. Gallifreyans only evolved a language when it became necessary to discuss concepts which could not be adequately expressed telepathically, such as quantum physics. 2. As a result, many of its oldest words sound like frustrated grunts and clucks to most other species. 3. After a while, this speaking thing began to catch on in everyday use, and, as languages do, new words were hijacked from the old ones. 4. Unfortunately, whereas most cultures have hijacked their everyday vocabularies to discuss science, Gallifreyans were forced to hijack their scientific vocabulary to discuss, for example, the weather or the location of their missing left socks. Example of 4: 'sock' is a compound word which translates roughly to 'item of clothing woven from wool and commonly worn on the feet'. Unfortunately, 'wool', 'clothing' and 'foot' are also all compound words. Discussing the weather is much easier, but you'll never hear 'I think it's going to rain' when a discussion of the barometric pressure and current air humidity is so much simpler and shorter. 4. Short-form words for basic, vital concepts - 'yes', 'no', 'time' and a numbering system - were added artificially at a much later date, to general rejoicing. This is still regarded as one of the finest achievements of Rassilon.
It is not uncommon for Time Lords, when discussing the future, to suddenly shift into an alternate-universe tense.
9. The swearword equivalent to 'fuck' is also the only word for 'fixed point'. Other curses include 'random fluctuations in the time-space continuum' and 'Dalek'.
(imagine what 10 said to jack when he said like ‘youre a fixed point’ gkjfhjkg)
i think this post is more dealing more with the societal circumstances of gallifreyan developing and i was more thinking about the current individual experience of it, because i dont have the knowledge to speculate how on gallifreyan developed. but it’s really cool!
and now im also thinking about what/when was the start of gallifreyan as a spoken language. from another meta by charamei bc im just taking their word as truth now because i really like it, it seems like the shobogans/non-timelord gallifreyans were already telepathic/hivemindy and time sensitive:
So. We know nothing about them, but we know more or less what they left behind. Let’s use a good old-fashioned historian trick and extrapolate backwards.
Time Lords:
Are humanoid in shape
Are very strongly telepathic and have some kind of hivemind or collective subconscious: the women are usually more telepathic than the men
Have approximately eleven males to one female
Breed by machine
Are time-sensitive
We know at least two of these (regeneration and Looming) were artificially created by Rassilon when he forcibly updated their genome, so we can happily ignore them. The other four look like legacy traits to me: if your species’ primary sense was already telepathy, it would make much more sense to make your new species’ primary sense telepathy also. Same with the shape and the sex split: if they were previously 50/50, why bother skewing it?
also this because im a big fan of anything that makes gallifreyan social dynamics really alien to us:
They communicate telepathically and have significantly more men than women, and the women tend to be stronger telepaths. Does this remind anyone else of colony insects?
okay so like. tecteun as part of the original gallifreyans, tunnel-dwelling probably:
See above for reasons why early Gallifreyans might have wanted to live in underground tunnels. Fresh water and shelter from timestorms (and normal storms) sound good to me
Also? You know what else all those rifts and timestorms and stuff bring to prehistoric Gallifrey, besides extremely painful death if you get caught in them? Aliens.
a telepathic, colony insect??, hivemind species:
Let’s assume that before Rassilon fiddled with it, the Gallifreyan species did not have one hivemind but a lot of small ones, each maybe covering a few square miles. (If you’re playing along on Spore at home, we are now entering the Creature stage.) Each of these had a 'queen’ and a group of males, possibly arranged in some form of caste system (hey, modern Gallifrey has one, so why not? At the very least you’d probably get soldiers and workers). The smaller hiveminds would each represent a, well, a hive, I guess. What Rassilon did, much later, was to unify them into one big one and extend them across time and space so it was impossible to ever end up 'out of range’ - which, if you remember the hivemind meta, is really pretty fucking important for Gallifreyans because their brains don’t function properly without it.
And you know what? I am still 100% on board with the idea of indigenous Gallifreyans being protandrous sequential hermaphrodites, i.e. born male and switching sex to female when the old queen died.
this might part of the reason why tecteun didnt seem fazed at all by regenerating the first time. i mean, it’s the wrong direction, and not exactly in queen-dying circumstances, but if switching sex like that is normal.
also, it’s been talked about how the doctor’s regeneration might be so bad because theirs is, like, raw while other timelords got the refined polished version put into them? (and also maybe the fact that a lot of their earlier(/earliest?) regenerations were under traumatic circumstances) well what if the doctor is kinda bad at telepathy because their original species wasnt (as) telepathic, or (as) hivemindy, or in a different way?
and what if like, tecteun needed to communicate with this Child that wasnt in their hivemind? that didnt do telepathy well, or at all? what if gallifreyans started talking to talk to the Child? i realise im digressing from the meta, this is just some angsty headcanon fun to think about :) was tecteun’s lab/the matrix chamber in that crater because it was in tunnels underground?
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foodforthoughtbygeetha · 22 minutes ago
Long lost!
Time’s running out, long lost pause Flowers dried out, long lost fragrance Just walls around, long lost space A blank screen, long lost stare Darkness in and out, long lost vision Dreams fading away, long lost sleep Fright creeping in, long lost confidence Life slipping away, long lost purpose Pain spreading out, long lost endurance Then there was silence, long lost life!
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longstrydercourierservice · 31 minutes ago
Yasha deserves to be a member of Chaos Crew.
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rmftjin · 35 minutes ago
I kind of want a boy with luv or dynamite type of song in the next album just to make people mad
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ashstfu · 43 minutes ago
how the fuck are some girls so elegant how does dna do that why doesn’t mine do that how do i make it do that what’s the html code where’s the youtube tutorial
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stevenvenn · an hour ago
Kae Tempest - Perfect Coffee (from Let Them Eat Chaos) Heard this this morning on KEXP. Love it. Thanks, John!
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neiljoste · an hour ago
thinking about nezha and how loaded the sentence "she's the only divine thing he's ever believed in" is especially in context of his defiance of sister petra. how his relationship with godhood has been shaped by the dragons control and the colonial imposition of a religion. like despite all of that and the control and havoc of the gods rin is his proof of divinity.
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a-40k-author · an hour ago
Tumblr media
O-)-c 1987 - 1994 - 1997 - 2000 - 2008 O-)-c  
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tedsakritter · an hour ago
thinking about drawing horrible amalgamations of all the hybrid and design headcanons i have for the bench trio boys
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russsianspy · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sunset curve as @chsq (fr @williexmercer @futurearchaeologyprof and @fanfics-she-wrote)
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foriamproud · an hour ago
I like how if u just put hidan and deidara together u get the most destructive, off schedule, and chaotic energy ever. Literally NOTHING will get done and if it is completed is just way behind set time and already ruined.
Ugh this inept bastards will never get anything done! God, Pein probably entertained the idea once, briefly, thinking that they’re the same age-ish and Itachi could keep an eye on them as the other youngest member and they could work well while Sasori and Kakuzu paired off...but noooooo. Nope.
The best part of this is that the fandom has made them such strong friends it’s almost inevitable they’ll be working together on the missions Pein let’s them pick (I got this idea that Nagato sometimes let’s them mix and mingle for “team-bonding purposes”). Hidan and Dei never get a single thing done and typically Kisame and Konan are sent as trails to clean up their mess, no doubt.
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blindfoldtrio · an hour ago
YES I DID I WAS GONNA TELL U ABT IT BUT I FORGOT it’s so silly omg. Haneoka has the Best niche friendships actually...little sister’s club and the first years yes yes win
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