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antidotefortheawkward · 14 hours ago
Diversity win! The monkey who wrought havoc in Heaven, killing thousands upon thousands of heavenly soldiers, is bisexual!
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observantfromafar · a day ago
How did you ended up in SunTang hell?
*WARNING: There’s swearing involve*
Ok so this is going to be hella long lol.
When I first read JTTW volumes that was translated by Anthony C. Yu last year. At first, I didn’t ship SunTang cause like Sanzang was pretty much an asshole in the novel where he chants the tight fillet spell at the times where Wukong kills demons (who are disguise as humans) to prevent them from eating the monk. 
WHICH I FIND IT TOTALLY UNNECESSARY LIKE, Sanzang, bitch, are you fucking blind? Wukong basically saved your ass from a demon who was about to eat your damn flesh. 
It made me pissed off at the fact that every warning that Wukong gives to Sanzang (which he never listens) about how these people are not really humans, but demons and they’re out to try to eat his flesh. He also has the freaking ability to tell the difference between what’s human and what is not and the first thing Sazang does is trust BAJIE’S opinion that each pretty lady demon-disguise-as-humans they encountered are not demons because the pig is too damn busy drooling and being thirsty AF at the sight of them without having any common sense that these bitch ass demons are out to kill their master (or marry him cause in the novel there are demon’s that I actually wanna marry him). I started to ask myself, ‘I wonder why the hell these people start to ship these two?’
But anyways, as I started to read further in the novel, I started to understand why people ship them. There were actually nice moments between the two throughout the novel (FROM MEMORY), there was one where Sanzang get’s kidnapped by a demon and he spoke out a sad poem about Wukong. I don’t remember what the poem was about, but I knew that I find it heart warming. Especially Wukong himself when he ended up hearing it from his master as he was transformed into some sort of bug, I think, when he was trying to get through to his master. Then I started to end up shipping them a TINY bit.
Here’s the part where I end up shipping them A LOT.
In the internet, I started to search up JTTW movies and the first thing that caught my eye was ‘The Monkey King 2′. As I was watched the movie, there were a lot of gay moments between Wukong and Sanzang in it. Including finding another JTTW movie called ‘Journey to the West: The Demon Strikes Back’ which also had the gayest moments between the two. 
That’s when that that tiny ship became a BIG fucking ship and I started to end up shipping the shit outta them.
And that’s how I ended up in SunTang, excuse- *Ahem!* Heaven <3
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observantfromafar · a day ago
Have you watch Journey to the west 1996 ver?
Actually I haven’t watched the 1996 version yet, but I’m planning to after I finished the four volumes of JTTW, translated by Anthony C. Yu. :)
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observantfromafar · a day ago
Sanzang: *Presses his palms together and breathes* Wukong, as much as I love and care for you with all my heart, body and soul. But, *Throws his hands up in the air* PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF BUDDHA STOP KILLING!!!
Wukong: Well I love you too and that's why I'm killing these assholes so they wouldn't end up eating you.
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ar-blackshaw · a day ago
Tumblr media
Click for better quality
In JTTW, the Demon Revealing Mirror is used to try to determine who the real Monkey King is, but it doesn't work on the Six Eared Macaque, who looks like Monkey King. It is not explicitly said why it doesn't work on him, but, apparently, it is heavily implied in JTTW (though it is not noticeable in the English translations) that Macaque is the evil side of Monkey King and is representative of his evil, dark inner thoughts - it seems this is the mainstream view in China. So, it can be inferred that the reason the Six Eared Macaque had the appearance of Monkey King, even in the Demon Revealing Mirror, was because that was his true form.
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ngl i'd kill to see you draw like a xianxia comic series. like i could legit just look at volumes of your art it's so tasteful and full of life
Thank you so much!!! ;O; That means a lot to me!! I have many thoughts, head full so maybe one day.... 👉👈
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gritsandbrits · 2 days ago
OH SPEAKING OF HYPOTHETICAL EVIL DISNEY PRINCESSES: when they were deciding to make a movie based on myths from Asia, they boiled it down to either Mulan or Journey to the West, and the latter has an evil princess character in that: the Iron Fan Princess. so I guess had they made a JttW adaptation we'd have IFP as the "evil Disney Princess"?
Oooh yes that would've been Awesome!
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antidotefortheawkward · 2 days ago
Demon of the week: "Now that we have the Tang priest we are going to live forever!"
Sha Wujing: "I would not say forever, more like ten."
Demon: "Ten what? Millennia?"
Bai Longma: "Nnneeighne."
Wu Bajie: "Eight."
[cue 云宫迅音 as a monkey bursts into the scene]
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thefoldedbird · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Does anybody have an ETA on a national release date. This released over a month ago and I’m dying to know more.
Tumblr media
It looks downright amazing and I hope to find it subtitled. For those unaware:
Journey to the West: Reincarnation of the Demon King
Released on April 2nd
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muzhasbigestsimp · 3 days ago
After a weekend brake of binging dream smp we’re back to our regularly scheduled macaque simping
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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observantfromafar · 3 days ago
To the new followers
Hey, I just wanna to say thanks to those who are following me and I appreciate it! I just wanna  inform you guys about what kind of things that I post here:
Fanfiction and POSSIBLY taking requests (based mostly on SunTang, don’t expect me to write a fanfic based on anime or something tv show related cause like I don’t watch it that much since I read a lot of books and fanfics so, sorry XD)
Journey to the West related posts and SunTang
Drawing (But I’m a newbie in drawing so I can’t draw anything super cool or fancy if that’s what you guys are looking for or wondering.
Answering questions, so don’t be afraid to ask me something!
If you guys are also wondering how often I post. It depends whether or not if I’m busy with assignments. So I don’t have a schedule on when I post things.
Well that’s pretty much it! But, if the things I posts based on the list above isn’t your cup of tea, I’m sorry if this isn’t what you expect for me to post and stuff. But that’s fine👌
I hope you guys have a lovely day/night❤️
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observantfromafar · 3 days ago
Sanzang: *Looks at Wukong suspiciously and sees blood on his clothes* Wukong, have you killed anyone today?
Wukong: *Smiling* Nope! *Kicks the chopped off head behind him away as it rolls off slowly from the scene*
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Speedpaint of this piece is up!
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