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dami-eve · 48 minutes ago
Cierro mis ojos
Cierro mis ojos Para que tú no sientas ningún miedo Cierro mis ojos Para escuchar tu voz diciendo amor Para que digas hoy de verdad Lo mucho que me quieres Para que creas... para que pienses Que ni te escucho yo.Cierro mis ojos Para que tú me quieras libremente Para que tú me mires y no tiembles Y puedas darme tu amor Tal como es.Cierro mis ojos Para que beses... mis manos y mi frente Para que corran... tus dedos por mi piel. Yo no te veré... yo no te veré Puedes hacer... lo que quieras conmigo No te miraré, no te miraré Hasta que tu Me lo pidas Amor.
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anteaterbisexual · 2 hours ago
Christian anteater who has died and performed posthumous miracles call that a sainteater
will you marry me
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cosmicxxxlight · 2 hours ago
it hurts. - zadkiel to raphael
" What does? " Raphael inquires with a look of concern. Just as humans do, their lover had now passed away. As an empath can sense grief, deep anguish however they'd never learned of their human lover. They reach out a hand to Zadkiel as a gesture of comfort. " Zadkiel---- " They say softy, a whisper. Their brother's sadness makes Raphael want to cry themselves understanding loss all too well.
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marimopeace · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
// i adore you //
kekeke love that he's now head over heels for her--now it's time for him to realize the gem he's got to earn back!
i wonder how many updates it'll take for cayena to catch on that he actually wants to court her fr...
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collabwithmyself · 5 hours ago
⚠ blood but just a little
animation meme mockup
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artist-raphael · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Self Portrait, 1499, Raphael
Medium: chalk
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hunk-night-summer · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Raphael from Fire Emblem: Three Houses is invited to Hunk Night Summer!
"The breakfast was continental and the creamers were hazelnut too..."
Requests: OPEN!
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beauty5 · 6 hours ago
Raphael Varane to sign new deal at real Madrid
Raphael Varane to sign new deal at real Madrid
Real Madrid’s Raphael Varane is expected to sign a new deal at the club that will subsequently put to an end the speculation surrounding his future. The Frenchman has just one year remaining on his current deal at the Santiago Bernabeu, and with contract negotiations said to have reached standstill there was talk that the La Liga giants could cash in on the defender to avoid losing him on a free…
Tumblr media
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skylarmoon71 · 7 hours ago
Raphael x Parker Reader- Chapter 18 (TMNT 2014/2016)
Tumblr media
“You want me to train you?” Leo is a bit surprised at your request. He was under the impression that you’ve been practicing with someone on the down low.
“Are you saying this entire time you’ve never trained, not even once.” You nod.
“I wouldn’t even know where to start."
That’s crazy. He’s seen you fight on more than one occasion. You’re agile and quick. Was that all just instinct? If that’s the case, then you have so much potential. If you were so capable without proper guidance, you’d been unstoppable with the right practice.
“Of course, I can set up a session so you can have a little time with all of us. When Splinter first started showing us, he taught us to work on our strengths and weaknesses. “
You're excited, until you fully realize what that entails. He said all of them. That includes Raph. Since that night things have been quite shaky. Since you pretty much still all did patrols together, there was no way you could avoid him. Raph however was very awkward in your presence. Now he’d trail a little longer behind you. Or he was extra attentive. He tried to help with any and everything that you needed. Whether it be reaching some of the snacks on the top shelf, or taking out a criminal you had one hundred percent under control. He was acting more protective. It was sweet.
The real problem was no one broached the topic of the kiss. You hoped he didn’t think it was a fluke, heat of the moment type of situation. It sort of was, but behind that heat was feelings. Real feelings.
Leo spots the spark of uncertainty. “Hey trust me it won’t be as bad as you think. We can start off slow. “ You’re grateful, but it isn’t the intensity you’re worried about.
“Hey Leo where did ya put my gloves.” Raph practically storms into the dojo, and when he spots you and Leo conversing, his expression becomes somewhat sour. “Nevermind.” He grumbles. Just like that he’s turning back, and Leo is clearly confused.
Raph is someone who’s not the hardest to rouse, but this time his annoyance doesn’t make much sense. Blue eyes shift down at you, and he’s intrigued by the conflicted expression you’re wearing. He could be reading it wrong, but he swears there’s a type of longing in your eyes. He isn’t given a chance to ask, because you’re heading outside, after Raph he supposed.
Your call verifies his suspicions. Leo follows, determined to figure out what's really going on.
“Nothing happened. I-I was just asking him to help me train.”
Raph stops in his spot. “Why the hell would I care!” He bites back. Donnie leans over from his desk.
“I-I just didn’t want you misunderstanding anything.”
“Heh, I could care less who you spend time with. Aint none of my business. Do what you want.” His words hit you hard. Why was he even acting like this? It's not like you were together. He was the one avoiding the topic. After the kiss he practically ran off, then he acted like it didn’t even happen. Now he’s jealous?
And they say women are confusing.
“You’re such an ass sometimes Raph!!” you want to punch him in his face. You just clench your fists, turning sharply back in the direction of the dojo. Leo is still at a loss. He’s certain he just witnessed a lover’s spat, but as far as he knew, there wasn’t anything between the both of you. Apparently he wasn’t as perceptive as he thought. Donnie diverts his gaze, pretending to busy himself with work. Raph is fuming.
With a clench jaw, he’s headed in the opposite direction. Most likely to beat the crap out of some poor punching bag. Leo decides then that he has to have a long talk with you before any kind of training can start. When he walks back into the dojo, you’re putting on gloves. You head right for the punching bag and deliver a hard smack.
It jolts, and that’s when you change into beast mode because you just land consistent blows. With the force you apply, he’s stunned the bag doesn't snap right off the rope. He stands on the other side, grabbing the bag to stop it’s movements, and you look up, irritated. When you take notice of Leo, your expression softens.
“I think Raph is having a pretty huge influence on you. “
The mention of that name triggers a frown on your face. Leo sighs, stepping to the side as he takes your hands to guide you away. You comply reluctantly, taking a seat. Crossing his legs, he takes a breath, urging you to do the same.
After a few seconds, your shoulders sag. He releases your hands and you start taking off the gloves, inhaling softly.
“Now that you’re calm, do you want to talk about it?”
You blush. How do you go about telling Leo that you kissed his brother? Not only that but you have feelings for him that are growing everyday. You can’t stop thinking about him and it’s driving you absolutely mad. What’s worse is that all you can really think about is kissing him again.
“Okay...that’s a lot more than I ever want to know about Raph.” you blink.
Oh crap.
“D-Did I just say all of that out loud!” you're mortified. Leo is just grinning.
“Pretty much. I feel like I’m the wrong brother though. “ you cover your face.
“Just great.” you mumble. Leo pats your arm.
“It’s okay, can’t say that I really saw this coming. You and Raph are just so different. If anything I’d think you’d go for Donnie.” Well, you and Donnie do have a lot more in common, and you can’t lie, he’s a sweetheart. But the feelings just aren’t there. You kind of figured Donatello feels the same. He’s a good friend. Someone you can relate to. With Raph, it’s like he consumes a lot of your focus.
“From what you just said, I’m guessing you haven’t told Raph any of this.”
“Of course not.”
You’ve only recently started to understand your own feelings. Telling him was so far out of the question. Although maybe you should have gone with that step rather than flat out kissing him.
“I’m a mess.” You whine falling backwards dramatically. Leo can’t help but laugh at your predicament. He had been so worried that it was something terrible. But it was just a bunch of teenagers and hormones. He liked being the oldest, it made handling these types of things easier.
“I think the best solution is just to talk with him. Let him know how you feel. It’s obvious Raph cares about you (Y/N).”
You sprang up. “Did he say that!”
“He doesn’t have to. “
Had you really not seen the looks Raph had been sending your way since you became a part of their squad. Leo smirked. This was just too juicy.
“W-Why are you smiling like that? Tell me what you know!!”
“My lips are sealed. Just go and talk to him (Y/N).” He stood and you gawked.
“H-Hey you’re not really just gonna leave me hanging. Leo? LEO!!!”
“Have a nice day (Y/N).” Leo hummed exiting the room. You just slumped back on the floor in defeat.
“Stupid feelings. Stupid Raph. Stupid brothers!!”
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cloudular · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Raphael Varane to sign new deal at real Madrid #cloudular #cloudusport
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artist-raphael · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Battle at Pons Milvius, 1520, Raphael
Medium: fresco
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yourfaveanon · 7 hours ago
I'm so mad that watching Guerrero play means I also have to see Ronald McDonald's leather face this is a war crime
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soundsfunbutno · 8 hours ago
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hagelpaimon · 8 hours ago
I’ve been reading your works for a while now lemme tell you they’re just immaculate ✨😩💕
Can you write raphale x fem!reader by recreating that one scene from hell boy where Red stalks Liv through her date? 😂 but later on he listens that reader turned the guy down because she has feelings for “someone” :3 ending it with a very sensuous kiss with our grumpy teddy bear?
Friend my two favorite red boys? Recreating an iconic scene? Um heck yes I can!
It’s a fairly simple little thing so I hope you enjoy
Rated Fluff!
Tumblr media
Raph had contemplated throwing many a criminal off of the Empire State Building, with good reason of course!
But man, did he not have a reason for this schmuck, aside from purely petty and selfish desires. The so called schmuck in question had been buying some pretzels off of the cart closest to his eyesight. Raph was on the roof top surveying him, he watched with a snarl as the more than average joe ordered two and gingerly went to a girl on the sidewalk.
Said girl was the reason Raph could sometimes barely breath.
It was you, his dearest friend and absolute crush.
He saw you smile and accept the tasty treat, he watched those perfect lips wrap around the treat and scrunch up. “Idiot she doesn’t like the salted kind” Raph huffed out exasperated, you were more of a hot dog type of gal accompanied by a tall soda. With a sneer he saw the two of you begin to walk and thus he began to follow up ahead through the rooftops.
On the streets you walked leisurely with your work friend, he was a mild mannered guy, wouldn’t hurt a fly type but not really your type. Well, there wasn’t exactly a manner for you to explain that your type happened to be 6”6, bright green and with anger issues. Truth be told you had accepted the evening invitation from your co-worker to sort of rile Raph up, you’d told your friend several times this was purely a friend outing and nothing. More but deep down he truly thought he could sway your decision.
“So how’s everything in the secret life of y/n?” Your friend chuckled, it was known around work that you barely spoke out on your post-work activities.
“Oh you know me? Running around the sewers with giants turtles” Your friend almost choked through his pretzel with a laugh, if only he knew. “Man you’re way funnier than you think, you should hang out more with everyone after work... Unless you got some secret boyfriend I don’t know about” He waggled his brows but you knew bait when you saw it.
Up above, Raph wanted to pancake the guy. He wasn’t too proud but he had asked Donnie to hack your phone so he could listen in and each poorly delivered pick up line the schmuck casted towards you made him want to hurl. Unbeknownst to him though, Donnie was playing double agent and had confided in you about Raph wanting to listen in, which worked perfectly in your favor.
“Wanna go to Central Park? We could go on one of those carriage rides, my treat?” Once again Raph growled annoyed at his attempts to be flirty and set the mood.
“Oh my god ya bozo, she hates dumb romance tropes like that” And true to his words you politely declined. “Told ya, loser” He smirked as you shook some of the salt off of your pretzel.
“Come on y/n, dump this chump he ain’t got no business with ya” Raph pulled the comm closer to his ear and watched you switch your weight from foot to foot. “Listen Brad, I appreciate the pretzel and night time stroll but I really want you to understand that I don’t see you as more than just a friend” Raph shook a fist triumphantly as he heard your firm statement. “That’s my girl” He whispered as he saw Brad’s dumb face breakout into a smile.
“So you do have a boyfriend?” He stated rather ironically, as if this was just another common lie thrown at him. “I mean if that’s the case, then where is he? If I had a girl like you on my arm I wouldn’t miss a step with you” The charms were on high with this one, Raph had six seconds where he truly wanted to come down there and show his scrawny ass a thing or two.
But instead he saw you furrow your brow.
“Who says he isn’t?” You stated flatly, tossing the paper near a trash can. Brad’s brow shot up, confusion now playing on his features. “Um, are you telling me your so called boyfriend is following us?” His incredulous chuckle didn’t break your poker face, in fact you went even more serious.
“Think about it, Brad. I don’t talk to anybody after work, I skulk off in secret, the phone calls? The texts? The secrecy? Come on you’re a smart man” Each statement made him pale and Raph had to hold his guffaws, he loved how good you could trick people like this.
“Y/n what are you saying?” Brad’s gaze looked about, the unknown settling upon him.
Time to scare the bejezus out of him.
So you mouthed the word, ‘The Mob’ and watched Brad’s eyes widen.
“The Mob?!” He shouted and you shushed him. That’s it, Raph was going to laugh so hard he would have stomach pains all through the night.
“Jesus Brad broadcast it to the NYPD why don’t you? My guy’s got five outstanding warrants, that’s why he isn’t here with his arm around me, but trust me, nobody messes with Raphael Montasantis girl” You never once broke character, you could be an actress with how good you were selling this. Raph didn’t miss the name, a little flip scooped up his insides and he so didn’t miss The Soprano’s reference you threw in there, the two of you had been binge watching it after all.
Brad looked close to sweating, maybe even puking up his pretzel. A car honked and he almost jumped out of his skin. You placed a hand on his arm and smile. “So please understand, it’s for your own safety too, insanely jealous my Raphael.... very skilled with knives too my guy” The last bit was whispered, a little gleam in your eyes and Raph felt a little too hot with that.
A hasty few words and goodbye later, you and Raph from your respective spots watched the man power walk and then jog down the sidewalk. Once out of eyesight, you started to laugh and the sound rang through Raph like cold glass of water, he loves hearing you laugh.
He saw you cut through an alley and he followed, making sure you wouldn’t have your night ruined with some thug. In the alley away from the pedestrians he watched you stop and look up towards the roof, he hid.
“Come on, Raph” You said with a smile.
The red banded brute peaked out, had he been that careless? Once up from his hideout he sighed and made the decent towards you. He was sheepish, hand scratching the back of his head with mild embarrassment. “Listen I wasn’t being a creep, I just didn’t want that lame ass touching you or anything” It was halfway a truth, he was just being a concerned.... well a concerned friend.
You shook your head and took out the hacked phone and waved it at him. “Like my little story?” Oh boy, that double crossing nerd brother of his. He flicked off the comm and looked about, suddenly enthralled by trash cans. “What story? I dunno what ya talking about” Man his poker face wasn’t half way as good.
“Oh? The one about my boyfriend, Raphael, being a high ranking mobster? Man I’m pretty proud of that one, what a shame” You approached him slowly.
“Alright, yeah... Was pretty funny” He saw you stop in front of him, a sneaky grin playing on your beautiful lips. “Raph, you really don’t know how to take a hint, do ya?” You furrowed your brows and yanked him down by the straps on his plastron, lips connected with his own and the ability for thought and speech left his brain.
You, y/n, was kissing him. Mutant freak rage ball, Raphael. His eyes stayed comically wide as you deepened the kiss, but once he felt your small hand wrap behind his neck, he couldn’t help himself and just pick you up. Your feet dangled. Strong arms held you by the waist and getting to feel his strength had you pushing your thighs together. When your tongue poked his bottom lip, he went on autopilot and mimicked as you did. Raph was a quick learned, his lips felt so peculiar and the scars added a wonderful sensation and contrast. With a soft tug to his bottom lip, which produced a delightful grunt, you watched him through half lidded eyes.
“Do you get it now, numb nuts?” You parroted one of his favorite names to call Mikey.
In his hazy high from his first kiss, all Raph could do was nod robotically.
“Can we do that again?” He asked rather shyly, to which you happily obliged by kissing him once more.
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elenadeveraux · 10 hours ago
elena and raphael at random times of the day:
Tumblr media
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gayospirateraphael · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
these four are the only people who matter to me
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aurora-the-kunoichi · 11 hours ago
Master List
I have been asked for my Master List once again. Took me a bit to finished it but here it is
Tumblr media
For The Love Of Shell ( My baby and OC Story) - Active
In its entirety on AO3
The Forgotten - Active
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
A Year Without - Finished
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Aftermath - Active
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chance Meetings - Finished 
Chapter One
Chapter Two 
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven 
Chapter Twelve 
The Red Brute - Finished
Part One
Part Two
Meeting Ms. Jones (For @blossom-skies) - Finished
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Cat and Mouse - Finished
Part One
Part Two
The Collector - Finished? (RP Starter?)
Chapter One
Bishop’s Angel - Active
Part One
Part Two
One Shots
Donnie and Noemi Comfort
Donnie The Watcher
I Can’t Do This Anymore
The Two Alphas
Alone With Crimson
Cock Stuffed
Lost And Found
Warm Bath
About Fucking Time
Forced Time
Quarantine Comfort 
Ruined By Raphael.
Nocturnal Visit
Comfort For Jen
A Change for the Better
Alonia and Leonardo (Something @waterstar2016 and I did for @alonia143​
Green With Envy
Interrupted Meditation 
Mela’s First Time (My my sweet @kawaiibunga​)
The Hunger
Turtles and Pregnancy 
Leo and Daughter of Zeus 
April Fools
Donnie and Nonnie
Leo and Nonnie
Angst With The Alpha’s
Immogene and Raphael (For my friend @waterstar2016​)
I hope I didn’t forget anything. 
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