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erreversible · 17 minutes ago
pairing: hoshi/woozi rating: T tags: childhood friends to lovers, fluff, slow burn
Soonyoung sighed.
He doodled some stars in the margin and glanced over at Jihoon, who was pausing every few notes and scribbling more things on his score. In between the scribbles he’d tilt his head, his fringe flopping into his eyes. Soonyoung began a tiny tally in his margins for the head tilts. ☀️
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magicxlady · 19 minutes ago
"You gave me these pieces of you I know you haven’t given to anybody else, and they’re mine. You can’t take ’em back. I need them more than you do, you hear me?"
lucas ripley, luna and the lie.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shesasecondarycharacter · 24 minutes ago
striptease by carwash (1)
Time: 0:00 -> 0:36
Do you remember when we kissed in the bathroom? Damn, that was just two hours ago Your shoelaces were untied She said to me, "That's how I like mine."
I never thought I’d be in the girls’ bathroom on a Friday during fourth period getting a stick and poke by her. But really, I had no choice. She grabbed my arm as I was walking to Geometry and pulled me into an empty bathroom stall. She had a whole box filled with materials which she must’ve kept in her locker because the cardboard was in pretty bad shape. I was instructed to sit on the floor. And at first, I didn’t want to because I had a quiz to take in class that day, but I knew I wasn’t leaving anytime soon, so I obeyed. I slung my backpack off my shoulder, and she did the same as she pulled out her needle, sat down next to me, and asked me what I wanted.
“What do you want on your arm?” she said, drawing circles inches above my skin.
“You are not putting that in my arm.”
She stopped to think for a second before pulling up her short sleeve over her left shoulder. It was a doddle of a daisy with a smile drawn in the middle.
“I could give you one too if you’d like,” she offered, pulling her sleeve back down. I think she really wants to do this, give me a tattoo, but why me? It’d been silent for too long, I had to say something.
“Uhm, sure.”
She pulled out the black tattoo ink and got to work with a smile on her face. It hurt, but only a little. She was taking her time, making sure each curve and dot were precise. I don’t know how she could see; the bathroom lights were so dim, and her hair was falling over her eyes.
“Stop moving, you’re messing me up,” she mumbled. I hadn’t realized that I’ve been flinching every time the needle has touched my skin.
“Sorry,” I said.
I felt sick. I didn’t know whether it was the fact that I had a needle with ink on it going in and out of my arm every second or the fact that I was a boy in the girls’ bathroom skipping class. She didn’t seem phased that I was a boy in the girls’ bathrooms though, she just wanted someone to practice her art on. We sat there in silence for what felt like forever. She didn’t talk and nor did I. What was I supposed to say? I’ve barely even seen her before she stuck a needle in my arm.
“Done,” she said out of the blue. I got up, rocking slightly from the feeling of being lightheaded from the needle, and made my way out of the stall over to the mirror over the sink. It looked exactly like hers, down to every line and the spot she chose on my arm. I ran my fingers over it.
It’s sore.
I see her as she comes up behind me in the mirror, arms crossed over her chest.
“What do you think? You like it?”
Like was an understatement.
“I love it!” I said. I genuinely meant it too. Even though it was a silly doodle with a smiley face on it, there was something about the fact that she gave it to me which made me happy. I was still admiring the tattoo when she put her hand on my shoulder to turn me around. I was confused at first but then she leaned in and kissed me. I was shocked, I never kissed a random girl before, let alone anybody for that matter. But I didn’t want to pull away, and neither did she. I was taller than her, but not that much taller, so she stood on her tiptoes a couple of inches from the ground. We stayed like that for a while before she pulled away. She was red in the face, but probably not as red as me. I stared at her and she stared at me. Both of us grinning like crazy.
“You’re a good kisser,” she complimented.
“You too,” I said.
Really? You too? Is that the best you can say?!
I couldn’t look at her after that, so I looked down at her feet.
“Your shoelaces are untied,” I told her, which was true. I was surprised she hadn’t tripped herself yet. She looked down as well and smiled.
“That's how I like mine,” she said to me.
The fourth period was over.
She grabbed her backpack and box of materials from the stall and headed to the bathroom door.
“See you around,” she said from the door.
“Yeah, see you around,” I beamed. I went to get my backpack from the stall before I remembered.
“Wait! What’s your name?” I asked. But she was already gone. I was talking to nobody; I had just missed her.
Just my luck.
Out of pure boredom, I decided to write some short stories based on the lyrics from 'striptease' by carwash. Obviously, this is part 1 aka the first verse and if it does well I'll write the next part (I'll probably write it either way though). So yeah, enjoy!♥︎
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magicxlady · 25 minutes ago
"Life was too short to hang yourself up loving someone who would never love you back."
luna allen, luna and the lie.
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Tumblr media
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ankifreelancer · 34 minutes ago
"Of course, I'll be calm, she thought. After all, you shot and killed my husband, tore down our home, incarcerated me for being a Palestinian, and don't care if my baby lives or dies. What could be more reassuring than that?" - LOVE BEHIND ENEMY LINES
I have reviewed Love Behind Enemy Lines by Jeanette Anderson for Reader’s Favorite. Love Behind Enemy Lines by Jeanette Anderson is a forbidden romance tale of Palestinian Jannah al-Jarbouni and Israeli, Efron Oved. From the moment their eyes met, both Efron and Jannah had felt an irresistible attraction toward each…
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vintagebluebell · 40 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Here’s your weekly book recommendation!
Ink, by Amanda Sun
8/10, a slow burn love story paired with beautiful descriptions of life in Japan. This book is basically a watercolour painting come to life, absolutely love the imagery.
“On the heels of a family tragedy, Katie Greene moves halfway around the world to live with her aunt in Shizuoka, Japan. She doesn’t know the language, she can barely hold a pair of chopsticks and she can’t seem to get the hang of taking her shoes off whenever she enters a building. When Katie meets aloof but gorgeous Tomohiro, the star of the school’s kendo team, she is intrigued by him...and a little scared. His tough attitude seems meant to keep her at a distance, and when they’re near each other, strange things happen. Pens explode. Ink drips from nowhere. And unless Katie is seeing things, drawings come to life. Somehow Tomo is connected to the kami, powerful ancient beings who once ruled Japan—and as feelings develop between Katie and Tomo, things begin to spiral out of control. The wrong people are starting to ask questions, and if they discover the truth, no one will be safe.”
Let me know if you want to be tagged in future posts!
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kittensmoms · 44 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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authorjen · 55 minutes ago
Here's my announcement!
I published a new book. Honey and Burgundy Roses. You can find it on It is in kindle ebook format only (so far). I plan on later publishing it in paperback format.
This book is a romance. Description: Lux and Emily are childhood friends and former lovers who have been apart for 14 years. In a twist of fate they are reunited.
Sound like a story you might like? Go check it out. I'll share more about this story later.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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subsidingthemshipping · 57 minutes ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Future Card Buddyfight Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Magoroku Shido/Sophia Sakharov Characters: Magoroku Shido, Sophia Sakharov, Death Ruler Gallows Additional Tags: MagoSoph, POV First Person, Kyoya Gaen & Sophia Sakharov, Angst and Romance, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Teen Romance, Flashbacks, OTP Feels, Feelings, Ryuuenji Tasuku - Freeform, Kyoya Gaen - Freeform, possessive thoughts, One Shot Summary:
Well, you see, Sophia and I went through a lot (together) during our time with Ikazuchi-sama, Gratos-sama, and Yamigedo-sama. Personal space and physical touches were normal in our relationship. We both didn’t mind it, at least I don’t think Sophia mind it much. Slowly, I realize how much I truly need her in my world. I feel lost without her. The world felt silent and cold without her stoic gaze on me. I rely on her. I look to her for the answers. I trust Sophia more than anyone or anything! Well, besides my Papa, of course! But no one else even came close! She knew what to say and how to say. I wonder how. Sophia’s such a Negative Nelly! Sophia must be a major villain, too. I knew she was. We work quite well together in a team, playing off on another.
She comes back but at what cost?
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duas-entrelinhas · an hour ago
"Então contei a história pra eles: que nos conhecemos no ponto de ônibus, quando a salvei de uma abelha, e que ela não sabia que as abelhas grandes podiam picar e que eu lhe disse que era um equívoco comum.
E que, quando ela riu, seu riso abalou minha convicção de que eu nascera para ser veterinário e me fez pensar que tinha nascido com o único propósito de encontrar maneiras de fazê-la rir novamente"
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setra91 · an hour ago
El Cesped
Estábamos los dos tumbados sobre el césped. Bajo la sombra de un árbol, sin decirnos nada, no era necesario, nos bastaba con abrazarnos, o eso pensaba yo - ¿Estas bien? - Me pregunto Paula - Si… La verdad es que era una verdad a medias, realmente no sabía que me pasaba pero daba igual, no hacía falta molestar a nadie. Paula empezó a incorporarse mirándome bastante seria Yo creo que si te pasa algo
- Estoy bien - Venga, dímelo Me daba con la cabeza en el costado repitiendo esa frase, supongo que con la esperanza de que le contara algo que ni yo realmente sabía - ¿Tu estas a gusto conmigo?- le pregunte - No vayas por ahí – en tono bastante serio
- No voy por ningún lado - Sí, claro que lo vas, con tus tonterías de siempre - No son tonterías En ese momento ya nos habíamos sentado los dos en el césped, y había una cierta tensión en el ambiente, no era la primera vez que hablábamos de eso, ni supongo que sería la última, de echo era bastante desagradables esas conversaciones, intentar hablar de problemas psicológicos con alguien que piensa que si quieres puedes y que todo está en tu cabeza es bastante difícil. - ¿Has vuelto a beber verdad? – me soltó de sopetón
Tarde unos segundos en reaccionar, sin saber muy bien si era una afirmación o una pregunta, no sabía si me había pillado, si lo intuía o que simplemente por probabilidad acertaría - No, hace ya mucho que no bebo - No me lo creo - De verdad te lo digo En realidad la estaba mintiendo, o eso intentaba, porque parecía no creérselo, a veces el camino fácil también es el más complicado, porque beber en sí, es fácil, lo que pasa después… para nada
- ¿Entonces porque me preguntas si estoy a gusto, quieres preguntarme también si te quiero? O prefieres preguntarme porque estoy contigo… Se notaba que estaba bastante enfadada, porque siempre que bebía y me emborrachaba la acababa escribiendo a las tantas de la noche, o mandándole audios que nadie en su sano juicio se los escucharía, pero ella siempre lo hacía, y siempre intentaba sacar lo mejor de mí, pero yo, sin embargo no tenía nada positivo que sacar, más bien al contrario, yo era como una especie de vertedero de malos pensamientos que cada vez que estaba borracho vomitaba toda idea, todo mala idea, que rondase mi cabeza, da igual de que tipo fuera esa idea, alguna quizás con el simple hecho de comentarla mucha gente dejaría de hablarte. No quería comenzar una estúpida pelea que no llevase a ningún sitio, aquel día quizás estaba un poco peor de lo normal, solo quería que esos pensamientos se fueran por unas horas de mi cabeza. - Vale… si, anoche no podía dormir y bueno ya sabes, piensas cosas, cosas que no debes, o cosas que sabes que sin mentira Paula en ese momento me interrumpió
- Y porque no me lo dices desde el principio - Porque no quiero molestar Tu no molestas, pero me tienes que decir si has vuelto a beber Yo no quería responder eso, le había prometido una y mil veces que no volvería a beber, que lo dejaría, que buscaría ayuda, pero nunca acababa pidiendo ayuda, y siempre acaba volviendo a beber, a veces para poder dormí, otras para no pensar, para no estar triste… había perdido ya la cuenta de los motivos que me ponía a mí mismo para darme una razón para emborracharme - Hace cuento tiempo que no bebes
- Hace ya… - Sabes lo que te dije la última vez - Vale, de acuerdo, hace 3 días me emborrache porque me costaba dormir y ya sabes… De cierta manera oí como se rompía parte de su alma, había puesto tanto de su parte en ayudarme y yo tanto de la mía en desperdiciar su ayuda, en no reconocer no ya el problema con el alcohol si no mis problemas en general. - Te he dado muchas últimas oportunidades, y me has vuelto a mentir
Se levantó, seria, sin un ápice de sentir nada, como si hubiera sido ensayado durante días,  una vez estuvo preparada yo seguía sentado, mirando como si de una obra de teatro se tratase Te dije que no quería que bebieses y que por encima de todo no me mintieras Ahí, justo en ese momento ya sabía que todo había acabado. No puedo permitir que me mientas más, creo que lo mejor será que no nos vemos mas Mi corazón latía a mil por hora, aunque de cierta manera ya me lo esperaba, simplemente baje la mirada mientras ella se iba alejando.
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evolnura · an hour ago
The funny part is that it always works... every single time...
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