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#danny phantom
cartoongirl · 5 minutes ago
Is it weird that the Corpse AU is definitely my favorite AU for this show??
Gimme the fics. I NEED FICS
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dannyphantombot · 7 minutes ago
(Off-screen) Hello!
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sammansonbot · 31 minutes ago
Danny. [Cut to Sam and Tucker standing up the Fenton Presidency?
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floralflowerpower · 34 minutes ago
SHIT how long have i been out of tumblr? you have covid? god, hope you get beter soon. good luck (sorry i asked for the updates before, i hadent recived the memo that you were that bad)
Oh no its completely fine.
I get sick a lot.
Im immunocompromised
This is my second go around with covid and I have not been hospitalized yet so, so far so good. Much better then the first time. Hoping to stay out of the hospital. I hate that place just about as much as Tucker and Vlad do 😅💕
Honestly writing is one of the few things keeping me sane right now 😅💕
Im still okay enough to work from home right now too so no big deal😅
Thank you for the well wishes💕
And honestly thanks for caring about my stories enough to ask, made me smile 😅💕
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firellily · 39 minutes ago
i think they shoulda said danny wanted to be an astronaut a lot more than they have
hes played a simulation enough times to successfully land a real shuttle
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ecto-stone · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Only Two Valid Life Philosophy In My Mind
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vladbot · an hour ago
You know these walls are infested with harmful ecto-bestos. As the attemptation! [Close-up. The next words are said jokingly.] And the girl ghost clone work in able to save Valerie to see ywan those you never wouldn?! Danny Phantom, is that choice, somet this your face?
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A doctor has to research Danny's hybrid status.
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gayghostfacer · an hour ago
do you think corbett ever had a boyfriend before. do you think he ever went to pride or a gay club or a community center. i hope he did because if he didn’t, i’m holding chuck supernatural PERSONALLY AND SPECIFICALLY responsible.
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scaredoflive · an hour ago
Tumblr media
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firellily · 2 hours ago
how does danny plan on being an astronaut thats bad at math??
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murphy-kitt · 2 hours ago
If anyone wants fic recs, feel free to drop it in my asks! I’d be more than happy to do them.
I have nothing productive to do
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firellily · 2 hours ago
really cute how excited danny is to be an "astronaut"
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constellaj · 3 hours ago
Your ghost sona piccrew? Fucking Excellent! Its so wonderful getting to see your art style and make a lil person in it!!! I love the way you do hair! And all the different bodies! I was so excited to be a skeleton! It's so good! Thank you for putting in all the effort!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D i really tried to give it as many options as I could!!!!!!!!
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sammansonbot · 3 hours ago
I know what they did the ghost with the bad ghost boy and should be a ghost with the power from the powder is out the space.
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floralflowerpower · 3 hours ago
You said Chester is an old OC before, that was part of another story you wrote a long time ago but deleted. Do you have any other cool old OCs? I normally hate OCs but I have fallen in love with all of yours. I'd take a bullet for Chester no cap!
Okay why do I feel like this anon is someone from the dark ages server cause we were just talking about this last night *squints in suspicion*
Like I'm not even kidding.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Also the ship Dark ages is king Dark/ clockwork and is amazing if you can't read anything with it in it😅💕)
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neo-crimson-palace · 3 hours ago
So Danny out of all the female ghosts how would you rank them?
Danny rubbed the back of his head, “Oh man uh... this is... kinda gonna suck, but okay.” 
1st: Desiree
2nd: Kitty 
3rd: Ember
4th: Dorathea
5th: Spectra
The ghost girls in question glared at the smug looking Genie as she blew a kiss at them. 
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rosemarylemonades · 4 hours ago
do you have any "Danny drinking ectoplasm" fic recommendations?
Hi hello thank you for the ask!! Off the top of my head I can't think of any I've read centered around this, but I know a few times in Mortified by @five-rivers he drinks straight ectoplasm and it has some funny effects on him, and I can't remember what fic it's from but I remember reading one somewhere where he drank some and Jazz was like "can't you just eat cereal or something?" (part of me is like "this was a scene from shadow of a doubt" but I don't think it was I think I just happened across it at the same time I was reading SoaD)
There's also this post that sends me every time I see it
Other than that it's just a little thing that lives rent free in my head
Anyway sorry for rambling thank you for giving me your time of day if anyone has fic recs related to this please reply w them
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floralflowerpower · 4 hours ago
Yes Wes is Fannon 😅💕
Well sort of. He is in the show as a background character. He just didn't have any speaking lines or a name.
I am not the person to ask about his history much.
I was on hiatus when he was created.
So I was just as shocked as you when I came back. Granted I was more confused then anything because I hadn't seen a fandom wide OC before.
I think that's super unique to the Danny phantom community and its super cool 💕💕💕
I actually have used Wes a few times myself.
This is an old fic I wrote for DP side hoe week this year.
Read here
Here's the post I made after first discovering Wes and his brothers 😅💕
Read here
I am actually using him in my upcoming invisobang fic too.
Well sort of.
It's his descendant and his vlog.
You'll see what I mean later 💕
@parkers-picz liked the idea😅
Tumblr media
I can't wait to show you guys💕💕
I also low key ship him with Danny and it is 1000% @redead-red fault 🤣💕
You should all join us in rare pair hell.
Their ship name is #unidentified flying ship
And it is a fantastic pairing 💕
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