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glyparanal13 hours ago
Tumblr media
with distractions here & there, it鈥檚 so easy to forget. set your heart on what really matters. 馃尡
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poesieposen13 hours ago
Speaking of the devil
I鈥檓 sober.
I avoid addiction,
I鈥檓 no more addicted to the fiction of
you and me meeting in my kitchen.
I鈥檓 sober.
The distance means no obstacle
to me no more.
I鈥檓 sober.
Cause you and me live close to each other.
And brother it doesn鈥檛 bother me.
I鈥檓 sober.
I play another strategy.
I spread the heat of human fusion.
I no longer keep illusions in my head.
I鈥檓 sober.
I don鈥檛 break no rules instead.
Every spark of this cancer is dead.
I鈥檓 sober.
I cancelled all the false emotions.
No notion to you, no no notion of you.
I鈥檓 sober.
I could live in your house and I wouldn鈥檛
relapse. Perhaps I wouldn鈥檛 even notice
Your death.
I鈥檓 sober.
I鈥檓 so glad it鈥檚 over.
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scriptwriters-networka day ago
Friday Night Social Networking Event 鈥 April 2nd
Our POPULAR Friday Night Social Networking Event is an ONLINE 聽event that meets the first Friday of every month & is a way for TV & feature writers to meet one another which has evolved into so much more.
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Find out more here.
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cursedbyameliaa day ago
Falling Out of Love, by Amelia J.
You know I'll love you dearly, My heart curls around yours. And I've every wish to protect you, But... if we're keeping scores... Upon seeing me your eyes light up, In a way mine never will, For I cannot reciprocate your devotion, Although I love you still. You are my rock, really, truly, Yet, I cause you so much pain, For I cannot find my soul-deep love, And you feel you are to blame. It feels so wretched, wrong, unjust, For me to make you feel this way, My heart and mind are wreaking war, On whether to leave or whether to stay. Staying, darling, is not wise, As faking ardour is exhausting, Yet leaving would be so much worse, For all the hurt that I'd be causing. Please, tell me, love, what shall I do, Before my facade wears thin, As while you lie close to my heart, You do not reside within.
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old-school-vibe2 days ago
there's this woman -
ah, it looks like some
overused beginner's clich茅
or a man's drunk attempt
at some sort of redemption.
(funny how it makes me a
broken story) -
where was i?
so there's this woman.
i don't know much about her,
just that she went to some
school downtown,
lives next door,
and her drapes are always shut.
and that's about it i guess.
but no doubt,
she's mad magic.
i read to her sometimes
when the weather's nice.
somedays it's kerouac,
others it's my alcohol
induced ramblings,
and on few she settles
for those old romantics;
you get it.
it was another one of those days.
we were sitting in that
'the story just ended' silence.
so i look at her and i say,
"someday, you know,
i'm going to be a writer."
and she asks,
"will you write about your life?"
and i say,
"oh good god, anything but that."
and i tell you she asked, "why so?"
and i told her -
no one likes hearing about
sad lives,
sad stories,
and sad people.
i heard a "fair enough"
and with that
we went about our day,
just like that.
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Prompt 138
鈥淔unny how you paint me as the villain, when the only villainous parts of me are the ones that you built up.鈥
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croctears2 days ago
hello writeblr!
hey all, i鈥檓 an eighteen year old writer that has been writing since twelve. when creating this blog, i have in mind to share my works and also support other writers in the community. since english isn鈥檛 my first language, i would really appreciate feedback and any form of constructive critism you have to offer.
i would definitely love to get to know more writers here, so do feel free to shoot me a message or reblog so i can follow you !
i mainly write thriller, though i鈥檓 still trying to get a hang of how to write the scenes (鈥:聽 other than that, i also love anything science-y , and i enjoy reading webcomics in my free time.
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bernies-mitttens2 days ago
Tumblr media
Artist Statement (revised)
My approach to art is soft-toned, ornamental, and colorful. I gravitate towards whimsical subject matter such as animals, nature, and characters. My color palettes often consist of pastels and vivid jewel tones. I value instilling a sense of comfort in the viewer more than I value conveying a deeper message. Pearlescent colors and detailed brushstrokes help cultivate a simple, peaceful beauty in my illustrations. I鈥檝e been told that my work emits a calm kind of vibe to it, and looks right out of a storybook. (That's the dream!)
I often find it difficult to stray from the soft aesthetic I am drawn to. Dark, dramatic, or epic-oriented pieces are well outside of my comfort zone. Just as I want my viewer to feel a sense of comfort, I too look for that in my own art.
Ultimately, I create because I feel like I have to (I don鈥檛 mean literally have to, as in someone is holding a gun to my head). It鈥檚 an essence that's sat beside me since I was very young. Although that drive that burns inside of me is ever-vibrant, it diminishes at times, for certain. It never fully goes out, however, and I'm forever grateful for that.
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fuckpoetics2 days ago
I'm infatuated with your scent. I've never had a smell that infiltrates my mind at all hours completely, both day and night, but yours is my favorite. Peppermint is safety.聽Cinnamon is strength. Lavender is vulnerability. And you are love, love, love. I just can't get enough.
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fuckpoetics3 days ago
desolate thoughts made me blank for you. an untouched canvas for you to wreak havoc on, but you didn't. i've got heart-shaped grass stains all over this starkly paved wonderland and things are growing green. color is pretty and it's as if i haven't seen it before; everything feels anew. there's a light that's been turned on where i didn't know one was missing. there's a vision that paints me in a new form, one that accentuates a gravity i didn't realize i had. and i'm not saying it's all because of you, because that would be quite bleak, i think. and quite generous. but, i want you to know you warped me, distorted me in just the way to veer my attention a little more north, a little less south. angle is everything, apparently, and i've grown to look up because there's just more to see. and no matter what's out there, finding more can only dilute the bad and bring opportunity to the good. so, thank you. thank you for doing that to me, even if i walk away from this empty-handed because i'm still shifted. things change even when they don't crash or come together. and perfection leaves very little room for possibility.
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scriptwriters-network3 days ago
Friday Night Social Networking Event 鈥 April 2nd
You do not need to be a member of SWN and you do not need to have a finish project to attend and/or participate. Please be prepared and ready to network with others. Everyone networks!
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Find out more here.
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anu-shah-not-shay3 days ago
Stranger for life
A boy once said, "I hope we meet again" as he kissed the back of my hand then years later he passed by me with a stare as i was reminded of his promise but he has forgotten me and we are now strangers for life.
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yeuxdeux3 days ago
Hope Leaves
Hope lives In yellow lemons heavy and ripe with the color of all sunshine.Trees aching with sour blissSomehow finding happinessWhile wearing the remains Of lingering acid kisses.Long before we arrivedAll that light found a singleBranch. I look in my handHaving the entire universe Right in my palm.Mystery peels back the miseryReplaced by heat and the scentOf innocence. Delighted by impossibility I鈥
Tumblr media
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uzukaro3 days ago
Hey all, I haven't been too active here in the past few months, but I'm going back to being a full-time nerd online. So here's a list of what you may expect from me (feel free to follow if my interests match yours, we'll have fun together, I promise!):
talking about writing
I'm a fanfiction writer with an Attack on Titan fanfiction in progress, Harry Potter fanfiction on hiatus, and a few others waiting in line. I'm also working on an original trilogy, but more on that later.
Mostly FMA, AOT ( both finished), and Naruto (rewatching the first one, and then starting Shippuuden for the first time). Also, whatever I start obsessing over in the future.
animated series & films
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, ATLA, TLOK, Teen Titans, Code Lyoko, Winx, and many more. I love animations, what can I say?
literature, cinema & languages
Probably won't talk as much about them as about the other things listed, but I love these topics, so there's no saying when I'll have an urge to talk about the Oscars or give y'all book recommendations. Just be ready. Also, I'm a sucker for The Hunger Games. I can talk about it for HOURS.
Moulin Rouge, Hamilton, Six, DEH, Shrek, you name it. I fall in love with every musical I watch.
That's a fresh idea, actually, because I have not once in my life done a cosplay. But I'd love to. I follow some very talented people on Instagram, and it looks like so much fun. Maybe I'll try, and fall in love with doing it. Maybe I won't try at all. We'll see.
Oh, and you can find me on twitter, instagram, and tiktok as well. And AO3 and FFnet, too, of course.
Feel free to follow/ask/message me any time, let's be frieeeeends!
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thatinsaneawkwardgirl3 days ago
After the long break I took for personal reasons, I am back to posting on Ko-fi! I just uploaded a new poem, it would mean a lot to read and give feedback. The support is much appreciated!聽
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