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#just a thought
malicemanaged · 2 minutes ago
Trying real hard not to feel guilty about the fact that I barely got anything done today because it was just so gods damned hot and my brain was a mass of sluggishness and misery.
It’s not working too well, but I’m trying. >_>
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keitheaverage · 3 minutes ago
imho Haddotin content is at its best when the creator understands that it's not just Tintin emotionally supporting or taking care of Haddock, but is just as much Haddock emotionally supporting/taking care of Tintin in return.
It's easier to put Tintin into the caretaker role of their relationship because he carries whatever baggage he has through vices that are less overt than Haddock's substance abuse (i.e., him frequently going on thrill-seeking adventures without much regard for his own safety and preservation, being selfless to the point of self-destruction, pouring himself into his work, etc.), qualities that he is much more likely to be praised for and enabled to continue doing by others, rather than being chastised. But Haddock, being such a close friend, recognizes those destructive habits for what they really are: a temporary solution from a more deep-set pain that he would much rather keep suppressed than make apparent to those who look up to him.
Unlike the strangers and acquaintances who may not know Tintin's true story all too well and don't recognize the more subtle patterns of his emotional down-spirals, Haddock would not be shy to let Tintin know when he's going too far. To let Tintin know when he should just take the L and go home. That his life is worth more than just being the selfless hero of the narrative and he should take more value in himself as an individual person, just as Tintin once did for him all those years ago. That he should not be afraid to be vulnerable around the people who truly do care about him and want to see him truly thrive.
It's an "I'll live for you," kind of love. A "you helped me see how much I mattered, so now I'll tell you the same, even if you don't believe it right now" kind of love. And it's mutual.
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palmtreepalmtree · 5 minutes ago
I'm sure everyone's been seeing this headline, but I just feel like I have to say a couple things about this particular article. First, there's this:
Still, Scott has her critics.
The seeming randomness of how she chooses organizations isn’t good, said Maribel Morey, a historian of philanthropy and executive director at the Miami Institute for the Social Sciences. Morey said she wishes Scott would be more transparent about how she picks recipients, especially given the significance of the donations.
“The public deserves to know how and why certain organizations are getting funding,” Morey said.
Uhhhh, no we fucking don't. She is obscenely wealthy, yes, and she has benefited from a fucked up system that she herself acknowledges is fucked up. But it's still her fucking money. And the public does not deserve to know anything about her choices. She could tell us. But that's her fucking choice. Because we're in a fucked up system where we're all just stuck relying on her largesse. She does not owe us anything. THIS IS PRECISELY THE FUCKING PROBLEM. I'm just gonna assume this comment was taken out of context, Maribel.
Then there's also this:
Bezos, who is worth $196 billion, has increased his own giving since their split. He committed $10 billion to fight climate change last year and has so far donated $791 million of that. He’s also planning on going to space for the first time next month.
Can we rip him a little harder LA Times? If you're going to bring him up, can you actually make a meaningfully relevant comparison?
Let me rewrite it for you:
Bezos, who is worth $196 billion, has matched neither the pace nor the dollar amount donated by Scott to date. While he has pledged $10 billion to fight climate change, less than 10% of that has actually been donated. Bezos has never commented on Scott's philanthropy, nor on her recent criticism of wealth inequality. However Amazon, the primary source of his wealth, continues to be criticized for its low worker wages and unfair business practices. The company most recently made headlines when it defeated an attempt at one of its US distribution centers for worker unionization. Despite his lack of comment on these issues, Bezos did recently announce his plans next month to be one of the first space tourists.
I know it's not necessarily helpful to focus all of my frustration in our structural inequality on one person, but Bezos makes it so fucking easy. FUCK THAT DUDE.
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zhuhongs · 8 minutes ago
披星戴月地想你 (Missing you day and night) - 告五人 (Accusefive)
full trans under cut 
突如其來的美夢 a sweet dream that came out of nowhere
是你離去時卷起的泡沫 was like the foam swirled up by your feet when you left 
踢著石頭 默默地走 kicking stones, walking quietly
公車從旁擦身而過 while the buses pass me by
突如其來的念頭  a sudden thought that came out of nowhere
幻想化成流星的你我  imagining that you and I became shooting stars
明亮的夜,漆黑的宇宙  bright evenings and the pitch black universe
通通來自夜空   all come from the night sky
我會披星戴月地想你  I will miss you throughout the day and night
我會奮不顧身地前進  and I will move forward at all cost
遠方煙火越來越唏噓  the fireworks in the background are growing dimmer
凝視前方身後的距離  as I gaze at the distance between your back and mine
順其自然的藉口 Excuses flowed out naturally
像森林般圍繞著你我  are surrounding you and me like a forest
消極地笑著,痛快地哭  laughing passively, crying freely
生命真的很難形容  life really is so hard to describe
順其自然地回答 Answering naturally, like nothing is wrong
你要喝咖啡還是泡茶 About whether you want to make coffee or brew tea
下班後你快樂地上哪  “Where do you go to be happy after work?”
我是真的不想回答 I really don’t want to answer that
我會披星戴月地想你  I will miss you throughout the day and night
我會奮不顧身地前進  and I will move forward at all cost
遠方煙火越來越唏噓  the fireworks in the background are growing dimmer
凝視前方身後的距離  as I gaze at the distance between your back and mine
(repeat chorus x3)
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deer-tongue · 9 minutes ago
I treat my tags the way I do and then I have the nerve to wonder why I can never find anything 
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piratewithvigor · 10 minutes ago
Things That Have Happened Since The Toronto Maple Leafs Last Won The Stanley Cup:
The Beatles released 6 studio albums
The Rolling Stones have released 18
The Vietnam War lasted approximately 8 more years
Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated
So was Bobby Kennedy
3 out of 4 US Presidential Impeachments occurred
Humanity first walked on the moon
Sesame Street debuted (and has run for 52 years)
The first single-station smoke detector was released to the public
The RCMP began accepting applications from women
There have been (soon to be) 14 Summer Olympic Games
And 14 Winter Olympic Games
The Simpsons would not debut for another 20 years
And Monty Python's Flying Circus would not exist for 2
Voting age in the US was lowered to 18
Disney World (Florida) opened
The first Space Station was sent into orbit
Women gained the right to vote in Switzerland
Both Canada and the US banned nicotine advertisements on TV
Pong is released
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littleanabitch · 11 minutes ago
Reblog if you don't even care about your weight anymore.
Like bitch, I haven't weighed in this week. I just wanna starve at this point. Please tell me I'm not alone.
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quilledinkpen · 12 minutes ago
Sokka and Iroh
ooh thank you nonnie!! Sending love <3
ATLA asks!!!
Iroh: What is your favorite tea?
Listen I am sooo inexperienced when it comes to tea... I've only ever had black tea (either cold with ice and lemon sometimes, or hot) so I really only have one tea that I like? I guess black tea is my favorite lol. I’d love to try some other tea flavors though, sometime!!
Sokka: What or Who is something/someone that makes you laugh?
Something that never fails to make me laugh is my friend’s faux Russian accent. Her voice gets like three octaves deeper than her normal voice and she does the accent FLAWLESSLY. It’s so funny 😂
As for someONE, I can pretty much always count on my sister to do or say something funny. She makes the WORST puns, but is actually hilarious most of the time
- Eve
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stalkerdex · 12 minutes ago
How I Started to Ship Stanman
I was thinking about this today & I figured, meh, what the hell, why not tell people how I arrived at this weird ship of mine??
So, basically, over the years as I watched South Park I became obsessed with Kyle x Cartman as a ship. I'm not sure exactly when, but in the seasons I'd now describe as the middle point of the show, the material for them was nothing short of EPIC. Seriously, I get it and I see and I've shipped it!
BUT...that being said, it was kind of like the perfect storm of killing that for me. I wrote my most popular fanfic around that time (which I hate don't even get me started on it, but I hate it) and it was a Kyman fic. From there, I moved into my story Bittersweet Bundle of Misery, which one of the surprises in that story was that Eric and Stan would wind up together instead of Eric and Kyle (this was back before every relationship was tagged in a fic). At the time, I only wrote it because I thought it would bring an interesting element to the story. I really enjoyed the episodes in season 15 where Stan grew depressed and started drinking - that really, really made his character multidimensional and more interesting to me. So, I had that as a starting point to begin with...and then the freaking episode "Cartman Finds Love" happened right as I was in the middle of writing this fic and it just obliterated the whole Kyman thing for me.
This, of course, is a personal preference kind of thing, but when it comes to making fan content, I don't like there to be anything nearly as close to canon as that episode was. I prefer the little crumbs and the tension without it ever actually being addressed, and to ME that episode addressed it and effectively squashed it because Kyle was just NOT into it. I know a lot of people disagree with me, and it's, no hate on Kyman I still think it's a cute ship, but for me their chemistry faded at that point.
Anyway, between THAT whole mess and then just happening to be writing this story with some Stanman action in it, I just kind of came to love their dynamic and the ways in which I could play with their personalities together in fiction. I think they're both interesting characters with good hearts and epic problems, and that dynamic really fascinates me. Of course, once I started watching SP through that lens I found all kinds of little cute interactions that endeared them to me even more...idk.
So, yeah...that's how it all happened! Maybe I would've shipped them anyway???? I'm not's just funny because, seriously, as into Stanman as I am now, I was totally into Kyman that way for YEARS.
Much love to all the SP ships - I adore all the fanart and fics and I think it's all wonderful. I just like these two the best <3 Please don't hate me!!!! O_O
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iusuallytry · 14 minutes ago
I mean, its true that the people with the biggest hearts suffer the most. But if your table has room for 30 and one doesnt show up it doesnt mean that the other 29 dont matter.
My intrusive thoughts make me believe that I dont deserve the people that are in my life just because the one I thought was the Important one left...
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basicbrunette23 · 14 minutes ago
I’m in hour 22 of my liquid fast.
I haven’t had the urge to eat today so that’s nice.
I wonder if I’ll go for two days.
Maybe three?
Who knows! Not me. My self control is a funny thing.
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satinsparring · 15 minutes ago
I only just started clipping/pinning my veil in place because for some reason I just never thought it would make enough of a difference to spend an extra 30 seconds on in the morning and oh my god. It didn't move at all all day. I was so stupid, why didn't I just pin it in place it would have saved me so much TIME from when I had to readjust i-
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prugihunt · 19 minutes ago
I feel guilty and sad, and i will always feel that way. Things i didnt do wrong are always like "did you not tho"
Im trying my best every single day but i always feel like im never enough not for others and not even for myself.
I wanna respect myself just a little bit more to open my month when somebody hurt me. To have the courage to tell people that "hey it wasnt really nice of you saying that" and they will apologize.
But no
Just even thinking about saying that makes me feel guilty and bad. Also very sad
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askfallenroyalty · 19 minutes ago
Are we going to see some more updates soon? I hope this doesn't come off in a negative way! 😖
sorry for the silence, this last week went by real quick
i got hit by the side effects really bad the night-of the shot but otherwise was mostly fine afterwards. i had weak lungs for roughly a week (it being less bad every day) and bad headaches/feeling exhausted/bad for the second and third day
but yeah while i'm better i still.... just do not feel up for making comics rn. i think all those updates for so long just ruined it for me, i fell out of love of making it and it feels so daunting even tho i'm at the finishing line. ):
i'm burn out. i need more time to get over it, but i'll be back and finish the comic don't worry. i just can't promise it'll be this month or the next tbh. just from my pattern of working-endlessly to not-working-for a month or two that's how it goes. i just gotta recharge.
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