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carlycmarathecat · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Donatello in snowsuit
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hamatoclan76 · 9 hours ago
I personally like how the tmnt 2012 fandom got so tired of the DonniexApril and CaseyxApril discourse that some fans started to ship DonniexCasey as a joke to annoy shippers fans.
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megahorous · 12 hours ago
Re-watched some Ninja Turtles:  the Next Mutation recently!  Tonight was “Silver and Gold” 
--The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles don’t believe in a Gangster Ape at first.  Such a thing would be absurd
--Almost thought Silver was going to break into a Villain Song at one point
--I remember being a little surprised when they said “sucks” in TMNT 2k3, but looks like they did it here first.  Must have missed that at the time
--This is another one that’s kinda like a season 2 Martial Law episode [”24 Hours”!]  I guess Next Mutation was their favourite show.  And, who can blame them
--Always thought the news woman should’ve been April
--I heard Venus might’ve met April in a season 2
--Poor Venus!  Don’t fight or help her until *after* they lock her in the safe
--Donatello ends up opening the safe by putting in his birthdate...even as a kid I thought that one was kinda stupid
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turtle-babe83 · 12 hours ago
Don’t mind me, I’m just gonna reblog a few of my older asks for the newer followers to try to appease the masses while I slave away at the ones currently in my drafts. J/k, there are no masses. I’m just appeasing myself. 😅
Tumblr media
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Donnie: God give me patience.
Leo: Don’t you mean strength?
Donnie: If God gave me strength everyone would be dead.
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androgynousart · 15 hours ago
Oh, and also, im currently writing this fanfiction about Donnie, Mikey, timetravel, universe-jumping and other fun stuff 😁
Its a crossover i guess, 2k12 meets SAINW, and everyone who is a sucker for trauma, sadness, volience, gore, brotherly love and fluff should check it out ❤️
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shell-ter · 15 hours ago
Mikey: *makes lovely artwork of the fam*
Mikey: here Donnie, I made this for you!
Donnie: awww, Michael it's-
Donnie: *shit my detached aloof tough guy reputation*
Donnie: I mean, ew
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ask-the-purple-genius · 15 hours ago
"I'm so excited to announce my newest invention is almost ready! I'm trying to keep in contact with my other dimensional self, and hopefully by tomorrow it'll be fully tested."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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turtle-go-brrrr · 16 hours ago
The gang playing Among Us
As a Crewmate
He religiously does his tasks
Hopes he does fast so he won't have to prove his innocence during the meeting
Loves the long tasks the most, except the cables (hes tired of that one)
He likes having a teammate throughout the game (like one player waiting for him and staying together all the time)
Ends up surviving until the meeting and has a lot of trouble justifying himself because he can't remember his tasks
Gets ejected because everyone thought he was lying (his teammate was an impostor)
As an Impostor
He's so scared of getting caught
He tries not to show it tho
Doesn't talk during the meeting
Tries to turn the discussion on someone else every time it shifts to him
He knows he's a terrible liar
Spends a lot of time at Medbay because he wants to kill people when they're doing the scanner
Does 1 or 2 kills before being caught
As a Crewmate
He loves playing Sherlock
He spends all his time at Security and doesn't do a single task
Is really good at remembering where everyone went and where they came from
Which makes him really dangerous for the impostors
Only problem is: he loves this strategy so much that he ends up doing it all the time
Which means the impostors know exactly where to find him :)
As an Impostor
Fakes going to Security at the beginning of the game to have an alibi
After the first meeting he spends all his time at Electrical and sabotages the lights all the time
Is really good at timing his kills
Always leads the interrogation and keep the focus away from him
Which is why they know its him, because when he's innocent he's more laid back
Almost wins, only 2 players left
As a Crewmate
He loves putting pressure on the others by making them think he's an impostor
Like stands on the vents and only moves when someone sees him
Or chase them in the hallways
He does a few tasks here and there still
He never survive past the first meeting because the others reject him just in case
As an Impostor
Does the exact same thing as above, except now he can play the "I always act like this and I'm never Impostor" card
And it works
No one trusts him but they don't wanna eject him either because what if
He manages to fake a few tasks and doesn't even needs sabotaging
Kills everyone
As a Crewmate
He loves dancing under the cameras
He knows Donnie can see him and uses this as an alibi
Also it makes him feel safe, and he knows that if they're turned off Donnie is either dead or Impostor
Tries to do his tasks, but he likes following people around to make sure they're not doing anything suspicious
Usually one of the last people alive
As an Impostor
Kills Donnie as soon as possible
April is next
Then he has fun and keeps dancing under the cameras and stuff
Does very obvious kills tho
Loves sabotaging the reactors because everyone hates doing it
Almost wins, only 3 players left
As a Crewmate
I mean she's a professional journalist
If she and Donnie are both crewmates, the Impostors don't stand a chance
He has the informations, she ties it all together and figures it out during the first meeting
Even if she's alone, she will find the impostor in no time
Does that thing where she pretends she leaves a room where 2 other people are in and wait for them to kill each other
If she isn't killed first, she's the one who makes it to the last meeting the most
Doesn't actually do her tasks as she's too busy investigating
As an Impostor
She is the best liar in town so you bet she knows how to act like the perfect crewmate
She takes her tasks perfectly and her behavior doesnt change at all during the meetings
The only thing giving her away is when she sabotages the Coms
She's the only one doing that
Usually wins, or comes really close to
As a Crewmate
Also really like investigating
But from time to time he'll just follow a random person for a while, and when they cross someone he'll follow them instead and leave his former partner
Does his tasks along the way
Everyone knows he's innocent because he keeps following them around
Doesnt survive long tho, as he tends to also stay with Impostors
As an Impostor
Surprisingly good at not getting caught
Doesn't even needs sabotaging because he kills super fast
And tends to kill them in secluded places too that bastard
Really silent during the meetings
If he doesn't get ejected during the first meeting it's a win for sure
Wins most of the time
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teenage-turtle-situation · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I did a thing (lazy on the background department) 
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aeempress · 17 hours ago
I needed a break badly, so I spent an hour just drawing. It's goddness' blessing for sure.
Ahhh, nice feeling.
Anddddd have you seen @teetlez-steampunk-au ? It's so inspiring, goddammit.
I love steampunk a lot because of aesthetic. A lot of possibilities for fashion design. And I fell into it. It was really a question of time, I swear.
So here I am, with tomboy-ish April O'Neil and the rising science prodigy Donnie.
Tumblr media
It was funny to play with April's clothes design. I'm not a fan of all these vulgar decaltes with corsets, plus, I suppose that April is more inclined to wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict movements. As for Don, I really like his formal English-noble suit, which immediately speaks of his status, but here I wanted to portray his softer side. A side that he can reveal to April.
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skylarmoon71 · 17 hours ago
Raphael x Parker Reader - Chapter 21 - TMNT 2014/2016 (Final)
Tumblr media
“Raph look at this!!”
Every time Mikey sounded that excited, they knew it was trouble. Raph watched in astonishment as you held Mikey in the air. Your palms were pressed to each other, his feet pointing in the air as you kept him completely balanced with your strength. Leo and Donnie’s mouth feel open. They all knew by now that you were pretty strong, it was still amazing to see it. “Cool right!!” you sounded just as excited as Mikey.
“Your girlfriend’s a beast!” Mikey cheered.
Hell, Raph already knew that.
You and Mikey were having the time of your lives. First with the acrobats, then a game of mario kart. After Mikey’s ungrateful loss, you switched to just dancing. Leo leaned on the wall, watching the both of you battle each other.
Come, Mr. DJ, song pon de replay
Come, Mr. DJ, won't you turn the music up?
All the gyal pon the dancefloor wantin' some more what
Come, Mr. DJ, won't you turn the music up?
Come, Mr. DJ, song pon de replay
Come, Mr. DJ, won't you turn the music up?
All the gyal pon the dancefloor wantin' some more what
Come, Mr. DJ, won't you turn the music up?
You twirled, and switched positions, laughing happily. Mikey was grinning widely, and even Donnie stopped working to view the little show. Leo loved the joy emitted on your faces. The explosion that had knocked you both unconscious was easily one of his darkest moments. Seeing you now, smiling, dancing, breathing, it was the best thing in the world to him. Something told him he wasn’t the only one enjoying the dance battle. Raph’s eyes hadn’t left you since you started dancing.
It goes one by one, even two by two
Everybody on the floor, let me show you how we do
Let's go, dip it low, then you bring it up slow
Wind it up one time, wind it back once more
Come run, run, run, run
Everybody move, run
Lemme see you move and rock it 'til the groove done
Shake it 'til the moon becomes the sun (Sun)
Everybody in the club, give me a run (Run)
If you ready to move say it (Yeah)
One time for your mind
Raph wasn’t even aware that you were such an agile dancer. It's like there were just things adding to the list on why he was freaking in love with you. Hearing your laughter, it was the best sound to him. He could listen forever. For the next few minutes, you went at it. The song finally ended, and you high fived Mikey.
Donnie and Leo were clapping, and you bowed dramatically.
“Thank you, thank you very much.” Raph smiled, and you stepped away to get a bottle of water. Opening the fridge, you bend, grabbing the bottle. “Nice moves.” you straighten, bottle on your lips. With a shy smile, you brush your hair out of your face. “Thanks.” Compliments from Raph were far different from the rest of them. There’s a soft atmosphere now, and a sudden urge to dance again, but this time it’s different.
“Raph, do you want to dance with me?”
There’s a momentary look of confusion. “Like what you and Mikey have been doing for the last hour?”
“N-Nevermind, I guess I was just...I don’t know..” you lower your head. That’s a little weird to ask him that out of the blue. “Forget I said anything.” You won’t really look his way, and Raph gets the idea. You weren’t asking him to have a dance battle. He steps closer, and your eyes lift when he takes your hand. He doesn’t say a word, just whisks you away, and you follow mesmerized. His brothers notice as he makes his way to his room, and Leo just tips his head at Donnie with a smile. Raph closes the door behind him after he ushers you in. He still hasn’t explained anything. He’s shuffling around, and you glimpse him turning on his t-phone and speakers. The slow music fills the room. At that point it becomes clear.
What day is it
And in what month?
This clock never seemed so alive
I can't keep up, and I can't back down
I've been losing so much time
He holds his hand out for you.
“Can I have this dance?” He tries to keep a neutral expression, but you can tell he’s a bit nervous. You nod without a second thought, taking his large hand. His other one draws you closer, resting on your waist. “Just so ya know, I ain’t any good at this.” He’s bashful and it’s so adorable.
“Don’t worry, it’s easy.” You move slowly, drifting from side to side. It takes a while, but he gets the idea. It’s not long before Raph follows a bit hesitant at first. You can tell he’s a bit worried about stepping on your feet.
Cause it's you and me
And all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to lose
And it's you and me
And all of the people
And I don't know why
I can't keep my eyes off of you
The song speaks volumes. You really can’t look away from him.
What are the things that I want to say
Just aren't coming out right?
I'm tripping on words
You got my head spinning
I don't know where to go from here
“See, you’re not bad at all Raph. A natural.” He gives you that charming half smile, the one that takes your breath away.
“Got a good teacher.” He replies. You giggle when he gives you a small spin, twirling you back to his body. You smack his chest softly. “Liar, you do know how to dance.” He’s smirking now.
“It’s kinda like martial arts.” He’s not wrong.
'Cause it's you and me
And all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to prove
And it's you and me
And all of the people
And I don't know why
I can't keep my eyes off of you
You stay in his arms, taken in the lyrics, the moment. Every single thing that has led to this point. As you look back at his loving stare, it’s then that you’ve gained the courage to say the words that your heart has been bleeding for weeks now.
“Raph.” The seriousness in your tone has his complete focus.
“I love you, Raphael.”
He stops all together, and you pull back your hands. Surprise isn’t the right way to describe the look on his face. It’s so much more than that.
“M-Maybe it was too soon.”
The last thing you wanted to do was scare him away. You didn’t want to take it back, because to say you didn’t mean it would be a lie.
“Ummm..” you look down at your feet. Hands behind your back. What can be said at this point. “I-I should go..” you make a sharp turn, and within one stride, Raph takes your hand.
“Say it again.” your turn back cautiously.
His eyes hold uncertainty, fear. One step, that’s all he takes and it’s like he’s begging you.
“Please (Y/N) say it-”
“I love you.” He releases a breath. It’s like he’s checking to make sure this is reality. Raph is convinced that the words he’s just heard from you are purely imagination. You must reassure him.
“I love you. I love you Raph. I love you, I love you, I love you so much! I lo-” He kisses you hastily, and you squeak, because it’s so sudden. But you return it, smiling as you do. Raph is holding on to you, because there’s a fear that he’ll open his eyes, and this will all vanish. You’ll vanish. He pulls back, and to his relief, you’re still there, looking at him like he’s so precious. Irreplaceable.
“I..I.. “ you press a finger to his lips.
“It’s okay. '' He doesn’t have to say it, you already know. You can wait until he’a able to express it verbally. For now, his touch, his looks. That's all the assurance you can ever ask for. He's all you can even hope for.
He's yours.
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bluesakurablossom · 18 hours ago
How would the turtles feel if their S/O poured cold water on them while they slept? They can pour cold water anywhere. On their face, body, or other parts.
Oh this is funny! I actually did something similar not too long ago! It's a bit of a change since they are in the shower when the s/o does this but I hope you still love it! <3
Leonardo: You were getting ready for the day while applying your makeup at the sink and the shower was running beside you, releasing some steam form the curtain. Your boyfriend in blue had stayed over last night and he wanted to freshen up before he had to sneak back home for training. So he asked if he could take a shower which you happily let him you gave him your biggest towels you had in your small apartment. You both were comfortable enough in your relationship to be this intimate to get ready together. You were applying your mascara when the mirror started to steam up making it harder to see. “Babe, you must be cooking yourself in there, you must have the water all the way on hot” “I love my showers hot, helps relaxes the muscles, need that for training for this morning, especially if I am going to perfect my katas” He peeked around the curtain giving you a smile “By the way you are looking beautiful as always this morning” “Why thank you, well its a little too hot babe, can’t see in my mirror”, Wiping away at the steam that keeps returning with another towel you tried to finish applying your lip gloss “I am gonna look like a clown if I can’t see myself right” “I’ll be right out honey, enjoying every second of this” He moaned softly in content “Oh yeah, right down the back, right where I need it!” You rolled your eyes and suddenly got a brilliant idea come to your head and you left the bathroom quietly without him suspecting your absence. You came back in with a plastic bowl filled with cold water and a few ice cubes to make the water extra cold trying to contain your fit of giggles. “Hey babe? How much longer till you are out of the shower?” “Why don’t you come on in here and I will tell you? If you know what I mean” He joked playfully, he could be such a dork at times when he was with you. You giggled as you quietly pulled a small stool closer to the curtain and stepped up top, your head barely peeking over the rod. “Bow chick a wow wow” You laughed at his dorkiness, you got to admit, seeing him not all serious all the time and showed his kid side it was cute. “Okay you convinced me, I will be right in” You held the bowl quietly as you could and you were starting to feel bad that you were doing this to your boyfriend but then again he was making it hard for you to do your makeup and the humidity was going to make it even worse. It was gonna be worth it. You reached over and dumped the bucket on your boyfriend causing him to shriek and you busted out laughing but you lost your footing, trying to grab on to the rod but ended up pulling it down with you, exposing your naked boyfriend, whom had slipped falling with his shell facing up. You were expected to hear a yelling, but instead you were greeted with laughter same as yours. “Oh my god! Leo! I am so sorry!” You were struggling with your laughter as you tried to help him up but you ended up getting sprayed “Move the head, eeekkk I am getting soaked!” You were blocking the water with your arm, but it was no use “Hello?! I am face down in the tub stuck here I can’t! What did you do that for?!” He laughed slipping and sliding to stand up “I was trying to prank you!” You stood up and moved the shower head to move to the wall as you returned your attention back to your boyfriend as he shook his head free from water “What the heck?! What is this Jackass?!” You both ended up laughing as you were able to help him up to his knees and you went to fix the shower rod trying to place it back. “Are you okay?!”, asking in a fit of giggles “I think I bruised a rib” He chuckled as you covered your mouth feeling guilty for what you had done “Oh shit baby! I am sorry! I just wanted to get you back for making it too hot in here! I didn’t think you were gonna slip!” You tried to hold it together but it was a clearly losing fight He pulled the curtain back giving you a playful glare. “You better watch your back, I am gonna getcha you”, He pointed a finger at you making your fear disappear and laughter return to the atmosphere. “If I was you, I would run very fast” You
shrieked and ran out of the bathroom giggling slamming the door behind you. But there was no hiding from him he was gonna find you no matter where you chose to go, he was going to find you and he was going to get his sweet revenge. You mess with the sensei, you are going to get punished. Raphael: You groaned in annoyance, for some reason your best line of skin care was lower in being close to empty than you know it should be. You know you don’t use too much when it came to personal care of your face, you had to think about what could be the reason. You eliminated the cause of the cap being left opened accidentally, any cracks in the bottle, or even making sure it wasn’t a defect. But then something hit you, you realized your stuff always looked shuffled whenever he was over for the night, you start to wonder could it be him using your stuff? You wouldn’t think your man was using your stuff, I mean after all when you would do your face masks, manicures, and foot soaks and offered him one, he would decline saying he was too manly for that stuff. Deciding to investigate you set up your phone in the bathroom out of sight of him and when he was freshening up for the evening before your scheduled movie night, you caught him red handed or should you say green handed. Your boyfriend Raph was in your sink cabinet taking some of your facial treatments and using them himself. “Oh too manly for using my stuff huh?” You giggled as you planned your revenge on him. You invited him over as usual and you actually did notice a difference in your man as he climbed in through your living room window. The facial stuff you used, was meant to remove any darkness, brighten in the skin and make it baby soft and you saw that skin looked brighter in green and there wasn’t much darkness in his cheek bones and jawline. “Hey you”, You kiss his cheek and feel along his jaw “My babe, did you do something different? You are skin is so smooth” “Oh....uh....nah just been trying to take care of myself more, you know, feel good” He blushed a bit in his cheeks trying to play it cool, you played along knowing he was lying through his teeth “Awwwww that’s good babe, but before we do have our movie, please go freshen up, you smell like sweat and protein shakes” You giggled slapping his ass playfully as you went into the kitchen to prepare popcorn “Don’t smell that bad”, He smelt himself giving you a stuck out tongue walking to the bathroom As soon as you heard the water, you waited a few minutes till you knew for sure he was in and you opened the freezer door and grabbed the ice tray. You opened the door quietly trying to not make any noise. You snuck up close to the shower and stood on the rim of the tub, making a little clinking noise in the tray. “Babe? What you doing?” You suddenly dumped the ice over the rod as he shrieked at the top of his lungs ruffling behind the curtain. “Hohyuhoo!” He pulled back the curtain and sure enough he had a whole face covering of your facial treatment as you snickered uncontrollably. “Dude what the hell? Yo dude are you dead?!” “Too manly to use my stuff huh?”, You crossed your arms with a giggle He looked at your guilty and with a nervous chuckle. “Oh.....heh caught me didn’t ya?” “Babe I recorded you snooping through myself the night before” You chuckled shaking your head seeing him blush as red as his bandanna that was once wrapped his head “You tempted me” He mumbled trying to hide his face behind the curtain All you could do was giggle and took a towel off from the sink and wiped some of the facial treatment off from his lips softly and gave him a deep kiss, as he returned it back. “Hey you know all you had to do was ask, I could of gotten you a bottle yourself” You cocked an eyebrow at him “Sorry....” He mumbled again as you giggled “I got to say babe, your face is glowing, it even works for mutant turtles! Your skin looks great! I’m impressed” “I noticed a change right away, that’s good stuff you got!”, He rubbed his cheeks with his hands as you busted out laughing “Told you it was good, hey when
you are done, I will let you use my foot soak, helps with calluses”, You held your leg and rubbed your bare sole “Nahhhhh not that, maybe this, but definitely too manly for a foot soak” He waved it off as he rinsed his face off “Oh don’t you start that shit again, and this time there is no sneaking through my beauty products to do it!” You laughed as you grabbed the stuff you would need for the foot soak and you looked back behind your shoulder “I love you, by the way aren’t you angry about the ice?” “I should be but not yet your kiss distracted me for a moment, you got me all done my shell but you just wait, I’m gonna get your ass” He gave you a deep playful growl, giving you a shaking fist You giggled and shook your ass playfully sticking out your tongue. “Hey you know what I always say, pay back is a bitch!” Donatello: You were on your boyfriends laptop laying out on his bed watching tik toks while you waited for your nerdy boyfriend to finish working on the garbage truck. He wanted to do some updates that he had been planning on his blue prints for the last few weeks and sure enough it was going to take him longer than you thought. But you knew this was the normal you didn’t mind sometimes, but sometimes it was lonely. While you waited you chilled out in his bed in the wall and used his laptop that was rested in his cubby. You did everything that could pass the time over, looking at photos of you and him he saved in albums, played a few games, and were now on the internet watching tik toks. Some of the videos you have seen you and Donnie have tried before together just for the fun of it and kept the recordings for your own pleasure and giggles. You saw a video of when girlfriends dump ice on their boyfriends in the shower prank and you couldn’t help but laugh seeing the outcomes. It made you reminisce on the time where you had tried to do it on Donnie for getting back at him for eating your pop tarts snack that you had left on his desk while you were doing college course work and when you had left to get a drink. He went in sneaky ninja mode and had swiped it without you knowing it before you came back. When you found your treat missing you yelled out to your sweet tooth boyfriend and he had locked the garage door to avoid your pastry crave rage as he munched away. You had plotted your revenge for weeks trying to think of a way to get him back but he was too smart for you and it made it difficult to catch him off guard. But while watching the video you gotten the idea of trying this prank on him, you got a huge grin growing on your face. This was genius! You prepared a bowl in the kitchen filling it with two trays of ice from the fridge, just as you heard Donnie come out from the garage. You hid from view seeing him covered in grease and oil, on his pants, boots and glasses. He wiping his hands clean with a rag as he went to his room. You peeked around the corner to see he was looking around for you seeing your spot where you laid disturbed. “Princess? Princess? Oh I am sure she just went with Mikey out skateboarding” He grabbed a few things before he left heading to the lair bathroom where the brothers shared. He had shut the door and you giggled like an evil scientist as you took the bowl giggling to yourself. “Shall we test to see how cold a cold blooded reptile gets? Your wish is my command master!” You dramatically laughed deeply You quietly opened the door, even with you being quiet you still managed to startle him making him squeak out loud, seeing his tall shadow behind the curtain. “It’s okay honeybun, it’s just me, just need to grab something really quick” “Oh you scared me babe, thought it was going to be Mikey, he has been pranking me all week” You struggled to contain your giggles as you walked closer but you remained composed as you walked closer and closer taking one step at a time “Oh really? What did he do?”, You asked, trying to distract him while you balanced your shaky hands “Well first off he putting chewing gum in my book sticking it shut, he swiped some of my test tubes I had
been using for my experiment while on his skateboard I had to use my drone to get it back, and this is far by the worst one yet, he put hot sauce in my coffee” “Awwwwww my poor baby, Mikey’s pranks should terrible, but you know what a more worse prank could be?” You stood just right in front of the curtain, seeing barely the crown of his bald green head “What could possibly be worse than his pranks?” “This!” You cheered and jumped throwing the water over as you heard it come splashing down on him “What in the freaking heck are you doing babe?! What was that for?!” You giggled to yourself quietly doubling over on your knees as you heard the curtain rustle and you looked up to your boyfriend with a surprised look on his face that quickly turned into a laugh. His glasses were fogging up from the steam “What was that for?! What did I do to you?” “Think back genius! My poptarts!” You laughed uncontrollably clapping your hands together “But yeah I was only doing that cause you ate mine hiding on top of the fridge! Told you those were for emergencies only!” He threw his arm out and some of the water droplets flicked you in the face making you shriek “It was an emergency I was hungry!” You replied in a whiny voice “What in the world?! You left the door open too I was freezing my tooshie off in here!” He motioned his head towards the door as you giggled walking up to him stroking his head “I am sorry pumpkin, but I had to do it”, You pinched his cheek sweetly “Now hurry up we got cuddle time we need to make up!” “The war is on miss! The war is on!” He called out as he went back behind the curtain “Oh I am so scared...I am so scared” You dramatically shook as you walked off holding your arms up innocently with a playful tone He blew a raspberry at you as you left and you blew one back to him as you shut the door giggling, heading to his room ready to finally have him in your arms once more. Michelangelo: You were walking past the bathroom mindlessly scrolling through your phone when you heard the water going and hearing your boyfriend singing in the shower. You stepped closer to the door letting your head touch the door, hearing him louder and you couldn’t help but laugh at his goofy behavior. Even though he wasn’t the best at singing you couldn’t help that it was cute to you for his efforts. And being in a relationship with the prankster of the family, this gave you a perfect opportunity to do another one of your pranks in a never ending war with him. You went to the kitchen and got the biggest bowl you can find and dropped some ice cubes into the water stirring it up with your hand. It was bitter cold but it couldn’t be anymore of a great prank to get him back for when he put itching powder in your sports bra during your workout in the gym. You quietly opened the door and took out your phone and hit the record button, this was going to be a golden globe for sure, you set it on the sink as you snuck up to your boyfriend. Seeing his silhouette from behind the curtain you quietly stood on your tip toes not even aware of your presence as he continued to sing. You reached over and threw the water straight on his head, making him scream like a girl. You busted out laughing falling to the floor as you saw ruffling behind the curtain. “Payback is a bitch sucker!” You yelled laughing “Y/N!!!!! My ass cheeks cold!”, He yelled out You were screaming in laughter doing a victory dance in front of your phone as he peeked behind the curtain. “Babe its freaking cold!”, He looked at you with surprise with teeth chattering slightly “Oh boo hoo you poor baby!”, You giggled “Score one for the girls back home!” “Oh you wanna play this game again? Well if its a game you want its a game you shall get!” He surprised you by running out of the shower naked in all of his glory and started to chase after you. You screamed as he chased you all around the bathroom, slipping and sliding on the wet tile floor. Soon as you turned hard at a sharp corner, Mikey lost control of his grip on the forming puddles and slid into along heading
straight into the wall, smashing right into it. The abruptness of the collision caused the shelf above him to break off one of its hinges and cause the contents of bottles to fall straight onto his head one by one. “Ow! Ow! Ow! OW! OWWWWWW!” Earning a moan of pain as he held his head with his hand. “Oh my god, baby!” You rushed over barely slipping on the floor as you knelt down in front of him, hugging his aching head. “Mikey sugar cake, are you okay?” You looked at him worriedly as he hid his face from yours. “Question is, will you be after this?”, He gave you a sly look. The color drained from your face and before you could run, he grabbed you around the waist throwing you over his shoulder. You punched at his shoulder repeatedly and trying to pry his hand off of you, but there was no getting out of this one. When you saw he was heading towards the shower that was stilling running, you screamed and begged all that you could, but all Mikey could do was just laugh standing underneath the showerhead drenching you head to toe Giving you a good soak he pulled you out from underneath the spray and pressed you up against the shower wall. You moved your wet hair out of your face looking utterly annoyed to see your snickering boyfriend. “Trying to make a clean get away huh angelcakes? You can’t outprank the king!” “ just washed my hair!”, You said, trying to sound mad but clearly your tone was laughing as you started giggling “You love me”, He nuzzled your nose affectionately “I do, but better watch your shell, I am gonna getcha back”, You pointed your finger at his face, but he chuckled sucking on it as you giggled bringing him into a deep passionate wet kiss.
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Watch "Drive Thru Robot Driver Prank 2" on YouTube
Okay, now imagine Donnie doing this prank with his new invention: a ROBOT 🤖😂
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Please enjoy this edit I did...I thought the song was so perfect...Should I do another version?
Finding decent pictures was tough lol
Song: Insatiable
Artist: Jim Johnson, Patsy Grime
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Apocalyptic Love: Chapter 10: A breakthrough in science
AL MASTERLIST. Tmnt masterlist. Ultimate masterlist
Tumblr media
- a week ago -
The lab was bustling with white coats, people constantly bumping into each other as they moved around the space. The strong smells of chemicals wafting through the air, the lingering smell burning the nose hair of many of the scientists' noses. They had been working hard, constantly around the clock for days at a time, just trying to perfect the formula they were given by Baxter.
"And then Daisy-May was cheering because of the commotion," Arin laughed, "She didn't even know what was going on, she just wanted to be a part of the celebration." A fond smile was on his face as he continued to stir the mixture in the beaker, the green substance turning a hot pink.
"We're thinking of going on vacation after this, Baxter agreed to give me some days off since I've been working constantly. Might take the wife and kids upstate for a few days, my aunt used to own this lakehouse. It'll be nice to just get away from this whole situation."
His lab buddy chuckled beside him, his hand moving fast as he wrote down the colour change, handwriting messy.
"Glad someone's feeling positive around this time, my kid doesn't want to even talk to us anymore. Me and Jack don't know what to do, we've tried everything to get him to talk to us. It's like he blames us for what happened, but I think it's just because he misses his friends and family." Clint mumbled out, his tone accusing but there was a protectiveness to it. The two co-workers resumed banter between one and another, getting the job done slightly slower than the other scientists swanning the lab.
"Hey, you two! Quit your yappin' and get back to work!" Doug commanded, clipboard held in a tight grasp, brows furrowed. The two men rolled their eyes but complied, "Sorry about that, Doug. Just something to talk about while we work." Arin replied, giving their higher-up an honest smile. But Doug couldn't care less, pulling his shoulders so they nearly reached his neck, he snarled at them, "There's no talking about trivial things such as family, now get back to that formula for Professor Stockman!"
"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the lab table this morning," Clint teased, preparing the rat cages for the next test subject. Arin shoved his shoulder jokingly, making sure to keep his voice down unless he wanted another warning from Doug. "Ah leave him alone, he's just grouchy cause Baxter's been on his back about this experiment."
"Experiment-sm'eriment, I get that we're making some mind control thing but isn't it a little- I don't know- science fiction-y?" Clint confessed, now turning to face his best friend. Arin stared at him with the same curiosity, shrugging his shoulders, Arin turned back to the chemical mixture, "It's not our place to say-"
"Why? We're the fools that have to make this stuff, shouldn't we at least be told what it's for?"
"The less I know, the better." Arin sighed.
---------------------------- meanwhile ---------------------------
The monitors blinked on and off, static sounding the room before a clear-ish picture came on the screen. The whole room seemed to be covered with small t.v screens, each showcasing a part of the fortress. The guards lounged about, taking note of anything that seemed out of the ordinary but other than that they sat back and relaxed. No one ever tried to enter the fortress, unless they came looking for a fight. But it always ended the same, they'd see them, they'd get caught, they'd be killed.
Always the same.
The group of guards continued to watch the cams, their navy blue armour rubbing up against each other's shoulders at the close contact they held. The live feed sizzled and flickered, one screen after another blackening out, the room slowly being cast in internal darkness. The men's movements became panicked but precise as they went about the room, they used their coms to alert others of the problem.
"Alert Misstress Karai," one heaved into the radio, he grabbed the stationary weapon hung to the wall and burst through the security room doors. His legs carried him as fast as they could to the entrance of the fortress. He joined alongside the Foot, quickly being caught up on the situation, awaiting his next order.
With a weapon raised high, the amalgamation of Footbots and human guards charged forward towards the entrance where a forming group of rebellious scum resided, assailing back at them.
---------------------------- Cuts back to scientists ----------------------
The lab was in hysterics as everyone moved at triple the speeds, packing everything away before the labs were breached by the outsiders. A warning light blinked rapidly, its red flashes claiming the state of panic the scientists should be in. Doug was running around furiously, pointing at the things he deemed most important, "Someone get that vial stored away, a-and those papers hidden or burnt! Get the backup drive from the computer! You two, get that mind control flask out of here!"
Arin and Clint looked between one and another, simultaneously their gaze fell to the hot pink mixture in the glass container beneath them. Arin grabbed it, his hands cradling the bottom. The two scientists looked around the room, now only noticing the amount of security residing there.
"That can't be good," Clint mused, he may have been joking but his face said otherwise. Arin shook the thought away, if they wanted to survive whatever this was they needed to think logically, "The number of guards suggests that this is where that rebel group is going to hit next. If we don't keep this cylinder from them, they'll have the mind control serum and we'll be dead."
"Relax," Clint reassured, placing a gentle hand against Arin's shoulder. His voice was calm juxtaposing the tense air surrounding the two. Clint went to open his mouth but his words fell on death ears, the lab doors swung open, cracking the walls as the doors flung into them. A small group of people blazed in, guns firing automatically, bullets raining down on them all.
Arin and Clint quickly ducked down to the floor, squeezed together beneath a lab table, praying to stay alive. Arin held the chemical tighter in his grip, using his lab coat to disguise the bright pink colour it gave off. They could hear the screams of the other scientists, their co-workers as they perished to the floor. The guards retaliated, well the ones that weren't dead on the ground. The dents in the wall and the splatters of blood would make fine decoration for a killer but not for a sterile lab.
Arin watched as he saw some members split away from the shooting crowd and over to the computer, his brain felt foggy but he knew that there was important information on that computer. Future plans, equations, blueprints, all of it was important. Without thinking, he shoved the mixture into Clint's hands and braced himself for what he was about to do. Alarmed, Clint turned to him with wide eyes, flicking his attention between the heated formula in his hands and someone he considered a best friend.
"Oh no, you're not going to do what I think you're about to do. You'll get killed!" he muttered, fingers shaking. Arin shook his head, dismissing the reality he was about to face, taking in some deep breathes he sent a crooked smile to his friend. "It's for the greater good, the rebels can't have the files on that computer. If I can get over there and turn the main power off, then they don't get what they want."
"It's a suicide mission!" Clint stressed out, grabbing ahold of Arin's sleeve, the white coat stained red and brown. "I have to do this, I need to do this." he accented, eyes trained onto the computer. "Keep this safe," he motioned to the chemical in Clint's hands, forehead wet like a slip and slide. "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain," he huffed out, he always did like Batman.
Arin charged out from under the table, making a B-line for the kill switch beside the computer. The gunfire echoed louder as it aimed for the leading scientist, Clint silently cheered his friend on, surprised at how far he was getting before he was caught. But then it happened. The first bullet went through the coat, a patch of red fading onto the white, pink at the ends. Arin faltered but carried on.
Then another bullet flew from the other side of the room, hitting his leg, Arin fell to the ground. He gripped his knee in pain, teeth gritted together to hold back the involuntary hissing he seemed to be making, but he had a mission to complete. Crawling his way to the switch, undetected by the bullets, Arin made his way across the floor. Clint could see that he was close to the computer, he just needed to get higher to the switch that was attached to the wall.
He saw one of the rebel scum approach the computer, they began tapping away at the keyboard, easily bypassing the security as though it was nothing. They had to be some super genius to know how to hack like that, there was no way they knew this, they had to have been taught. They had to have knowledge of Foot security before, maybe they had previously hacked the Foot and had gone unnoticed; but that was impossible, surely.
As Arin climbed the wall, hands dragging him up, he was inches away from the switch. That's when the third bullet hit. The most fatal blow right in the heart. Arin's body stayed against the wall for a moment, his hand latched around the lever. As his body dropped so did the lever, the room was plunged into darkness, all except the red flashing light highlighting the lair.
"Guys, Snag says the leaders been captured, we gotta get outta here!"
The obnoxious complaints from the rebels soared around the room, whispering quickly to each other as they left with a few files and tubes of decaying liquids. Once the coast was clear, the remaining scientists and security guards crept up off of the ground and began to walk on shaky legs. The lab was in ruins, broken glass and blood stains littering the floor, random chemicals cracked and seeping onto the tables, documents shredded or partially set alight; it would take weeks, maybe months, to restore their research.
Clint stood from under the table, chemical mixture clenched in his hands. His eyes were fixed on the limp body beside the computer, surrounded by darkening blood. He rushed over to Arin, ignoring the other people in the room, he only focused on the man before him. Clint checked his breathing, checked his pulse: cold.
He silently wept, holding onto Arin's body as though he was a brother. Clutching the man to his chest, praying that he would be safe, praying his family would be safe. "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry," he repeated over and over again, harsh whispers broken up by long cries. The chemical mixture lay forgotten beside him, possibly the most important thing to the Foot clan left idle for the loss of a human life.
The phone was slammed against the dark wood desk, the impact cracking the plastic casing of the device. Karai released a low growl, her eyes glaring out of the floor-length windows that provided her with the best view of the city; well, what was left of it. Her fists were clenched, pink skin turning white with the amount of tension she had built up.
The doors to her office creeks open, the timid steps of the lab genius walks in. His wings fluttered as he approached Karai, her back facing him. But just from her stance alone, Baxter knew she meant business. "Mizzzztrezzz Karai, you azzzked for me?" he questioned, keeping some distance between the two.
"You said you had some new mutants, yes?"
"Well, yezzz, but-"
"Perfect! I want them out on the street by tomorrow morning, spread chaos amongst the gangs if you have to. Someone's got to show these rebels that the Foot doesn't stay silent."
Baxter's face dropped, there was no way he could expect the creatures to perform basic tasks without significant guidance, they were like toddlers. Realistically, they could produce major damage if taught to do so, especially with help of the chemical mind control they had managed to save in the lab. But that required inserting it into the host minutes after their mutation, these mutants had been around for a week at most, the effects of the mind control would do nothing to them.
"I caught one, you know? In my father's museum, the poor thing was shaken to the bone when they saw the helmet. I imagine they could only hold so much resentment for it as the Hamato clan. But they're long since dead, a past memory I wish to burn from my mind." Karai mumbled off to herself, not really aiming the conversation at Baxter anymore, he just listened silently.
"It's a shame they never joined the Foot, at least then, they would have still been alive. Master Shredder would be proud to know that he took that pathetic clan with him on the day the bomb went off, not only killing Hamato Yoshi but his sons too." She looked down in defeat, glare aimed at her shoes, "I only hope he would be proud of what I've accomplished."
She straightened up, realising she couldn't appear vulnerable to the lab genius. Turning to face him, she noted that his gaze had drifted to the reports on her table, "Stockman!" she shouted, and thus the conversation continued.
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Watch "Drive Thru Skeleton Driver Prank" on YouTube
Donnie would LOVE to do this prank 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
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