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f1incorrects · 12 minutes ago
Dan: I would never say that Max is a bitch and I don’t like him. That’s not true… Max is a bitch and I like him so much!
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futerock · 15 minutes ago
É jogo de equipe que fala né? @schecoperez cedendo posição para @maxverstappen1, ação fundamental para a vitória do holandês no GP da França e a liderança de construtores da @redbullracing #futerock #formulafuterock #F1 #Formula1 #FrenchGP #RedBull #perez #checoperez #checo #max #verstappen #maxverstappen #MaxVerstappen ##teamwork
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djaringrogu · 20 minutes ago
i just watched the episode of top gear that seb’s on and jsks i love that little shit so much
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1337wtfomgbbq · 32 minutes ago
Niki: Welcome back to 'reasons my toddlers have been crying'.
Niki: Yesterday was an especially strange day.
Niki: First reason: Patrick didn't like the fact that my hair isn't green...
Niki: James left for work in the morning, but that wasn't the bad thing. Keke decided that the bad thing was that James was wearing shoes. I didn't realize this was inapropriate work attire.
Niki: Riccardo wanted oatmeal, so I gave him oatmeal; and that was upsetting because he asked for oatmeal but he wanted carrots. It's a common mistake.
Niki: I told René not to lick James' budgies. Bacteria is not a negative term in his vocabulary yet.
Niki: Couldn't bring the playground home with us. Like, the whole playground. Didn't fit in the trunk. And Jean had a whole ass meltdown because of it.
Niki: And Nelson got upset that the police car we saw on the way back didn't pull me over... And you knwo what? I was okay with that one.
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vandoorne-devries · 34 minutes ago
Lando’s always wanted a family, he had always wanted to be adopted. Then he finally got his wish, but not everything was at it seems, his new family was less of a family and more of a gang. Now Lando’s 21 and still living at home. The police are getting close to their secrets. In fact, one of the detectives is really close to one of them. Maybe Lando’s second wish can come true and his father can be exposed for he is.
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1337wtfomgbbq · 35 minutes ago
Jacques: Here's another joke for you that no one has ever heard because I just made it up.
Jacques turns to Niki: What did the male dinosaur say to the female dinosaur?
Niki sighs: … what?
Jacques: Damn Jur-ass-sic!
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1337wtfomgbbq · 36 minutes ago
Elio: Can I bring a date?
Everybody: *starts cursing *
Ayrton: Three years standing and you're gonna break the pact? Does the 'no date pact' mean nothing to you?!
Elio: No, no. No no no. No!
Elio: Yeah, could I just...
Everyone: *cursing *
Ayrton shruggs: Yeah, cause I already asked Alain.
Jean and Gerhard start cursing.
Riccardo: Come on, this was a pact. This was YOUR pact!
Ayrton: I snapped okay. I couldn't handle the pressure and I snapped!
Gerhard: But Alain? That was, like, the worst break up of the decade.
Ayrton: I'm not saying it was a good idea, I snapped.
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1337wtfomgbbq · 38 minutes ago
Niki suddenly pokes his head into the room and stares at everybody.
Since he does that about once a day everybody kinda wants to know why. And Riccardo's gotta ask.
Riccardo: Mom, I gotta ask: Why are you always randomly poking your head into our room when we aren't even being loud.
Niki: Oh, that's the whole thing. You know, It was quiet in the house when Gilles shaved the dog. It was quiet in the house and Alain taped Ayrton to a wall. It was quiet in the house when Nigel poured glue all over himself.
Niki: So, yall are literally not to be trusted.
Niki: Every time there was quiet in the house you guys did some fucked shit.
Niki: This is my default setting now. This is how you've conditioned me!
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1337wtfomgbbq · 40 minutes ago
Nigelio and Launt being all couply and cute.
Nelson crashing in: Oi guys, you're all in love? You think you're all so cool with your fucking love? I'm fucking single, and alone and dead inside, get fucked. All four of you!
Elio starts laughing, while Niki stares at Nelson concerned.
Nelson: How far away is bosnia? HOW FAR AWAY IS BOSNIA!
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1337wtfomgbbq · 42 minutes ago
Keke: Do you want something to drink?
Nelson: No thanks. *mumbles * I don't even wanna be here.
Keke: I got wine.
Nelson: Oh, count me in.
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unlikelyturtletrash · 45 minutes ago
Cross over I didn't expect, listening to Face Jam and hearing a story about Max Verstappen not knowing breakfast tacos are a thing in Texas
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teddy-laurie · 48 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
best of french gp by aston martin
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babysdrivers · 49 minutes ago
tried to reblog shirtless lewis but op has me blocked 💔 they hate to see a girlboss thriving
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midfieldbattle · 52 minutes ago
F1 Teams Head of Strategy
After the strategy heavy race we just had at circuit Paul Ricard I thought we could have a look at the F1 teams head of strategy.
Mercedes: Rosie Wait
Rosie is head of race strategy whilst James Vowles did have a strategy job he has moved to more of a factory based role.
Tumblr media
Red Bull Racing: Hannah Schmitz
Tumblr media
McLaren: Randeep (Randy) Singh
Tumblr media
Aston Martin: Bernadette Collins
Tumblr media
Alpine: Yash Parthare (I think)
Alpha Tauri: ?
Ferrari: Ravin Jain
(Can’t find a photo, he is new to the job)
Alfa Romeo: Ruth Buscombe
Tumblr media
Haas: Mike Caulfield
Tumblr media
Williams: Richard Lockwood
Tumblr media
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tubbietommo · 55 minutes ago
THE LAST UPDATE regarding the bucket hat propaganda:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It has arrived today and my heart is filled with happiness and love for Aston Martin. I've thanked them so many times now, I just don't know what else to say. They are the best team. Honestly, no one else can compete. Absolutely legends 😭💚
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violetvettel · 56 minutes ago
*charles leclerc, a native french speaker* : what the hell is this language
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