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#casey jones
alabasterpickles · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
I don’t know if the colors are intact cause I’m posting this from my phone but - OH well!!
I am as finished with this as I’m going to be I think.
I present, the Honorary Hamatos, as a tribute to some of the bravest characters on Rise
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hamatoclan76 · 11 hours ago
I personally like how the tmnt 2012 fandom got so tired of the DonniexApril and CaseyxApril discourse that some fans started to ship DonniexCasey as a joke to annoy shippers fans.
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Tumblr media
The original Casey Jones. Mmmfff what a STUD! 💚
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I’m just gonna throw this out there, but you can sue me later if you want: your full name is Arnold Bernid “Casey” Jones, right?
"If you're a cop, no. If not, what's it to ya?"
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I love that u just reblogged Raphs ask about you being a nerd without even arguing it. Just pure acceptance
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"PFFT HA, that's because he is one."
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tisbore · 16 hours ago
My buddy @lukewhitmiretattoo cosplayed as Casey Jones. Really liked that shot of him so did a drawing on Procreate.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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turtle-go-brrrr · 17 hours ago
The gang playing Among Us
As a Crewmate
He religiously does his tasks
Hopes he does fast so he won't have to prove his innocence during the meeting
Loves the long tasks the most, except the cables (hes tired of that one)
He likes having a teammate throughout the game (like one player waiting for him and staying together all the time)
Ends up surviving until the meeting and has a lot of trouble justifying himself because he can't remember his tasks
Gets ejected because everyone thought he was lying (his teammate was an impostor)
As an Impostor
He's so scared of getting caught
He tries not to show it tho
Doesn't talk during the meeting
Tries to turn the discussion on someone else every time it shifts to him
He knows he's a terrible liar
Spends a lot of time at Medbay because he wants to kill people when they're doing the scanner
Does 1 or 2 kills before being caught
As a Crewmate
He loves playing Sherlock
He spends all his time at Security and doesn't do a single task
Is really good at remembering where everyone went and where they came from
Which makes him really dangerous for the impostors
Only problem is: he loves this strategy so much that he ends up doing it all the time
Which means the impostors know exactly where to find him :)
As an Impostor
Fakes going to Security at the beginning of the game to have an alibi
After the first meeting he spends all his time at Electrical and sabotages the lights all the time
Is really good at timing his kills
Always leads the interrogation and keep the focus away from him
Which is why they know its him, because when he's innocent he's more laid back
Almost wins, only 2 players left
As a Crewmate
He loves putting pressure on the others by making them think he's an impostor
Like stands on the vents and only moves when someone sees him
Or chase them in the hallways
He does a few tasks here and there still
He never survive past the first meeting because the others reject him just in case
As an Impostor
Does the exact same thing as above, except now he can play the "I always act like this and I'm never Impostor" card
And it works
No one trusts him but they don't wanna eject him either because what if
He manages to fake a few tasks and doesn't even needs sabotaging
Kills everyone
As a Crewmate
He loves dancing under the cameras
He knows Donnie can see him and uses this as an alibi
Also it makes him feel safe, and he knows that if they're turned off Donnie is either dead or Impostor
Tries to do his tasks, but he likes following people around to make sure they're not doing anything suspicious
Usually one of the last people alive
As an Impostor
Kills Donnie as soon as possible
April is next
Then he has fun and keeps dancing under the cameras and stuff
Does very obvious kills tho
Loves sabotaging the reactors because everyone hates doing it
Almost wins, only 3 players left
As a Crewmate
I mean she's a professional journalist
If she and Donnie are both crewmates, the Impostors don't stand a chance
He has the informations, she ties it all together and figures it out during the first meeting
Even if she's alone, she will find the impostor in no time
Does that thing where she pretends she leaves a room where 2 other people are in and wait for them to kill each other
If she isn't killed first, she's the one who makes it to the last meeting the most
Doesn't actually do her tasks as she's too busy investigating
As an Impostor
She is the best liar in town so you bet she knows how to act like the perfect crewmate
She takes her tasks perfectly and her behavior doesnt change at all during the meetings
The only thing giving her away is when she sabotages the Coms
She's the only one doing that
Usually wins, or comes really close to
As a Crewmate
Also really like investigating
But from time to time he'll just follow a random person for a while, and when they cross someone he'll follow them instead and leave his former partner
Does his tasks along the way
Everyone knows he's innocent because he keeps following them around
Doesnt survive long tho, as he tends to also stay with Impostors
As an Impostor
Surprisingly good at not getting caught
Doesn't even needs sabotaging because he kills super fast
And tends to kill them in secluded places too that bastard
Really silent during the meetings
If he doesn't get ejected during the first meeting it's a win for sure
Wins most of the time
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turtle-go-brrrr · a day ago
General bayverse headcanons part 2
A very light sleeper
Anytime something happens in the lair, he knows
He knows so many of his son’s secrets but act as if he didn’t to protect their feelings
Like that one time he saw Leo flex in front of his mirror (he never did it again because ‘what if it was Raph or Mikey’)
Or that one time he went to ask Donnie a question and realized too late he was having some... alone time... and Donnie tried to play it off to save what was left of his dignity: “haha no I’m not doing anything, I’m fine, how can I help you?” but left a tab open
Let’s just say Splinter knows way more about his sons than he wish he did
He feels honored every time one of them, or hell, April or Casey, come to him for advice or just to vent
He’s jsut so happy to know they trust him
He loves watching movies with them
Doesn’t really understand pop culture but is thrilled when they take the time to explain it to him anyway
He keeps every single drawing Mikey ever made him, he has multiple boxes of them and he keeps his favorite in his room
It takes so much space, but they’re really important to him
Raph made him a really soft scarf that he wears every time they go to the surface (it reassures him)
He also has a sweater and a blanket, and he loves bragging about them: “Oh, this? Yes, my son made it for me :) Isn’t he talented :)”
He finds Donnie’s smarts both impressive and intimidating
Sometimes he’s scared he will never truly understand him or that he won’t have anything else to teach him
But then Donnie comes to him when he can’t sleep or had a nightmare, and he feels warm inside
He’s really scared for Leo
He has so much pressure on his shoulder and so many responsabilities, he’s terrified he will break someday
But Leo knows he can count on his family to support him if anything turns sour and is learning to open up (thanks to Splinter)
All in all, he’s the proudest dad there could be and definitely bragged and showed embarassing memories to April and Casey when they joined the mutants
His favorite animal is the canary
Mom Friend ™ 
She’s the one to bring them snacks or useless trinkets they might like
Leo thinks it’s stupid and they should hoard that kind of things
(he does anyway)
She’s also the one to bring medical supplies to the lair when they’re getting short on them
She knows many people because of her job, and comes so often to the pharmacy that the people who work her eknow her and know to not ask too many questions
She doesn’t care about the sight of blood but the smell makes her sick
She still follows Splinter’s instruction when doing stitches and she took a few first aid courses with Casey
She’s the one who takes care of the biggest bugs of the lair
She’s also the one they all go to when they have an embarrassing question to ask (the kind of stuff you’re too embarrassed to ask one of your parents, no matter how close you are)
Doesn’t really listen to anyone, really
Except maybe Splinter from time to time
But like, if she wants to investigate something messy or dangerous, she won’t let anyone stop her
She won’t run straight into danger, she’s not stupid, but she’s not gonna back off just because it might be dangerous
“Okay, April, I’m sorry but you’ll have to sit this one out, it’s way too dangerous for a hum-” “She’s already inside”
 She’s brave like that <3
The best at Just Dance
Even beat Raph from time to time
She has a terrible singing voice tho and loves to scream-sing just because she knows it drives Leo crazy
Sometimes will get picked up by one of the boys and just acts as if nothing hapened and keep talking about whatever the conversation was while being carried around everywhere
Speaks 3 other languages to varying degrees of fluentness: Spanish (fluent), French (still learning but she’s getting there), Arabic (beginner)
She knows insults in a lot of other languages tho (you know, just in case ;) )
The only one who doesn’t pull pranks on Casey (she takes pity on him and he gives her kisses when she takes his side so win-win)
Her favorite animal is the fox
Pray for him
He’s so fed up with their sibling nonsense
He’s always in the middle of their fights and he’s tired of this
But he’s even more tired of being the victim of their endless pranks (especially Raph and Mikey)
The payback is worth it tho
Surprisingly good with kids
Especially troubled kids (he used to be one, so he knows what to say to help them)
Also really found of small animals
Unlike Mikey who talks to them as equals, Casey baby talks and it’s both adorable and kind of silly
He’s well known in most of the rescue centers of the city because he always brings in stray animals here
Also volunteer in some of them from time to time
He’s really conflicted because of all of the horrible things othe cops do  and he often wants to quit because of that
But if he leaves, he knows no one will try to make a change
He believes he can make things right and tries his best to callout his collegues when they say or do fucked up things
Also completely understand all the hate against cops, and don’t hesitate to let everyone know it’s justified when his colleagues try to play the victim
Despite his anger issues he tries to keep a level head when on the job
He wants to be a good cop, but being a good person is even more important (and almost got him fired multiple times, the only thing keeping him from that being his connection to Chief Vincent)
This is why he’s also doing his vigilante stuff at night
He knows that sometimes, the law won’t protect the most vulnerable people
But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t
Once accidentally cut himself on the left with a piece of glass
He broke a glass jar, cleaned it up but forgot one little piece, and later stepped on it
It didn’t cut his foot, but he felt something under it and tried to get it off by rubbing his foot against his leg
Hence the stupid cut
Most of his scars aren’t really from his numerous fights, they’re just stupid injuries like that
His favorite animal is the cheetah
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sagesmokearts · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so me n the bestie @cxlesstial got tmnt brainrot like u wouldn't believe and started a hogwarts au. in the first chapter casey fights the fuckin squid. click for uhh slightly better quality
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delusional-void · a day ago
Okay, here are some of my favorite fanfictions for TMNT and my FAVORITE Warriors fanfic, just in case you're looking for something to read... I like them all for different reasons... If you are the author of one of these stories then I love your story/stories
This is a long list!
WARNING: Lots of these stories have very dark themes, they all have descriptions so be sure to read the description before you read if you have any triggers!
Snatched: The Story of Snowkit - Prin Pardus
So This Warriors Fanfic Is My All Time ... It's Basically Canon For Me ... It Is So Well Written and It Fits Perfectly With the Warriors Series ... I HIGHLY recommend!
Sticking Point - ravenshell
Turning the Blade - Pebr
An Excursion - FicklePencil
A Snowball's Chance - Zelgadis55
City Lights - Athese
Lost in the Fight - CJtheStoryteller
You Look Normal - Hoods2428
Brother Mine - TheRedScreech
100 Themes Challenge-Turtle Tot Edition - Rachel Erica
Zapped - CelandineGranger
The Taste of Tears - Shadow-Star Hatake
Ten Things the Other Three Knows - whitelightningboltbit
The Five Elements - TheNotSoMutantTurtles
Funeral Songs - CaseyJ0nes
Silent Soldiers - HannahCake310
I Dare You - Gwydion
Strawberry Mazes - Pimino
Empty Fish Tank - Gwydion
Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil - PurpleForDonnie
Seven Days Till Wake Up - HannahCake310
The Last One Standing - jadefirefly3D
C'est La Mort - bejome
Truth and Lies - BubblyShell22
Texting - Glader
Texting for the First Time - MeHihihihihihihi
How Do You Want To Play? - ChiakiAngel
Silent Chambers - Pinguin1993
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Donnie: I have found a fool proof method to determine if someone is truly evil.
Leo: And that is?
Donnie: If they dislike Mikey, they are evil.
Leo, Raph, April, and Casey nodding in agreement: Yeah, okay, that's pretty solid logic.
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Tumblr media
oh yeah this is the art reference I made for Casey’s vigilante design btw!! if you want to use it just dm me and then tag me
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Tumblr media
this was going to go with the Rise of The Big Bang zine but then that got canceled but here is vigilante Rottmnt Casey!
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Shapeshifter: *transforms to look like Casey*
Casey: Okay, are you like BLIND? You look nothing like me. First off, I'm way taller. Secondly, I DO NOT look so sleep deprived and lastly, if you could drag a comb through that hair. You're like a 7 on a good day and I've been told I'm a constant 10
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Casey, entering the Mutanimals lair: Hey Slash, where’s Mona Lisa?
Slash: She tripped and fell on her bottom.
Casey: *gasps*
Casey: Is Raph okay?!
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