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#teenage mutant ninja turtles
nightingaleofthemoonlight · 30 minutes ago
*Imagine Mikey crying and Drax noticed*
Drax: So... Who made you cry my boy?
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kngi · 52 minutes ago
BumbleKast - for June 16th, 2021
BumbleKast – for June 16th, 2021
We’re joined by AWF for another special guest episode! Support the show on Patreon and Ko-Fi! Shop the BumbleStore! Find all previous questions on the Q&A Master List! (more…)
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nostalgiaruinedme · an hour ago
hi i am now emotional and need rise mikey to interact with ice cream kitty in the background more please and thank you (also what are the chances that rise raph's luck with animals is the same with ice cream kitty)
Rise Mikey will interact with her more soon! The last couple chapters have been like,,, filled with them on the mission to get Rise Raph back and then meet Casey, but he'll interact with Ice Cream Kitty more. By this point in the canon story they wouldve met already, but I didnt write it as an actual scene... Just couldnt fit it in, ya know?
However I already do have the Rise Raph meeting Ice Cream Kitty scene planned. And i definitely remembered poor Rise Raph's awful luck with animals 😭
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turtle-babe83 · 3 hours ago
You know I'm asking right away! Excited and bouncing in my chair...I want:
36. "That's unfair. You know I can't resist when you look at me like that."
41. "Oh, god, do that again."
46. "How're we gonna explain this?"
Setting: Vern's apartment during Halloween party with waaayyyyy too many cops and people around. (Cuz I think it would be fun to see what type of costume you'd chose and the level of difficulty with a crowd adds to the spice)
Turtle: Donnie...of course...hello!
Female counter part...because I'm a thirsty bitch who can't get enough
Anything for you babe! I love a challenge! 😈
Warning: Language and NSFW 18+ only
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"How're we gonna explain this?" you giggled, surveying the damage.
Donnie considered the possibilities and narrowed it down to the most simple conclusion.
“We don’t.”
Halloween, your favorite holiday, was here and it was going to be even better this year because you got to spend it with your handsome boyfriend. Vern was hosting a party at his apartment with half the NYPD, and Donatello and his brothers were also invited. You had wracked your brain trying to choose the perfect costume to match Donnie and now that you were checking your reflection in your full length mirror, you were certain you made the right choice. Donnie was going to swallow his tongue when he saw you.
Speaking of the devil, your phone dinged with a text letting you know he was outside your building. With one last look in the mirror, you locked up your apartment and headed down to meet your beau. A low whistle signaled that you had been spotted by the tall terrapin. Opening the passenger door of the garbage truck, you did a little twirl for him before climbing in. Maybe it was a little cliché, but when Donnie informed you he was dressing up as a mad scientist, you decided to be his sexy assistant. Short little pencil skirt, a tailored button-down shirt that exposed a fair amount of skin, a lab jacket, and a pair of stiletto heels that made your legs look incredible. A pair of nerdy glasses completed the ensemble.
You had barely sat your ass in the passenger seat when a hand wrapped itself around the back of your neck, and pulled you in for a sizzling kiss. Donnie pulled away, his eyes surveying where the skirt had ridden up. He bit his bottom lip and growled. Just the sort of reaction you were hoping for. He laid a hand high on your thigh, and you crossed your legs. When he turned a pouty face to you, you shook a finger at him.
“Uh, uh, uh Dr. Donniestein. We’re going to be late for the party.”
Donnie grumbled under his breath, “Stupid Vern, always a cock blocker.”
You nearly snorted with laughter. With another huff, Donnie pulled into traffic and headed to Vern’s apartment. The place was teeming with cops and a few city officials that knew about the turtles, but tonight, everyone was in costume and drinks were flowing. You quickly spotted the other brothers and made your way through the crowd. Leo had opted for a very traditional looking samurai costume, no surprise there. Raph, being mean, green, and massive, chose the Hulk as his costume. Ladies were posing with the big behemoth and he was grinning from ear to ear. Mikey looked like a total creeper, with a huge fake handlebar mustache, and wearing a sign around his neck advertising ‘Free Mustache Rides.’ You rolled your eyes at him, before spotting April and Casey, or Lara Croft and Indiana Jones.
“Nice costumes, guys!” you exclaimed. “Hey, is that whip for later?”
Casey winked suggestively while April smacked his chest. “Yeah, but I’m tying him up for a flogging,” she snickered.
Donnie chortled, then spotted Vern trying to talk up some of the female cops. “Ugh.”
“Come on, he’s the host. Let’s at least say hello.” you grabbed his hand and pulled him over. He went rather reluctantly, but greeted Vern cordially. However, when Vern whistled and gave you a once-over, Donnie’s hackles raised and you saw anger flash in his eyes. Muttering an excuse to the former cameraman, you steered Donnie away and down the hall. Taking him through the last door at the end, you pushed him through and locked it behind you.
You turned on a lamp by the door and realized this was Vern’s home office/shrine to himself. There was a massive painting on the wall behind his desk, of him with ‘falcon’ wings. You couldn’t help the fit of laughter that bubbled out. Donnie still looked pissed for a moment, then joined your amusement.
“What a moron,” he chuckled, wiping an eye.
“Yes, and not worth your time to get jealous,” you added. You walked around the room, picking up different odds and ends and setting them back backwards and upside down. Donnie was grinning at your antics. Looking over that massive, shiny black desk in the middle of the room, you got the best idea. You swept your arm across the top, knocking off the paper, pens and framed photos of Vern that littered the top.
“What are you doing?” Donnie asked, alarmed.
You climbed up on the top, crossed you legs, and unfastened another button in your shirt. The lacy edges of your lavender bra peeked out. The look in your eyes was pure challenge. Donnie felt his blood heat up.
“What does it look like I’m doing?” you purred. “I have a theory, Dr. Donnie. I think if I start removing articles of clothing, it’ll cause a physical reaction in your body.”
You slipped your lab coat off your shoulders and spread it behind you to have something to lay on. Donnie stared at you silently for a minute.
“There is a houseful of people here. It’s not even our place! I don’t know if-“ Donnie babbled on nervously.
“Aw, babe. You aren’t going to let Vern and his little party stop us, are you? That ‘cock blocker?’” you widened your eyes and pouted your lips.
“Fuck.” Donnie yanked off his own lab coat and laid it atop yours for extra cushion.
“That’s unfair. You know I can’t resist when you look at me like that.”
You smirked, knowing you had won, like usual. Then a feral gleam came into his eyes. Excitement wet your panties and sent your heart racing. He leaned close to your ear, hot breath giving you shivers.
“I hope you know what you just asked for,” he growled low, “You’ve heard of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Well, Dr. Donnie is gone and Hyde has nothing on me.”
Oh dear lord, you could cum just from that. Donnie whispered as he felt your pulse, “Heart rate elevated, breathing heavier, skin flushed, the subject appears to be entering early stages of arousal. I bet if I check, her nipples will be hard and her cunt will be dripping.”
You swallowed hard and sassed back, “Doctors don’t refer to it as a cunt.”
“I told you Dr. Donnie isn’t here, darling.”
Fifteen minutes later, you were both naked, and Donnie decided the desk was strong enough to hold both of you. He was hovering over you, in one of your all’s favorite positions, sixty-nine. You swallowed as much of his loooong cock as you could, sucking strongly and digging your nails into his muscled thighs. Sloppy, wet sounds filled the room as he was licking fervently at your pussy, punctuated by the odd moan or churr. The music from the party was still thumping faintly and a few times the door handle jangled (someone looking for a bathroom), but neither of you cared. Feeling that beautiful tightening below, you moaned loudly around his length and tapping his leg to signal your oncoming orgasm. Donnie just licked faster and firmer, flicking your clit with the tip of his incredible tongue and sucking the engorged nub until you stiffened your legs and arched your back.
Donnie pulled his cock from your mouth with a mission. Climbing down, he lifted your still trembling body into his arms, turned to the wall, and pressed you against the giant painting of Vern ‘the Falcon’ Fenwick. Before you could protest, his cock was driving into you with a sharp staccato rhythm and his mouth was ravaging yours. Tasting yourself on his lips turned you on even more and you bucked your hips to increase the friction. The deep churrs coming from your mild-mannered nerd rivaled his much larger brother in red and you would be lying if you said it didn’t just punch you in the gut with pure, primal lust. Knowing you were two were violating Vern’s sacred room in the nastiest way added to the allure.
“Ahhh, more, Donnie! I need-fuck!”
You struggled to articulate words and sentences, and decided that actions spoke louder anyway. Snapping your head forward, you found the spot where his neck and collarbone met, and bit down hard. The bellow that left his throat made your walls clench around him and his hips stuttered.
“Oh, god, do that again.” he panted.
You licked your lips and bit again in the same spot. His hands slammed your hips back against the painting, and you heard the rip in the canvas, but couldn’t be bothered to care because right this second, Donnie was rearranging your insides with manic glee. The choked moans pouring out of you did nothing to mask the sound of his hips smacking yours ferociously.
When your release crashed over you this time, you wailed, slamming your head back and ripping the fabric of the canvas even further. Donnie followed soon after, pumping every drop deep inside your pulsing heat. A flurry of curse words spat from his lips as he lapped at your sweaty neck. Breathing was labored as you both came started coming down from the endorphins.
As you each pulled on your clothes, the array of broken items littering the floor was surprising. Apparently, the furniture shook enough from your naughty little escapade to know quite a few of those odds and ends to the floor. The painting of Vern was pretty much destroyed. After a quick discussion, you both exited the room and headed back to the party. There was an awkward moment when Vern passed you guys in the hallway, with a pretty little blonde on his arm.
“Yes, I had it commissioned just last year. Cost a small fortune. It’s back here in my office,” he boasted, giving you two a thumbs up behind his back.
Donnie glanced to you with a shit-eating grin which you returned. You heard the second Vern opened the door and flicked on the light. “What the fu-DONNIE!!!”
“I’d say the experiment was a rousing success.” you giggled.
“Yes, I agree,” he nodded, his gait picking up speed at the sound of footsteps rapidly approaching from behind.
“I think we’ve worn out our welcome,” you started, as Donnie grabbed your hand.
“Yeah, yeah, RUN!!”
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[The Turtles first time being on the surface during the day]
Mikey: Oh no! Giant flying sheep!
April: Those are clouds.
Mikey: AHHHHHH!!
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nostalgiaruinedme · 4 hours ago
Got an update of Shattered Glass for you guys!! This time it’s a deleted scene from Dagger From the Mirror. If you’re interested in seeing more 2012 Raph and Rise Mikey interactions (and Rise Mikey meeting Ice Cream Kitty!!!), check it out!
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Chapter 3: No Use Sleeping
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masterrafa476 · 4 hours ago
More scetches!
Tumblr media
First, we have Renji's sister: Kakuri. She's a hacker mind, smart and beautiful girl. Don't let her wheelchair fool you, she's master in robotic!
Tumblr media
Then, we have Blade: the main villain of my fanfic. His design is still in progress, but that's how I – basically – see him. It's good to have some face to imagine.
Tumblr media
And finally, Renji's apartment. Kinda odd in some shapes, like the door, but that was the best I could make with the materials I have. I can already see Rapha pocking outta that window at night just to see Renji. ( ͡°ᴥ ͡° ʋ)
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iriso-page · 4 hours ago
Huginn and Muninn at the beach, wearing jams with little zinc smudges on their beaks.
Meditate on this image.
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nintendonewsblogger · 5 hours ago
Brawlhalla x Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles launch trailer
Brawlhalla is currently up on the Switch eShop as a free-to-play title.
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ewzzy · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nostalgiaruinedme · 6 hours ago
So when April was telling the 2012 boys about the rise boys and their weaknesses did she ever mention their normal personality? Are the 2012 boys going to have whiplash when rise Raph starts being super nice/nervous as hell?
Shes told them a bit! If you look back on chapter 12, you can see 2012 Mikey telling 2018 Mikey that she reminds Raph, Leo, and Donnie how different they are from their rise versions on a daily basis. So yeah, she talks about them a lot, but talkinng about how someone acts is different from actually seeing it, you know?
So far, the three Rise people they've met havent been TOO different from their 2012 counterparts (The Mikeys are very similar, the Aprils arent TOO different aside from Rise April is more experienced in fighting and the "weird", and the Caseys are both out of their minds and love to fight😭). So even though theyve been told about some of the differences between 2012 and 2018 Raph, all they've seen is a giant monster wanting to smash everything he sees... So yes, they will probably still be a little shocked when they see how Rise Raph actually is.
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Shredder: How come whenever I have fun, it's considered wrong?
Tiger Claw: People die when you have fun, Master Shredder.
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psyfii · 8 hours ago
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @cosmiccuppa !! 🎆 Working on this gift with the immensely talented @batberryboo & @vai-russ was an absolute JOY 💕
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limavaga · 8 hours ago
Web de noticias de videojuegos. Entérate las últimas noticias de PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Switch y PC.
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April: Hello, Karai. Made anyone cry today?
Karai: Sadly, no. But it’s only 4:30.
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sketchesandcoolart · 9 hours ago
A while ago,I saw on @chaoticgoodness-gracious’s tags that they thought it would be fun to have a short centered around the Purple Dragons. I also saw that people had always wanted to see them team up with Baxter Stockboi before the series got cut off. After reading these tags, I had decided to do a little fanfic based on that idea.
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