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the-snadger · 10 minutes ago
so the other night I had a dream I was watching the amphibia finale with my bf (I HAVEN’T— THIS POST IS SPOLER-FREE) and the box didn’t work so in order to get home, Anne and Marcy had to talk to Rick and Morty of all people, who were cats. Rick’s full name was Rick Nyanchez, and the only part of the dream I remember crystal clear is Anne saying “we’re in a pickle, Rick!”
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le-vec · 14 minutes ago
Screw this, I present to you
The Kimetsu no Yaiba AU, based on my TFP Shattered Glass AU
The "demons" are basically Autobots possessed/controlled by the Quintessons, the real villains here.
The pillars are the Primes (in my AUs they're still good)
I actually was thinking in the Decepticons being the pillars, but no. They just use breathing styles.
Megatron: Flame
Starscream: Wind
Soundwave: Sound (I mean...that was obvious, what did you expected?)
Shockwave: Thunder
Knockout: Water
Breakdown: Stone
Airachnid: Insect ( see it coming)
Steve: Mist
Almost nine O_o
Still thinking about their clothes hehehe 😅 I'll try to do them
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localdoesmaribat · 24 minutes ago
Au where Older Mari trains Dick when he travels to Tibet to find her because a local at where he was previously training with mentioned her
Like you all know how dick, like Bruce, traveled a bunch to learn under different people? Well that's what this is.
I loved the idea of dickinette with some mentor Mari who has no idea why this man wants her to teach him when she is maybe 5 years older than him max and clearly with less experience.
And obviously throw in some starstruck Dick who is amazed because ITS A REAL LIFE MAGICAL ANIME GIRL OMG!!!
They have a pretty laid back mentorship relationship, kinda like a student teacher and another student almost.
They both still learn things from eachother but it's mostly Mari teaching Dick some magic and ways to sporadically do things(mari uses the WEIRDEST THINGS TO BEAT AKUMAS AND DEALS WITH SO MANY DIFFERENT POWERS AND STUFF).
When they finally part ways after a month or so Dick goes back to Gothem and Mari decides to go on a mission to get rid of the Lazarus Pits.
Don't worry y'all they keep in contact and sometimes even meet up👍✨ I'll be damned if these two become distant and emotionally constipated with eachother.
But after destroying the pits marinette finds DAMIAN🎉(such a shocker I know) and she makes sure to find his files and take him to the doctor like a responsible new mom and finds out that he's bruce's kid.
She tells dick immediately but makes sure he knows that she isn't going to give him up no matter how rich and famous he is.
Dick decided that Damian is better off with Mari and visits both of them constantly, COUGHDADWINGCOUGH and they basically become this funky little family of a magic mom, vigilant dad, and former assassin son.
Bruce and the others find out when they catch dick in the act of pulling out all his #1 dad things and make him spill the beans.
The fam is a little sad about the missed opportunity of a little brother and Bruce is prettyyyyy mad at Dick for hiding something like that from him but Dick pointed out how dangerous being with them was,, like at least Mari has magic ✋😭 tf these bitches got?? TRAMA??
But they get over it after Dick pulls out the scrapbook™ with a shit ton of photos of him, Mari, and Damian
They want to meet Mari and Damian cause it's not like Dick can stop them
Dick invites Mari over and like they are super affectionate and parent-ly towards Dami that the fam is wondering what their relationship is
They are absolutely FLOORED when they claim to be friends and nothing more because there's no fucking way they arent dating?? Maybe they don't know it or something
Blah blah blah they get to know eachother and the batfam are little shits and constantly are telling Dami and Mari embarrassing stories about dick
"One time he broke our chandelier by swinging on it!" "Oh he did that at our place too!!"
Poor Dick, but he brought this on himself tbh
I've been thinking of Dickinette a lot for some reason,,, maybe it's the fact that it's one of the fluffier of the maribat ships🧍 I need me some fluff especially with the finals🤢 but yeah give me Dick training under Mari because it's actually a really cute dynamic and not too unrealistic because it IS something dick would pull ngl, and I couldn't resist shoving in mominette,, again IM SORRY YALL ITS JUST I WANT AT LEAST ONE OF THEM TO HAVE AN OKAYISH CHILDHOOD ✋😭😭💀
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rubylonewolf · 26 minutes ago
Ben 10 in BATIM!
Tumblr media
Ben Tennyson as Henry Stein.
Gwen Tennyson as Allison/Alice Pendle.
 Kevin Levin as Tom Connor/Boris.
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lemystical-puffle · 35 minutes ago
A3! Project Sekai crossover because I want to
Welcome to my tumblr this is where I talk about all the things I don’t want to bother my friends with and my Instagram is themed so I have no where else
Anyways so, here’s how it would work!
Mankai books a gig at Phoenix Wonderland’s theater, but with the students on summer break and the adults having time in their schedules, they decide to bring the entire company for team building, acting, and just fun!
While there, Tenma, Sakuya, Taichi, and Kazunari all break off to explore together, but as they do so, they feel as though they are being... watched.
After some wandering and tests, looking behind their backs and all that jazz to see what was going on, Misumi comes up behind them, dragging a red and yelling Tsukasa by the hand and just shouts
“I saw this guy following you all, so I brought him here! I think he wanted to be out friend!” Cause he’s Misumi and we love him.
So Tsukasa goes on this whole thing of “it’s unfair why did they hire an acting troupe form Vuledo when the wondershow is right here to act instead we sing and stuff we have me and that makes us 100X better. Yadda yadda yadda.”
Finally Tenma speaks up and is just “... who are you?”
Well the other Tenma is obviously offended cause of course he is, and is like “come to our show at this time today and you’ll see how much of a star I am!” Cause yeah
So the show is later in the day, after Mankai is supposed to have left, but Sakuya is like “we promised!” Cause he’s baby so they get the legend himself Homare to drive them because we know he and Rui have to meet.
So they arrive and go to the spot listed and just see a bunch of kids and their parents. So they sit and watch the show and are like
“Oh wow! This is pretty goo- okay now there’s lasers, explosions... what was the plot aga- oh my gosh it’s a robot.” And honestly they’re all just flabbergasted
Except Homare who is writing everything down as inspiration for his next poem.
So the show ends and WxS goes out to meet with Mankai, (sans Nene, they get Nenerobo instead) and Tsukasa is bragging about how great they were because of course
Emu is just really happy people came to see their show, especially people who she considers profession actors
And Rui is being Rui, there really is no other way to describe what that man does.
Anyways that’s all I have Uhh
Maybe some cute bonding with Sakuya and Emu
Tenma and Tsukasa having this whole thing of “you don’t recognize me???” Going on at some point
Homare shows Rui his poems and performs them as Rui does his robot shows
Kazunari taking selfie’s with Nenerobo
Misumi just vibing the whole time
Also Taichi. Low key forgot about Taichi but oh well know he would have been vibing the entire time. Like a whole “omg this is so cool”
All fun
Other interactions or card ideas:
• Mizuki, Ena and Yuki all going shopping together
• Muku and Rui just sounds so wholesome to me. Actually, screw if put Muku with the group in the main story I want that to much.
• Juza and More More Jump! I don’t have any reasoning behind this I just, that sounds so fun
• Tsuzuru and Haruka also
• Kumon, Azami and VBS. All based on vibes
• I have nothing for Leo/Need I’m sorry ;-;
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lighthousearomantic · 47 minutes ago
I think I talked briefly about it either here or on discord but One Piece/Maplestory au
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prisma-the-pretend-avenger · 53 minutes ago
If I were to write The Stargate x Treasure Planet Crossover...
Should that be original SG-1 or the Cam and Vala era???
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sailor-brunette · 57 minutes ago
Deleted due to anxiety but bringing it back:
Tumblr media
Oikawa Tooru (Haikyuu!!)
Tumblr media
Eli Ayase (Love Live!)
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rewrittenspromo · 58 minutes ago
Tumblr media
               the year is 2012  …  again .  the  avengers  had  thought  that  it  was  a  done  deal :   they  go  back  in  time  ,   they  stop  thanos  ,   &  everything  goes  back  to  normal  -  and  of  course  ,   they  get  back  the  people  they  were  missing  for  those  five  years  .   alas  ,   nothing  would  go  perfect  for  the  avengers  ,   would  they ?   something  goes  wrong  ,   and  when  they  try  to  go  back  …  there’s  a  flash  .   everyone  wakes  up  moments  later  .   and  they’re  still  in  2012  .  
REWRITTENHQS  is  a  marvel  +  dc  rpg  centered  around  the  multiverse  ,   taking  place  in  the  middle  of  ENDGAME.  instead  of  the  avengers  returning  back  to  their  timeline  ,   not  only  are  they  STUCK  in  2012  ,   but  it  seems  others  have  been  brought  back  to  2012  nyc  just  as  well  .  
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krinsbez · an hour ago
Random Thoughts
Sector General is repeatedly described as being “too big to be a space station, to small to be a metal moon.“
As the GIF I reblogged notes, the Death Star is iconically referred to as being “Not a moon“ and “Too big to be a space station“.
I’m 99% certain that this was a coincidence (James White began writing the Sector General stories in hte ‘50s, and while George Lucas is famously a fan of SF of the era, I s’pect said stories were probably below his radar), but it sure does tickle the imagination don’t it?
Especially because they’re polar opposites.
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readinginthereadyroom · an hour ago
it’s and the horns of a dilemma (libs 1x03) and jacob hasn’t told anyone. that he’s more than he appears. that he’s a genius. 
nobody knows. because what would they even think? of someone like him. iq of 190. an isaac newton of culture and art and beautiful things living in oklahoma and working on an oil rig. 
who could’ve gone to the sorbonne or cambridge but didn’t. who writes papers on native american and european art history under a pseudonym. who could’ve been a librarian but threw the invitation out. who keeps his life separated. 
because family ain’t ever easy. and trust is even harder. and he’s stuck in the expectations of it all. the family business and church and the bar. he likes his life. likes the people in it. but doesn’t trust them. not with that side of him. 
because at some point. he did trust. he let someone into the vast library of his brain. to see his passion and his knowledge and who he really is--and they betrayed that trust. 
but that was 20 yrs ago. and he’s built a life for himself. maybe smaller and mroe constricted than he wanted. with walls and trust issues. but also books and art and research and mechanics humming in his brain. all of art and history to get lost in. 
until the ninjas show up.
and then it’s a decade ago catching up so fast. the Library has called and it’s beating all his walls down. because it’s magic and trust and partners. because jacob has a knack for this and it’s everything he didn’t know he wanted. needed.
but also everything he gave up. because I take my responsibilities seriously. he made his bed and he’s been lying in it for a decade. lying about it. just lying. 
and it felt so good not to lie. to just be jacob. reveling in knowledge, basking in a challenge. oklahoma shrinking so quickly in the rearview of his crappy truck. and a quartet of people just. like. him. whisking him off on an adventure. 
he likes them. he just does. cassie especially. with her beautiful misfiring brain, the scent of oranges, and math for breakfast. 
and then she let the serpent brotherhood in. wanted to let magic out. because the price to cure the death sentence in her head was to betray all of them. she sold them out. sold him out. 
and jacob’s walls are back up in force. he’s learned his lesson. because it turns out the real cost was trust. old way’s best. and jacob’s keeping his life separated again. before it was his internal thoughts vs his external feelings. flynn, baird, ezekiel, cassandra--cassie--they have the internal thoughts. they know about his genius. 
so the cost is access to his life. his feelings. his friendship. because his walls are back up. and she’s not allowed to cross them. and when he says that’s enough for now. what he really means is that’s far enough for now.
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msfcatlover · an hour ago
Just got back from AO3, and do you mean to tell me no one’s written a TMA fic where Jon has prosopagnosia (face-blindness)? I can’t be the only one to think that could be really interesting to explore!
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sakvnosuke · an hour ago
Shouta gave her what probably was a vaguely amused look for his standards. “Can’t blame him, you seem like the meddling type.” Suzuki gave another scandalized gasp and Nanami huffed a laugh.
“The type that I always seem to attract, for some reason,” Shouta nodded in agreement at his flat words. Suzuki rolled her eyes.
“Ugh, there’s two of them. I’m glad you bonded in this humble bakery of mine, I guess.”
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