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#x reader imagines
sweetsoonhan · 8 minutes ago
Cat Cafe
Chapter 3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tags: @ssssssssssssscoups @wonunuu @shuajeong @cupidhaos @whoyoulovedbefore @julsread @vxvshoshi
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hantaev · 10 minutes ago
anyone want “before dawn” vibes? 👀 i was just working on it whilst listening to this and yep ^^^
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pacifymebby · 11 minutes ago
Teachers / Bondy
Tumblr media
Part 4
"Saw you sneaking off with Johnny this morning," said Rosie, pulling her coat tight around her body as you wandered slowly down the raod to the school gates.
You had been glad to find out you had duty with her, glad that you wouldn't be stuck pacing the grounds over break time on your own or with an uncomfortable stranger making strangled conversation.
"Yeah," you nodded, thinking back in your morning with a flutter in your chest. Remembering how close you'd stood to him, how close you had felt.
"You looked cosy in assembly," she said, looking to you with prying curious eyes. Like she already knew and to be honest you did have a feeling that it had to be obvious.
You were certain this kind of crush couldn't be subtle.
"Well that's not what I'd call it," you smirked rolling your eyes at her, you didn't really want to tell Rosie all the gory details of your tragic teenage crush on her friend because well, he was after all her friend and they'd known eachother far longer than they'd known you, so you could be pretty certain she'd let slip anything you told her. And you couldn't stand the thought of Johnny finding out.
"Well, it's what me an anyone else who saw you would call it," she said with a smirk, teasing you and delighting in the blush which lit up your cheeks. Sent you caving in.
"It's not me it's him!" you giggled then, "I don't know what to do I can't tell if he's flirting with me or not!"
"Oh," grinned Rosie, "he definitely is!" but you still weren't sure and though you spent the rest of your day trying not to think about him, or whether he was flirting with you, or what exactly he had in mind for you after school, you couldn't help but be distracted by him at every turn. 
You didn't even see him, didn't bump into him as you wandered back in from duty splitting with Rosie at the end of the corridor, didn't catch a glimpse of him from your classroom window as you taught Romeo and Juliet to a room full of half hearted year nines. In 4th period you took yourself off to the library in a weak attempt to distract yourself with lesson plans, a couple scenes of Shakespeare, trying to think of some creative way you could teach sonnets to year eights. You'd not really been expecting to see him in the library but you'd been unable to shake the childish hope that you might meet him through the bookshelf as you picked up a copy of Midsummer Nights Dream and revealed the aisle the other side, like a little window in the shelf. It would have been cheesy and tragic, something straight out an American rom com, nauseating, and really you felt lucky that you didn't happen to meet him that way. But still, you couldn't deny you were disappointed not to. You kept thinking back on your morning, smoking in his shadow, talking quietly, joking almost awkwardly with one another at the school gate. Wishing he'd say something more, reveal something about him that would level the playing field, take you up a step towards friendship. 
You kept thinking back on the magnetism you'd felt every time your eyes had flickered up to his. How you'd felt like leaning in. How you knew that if you ever found yourself that close to him again youd be unable to stop yourself. You'd be drawn in, eyes closed, lips slightly parted, entranced by him. 
However, as much as your mind may have enjoyed wandering back to thoughts of him, you weren't so lucky as to run into him.
And when at lunch you found he was on duty, that you really wouldn't be seeing him until the end of the day your heart sank and you felt childish for being so disappointed. He was one man, and it was one day that you'd known him. That wasn't long enough to feel someone's absence the way that you did and yet there you were. Feeling at a loss without him, craving his company, that lackadaisical presence which was far more addictive than you'd first realised it would be. His lazy, cheeky smile. His eyes which lit up with mischief every time he cracked a joke.
It was tragic to say it but actually he was ever present on your mind and no matter what else you tried to concentrate on, be it lessons, the homework you were setting, or the gossip Rosie was telling you about over a cigarette, he was a distraction. A pleasant distraction you couldn't help but entertain. You'd no desire to ignore the thought of him because the thought of him left a smile on your lips and a lightness in your chest.
"Where the fucks Johnny?" asked Eva as she struggled to light her cigarette. It was a warm day but it was windy and as you stood trying to shield your own cig from the weather you worried over what the wind was doing to your hair.
You were hoping to at least look a little presentable by that evening when you would make your way to his classroom.
Though his absence all day was beginning to make you question whether the invite still stood.
"Last I saw he was getting cosy with y/n in assembly..." smirked Rosie dropping you in it with a devilish smile.
"Piss off," you snorted almost choking on your cigarette as you laughed her off, your cheeks flushing a violent red when Bob and Eva started sniggering along with her.
"Oh aye I saw that," grinned Bob, "saw yas both sneaking off for a cig an all.." he said then adding to the girls teasing and giggling. Their conspiratorial chatter leaving you blushing all the way to your afternoon classes where once again you struggled to concentrate for the butterfly nerves thoughts of Mr bond conjured up inside you.
By the time you'd finished for the day youd built up all this awkward nervous energy which had you blushing furiously even at the thought of meeting John after class.
When you passed a colleague in the corridor they smiled and said goodnight and you faltered, so caught up in your own thoughts that it had surprised you to hear a voice outside your head.
When you got to the music department you checked your appearance in an interior window, trying not to make it obvious that that was what you were doing.
You could hear conversation coming from inside Johnny's classroom, the kids hadn't packed up yet and he was having to chivvy them out.
"Cmon lads you're meant to flee at half past its quarter to!" he grinned watching from his desk. Two kids were rolling cigs and another was still lingering around a guitar. "Lasses won't think you're cool staying late after class like," he carried on teasing them, "Daisy Jones will be off with one of them lads from the other half year Dylan, you wanna hurry up off out you do," he was trying to embarrass them but it wasn't working because they were just as quick as he was, firing cheeky remarks straight back.
"You just want us gone so you can catch that new teacher before she goes home..." sniggered one of the lads, almost embarrassing you. You could feel a blush in your cheeks and just before the door opened you decided it would be better to duck out of the way, down a different coridoor to peer at the notices and hope to go unseen by the boys as they left.
The last thing you wanted were embarrassing rumours flying around about you and another teacher. Let alone someone as gorgeous as Johnny who you were already convinced you were going to struggle to look at without blushing now.
"She's fit though int she..." you heard one of them say as they left the classroom, only to be called after my Johnny who had heard them.
"oh yeah I would!" smirked another lad.
Johnny who was smirking at them now, ready to make sure they didn't keep going around school saying things like that about you.
"Oh aye am sure she'll appreciate that, they not teach you owt in English these days? If you're gan swoon after her do it with a bit of pinache lads..." he smirked, taking the piss and putting them in their place so that they left sniggering but certain they wouldn't say it again.
You waited till they'd left, waited until you heard them calling out their goodbyes to their teacher, waited till it was almost silent in the corridor before you dared approach his classroom again. But when you got to the door you realised he wasn't quite alone yet.
He was writing on a shy looking lasses planner, she stood beside the desk with her mate chewing her nails, hovering a little awkwardly. You could see her eyes red like she was trying to hold back tears, and when she left it was her friend with her hand patting the girls back who said thank you and goodbye to their teacher. He just offered them a little smile, nodded his head, told them to make sure they didn't miss the buses.
You watched as the two girls left out the side door of his classroom, a fire door they weren't supposed to use but that he was letting them go through because it lead straight out to the buses.
And when the door closed behind them you hesitated with a knock, wondering what he'd been writing for the girl. Wondering what he was going to say to you when you walked in.
"Was thinkin you were gan skip class on us y/n," he chuckled, you smirking along, watching the door the two girls had left through.
"I was beginning to think you'd forgotten about me," you smirked, perching on the edge of one of the desks.
It was front and center in the classroom, opposite the whiteboard and as he stood before you, leaning up against the board you looked up at him and felt a tension bristle.
"Oh aye sorry about that, needed the lads to leave so I could write Lydia's PE note..." he smirked trailing off and biting his lip a little uncertain.
"What have you got to do with Lydia's PE note?" you asked, narrowing your eyes with a suspicious smile, watching him crack another almost awkward grin.
"Signing her out of PE aren't a," he shrugged, "nah she's a sweet lass but she gets picked on nobodys business by these girls in her PE class, dead nasty teenage girl stuff ya know..."
"Yeah well I was a teenage girl once so a can imagine," you sighed feeling a little pang in your chest for the poor lass, "no wonder she looked like she was gonna cry when she left..."
"Aye," he said, "teachers don't do owt about it either like so I just started signing her out of class, makin up like she's behind with her coursework..."
"What an that works does it?"
"Hey I know I teach a useless subject but I'm still more important than PE," he chuckled, his laugh inspiring a laugh from you too as the two of you trailed off and you were left thinking how lovely a lad he must really be. He didn't need to look out for his students, didn't need to give a shit about them at all other than what went on in his own class, but he very clearly did. Now you were beginning to understand why they all warmed to him so much, why they weren't afraid to give him a bit of cheek and mess around with him. Why they seemed to respect him.
It was because he was clearly one of those rare teachers who deserved it.
"You must be a really good teacher, your kids really seem to like you," you said but he just shook his head and smirked, not embarrassed but certainly self concious.
"Aye well am signing em out of PE, course they do," he chuckled and though you wanted to object, tell him there was more to it than that, you didn't, you just laughed along and smiled and let the moment fizzle into quiet. You looking up at him trying to hide your admiration. Him smirking down at you.
He was looking down at you, his eyes lingering on yours, watching you, subtle admiration there. You felt seen, felt like you were being watched. Suddenly self concious of everything, your hair, your makeup, whether you were smiling or whether your resting bitch face was putting him off.
"So what're you gan teach me then Mr Bond?" you asked, leaning back on your hands, looking up at him expectantly. Putting on a cheeky front to hide your shyness now that you were alone. Really alone.
He cracked a delayed grin, tore his gaze away from you and nodded to the guitar in the corner.
It was the one the kids had been lingering around, this white electric like youd seen Nirvana play in videos. It was pretty, but it was battered and scratched up and you couldn't help but wonder whether it was his or the schools.
"She's in a bit of a state, wedding gigs are rough don't you know," he chuckled picking it up and handing it to you, holding onto it until your uncertain hands were sure they'd got it.
You shuffled back on the desk so that your legs were relaxed, hanging over the side. Feet just about skimming the floor.
"Am I holding it right?" you asked, looking up at him with a bit of a blush when he smirked and said almost, reached to take your hand and move it up the neck.
"Almost," he smirked, adjusting it in your lap, "there you go, look like a pro already," he teased painting a little smile on your lips. "Reet so..." he said, chewing the inside of his cheek as he stepped closer to work out what to tell you.
His eyes flickered over you again, drifting from your hand on the fret board for a moment back to your eyes.
"What's the vibe we can do dad rock or we can do..." he trailed off, "actually no, dad rocks all I got,"
You bit back your smile, an almost laugh escaping you as you looked up at him, caught him by surprise with the gleam of your amusement on your lips.
"Dad rock," you smirked, chewing the inside of your cheek, trying to maintain your cool, something which was difficult when he was as close to you as he was. When he was watching you with a small smirk too.
"Aye lass you wanna concentrate, it's tricky stuff," he chuckled, painfully self aware, "don't underestimate dad rock," he said and you shook your head.
"Wouldn't dream of it,"
So then he started showing you where to put your fingers and you felt self conscious, it felt strange and foreign holding a guitar and playing it. It wasn't something you'd ever tried to do before and you couldn't help but giggle a little nervously when you fucked up.
He smiled along though, didn't make you feel daft or uncomfortable. And you were doing fine until he caught your hand. You'd moved to the wrong fret again and the sound had been harsh and sharp and tuneless. You bit your lip and looked up apologetically.
"Ugh shit sorry I'm so bad at this," you said, struggling to keep the guilty little smile off your lips. Even more so when he shook his head and said no.
"Nah you're not, you're just not concentrating," he chuckled, sitting down beside you for a moment, reaching around your back to place his fingers on the fret board where yours should have been, playing the note and filling your body with a static electric pulse when he did. His hand brushing over yours. His fingers picking yours from the fret board and bending them delicately to his will.
"I am concentrating!" you tried to giggle along, tried to hide the way your heart was beating, the way you could feel your heart almost everywhere. The way it was difficult to breath when he was so close to you, his arm around your back. His side against yours.
He was so close to you, his head bowed next to yours. His eyes concentrating on the guitar until you spoke. Until your tore his gaze away back up to you. Your lips which had made a false claim.
"No you're not," he smirked, letting his eyes flicker between your eyes and your lips, holding your gaze the second time he spoke, "somats distracting you," he said, your lip catching between your teeth as your smile petered out and the air between you grew thick.
It didn't take long then, didn't take long for the magnets between you to pull you both in. His lips meeting yours slowly, the softness of the pull between you, the connection. The sweetness of his kiss as your eyes fluttered shut and you tried not to smile too soon.
But when he should have pulled away he didn't and you began to melt into the kiss. Really melt into it, your head tilting back, eyes fluttered shut, some kind of blissful moment taking over you, all your muscles relaxing. Your fingers unwinding from around the neck of his guitar. But his hand caught it just in time and though you tried to apologise, mumbling a sorry against his lips, he cut you off by deepening the kiss.
You felt the blood warm in your cheeks and your breast, you wanted to open your eyes but you were affraid that if you did he'd see the lust in your eyes and know that you wanted more from him.
More than just a kiss.
His hand found your waist again, smoothed up over the fabric of your cardigan and held you in the palm of his hand. Made you feel delicate and supple like honey dripping from the hive.
You didn't mean to moan against his lips but it escaped you anyway, surprised you and pleased him, you felt him smirking as he nipped your lips and pulled away, placing a kiss to your cheek as he pulled away.
"didnt mean to do that," he breathed as he pulled away, looking at you almost shyly. Smirking like a school boy who'd been caught out. Leaving you to bite back a laugh.
"You sure about that you seemed pretty certain..." you giggled only teasing him, not expecting a defense.
"Aye well, you know what I mean, j didn't mean to do that here..." he said, "in school," he added as if clarification was even at all necessary.
"Yeah I guess we probably shouldn't do that here..." you bit back a naughty school girl smile of your own, glad to see it mirrored on him when you dared to look up at him again.
He was grinning, his eyes wander g over you almost proud.
"You wanna skip class with me and go for a pint?"
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blackgirlimaginesmarvel · 11 minutes ago
okay um looks like I’ll have to headstart the headcanons lol
someone mentioned roomie! bucky so it made the wheels in my head turn....
Tumblr media
I just imagine bucky being stealthy so he always scares the shit out of you on purpose
“damn buck, alpine makes more noise than you”
(yes, you two share alpine)
I think at one point he starts to do it on purpose bc he knows how jumpy you are
he’ll even get sam in on it 
sam will come over one day to hang and he’ll record bucky scaring you and laugh his ass off when you notice that he’s recording, so now you’re chasing them both around the apartment
poor alpine is confused yet uninterested so he stays in his resting place
aww and the days bucky helps out with cooking... ugh, such sweet domestication lol
thanks to his time in wakanda, bucky learned a few recipes so you actually trust him in the kitchen a little bit...
you’d make sure ayo’s on the kimoyo beads walking him through each step tho
he’s always eager to share his cooking with you and will get upset if you don’t try
when you guys first became roomies, bucky was more into himself... only saying ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ when you were in the livingroom, usually staying cooped up in his own room
he can’t exactly pinpoint when he wanted to branch out, but one day, he shyly walked into the livingroom while you were on the couch binge watching something for the umpteenth time and asked if he could join
ofc you let him! you’d been trying to find strategies on how to get him to talk to you
ofc it starts off slowly... him making small comments about the show until it turns into full blown cackling at some ridiculous story you had
is there a budding romance? that’s a given!
do you two act on it? no bc y’all aggy lol
pero... bucky did steal a kiss one time when you guys baked cookies one late night but shhh don’t tell anyone
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choijwiss · 13 minutes ago
Pairing: Chenle x fem!reader
Genre: Smut
Warnings: Rough-ish(not really) sex, exhibitionism, unprotected sex
Words: 781
“Baby, I want to do something.” Chenle said between groans. You stopped your movement on his lap and looked at him with questioning eyes. “Can we take a picture?” He put his hand on your hips and started moving you slowly again.
“You really want to take a picture while we are fucking?” You moaned.
“Just think about it. You’re wearing your skirt and a top, and I’m almost fully dressed. So if we take a mirror pic, it would just look like you’re sitting on my lap, while in reality I’m inside you. Your skirt would cover everything so no one would know.” He explained while trying to hold his moans in. “Fuck, baby couldn’t you let me speak before moving so much?” He threw his head back. You stopped moving again.
“First of all, you’re the one who tries to move me. And second, that does sound pretty hot, but you have to promise me to not publish the photo anywhere.” You said with heavy breaths.
“Okay, yeah, sure.” You were already in front of a mirror. Him sitting on the edge of a bed, and you sitting on his lap, riding him. He took his phone from the nightstand as you fixed your skirt so nothing would be uncovered. You buried your face in his neck while waiting for him to take the picture. Your hands were in his hair while he kept you in place by holding his hand on your lower back. You tried to not move but your orgasm was so close, it was kind of hard. 
“Can you just take the fucking picture?” You groaned.
“Yeah, I just have to make sure I look good.” You could hear the smile in his voice. Soon you heard the click from the camera. “I look so dumb!” He dolphin laughed next to your ear.
“Could you please not scream into my ear.” You said with an annoyed tone. Why did you agree to this?
“Okay, okay. I’ll take another picture.” You heard the camera click again and looked at the picture. You had to admit, it really was hot. The picture looked… pretty normal. It was like your dirty secret. 
“Can we continue? We were kinda in the middle of something..” You mumbled to his neck. He threw his phone somewhere and flipped you around. You let out a surprised squeal. He stood up for a moment to take his pants fully off. He came on top of you, between your legs and pushed his cock in without a warning. He didn’t let you adjust to it again, before he started pounding into you. Something must have snapped inside him as he saw the picture, since he was rarely like this. Normally the sex between you two was either romantic, or goofy. You were not complaining though. He chuckled at your squeal and looked you in the eyes. He looked so hot right now. His hair stuck to his forehead with sweat. A cocky smirk on his face while he watched your expression. The fast pace and hard thrusts made the knot in your stomach tighten quickly. You struggled to keep your eyes open as you focused on the pleasure. You pulled him into a kiss, as you felt your high approaching. His lips were rough against yours. Tongues exploring each other's mouths, teeth clashing together. It was messy and you loved it. His hand came to massage your breast. You moaned into his mouth. His thrusts were starting to become sloppy so you knew he was close. You felt beads of sweat on your body but you couldn’t care less. The only thing you could focus on was the pleasure, and reaching your high. 
“Fuck baby, you feel so good.”  His voice was deep and husky as he said the words between your kisses. You moaned in response and brought your fingers to his hair. You soon felt yourself go over the edge and the knot in your stomach burst. Your tightened your grip on his hair which made him groan. Your walls clenched around him, as you moaned his name with a string of curse words. This made him come undone as well and you felt him fill you up with his cum. He groaned and slowly pulled out, watching some of his cum drip out of you. He collapsed next to you and started laughing.
“What are you laughing at?” You looked at him dumbfounded.
“Why did you think I was so different just now? Now everyone knows that you’re mine. Did you really think I wouldn’t release the photo?” He laughed even more as he watched the changes in your expression.
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mammonswhore · 13 minutes ago
Imagine Diavolo sitting on his throne just thinking about life and calling MC because he is bored and he knows they will be willing to spend time with them.
I can picture him hearing their steps coming to him with an idea already on their minds about what they should do.
And he is happy because of all the people he is willing to spend his free time with he chose them because he knows they like him for who he is and not for who he is supposed to be.
They like Diavolo for who he is,the charismatic men who tries to make everyone feel safe and comfortable,the one who is trying to make a change between the Three Realms and is seeing one of his dreams come true. They like him for him and not for being the future King of Demons.
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leemika · 14 minutes ago
- 𝐫𝐨𝐲𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬,
part 11: not how i intended
summary: a peasant girl moves into the castle, mistaken for someone else. she ends up attracting the attention of the nation’s five princes.
pairing(s): jake, sunghoon, sunoo, jungwon, niki x fem!reader
Tumblr media
chapter is under the cut !
“Ugh, you again?” Y/N turned around to be met with Ice Prince himself.
“Hoonie! Wonderful to see you as well.” She smiled, making him shoot her a sour look.
“Hoonie? Really?”
“Do you prefer Ice Prince?” He scrunched his nose and brushed it off.
“The ball, have you decided?” She just chuckled in response.
“Why is that everyone’s current concern? No how are you? How was your day?” He rolled his eyes once more.
“Whatever. The ball is tomorrow, you better make up your mind.” He advised. “You see, I’m s-” Before he could finish what he was saying, the other brothers burst through the door furiously, followed by Jay and Niki with frantic looks on their faces.
“Sunghoon, get away from her!” Jungwon exclaimed, only causing Sunghoon to move closer, and put his arm around the girl.
“You’ll never guess what was found today” Jake spat, looking at her bitterly. He had never looked at her like that.
“What are you on about?” Sunghoon finally asked. 
She looked towards Jay, who mouthed her a ‘sorry’
“Y/N. Y/N’s body was found on the outskirts of town. So my real question is who the hell are you?” Heeseung asked. “I thought you were a crazy person when you first told us you were a peasant from the village, but you kept on lying and got cozy in our castle.”
“W- what?” Y/N’s voice started to stutter, tears welling up in her eyes.
“Hey, this has to be some misunderstanding. Riki?” Sunghoon tried defending her, but it was no use.
“What misunderstanding is there? She’s a liar and a dirty impostor. Were you going to keep stringing us along like this? Did you think you would become a queen?” Sunoo suddenly cut in. Y/N was at a loss of words. 
“Noona! Tell them! Tell them it’s not true!” She looked at Riki, who was on the verge of tears. Sunghoon bit his lip, unsure of what to do.
“And I was meant to tell you? So what, you could lock me up again? Execute me? Throw me out on the streets?” She deadpanned towards Heeseung, who was still seething.
Jake just scoffed and looked towards the guards that had followed them in. “Lock her up, make sure she stays alive. She doesn’t deserve the freedom of death.”
lol sorry not sorry
prev  - next
send an ask to be on the taglist!
taglist: @hoonieclipsee​  @goldenxddeonu​  @adoreyeonjun​ @skzenha​ @bloom-bloom-pow @love13tter
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blakeswritingimagines · 17 minutes ago
Dating Jumin and Jaehee
Work no play set robot who loves his cat and sad overworked coffeemaker who both only feel something with you.
Keeping these two calm and collected around each other because otherwise they would act like children.
Helping the two of them with whatever just so it can be done sooner and their workaholics that don’t know their workaholics.
Getting very simple and subtle touches from both one because that’s how Jumin was raised to treat you like a lady/gentleman While Jaehee is just more reserved and blushy.
Helping Jaehee cat-sit when Jumin leaves unless he wants to bring you along to wherever he’s going.
Always waking up to a five course meal and Jaehee making coffee which took some time getting Jumin use to that nobody else was gonna make it except her.
Using puppy dog eyes for getting your way with Jumin then easing Jaehee into the idea of the thing you want into converstion.
Jumin kissing you on the top of your head while Jaehee kisses your cheek.
The two doing their best to help you with planning out parties but after sometime they just do their best to keep you comfortable when they realize just how different they think.
After some time Jumin will let you wear his clothes but is still trying to warm up to letting Jaehee do the same thing even though she’s said more than enough times that she doesn’t want too.
Both will say that their only dating you and not each other but after sometime of being with you they change how they act with each other.
Jumin uses nicknames like "darling, honey, sweetie, beautiful/handsome", while Jaehee uses "babe, cupcake, dear, flower".
Jumin's love language is quality time and words of affirmations while Jaehee's love language is acts of service and quality time.
Having a cup of tea or a glass of wine with each other before going to bed just for some extra time together.
Both of them never letting anybody be mean or rude towards you.
Making small love notes/reminders for them both to wake up too and have a good start.
After enough time together and them finally being loose enough to have some fun they throw a small party for all three of you to do something together.
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vidisfanficrepo · 18 minutes ago
The Last Hour- i- Seijoh's Delinquents + Iwa
MASTERLIST -- Chapter ii - Tokyo Legends -- Chapter 1
The Last Hour - Chapter i - Seijoh's Delinquents + Iwa
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
MASTERLIST -- Chapter ii - Tokyo Legends -- Next Chapter
that was scary my hearts goin pitter patter pitter patter.. fr tho lol
Thats the intro !!! First profiles done !!! Fun fact, I did the first chapter first actually so writing this out is a little weird ngl
Pls don't hesitate to drop critiques !!! unless its abt the app because try as i might i am just doing this on the fly and i cannot figure it out lol so if the text is a lil weird,,, collectively elect to ignore it pls and thank u
also maybe check out the rest of my stuff that's on hiatus while I write this entire thing out in a week in an adhd fuelled haze :)
this was supposed to be posted first lol idk what that's about
-Vidi :-)
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canibebrutallyhonest · 19 minutes ago
Y/N : See? Unisex.
Ransom : Maybe you need sex.I certainly don't.
Y/N : No, you don't get it. U-N-I-sex.
Ransom : ...okay, I can't say no to that.
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mammonswhore · 20 minutes ago
scenario: Obey Me! Brothers with a Hispanic!MC who loves chaos and drama in general.
warnings: none.
Lucifer knew that you were Hispanic and didn't think much of it since he actually got to know you.
It was something quite unexpected for him when he found you in your room watching a telenovela talking to yourself about how much of an idiot the protagonist was.
He has to keep and eye out for you when everyone starts fighting at the house,he noticed how much you seem to enjoy when everyone yells at each other.
Quite amused when listening to you talking you language. He understands everything that you said in every language since it's a quality all demons and angels have since it makes the afterlife easier.
He will try to make you talk about your family since he has seen a couple of telenovelas himself and wants to know if all Hispanic families are really that dramatic.
If you two are in a relationship you will have more than one conversation about how it's quite strange that you can escape danger easily. If not he will still ask you when did that love for chaos came from because fuck man is really confused.
Pretty chill at first until he saw you following two demons who were fighting at RAD and had to get you out of there asap.
Asks you plenty of times if you attract problems for fun or if it's just some coincidence.
He asks the most random questions. Is there any tradition you and your family have? Is it true that all Hispanics can take spicy things? Are your parents/tutors going to hate him like in the telenovelas?
Loves listening to your music with you, whether is Spanish or Portuguese he will vibe with it. Maybe into reggaeton and reggae,has danced to Bad Bunny and Ricky Martin a lot so he knows the basics.
Asks if you can cook any type of your traditional food.
He will definitely name an anime with an Hispanic person as the main character.
If you fight some demons he will show some respect,might even be a little bit afraid to fight you (even tho he will win).
Likes to watch the cartoons from your country and talk about them with you to see your smile.
Better be ready because boy will not like family gatherings at all and if you want to take him to any birthday party or just a hang out with your relatives he will pretty much stick by your side or talk with those cousins who also love games or anime.
But still better keep an eye out for him because if your cousin happens to like any game or anime he also likes he might start acting up and show his envy. Don't blame it on him tho,it's not entirely his fault.
Please,please don't let your relatives make mean comments about him. He will start saying how much they hate him and how he does not deserves any of your love.
If you fight your relatives when they talk trash about him,oh boy he has never been so in love in his life.
When you get back home he will ask you to stay with him at his room and watch some shows or play games to relax from all the anxiety.
He knows where you came from and knows the basics about your culture but still very curious.
Will ask a lot of questions and if you can answer them all his heart will beat a little bit faster than usual.
Hates your chaotic energy. Hates it even more if you have befriended Mammon and are willing to do dumb shit with him.
Always telling you that you are way more fragile than the average and keeps his eyes on you every time you go out together.
Asks himself if your chaotic nature is something you have or if any member of your family has it too.
If you take him to a family gathering he will analyze every single relative that shows up and tell you about their traumas later on.
boyyyy he will be absolutely amazed if you can cook but if you cook any type of traditional food he will be ready to eat the whole thing and praise your cooking skills all day.
He might not seem like it but it's really aware of the chaotic energy you have.
At first he thought it might be because you hang out with Mammon the most but he had to sit down when you were alone together and you kept the energy.
Very confused. Humans are supposed to be aware of the danger around them and they do this type of things... Why?
Explain him that not all humans are as chaotic as you are and make sure he understands that you are aware of your tendencies.
Asks himself if what you are doing is okay or if he should step in.
Very protective. If you thought any other person was crazy about keeping you safe,Beel is 100 times more worried.
He loves this energy if you don't bother him when napping.
Your energy + Anti Lucifer League = total disaster.
Plans the most irrational pranks with you and Satan.
Gets annoyed with your energy if he is trying to just nap with you.
Does not get worried if you get into fights or arguments with other demons because he knows you know how to protect yourself (since getting yourself involved in this type of situations seems like something usual to you).
He still kept an eye on you tho.
If you ever hurt yourself fighting he will make sure the person who hurt you won't see the light of the day anymore.
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unholyplumpprincess · 20 minutes ago
so i heard you want Gibby requests >:) can i pls request Gibby with a tiny S/O that wants to try pegging him
My handsome, handsome man,,,,
Minors and ageless blogs do not like or reblog! Please respect my boundary :D
Warnings: R18+/NSFT, Reader is gn and ambiguous but has a strap on ofc, dom/sub relationship implied! __________________
It’s not like Makoa has never bottomed before. Of course he has, he’s a switch and he’s happy to bottom or top for pretty much anyone. He just doesn’t really prefer being the ‘leader’ of the scene, so to speak. So he’s pretty happy when you’re more of the dom in the sexual aspect of your relationship, happily doing as you say and doing so with service with a smile.
You bring up pegging and he’s all grins and excitement. Of course there’s a tease of are you gonna reach, sweetheart? But you tell him you’ll figure it out, shooing him away when he laughs at you and reminding you of your size difference. It never bugs either of you, he likes that you’re smaller and have an attitude about you like you’re taller than the trees. He’s always liked ‘em feisty.
Makoa expects you to make him ride you for ease of the height. But imagine his surprise when you slam him down by the back of his neck, twirling your fingers in his hair as he lies belly down on the bed. You fucking him by straddling his thighs and slamming into him. Making him feel pinned down and cross eyed as he moans up a storm for you.
He should have expected it, really, with your love of taking control. He ends up with his hair pulled, a hand around his throat, scratches down his back and your teeth marks in any part of his back you could reach. Very satisfied afterwards and panting, only to whine loud when you go for round two.
This time with one of his strong legs over one of your shoulders and your body slotted between his thighs, your legs straddling his other one. Keeping him open and whining for you as you croon what a good boy he is.
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hunnypot-imagines · 22 minutes ago
Just a Flight Away
Tumblr media
Pairing: Neville Longbottom x Ilvermony!Reader
Word Count: 2.8k
Request N/A
Summary: Neville has a cutie who lives in America but no one seems to believe him.
Warnings: None! 
A/N: This isn’t a request but it’s based off of me rambling here and slightly off of the vibe telepatia by Kali Uchis gives off.
If there was one thing Neville was thankful was it was the absolute goddess he got to call his girlfriend. It was funny the way they first began talking to one another. (Y/n) had been trying to contact a friend at Hogwarts but after the long trip from Ilvermony to Hogwarts, her owl was quite exhausted and ended up bringing the letter to Neville instead. Neville saw the poor bird, giving it a bit of bird seed and water that he kept in the green house before he set off to find the rightful owner of the letter. Luckily he had 3rd period with the girl who thanked him before excitedly yanking the letter from his hands. When Neville went to go check on the owl, he saw that it had already left, leaving a heart shape in the bird seed.
After that day, Neville hadn’t really thought about the incident that much. Well, that was until he saw the same owl fly towards him with a letter in its mouth. He smiled fondly at it rubbing under its chin with his finger before going to give the letter back to the owl until he noticed it had his name on it.  He ripped it open, careful to not damage the envelope before reading the letter.
Dear Neviile,
Thank you so so so much for getting the letter to Gwen! Gwen is a good friend of mine who I had been missing dearly and if not for your kindness she would have never received my letter. 
As you may be able to tell from the seal on the letter, I attend Ilvermorny school of witchcraft and wizardry. I've heard of how grand and great the infamous Hogwarts is, is it true? How is England in general? I've never had the pleasure of traveling out of America.
Oh yes! The main point of this is as a thank you, I've attached a package of my favorite American sweets as a token of my gratitude. The package is enchanted which is why it's so small. To restore it to its original state, place it on a flat surface before tapping it with the tip of your wand.
(Y/n) (L/n)
Neville felt his face grow warm at the girl's kindness. (Y/n). 'What a beautiful name..' he thought to himself before pulling out the galleon sized package from the envelope. He pushed aside a few plants on the table in front of it before placing the package down, tapping the top with his wand. He gasped, watching in amazement as he saw the package expand. Neville wasn't quite familiar with this enchantment, perhaps he'd ask her about it in his response. His cheeks turned a brighter red. Response?
Did she want to speak to him more? He didn't want to assume but by her letter and her asking questions, it made it clear that this wasn't the last exchange she wanted to have. Was this a prank? Were the Weasley twins up to this? There was only one way to tell. Neville reached a shaky hand forward, opening the package as he closed his eyes expecting something to pop out at him but when he opened his eyes there was nothing but a box of snacks he had never seen before. He let out a sigh of relief, ignoring the racing in his heart.
After that, Neville and the girl started to talk quite a bit. Months had turned into years and he couldn't have been happier. It felt nice to have someone he could talk to, someone far away from all the hustle and bustle of the castle. To her he wasn't the kid with unfortunate luck or the "cowardly" boy in Gryffindor. He was just Neville, her boyfriend. Neville, her kind boyfriend in another continent, far away. 
(Y/n) loved Neville just as much. It wasn't that she never had suitors approach her. In fact, she had quite a few. (Y/n) was what you could consider popular, not that she cared. She was kind, smart, and beautiful. Who wouldn't want that? However, she always felt like none of the men who'd approach her got her. They all just saw her as a beautiful woman instead of what she was, a normal girl deserving of love. That's why she liked Neville so much. No matter what he always treated her with the utmost respect and that hadn't stopped when they started to date either. 
When the two had first exchanged photos, Neville was stunned. He had been talking to that beautiful of a girl? He couldn’t believe it. It was as if Olivander himself had sculpted and carved her out of the best of wood. She had glowing (s/c) skin, soft healthy looking (h/c) (h/c) hair, and a smile that could compete with the sun on its brightest of days and win. And when he found out she was single? He would’ve been a fool not to make a move. Angels as sweet as (Y/n) didn’t come around that often. 
And although their relationship was as great as can be there was the underlying sadness: they lived across the world from one another. Every time either of them would see a couple hug or kiss in school, they’d feel a twinge of jealousy pierce their hearts. It wasn’t fair that the most perfect person in the world was off enjoying themselves in their respective countries. Although (Y/n) tried to ignore it, Neville was the type to bring it up. He’d describe in the most beautiful of words what he’d do if they were together. How he’d hold her in his arms and show her off to all of his friends. Where he’d take her on a date, the plants he wanted to show her as they were both herbology geeks. Meanwhile she’d end each of the letters discussing this topic with the same phrase as usual. ‘You know I’m just a flight away. If you wanna I could take a private plane.’ He could never ask that of her though. As much as he’d love everyday to be filled with his flower, he wouldn’t wanna rip her away from the things she had going on in her own life.
It wasn’t all bad though! After the girl had taught him the charm she used when she first sent him something, they both would send each other gifts back and forth as much as possible. Neville sent her sweaters with his scent embedded, charmed flowers, chocolate frogs, anything she wanted was hers. She’d send her own things to remind him of her as well. Her favorite stuffed animal, loads of photographs, little crochet hats she made for Trevor, more...unsavory things as well definitely not her underwear. Despite the increase in objects Neville owned, none of his friends had questioned it until he started to wear a necklace with a heart shaped piece of onyx on it with the letter (Y/f/i) carved into it.
“Oi! Neville. Where’d you get that necklace from?” Ron questioned his friend who sat across from him in the Gryffindor common room. The boys had all decided to study together which of course turned into Neville studying as they goofed off. Neville tensed as his cheeks heated up turning a pink color.
“O-oh’s from my girlfriend.” He said, saying the last word as soft as possible. He prayed to Merlin that his friends hadn’t heard him but unfortunately for him they had. It wasn’t that he didn’t want anyone to know about her. It was far from that. He was just a bit protective, he didn’t want anyone to try and steal her from him. Even though it was impossible since they had no contact with her, he never knew when it came to his friends. They always found a way to make the impossible possible.
“What year is she in?!”
“Who is it?!”
“No way, is she fit?!”
He finished at the chorus of voices, trying to calm them down so he could speak. They all scooted closer to him, looking up at him expectantly. “Well you see..” he trailed off, looking away as he played with the pendant around his neck. “She doesn’t go here. She attends school in Ilvermorny. But to answer your question, yeah she is bloody fit.” he responded, turning his attention back to the scroll of paper in front of him. Dean, Ron, and Seamus exchanged a look with each other trying to suppress their laughs.
“Yeah I’m sure she does Nev.” Dean said sarcastically as he joined the other two in laughter. Neville looked up at his friends confused at their behavior.
“Yeah Nev, if your nan sent it you could’ve just told us! Better than saying you’ve got a girl halfway across the world.” Ron said, pushing the boy slightly as he continued to laugh at him. Seamus was doubled over, snorting with laughter as fire whiskey shot from his nose causing the other two to howl with laughter.
“It’s not from my nan! My girlfriend really did send it to me.” he exclaimed, smacking Ron on the back of the head, before doing the same to the other two men. “Besides, you have some fucking nerve accusing me of lying when none of you have birds yourself.” he sneered, causing the boys to quiet down some.
“So harsh Neville, you didn’t have to go there mate! Well what’s this ‘girlfriend’ of yours called.” Seamus asked, doing air quotes as he mentioned the topic at hand. “You’d think it was a bit strange too if your friend suddenly mentioned a girlfriend who lived all the way in the states too wouldn’t you.”
“(Y/n). And I’ll have you know this isn’t a new thing. We’ve been dating since around 2nd year. Sure, I’d find it a bit strange if you mentioned a girlfriend in America that you had never brought up prior, but I wouldn’t find it impossible! Now if you excuse me, I have to go.” he quickly stood up, packing up his materials as he stormed off to the direction of his dorm. He sped up, ignoring the protest and begging of his friends to come back and continue to hang out with them. He had enough of them and he wasn’t gonna sit there and let himself be called a fucking liar by Hogwart’s biggest ones.
“Did you guys hear? Students from Ilvermony are supposed to be coming to visit!” Ron said, running up to the other four boys. “I’m just picturing how hot all the girls from the states are gonna be. All hot and leggy with those bloody accents. I could combust just thinking of it!” he exclaimed, flopping down on the couch. Neville gasped softly, looking up. Did he hear him correctly? 
“Where’d you hear that from? I didn’t hear anything of the sorts.” Hermione questioned, looking up from her book at the interesting news she had just heard. However, Neville was still frozen. Was this true? And if so, why hadn’t (Y/n) mentioned it. No, no it couldn’t be. She surely would have told him.
“I just overheard it from Dumbledore himself. They should be arriving in a few minutes! They’re staying here for a few months. It’s a part of this new thing that they’ve set up. Something about wanting the students to learn different methods and what not. They decided it’d be a good idea since summer is coming soon.” he said nonchalantly, looking over at Neville who hadn’t moved since the news left his mouth. He went to question what was up with him before his eyes lit up, recalling the conversation they had a few months ago. “Hey Neville? Didn’t your supposed ‘girlfriend’ go to Ilvermony.” the boys all suddenly interested began to ‘ooo’ exchanging looks with each other.
“See Neville, this is why you don’t lie. Lies will always come back to bite you in the rear. Perhaps Ronald i-”
“I wasn’t lying, Hermione! She really does go to Ilvermony.” he exclaimed, standing up as he wiped his hands on his pants. All of a sudden, there were the sounds of a bunch of American accents speaking which caught all of their attention. Many different students in Ilvermorny uniforms (some without them) roamed freely to explore the large and intense castle.
“God you weren’t kidding Ron, the girls are bloody fit.” Dean muttered, eyeing some girl who gave him a wink before giggling and running off with her friends. “Woah look at that one, are you kidding me? She’s a fucking goddess!” Neville’s curious hazel eyes followed his friend's words as he saw a familiar shade of (h/c) hair styled in the way his girlfriend wore it. Wait, was that his sweater? 
“That’s not just some fucking girl, that’s my girlfriend!” Neville exclaimed, standing up from his seat.
“No chance.”
“You couldn’t pick a more believable one?”
“Prove it then.”
Neville went to say something before the girl turned around, locking eyes with him. She gasped, tearing up some as she pushed through the crowd of people running to him as quickly as possible. “Nev! Neville babe, is that you?” she exclaimed. Neville’s face flushed brightly taking in the girl’s appearance. She had worn the first sweater he had given her, a mossy green sweater with an obscure pattern, with a pleated skirt pairing it with a pair of boots. Neville nodded his head quickly, holding his arms out as the girl ran into him almost knocking him over. He picked her up, spinning her around quickly before setting her down, holding her soft face between his hands.
“W-what are you doing here?! You never told me you were coming to visit!” he exclaimed, wiping at the stray tears that had left her eyes. He moved his hands from her face securing them around her waist as he stared down at her. God she was even more beautiful in person.
“I wanted to surprise you! I actually found out a few weeks ago and let me tell ya, it was SO hard not to tell you!” She giggled, reaching up to stroke his cheek. He leaned into her touch, smiling at her. “I didn’t think it was possible for you to get even more handsome but bloody hell. You’re so fucking hot, Nev.” she said, feeling her face heat up. Neville flushed a bright red before leaning down, kissing the girl on the lips. She pulled him down more, wrapping her arms around his neck as she kissed back. The kiss was full of the love and affection they had both been craving from one another. (Y/n) tangled her hands in the back of his hair as he deepened the kiss, moaning softly. They both jumped away from one another at the sound of someone clearing their throat. “Ah sorry! Nev, are you going to introduce me to your friends?” she asked looking up at him as she intertwined his large hand with her smaller one.
“I suppose I will, even though for some reason they thought you weren’t real.” he quipped, glaring at the four boys who looked away ashamed. “From left to right there is Harry, Ron, Dean, and Seamus. And over there,” he said pointing to the big arm chair in the corner. “That is Hermione.” he said as they all muttered ‘hi’ and ‘sorry’ from some of them. (Y/n) giggled some, waving at them all.
“It’s very nice to meet you all! Nev talks about you guys all the time in his letters. Oh!” She said, eyes looking at his chest. She reached a hand forward, grabbing the engraved onyx in her hands. “The necklace I gave you!! You like it? I think it looks really good on you.” she exclaimed with a smile, happy her boyfriend enjoyed the gift she gave him. Neville once again looked at his friends chuckling some at their wide eyes.
“Of course I do, petal. I wear it everyday, everywhere I go. Right guys.” he teased, watching as they all stuttered out ‘yes ‘yep’ ‘sure does. “Come on flower, I’ll show you around the castle. I know you’ve been looking forward to that for a while. Also, you look quite cute in my sweater.”
“Thank you. I wear it quite often, even though the smell of you has worn off it still brings me good memories.” she said, playing with the slightly worn out sleeves of the sweater. “I’d love to!! Can we check out the greenhouse first? I wanna see that plant you were talking about. Maybe we can work on identifying what species it is!” he nodded in response, taking her hand once again as they began to walk off. Before they turned the corner, he quickly turned his head around using his unoccupied hand to flip off his friends before turning his attention back to his lover.
“Who would’ve thought? Longbottom with an absolute fox.” Ron said, slumping back down as he frowned. Hermione took the book she was reading smacking him upside the head.
“Maybe if you knew how to treat women you’d be with one too.”
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sweetsoonhan · 23 minutes ago
Cat Cafe
Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Masterlist || Previous || Next
Note: I know this one was short.. Don't worry.. i'll make up for it ;)
Tags: @ssssssssssssscoups @wonunuu @whoyoulovedbefore @shuajeong @cupidhaos @julsread @vxvshoshi
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xxfanfictionmasterxx · 24 minutes ago
Chocobros & cuddling
Chocobros x [GN] Reader
FFXV Masterlist
Request: “How would the chocobros react to their crush leaning on them/nuzzling them because they are tired and the boys are warm >w<“ — Anon
•18 May 2021•
Tumblr media
Noctis would look over at you
He would look at you at the sudden weight on his shoulder and blush slightly before leaning his head on top of yours and grab you hand. It was cold so he rubs his thumb over you knuckles softly. Then he would slowly close his eyes and fall asleep with you.
Tumblr media
Ignis would smile slightly
He would try to hide his smile as you cling to his side for warmth. He’d offer you his jacket before making you a cup of coffee and offer to sit with you till you get your warmth back
Tumblr media
Prompto would start grinning
He would grin before hugging you tightly with a blush on his face. He’d lay down with you for a while to heat you while you nap.
Tumblr media
Gladio would wrap his arm around you
He would look around before he start smirking and wrap an arm around you to help you keep warm. This man in a human heater.
Tumblr media
Taglist open
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waifu-13 · 25 minutes ago
Can I request 5a and 6a with Uta? Thaanks 😚
Sweet words on sorrowful nights 
A/n- I'm so sorry this took me so long, also I got the tg manga with uta on the cover :)
Tumblr media
It was aother rainy night in the 4th ward you, opted to head home instead of seeing what Uta was up to at this hour. It wasn't too late but he was normally home by now. All the possibilities of what he could be doing run through your head, thinking what if he got caught? what if he got dragged to another rescue mission, or maybe he was just working late but he would have called you. It's possible his phone died but the shop had one, maybe the weather cut it out? What if he just left? The last idea you had before a wave of panic washes over you making you need to go into a comfortable spot. You call your tattooed boyfriend... no answer, you were quick to overthink but what if? what if a cute ghoul walked in? what if something better came to be? You trusted Uta though. You've dug a hole in your thoughts too deep to crawl out of, so caught up in your own mind in your sea of sorrowful thoughts you didn't head or noticed Uta walk in when he didn't find you at first he thought maybe you weren't home yet, that is until he heard a small whimper come from your safe spot. He cautiously walks over to make sure not to scare you more than you already could be.
‘‘My love, what happened?” he spoke softly as he places his grey sweater around your shoulders. You look at him worry to share your thoughts. What if he got mad? You’d never seen him mad before but it's possible... right? You both sit in silence for a minute before you meekly speak up about what was on your mind. A small wave of relief washes over Uta, he thought you got hurt. he pulls you into his lap gently places your head on his chest wrapping his arms around you. 
“I'm sorry I was late my muse but I would never leave you, you mean way too much to me. An artist without his muse is no one." he places a kiss on your forehead picking you up carrying you to bed holding you so close. 
His sweet words always fixed everything
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narutogwriting · 26 minutes ago
A Kunai is Not a Knife
Tumblr media
⋇✦ Pairing
Kakashi Hatake x Reader
⋇✦ Genre
fluff; one shot
⋇✦ CW
⋇✦ Length
⋇✦ Request by @kakashiswilloffire : can I request kakashi or shikamaru trying and failing to cook dinner for a gn!reader? like never used a knife that wasn't a kunai but wants to do something nice for their partner?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kakashi was a more than capable shinobi. Son of the white fang, he was a legend in his own right. Being one of the youngest ninja to graduate the academy at age five, he went on to become a chunin at just age six. By the time of the third ninja war, Kakashi was a jonin, trusted to lead his own team.
He was Kakashi of the Sharingan, the copy cat ninja. Kakashi joined the ANBU, was the third Hokage’s right hand man for a time, and feared across the nations.
He was strong, he was intelligent, he was good with a kunai.
But for the life of him, Kakashi could not use a food knife.
“Shit shit shit,” he cursed, shoving his now bleeding thumb in his mouth, tasting the metallic on his tongue.
With his free hand, he grabbed the remote, pausing the cooking show he was watching that was attempting to teach him how to make dinner. It was a little out of his league as a person that survived mostly on takeout, but Kakashi had been optimistic and confident in his abilities.
Because really, how hard could cooking be?
And yes, okay, he absolutely could activate his sharingan, watch the cooking show--memorizing every meticulous movement of the chef on the television--and prepare the most decadent meal you’d ever tasted all from the comfort of your home.
But at this point, it was a matter of pride.
Kakashi was a grown man. He could cook dinner for his girlfriend. It really shouldn’t be this hard.
That’s what he told himself as he sucked on his stinging thumb. He’d tried to chop the vegetables as quickly and diligently as the chef had done and subsequently cut into his finger. Luckily it was a superficial injury, something he would forget about in the next ten minutes, but the point stood that there was no reason he should be so *bad at this.
It was a knife for god’s sake; Kakashi was basically born holding one. Given they were different tools for very different purposes, but when it came down to it, a knife was a knife. Or so he thought.
Sighing, Kakashi glanced at the clock. You’d be off your shift soon and then heading home. It was your ninth consecutive shift at the hospital. A small factory fire left many injured--thankfully not fatally--and so you had been putting in overtime to make sure the patients were taken care of and your coworkers were not left stranded without help.
You took your work very seriously, and Kakashi loved and appreciated that about you. You were such a hard worker, and it made Kakashi proud to call you his. But as such, you’d been obviously exhausted, spending all your time home asleep, and Kakashi was sure you weren’t taking adequate enough breaks to nourish yourself properly.
He just wanted to do something nice for you. Coming home to a nice home cooked meal and a warm bath waiting seemed like the perfect way to kick off the four days off you had coming your way.
“Alright, Kakashi. You can do this…” He muttered in an attempt to hype himself up. He picked up the aforementioned tool from hell, taking it to the sink to sanitize it of his blood.
He turned back to the onions then, pressing play on the tv and trying to dice them into tiny pieces just like the chef was doing so easily. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get them into small enough pieces. He knew you loved the taste onions provided, but didn’t like the sensation of chewing them.
It was a weird thing you were particular about, something so small it would be easy to pass over and forget about, but Kakashi knew everything about you, noticed every small quirk and committed it to memory.
Like the way you would read a book, and if a character winked, you winked instinctively as well. If someone came up and startled you, you would yell “ow” even though you weren’t hurt. You had a dimple only in your left cheek, and the only time it was visible was when you were especially happy, and when you were anxious, you’d swipe your fingers over your lips.
Kakashi noticed and loved everything about you.
Which was why he needed this damn onions to just *get smaller.* They were too big, you’d definitely taste them, and it would ruin the whole meal! He was determined to get them just tiny enough to taste without having to chew them.
“Could I juice them…?” Kakashi wondered to himself as he tossed the horrid knife on the counter in annoyance. Maybe squeezing the onions really tightly over the meal would add enough flavor.
Deciding he’d get back to those later, he grabbed another knife and pulled a pomegranate from the fridge. Kakashi never actually had a pomegranate before, and he’d only seen you eat one once or twice.
You had a thing about pomegranates; they were your favorite fruits, but you would only eat them on special occasions as a way to reward yourself--just another one of your little quirks.
So Kakashi was going to cut one open and get all the juicy seeds in a bowl for you as a special treat.
Unfortunately, because Kakshi didn’t eat pomegranates on his own and didn’t see you eat them often enough, he had no idea just how messy they could really be.
*Screw the knife,* Kakashi decided to himself. *I’m a shinobi. I can do this without that stupid thing.*
So Kakashi, in all his *genius, pulled his Kunai from his leg strap. They used to play games like this in the academy; they called it fruit ninja. The goal was to slice a fruit in the air with your kunai as concisely as possible.
Kakashi always won.
He tossed the pomegranate high in the air, ready to dice the fruit and have it up for serving. Quick as a flash of lightning, the Kunai struck through the juicy pomegranate, promptly causing it to *explode--juices and seeds and all.
And what was also unfortunate was Kakashi was moving so quickly, already prepared to slice the fruit, that his hand moved faster than his brain, and he sliced at the pomegranate three more times before he could stop himself.
Juices and seeds splattered the entire kitchen covering the counters, the cupboards, the floors, and Kakashi.
You walked in at that moment, greeted with what appeared to be a murder scene with a defeated Kakashi standing in the middle of it.
You stared in quiet shock for a moment as you took in Kakashi’s expression. You’d never seen him look so forlorn in your life. His arms were hanging idly at his side, the kunai slipping from his grasp as it clanked against the floor.
You couldn’t help it; you laughed.
Kakashi startled, eye’s flickering to you in a panic.
“Y-you’re home!” He stuttered out. “You’re early! I thought you’d be another hour or so… I was just…” He looked helplessly around the disastrous kitchen. “Just trying to make you dinner.” Kakashi sighed, closing his eyes and shaking his head, disappointed with himself.
When you laughed again, he peeked one eye open, shooting a small glare in your direction. “I’m so glad you’re taking pleasure in my suffering…” He muttered dramatically.
Rolling your eyes, you sauntered over to Kakashi, throwing your arms around his neck as you grinned up at him. “You know, I’m a little relieved,” you teased him with a smile. “I thought that you were good at *everything. It’s nice to know you have your flaws, too.”
Behind his mask, you could practically see Kakashi’s pout.
Placing a kiss on his cheek, you pulled back to survey the damage. “I’m sorry; I have to ask… I know pomegranates are messy, but what the hell happened here?”
With a groan, Kakashi shook his head, finally moving to grab a rag. “I… I played fruit ninja with the pomegranate.”
“You… what?”
“I played fruit ninja. With the pomegranate.”
“What does that mean?”
“I threw the pomegranate.”
“You threw the pomegranate?”
“I threw the pomegranate. Then I sliced it.”
“With your kunai?”
“With my kunai.”
“You threw the pomegranate and then you sliced it with your kunai?”
“That’s correct.”
You once again burst into laughter. You couldn’t help it! The whole idea was so ridiculous and especially coming from Kakashi.
He groaned again before you wrapped your arms around him. Reluctantly, he returned the gesture. “That’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever tried to do for me.” You giggled. “Now… Can you teach me how to play?”
And so that’s how the rest of your night went. It wasn’t the way Kakashi had planned for the night to go, but it was one to remember just the same. Instead of a romantic dinner and relaxing bath, the two of you made an even bigger mess in the kitchen, slicing all the fruit you could manage.
You did your best to teach Kakashi to slice and season food with a regular knife. Boiling the water was about the only thing he *didn’t mess up, but it was endearing.
Later, bellies full, laying in bed, leaving the kitchen to be cleaned tomorrow, you cuddled comfortably into Kakashi’s side, placing light kisses on his shoulder as you drifted off to sleep. Kakashi held you tightly in his arms, content. He was a capable shinobi, a legend in his own right. His accomplishments listed on and on. He couldn’t cook for shit, but he made up for it by loving you.
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binniebutter · 31 minutes ago
{10:40 PM} kim namjoon x gn!reader, fluff, >500, no warnings
No response.
Complete silence.
You huffed at the back of your boyfriend’s head, the huge headphones covering his ears making him look ridiculous from your angle. If you weren’t so tired you would’ve already snapped a picture of the funny sight. You sighed and heaved yourself off of the soft bed, taking the black comforter with you. You stalked up to Namjoon and gently tapped his shoulder so as to not startle him. Lord knows what he would break if you did.
Your boyfriend quickly took off his headphones and turned towards you, obviously worried that something had happened. There’s an unspoken agreement between the two of you to never disturb Namjoon while he’s working, in case any ideas that he has stuck in his head fade away. But you’re tired and affection-starved (even though you both spent the whole day together) and would really like to cuddle your boyfriend right now.
“What’s wrong?” he asked softly, his eyes flitting all over your face.
“Nothing’s wrong, Joon. I just want cuddles. Come to bed, please?” you asked with a pout on your face. A pout that you knew that he couldn’t resist. Which is how he ended up laying with you on the king-sized bed, your head using his arm as a pillow and your arms wrapped tight around his waist.
His laptop lay at the desk, forgotten for the night.
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Y/N : *have spent 98% of their time showing Steve that they like him*
Steve : y-you like me? Really??
Y/N : Y-yoU LiKE mE? REalLy??
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a better match part twenty three: don’t be rude!
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